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Share your tips, tricks and thots


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Beautiful Thursday in NYC. Been swamped with work the last few weeks, which stagnated my game. I like to daygame, aka approach girls, as I go about my day, but its a momentum thing, when I start approaching I have no problem rattling off a few a day, but when I stop for a period, it takes a minute to get back in the game. Last couple weeks missed some really good opportunities, so decided enough was enough. Today I randomly had an afternoon and evening off, so decided to go out and walk the streets of Manhattan, with the sole purpose of chatting up girls. Not something I often do.

First hour and a half, float around, walk by a number of cuties; one girl on a street corner with 15 people in ear shot (a major sticking point of mine), one girl texting from a bench outside a juice shop, etc- but didnt pull the trigger. For whatever reason just could not get it going.

Went home. Quick bite. Cold shower. Went back out for round 2.

Headed across town to the East side. Open a couple 7's. Both were friendly, one 'had a boyfriend', the other had a decent interaction but it was clear she wasn't interested. NBD, I have some momentum going now.

Turn a corner and see these 4 very hot girls taking pictures in these weird jungle dresses. Hear a Russian accent. One of my sticking points in daygame is opening groups- I pass up some many 2+ sets to just open solo girls. Been meaning to expand that because its cost me many good approaches.

My opener was a boring' where you girls from', but quickly got into bantering about how one girl was taking pictures of another girl taking a picture of a third girl. Take for a few minutes, get this girls number. Easily a 9. I eject and text her a little later.

Now, Im feeling good. Life is more fun when Im approaching. Open another girl at a street corner, she gave me a big smile but was meeting her boyfriend at the bar across the street (he saw me chatting her up lol). Open a third girl who deadpanned me, my worst 'rejection'' of the night.

~20 minutes later, crossing the street only to randomly see a girl I had gone out with late last year. We had 2 dates, had a good rapport, but never had sex. It sort of faded off after a couple failed meetup attempts. Instantly reconnect with our old rapport. Text her later, she replies 'good to see you too!! thank ya maybe i'll see you around', which I take as a green light to set up a date next week (her sister is visiting this weekend so would be a mistake to try to meet up with her in town). I'm going to let that text marinate and reach out Sunday or Monday (open to advice here from any text game pros)

Russian girl texts back, and we agree to meet up later. She invites me to Gitano Garden Room in Soho. Its a high end outdoor lounge that's only open in the Summer.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I got home, cold shower, change, dress up. Russian girl is very spotted with texts to confirm. I go anyways. Chat up a girl on the Subway platform. Went in a little soft, was thrown off by so many people in ear shot (again, major sticking point), friendly but faded fast, although I saw her checking me out on the subway later on. Classic case of the approach getting rejected, more than the person.

Get to the door, a few people hanging around. See this Don Draper look alike and his also good looking well dressed buddy get told to wait, even thought they claim to be meting friends with a reservation. Tough door- only in NYC. I text Russian girl come to door to get me.

Russian 9: 'No. Sorry'

Already getting a weird vibe from this girl. Eventually get inside, grab a beer, and find her. Its just her and one of her friends now, both easy 9's, dressed in long black dresses with high heels. Say hi, try to banter.

First words out of her mouth are 'my friend and I are drinking Rose, please' (expecting me to order).

Me: Im sorry?

Russian girl: We will take 2 Rose's

I look at her friend, who looks a little embarrassed, chat with her briefly. My "date" turns her back on me. When she turns around I explain how I buy drinks for girls who add value to my life, but right now she is not at that point. Short little odd standoff, before I tell them 'have a good night' and walk to other side of the bar.

I've been to Russia, dated some Russian girls before. They are very attractive and hot, but can be absolutely some of the most expectant girls in the World. Especially the ones in NYC. Not all. But many.

I see the Don Draper look alike and his friend with two well dressed ladies. Scan the scene, see a handful of Wall St Bro types with girls, pretty much all 8+. One group of lower SMV dudes getting drunk. In the other corner a group of female 6's and 7's that look like ugly ducklings, only in this place.

Russian girl and her friend look over at me a couple times. I can tell they are not used to a guy not bowing over to them, I just chill at the bar. Eventually approach a girl, decent chat, but she excused herself. Finish my beer, close out. Russian girls still standing by themselves, and peace out.

Take subway home. Get off two stops early to walk home. Chat up a 7 on my walk home. Not nearly as hot as the Russian girls, but she has such a warming down to earth vibe, which made her even hotter in contrast to my 'date' tonight. We exchange numbers with loose plans to grab a beer this weekend. Head home, debate going out, but call it a night.

NYC is a rat race. There's unlimited opportunity if you want to take it. But its also a major grind to make it. Im typically exhausted at the end of the day, wouldn't have it any other way.


Enticement of a minor is illegal both federally and in every state.

Globally reported.



Teens = legal age



Sure nigger.

This is totally about picking up 18 and 19 year olds.




>look fit

>look attractive

>look wealthy

there ya go





Bumping this thread because roasties and their supporters deserve death. Let's talk about how to get men to understand their lies and jealousy of teen babes.



Step one: be a teen yourself; most teens don't like creeps.



Nigger do you even remember being one?

Most of the ones around my age when I was an actual teen were all trying to fuck guys over 25.



I am a teen right now actualy, I don't know where you live but all teens here date other teens.


Step one: kys



How old are you?



We need some sort of major contrroversy surrounding celebrities.


>implying teens don't go for college guys and above all the fucking time

If this wasn't the case, they wouldn't need laws to stop it.



About three fiddy


Most people live in cities, not in trailer parks.



Most people are from countries that aren't cucked by feminism.



Where I live the age of consent is 14/16 and I still have never seen a teen with an adult.



That's because you never leave the house you fat fuck




It's true most couple have 1 to 4 years old age gap.

If you are over 25 your accessibility to teen girls is very low.


File: 5ba0a3c33a0122b⋯.png (45.51 KB, 549x334, 549:334, figure8.png)


>Share your tips, tricks and thots

Be a teen yourself



That's because the teens are in the house of the 30 yo Chads sucking their dick



You mean the countries that are cucked by islam instead?



Programming the goy eh?


File: 8a7df8e6807dfa4⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 610x415, 122:83, 9917478a2097ac778b7bf89606….jpg)


nigger does this look like some cringeworthy pua board to you



This chart actually says the almost exact opposite of that. Age gaps of as much as 5 years are still reasonably common, which would put any teen with that gap with an 18+, though it gets difficult to attract teens the older you are. If you're older than 25 you have to be a turbo-Chad to get teens. Keep in mind that relationships with a gap of 3 years or more are illegal in many US states if the younger party is a teenager, especially with younger than 16, and are also illegal in all states if it goes over state lines. Yet this chart shows that these relationships represent a substantial segment of all relationships.

All intimate relationships with under-18s by 18+ are illegal over state lines no matter the age gap. All state-level US age of consent laws have it set to at least 16 for 18+. If you take this chart to be about age gaps in relationships with teens and eliminate the relationships illegal under US law, you've gotten rid of about 40% of all relationships already. It gets worse. The chart which gets posted here constantly about male attraction (/r/ing this chart) puts the most attractive age range at 14-16, so setting the AoC at 16 eliminates 2/3 of men's most preferred girls from legality, and many states have it at 17 or 18. This chart also only has existing relationships on it and therefore doesn't account for relationships which were wanted by both parties but never came into being for various reasons, many of which have to do with men not wanting to be arrested. ,Most burgerlards also believe it's 18 everywhere including outside the US because most US media is made in Cuckifornia which has their AoC set at 18. Accounting for these things makes the figure for the amount of relationships eliminated rise enormously and probably skews the average and median age gaps much higher than they are here.

This policy created the current glut of angry single men in their 20s and 30s and is the biggest cause of the birth rate collapse. A huge portion of relationships which would have produced marriages and children prior to these laws have been banned, and the result of this is the shitshow of societal breakdown we're seeing today.


File: e8d8473d75df132⋯.png (17 KB, 255x172, 255:172, c47f1134acd4b889467435131f….png)


>That's because you never leave the house you fat fuck


File: 41daa499d5b40a9⋯.png (15.6 KB, 1000x1030, 100:103, 8-Figure1-1.png)


>The chart which gets posted here constantly about male attraction (/r/ing this chart) puts the most attractive age range at 14-16

This chart is fake and made by a hebo.

(pedo-hebo = 2-4% mâle population)

In my country age of consent is 15 and I never seen a teen dates an adult.

Most couples don't have big age gap.

Teen girls prefer 2-4 years older boys.

You are getting old autistic /tv/ tranny



You fucking retard don't see them on the street holding hands, of course. But go to any restaurant or watch any hotel entrance and see the teen with her bf that is 10 years older than her

If you're in Europe just go to any muslim on instagram and see his pics with 14 yo white whores


File: a3c7fc62602df99⋯.png (65.88 KB, 272x204, 4:3, 22797-full.png)


Stop lying to yourself.

Something is wrong with your head.

You need help


File: 717cdba75a98014⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, OP.jpg)

>go on whisper

>"I wish I had a girl to spoil with a new phone"

enjoy ur teen (18+ only) girl to fuck for the cost of a phone*

*unless you look like pic related



>If you are over 25 your accessibility to teen girls is very low.

for you


File: f437941a1000298⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 206x250, 103:125, 1547401009887s.jpg)


Teen girls prefer 1-4 older boys.

How do you feel about that? Old fat fuck



>no source

>no sample size

>no nothing

Even if this were true, it still shows that ephebo girls have enough attraction for teleio guys on average that you still have a chance with them. This is good because ephebo girls are like a perfect medium steak according to the steak comparison chart.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Rare > Pedo (<11) ← Not fucking cooked

Medium rare > Hebe (11-14) ← Undercooked

Medium > Ephebe (15-16) ← Best

Medium well > Teleio (17-19) ← Overdone but edible

Well done > Geriatric (20+) ← Basically like eating your shoes



Keep crying zoomer. Teen girls prefer older Chads with resources that can treat them like princesses.




Google Search her Instagram.

Guess who is she dating? A teen fat fuck




Old I. N. C. E. L boomer



Yes, like 2 years older


File: 20057610c64711c⋯.png (1.03 MB, 720x894, 120:149, 1560267672626.png)



When she was 15 she fucked a college Chad, she posted it herself on instagram



>thinking you know what teen girls prefer and should be telling people

>thinking teen girls know what they prefer

If you are in shape and have money you can fuck teenage girls till you are 65+

never let anyone tell you different


File: 7e2104599a8739b⋯.png (740.17 KB, 577x1024, 577:1024, proof.png)



Yes sure if you have money you can buy a 14 year old prostitute even at 80.

But no teen love for old creepy fucks


File: 42018f89b161c43⋯.jpg (717.65 KB, 720x2916, 20:81, largeimage.jpg)


> teen love




That's so exceptional it was on the news…


File: a38aa6e801c6026⋯.jpg (285.71 KB, 1074x609, 358:203, a38aa6e801c602654b8dca8a59….jpg)


and I am 36 and still get it without paying



36 lol

You are old.

I don't believe you

Do you have children?


File: 7cf891e5e7db231⋯.png (374.3 KB, 710x332, 355:166, Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at ….png)


I don't care if you believe me, no i don't have kids

lots of college age girls don't like the "drunk every weekend/sleep around no commitment" guys their age

also i have money to piss away, it's not hard. no i don't have kids nor want them



That's your eyes?

I don't know it's hard to believe

Why no kids?

In Europe or in USA?


File: c7ad6d57ce4ef02⋯.jpg (245.19 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, c7ad6d57ce4ef026879af34ed3….jpg)


just keep not having kids then you won't have kids, not difficult

those are the eyes of a 25yo female (girl) not of a 36yo man



>those are the eyes of a 25yo female

Are you a boy or a girl

If you are a girl that's easier to pick up teens



No it's not what are you talking about. A 36yo fit man with money to piss away can fuck teens forever

a 36yo woman busted through the wall years ago



>A 36yo fit man with money to piss away can fuck teens forever

No sorry




>a 36yo woman busted through the wall years ago

So you are a woman?



How would you see them on the street?



We ought to spend more time talking about this instead of listening to cancerous roasties bitching. We need something so huge men can't miss it.



The girl was 17 the boy was 26.



Like what?



File: 452f4bdc0fe3c7a⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 321x480, 107:160, 1560024519252.jpg)


as a mid 30 man who still bones teens (sometimes way below the legal age) on occasion i'd like to give my input.

its not something you nor her wants everyone to know.

you because feminist society doesn't allow you to go for prime pussy, rosties consider them unfair competition so they made it illegal.

her because she doesn't want to be considered a whore, and her parents would likely flip the fuck out if they knew.



And you say it does not happen. Would you see it on the street if it would happen? Fuck off kid. Become a beta orbiter for that whore that you have a crush on and maybe she will be bored enough to tell you all about her older guys she fucked.




No I have never seen that.

And I'm a college aged guy

I think you are just describing your fantasy here.

Why a teen would date an old man?

Old I. N. C. E. L


Does 8chan and 4chan full of old men pretending to fuck teens?

1that's a private joke? A running gag?



That's a kind of community here?

I'm missing something



Ask your girlfriend. Oh wait..



Maybe there is only 1 man.

But he spends his life online pretending fucking teens.

Does someone know how many people come-on 8chan in one way?




one of them posted seeking chats and receipts and pics of the girls he was penetrating


File: 6e5fe3e6fcc6c9c⋯.png (20.17 KB, 136x102, 4:3, 89-full.png)



>one of them

only 1?

Guess why?


Give them money and take them shopping. Their moronic parents are probably retarding their growth.


This is exactly why I don't fucking like this government. I'm being forced to stay at home and lose all my muscle because they're toxic to makes and want to make sure I only get fat and fuck someone in that condition to violate my will to try and break me.






I've got doctors trying to convince me that my testosterone is toxic and that I need to just eat fruit.

Everyone needs to fuck right off and mind your own business and watch the professionals live life.

I'm a professional at living life. Everyone step the fuck back and mind your own fucking business.



Who force you stay home?


You want a teenager girlfriend? Go get money and help her out.

Im not allowed to make money or be in good shape because the states a sissy faggot that's scared of muscles.

Moron fucking state



Because everything I do is dangerous and scary



Why don't you exercises? Like lifting?



Well I'm guessing it's a few companies in silicon valley, Verizon since this uses their wave length, and the FCC since they're allowing it after many complaints and probably some part of the military that needs to be executed for sedition.



Dangerous for you? Or people around you?



Because there's a radiological weapon using GPS to tell me where to go and when



I'm not dangerous so it doesn't matter. It's driving me crazy. Absolutely crazy.



Why you?

What did you do?



It's like I stop someone from getting in a car accident or stop someone from stealing an old ladies purse and the state is getting in my business and irradiating me until I can't move



OK but they think you are dangerous for you or people?



Remember the cat thing? The data mining effort has allowed some AI to red flag me and now the states torturing me in my home like I'm a terrorist so nothing weird happens



You developed superpowers?




Yes and that's probably why they have those stupid tests online asking if you have super powers to see if "you're mentally I'll" so they can stop you ahead of time



Do you have contact with your family?

Do you have friends?


See this shit?


It's designed for data collection and killing super heros with ontological weapons.



I had like thirty until the state started torturing me.



On a scale on 1 to 10, how good looking are you?



I could pick up a teen tomorrow if some sand eating faggot wasn't irradiating me and the FCC did it's fucking job



Your family is dead?



I was an 8 until I had my face melted



Yea the state killed them. Apparently that makes me mentally ill.




How do you make money?




I don't. I'm not allowed to.



And now?

Are you thinking about facial reconstruction?


I get brain damage if I try to go to work. The radio cuts out. My radar tells me I'm a power line.



I'm thinking about facial reconstruction for a lot of other people.



But what are you eating?



They changed my diet to violate me.



How fast can you go?



Can you escape?



Asking me what I'm eating makes the assumption my diet is a choice and my current diet is a reflection of my past decisions.

It's not.



If I was allowed to get outside I can run 60mph




Try to pretend you are dead


I'm so injured I can barely break 20 atm



…thanks but it's not hard to tell if something's alive or dead using 1-2.4ghz radioscopy.



Take your shit and throw it to someone's face?

Can you try that?



Hmmm…. I'll have to try it.


Although now I'm afraid to expose my muscular chest which people might mistake for as the breasts of a perky teenager.


Can we have the same thread but *Pre Teen?



Sure good luck with that sir



People are responding to me. You're scaring me



Can you try hiding your tits with your hands or something?


>thread derailed with schizo spazzing out

Maybe this guy's schizo tendencies give him the ability to think of good ways to get the word out to men about roastie jealousy of teens.



How good are your hair?

On a scale on 1 to 10



Can you explain exactly what's a roastie?


File: 26ff1aab50920f5⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 356x485, 356:485, 51pbJ966lRL.jpg)

Since I'm unemployed and everyones interested in ruining this storyline I thought I'd ruin this meme


File: c5bbf855286bb5e⋯.jpg (13.43 KB, 366x321, 122:107, 1449956787881-2.jpg)


>what's a roastie?

This fucking thread…



See I'm clearly excited to work


File: 12cdf488a36a2f7⋯.png (555.8 KB, 2362x1278, 1181:639, 1549718780289.png)


>I think you are just describing your fantasy here

beleve what you want

>Why a teen would date an old man?

i stopped looking for answers long ago, i came to the conclusion that women are inherently irrational most of their behavior cannot be predicted nor explained.

i just know that some teens (and sometimes pre-teens) like me, knowing why isn't necessary to enjoy some good virgin prime pussy sex.

i had everything from 11 to 17 years old, from 4/10 to 10/10, chubby, skinny, brown, black white, comming from a traditional family or a broken home…

i found no pattern that could explain why those girls wanted me despite or because of my age.




This thread is a roastie



Can you describe your look?



On a scale on 1 to 10.



And your age?

Abd money you make?

Abd how you meet teens? Online?



You must be new here. Roastie is the slur invented by pissed off men on the internet to describe the kind of woman who supports high age of consent, that being slutty hags who are often 30+ years old and have had so many guys that their nether regions resemble roast beef. No guy would ever take her if he could have a teen girl, which is why they passed the laws.




thats difficult, it really depends on my mood, somtimes i just feel like shit.

if i had to be objective from the success i have with girls and women i would say im a solid 7/10, could push it to 8/10 when i work out.





>who supports high age of consent

I don't get that?

What do you mean?

OK roatie = beta man



So being in the top 10% of look is the reason you fuck teens?

Can you send a pic?

Do you have children?



>Can you send a pic?

of what?

>Do you have children?

not to my knowledge



Pic of you



No, roasties are the revolting feminist women the beta men serve.



Roastie woman?



Roastie = woman?


File: 7cf12372d4af570⋯.jpg (14.98 KB, 300x223, 300:223, 1544953022010.jpg)




Do you date girls in their 20s too?



You are good looking for an Indian guy


How do you meet girls?


File: 027983a4e847c3f⋯.jpg (111.19 KB, 720x998, 360:499, 1544797801563.jpg)


if i found a virgin one then yes, i would.


thats not me lol, i wouldn't post my fucking face here

but those pictures prouves my point, girls and women't aren't rational, there is no pattern, you could scure prime teen pussy even if you're a fucking broke refugee who can't speak properly.

the only way you're 100% sure to fail is by not trying and thinking that its impossible, don't close that door.

>How do you meet girls?

i'm an old fuck, i used to meet them on Omegle back in the day, also the early days of Tinder were absolute gold.

nowdays Omegle is mostly dicks but you could still get some if you get in at the right times.

Tinder is dead, i have not tryed other apps so i can't speak.

some guys like tiktok or liveme, but its only good if you're just a wanker, you'll never meet these girls because there are so many other dudes and she can't even see you.

any place where you can have a one to one conversation with one is good imo, everything else is trash.






Wait is that the French anon from a few years ago?


File: bcf691862eb18dd⋯.jpg (104.49 KB, 789x907, 789:907, IDGAF.jpg)





was it years already?!



>She's having problems finding a male

lel remember that cute outgoing girl you used to be?

That's the only thing men think is beautiful, and you'll never be her again.





>this thread is still up somehow

Too bad we've gotten no closer to figuring out how to get men still held in the roasties' grip to see the truth. Maybe we should make some /pol/ style graphics about it and just wait for people to finally get tired of social media censorship and leave Twitter and Facebook or actually make them leave somehow.



Who the fuck cares about normalfags from social media


File: 95c9e068ba89191⋯.png (28.75 KB, 938x561, 938:561, 1395582273087.png)


here's the chart



Good point. But we still have to at least get the normalniggers out of our way even if we don't actually recruit from them. We don't yet have enough awakened steak connoisseurs or enough money and power to openly crush the feminormgroid lynch mobs. It's not enough until we have the leverage to walk out in public holding hands with our teenage lover without being accosted and given the shit eye if not assaulted even if you live in a state where 16 is legal. So the questions still remain. If not normalniggers, then who? If not on popular social media, then where?





I need that romanian trash rap/pop song >>236911


File: 2dc5f7ab8d6cbbd⋯.jpg (38.86 KB, 497x486, 497:486, 1445797960232.jpg)

teens (14+) are sort of allowed under the table in mexico. provided her parents or the local community likes you.

not even trolling. if the family allows it people just look the other way.



Teens are legal by law in Mexico. Anglocucks could learn from the tacos. Maybe Mexicans taking over the southwestern US and proclaiming it Mexican territory wouldn't be so bad.



Do you have a source?

I think it's fake

Look at David buss's studies about male's preferences



And Ray Blanchard's studies about pedophilia and hebephilia



What about mexican teens living in the USA?



Are you a beta?




That chart is from Hall, Hirschman and Oliver, 1995.

>Ray Blanchard

I vaguely recall this name as being a feminist shill. Never heard of David Buss, but (((psychologists))) are just paid propagandists these days. Any psychologist who questions the politically correct narrative has their career destroyed like Bruce Rind.



Are you a retarded cuck?



No I'm not, I was just wondering. You seem to be very concerned about getting approval for your desires from everyone, much like a faggot. Usually it's only the creepy looking types who get weird looks when they try to hook up with teens.



Making it more acceptable will only bring more competition. Good things are done out of the public eye.


>picking up old garbage



You must be from somewhere other than the US. Here they even harass the most good-looking and attractive guys for pursuing teens as 18+, not just creeps. They did this shit to James Franco for going for a 17, and Leonardo DiCaprio for not even going for teens, but 20somethings when he was like 30 and 40ish.


Making it acceptable will also decrease the likelihood of being jailed or murdered for it. I could handle the competition just fine if I didn't have to deal with that.



>That chart is from Hall, Hirschman and Oliver, 1995.

Do you have a link?

All I can find is that:


The chart is fake

In these studies searchers found that men prefer late teen to late 20's.




The chart is very real and you even posted the fucking source for it while calling it fake. You're either illiterate or a shill pretending any studies that contradict the femicuck government's narrative don't exist while pushing your own fake studies made up by feminists. Feminiggers must be scared as fuck if this is how low they've fallen.



I think physical sexual attraction is a social construction

Some men préfère teens because they know grown women have more experiences that they do and this women would reject them.

What do you seriously think about that?



No the chart is fake.

You cannot proof it's real.

Others studies proof it's fake.

I can make another chart like this one in 10 minutes.

There is no source no name no legend no informations…

Most men are teleophiles not pedo-hebophiles.



Everyone have different preferences.

I'm not judging you.

Why are you so mad?

The chart is just fake

I'm not a feminist nigger.




I'm sure dicaprio can handle that just fine, why would he need the approval of some roasties? All that matters is that the girl is developed enough to get boned tbh. If you need the approval of everyone in society for what you do or want to do you'll never be happy.



I could swear I've seen a version of that chart with a source reference on it. But I've never verified it so it might actually be a fake.






Everyone calling to go on a quest to make fucking teens acceptable for men again should read the pictures in the OP of this thread, especially the picture of /pol/'s year-on-year MBTI analysis. You should also read this:


>>247654 is correct. American normalfags are never going to get behind this unless they're made to do so at the point of a weapon because of how propagandized they are and how their personality types work. Alphas have complete immunity from following the laws and get rid of their competition for teenage pussy by making others obey those laws, beta men are simps who accept leftovers from the alphas and know they don't have what it takes to get teen pussy which makes them jealous of those who do and eager to sabotage your efforts, and deltas are hopeless normalfags who believe anything the media tells them. Gamma males don't give a fuck about anything for or against you. Only sigmas and omegas will join. Any movement to get rid of feminist laws will have to seek them out. But stopping the normalfags is essential to deprive the established system of power.


>you can't get worthless hags so you have to go for cute prime pussies

This is like saying you can't afford to buy a mobile home, so instead you buy a castle.


>you cannot proof

The chart is displayed in the fucking study that you fucking posted.

>other (((studies))) proof

Feminist propaganda is not a study.


>I'm sure dicaprio can handle that just fine, why would he need the approval of some roasties?

He doesn't need their approval, but that hasn't stopped them from trying. Some of them even support maximum age gap laws that apply to everyone and not just slightly-out-of-high-school men boning teens.

>If you need the approval of everyone in society for what you do or want to do you'll never be happy.



I think the chart is fake and stupid because age's preference depends on men and on lot of social constructions.

Centuries ago, all the brides were virgin even 25y+ so I don't think a lot of men preferred teens.

Women are supposed to only have sex with 1 man in their lifes.

We are living in a sad sad world where 20y old girl is a fucking whore who took 5+ dicks.

It's not supprising men prefer virgins

Would you take a 30 year old virgin or a 15 year old slut who saw 10 cocks?

I'm not sure what would I pick



tobad Mexico is a piss hole and nobody wants to date a goblina




/r9k/ has it because they can always be relied on to produce rigorous evidence for anything that makes modern women look bad. The study it's from has also been posted in this thread.



>Some of them even support maximum age gap

Some people support retarded things, big shocker. The point is you can't expect a bitter roastie to cheer for you going after prime pussy, you have to accept their bitterness. The same way you have to accept the jealousy of lonely beta spergs who can't attract any females. All that matters is the law, not how certain groups in society hate you, you just ignore them.



Anon how does ne bcome faggot lik u



>All that matters is the law

This is exactly the problem. The law in the US is feminist shit that needs to go.



>I don't think a lot of men preferred teens.

If women has hit puberty, then men will automatically have a sexual attraction to them. Men of today may act like they don't like teens, but they know it's false. You can't go against nature.



Some of that propaganda is really embarrassing. Not every man is tom cruise, put some average balding guy in there next to jessica alba and you have "evidence" of the exact opposite. What a shitfest, I'm sad for anyone who takes part in this.


With school being out now and I expect many kids are helping their families hay, has anyone been successful finding cute middle school girls to have sexual relations with? Summer school and/or outdoor camp luck?



But that's not what the people here say, they demand to be socially accepted for going after youngest possible girls. The law says you can bang 16 year olds in most states, these are teenagers. Whether a roastie or a soyboy likes it or not shouldn't matter.



>teens date teens

depends what mass media they've been brainwashed with. when i was a teen, 35yo Kevin Costner ( Robin Hood prince of thieves ) was the alpha male every teen girl grew up in love with. At college it was normal for the 16-18yo girls to have 25-35yo boyfriends. Only the top 10% college teen chads were about to break thru the media programming of the teen females and nail them. The remaining 90% of college males had to go without.

I thought my time would come, but a i got to the mature male bracket, the kike media pumped out teens with teens in the media.

you don't know how lucky u got it.



Just look at the chart from >>247742 and the study it came from. 16 isn't low enough for most men because they prefer 14-16 and setting it to 16 excludes most of their most preferred options. Though I agree that men in states where 16 is legal should stand their ground on it and not be pushed around by feminists and white knights.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Some men préfère teens because they know grown women have more experiences that they do and this women would reject them.

>This is like saying you can't afford to buy a mobile home, so instead you buy a castle.

The idea behind is that women with less experience are lesser whores. They will manipulate less. Also women who had more partners will compare you to those partners, only that they will romanticize the best parts of their partners. They will be unhappy with you for what seems like no reason, but in their mind they compare you to their former partners.

Teen girls are better because they just are there, living for the moment, no comparison, no tricks.. the younger she is the better.


The older it gets, the more spyware it's on it, the more viruses, the more is filled with bloatware.

On a teen HDD you can install your favorite game and play it without any crashes.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>boomer discovers /r9k/

wait `till he finds about /doomer/



>At college it was normal for the 16-18yo girls to have 25-35yo boyfriends.

Really? I have never seen that.


>The study it's from has also been posted in this thread.

OK lol

So you just prove me it's fake


Men prefer 17 years old girls

Women prefer 26 years old men

Nobody says it, but everybody knows it.

Nobody fantasies on old people even old people.



I love this guy. Stop feminism now, it caused necessary laws to go against human nature and turned men into cucks that will shame any guy that dates a woman that is under 18 and literally call it "pedophilia". I don't know how feminists fucked up our society this bad, but it ends now.



Men prefer traps!



>I don't know how feminists fucked up our society this bad

Alphas enabled them so they could attack potential competitors, and weak betas without the strength or the will to resist and who would never pull teen pussy regardless of legality let them get away with it. Feminists have the money of the 1% backing them up, and the leftists who claim to oppose the wealthy corporations won't even touch this. Or you could just blame it on Jews, but there are tons of whites who went along with it.

>it ends now

That depends on getting the normalfags to pipe the fuck down at least temporarily and awaken potential allies who have yet to understand.



No, I just never bothered going there.


I think if I set up some artificial deadlines it will just make me get sloppy and I will do something I end up regretting. I am working with a 11 year old girl now but she is off at camp during the day except for Fridays and the weekend. I am sure if I keep it up I will be able to have sex with her before the end of the month but if I say something like, must be by the next full moon which is next Sunday I think, my aggressiveness will be a turnoff for her especially because someone in her immediate family died that she was close with. I am hoping me being there will help and it will lead to more affection. Its a process.



That makes sense. The laws are totally fucked from it and to see people go along with the bullshit are just as bad as the feminists.

>muh laws tell me what is right for me

All that bullshit with the sheep talk makes me lose faith in humanity.



>fuck laws n shiet dude lmao



>I'm a good cuck and follow all the laws that were given to me. I'm not a slave!



Most people have always been cattle. They want convenience, not understanding. They never look at what they're being told is right and ask themselves who benefits from them believing that. This is why they can't see feminist jealousy at work behind these laws. Understanding is closed off to them because they don't care about it. We don't need the cattle to help us, only to get out of the way.



They are useful idiots and are unaware that they're being played, nor do they care enough. They're closed off with the mainstream propaganda that they're fed with on the daily. If their (((CNN))) tells them something, they will listen.



>dude I'm so redpilled lmao, all men need to fuck 11 year old girls and the problems are solved

lol k




its verry country specific, dating a teen is much more accepted in Europe particularly in southern countries.




Nice try. I wasn't implying that.



Are you trolling?

11 years old girl doesn't want/understand sex.

Stop projecting your perversio

You spend to much time here talking to autistic pedos.

Pedophilia is a mental disorder, it's not normal.

You need help

You are going to go to jail if you are approaching children …

Guess what is happening to pedos in jail..



No, you are joking, right?



I look fit, attractive and wealthy (but im not), and I can tell you, if you have autism it will not be enough.

That's funny, how is it easy for a woman to satisfy her physiological needs in comparison.

I'm not an /tv/ tranny btw



are you saying that teen come after you but your autism turn them off?



>are you saying that teen come after you but your autism turn them off?

How does he know teens come after him if he has autism?



good point.



yes, always.


because i'm not a retard I can read signs, body language, etc.

I'm making some progress tho, but schizophrenia do not help


File: a0412be728000d9⋯.png (20.5 KB, 136x102, 4:3, 76080-full.png)


>I'm making some progress tho, but schizophrenia do not help



>schizophrenia do not help

is it self diagnosed?



This nigger didn't even read the steak chart. >>243029

Or the title of the thread for that matter. Feminigger supporters confirmed for illiterate.




Why would I be trolling? She is a very attractive young girl. I thought we were having a discussion here.

I disagree about a 11 year old girl not wanting or understanding sex. By the time they are in middle school, they know most of just about everything you should know.

If you are a 40 or 50+ year old, I can see it from your angle, many years ago you would be correct, they DIDN'T know what they know now. Even back then the girls were precocious. There is just no way that any one of you can convince me that the sexual touch of a precocious nymph like the girl I am working on is bad for her UNLESS some brainwashing vermin older folk gets into their mind and warps it enough so that she then believes that she was mentally anguished by the whole affair and then acts on it.

You just cant. Those people are the monsters, not me. Case Closed…



You are wrong

I know that because I'm a 18 years old girl and I can remember what it feels to be 11.

I didn't want sex at 11.

Girls want attention not sex

What's going to happen if she talk to her parents about you?

You are so old and autistic you don't understand the situation


File: 14f002365a2a8bf⋯.jpg (39.86 KB, 480x852, 40:71, huh.jpg)


> I'm a 18 years old girl

are you virgin?


File: 7f001b60e6126b1⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 570x487, 570:487, pepe nice.jpg)


>What about mexican teens living in the USA?

that works too but ONLY if the parents are old school and they havent been brainwashed by the Hollywood "Shes 18" meme.

When I was young I knew a guy who was dating a 16 year old and her parents didnt have a problem with it. He was 25. The only one that I know hated him was a cousin of the girl. Who was…. you guessed it… 25.







Truth hurts you old fuck?





26 here, I honestly consider this really old. I have trouble connecting with 14-18 year old zoomers these days to be honest, they just have too much bullshit on their mind and at some point you grow out of that stuff. At least I did. Thank god I'm attracted to preteen children, their minds are so innocent and pure, they're simply perfect.



>I have trouble connecting with 14-18 year old zoomers

only a retard would be able to, girl/women are hypergamous, they don't want a man at their level they always date above.

being acting like a teen not only this makes you on her level which is un attractive, it also puts you far lower then men your age.



Does any one proof read this because there are some obvious spelling mistakes in the very first sentences?



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