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File: e6e762d27e50fd5⋯.jpg (270.35 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Potato_blight_spraying_sys….jpg)

File: d7009666f58598d⋯.mp4 (406.97 KB, 640x360, 16:9, nekton27 11340721608408965….mp4)

File: 83b47c34b0642ae⋯.jpg (207.38 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, dried fish shop - @Milkywa….jpg)

File: 059deed14724d7e⋯.jpg (157.51 KB, 1123x1200, 1123:1200, fear the clown.jpg)

File: aa91028fce63cee⋯.png (1019.72 KB, 620x900, 31:45, DztP4pIWwAA-CKE.png)


what is a life worth living?


One that you can say at the end that you are proud of it.

A life that you will be remembered fondly by those around you, and those effected by your life once you are gone.


File: b0a1f78bfb9c98f⋯.jpg (13.7 KB, 480x250, 48:25, happiness.jpg)



bullshit quote what even did he mean by this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Varies wildly by the person; short version is don't be a dick.


I don't have an answer for you, but I do want to know what kind of fish that arowanaXgoldfish is.



File: 45b457a852dc3e7⋯.png (28.65 KB, 271x98, 271:98, umm.png)

Can somebody explain the clown fear thing to me? I've heard of this shit my entire life and I've never understood it. They're just trying to make you happy.



It is a cutual fear. Basicly someone as a kid sees something scary with clowns. This then makes a connection in their minds that clowns=scary and each additional exposure to creepy or scary clowns in media confirms this world view to them.

Which can then spiral out of control into a full on phobia in extreme cases.


File: 1ff8d3a86a61f0e⋯.jpg (327.55 KB, 1536x2240, 24:35, clown and kid.jpg)


File: 52eeb5759f6740e⋯.jpeg (74.7 KB, 880x492, 220:123, asian woman makeup.jpeg)


If makeup makes you scary then asian woman are the scariest things in existence.


File: 3715f1fcd458ae4⋯.jpg (77.57 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-plato-says-that-the-….jpg)



>(((Kurt Vonnegut)))


File: 58f2e36c30340ad⋯.png (446.83 KB, 540x540, 1:1, D8vtTlAVsAAGpLm.png)

File: 9b76677fc53cdb8⋯.jpeg (608 KB, 2400x1481, 2400:1481, 1 Wj5kbUhVnpSpkA9Evqyghg.jpeg)

File: 1ef9a0d1057ada9⋯.jpg (217.38 KB, 861x1200, 287:400, murata range.jpg)

File: 7bb93678876e68c⋯.jpg (552.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vera cruz 1954.jpg)

File: c495b930ef586c3⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 369x471, 123:157, boat metaphor.jpg)




So I guess the answer is horrorshit ruining it for cheap spooks. That makes sense.


File: bd3057068882f5e⋯.jpg (864.44 KB, 3844x2160, 961:540, clowns.jpg)



I mean, though I will admit that that didn't help the case for clowns, by itself that kind of thing shouldn't be enough to facilitate the kinds of reactions I get from people who are afraid of them.


File: 2d5da4de2f5a767⋯.jpg (75.58 KB, 487x650, 487:650, 1339582093832.jpg)

File: 13850002d9ca603⋯.jpg (60.78 KB, 487x650, 487:650, 1339582313995.jpg)

File: 6003f1c4d1dfe1c⋯.jpg (329.99 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, 1342294737413.jpg)

Clowns and painted girls give me a hard on.

Now I don't find them scary or funny, they're just cute.


File: 63c0c77c334d4b8⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 540x675, 4:5, clown grill.jpg)


how about a magic trick? I'm going to make these christmas lights… disappear!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

if you can watch this without feeling at least a bit unsettled, you are very strange






It doesn't affect me at all. Honestly I think everybody else is strange for being so scared at an entertainer that is trying to make you laugh.


File: 5ee7f733d67135b⋯.png (412.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5ee7f733d67135b57be607863d….png)



Please no.

I can take scary clowns all day, but I refuse to deal with cute/sexy ones. Just no. Nope, not happening.



That's a loaded question. People get hypnotized by language all the time.



Not unsettled, just very bored.

Don't get the language and he is not a very good physical actor at all.

Just kind of annoyed trying (and failing) to sit through it.


File: c98e44c1d19ff70⋯.jpg (63.51 KB, 1200x495, 80:33, D8XqRG1XkAAwso6.jpg)


>assumption life can be worth something




Alright, I know this is gonna sound pretty delusional but I want to bring about the first post human society where we there would be no need for conflict (all thoughts and feeling are analyzed) and humanity could go forward aiming at the same goal. I sounds pretty dystopic but I don't intend to force this system upon any one. People will plug in by themselves.



If something is out of your control there is no reason to fret about it. If something is in your control you should change it instead of fretting about it.



I don't think they're even telling the truth. People pretend that they find clowns scary because they believe that it's popular to find them scary and they're braindead normalfaggots just buying into another meaningless meme to try and fit in.


A life filled with doing the things you enjoy without guilt.




You make your own freedom. You born in a world where things are preset, for example you can't fly like a bird because you do not have wings, so you will never be able to fly like that. But knowing that people can still live their life, why ? Because every people accepted this fact.

All the things you can not control are those rules and you will never be able to change them. But things change and any rules could be added while you can't do anything to prevent it. So you have to adapt like if it had always been like that.

It's just in our society people prefer to be angry against what they do not have and what they do not have anymore rather than being content with what they have and still have.


File: 83d65e3a1d36983⋯.jpg (88.02 KB, 450x300, 3:2, serenity prayer.jpg)


File: 006fc7a4d1dd36e⋯.jpg (383.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dimitris-Santorini-beach-f….jpg)

life with lots of tasty food and comfy reading time with your doggo sleeping in your lap.


File: 3188ca60ec3c281⋯.jpg (134.28 KB, 1504x2016, 47:63, dog and girl on couch.jpg)


>tfw no dog



god is a cope. just work on your mind with reflection




I mean it's like antidepressants and anxiolytics med, it could help to put you on the track of a good mind but not cure it.



So you can give it your all to your community and forge a generation full of virtuous people. unfortunately, (((some tribes))) ruined the whole world and now it's in a state of cultural, moral, racial and spiritual decay. so you might as well die fast by taking down some (((minecraft merchants))) with you and turn into a shining example for generations to come by performing the ultimate self-sacrifice.

Die young and fast and be the light that shines for millennia to come, or rot slowly as the world turns into a dull wasteland.



>missing the point once again



it's okay anon, ya goof'd. just own up to it



it's okay anon, ya goof'd. just own up to it



it's okay anon, ya goof'd. just own up to it



The most important thing is to figure out what's important to you. That's what gives you your meaning. It could be anything, raising a family, getting rich, playing vidya, etc. When you can say what you want out of life, then you can have control over it.


The life worth living is a life of freedom, liberty and purpose.


Every life is worth living

for whatever makes your happy

whenever it even mean being nazi pedo or leftist gay or black men in africa

and do not care about what others are saying

…and happy death on gameover



Civilisation evolution. Make it happening in good condition. Prevent the world from destruction by surpopulation, focus on saving the god tier ethnic groups. You know the ones that have made the civilization be what it is with sciences and technology. We have to make our specie evolve in a strongest and smartest specie, for one day we could be able to survive to an spatial apocalypse then discover how the universe works, and what is the purpose of life and existence.

Good luck ! Any purpose will be fine once you know that tho. If you work in agriculture industry you will maybe not be able to discover the new technology that will change the world but your essential for feed the people who will.

I have hope in all of you guys ! Think about civilization before yourself !



pedo are not worht living in a sense where it destroys society, but understand the point of view where it's not a reason for hisself to suicide, I mean he should if he can't control his behavior, but if he can it's a constant battle that other people do not have in their life.



they are, everyone is since another way wouldn't be here in first place

whenever they are 'having fun' with children or not

its not reason for suicide

life is in some % about sexuality, but there is so much other things

btw society is already broken

>if he can't control his behavior

no such thing exist

they control it and just choose to do xyz :P

>constant battle that other people do not have in their life

everyone do, its just 'battle' with different label

some even dont see fix they are in


and it could be end up on your own by just relaxing and letting it go



want to need and need to want



>tfw hardly want anything, but society expects me to want more


File: c3fd0ff25061934⋯.jpg (197.3 KB, 912x1417, 912:1417, crying in the corner.jpg)


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well, having a plan is a good first step OP.



does being homeless help? or will we just die on the streets?


File: 760271efa700561⋯.jpg (116.01 KB, 502x495, 502:495, freudian slip.jpg)


why is inception music in everything


File: fca65bab46d8f44⋯.jpg (43.75 KB, 331x670, 331:670, 48d6907b434d75eac857ddd912….jpg)


close but he said it better earlier


what is an action worth doing?


File: 4fd338721fa3522⋯.jpg (16.6 KB, 482x428, 241:214, 1550.jpg)




Any life that is not fucked up beyond repair so badly that for years all you want is to kys.



Crazy how unsublimation triggers people.







A world free of delusions and misconceptions. The moment these things step in, life becomes increasingly unbearable.


File: 7f2cfb2e9734856⋯.jpg (86.46 KB, 787x456, 787:456, necrons-hor-wall.jpg)

A life that transcends earthly limits and contributes to ascending the mantle of the time stream to the next bearers by bringing about the singularity of artificial technology and robots that make bioforms obsolete. An objectively more efficient and superior form of life being brought into existence, that is what each and every one of your purposes are, it is what everything that occurred over the past millions of years is leading up to.

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