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File: 4c95e699915e21b⋯.png (11.46 KB, 193x255, 193:255, killyourself.png)


I can't fucking stand the autists, the tards, the faggots that live with everything brought to them on a silver platter, and then when they act like insane retards its ok because "the little handicaps are just expressing themselves" fuck off. little jimmy on the playground just got a fuckin concussion but if we punish the tardo it might hurt his feewings


File: eb013ab98f0eb13⋯.png (398.25 KB, 500x407, 500:407, Horse Pussy.png)

>I can't fucking stand the autists, the tards, the faggots that live with everything brought to them on a silver platter

lmao ok poorfag


You're the retard though



>tardo fucking crushes a squirrel with a rock

>blood is spattered all over the pavement

<awww what a little artist, look at the painting

can we genocide the mentally retarded



It's absolutely retarded that we're hitting 8 billion, every other form of life is suffering massively from the weight of all of us & all the shit we think we need, yet every single one of us needs to be preserved down to the fucking Hartley Hooligans.



No need to be racist OP.


File: c7d43f91df0f758⋯.jpg (347.54 KB, 1024x672, 32:21, our future.jpg)


I'm glad someone else realizes this.


File: af2259a070f6e77⋯.jpeg (28.84 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 012432853254021.jpeg)


>down to the fucking Hartley Hooligans

Wow, the eldest one finally bought it. Just shy of legal fucking age too.


File: cae0b8ba23e62ec⋯.jpg (63.87 KB, 300x230, 30:23, GCV_Infantry_Fighting_Vehi….jpg)


So I was thinking pointlessly "I wonder what would happen if a T-rex would roam the city, lol?" Pretty soon I realized that it would get its T-rex ass kicked very quickly. Bring in a tank to shoot it once with a 120mm high explosive shell and the lizard dies. Bring in a crappy little IFV with a 30mm autocannon and the lizard dies. Bring in a talented sniper using a 50 cal Barrett and the T-rex fucking dies from a well placed headshot!

Humans are awesome. We exceed the creations of Mother Nature because she doesn't give a crap about performance, she doesn't aspire to great things such as total annihilation or space exploration. For millions of years she was happy to create eating automatons. Creatures whose only purpose, as dictated by nature, was to eat, shit and make more of themselves before dying. Never did Mother Nature create a cheetah that could run faster than a Ferrari. Never did she create a bird that could fly faster than the speed of sound. We did create all those things, because we wanted to, while she didn't care to. And I bet my own stupid life that out there, far away, on a distant exoplanet she keeps doing the same shit she did on Earth for millions of years: stupid creatures evolved to eat, no smarter than your average crocodile or shark, yet perfect in Mother Nature's eyes.

This reminded me of a small chat I've had here on 8chan. There was an anon talking about how dolphins are smart, having their own secret language, calling each other by name and so on. I retorted by saying that as long as dolphins don't have opposable thumbs to be able to build shit, they can stick their social intelligence up their aquatic asses! The damn critters live underwater, this means that from the get-go they'll never discover fire and electricity. And how much you wanna bet their stupid flippers are never going to evolve into hands? Sure, they can get better at communicating with each other, they may even evolve powers of telepathy (we've done that ourselves when we invented cellphones, but Mother Nature has yet to figure out radio waves). But even with telepathy, they're never gonna build jack shit underwater. Ever.

The way I see it, our biological successors are most likely the chimpanzees. Given enough time they'll develop speech and reinvent the wheel and whatnot. Too bad (for them) we humans were first. That said, I like to believe Mother Nature will have no hand to play in the creation of our successors. We ought to create them ourselves, and give them the immortality that she refused to give us.



That's fine to believe, but know that if you authorize a government to kill people without due process, you authorize them to kill you.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>be in love with 7 years older qt

>have dowry, decent genes + unconditional devotion

>she can do better tho

>abandons me for wagie green pastures

>male child born with severe autism

>female child born female

>current state of marriage unknown lol

>rot in post-menopausal limbo por vida stupid cunt



File: 462fd0ff3a711b4⋯.jpg (136.79 KB, 1089x800, 1089:800, grandma.jpg)

I really hate seeing old people out in public. their vacant stares and complete disregard of basic rules such as "walk on the right hand side" or "don't cut in line" piss me off so much, and then if you tell them off for breaking the rules, other people act like you're the asshole

also, these fucking people still get to vote even though they have no understanding of how the world works. they get to make decisions about the internet that then ruin it for everyone (GDPR, Article 13/15/whatever it's now called etc.)



I will gladly get in the line for the ovens. At the end. So I can ensure I'm not the only one.


We suck our own dicks far, far too much.

Unless you're a brain dead flat earther, this is the SOLE planet we know to provably be capable of harboring any life at all. And it has FAR more than that, it's been gifted with a vast abundance of it. And unfortunately all of it was also fucking CURSED to have to live under our egomaniacal, special snowflake asses.

We say we're so much better than any of them are but fail to prove it at every & any opportunity by NOT being motherfucking niggers to all of them solely because we possess the ability to.



All that time, effort and money wasted on a biological monstrosity when they had a perfectly normal boy to raise. Every day, every routine, every outing, every event; all revolving around this thing and its sister. The parents should be shot for being so neglectful of their son.



You're missing the main problem OP. It's not that the retarded are bad themselves, it's people pretending that it's completely normal and we need to accept them. If people stopped living in a fantasy world where they ignore the obvious measures could be taken that would be good for everyone.



Sauce my negroid equal?



I cant stand niggers who think they get free shit for being black

I cant stand rich jews

I cant stand liberals

I cant stand globalists


r/tardtales approved



well great because i hate these people as well


File: b8091cfb3220a9c⋯.jpg (264.21 KB, 520x480, 13:12, 1297986116793_ORIGINAL.jpg)

I honestly prefer tards over regular people at this point. Like downies. They are just happy and shit. They aren't screeching on twitter about their niche identity or shitting in the streets. They are safely at home eating birthday cakes or whatever they do. What's to hate?




Well that would cut off the flow of sympathy shekels. Their son wasn't generating cash flow just by having a pathetic existence forced on him like his sisters were.




This, the retards themselves are totally blameless. It's not their fault their parents are morons with shit genes. They do need to be put down, but compassionately. Everyone surrounding them needs to be put down with maximum prejudice.


I'd love all faggot redditors with a marxist stick up their ass who hate people based off of media lies to put up or shut up. Go fucking kill the people you hate cunts and don't cry when you get lynched or have your heads blown into pieces with a 12 gauge shotgun. All of you cunts need to be nuked over and over again. I am glad the Elite Evil is going to Nuke this piece of trash planet with all the faggot whining human beings. <3



I worked as a substitute tard wrangler for several years. Plenty of them were perfectly nice kids, but a few definitely knew the advantages they had and took advantage of them, some as early as kindergarten. One year I was in a kindergarten class with two downs syndrome girls. One of them was very nice, the other was an outright bully, because she knew she would get away with it every time. The school's way of dealing with it was to sit her next to the most patient kid in class. So this downie would basically beat the shit out of this other four year old girl every day, throw her lunch on the floor, spit on her/her lunch/her work, just do everything to torment her, because she knew she could get away with it. The other downs syndrome girl in the same class almost never caused any problems, no more than any other kid, anyway.

>tl;dr: Just because they're retarded doesn't mean they can't also be jerks.


File: 2a970dbf91f4cce⋯.jpg (263.63 KB, 1157x1428, 1157:1428, the man meets a potato.jpg)

how do you overcome your hatred of retards? asking for a friend

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