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File: 19e19cf14c727a2⋯.png (103.68 KB, 394x352, 197:176, 19e19cf14c727a24445b32eee5….png)


I try very hard, but nobody appreciates me.


Why not? What do people who are appreciated and you do differently?


File: a5a28e90f122ebf⋯.jpeg (88.73 KB, 750x615, 50:41, F012C47C-DABC-41B7-A87B-E….jpeg)


>muh face peercing




>obese redditor



You can find love and appreciation TODAY if you start posting the 3D umaru cuties!

== https://anonfile.com/T1r6N2t9nc/Umarus_7z ==*

Long gone will be the days when everybody calls you a cancerous faggot without even reading the text of your post!

* May contain traces of computer viruses.




that's the problem


>trying hard

>still being an old bitch instead of a little girl

not trying hard enough


File: 05cb9b0915b4d78⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 640x920, 16:23, boo_hoo_bitch.jpg)


If you find a girl at the right age like 5-8 and all you do is spend time listening to them and teaching them and basically just being there for them, they will like you and be fine with exploring their sexuality with you. It doesn't take much work in all honesty.





>I try very hard, but nobody appreciates me.

That is because there are no medals for trying in life, dipshit. You grew up in an abusive school system which erroneously taught you that trying counts for something by giving you things like "participation ribbons" and other rewards just for showing up and being a part of the social construct by participating, regardless of whether your participation accomplished anything good. So you grew up psychologically relying on a steady stream of outside affirmation to provide you with your own self-worth. In the real adult world however, there is no reward for participating. It is simply expected of you…it is the barest minimum you can do to not be abandoned by society like a bridge-living wino. Your youth was nothing but a lie in order to pass responsibility for you on to someone else. You were, in every regard, unwanted. They had you because they thought it was expected of them, or because they were too lazy and stupid to use birth control. Not because they cared about you or wanted a child to love and care for.

And now you wonder why you feel so fucked up mentally? Really???

Wake up, OP. You are on your own in this world, and you can either grow up and start kicking its ass or accept the fact that you have no place on this planet.



appreciate yourself first

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