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File: a950c0b32ad99f8⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 500x335, 100:67, strugglebus.jpg)


I have a friend with bordline personality disorder who is being manipulated by a guy with bipolar disorder. He's nearly conviced her to leave her husband and abandon her daughter. She doesn't want to see a licensed therapist because she thinks he is helping her. He sells drugs but I have no concrete info to turn over the the police to force an arrest.

How do I remove this manipulative piece of trash? Find some way to unbalance his bipolarism? I'm afraid that would put my friend at risk. Plant evidence?





You could stab him?



Lets try for something that doesnt end with me in jail. I'd like to still be a part of her life afterward


Bump it. Halp



Why is the guy the one at fault here? Borderline personality doesn't mean she's a fucking retard. There's only so much "manipulation" one can do, she'll leave eventually anyway if the seed for her to do so is already there.

I don't think you're doing anyone a favor by dragging it out.


Fake n gay



He's using psychiatric methods to guide her to these decisions. He learned some psychiatry from his mother and researches on his own. He's been through 2 divorces and has 0 custody of his own kid. My friend isnt stupid but she is in a vulnerable spot because of her condition. This guy isn't 100% at blame but he isn't stopping what he is doing and has her convinced seeing an actual therapist is a bad idea.



>he sells drugs

Drug dealers get killed all the time nobody cares



If you're not willing to eliminate the guy all you can really do is try to convince her what she needs is time on her own. The seed for her leaving has been planted & taken root, it'll happen eventually now regardless. Best you can hope for is that he doesn't get all of what he wants by getting her to himself.



Tell her husband and let him sort it out?

Honestly what exactly are you looking for here? Are you her self proclaimed cuck in shining armor or something? I get that helping friends is natural but you are trying to cross a line and move into creep territory. All women are manipulated to fuck men just as all women manipulate men to get their resources. If she ain't giving you pussy it's not your job to protect her from her own retardation.



Cops are like flies in shit for stuff like that. Tell them you have a tip on a drug dealer and I’m sure they will take it. If you really want him arrested tell them you will do a deal for them. That’s enough for a raid and arrest no problem. The only problem is if they catch him with a small amount he can stay out of jail. Make sure it’s right when he re ups on his supply.



Trips of truth but hey it’s a free country.



I guess I'm in a odd position. We've been best friends for 10 years and love each other deeply. We both share strong feelings for each other. Her husband is also my friend. If I felt like destroying her family to be with her I would, but I'm not going to bring that kind of hell into the life of someone I care about.



so you are a cuck and you don't actually care about her daughter or husband. suicide yourself



Let it go man. No decent married woman would drop her husband and child for some twice divorced deadbeat. You shouldn't have to or be expected to explain this to her. It's like telling a retard not to stick a fork in the toaster. You can do it but they don't understand you and they do it anyway.

Again if you feel strongly about it tell the husband instead of sneaking around playing Sam Fisher.



OP confirmed for butthurt orbiter lmao







Her husband knows but she's made it clear that if he tries to talk to the asshole guy she will never forgive him. He's supporting her as much as he can and bringing her around slowly back to normal. I'm working long con and trying to remove the cancerous deadbeat so it doesn't reoccur


File: a054dab8c91b8a5⋯.png (229.38 KB, 500x511, 500:511, a054dab8c91b8a5ec5b0d4a3b8….png)


>Her husband knows


>helping a cuckold

holy fuck man

just let this whore destroy herself already

you are just postponing the inevitable

this is darwin's law at work just let nature organize itself



but aren't you also manipulative, even more so than someone with bipolar disorder since you're consciously aware of what you're doing? Is someone with such a psychiatric illness even capable of that sort of manipulation without being medicated to a rational mindset first? You say you're best friends with this woman, I think you're playing hero. Don't get someone ruined or killed to benefit your own ego. If you really wanted to play god you could always "speak" with said drug dealer and record his conversation. Do so specifically after agitating his disorder then use that as a positive feedback loop. Show recording to said wife. This sours one's conception of the other and then go from there. The best way to do this would be to use the wife in question as a bait to trigger his illness. Make something up about her, like she's a slut, and then get a reaction once he emotes. Do so discreetly. You said he sells drugs, use that as a pretext to meet him. Or do the correct thing and voice your concerns openly. You never know. You might be blinded by the idea of everyone's moral absolution whether positive or negative, and as always human beings have limited information to go on.



the only reason i think i know to do this is that someone's done this to me. i'm neither bipolar nor do i sell drugs, people are simply people.



I can only point to the evidence I've seen. She has talked with me about their conversations and they have progressed further and further from "I understand your upset and unhappy, tell me what is going on" to "do you think you would be more happy on your own?" Do you think you should leave your husband" To "if you where on your own would we be together?" "I'm here to help, come to me with all of your problems" , "No one else is going to understand you" "we will be so happy together because I'm the only one who understands you"

He's asked pointed questions to implant in her mind that she will only be happy by leaving.

Dude knows who I am, and will not talk with me. He knows I know what he's doing. If I do confront him my friend might not talk with me again.

Maybe I'm too invested, but I just want my friend back. Her entire personality has changed and her outlook on life is so different than it was 2 months ago. My fear is if she follows through with what he is steering her toward she will become suicidal when it really hits her what she has done.

As to me being manipulative, maybe but not with malicious intent. I can live with removing him if she's ok and talking with a therapist for actual help instead of someone who wants to seperate her from everyone who cares for her and convinces her that hurting those she loves is justifiable in pursuit of what he wants.



If he is purposefully doing this to her I consider it evil and really don't feel any guilt about what might happen to him


Mind your own business


samsara is a never ending chaotic ocean of eternal suffering. pinch em off and walk away. move on with your life.


trying asking someone else that you both know if they have noticed anything change, just to confirm that it's not just you.


File: 5f18303076b43eb⋯.jpg (69.5 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 1193731893648.jpg)


>Her entire personality has changed and her outlook on life is so different than it was 2 months ago.

How new 2 women R U? That is literally text book definition of what they do. Women are not the strong independent goddesses they let on. They literally shift their whole personality and way of thinking to match what they think people they like would want. It's why groups of stacies typically all emulate the alpha bitch of the group.

Holy shit I don't even know why I waste time with you. Do you fucking cucks not get it? You and her fucking husband I swear to God. You want to know what really impresses women? Showing them that you have enough of a dick to tell them when they are fucking up. Just straight up tell here that she's acting like a Skeez Ho and that she's got a fucking kid for christsake. This kind of bullshit has it's place in Highschool not fucking adults who are married with kids.

Tell her to grow the fuck up.



Well if he's a drug dealer then that inevitably means he get's high off his own shit. Sure would be a shame if he were to over dose wouldn't it OP?



Also this >>256954

She's inherently just genetically fucked and will be lead away by another insane abusive person, it's in her nature.

This is why shitgene's shouldn't breed, if it needs to swallow anti depressants then it shouldn't shoot it's load or fill a womb.


File: 4833fda2b3fdba5⋯.pdf (3.41 MB, HowtoTameaWoman.pdf)


You might wanna pass on pdf related to her cuck husband.

In the mean time >>250357 has the right idea tip of the cops and maybe catch him in a deal if he'll talk to you. Also, while this might backfire, have you tried just telling your friend she's a worthless psychotic whore.



If you can't figure this one out, I think you may have a disorder yourself.

Buy the drugs off him, so, he's comfortable selling to you.

Call police and tell them about his drug selling.

Set up sting.



Just threaten him to stop interfering in their marriage or you'll report him to the cops as a drug dealer.

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