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File: 4d6adb9f982cdd5⋯.png (508.15 KB, 777x354, 259:118, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this game any good as either as a game or mmo? Do I need all the DLC or is just the base game ok? Is there some kinda special deal which includes everything??



What do you THINK?



Evil Within series was pretty fun and spooky, Bethesda has good games under its name.



Well I guess since you already lack taste, go for it. Make sure to buy the Collector's Edition too so Todd is extra happy.


>good as a game

No, and it takes away everything interesting about tamriel

>good as an MMO

Is this a bait thread?


When did this board become /v/? Is it really that bad over there?



File: 5f72047778d69d9⋯.png (925.88 KB, 1809x889, 1809:889, everything_is_bumplocked.png)



Yes, there are one or two threads about the over-moderation on /v/. Literally half the threads are on cycle or bumplocked and if you post anything bad about games that Mark likes, they get deleted.



It's not worth your time op. All three stories are essentially the same with maybe one or two alterations due to different the central characters involved. No comment on the dlc content, never played beyond the original.



/Vg/ is pretty comfy although kinda slow.



/vg/ is a gayass hugbox



>Implying /v/ isn't



That's why we're here at /b2/ instead.



It's probably just because of E3. They also have massive waves of incoming newfags every time hiroshimoot goes through another ban wave.


Go away Todd!



/vg/ is fine as long as you're not expecting to talk about the latest Todd Howard shit stain. That's what /v/ is for anyway.



Nah your threads get locked constantly for that


if you can deal with Tab-Target style games you can play it.

otherwise its still garbage

its not tab target the gameplay is just bad

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