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Global rule | Dost test

File: c79a9a1eb3c6d95⋯.jpeg (140.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, star.jpeg)


Start at 100 points.

For each tattoo, subtract 90 points.

For every year spent in college, subtract 80 points.

If you believe in God, subtract 300 points.

History of smoking, subtract 300 points.

History of marijuana, LSD, or psilocybin use, subtract 300 points.

For each kid you have that you take care of, subtract 300 points. For each kid you take care of that isn't yours, subtract 600 points.

For each partner you had sex with, but it wasn't for love, subtract 1000 points.

IQ Below 120 (Stanford-Binet) - Subtract 100 points

IQ Below 110 (Stanford-Binet) - Subtract an additional 200 points


(for those with mixed ancestry, go with whatever your highest percentage is, you may only choose one)

Western European - Add 100 points

Mediterranean - Add 0 points

Eastern European - Add 0 points

Middle Eastern - Subtract 300 points

Hispanic - Subtract 400 points

Asian - Subtract 400 points

African - Subtract 1000 points


Fuck the police - Add 50 points

The police are our friends - Subtract 300 points

Environmentalist - Subtract 1000 points

Supports a flat tax - Subtract 1000 points

Thinks America going to war is a bad idea - Subtract 1000 points

Max possible score is 250, minimum score is variable but can be quite low. Anyone with a positive score is allowed to stay in our utopian society. Negative scores have to go.













your worldview and ideals are retarded and you should seriously consider killing yourself



Not asking for the answers to each question, only the ultimate score.




>-1000 points

>if you like trees and clean water and air then get the fuck out

nice utopia faggot





There's a difference between wanting clean water and being a tree-hugging whore



There's also a difference between respecting non-human life & being a special snowflake speciesist faggot.


File: 3d2b042b2b6ccc5⋯.jpeg (19.54 KB, 474x355, 474:355, stewie.jpeg)

If you get a 0 score or above, I will let you stay… Not asking much



I have a hard time imagining faggot like you exist. You despise god an yet you hate loveless sex, nihilism at its finest. Get a grip on reality you retard, go outside for once and talk to some real people instead of staring at your computer screen.




Isn't that someone who studies historical currencies?




>someone who hates loveless sex

Where do you get your definitions from?



>is upset over psilocybin

You’re the biggest faggot going, nobody in their right mind wants to live in your silly fagtopia


File: 267498bf162ffd0⋯.png (17.92 KB, 461x241, 461:241, 01423854021.png)





Nobody wants to deal with drug addicts.


Well, what do you have against speciesists?



This is pretty much bullshit, you start everyone with 100pts but have massive score subtractions for common shit, with no way to make additions to counter it. You just want a board to yourself, faggot.



>education bad

>iq good

Absolute retard



Your utopia is retarded.



They're special snowflake faggots who think we're the only ones who have any right to exist, and even our comfort takes precedence over the existence of any other life.



Wow, you're everything that's wrong with the world.


College education in the United States is actually the opposite of education anywhere else.



Why should human progress grind to a screeching halt because of some woodchucks that have taken up residence in your mother's vagina?




Fuck your progress. Lefties think the same shit has any value.


What is this even for? The areas where you subtract points don't have anything in common. The guy with the least points would be a smart black guy that believes in god, supports a flat tax, is anti war.



Progress either comes with responsibility to not shit everything up for extra shekels like we're fucking niggers, or it isn't progress. It's just us being selfish cunts.



>muh education

>so much debt

>muh aptly named B.S. degree

>muh 30% more income than the average High School Graduate

>mfw that's only $47,000/year

>$80,000 in debt

Yes, the ones who are in debt to the tune of $80-350k are the smart ones, and I'm a big fat dummy for not going to college… YUP!





pick one



pick one


>believe in God

pick one


>Supports flat tax

pick one



There is no reason to hate loveless sex if you don't believe in god. It is a nihilism because your belief isn't self sufficient, it has no link to the reality in which it resides. It is also subjective meaning that nobody but you give a shit, you are literally like the people you hate. Your beliefs and morals are baseless and a form of slave morality. Why don't you read a book instead of watching youtube videos about Nietzsche you niggger.



The OP should have specified hippy instead of condemning the idea of a clean planet Earth



I don't think you even understand the definition of nihilism and nietzschism, I despise both of those philosophies (or lacks thereof.)

You really believe that religion is the only reason to live your life in a moral way? And your logic is that if you don't believe that God exists, then treating other people like shit to make yourself feel better is acceptable behavior?



I'm all of those excluding the flat tax. A psychological tested my IQ to be 118.



I said "environmentalist" and everyone knows what that entails…



>if you believe in God you are big dumb dumb

‘’’LE TIP ‘’’



A black Christian, good God! What are you doing on 8chan, are you a masochist?



A psychological tested his IQ guise, he's cool!


File: 003bb92b7e6670c⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 268x265, 268:265, 1302576094810.jpg)


The whole fucking people for not love thing really fucked me.



>everyone knows

nice thought-terminating cliche

this is what most people will think of when you say “environmentalist”


noun [ C ] UK ​ /ɪnˌvaɪ.rənˈmen.təl.ɪst/ US ​ /ɪnˌvaɪ.rənˈmen.t̬əl.ɪst/

a person who is interested in or studies the environment and who tries to protect it from being damaged by human activities

The wors you were looking for is “smelly hippy with dreads”


File: 89a6be5f584476b⋯.jpeg (68.93 KB, 736x936, 92:117, jesus.jpeg)


Oh wow, that is a deep whole.

I'll tell you what… hand out 11,000 bagged lunches to the needy and that will bring your score up to negative 2,000, and then I can fit you into one of the cooler, dryer circles of hell, much more comfortable!



>subtracting for believing in God

>subtracting for having children

Delete your thread and start over when you actually learn some philosophy.


File: 27af03bf97240f4⋯.jpeg (38.38 KB, 474x522, 79:87, seriously.jpeg)


Haha, enjoy being a cucked breeder-enabler.

Jesus hates breeder-enablers.



There no difference between religion and your brand of beliefs ,which no one cares about btw. I'm only saying your beliefs are of form of nihilism. You base you moral off religion and yet you hate god has proven by your hate of loveless sex. You are nihilistic, ultimately your beliefs will crumble.

If you really read Nieztche you would realize that he doesn't promote nihilism he simply states it has the logical conclusion of the death of god.



There are other forms of God that isn't Yeshua. Your move.



>go forth and multiply

<God doesn’t like people

who have children, because I said so

really now



That is a good thing this way op's hopefully wont have any children.



Many of the moral teachings in religion were already societal laws in pagan societies goes back many thousands of years. Organized religion co-opted many pagan traditions much later on. Religion is not the source of these moral conventions.

Religion = Evil does not mean that everything that happens to appear in the Bible is evil. Religion survives by claiming to only encourage people to do good, but ultimately the superstition it incites and the evil people it attracts (who are always going to need more forgiveness) are greater evils than any good it may inspire.



Wow, yeah, I guess so since it's a total contrivance. God could be a space-hippo like in South Park, because it's a WORK OF FICTION.


7.5 Billion people already, most of them living in abject poverty. Yeah, Jesus would totally have them go bareback. Makes perfect sense.



It's isn't about good vs bad you retard, it is about real and making sense vs not making sense. Even your pagan beliefs based on anthropological facts don't make sense after a evolution mismatch, making them once again senseless beliefs.


OP - Subtract 100,000,000,000 points



What do you mean by "evolution mismatch"???

Are you even thinking about what you're saying before you say it, or are you just typing random shit?



Why is it a work of fiction though? Go ahead, tell me why God isn't real.



evolutionary mismatch .



Can’t argue with what the Bible says, sodomite.



this, op is a FAS nigger.



Why is the "you can't prove God doesn't exist" argument accepted by so many people?

If I said that Donald Trump was secretly only 150 lbs. and walks around in a fat suit, that he was only ever married one time, and it was to a demure librarian, you'd ask me to provide proof.

But when you people claim God exists, you offer nothing but "muh bible" as an argument.

I can burn bibles, I can say, "May God strike me down" as many times as I like, and it never happens. Similarly, no matter how many favors I ask of God, God doesn't do jack shit for me.

We live in an incredibly cruel and unjust world, and if God existed, he would have to be either incredibly cruel, or incredibly incompetent.

Sitting back and saying that God will fix everything is an abdication of your human responsibility to improve our human conditions. No one else is going to do it for us.



I get that it was a typo, but to what evolutionary mismatch are you referring?



>Why is the "you can't prove God doesn't exist" argument accepted by so many people?

Because you can prove he does.

>hurf durf giv le proofs

Just try praying!



I just put that there to see if you'd make a real argument or just point out my spelling mistake like some reddit fag.



Oh, that's good because I am also




>Immediately falls back on christianity once again, even though i just stated Yeshua is just one form of God- be it a false one.

You know nothing. God is just an abstract word. God is immaterial. God's nature cannot be conceived by such low conscious creatures such as ourselves. God is the driving force and the perfect supersymmetry of our universe. Laws that we must follow in order to thrive in this dimension. In the simplest term i can put it: nature is God. If you do not follow natures laws, you die. Sound familiar?


File: d6caf8d2aa01051⋯.jpg (98.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1456091809256.jpg)

>don't have kids

>don't care about having a clean place to live

>every country in the world has burger college

>cum-guzzling Swedes valued more than plumbers

>divides by race but gives mutts the option to pick

>thinks jumping into Israel's wars is a good idea

I hope being a massive faggot is allowed by the "our" in that utopian society, OP, or you're out on your ass.



Moral and beliefs (human traits in general) are a corollary of evolutionary pressure. Paganism is inseparable from those stimuli . This means that paganism might of been adapted for a farmer 1500 years ago, but it is not for today's world. Just like certain rules in Christianity, pagans rites and beliefs have become dis-adapted for today's world.



That makes you a nature-worshiper, which is very specific thing. Those who claim to worship "mother nature" are just hippies. There's nothing extra-dimensional about that.

Believing in multiple unseen dimensions is one thing (because this is backed by science), since of course, if we also exist in those dimensions then we are our own Gods in a sense. However, it is incorrect to say that God lies in those dimensions, because GOD DOESN'T EXIST, and if you believe otherwise, you shouldn't be here. We have attained a higher state of consciousness and are some of the most advanced humans ever to grace this planet with our presence. You should not be here.



When did I say anything about fags or plumbers?



When you say that you think that morality came about as a result of "evolutionary pressure" what do you mean by this?



You still don't understand. You literally cannot fathom the term "God" outside of a christcucks church. You know nothing of philosophy. No one ever said God is clairvoyant, or loving, or any of that bullshit besides a bunch of Yids. And even if i were a "nature worshipper", how is that any different that believing in God? If it controls the aspect of your existence, how is not your God?




And you're lecturing ME on what God is…

Your number betrays you, my beastly friend.



Come on man, open book and stop busting my balls. Go to your local community college (Oh right you have too much ego and you are so much smarter then these people) and ask a biology prof about it. It is so obvious that i wont even bother explaining it.


File: 7d220d28ee5446b⋯.jpg (13.44 KB, 286x237, 286:237, 2599.jpg)


The good thing about your brand of retardation is that you're never going to reproduce.



<GNAA is that way



I just don't see the connection between "evolutionary pressure" (I am familiar with the term) and morality… If anything, I've observed that those who are immoral tend to reproduce more, as do retards and nutjobs



>Community college

>He thinks he's going to get a job when there are so many Ivy League and State grads out there



I'm assuming he's talking about the fact that europeans appear to be the most moral of all races. This is (scientifically speaking) because of the fact that europeans depended on cooperation for survival because of the climate, thus creating a more "moral" race from it. It's the reason why whites treat animals so well, they've been doing it for millenniums so they grow empathetic towards them.


I accept your defeat.



That 666 fag is long-gone, once their number is exposed their rules say they have to flee. GG for pretending to be him, though.


Interesting theory, although it's not what I said.

I would say that all societies could benefit from cooperation and empathy, but what virtue is it for the Europeans if it happened "out of necessity." You are attempting to strip Europeans of their accomplishments by dismissing them as being the byproducts of an accidental confluence of ideal conditions, and that's horseshit. Morality and immorality are choices.



1 - people do things they consider good ( genetics + culture)

2 - If they are right those good things give them more ressources

3- they can spread there gene easier

4- there kids have more probability of have the same beliefs ( epigenetics + culture + genetics )

There you go, the selfish gene by dawkins dives deeper into this subject.

An institution like marriage was invented by homo erectus to protect women while they nursed there babies, for example, leading to a higher survival rate.


They can answer basic anthropology questions just has good you retard


Something like that.






On a good day these things would be true, but this isn't a good day, it's the reign of the Feminist Jew.

In this country, doing the "right thing" although it will save your "soul", will not make success more likely. People like you who buy into the system, buy into college, buy into mortgages, and buy into the notions of anti-racism and feminism, are responsible of all of our problems.


File: 0994accbe35858b⋯.webm (5.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Deepest_Lore.webm)

Man you sure are stupid. I'm not even going to bother explaining why.


File: 40064d0c9022c05⋯.jpg (132.86 KB, 625x790, 125:158, 73bc3f1995d3bbb2ad7d7690a3….jpg)

-2650 total

Fuck your utopia.




I find it very discouraging that there aren't at least a few others +250s out there…

I thought you guys were into "White women without tattoos or debt" what happened to that?



Nah im still the same guy. I never said i subscribed to what i explained. I just tried to maybe explain what he meant by "evolutionary pressure". Virtue is a divine concept and modern science is Godless. So of course it would sound like that. And i agree with you, Morality and immorality are indeed choices. But the catch is, the concepts of morality and immorality only apply to the intelligent aka the higher level of consciousness. Plato covered this very simply. Either you ignore the greater good or you are ignorant of it.


Shit I was doing good until the sex penalties


So to get the max score you have to be a fedora tipping straight-edge Western European anarkiddie? Sounds like redditopia to me.



Idk what my IQ is, and what about a sherpardi-Ashkenazi-Arab-German?



Morality is impossible to escape. Even animals can make moral choices. A dog can be a good or a bad judge of character. A dog can be either vicious or kind. Having a low IQ is hardly an excuse for immoral behavior.

Higher IQ is still desirable for reasons for social engineering, not for any moral reason. Once again, you are, in the true fashion of Satan himself, twisting my words.



>I am literally retarded



Are you joking? None of us would last 5 minutes on there. I have been banned from there several times. Reddit is a safespace, always has been.


File: 0aff144de4d48f6⋯.jpg (223.43 KB, 821x1200, 821:1200, 0aff144de4d48f67f5d4f8824d….jpg)

> Thinks America going to war is a bad idea - Subtract 1000 points

Every single war the US was in during the last century was for the benefit of the bankers and international jewry.


File: 2c823857135f96a⋯.jpeg (34.93 KB, 510x287, 510:287, hispanics.jpeg)


Hmm, let's see. We killed 3,000,000 Chinese communists hiding out in Vietnam, 600,000 followers of Islam in Iraq 2.0 alone, and our Syrian Civil War operation has killed about another 400,000 followers of Allah.

Now, we are poised on the brink of war with Iran, another Muslim country… one exporting terror and Sharia Law around the world. They are 5 months away from having a nuclear weapon. John Bolton wants to stop them. Guess who doesn't? This guy and the hippies, and that's it. Everyone else wants to invade who knows what they're talking about.


File: 435ec70896327b8⋯.png (293.18 KB, 337x506, 337:506, 96.png)


what a boomer-tier opinion



You mad?

>correct opinion

fix'd that for you



>anime pic

>quasi-leftist nazi

Lowest of the low.


File: 6dee80e657720f9⋯.jpg (52.27 KB, 640x429, 640:429, size0.jpg)

File: ba8d7ce48ecf0ad⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 298x450, 149:225, 2183477-the-beautiful-nake….jpg)

File: 891aac3124ec65e⋯.jpg (68.14 KB, 600x800, 3:4, f11c760aefd2aa88c8c2cbd70f….jpg)




>(((conveniently forgetting))) the (((war against the Nazis)))

Pic 1: you, fighting in Iran in 2020 after the draft.

Pic 2: your lonely wife.

Pic 3: Jody Schizodick, who was disqualified from the draft for being mentally handicapped.



>Even animals can make moral choices

Yeah, I'm gonna need some evidence for that claim. If you're going to unironically sit here and tell me that animals make conscious decisions with the intentions of the Greater Good behind them, you're gonna actually have to back that up. We clearly have two different definitions of morality.


File: bb68c748f864285⋯.png (1.2 MB, 863x999, 863:999, 1400.png)


>>quasi-leftist nazi

care to elaborate on that?



Typical anime nazi, fixated on his cuckold fetish LOL



OP here, I second this



This sort of logic is exactly what's wrong with America today.

>hurrdurr, it's okay to cheat if the guy is deployed to Iraq

>hurrdurr, maybe if I don't support the war effort then my girlfriend won't cheat


And why do you have the Jody as some muscular guy? If anything, the troops are physically fit and the Jodies are skinny drug addicts



Reminder that Vietnam was the final nail in the coffin for the dollar. That's when it went pure fiat. And Bolton is a zionist cunt. Which isn't saying much since so are most other US politicians.



We went to a fiat currency for reasons of practicality. Vietnam had nothing to do with it, and I've never heard a serious historian say that it did.

And you sound mighty petty saying that we shouldn't stop Iran from its genocidal goals just because jews might be happy with it. I don't like the jews any more than anyone else, but we are the ones controlling them, not the other way around.


OP is so much of an amerimutt I don't even know where to start.




Maybe in retardland, meanwhile I'm getting payed to get courses on state of the art topics from some of the best researchers from my field


File: a9859c241f3d556⋯.jpg (685.8 KB, 1267x1585, 1267:1585, smug coyote.jpg)

>mfw your "utopian" society dies after the first generation because nobody is allowed to have kids



Your "serious" historians are dog & pony show animals paraded by the banking mafia, just like the politicians. Except JFK, but that's why they got rid of him.



>killed 3,000,000 Chinese communists hiding out in Vietnam,

entered due to politics, lost due to politics, price was the american spirit

>600,000 followers of Islam in Iraq 2.0 alone,

1.06 trillion dollarydoos later, iraq still a sandy shithole

>and our Syrian Civil War operation has killed about another 400,000 followers of Allah.

destabilizing syria for "israel" caused the deaths of more christians than anything else

>we are poised on the brink of war with Iran

for the sake of defending "israel", a parasitic country. all of US sanctions (again, for "israel"'s sake) on iran have prompted their actions

>exporting terror and Sharia Law

sharia law is being pushed mainly by saudis, why don't you want to invade them?

it's proven that the terrorists who did 9/11 were funded by saudis, why don't you want to invade them?

when is the last time iran committed terrorism in USA?

>they are 5 months away from having a nuclear weapon

good, now "israel" won't be able to abuse them anymore. never forget that "israel" had JFK killed because JFK wanted Dimona inspected after catching jews smuggling uranium to the newly founded "israel" specifically for the purpose of a nuclear weapons program


File: 4568cc6771b0607⋯.jpg (4.2 MB, 2800x1860, 140:93, happy-family1.jpg)

Everyone just laugh at OP.




Wow, are you guys even trying?


Well, if we could ever pull this off, we'd permit certain individuals to have children.



what's the matter, can't compute? not paid enough to care? don't have the info in your script on what to do if you're confronted by history?

you're going to burn in hell for your blasphemy, sinner. enjoy the zogbux while it lasts.


File: ef7700d99ccdc45⋯.mp4 (267.18 KB, 480x480, 1:1, dancingskelet.mp4)


Go fuck yourself, fairy!!


File: 3d312cf519471be⋯.png (898.58 KB, 680x697, 40:41, 3a3.png)


>if you believe in God, subtract 300 points

OP is a faggot homosexual




I'm an american, not a eurocuck.


being bad at math pays big. +1000 points!!



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