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File: 82f3a0ac83a7054⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2dcc42b67d9b5bb48aad4890c7….jpg)


Why are globals deleting rule-abiding threads?


>Deleted a picture of some kid

What's weirder, the anon that posted it or the globals that thought the image was sexual?



the most weird is fact that gore is allowed

when kids pictures are removed


american prudeness

what else is new



Imagine, 8ch is a multimillion dollar cultural psyop banned in Russia for being a psyop.

>Mods do it for free




>Never underestimate the extreme autism of a neet incel 8chan pedophile



>Deleted a regular picture of a regular human

You're a weirdo.



Actually I think OP is right. I have seen this elsewhere not just b2



Nothing wrong with gore.


File: 40cd45d2f83fdc7⋯.webm (638.99 KB, 640x360, 16:9, janitor.webm)


I have the answer to that question but you're not gonna like it.



Probably because they don't like you.



OP is right. On the /pol/ side of things it may be in relation to the narrative 8ch has been running, and with Hotwheelz gone we know there aren't any voices to sway it.



Why don't you go bitch to the globals



File: c0ba6ad3655b1b6⋯.jpeg (217.42 KB, 1148x746, 574:373, COWBOY.jpeg)

Globals are spending all their time modding /b2/ because they can't stand that we have freedom.


File: d6406ad4312d77e⋯.jpg (14.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, d6406ad4312d77e4d398d74211….jpg)

Auto 404 is enabled. Threads with fewer than 10 posts an hero if they drop below page 5. Either make better threads or samefag harder.


With new mods coming this board is gonna be just like b with the witchunting mods following posts to delete things they dont like

This is the flaw of chans built this way



Tbh modding b beyond killing illegal content is kinda silly



The threads I saw get nuked had much more than 10 replies.



globals ruin everything about 8ch's model



This has been true a long time but unfortunately it's been this way forever and the admins are corrupt as fuck



Look at how quickly alt-chans are flooded with cp and then shut down. FBI is obviously running this site and using their monopoly on cp distribution to knock off competitors.



I'm not sure about three letter agencies involved in this as much as a poor community. Not all the alt chans have this issue so i mean hey might just be a here thing. This sites not moving the needle on traffic that hard and there are other chans so

Maybe just an IRC circlejerk pushing narratives? Easier to picture than three letter agencies actually caring about b when you see how v is a tight monopoly that's reddit tier



Why not?

<waaahhh why are the janitors deleting my threads

Because you are such a faggot that even janitors end up getting tired of your immense faggotry.



This sites full of rulecuck mods stop circlejerking them if you arent one yourself



Gore is not illegal you mong


File: b46838d0f3328df⋯.png (283.84 KB, 500x378, 250:189, 1561069571.png)



Boxes within boxes. First they co-opt the community. That's done. We know they're obsessed with controlling culture, they're megalomaniacs. Of course they'd go after the "DARKEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET". Are the people actually running this place agents? Maybe, maybe not. Probably just one or two, with the bulk of the work hired out to contractors. Steer the community in the direction they want, but they only know how to use hammers because they are dumb niggers. So when you see spam you know who's doing it.

What does a FBI nigger think when he sees an alt-chan come up? "Oh no we might loose our power! We might lose our monopoly on culture! Shut it down!". And spamming's what they do best, they have access to the biggest cp archives of anyone, so that's what they do. If the owner doesn't desist, well, arrest him for cp distribution.

Also I wouldn't be surprised if they have actually created a good deal of those very shitty alt-chans that you see spammed every month or two, just to try and create a sense of distrust towards alt-chans in users. When you see spam, think nigger. Organic things don't need spam.







Or you could just stop being such a pedo faggot.

Stop posting your shitty threads and then you don't have to complain about "muh rule cucks"


8ch is basically the spook nigger's wet dream. Whereas before 8ch you'd need to make your own site if you wanted an imageboard, now it's all centralized. Easy! just fill out a forum and bam, it's done. All on the Illuminati's nice little network. All controlled by their spider-limbs.



Can you pedo niggers fuck off and shit some other place up?




It must be recognized the difference between the pedo-phile and the child-abuser. The pedo-phile is a child LOVER. We love children, we do not hurt them. Pedo-philes are everywhere, for example I guarantee you that most male teachers of young children are pedo-philes. Because they love children.

Child-abusers are the niggers and FBI jews. They do not love children, they love pain. Pain is opposite to love, so these people cannot be pedo-philes. They are opposite of pedophiles, but they have perpetrated a great trick. They have convinced you that their sadism is in fact the practice of child-love! So now you must hate your children and act like they are stupid dogs or else you are child-abuser. But the truth is, the truth is that the watchdogs, the supposed guardians of children, are the real child-abusers! Not even content to prey on children they must now prey on the lovers and friends of children, the santa-clauses of the world. They have turned the pedo-phile into the scapegoat, to absorb the outrage for the sins that the child-abusers themselves have perpetrated!

You must embrace truth, or you will be led away into the realm of lies.



B8 and saged

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