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File: 8a85a0c295cae2e⋯.jpg (34.38 KB, 1200x378, 200:63, D94-najXUAAM2pK.jpg)

File: 074a7affde161ca⋯.jpg (18.72 KB, 1200x268, 300:67, D94-nwIWsAAnu6J.jpg)


Interesting. When you crank the results per page up to 100: it turns out Google isn't really retrieving all that much. "Hello world" got me less than 500 hits once I scrolled to the end.

I have had a friend independently confirm this. Google is actively retrieving only a fraction of the content it claims to have access to. I wouldn't be surprised if they were manually indexing the first page of results for certain terms out of a sweatshop in Bangalore.

They're not manipulating an algorithm because they're not using an algorithm. That's just a cover story so they don't get sued.


But anon, such high quality, personalized search results could only come from proprietary search algorithms.





try it out yourself if you don't believe me

google "hello world"

try to get to the back of the catalog

tell me how many pages in do the results end



It's far from perfect, but I challenge you to name a better seach engine.



Yandex has much better reverse image search.



The ultimate search engine is your dick. Use it as a divining rod and it will guide you to your faps








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