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File: ec570a66a452c91⋯.jpg (86.19 KB, 718x533, 718:533, ec570a66a452c91117d8a61d0f….jpg)



>feel like going for a stretch

>something pops in my upper left back

>oh god, the absolute pain

>it's horrendous

>oh look i'm on the floor now

>as soon as i can move, go for pain pills

>two hours later

>dull pain in my shoulder

>still an effort to move my head

>back is stiff



You cramped or pulled something. Sounds like it was in a bad spot and pinched a nerve in the process.



What kind of caring god does this to his creations?


Lol u paralyzed



Work out more and do a proper stretch routine once in a while to lessen the chances of it happening. Sometimes cramps and muscle/tendon fuckery just happen, though.


I'd be worried if OP's spine was in the upper left of his back.


Sleep on it I guess, see how you feel tomorrow. If it still hurts and is stiff you might consider going to the hospital. That being said you probably are American, so doing so isn't preferable.



If I was paralyzed, how would I be typing? Checkmate, atheists.


>Work out more and do a proper stretch routine

t. Chad. I guess I'll eat more oats and do more squats, too. Pfft. You're probably right. I'm not grossly overweight, but I haven't been anywhere near healthy since my mid-twenties.


Yep, full freedomland here. Unless I'm losing blood or legit dying, I'm not seeing a doctor. Fuck that.



> upper left of his back.

op posted a girls pic op could be a girl.



Aren't we all cute girls?


This is why regular yoga practice is good for you.




My advice is the same. Stretch moar.


>t. Chad

I fucking wish.

>You're probably right.

>I guess I'll eat more oats and do more squats, too.

Do it. I know it's reached meme status on /fit/ the same way Loomis has on art boards, but that's just because it gets repeated so often. Oats are good cheap carbs and squats are great all around. Watch a video, do a set of push-ups, post once or twice, do some squats. You don't have to stop shitposting to work out if you don't want to. Hour-long workouts at the gym are the real meme and aren't required unless you're looking to get shredded.



It sound like a thoracic herniated disc,

you should consult a real doctor.

Don't try to fuck around with it too much, or

unpop it yourself, for it can make shit worse.



t. medical kike

You can fix it yourself OP, just pop a bag of ice on your back and get back to vidya.



Unless the pain is chronic or things are going numb, I doubt it. It JUST happened so you can't tell if it's a slipped disc yet. OP probably just cramped because of shitty posture in front of the computer all day.



I had something similar not too long ago.

>be a bit stiff from sitting in chair all day

>stretch neck a bit

>still somewhat stiff so I stretch more, pull head down with my hands a bit


>aw fuck

>couple weeks later I have a stiff as fuck neck and an ache that goes from my neck to my right shoulder blade

It went away after a couple of days of rest, but came back again after a few weeks. Now I don't feel it any more but I'm a bit freaked out about going back to the gym like I planned to do.

Anyone here know what it might have been? I haven't lost any range of motion and I don't feel any pain anymore.

I think I'll check with a doctor first before I get back to working out.



>and I don't feel any pain anymore.

As in, the ache hasn't returned anymore, I mean.


I have something similar, I think mine's from having my arm on the windowsill while driving.



If he tried it on his own and fucked up, the healing might take anything between 6 weeks to 3 months. It might go away on it's own in a few days, if he doesn't fuck around with it, but considering he's asking for medical advice on an imageboard for pedos, feds and political extremists, I doub't he'll be able not to try anything stupid. If the nerve was stuck between the discs he'd probably arleady shat himseld of pain. The ice pack is a good idea though.

t. medkike


A cramp is very unlikely, it doesn't make the popping sound.



>If the nerve was stuck between the discs he'd probably arleady shat himseld of pain.

kek, that bad huh?



>Feds, pedos, Kazynskis

I'm fascinated by this trichotomy you have about who comes here. It's possibly caused by extremely sad circumstances or hyper elaborate bordering on schizophrenic tendencies.

t. psychkike



>taking everything literally

Contain your autism Bro, I'm trying to do the same.

If the nerve was stuck, insted of being pinched, the

momentary agonizing pain he felt when he fell on the

floor, and temporarily made him lose his ability to

stand up and move, would be constant.



>inability to handle a rethorical hyperbole


>political extremists=Kazynski

I was referring to the nazis and commies who had the bad habit of

taking over every second thread with their bullshill propaganda, before

the "we are totally not pedos, we are just posting pictures from instagram"

posters tagged along to do the same. By feds I was referring to the

officers who might or might not monitor this site after the Tarrant situation went down.

>extremely sad circumstances

no, not extremely sad at least

>bordering on schizophrenic tendencies

more than likely, but how could I know for sure, if I'm suffering

from problems of that nature?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not adressing this as an insult, I'm sort of glad

I found other autists to talk to.



>more than likely, but how could I know for sure, if I'm suffering from problems of that nature?

Well you could take those suspicions for what they are and affirm it by reading the Dsm 5 definition. The phrase "rent free" gets thrown around quite a bit. For good reason. You're actively dedicating space in your thoughts for "people" that take the shape of ideas that you've never seen take physical form, have a formal name, or speak to you.

t. electrical engineer



>Dsm 5

Thank you, I'll look into the matter as soon as I

can. I'm glad my post didn't reamin unanswered.

Do you have any advice in case I'm only paranoid,

but not schizophrenic, or is unreasonable paranoia

always a result of possible schizophrenia?



To be fair, he didn't say it made a sound, just that something popped. I feel things like that all the time. OP, did your back/shoulder make a popping sound?


You left out fedokike.



Latter half since unreasonable paranoia falls under sporadic thinking. It's a symptom. However, you're onto something which is completely fair to beleive. With no delusions you could be concerned about being tricked or dissuaded by others with flawed or bad intentions. Of course that's normal if you don't hold the beleifs akin to

>everyone is out to get me

>everyone is wrong and I'm right

> I'm god/gods messenger.

Knowing this you can imagine how someone with unreasonable paranoia can easily slip into shizophrenia. It's not sure-fire. Which is why it's best you read up and build on what you believe to be true.



>everyone is out to get me

I'm not important, just another brick in the wall.

Noone has ever tried to get me, but I believe

survelliance is currently a global problem,

but it's purpose is strictly marketing research

and national defense.

>everyone is wrong and I'm right

Sometimes I like to believe that, but even if it

pisses me off, I prefer all my statements to be

challanged, even though I have a very, very hard

time to accept failure in case I'm attempting to

convincing people about something.

> I'm god/gods messenger

Sadly, I have to admit I had a phase when I

really wanted to believe I'm some sort of prophet,

but I was afraid of the chance of spreading false

doctrines, so I accepted the fact, that I'm not

any different, or in any ways above the people who

I'm surrounded with, so I learnt not to bother anyone

with my shit, I kept my religious researches for myself,

exclusively for self entertrainment and shitposting material.

This was about a decade ago.


This thread has become something entirely different than its intended purpose.



The thread has fulfilled it's intented purpose, we already know what happened with OP, don't worry, he's staying alive, he can go back to regular healthy shitposting in a month max. There's no reason to open another an separate thread for everything people started to discuss here, so we use it as a contamination thread for people with medical issues.



Where u at? I wanna teabag you halo style with no pantsu




Enjoy raped guts



>I'm not important, just another brick in the wall.

That thought process and ones far reaching conclusions have made a therapists down payment on a new car. Experiment more with that idea. Overall your responses to each delusion might share a common thread. A deficit in or an ambiguos sense of purpose.

>prophet phase

>hard time being wrong

>i'm cut from the same clothe

All could relate in your search for meaning.



>as soon as i can move, go for pain pills

Get a load of this thin skinned faggot.



>another brick in the wall

That was meant to be another rethorical hyperbole.

I know, I'm overdoing it, but I just can't help but enjoy

using phrases such as this one, I passionately love

the methaphors of english language.

>A deficit in or an ambiguos sense of purpose

>search for meaning

I don't feel like getting philosophical about purpose

would help diagnosing my condition. As far as I'm

concerned, it haven't been proven that any living thing

has a universal purpose but I believe my main goal is to

purse my joy, my fulfillment with life by helping others

taking away pain or suffering that clouds their lives,

making wealth in the process so I can reinvest it in

the afformentioned goal. As long as I stay in this cycle,

my mental state seems to be sustainably acceptable.

At first, I used my wealth for hedonistic activities,

and to obrain materialistic things but I realized they are

only bringing me a sense of fullfillment temporarily, so I

started to do what I do now. It's not bad, I believe I have it

much better than most people around me.

I'm still reading DSM5, its quite interesting.



>I don't feel like getting philosophical about purpose would help diagnosing my condition.

It's certainly the more direct way of going about it. "What do you do for a living?" is often the shorthand for such a pertinent information. A rule of thumb for what drives a person. That and the more personal "what's the first thing you do in the morning?" would have sufficed. You have no "condition" to my knowledge. Furthermore, have you gotten to schizophrenia yet in the dsm5? I know this started with you feathered up like a fox in a henhouse, but ensuring your mental health on a nippon admiration portal is most admirable.

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