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File: 6c9f78f859b5a6c⋯.jpeg (102.06 KB, 300x444, 25:37, michael moore.jpeg)


>Be a Eurofag

>Fall in love with American woman

>Find business opportunity in the States and thus agree that I will move to her and not vice versa

>Get married, relationship still going strong after 5 years, no regrets on that front

>Never had to deal with American healthcare system before

>Contract what I suspect after many years is actually a giardiasis infection, which is very difficult to diagnose but more common in North America than it should be

>Be put through expensive tests and am misdiagnosed with everything from UC to IBS

>Giardiasis explains all of the symptoms

>Was already tested for this and the test was negative

>Wonder if they really even ran the test

>Been suffering for 2 years with malabsorption, diarrhea, chronic fatigue, weight gain (malabsorption is preventing uptake of thyroid supplement)

>Treatment is a 30 cent pill, taken one time

>Frustrated with all of the local doctors, landed on a doctor with a 5-month wait time

>Still waiting to be seen

>Found herbal supplement online called pokeweed that is said to be able to cure parasitic infections

>Supplement is very dangerous and may result in death if too much is consumed

>I just want some relief

Any advice?


>Michael More

stopped reading there


Bathe and then kill yourself you disgusting fat sack of shit.



We all hate Michael Moore, can we stay on topic please?


This giardiasis shit is awful. It has to be the slowest way to die I am aware of. At about the 2-year mark you start actually getting arthritis from it on top of the other stuff… emerging studies suggest it can lead to pancreatic cancer



>Bathe and then kill yourself you disgusting fat sack of shit.


Bathe and then kill yourself you disgusting fat sack of shit.


If you paid money and bought good insurance, you can do whatever you want you fucking communist piece of shit.


File: f8184969af03638⋯.jpg (443.69 KB, 1276x1600, 319:400, observer-magazine-18-decem….jpg)


america has failed. any euro healthcare is worth more than the best McAmerica has to offer. a transatlantic flight costs 1000 bucks. don't be a cunt to yourself. fuck off and die in Europia. never come back



We have the best health care system and scientiests in the world. You know that. You just want to troll around you silly goose.

Don't do that too much or else you may unintentionally anger some people saying such thoughtless, obscure and disillusionary things. silly silly goose… ;P

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