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File: c59a1de82433ae6⋯.jpg (181.02 KB, 2000x1031, 2000:1031, white-trash-buddhist-2000x….jpg)


Is there anything worse than a White Buddhist?

Smug fuckers, who haven't even read the real texts of the faith.


Buddhism is for for chink LARPers.



So, is paganism the only acceptable religion for whites?



*forgot scientology



>there's only one kind of Buddhism

Found the retardedfag.


being religious is quite cringe tbh



The White Man is above primitive superstition.

We didn't cross oceans and conquer continents by being afraid of ghosts.


File: cf91e5baedc57dc⋯.jpg (563.05 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, tao of pooh.jpg)


Found the white Buddhist.

Here's the book he read to become enlightened.





Only retarded niggers believe in religion, go read nietzsche



>the White Man is above primitive superstition

If only that were true


File: f9045c6263818cc⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 411x467, 411:467, 1547782955661.jpg)


Buddhism was founded (Aryans in Northern India) and shaped (Greeks) by whites pleb

Indo-Greek kingdoms uberalles

Chinks are the cringy ones


>text of the faith

Go home protestants/theravadans (they're basically the same lol)

buddhism is not a bunch of building blocks for rebellious white youths to mutilate into a canon that resembles christian morality without having to admit their parents are right. buddhism is not about texts or morality or meditation (protip: the catholics have that too, but you won't accept it unless it's foreign).



Chinks are the real Buddhists with traditions and temples.

White Buddhists are smug fucks who hang out in coffee shops.



>doesn't know the difference between Taoism and Buddhism


Buddhism isn't a religion. It's a way of life.


File: 070c559fc6008aa⋯.gif (181.11 KB, 700x500, 7:5, RentFreeDeath.gif)


Chinks got converted by Indo-Greeks

So, whites are the original Buddhists, end of story


File: 463da974e1797d9⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, thatsthejoke.jpg)


doesn't know the difference between Taoism and Buddhism

We're talking about Hipster coffee shop mystics.


Either you sympathize with the philosophy of a religion or you don't. It shouldn't matter who created it.



Nice of Uncle /pol/ to stop by.

Yes, the whites are original everything, they were in North America before the Indians and built the Pyramids….

(Let's humor him, until he goes away)


File: 897074066a77b92⋯.jpeg (91.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dalailamaworsethanhitler.jpeg)


Those two are correct. WE WUZ PHARAOHS N SHIEET



Holy shit you are stupid…

Do you really think Chinks founded Buddhism?

Buddha is a fucking avatar of Vishnu you fucking uberpleb

Buddhism started spreading first during the Hellenistic period.

Have you ever heard of Ashoka? Do you think he was a Chink?

Go back to reddit



Everyone can be a buddhist and it's equally good to be one. Whoever you are, I hope you stop being so retarded.



I think you need to relax, young man. Take a time-out.


Hello smug coffee shop fuck.

I can see you flipping your pony tail as you type your response.



>We didn't cross oceans and conquer continents by being afraid of ghosts.

You're forgetting that much of it was done out of that fear.




Do you think he founded Buddhism?



I'm afraid. So I'll strike out into the unknown.

How does that work?



Anyone can say they care a buddhist and pretend to be clever.

(fixed it for you)



idk about the validity of the Aryan founding of Buddhism (it's enough for me to start looking into it now, though), but the building of the pyramids was most likely carried out by the ancestors of the current Coptic peoples in Egypt. Egypt was likely Copt majority until the spread of the Caliphates when it likely began shifting towards more Arabic and Nubian as it currently is.



Start your own damn thread, I'm trying to troll buddhists.



because more scared of ghosts/spirits than the unknown. that's just the unexplored wilds, no big. those things that can haunt and curse you though, fuck that noise.


Greek Buddhists predate chink and nip Buddhists. The bugmen are the posers.



I know this is a silly question but, do you have any credible sources to back this up?



buddhism has its origins in india, aka the original aryans. this is pretty fucking obvious to anyone who even googled buddhism

get off imageboards nigger



Uncle /pol/ isn't being the undisputed creators of the modern world enough for you?

Why must you take the darkies mystic pasts from them?


>Smug fuckers, who haven't even read the real texts of the faith.

What are the real texts of the faith?



Just google Indo-Greek kingdoms you fucking pleb





Mahayana Sutras

then you start getting into the different canons like Chinese, Pali, etc.

Gautama (Buddha) was heavily influenced by the Sramana movement and the Vedic texts (Vedas) so they're probably good to look into



>Is there anything worse than a White Buddhist?

YES, the rich white woman who goes to India to eat, pray, and love comes back feeling better about her life because she actually has food and toilets and isn't poor.



And then what? Go through thousands of search results until I find the proof that doesn't exist?


File: d775c0819c45e20⋯.jpg (49.51 KB, 465x465, 1:1, d775c0819c45e2080da5bb8f8a….jpg)



You niggers can't hide

Go sell some crack lazy monkey




Poverty tourists are pretty shitty.

I always wonder why the locals don't kill them. That elderly upper class boomer isn't going to put up much of a fight and their gold dental work is worth more than you make in a year.

I'd be clubbing tourists if I was them.



what about druidism? or is that considered paganism?

not talking about neo-druids, that's just hippies hijacking and bastardizing the term.



No one sailed across the seas and built settlements because they were scared of ghosts and goblins. It's possible some failed to do so because of their fear of sea-ghosts and sea-goblins, perhaps.



That is a form of paganism


I think it's weird how people can go from christianity to buddhism. The transmigration religious are very impersonal compared to the abrahamic religions for the most part.

>hey priest what happens when a good man dies?

<they get to see all their dead loved ones and live peacefully in heaven for all eternity

>hey monk what happens when a good man dies?

<he will incarnate until he reaches enlightenment where then he will become one with all and be in a state of eternal bliss

You basically lose your sense of self in those religions and that just doesn't seem cool.



Because your sense of self is an illusion you dipshit. It's like you don't even know you were born of the cosmic chaos or something.




Sense of self is indeed an illusion. Christianity is a way of life taught by Jesus to be the better path. Buddhism is lying lazily on the side of the path and waiting for the clock to run out, making sure to never get too happy or too sad lest you are reminded that you are worm food soon enough.


I saw a full blown apparition through Buddhist meditation. I’ve done shitloads of hallucinogens before. This time I was meditating on a molly. But the amount of detail. There was no doubt this guy was real. Full detail black shadow white guy in old Arabic attire. Every fold of clothing. Every shadow. Looking straight at me. When I looked him in the eyes he smiled. Didn’t just go away. Had to close my eyes and go back to med. There’s definitely something to it. No fucking way it was just the molly.



there is ONLY neo druidism now though. the druids had a hard rule of "dont write down anything". we know very little about them, so the best efforts to revive druidism would just be neo druidism.


File: 0ec02718d708ff0⋯.jpg (137.35 KB, 600x600, 1:1, mediation.JPG)


>Buddha is a fucking avatar of Vishnu you fucking uberpleb

No it's not

that is what hindu try to say

But Buddhist never accept any god being

Analockman (Thailand Native)



He's not wrong. White people are the original Buddhists


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Aryan invasion is legit though. It's not even a hypothesis anymore.


File: f02d6cfd8f32a8a⋯.jpg (70.3 KB, 640x477, 640:477, No-Pooping-Past-This-Poing….jpg)


File: df289c266a79059⋯.jpg (166.37 KB, 1152x1500, 96:125, mediation2.jpg)



I think jews look like Aryan that invade India more than white people today

ancestors of white people still be barbarian in europe at that time



>the druids had a hard rule of "dont write down anything"


that's the only way you know they were right


File: d6a7795660d67b3⋯.jpeg (207.61 KB, 1124x632, 281:158, WiZarD.jpeg)


They are all fighting about Buddhism and enlightenment now, there are several threads of stupidity.



Jews were still Semitic then though. All the surviving statues are blue eyed with red/blonde hair. It's been proven anyway and they didn't have any Semitic dna so you are wrong.


File: 4966aac2602a689⋯.jpeg (804.14 KB, 1746x2894, 873:1447, Gandhara_Buddha_(tnm).jpeg)



hahahahaha oh my god

now they want to claim Hindu - Buddhism are white … it look like " we wuz" meme that they use with black people

>All the surviving statues are blue eyed


First Buddhism state happen from knowledge of greek pass to India by Alexander army

and that is why it look like greek

but that's not mean Buddha or arayan was greek / white /



Whites were in fact in North America before Indians… what's your point?


File: 43f1a9263e5848e⋯.jpg (113.04 KB, 638x479, 638:479, buddhism-1-4-638.jpg)

here is early statue create for buddha

it represent nothingness or abstract being more than human



>we wuz

It's been proven that we were there though, it wasn't even that long ago either. You're like 3 years too late to take this line of trolling.



can someone point me in the right direction for this one? so far-fetched idk where to begin, but stranger things have been true



it started off that way, but i said high jacked and bastardized for a reason. it's become perversely religious and panders to hippie/"wiccan"-like people so they can bolster their numbers.



>ll the surviving statues are blue eyed with red/blonde hair

Ancient Hebrews didn't make representational art dumb ass. they had a strict taboo against graven images.



yeah, that's all well and good, except Buddha predates Alexander by 100-200 years no matter how you spin it.

The Sramana movement could have been influenced by the Pythagorean school of thought, but other than that, times and distances don't really allow for much else.



The native Americans aren't actually natives anyway. They are Asiatic. They are only considered native because they were there when educated Europeans with those kind of concepts arrived.


The statues from ancient india. He said they look like jews I said Jews were still Semitic people at that point so they wouldn't have the fair hair and blue eyes that are found on the statues.



Red haired Blue eyed Jews making statues in India.

Post pics.

I want to see the red haired blue eyed statues from India.


Buddhism in general is cancer. It's an even worse form of Abrahamism. The fact that the white people who practice it usually denounce Abrahamism is just ironic.



>native Americans aren't actually natives anyway. They are Asiatic. They are only considered native because they were there when educated Europeans with those kind of concepts arrived.

because being in the Americas since the end of the Ice Age doesn't count for shit.



Buddhism is Abrahamism?

The Abrahamic religions, also referred to collectively as Abrahamism, are a group of Semitic-originated religious communities of faith that claim descent from the Judaism of the ancient Israelites and the worship of the God of Abraham.

Please tell me how the Buddhists claim descent from Judaism.

Siddhartha Gautama wouldn't have had the slightest idea what a jew even was.


I fucking hate upper-middle class cunts in their 40s+ who are into pop buddhism and such other faggy shit like traveling to India to get scammed by mumbo jumbo pajeets, wear stupid bracelets and practice weird magical bullshit sex with their equally ugly and aging husbands.



I said Buddhism is like a worse form of Abrahamism. It's even more destructive of individual will.




>Buddhism in general is cancer. It's an even worse form of Abrahamism

I can scroll up and see what you posted.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


by the way here 's for you OP

he is white who become buddhism monk in Thailand

there are many of them

and Thailand native respect them as well




is he fucking the boypussy of thai boys



Beat me to it.

Why else would an affluent middle aged white man go to Thailand?



They are thousands of years old and they determined the colour of the paint with technology, I'll try and find the documentary I saw it in but I don't really remember tbh. They weren't Jews was my point anyway, that is already known. As for the red haired blue eyed "indians" (Aryans actually) that isn't even being debated anymore, even left wing anti white media like the BBC are are admitting it is true. Probably because it triggers the shit out of poo in loo nationalists but still.


This all happened recently too so maybe you just didn't catch it. I remember people calling /pol/tards retarded and we wuz tier for talking about this but it was all correct.


Yeah, they are still Asiatic migrants though.


File: bfb5b52ece3e8b2⋯.png (28.37 KB, 138x345, 2:5, Mort_Goldman1.png)


Jews with red hair and blue eyes.

Just like on Family Guy.


File: 4c606b1b66a26d0⋯.jpg (164.69 KB, 900x602, 450:301, kalima04.jpg)


File: c5ca3363047ff18⋯.jpg (486.06 KB, 1881x1089, 19:11, germanic migrations.jpg)


>Yeah, they are still Asiatic migrants though.

If you consider them "migrants" even after being there for 10,000 years, what do you think of those newcomers to Europe, the German people?


File: 537457cbbb8f661⋯.jpeg (85.39 KB, 770x433, 770:433, GettyImages-166731773.jpeg)


Lol, they are nu-jews that are barely even Semitic. They took on too much foreign blood and lost their Semitic character. Aryan india was creating things like pic related before the Semitic mind virus was even invented. True jews didn't look like the white jews we have now.



They aren't native either and if they keep acting the way they are they will lose their land and disappear from history. Might is right and nature is a bitch.


File: 52b8799eb385015⋯.jpg (50.33 KB, 317x360, 317:360, Enma.jpg)

lol most white buddhists are just self righteous atheists and they don't know that buddhism has a hell and a devil too



I like the one where buddha or whoever drops a rope ladder after witnessing one of the condemned perform a good deed and then casts the guy back into hell when he starts trying to kick other people off the ladder lol. Pretty based religion tbh.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hindu is superior religion though tbf. Way more noble than the Buddhist shit.



This tbh. Buddhism is Hinduism with most of the cool shit taken out.




Nothing more noble than a religion with a built in class system from which you can never escape.

Bonus points for cow worship and swimming in the most polluted river on Earth.



>Nothing more noble than a religion with a built in class system from which you can never escape

Racial religions are the best religions and the Hinduism in ancient India was racial. You could progress up to a certain point in society provided you weren't some sort of Dravidian ape. It was based as heck.

>swimming in the most polluted river on Earth.

It wasn't polluted thousands of years ago though. Sacred rivers are common in all mythologies.



wasn't polluted years ago? Do you even know what pollution is? Thousands of people with no understanding of hygiene, other than bathing in said river every morning or whatever, is going to cause pollution to the river.


File: c5586e70efe1a1a⋯.jpg (192.39 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Ganga-pollution-shafa-sajj….jpg)

File: cf0aba80448a8c8⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1208x600, 151:75, 738fd22c9521a8beeb5bd975ad….png)


Yeah, it totally looked like pic related thousands of years ago. You know if it was actually Dravidian monkeys bathing in it back then you might have a point but it was chad Aryans, if anything the water probably got cleaner when the Aryans started washing in it.


>>446009 (me)

Also imagine being such a trash tier group of people that this is how you treat your "sacred" sites. Absolutely disgusting.



The better argument would probably be considered the Yamnaya or Bell Beaker cultures. Since basically they're the ancestors of just about all Europeans, including the Romans, Barbarians, Gauls, and Celts. Few around today share more than trace DNA with the peoples in Europe before the copper/bronze age invasions.



>from which you can never escape

Only if you're a hedonistic wretch who doesn't believe in afterlife.



You seem to be hung up on the Aryan term, equating it to Nazi ideals of Scandinavians. The Aryans you're referencing in this context would probably be best understood to you by calling them Persian or Iranian. Don't worry though, it confused Adolf as well. Who probably would be one of these poser trash this thread was started for. Seeing how he took the swastika and the Aryan term. Aryan being someone who is Arya or noble/exalted, usually a hero or spiritual warrior.




Greeks have nothing to do with the beginning of Buddhism nor did they bring it to China. What a load of misinformation.



that word equals you're a shill, just sayin, despite its aptness.


File: 6cbf97743e68b99⋯.jpg (94.84 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 6083.jpg)

File: 1315b7f6d994012⋯.jpg (21.8 KB, 225x300, 3:4, Arlanda-rune-stone-225x300.jpg)

File: 0298fbaa0d695ce⋯.jpeg (8.75 KB, 250x203, 250:203, images (2).jpeg)


Dude, they used the advances in genetic testing to end this debate and the Aryans in question were of the European type. They were right all along. Do some research ffs, this was all recent.

As for the swastika it can be found all over ancient Roman and greek architecture and a bunch of runestones. It's a symbol of the sun that is found wherever the ancient Europeans planted their seeds.I know that Moishe Bagelburg told you the Aryans are the small minority group in persia that use that name but we are speaking historically here, those people have been racemixing for thousands of years and are about as "Aryan" as modern Jews are "semitic".

Why did the people who built towering monuments and were capable of doing so before the desert trilogy ever reared its ugly head suddenly turn into stagnant street shitting savages? Because they aren't actually the same people. You can still find Aryan blood in Persia and some of the -stan countries to this day though. Not much but it's there.

I'm not a nazi or a nordicist btw. Nice try though.



White Hinduists.

10x worse than white Buddhists. Most don't even realize how absolutely against their liberal ideals Hinduism is and praise it as much as Buddhism as some 'leftist utopia religion'.



trying to understand this seems to require some prerequisite inside knowledge. Sorry for not being in the cool club.

How recent was this? I don't go much out of my way for trivial knowledge unless somehow some curiosity has struck my fancy.

What is this European type? R1b or something?

Aryan is an ambiguous and confusing term. Can we start using geographic terms (Persian, Greek, Northern Europe, Northern Indian, Levant/Canaan)?



I already dropped two entry points if you are actually interested. Search the sources for this >>444949 vid and this >>445433 article if you really care. I'm not trawling through huge academic studies that I barely even understand to prove a point on a anonymous imageboard. This was all speculated about in the past too, it's just that we actually have the means to prove it nowadays. There was a migration wave to Asia, they accomplished great things and then they were swallowed by the surrounding sea of mud and were lost to history. It's a story as old as time itself that we are seeing again in our current age. Those sources will put you on the right path, check them out if you are genuinely interested but it's a long and hard read.

This subject triggers the shit out of Indian nationalists too so there is a ton of disinformation floating around.



Okay that all checks out. I got hung up on them being referred to as Europeans, they're not. Those same peoples from the Eurasian steppe and Caucasus Mountains conquered Europe as well. It was just more of a genocide in Europe, while an invasion and institution of the caste system in India.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's my bad really, like I said I struggle to keep up with those studies myself. It ain't easy being basement educated.

I highly recommend that channel btw. Comfy, highly educational well sourced videos from a legit historian that isn't an insane leftist. It's like varg vikernes if he was actually credible and wasn't a deranged nordicist.



I was already eyeing up his series on runes. I'll give Varg a look into as well with the precaution of him being not the most credible.

Is your education mostly watching videos/documentaries? or what else does it consist of if there's more?



I used to read a lot too (mostly non fiction) and most of it is still in there. I completely forget things for years but when I need them they always return instantly. Books, radio and documentaries. I got kicked out of highschool so I pretty much had to "educate" myself.

Honestly I just bullshit my way through most situations with an entry level knowledge but it works most of the time. Jack of many trades master of none best describes me.



>reading books



euronymous wasn't white though, he was a very asian looking Sámi



I'd recommend writing then as well. Jordan Peterson has a great writing guide, though most think it's overkill. You can cut corners if it's just for yourself and you're not easily self-guilt-ridden. Such as multiple sources for the whole piece instead of for each idea/section in the piece, or not scrapping and rewriting it from memory so many times.

Teaching other people is a pretty good practice for gaining deeper insight as well. Wouldn't be too much extra work turning the previous writing into a video script. I'd recommend looking into rhetoric pretty heavily if you want to do that.



>it's better to suck his dick than be killed

>I was guilty he got deported

Lmao, it's still funny after all this time. Germanic's cucked Romans though. Also friendly reminder that south Americans and sphagetti niggers aren't true meds, stop trying to steal the glory of a dead race.


File: 269854a9b753d3d⋯.jpg (33.91 KB, 650x645, 130:129, 2e121a7d2c4a9cd047f9524e06….jpg)

File: d5050c8de71bb3a⋯.jpeg (56.58 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, Busto-Julio-cesar-Marmol-….jpeg)


Romans were their own group. There are at least three separate groups in Italy now so they can't all be Romans can they? What are the Romans to you? The swarthy southerner, the northerners alabaster skin but jet black hair or the Germanic tier fair northerners? Like what exactly is a Roman? Do they even exist anymore as a racial type?

Germanic tribes did cuck them in the north. They both lost their identity in the process though.



>First statue depicting Buddha as human is Greek God Apollo

>Sources from BOTH sides telling us Greek Buddhist missionaries going to China and Nippon

Your post-colonial study group needs to cope harder



Again with the misinformation. Apollo was used as a base and mixed features of what they thought at the time Buddha looked like. Buddha had the policy of not representing him after his body's extinction. Thus the empty throne, tree, and footprints symbols until then.

Here's a simplified timeline to aid understanding of things. 5th century BC - Buddhism begins.

3rd century BC - Alexander the Great gets into India beginning Hellenistic influence.

late 2nd-early 1st century BC - Greco-Bactrians start making anthropomorphic representations of Buddha.




So you need to be rewarded or punished by a god to be moral? If that is the case can you even be said to be moral since you are only behaving because you believe that an all-seeing being is watching…



>It was just more of a genocide in Europe

I wonder if the perception we have of the IE side of our ancestors will be the same one in 1000+ years if Europe actually gets browned.



No, you're rewarded or punished by a god because you are or are not moral. If you don't like the hand you are dealt in this life, you make the best you can of it and hope that next life will be less shitty. However if you're a whiny bitch in this life, the next one will be even worse.


File: 7d43a469284a1a5⋯.jpg (15.63 KB, 389x550, 389:550, sarcasm.jpg)


And as a Hindu, you know this how?

Oh,, a member of the hereditary priest caste that sits on top of the social order told you.

Well, you'd better listen to him.

Don't be late with your offering, but don't disturb the enlightened one's nap either.



Didn't Jung heavily object to the idea that you lose your personal self in Hinduism? If you accept the concept of quantity arising as you get further from The One then it makes more sense that you would have several "Reunited Ones" at once rather than all of existence being a total waste of time. This seems to be what Kaivalya is getting at. Methinks the brown people and semites didn't understand this, and just defaulted to Samadhi.





Choose one



Paganism is an umbrella term

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