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File: 214480214877ae9⋯.png (1.71 MB, 912x1055, 912:1055, 214480214877ae97bc29ca4944….png)


Why do commies attempt to post here? Their ideology is completely at odds with the nature of an anonymous imageboard. They really belong somewhere like reddit.



It's the random board. People post whatever. Deal with it.


Most importantly, why do /tv/ cucks post here?



The wagecucks need to celebrate capitalism by shitposting about communism.



The /tv/ BO spams himself on here.



>/leftypol/ attempts to take over the board because they can't stand not controlling everything

<w-why don't you like this?



I raped a /leftypol/ transbitch yesternight.



>Their ideology is completely at odds with the nature of an anonymous imageboard.

That's the third stupidest OP I've read today, you should be proud of yourself, because it seems like you are one of the bests in something.



commies are cool tbh. they're not antis, for example.



I assumed that OP was a retard too.



Before I waste my time writing an essay for you, could you at least explain what is the basis of your theory? Why would be the commie ideology at odds with the nature of anonymous imageboards?


File: f4ba5eb93d4a9c7⋯.jpg (81.77 KB, 630x601, 630:601, russell-brand-total-revolu….jpg)


>Why are communists 100% white (anglos) and super rich? Weird.



He's right. If a commie can't tell how privileged an anon is he can't judge the post's contents.


File: 0153275795fdaf3⋯.jpeg (58.01 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 0153275795fdaf3ac1b8ce75c….jpeg)


>communists are all white

Does this mean being anti-communist is anti-white?



Commie ideology is all about censorship and centralized control. Imageboards are about freedom of speech and decentralization. The two are diametrically opposed. That's why people on /leftypol/ bitch about the chan format being bad so much. It doesn't suit your censorious, centrality-driven ideals.


File: 9b9a81ababd51c8⋯.jpg (91.75 KB, 480x688, 30:43, 1498956844392[1].jpg)


Nice namecalling, and you expect arguments from me. See, thats why im not wasting my time.


Yeah, that's a funny joke, but

>pic related

Fascist or natsoc ideology is much more against anonymous imageboards, because to decide the content's of the post, natsoc people have to know the posters race or nationality to judge the post's content, and fascists don't really approve when people are going against their ideology, that's undermining any possibility of contradicting ideas in posts.



sorry, i forgot i should just take a statement he pulled out of his ass as a fact, my bad


>censorship and centralized control

thats fascism in a nutshell


File: 65156529b43170a⋯.png (591.1 KB, 670x630, 67:63, 06b.png)

there is always one wierdo who likes to post about the same topic over and over for attention, like the guy who kept making threads about "why isn't this person a nudist?". just wait a lil bit sooner or later , he'll get board and a new wierdo will take his place






>that's fascism in a nutshell

<NO U!

It's also communism in a nutshell. Funny how similar the two ideologies are…


OP is a plebbit retarded who still thinks communism = SJW faggotry. That's reddit-tier bullshit. Sounds like this faggot has been consuming too much Jordan Peterson and Sargon of Akkad. Go back to reddit.



/leftypol/ tried to take over this board but they never last long without someone to censor everything that hurts their feelings.


File: e46532fc689925b⋯.jpg (301.44 KB, 626x775, 626:775, rockwell_on_leftists.jpg)


>still thinks communism = SJW faggotry.

They're 99% indistinguishable, that's like saying commies aren't liberals nevermind the fact they want the exact same things.


File: bdd33e1075c64c9⋯.jpg (139.34 KB, 620x698, 310:349, smugliberals.jpg)


>not posting the superior quote by lenin



have you ever been to /leftypol? it's literally in the rules: no IdPol shit, that includes things like "kill all white men" etc.

Comparing communism to SJW college students it's really JewTube-tier. You should be ashamed of yourself if you're learning what Marx said through jordan peterson or any other normalfag loser like that



That was stalinism, not communism. Actual communism has never been realized by any governent yet.



fuck u revisionist. The USSR was communist, and it was far greater than the degenerate bullshit of the west



>that was communism, not communism

Fixed that for you. All communism is centralized and censorship-oriented; that's what makes it shit.



>sending people to the gulag for having ideas different from the government's

>gulag for the people criticizing the government

>shooting people or sending them to gulag for being unsatisfied with the governments way of distributing resources

>general survelliance by your family and neighbours

>secret police enforcing the law

There was another guy in that time who allegedly sent people to death camps for almost these exact reasons, I can't remember his name but I heard he was also a famous Austrian painter.

You can keep defending your fascist leader who was hiding behind the mask of communism to gain popularity, if you love to delude yourself. You are a swine, and you ain't my commrade.


>All communism is centralized and censorship-oriented

>look at another argument i pulled out of my ass after reading natsoc propaganda



>anyone who points out that communism is censorious is just repeating muh natsoc propaganda!

You're just proving my point m80.

I'll repeat it again: commies are censorious and centralized, which is why communism is shit.



>man walks outside, is assaulted by a barrage of leftist subhumans espousing bullshit idpol trash and kill all white men garbage while at the same time going on about communism, and they legitimately believe this thanks to the now centuries of literally retarded reductionist/deconstructionist practice that is incapable of explaining anything outside of basic tinker toys of existence

>like 4 people talk about other aspects of communism that dont pertain to m-muh equality or whatever buzzword is popular at the time, depending on the alignment of fucking mars or whatever insane bullshit is going on

>literally nobody actually tries to "troubleshoot" because going against thought leaders or, worse, the group think is still heresy, or if they do they're hidden away in some secret camp far far away from human contact, and instead everybody just glosses over the glaring issues because "read a book" or "the fascists do it so we will too nyehh" or even worse, "it dont matter anyhow", as though they are indeed retarded children

>suck down propaganda like its a truck of cock and talk about how enlightened they are, go on about not being immune to propaganda, apparently completely ignored the actual definition and/or use of propaganda, and the fact that they seem stuck in the god damn 1920's mentally and emotionally doesnt tip them off, thats just traditional values or some such bullshit

>a plethora of other things ive forgotten at the moment

>m-muh polemicists arent they so good god i just want them to fuck my boipucci so HARD and DEEP, what do you mean read them, why the fuck would i ever read anything but the communist manifesto? its good enough!

>gosh w-why isnt the movement catching on?

>must be the c-capitalists!

>meanwhile "something" is happening, which nobody is quite certain of, its the jews or faceless nameless systems, these systems being a series of dominoes slowly failing over time, but capitalism is stronger than ever, fuck me we gotta do something, best shitpost on the internet even more, everybody else is doing it, so i can too, arent i so fucking enlightened, pfft you cant prove i didnt go outside and stutter at passersby trying to get them to see the light, i can do both, i mean i dont have to even though the world is falling apart around me and i bitch about it constantly

>gosh dangit capitalists! its the CIA I know it! but nothing ive ever seen coming out of the CIA is valid, so it also wasnt them, until i need to pull something out of my ass to beat somebody in a meaningless argument with no leads to anything

>i sure do hate disingenuous fascists though, let me fucking tell you!

>it's not fear, it's ignorance

>it's not ignorance, it's fear

>it's fucked anyway

>but we should do something

>but don't because reasons



wtf is the point of all of this

>a barrage of leftist subhumans espousing bullshit idpol trash and kill all white men garbage while at the same time going on about communism, and they legitimately believe this thanks to the now centuries of literally retarded reductionist/deconstructionist practice that is incapable of explaining anything outside of basic tinker toys of existence

i agree with you anon, u described it pretty well



>repeating the same lie until it's accepted as the truth

>"It is not truth that matters, but victory."

Would you kindly just follow your leader, Hans, or at least show me where did you read that utter, blatant bullshit?



>their ideology is completely at odds with the nature of an anonymous imageboard. They really belong somewhere like reddit

Yeah, they mostly came here from antifa subreddits and r/politics. They're here to silence all the wrongthink and organize raids.




>it's a lie to say that leftists love censorship

On what planet do you live? Are you commies this deranged?



Great argument, retard.




>all the retarded commies in this thread that are pretending they care about free expressions

You're not fooling anyone.



>communism isn't anti-white

The whole point of your ideology is to silence white men and truth, with antifa and political correctness, while you take all whitey's money, with socialism, and replace them, with open borders. You're basically anti-whites: the party.



Kill yourself, commie. You're cancer.


File: abac4fd1ce06508⋯.webm (2.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, abac4fd1ce065086a901a33c4….webm)




Did you read the entire thread before you started to run postnatsoc.exe?



All namecallings and ad hominem, not a single counterargument on this.


And the suggestion is still


I'll go and let you enjoy your little nazi hugbox here, if you can't really show me any sources or citations.



yea i'm not gonna have that same discussion that we had yesterday

go to /leftypol and read a thread or two to see what's all about





Nice try at normalizing your mental disorder, reminder Nazi Germany threw Pedos into concentration camps.



>silence white man

thats the new wave liberals, not the commies

>whitey's money

it's the bank's money. who runs the banks?

>open borders

not just for the US and Europe, but for Israel as well



They castrated pedos too


File: f0a777c2da34983⋯.png (203.76 KB, 480x448, 15:14, dbs.png)


File: a89cdde834a0888⋯.mp4 (2.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HE is one fuck of a guy.mp4)

>gosh why aren't all my memes popular on the internet?

>must be everybody else is a fascist!

>clearly they must be converted, even though we don't need them and insult them at every turn

>none of my ideas are based solely on social status though, no siree



What are you even trying to say?








That's why I hate fascists, no arguments, no thought on their own, just keep pointing in the direction of the opposing side, keep screaming and whining, completely accepting the shit they were fed on, and the worst is they try to shove it down other people's throats as well. Don't worry guys, the rest of your fascist friends probably think you are very cool guys.


File: ad97aa75aff007b⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 293x411, 293:411, commies are not cool.jpg)


>the rest of your fascist friends probably think you are very cool guys.

It's not just other fascists, everyone knows fascists are cool dudes.



still not cool enough to get triple dubs like this




Women love getting dicked down hard by Fascist cocks. Who would want to get fucked by a malnourished marxist who's breath smells like soylent?



Digits lose any meaning when used by a communist.



Just like you belong back in your mother’s putrid vag.



According to a fascist.


This bitch would probably put on any t-shirt for a few bucks, totay its nazi propaganda, tomorrow its a mastercard logo. You get the idea.


I shouldn't even comment on this one, your insecurity is too noticable. Fascism isn't making you ripped and cool, working in a coalmine would.




So tell me commie, what did lenin do to opposing political parties? What did stalin do to people who dissented? What did pol pot do to anyone who disobeyed his regime? What did the Kim family do to dissenters? Do the terms "Stasi" and "KGB" ring any bells?



>muh fascis

When are commies going to learn that everyone who is not them is not necessarily muh fascis?



How adorable, you found a little bone to chew on. The post I replied to, was made by a self admitted fascist, or at least fascist supporter. Now could you stop being absolutely retarded?



False dilemma. You don't need to be a national socialist to be pro-white.



>more muh fascis

Why don't you just kiss and make up? Communism is basically fascism anyway in all the ways that matter.

Also >>443478



>Communism is basically fascism

Another one of the uneducated, who keeps confusing communism with stalinism. Good job.


Why are the majority of people who are communist have absolutely no labor value as according to Marx?



See >>443478 again. Why do communist societies always turn into overly centralized tyrannical hellholes?



You can't build a utopia out of a shithole without complicatons in a few decades, especially not if your time in charge is followed by the king of gulags. It was work in progress.


>according to Marx

Can you tell me which part of which book was stating that, I want to look into it.




You mean like shooting everybody that disagrees with you? How the fuck is that a "complication"?



Not him, but soviets called people like them parasites.


ITT: "Communism can totally work, the problem is how it's been employed" a la John Oliver despite all these so-called mistakes and complications being logical developments of communism in any context. The only way it can work is if you dilute it to the point of no longer being communism. History has taught us this multiple times, but it won't stop useful idiots falling for the propaganda yet again.



This isn't sarcasm. This is legit truth. Fucking normies need to fuck off.



>Before I waste my time writing an essay

no one cares about your wall of text, dumb nigger



>logical developments of communism

yeah, well the developements you are talking about are exactly the diluting communism to the point of no longer being communism



ok, so it wasnt marx after all, but a group using his ideology as propaganda. good to know


>shooting everybody that disagrees with you

more like shooting anybody who tries to overthrow the gov to establish something "cool" like the soviet union


no one cares about your opinion either

Allrigt, I'm abandoning the thread, you can start sucking each others dicks and sticking redpills up each others arses. It's been a fun ride my niggas.



>communist doesn't even know what LTV is


Try the first chapter you come across in volume I that talks about labour power



>more like shooting anybody who tries to overthrow the gov

And everyone who criticises the government. And everyone who doesn't like being told what they are and are not allowed to say. And everyone who wants to just live their lives without a bloodthirsty tyrant telling them how to live.



>Statism is a dilution of communism

>Repression is a dilution of communism

>Censorship is a dilution of communism

>Redistribution is a dilution of communism

>The economic failure which has followed every single implementation of communist economic theory is a dilution of communism



I don't think so, Tim.

Sage for doublepost.

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