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File: 58fd16ede0afa72⋯.jpg (73.96 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, clay.jpg)


pic related looks kind of like me. 5'8" 23 year old white male virgin CS major here. Is it as easy as people say it is to score with chicks in Japan? I admire their culture and have been considering teaching English there after getting my Bachelors but I want to look for opinions from people who have been there first. What is the dating scene like for waitu gaijins? I'm taking Japanese I next semester and know a little bit of conversational Japanese already. ありがとうございました!






They basically worship white men. I lived there for almost a year for work and random women would constantly come put their arm around me and take a picture without even asking. And hooking up is pretty easy.


>JBW in nippon

You will get loads of pussy. But it will be the bottom feeders.



>CS major

>looks like a scrawny jew



Replies from white men who have been to Japan only, please. Thank you.


Japan is filled with cucks that are virgins well into their 30s. You can whip your average white mamba out and gape them.


make your own website if you wanna dictate who can post, midget.


Any woman who shows interest will be looking to scam you.



This is true of any woman in any country tho


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't worry you have to be a complete retard wanting to live in Japan

This dude even moved to Kenya and thinks its paradise compared to Weeaboo county



>5'8 is not a manlet




I have a cautionary tale to share with you based on first hand experience

>owner of the company I work for makes a business deal with a nip company

>he sends me over to Tokyo to seal the deal because I'm a young aryan man

>meet up with slant eyes from the partner company

>nip women marvel at me because 6'1" makes me a giant compared to them

>covered in slant eyes everywhere we go

>business partners laugh, think it's funny

>next morning to some random sushi place

>as I sit down more slant eyes girls wave at me as theyeave, also blow kisses at me

>guy running thr counter is a aussie

>"you're popular with the guys m8"

>look at him confused

>"fucking nip males look like bloody chicks to the untrained eye, almost got in trouble a few times me self"

>tfw didn't fuck a single chick while their out of fear It might a guy



=Manlet detected

5'11 is the mininum



>salty nip male assblasted his women crave white cock

Asian women love aryan chads, it's a fact



He had to move a peg down. Makes me wonder where nignogs go.



Wtf is with his voice






Wait how do they look like women? They have long hair and stuff or ????




>CS major but wants to teach English

>taking a class to learn a language

Bro you sound mad dumb man, sorry but you shouldn’t go to Japan. I don’t want them getting a bad impression of whites because of you



Asian men dont have typical masculine markers. Broad chest, muscularity, etc



he's pulling shit out his ass if you didn't realise



that video is an edit, that dude famously shills for white men to breed with the japanese


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


evidence here and elsewhere on his channel



t. spic


Age of consent is 13. Enjoy




Tell them us weebs love them, even when they are racist as fuck and keep Japan Japanese.



A call bs.

I reckon it's 18 maybe 16 and Brits ran it for a while


>be yukiko

>have choice between

<taro tanaka, beta fagget

<Anon Smith, beta cuckot, yellow fever fetishist and anime pro

surely, they are fucked forever



The jap accent, I lose everytime.



Doesn't matter. You're still bound by your country's rule of law overseas. Sex tourism is illegal, btw.



he has a speech impediment and isn't pronouncing the letter R correctly, so he probably fits right in with the Slants.



>has severe speech impediment

>Japs hire him to learn to speak Engwish

Seeius teaching!




>still believing in the holohoax

>still believing that Nelson Mandela was a good guy




Each prefecture has its own age of consent that is higher than the national age of consent



Ask Mark Zuckerberg, midget



Brits never ruled Japan. What crack are you smoking?



>what is Imperial Japan



Hong kong



Fake, you're a nordcuck.






Ataturk destroyed your country.



the election craziness still going on?



no, he didn't. He saved my country and he is my leader.



we won:) We will get rid of that dictator erdogan bastard soon.






do you understand tits or gtfo? or do you need it explained?



Your country will collapse with the west if it carries on the way it is.



Oh he'a totally fucking autistic



Oh look it's the larping homo



Honestly being 5'8" is not a big problem in an Asian country. I'm 6'2" and it feels awkward as fuck towering over everyone there


How easy are asian chicks in japanese classes

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