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File: acbc3ef85e5b894⋯.png (299.11 KB, 1303x653, 1303:653, H1B_Infinity.png)

File: 21dc08ea8bda6cc⋯.png (295.39 KB, 764x646, 382:323, Americas.png)

File: 32711944e376b9f⋯.png (414.92 KB, 751x641, 751:641, Old_World.png)

File: 0aaaecc22a77adf⋯.png (85.5 KB, 1122x497, 1122:497, Continental_Populations.png)


The majority of the world lives in Asia. The majority of humanity lives on another continent, in what is virtually another world, apart from us. When looked at from the perspective of supercontinents, the majority of the world lives on the Afro-Eurasian continent. The Americas, therefore, contain the smallest percentage of the population of humanity. If you live in the Americas, then you can consider yourself lucky (note that this does not ignore any personal struggles you may be dealing with)

And when we have this perspective, combined with the historical record and migration patterns of populations, we can understand that there is a lot of space in the Americas. What I want to say is that, we are beginning to see those excluded from the Americas, historically, beginning to migrate to the Americas (I am here ignoring migrations to Europe. Europe belongs to the Old World, as far as I'm concerned - even though I love Her dearly). Today, there are millions of Chines in Canada, California, New York, Middle America, and scattered throughought Latin America (yes, they are there). There are millions of H1B workers also. The Asians have a claim to the 'New World.' You'd better believe it. And unfettered capitalism will guarantee it.

The Free-Market Absolutist Republicans recently voted with the Corporate Democrats to remove the cap on Asians migrating to North America. This concerns me only because they are the canary in the coalmine. The peoples of Asia need to expand. America is the most logical and strain-free choice. If you've been to Europe, you'd know that the Asians are filling it up too but that does not concern me now.

Am I the only anon that has become concerned by these trends? Is anyone else, that isn't an autistic nazi, paying attention? Why are the fucking Baby Boomers doing this?

Also, I've ignored the impact on labour and wages. Obviously, the trends are concerning here also.

The Future of the Americas is Asian?


File: fdddbbe85fad7cf⋯.gif (13.7 MB, 1484x1212, 371:303, drought.gif)


Some more problems for Asia:

Droughts in India. There are cities with millions of people that are facing extreme drought and depleted water reserves.

If even 1-tenth of climate change claims turn out to be true, then we can further expect Asia coming to America.


File: c18eb1b3c07a70c⋯.png (21.79 KB, 831x244, 831:244, trump_immigration.png)

Discussing Trends:

The momentum is set. That's what concerns us all, i think. Not only that, but the GOP are actively involved in this program. Trump is a fucking moron. "I want LEGAL immigration, folks." WTF does that mean? It means exactly what I'm talking about.

Think about the momentum. As things stand, this trend is just beginning.


Bump. I'm researching the extent to which the Chinese will dominate this century. The Americas can be colonized by more ways than one.


>Indian techies

hello sir i am make android blog thank you pls install my software


File: 7c89eb11152f726⋯.jpg (119.87 KB, 1566x881, 1566:881, 190306-sommer-yang-tease_q….jpg)


>The Future of the Americas is Asian?

Yes exactly

Analockman (Thailand native)

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