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File: 72e89b1cc489db6⋯.png (411.91 KB, 500x704, 125:176, SuM6law.png)


Im just going to get drunk and i fucking love it being alcoholic


Learn to buy in bulk and store more of it in freezers and refrigerators.



The best part is falling back asleep. That black dreamless void.




Agreed i fucking love playing games without giving a shit about anyone or anything watching a movie listening to music feels like a dream



Recovering from a few days of heavy drinking, myself. I'm gonna give it a few weeks until the next bender; this one was brutal.



You mean you dont recover after 1 day? I am always ready to go the second day.



Staying sober until you can barely stand it produces the best drinking binges.

absence makes the heart grow fonder


alcohol is ok but overrated tbh


>drinking the liquid jew

2 months alcohol-free for me! I like the money I save and not having hangovers.



>implying i have hangover

I drink sugarcane liquor almost every day



No, I'm in my 30s and my recovery time isn't what it used to be. The hangovers get progressively worse as you get older. It also doesn't help that I have CKD.





I'm 27 and im fine next day, a little lazy but fine



The hangovers started to become brutal around 29 for me. At this point, it takes me around 3 days to recover from a 2-3 day bender. On day 1 of the hangover I'm practically bed-ridden.



Im upper 30s.

I didnt say not ready the very next day. But the day after that.



Same. I used to drink heavy all night and still go to work in the morning. I can't do that anymore



You gotta drink water, ovaltine and maybe a little orange juice and you will be fine.



I get your point tomorrow is my day off but i have to go to the forum sign a fucking paper



If you think this is true you're either not drinking very much, or you're young



The actual way to do it is a couple bananas and water, because you're after rehydrated cells and potassium.

>But it doesn't work for me waaaaah

Well git gud, you old faggot niggermidget.



If you've been drinking heavily for six hours (hard alcohol) a little sippy cup of water before ain't gonna do is hoss. You have to drink water _while_ you're drinking.

Also https://pedialyte.com/ is magic for hangovers


File: 43a061aea95b953⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1418486919738.jpg)


ima get drunk and make a poo cradle out of tp in walmart bathroom



It works for me. I drink quite a bit. Perhaps not as much as you do. I usually kill half a 1.75l of 80 proof rum on a drinking night and maybe 2 or 3 beers.


Ive never heard of eating bananas. I cant get fresh exotic fruits but only a few times out of the year but will definitely try it next time. Maybe freeze some banana ovaltine puree.



You're drinking enough. All the sugar in rum is also gonna make it rougher. Are you over 30 yet? Cuz I didn't even believe in hangovers until I was like 22.



i get drunk nearly every night and i always have up to half a dozen dreams. weed made me dream way less or at least forget what my dream was about


I'm currently fermenting some mead for the 1st time.

Shout outs to Skweezy Jibbs, I haven't seen him in a minute.



Oh gotcha. Yeah, the fact that my kidneys are useless niggers is what kills me.


>work in the morning

Yeah, that would just be out of the question for me. Good thing I don't have to worry about that… ever.


Nigger pls. I've been an alcoholic for 15 years and I've tried every remedy you can possibly imagine. The best I can hope for is lessening the severity of the hangover to the point where I don't feel like I'm going to die.

>zinc, vitamin c, magnesium, calcium, chelated charcoal (before drinking and the morning after)

>ensure (day after)

>coconut water (day after)

>any sugary juice (day after)

But usually I just skip and that and get wasted



Almost 40. Its a silver rum (bacardi) not a dark because thats what I found in the rum department that DIDNT cause bad hangovers. Are you saying I should switch to vodka if I like mixing my drinks?


There's anons sniffing their piss bottles and describing the euphoria it brings them.


Sure whatever fag


File: 90a1fee586d55a7⋯.jpg (44.07 KB, 774x466, 387:233, 7xd6ylxhepw11.jpg)


Probably. Hydration is part of it, but the biggest factor in a hangover is how long you're exposed to acetaldehyde and methanol. Sugar competes with alcohol for metabolic resources. The more sugar you consume with your alcohol, the longer it takes to break down the byproducts of ethanol, and the worse your hangover is.


You post this stuff quite frequently on a bunch of chans dont chu? Xd



I love being drunk as a matter of fact just woke at 5am up boys and in going to get drunk again also the chans are my only family and friends i love you guys


File: dc54f9c28b70419⋯.png (275.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Gi-1.png)


Have you tried water nigger? I drink a big glass before I fall asleep and it seems to help


OP here I'm fucked up



So you have an extra hundred bucks a week.. what are you going to do with it. Take some dumb bitch out to dinner, pretend you are interested in what she has to say and hope she puts out?

Buying booze is superior to that shit.

It won't disappoint you.



Probably time to cut out work if it's interfering with your drinking. Go NEET.



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