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File: 0e643477abdf2eb⋯.jpg (163.27 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, 5093831_007_9343.jpg)


Black women will continue to spawn millions of children throughout our generations lifetime and those to come, but i really can't say the same for their white counterparts.

If they don't follow their natural instinct and interbreed with the superior DNA of a healthy black male, they will just die out.

>what a shame Perri Piper turned out to be though cause she was actually cute




Niggers can't fight and have the highest instances of homosxuality. There's no such thing as a "black male." Sissy nigger or crackhead, sure, but those aren't men.


>caring about 3D roasties

>caring about future

are you a normie or what?

back to facebook you fucking nigger


posting in a /tv/ cuck tread



>niggers can't fight

>all the UFC heavy weight / light heavy weight champs are niggers

Choose 1 and only 1



I choose

>niggers can't fight

Because I grew up in an all black neighborhood in the hardest square mileage in the USA beating the shit out of niggers.

Malnourished crackhead children fold like pieces of paper and the sound it makes when they go all light eyed and wobbly is hilarious, something in between a seizure and a zombie. This is the most effective time to break a niggers jaw as he won't be able to defend himself and the crack you feel is especially satisfying.



>hardest square mileage

That is Killmington, DE, Bodymore, MD, and Killadelphia, PA, for your reference, nigger.


Piper Perri will be found in a ditch one day.


>Nigger jew posts a retarded bread

>Gets cucked by the glorious great white dick of the most successful organism that will ever exist on this planet

God damn it feels good to be white.


Hispanis and Indians are your problem. Blacks die pretty quickly.




The white population in the US will continue to wither away year by year until they quit listening to the whispering in their ears about how evil paid maternity/paternity leave is.

You either want more white babies or you want no paid parental time. Period.



>All of them

There's only two also Jon Jones and DC are white. DC had to wind up to say nigga and Jones was so shook that he actually said "wow are you going to drop the N-bomb now?" Shocking.



Oh boy another cuck thread. It's definitely not played or anything at this point


File: 0029a0c4e0e164f⋯.png (305.24 KB, 1423x806, 1423:806, benis.png)

Hexes say otherwise.



>picture of a girl who had to be paid to have sex with niggers


Yet more proof that niggers aren't capable of cognitive thought.




Aren't blacks in the US set to stagnate/decline in the future?



>>picture of a girl who had to be paid to have sex with niggers

She chose to do it, though; she's a pornstar, a subhuman. Even if she got more money for fucking blacks it's not like she was fucking white pornstars for free.



Oh please dear god, please tell me this is the truth



Yes, but then there are the spics



And Asians are growing quite a bit, too. Whites will massively be on the decline (not just in the US) as the baby boomers begin to die off in droves.



Proofs? Asians are declining hard in Japan and even China.


File: 84c0ed7c5d3c20a⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 792x533, 792:533, Indian person.jpg)


Indians are at least on par with whites when it comes to intelligence, you ever see those Indians working at a gas station? Pretty chill people. If we're gonna die, we'll need a new inheritor. Indians are the best choice, because they have:

>huge population

>pretty big brains

>more genetic relation with whites than niggers

>can look just as good



He means brown people.



Indians are fucking retarded niggers.



In India, yes. In first world countries, they ain't so bad.



Yeah dude cause the smartest nigger came here to get a doctorate. His currynigger kids will be retarded like the rest of them.



>you ever see those Indians working at a gas station? Pretty chill people. lazy rude incestuous niggers constantly talking to mommy on the phone when you walk in who are incapable of performing simple tasks a child with down syndrome could do.



Jesus fucking christ, street shitters should'nt be allowed on internet.

is there any Pajeet that isnt a cringy fuck? its like they're not self awear.


if they were reace realist they would've killed themselves a while ago.

filthy curry niggers.


If BO weren't a faggot he would just permaban your bitch ass and get it over with.




I was talking about Asians in the US. Look at who I replied to >>446114, and who he replied to >>446108, and then who he replied to >>445836.


No they're not. I'm not even saying that they're bad or braindead, but you're either Sandeep trying to shill himself or you're so ignorant that you don't understand the concept that this anon >>447392 has posted.


>is there any Pajeet that isnt a cringy fuck? its like they're not self awear.

Honestly, they're pretty much all cringey. The women are less so than the men, though. I've found the men to be very socially awkward, more so than any racial group.



>I've found the men to be very socially awkward, more so than any racial group.

It's because they're spoiled little autistic mommies boys that fuck their aunties and grandmas.



File: 030bc04bc018169⋯.jpg (35.39 KB, 640x360, 16:9, happy fish.jpg)

>tfw you have a multi hour conversation with a girl without it ever feeling awkward

try it sometime. it's nice.


OP, that's a jewess. I heard you're about to star in a gay porno though, OP.



>every white person who does something that I don't like is a Jew

No one will deny that a lot of women in porn are Jews, but you have absolutely no evidence that this one is.



besides the obvious nose job? what're you, a lawyer?



No, I'm just someone who doesn't like people posting bullshit because they want people to agree with them.





go back turkroach



I'm european lol, is she living in your head rent free already?



turkroaches aren't european

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