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File: ada41760e067776⋯.png (99.12 KB, 540x600, 9:10, slut.png)


I'm a trap, well, I'm a semi passable cross-dresser. I want to transition, but as I sit, I'm attractive, but not passable. I really want to transition before I get old and ugly as fuck, but I really don't have the money. I want to find a guy or woman to pay for some surgeries, and in return I'd do whatever he wanted me to do. I'm not looking for a free ride, just more so a loan, and a place to stay for a little while. How could I find such a guy or woman?



I can score hrt for a good price if you want


File: ae9db7ac185988b⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 320x180, 16:9, WATCH_Shotgun_Execution_Be….gif)

File: 65a8a083833a12c⋯.jpg (488.18 KB, 1024x755, 1024:755, purge!.jpg)



File: 420e8cbf569c5ad⋯.jpg (67.2 KB, 851x589, 851:589, D4TP8F3WwAIuuUW.jpg)




I need to get away from home, preferably another part of the country while I transition (merifag). I love my family, but I can't do it with them around. That's why I was hoping to find someone who would give me a place to stay while I did this.



I still hate niggers and kikes; don't worry


For the love of god and all that is holy please don't cut off your dick. There is no happy ending down that road.

Please anon, don't do it.


File: 7a128e1abf90d31⋯.jpg (9.36 KB, 255x127, 255:127, f70cebb3c9489e5ba2c5d5ab89….jpg)


This. OP, your only "transition" should be from alive to dead.


File: 5136546cf5c8b10⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 474x368, 237:184, cryandhang.jpg)

Yeah, yeahhh, I should kill myself. Thanks guys. Didn't see that one coming.



>Didn't see that one coming.

Newfag. Now, go back to cuckchan, there you will find a lot of degenerated piece of shit like you.


File: 8bb2b13090a5406⋯.jpg (177.39 KB, 996x1024, 249:256, nigger-rap.jpg)


Well said.



Did you actually just take that sentence seriously? Do you have an IQ of 50?



Also, not from cuckchan. Been here for close to six years.



that makes it worse


File: ca5816d1d13d0c2⋯.jpg (255.5 KB, 616x1600, 77:200, 281cc0ec6dcb038215ff0e88eb….jpg)

>not passable




Sigh…You are a gay man who likes to aesthetically emulate women, and wants to surgically-ehance their genderswap fantasies.

You are not a woman and you

will never be a woman.

Quit being a faggot and suck cock like a normal homo.


Get help to become strait again. Pray for this lost fag that a bunch of people where he lives gang up on him and teaches him some tough love and corrects his degeneracy. Sage.



I dare you to post proof



it's a fad, like tattoos and dyed hair.

kill yourself now and save yourself some time.

read about problems that have been had with dick-chopping.

you'll end up with an inside out dick, surrounded by stitched on scrotum-scraps, and a pus-filled grimy horror-hole that needs the hairball scooping out every few days to attempt to avoid some of the infections that invariably happen.

not to mention you'll have barely any feeling and you'll want to kill yourself after a few years.

be a faggot, then you have a 50% chance of catching aids within your lifetime - check the statistic. at least you won't be an utter abomination, even though your lifespan will still be greatly reduced.


File: a4d7844b6266b76⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1408x5896, 16:67, the tale of the reddit tra….png)


>I really want to transition before I get old and ugly as fuck, but I really don't have the money

So you can look like an old man pretending to be a girl? Don't fucking do it. It's a waste of time and money, and just you'll end up hating yourself and everything you're going through while being unable to go back.



With facial surgery that's not a reality for all transwomen now.


>pay me for food and a place to live

>Pay me for operations that should make me happy forever because my real problem is that I'm not a woman

>I cannot give you anything else but blowjobs

Well my man, that is sad. But only because your priorities suck and you are so fucking immature. Finding love and work is much more important than feeling attractive, and you don't need to be (or feel) hot to find both. Also if you want a operation find a job and pay it for yourself. I doubt it it will make any difference, but since you are mentally ill you may try. Remember that there is no coming back and you won't be a woman even after the cut. Probably you will be disappointed with your appearance anyway. No judgment, just stating the probabilities.

God does not exist.

Anything but being cis is a illness.

Being sick doesn't mean that there are cures or that you should be looking for treatment.

Being a responsible citizen (trying to merge in, being social, work, family…) in your society is the only way you will feel appreciated. You are even lucky that your society is starting to respect your illness, so be grateful and don't waste the opportunity.

Or just kill yourself



If you don't have a mental illness I don't recommend it, you're basically signing yourself up for suicidal thoughts.


I hope things workout for you anon,I'm soon going to start running,and doing hip exercises to become a /cuteboy/ myself.



OP,I hope you don't transition though,feminine penises are wonderful things.


File: 7be9a2900cc7419⋯.png (432.49 KB, 1300x975, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Same here, howdy. How many bears have you caught?


File: 2fcb0461e8977b3⋯.jpg (984.03 KB, 1600x2382, 800:1191, transsexuals.jpg)

Just be a faggot crossdresser, why do you have to cut off a body part you crazy fuck?




I would never mutilate my genitals. I'd leave them intact. Also, I'd be willing to get a job, and once I get my degree I'll be fine. I just want to do this asap.


Thanks anon. Do what you need to do!


OP go the whole way except reassignment. Sexy AF. I get banged by smoke show T-girl escorts once and a while nothing compares



It wants to be a girl so of course you gotta cut off your dick idiot.



Then what? Do you ditch and look for someone else to get into a relationship with? Or someone to fuck whose less wealthy but better looking?


hurl yourself off a cliff, op.



I'm not to that point yet, but if they wanted to be exclusive I would be exclusive with them.


Keep the peepee op. You already have the only pucci you will ever have


File: 1cee7230887df0f⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 299x399, 299:399, 1cee7230887df0f3c0f16f7fef….gif)

Hack it all off trapanon. Go for full fetish mode



Somebody who would deny you pleasure but make use of your ass by way of expecting you to lose your dick is no good.

I’d never suck a dick, not sure i’d ever fuck a trap but I figure if your partner in that situation wouldn’t give you a lubed up hand job while going in your ass, they’d be a fairly shitty partner.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So true



What other qualities do you have, other than being submissive, but only in return of financial help?

Can you cook? Can you do cleaning? Are you able to hold an interesting conversation?

Can you give a good massage? Are you at least mentally stable? Did you actually talked to

someone qualified to tell you that you need transition, or it's just escapism?

Do you work or study?

>Attractive but not passable/semi passable

According to whom? Yourself? Your friends? Family members?

>before I get old and ugly

Transition or not, that's going to happen. Do you think you are going to be able to handle

seeing the decline of your new look, that you literally gave up years of your life for?

>I'd do whatever he wanted me to do.

That's easier said than done. How do you know you are not going to just change your mind?

Can you guarantee he's not going to lose his investment just because you can't handle his requests?

Take no offence but according to the things you wrote ITT you sound more like

someone trying to run away from home, but can't come up with a better plan than

selling his body and life.

In case you find this post offensive - what if the person who takes the opportunity to

become your caregiver is some sort of sadist, and he wants to emotionally and/or physically

torture you all the time? All I'm trying to say to you is this might be a rabbit hole you don't

want to go down. Do you really believe you don't have any better options than this?



I can cook, clean, and wouldn't have a problem at all working.

According to myself.

I can handle it.

I see a psychiatrist weekly. I have gender dysphoria.

I just want to be who I truly feel I am inside.

I would never fuck someone over like that. I would fulfill what would need to be done. Honestly I like sadism, just as long as it doesn't go too far.


Do it and then when you will be killing yourself post stream link



>I like sadism

So basically you are a freak, and a filthy one of that.

What is too far for you? Being kept outside in a kennel?

Being publicly humiliated? Breaking your own finger?

Eating your own shit? Being caned red and bloody

for the smallest mistakes he told you you made?

Do you have an idea how much this can potentially

hurt your self respect? And don't come at me with the

bullshit that you already have no self respect, you

sad yourself you thing you are attractive, yet, we

still haven't seen any proof of that.



I'd say the first one is a little too far. I don't like deliberate mean shit. I do like being treated a little rougher though. I've never experienced true sadism, but like intentional lasting pain doesn't sound fun.



Succinctly put. Excellent image, anon.



>I can haz nashunal soulshalizem if I h8 da kneegrows and da hood :DDD

Oh, fuck off, larper. The alt-right will never accept trans people as their own, so stop trying to appease these scum bags.


There’s nothing like a smoke show tranny dick in the ass especially dominate ones🤪



Exactly the reaction I was trying to pry from you. You haven't even started to play, but the game is already about your needs, your rules, what you like and what you don't like. There's no way you'd be obidient enough to "do whatever he's telling you to do."

Look, I really didn't mean to be mean to you, but it appears to me what you really want is a sugardaddy with a lot of money to just blow on you for fun. I don't blame you, most people would really appreciate that, but don't pretend that you have so much to give in return, because it's not true. I'm just trying to help you avoid a situation that might permanently hurt you, or got you in an even worse position than you are in right now.

I'd suggest to try to come out to your parents, I know it sounds hard as fuck, but I don't think they raised you to be some sort of fucking trope they can show off with to their neighbours and the rest of the family. You have to know their position on the matter, and if it's not acceptable for you, or them, just try to skip a year in studies, get a job, get a shitty apartman where you can do whatever the fuck you desire, then possibly get back to your studies and do a part time job on the side, and actually put in some effort to get in a scholarship program, universities nowadays have to be extremely polcorrect, it can't go wrong. Just don't whore yourself out because a few retards sold you that fantasy so well with their bullshit stories.



Well, when I said "whatever" I pretty much meant everything but serious pain, piss, and shit. Trust me, I would be very loving, caring, and helpful to whoever helped me. This is about a mutual benefit. I am a certified chef, and would literally work as a maid if they wanted. I just want to be how I feel, and if I wait much longer my good looks will fade and i'll be fucked.

Also, I already live on my own, and go to school. I'm broke as fuck right now.


Become an escort you’ll make BANK. I shell out 200 every couple months for a top goddess


Imagine OP's "semi-passable" real image. Imagine his NEET smell. Imagine seeing a mentally ill grow up boy thinking he is a girl. Just imagine the real looser faggot behind that cute loli slut pic. He would never had this whole attention. Fuck I hate anime.


OP let’s see those semi-passable feet


I'm just telling you, you discuck faggots. Nobody will ever treat you like women. Cucks on Twitter might, but irl no. They will be nice to you, yes, but never will they feel deep inside that you're women and you're normal. I was drinking with my ultranormie friends (girls and guys alike) in a clubbing zone when a tranny approached us. I thought that my liberal friends are gonna ignore it. And I was surprised when after hearing him say hi, one of the guys who had a bit to drink immediately said "aren't you a dude? why are you wearing girly clothes?". The tranny started talking to the girls in our group and they just said "leave us alone". We insulted him until one of us started shouting "fuck off faggot". And the tranny was """hot""" by 4chan standards. The voice is what gave it away.

You think you're winning because people are forced to keep their thoughts about you disgusting abominations to themselves. The moment shit hits the fan, economic collapse or something, "race war", whatever, there will be loads of people more than happy to hunt you down. And I don't mean /pol/ idiots, just normal people, some of them would probably rape you right before, I don't care. 

If you don't kill yourself before you're 30, you should be very cautious where you live, because the moment we're not forced to tolerate your bullshit you're gonna fucking hang you filthy degenerate

You will never 


be a woman or even passable



This. Just fucking this.


Have the times changed or have I? You guys are being too nice in giving OP the time of day. This shit is too hilarious. You sound like an emasculated mentally ill case study of trannies. If only we had a picture of this sad, sick fuck.

This is what a tranny is behind closed doors anons. Perhaps once they had potential, after festering in the bog that is modern hedonistic hypersexuality, they have nothing to offer but themselves as niche commodities in the (((market))) of sex. It is difficult to discern whether I feel disgust or contempt more strongly, and the more I think about it the less funny it gets



Look love. As I see it, fucking Belle Delphine puts in more effort to get money from her orbiters than you do right now.

>I love my family, but I can't do it with them around.

If you live on your own, why does this even matter? You are living your own life, you don't have to live it according to their views anymore. If you had already talked to a psych about your problems, and he gave you his "blessing" you can actually go along with HRT. If you are a qualified chef and you speak english you can get a job almost anywhere in the world, you might even find someone who loves you. You don't need a sugardaddy, you are just looking for excuses to get an easy way out, but guess what, life's never easy, especially if you are dealig with this kind of problems.

And btw even if i wanted to help, I'm living in the UK, the logistics and financials to get you here, and pay for your surgeries and teraphy wouldn't worth it for me just to get a lazy, disobidient sex slave.


What's it like knowing you have a lifespan that's only as long as the government's power to protect your miserable existence, and as soon as that goes away you'll be hunted like dogs?



Settle down there chap, you're glowing all over the place.



I'll buy shit that had never and will never happen for a dollar.




>because the moment we're not forced to tolerate your bullshit you're gonna fucking hang you filthy degenerate

That's what I'm saying for years, most of the people are tired of faggots but they can't say anything because political correctness. But this time will end, and very soon, if not a christian poltard a sandnigger will do. You fags are a aberration, a offense to what is natural and beauty a crime against the true order of life, but nature always finds a way to heal itself and reestablish it's equilibrium. Its just a matter of time.



If you had the guts you'd already hunted trannies. All you have is your big words paired with your tiny dick.



Ever heard of laws dumb dumb?



>All you have is your big words paired with your tiny dick.

Try flaunting it in a country with a government that doesn't sanction faggotry as a sacred right, keyboard warrior.


File: 7ae29c0b43de487⋯.png (64.84 KB, 326x326, 1:1, Findland pls _3b92c28a13bb….png)


Nice try

Speaking of. I can't tell who's trolling who anymore





>muh laws

All you do is talking and larping, thats why your ridiculous little neofascist movement doesn't go anywhere. As long as you don't voice your opinions on the streets in the form of bullets and violence, you are nothing but empty threats. I'm sure none of you even had a fight IRL. What a bunch of pansies.



>if you don't like gays you MUST be a fascist!

The absolute delusion



>I'm trying to shove my views down on people's throat with threats, but I'm totally not a fascist

The absolute delusion




That's rich coming from the gayboys who want to shut down a bakery for not complying

Jump off a cliff, boomer.



You know what, at this point I'm just going to compliment you, because you are somehow able to write with that level of intelligence. It looks like you need to learn to cope though.



Siding with the establishment is so easy. But remember, if our little neofasci movmnt never manages to kill a single faggot, the muslims will do. Just look for what's happening in London, when fags and the muslims clashed no one in your beloved kike establishment gave a shit for the fags. The time is passing, fag, and you have nowhere to run.



>siding with the establishment

That's a nice strech mate. You don't have to lecture me on whats going on in London, I live here, been there, got some stiches, bashed in some skulls. I don't need coppers to defend me, and I'm not scared of religious extremists. Go, suck some jihadist dick while you are at it.


File: d7503536526538a⋯.png (302.28 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage - Missy's P….png)





just wait 4 heaven



>not copying files directly from your hd to 8ch

The only thing I miss about windows



>Go, suck some jihadist dick

I can't, even if I wanted to because in my beloved Republic there are no muslims. We are >90% christians. London in other hand…

>and I'm not scared of religious extremists

But you should be, because when they become the majority, they will demand rights in a very "afghan" way of doing things, and the best part is that you britcucks doesn't have nothing more than spoons to defend yourself. I just laugh for your misery.


File: 00ffa3bd53cc816⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 242x255, 242:255, neet.jpg)

Arguing over literally the stupidest shit…

Anyways, this is OP and I would still be a proud white, and when the shit hits the fan; you're going to want me on your side. I don't care how I look on the outside. I'm an athletic person, who can shoot a rifle well, and isn't a subhuman IQ ape. I loves my genes, and am proud of my heritage. People of my type built the modern world. I don't know why everyone here always instantly labels an OP a NEET when they don't agree with him. I'm far from a NEET. I've been living on my own for years, and have had a full time job since I was 16.

I'm not looking for a free ride, and I guess I am acting like a faggot, obviously; but I think as a person I'd truly be happier. I am an attractive masculine man, but it's not comfortable. Now not to toot my own horn; I've been living a Chad life, but I'm living a lie. I feel like an asshole, because there's people out there that would give anything for my looks, and I hate them. It makes me hate myself.

There is some history to why I frequent image boards, and I've always been a nerd, but I also played sports my whole life. I even played professional hockey for a season. I did grow to love sports, but I enjoyed playing on the Packard Bell, Sega, writing, drawing, or watching Gundam more. Anyways, not trying to tell my life story, just add some insight.

I will never be a flamboyant flaming faggot; even with tits, I'll still be a normal person. I'm not going to infect anyone, and I plan on kids at some point. I'll never cut my dick off either, I'm not going to mutilate myself. I just want to do what I need to do, transition wise, before I get old. I get that I'll never be a woman, and if you want to call me a man, because I am, that's fine too. That doesn't mean we can't fight for some of the same causes.


Majority of trannies regret their ops as they go older. Many commit suicide because of this.

You may wanna seriously reconsider and not let your hormones do your thinking for you.


You are not a real woman. A real woman is envious of the penis. Keep it just in case.




Don't worry, I'm pretty much used to being threatened by all sort of cunts from the entire spectrum from right wing extremists through religious extremists even by social justice warriors, don't worry, I'll be fine. You still support them muslims a lot for someone coming from an allegedly 90% christian state. You are representing the remaining 10% I assume. If not, then siding with the establishment must be so easy, as you or your buddy said. I'll be scared when I'll have a reason to be, a few old idiots noone, including their own children who were born in Britain takes seriously are not a good enough one for me. If they want to handle things the afghan way, they'll get the same treatment the last ones got who tried it, straight from the lion of the London bridge, just look it up, it's a cheerful little story. The reason why muslim extremists won't become the majority here is because 95% the ones who were born and raised here are assimilating better into the western culture than some chavs. You get scared by the overextragagged media bullshit pretty easily.

While we might only have spoons to defend ourselves, they only have spoons to attack us with as well. I hope you will learn how to dodge bullets when shit hits the fan, or they might already teach that in your schools as I heard.


Oh, so you are masculine as well, but somehow you still call yourself a trap. Nice false advertising love. You really might be just screwed in the head, or been overfed with literotica after all. At this point I'd just advise not to transition, you'll regret it.


I’d suck your she dick dry baby


Uncut throbbing tranny dick in my mouth please


File: 93491dcdc261d3e⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 93491dcdc261d3e85da7d232b7….gif)

Your life and all that, but I too will warn you against it. If you wanna be like that, just be a /cuteboy/ or something (without op). All of us are gonna get older and uglier, but a woman's value quickly deteriorates whereas a man's stays up to his 50-60's. That, or just think about if you are actually just a submissive homosexual man rather than "a female". These operations ruin your body and leave an open wound on you. I personally don't think it will truly be worth it to go through with it. This will surely sound ignorant, but if you feel like a woman, then you could "just" act like one to try and find your happiness in femininity. Yes, you may percieve your body to be the issue, but even this operation won't truly change you into a woman, and your frustration will remain and return after the temporary "high" of doing the operation fades away.

Well, again, it's your choice to do whatever you want, but please do consider it heavily. If there are problems in your life that lead you to such a decision, like for example, being a black sheep at home (like myself), or just problems with your life, try to look for them first and help those. I'm not naive of course, I know not all problems can be easily (or at all) solved, but still, I ask that you really consider it.


File: fec55b6d5d9f3a8⋯.jpg (13.14 KB, 220x299, 220:299, 220px-Sigmund_Freud,_by_Ma….jpg)


>envious of the penis

Oh boy here we go



Fuck off Sigmund, noone has invited you.

I kekd



this, seriously this



If you are a Chad, has a full time job, and even played as professional why do you need a loan and live with another dude doing his shores? Why aren't you independent? Doesn't matter… Look, maybe you can find something on grinder, through prostitution or some rich old gay fella in a LGBT bar, and that's pretty much it. But as l said before try some hormone therapy, lsd or some crazy drug or treatment, I dunno, you have some serious mental problems dude, and maybe it won't go away after your transition… Well I said some harsh things too, but I really feel sorry for you. I hope you take the best decision and manage to find peace and hapines, godspeed OP.


Becoming a woman isn't really possible with present medical technology. hormone therapy is probably the best option, gender change surgery is just barbaric at the current level.



>autism trannies

>faggot trannies

well, learn something new everyday



girls can have dicks, I'm open-minded.

It's 2019.



I love putting people into oversimplified categories






>muh true order and beauty of life

No one can make the nature argument. Humans are the only animals on this planet that are capable of everything, and its inevitable that we will do everything. Those who cling to the natural order of things will die with the natural order of things.


Trans women are the future. Best of both worlds hands down.

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