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File: 9304999a5770493⋯.png (74.82 KB, 355x274, 355:274, unknown-5.png)


Sup faggots, I finally got out of the psych ward.

Every once in a while I write a pseudo journal like suicide letter when I'm depressed to just vent feeling and sort out the things in life I hate. On the flipside of that, I write motivational letters too, where I list the shit I plan to do to improve. When Im done writing these, I just delete them.

Here's the down low

>be me, 24yo depressed neet

>writing aforementioned letters

>get told that we're bout to vist grandma since the pa just died

>putting on socks and shoes

>dad walks in room

>I forgot to lock door

>sees computer screen and like an absolute faggot decides to read whats on it

>thinks I'm writing a real suicide note and Im bout to off myself

>calls mom over

>as Im explaining what it is, she straight up calls the cops

>she prints out the letter, but only the fake suicide one

>cop says he has to look at each thing as an individual case, so context and intent doesnt matter

>get escorted to police car and taken to psych ward

>tell story to intern at processing

>he tells it to doc

>doc says Im a threat and admits me

>I tell story to nurses, psychiatrists, counsellors, etc…

>they don't give a shit let along even really listen

>see judge after a few days

>he "defers to the experts"

>the expert being a psychiatrist who wants to put me on tons of meds and claimed I'm not mentally fit to make decisions regarding my own care

>psychiatrist says I have a choice

>my choice being I take the meds and go to a daily 5 hour program for 5 weeks OR he wont release me from psych ward

>I "willingly" agree to

So here I am. Now I actually do feel suicidal because psych ward is hell. Can't sleep for shit. The nurse walks into your room every 15 minutes and shines a light at your face to see if you're breathing. Bathroom only has a curtain. Have to get permission to go every time. Group sessions are hippie bullshit like talking through to a horse mentally and finding out that it can't walk because it's sad that a baby bird died in the stable. You sit on hard plastic couches all day long, unable to sleep or do shit to pass the time. "You're safe now that you're here, Anon"

What will happen to me if I refuse to go to the daily program or take the ketamine treatment? I'm out now so they can't keep me in, but since I was taken involuntarily, I'm afraid they'll send the police to take me back and claim I'm a threat.


Self defense.


Are you the psych ward guy from /b/ way back?


They rarely help and make things worse. If you’re lucky you go to a facility that cares. Usually they’re just there to process you and look at you as a number. My advice is just take the meds as it helps.


ketamine? you lucky fuck what are you bitching about.

tell them ur anxious and in physical pain and get xanies and oxys too


Jesus christ how did you let it get to that point? I feel a little bad for you but why do all the stories posted here seem so unreal? There was NOTHING you can do to prevent it huh. You couldn't even say "I got the idea from Jordan Peterson, I also have a separate letter with positives for the future, I'm not suicidal listen." I just pulled that shit out of my ass right now.


Sorry to hear about your baby bird, anon. I hope it gets better.



It is much harder to lie under the pressure of punishment.

I tend to lie fairly frequently, but lying is at its hardest when everything is up for misinterpretation with no way to make them listen to what you have to say without panicking.



I did all that shit, like I said, they dont care about intent or context. I tried every step of the way to fix the situation.



The bird deserved it. He was talking behind OP's back.



Only in this case it none of that would be a lie. Only the Jordan Peterson part would be a lie.


File: 6e47f4b4102bb65⋯.jpg (30.34 KB, 320x400, 4:5, 12355165346316532765275757….jpg)


>I write a pseudo journal like suicide letter when I'm depressed to just vent feeling and sort out the things in life I hate. On the flipside of that, I write motivational letters too, where I list the shit I plan to do to improve.

Sounds pretty daffy to me, son. I'm gonna have to proscribe six years of watching Looney Tunes.


Here's one of the motivational ones I've shat out:

I'm gonna do the wildest shit you fuck have ever seen.

You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna get up at a specific time! That's right, aight no weak ass "I'll wake when I wake and sleep when I can." shit, I'm going to schedule my day.

Do you know what I'll do next? I'll have a healthy fucking breakfast. Bet your punk ass still stuffs your face with shitty sugar-coated cereal. Think you know what comes after that? Think again bitch. I'm going to go to my computer, but don't get ahead of yourself, I'm not going to waste all day playing video games, I'm going to practice digital art so I can make something of the skill someday. College? Fuck that noise, waste of money and time.

Practice guitar, learn a language, learn a programming language, go jogging, do more woodworking. My day will be packed! Guess another huge thing I'm doing. That's right, I'm tapering off my meds and trashing the others I can stop without having to taper. That noose I tied the other day in preparation to hang myself? It's a jump rope now.

You think this is a game? I'm going ham. That miserable suicidal anon that you don't know? Yeah, I'm not him anymore, meet the new me.


dear mr pedosen, i washed my penis

t. suicidanon


File: 614717c97f6f4ad⋯.jpg (160.08 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 622 - aftersex anus bay cl….jpg)


The horse will never recover though, it's emotionally scarred from the loss of its beloved bird and now it needs monkey dick to even feel alright. But OP is in the tard stable instead of fucking that horse like any reasonable man would. Proof positive that he himself is responsible for the sorry state of the world in its entirety.


File: 9ce70edc173da32⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 249x256, 249:256, 1302542433054.gif)


The only way to cure the horse's sadness is to make it forget


File: b06022d5ccbb6a0⋯.webm (9.54 MB, 640x480, 4:3, rimming.webm)


Big true.


File: ec984e9273850f6⋯.jpg (62.93 KB, 800x570, 80:57, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)


When you have no Girlfriend so you have to fuck a horse instead



Anon I can't have a girlfriend until we get rid of the age of consent, it's not my fault.


I will NEVER EVER call the police on my family. Golden rule



NEET, Interrupted

In theaters NOW!



Anon, lawyer up and make it about privacy intrusion from your dad, which will give the leverage to get out of enforced medicating. Remember that…every time you are in any legal trouble, lawyer up.



>Calling the police ever



I hate you.


File: ddc5e7a76cf011c⋯.jpg (260.47 KB, 940x529, 940:529, dfxc vbnmn,m.,.jpg)

Don't take the happy pills OP or you'll turn into one of them



They thought he was suicidal (now he actually is) and called 911 for help. The police normally have to show up for psych calls, before the medical guys will poke their heads out the ambulance door (saves you $1000k for a ride to the same hospital).



Are you on the psych ward now? Is it a co-ed unit?

Fighting it makes you become an involuntary commitment, and makes you lose rights as a human. On the flipside you will be getting NEETbux and happy pills on the wagecucks dime.



I get you man, you don't like the way the bitch isn't really into the horse dick. The horse deserves better and more sincere head.



Should have denied it 100%; faggot OP.

If you had no intention to kys then you wouldn't need to defend. But instead you are a faggot that got dominated by every cog in system.

Even cucked yourself; writing fake suicide letters. Talk about sticking your ass out for the world to fuck.

It's such a bullshit mandate that you could have just left the situation and been fine; instead you took the situation head on and got collared.


File: 8593f5818405335⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1062x1060, 531:530, TerryDavis.png)


Fuck man. I willingly went to a psych ward once on a doctors recommendation, worst decision I ever made.

>literally all staff were a bunch of niggers

>half the kids were niggers

>can't sleep because those fucking niggers watch tv, talk, rattle their fucking papers and watch shit on their phones without headphones

>complain to higher ups

>say the'll tell them to be quite

>nothing happens

>get urinary retention from meds so I can't unload the massive fucking pressure building in my bladder

>refuse meds

>shrink gets mad

>get new meds

>realize this fucking sucks nigger ass and is filled with all the hippe bullshit you talked about

>butter shrink up with how good I've been feeling and manage to get released within two weeks

>mom convinces me to stop taking because they fucking melt your brain and come with a truck load of side effects

>put the whole behind me

>racism plus 10

My advice to you OP would be to stop taking those meds whatever the cost, they fuck you up in the long run and make you a mindless dependent slave. I don't know about the legal stuff though and as much as I think reddit is gay r/legaladvice might not be a bad idea. Also if you don't have any prospects trying to apprentice in trade might be a good idea and it could help show you've improved. Running away is also an option and the change of pace could help you, but that might inflame your legal troubles. You might also want to try getting a lawyer if that's an option.

Good luck OP, keep us posted and stop taking those meds; don't let them do to you what they did to terry.


youngfags, let this man be a example for you how not to do it

just when you decide to leave the planet

do not tell anyone

shredder your hdd, erase your browsing history the best you can and just pack a backpack for travel. then you travel to a volcano and jump into hell where you belong to without telling anyone.

>parents think you made millions and left the country to fuck thai hookers and snort heroin all day

>govt thinks you evade taxes

>cops think you run because your cheeze pizza retention data

>cowrkers think you found better job in rich country

nobody is unhappy and no funeral costs for anyone


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

That boy needs therapy!



Yeah, I've been trying to get off of meds for the past several months because they all just make me feel lethargic and give me somnolence. Just makes the depression worse. Mudslime psychiatrizt I got though doesnt even talk to you or ask questions, he just goes, "Im prescribing this, okay?". Finally got him to half the main med Im taking, but with this whole ordeal he was finally able to force me and get his way.



>So here I am. Now I actually do feel suicidal because psych ward is hell. Can't sleep for shit. The nurse walks into your room every 15 minutes and shines a light at your face to see if you're breathing. Bathroom only has a curtain. Have to get permission to go every time. Group sessions are hippie bullshit like talking through to a horse mentally and finding out that it can't walk because it's sad that a baby bird died in the stable. You sit on hard plastic couches all day long, unable to sleep or do shit to pass the time. "You're safe now that you're here, Anon"

Psych nurse with over 9,000 hours of experience.


lol you summed it up.

At least you didn't get put on a 1:1 where I have to sit within arms reach while you take a shit. For my sake.



was it St. Louis? I felt bad for all the white kids that went there because they had this experience.


What's the right way to go through the psych ward experience? What do you and don't you say to the doctors? Should you be friendly to the nurses, or stay silent and not waste their time? Are there any hobbies you can partake in? Should you attend all the hippie shit to make a good impression?

On a side note. George Lincoln Rockwell, who most of you assuredly know about, had a similar experience. https://genius.com/George-lincoln-rockwell-how-to-get-out-or-stay-out-of-an-insane-asylum-annotated



Whatever you do don't take the medication.

Most serial killers, rapists, etc… became that way because they no longer had control of themselves because of the medication.



Always go to group and always wear a smile and laugh is the best way to get out. Just suck their dick and be a vood actor.

Group sessions are the only way to make them think you're working on improving. Always say your depression is improving and less than a 5, and that your stress/anxiety is 0. Just say you'll take the meds and when they hand them to you in a cup, just pretend you swallowed them and throw them in the trash. Unless you're fine with a particular med.

As for passing time, there's not shit. Get someone on the outside to bring you a book you want to read. Aside from that, sleep if you can to fast foward some time.


File: 21d9e6babbe4cf6⋯.gif (905.58 KB, 329x359, 329:359, b7f91b868f7ad0d22cf8d42737….gif)


they are just fucked up

thats why tried meds in first place.. and it unfortunately didnt help to them


Don't take the pills just play the waiting game.



>she straight up calls the cops

What parent is that? CIA glownigger?


>Oh goy dont kill yourself

>call the cops

Kek, your parents are fucking faggots



Seems like good advice. But do they really not have a library or TVs or anything? That sounds so inhumane, even for the psych-niggers.


did you make any friends



I hear some do, but mine didnt.

We had a tv, but no remote, so we couldnt turn it on. Not even manually since it was in a protective glass box. Closest thing to a library we had was like 10 books on a shelf, all shit and half were the bible.



yanks are weird in how they react in a crisis


File: 200d548cc47e9d9⋯.jpg (195.64 KB, 1073x1021, 1073:1021, Screenshot_20190629-114425….jpg)

I'm sorry anon. On the plus side, it's now way easier to get neetbux and live like a welfare queen. Your best bet is to meditate and play their games while treading lightly. You're now a liability in the eyes of the state and they just want to prevent you from dehumanizing yourself and facing to bloodshed


I fucking love battle angel alita. It's one of my favs, along with Biomega, Berserk, Parasyte, and Dorohedoro, and some others


File: 0217f3012a1e9ee⋯.png (28.1 KB, 358x304, 179:152, smugkindasmile.png)

For anyone who's reading this and thinks OP is serious, there's something he's not telling us. What did you do faggot?

I told the cops I wanted to kill myself by accident one time, and I got only one week in the psych ward, and I didn't do shit the whole time, just read and slept. You clearly did something really fucking retarded to warrant that many classes. What did you do faggot?

He's right about them checking on you to see if you're still breathing, the bathrooms, etc. So I don't doubt he actually went. I bet he sperged out at the nurses though and got more time



Why exactly did Terry need to show us his penis to fight cianiggers?



try and make this a public thing, go all one flew over the cooko's nest on this shit.


File: aaaa2ea920c6f4c⋯.jpg (338 KB, 1280x963, 1280:963, 1280px-Center_building_at_….jpg)



Rosenhan himself and seven mentally healthy associates, called "pseudopatients", attempted to gain admission to psychiatric hospitals by calling for an appointment and feigning auditory hallucinations. The hospital staff were not informed of the experiment. The pseudopatients included a psychology graduate student in his twenties, three psychologists, a pediatrician, a psychiatrist, a painter, and a housewife. None had a history of mental illness. Pseudopatients used pseudonyms, and those who worked in the mental health field were given false jobs in a different sector to avoid invoking any special treatment or scrutiny. Apart from giving false names and employment details, further biographical details were truthfully reported.

During their initial psychiatric assessment, the pseudopatients claimed to be hearing voices of the same sex as the patient which were often unclear, but which seemed to pronounce the words "empty", "hollow", or "thud", and nothing else. These words were chosen as they vaguely suggest some sort of existential crisis and for the lack of any published literature referencing them as psychotic symptoms. No other psychiatric symptoms were claimed. If admitted, the pseudopatients were instructed to "act normally", reporting that they felt fine and no longer heard voices. Hospital records obtained after the experiment indicate that all pseudopatients were characterized as friendly and cooperative by staff.

All were admitted, to 12 psychiatric hospitals across the United States, including rundown and underfunded public hospitals in rural areas, urban university-run hospitals with excellent reputations, and one expensive private hospital. Though presented with identical symptoms, seven were diagnosed with schizophrenia at public hospitals, and one with manic-depressive psychosis, a more optimistic diagnosis with better clinical outcomes, at the private hospital. Their stays ranged from 7 to 52 days, and the average was 19 days. All were discharged with a diagnosis of schizophrenia "in remission", which Rosenhan considered as evidence that mental illness is perceived as an irreversible condition creating a lifelong stigma rather than a curable illness.

Despite constantly and openly taking extensive notes on the behavior of the staff and other patients, none of the pseudopatients were identified as impostors by the hospital staff, although many of the other psychiatric patients seemed to be able to correctly identify them as impostors. In the first three hospitalizations, 35 of the total of 118 patients expressed a suspicion that the pseudopatients were sane, with some suggesting that the patients were researchers or journalists investigating the hospital. Hospital notes indicated that staff interpreted much of the pseudopatients' behavior in terms of mental illness. For example, one nurse labeled the note-taking of one pseudopatient as "writing behavior" and considered it pathological. The patients' normal biographies were recast in hospital records along the lines of what was expected of schizophrenics by the then-dominant theories of its cause.

The experiment required the pseudopatients to get out of the hospital on their own by getting the hospital to release them, though a lawyer was retained to be on call for emergencies when it became clear that the pseudopatients would not ever be voluntarily released on short notice. Once admitted and diagnosed, the pseudopatients were not able to obtain their release until they agreed with the psychiatrists that they were mentally ill and began taking antipsychotic medications, which they flushed down the toilet. No staff member reported that the pseudopatients were flushing their medication down the toilets.

Rosenhan and the other pseudopatients reported an overwhelming sense of dehumanization, severe invasion of privacy, and boredom while hospitalized. Their possessions were searched randomly, and they were sometimes observed while using the toilet. They reported that though the staff seemed to be well-meaning, they generally objectified and dehumanized the patients, often discussing patients at length in their presence as though they were not there, and avoiding direct interaction with patients except as strictly necessary to perform official duties. Some attendants were prone to verbal and physical abuse of patients when other staff were not present. A group of bored patients waiting outside the cafeteria for lunch early were said by a doctor to his students to be experiencing "oral-acquisitive" psychiatric symptoms. Contact with doctors averaged 6.8 minutes per day.

TL;DR don't get admitted in the first place, learn from his mistake and keep your door locked or wrestle with your family immediatelly to stop them from calling the police, this will fuck you.


>calling the cops on your own family

Who the fuck does that? Are you a nigger?




based, i want some ketamine

also why were you typing up suicide notes on a computer hooked to a printer your parents fuck with lol

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