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File: fc7cafdf6a3b738⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 907x842, 907:842, image0 (3).jpg)


What's the most SECURE cloud storage service? (One that won't rat you to the feds)


use any with cryptomator





I used one with a red logo that in Switzerland or Finland, don't remember anymore but their model was only you had access to their shit through some kind of bitcoin like encryption where if you lost your password it was gone forever because even they didn't have access to it

Whether that was true or not, I don't know but I stored very compromising shit on there and then eventually just stored all that stuff on externals that I keep in my hidden safe.


Just encrypt your shit before you put it anywhere






>external hd

those break too easily



I lost about a tera of shit one time because my file became corrupted

Never fucking again, I'd rather explain myself than lose it



none all of them will getcha. Lavabit was an email provider with integrity, but it's gone now. I think Vincent Canfield offers data storage options called cockbox, but I'm not sure if that's what it's main function is.


explain yourself to whom? :^)


he must mean on an sd card.


Most secure is your own custom build and encripted private server.


Lol dear op, buy an external, usb harddrive, and encrypt it with Veracrypt. Do not trust any cloud services with any of your data especially if you want to upload any porn onto the cloud server. If you upload any porn onto a cloud storage, you will likely get arrested and jailed for cp, and you wouldnt want that would you?



Why my wife of course, you glowinthedark

I have adult pornography and she thinks I don't

Nothing more, nothing less



Hey man, whatever answer you want to give is fine. I'm not here to rat you out or arrest you.


this didn't work out so well for Hillary Clinton, did it?


An entire disk encryption or just the files? be specific anon!



Encrypted RAID is the only truly secure option. You can't trust a third-party with sensitive data



Her shit was nether custom nor encripted.



how do i make a private server? pls teach



Honestly, that was probably on purpose

>teehee, I sure hope no one downloads these SAPs that I ripped from a secure, airgapped facility and put on my unencrypted, internet-connected home shitbox

>oh no, it got "hackered"? we'll just destroy everything and pretend it never happened

>why would we let the FBI look at it?

>oh wow, thanks for all those immunity deals

>teehee, look at all these completely unrelated "donations" to my "charity"





You may choose only one.

Seriously, only the gullible or those with nothing to lose use the cloud.

It was a concept started by advertisers precisely because they knew/know that they can access any data they want at any time. It is a deliberately constructed gold mine for them, and since there is no shortage of gullible people on the planet, it is working brilliantly.




>won't rat you to the feds




Lazy pricks who don't know how to maintain backups on a HDD/SSD use cloud



I'm worried about this, I have over 8,000 files I collected from halfchan and here over the past (nearly) decade or so. I have had them on my HDD for a while and i'm scared one day I will lose the files in a sudden crash. What can I do to prevent this?



If its sensitive, make a copy on an encrypted external drive and leave it at a trusted friend's.

If it's not sensitive, just a meme collection, then the easiest is to go ahead and back it up to the cloud.


just encrypt the shit before putting it on cloud and ur gud






How do I encrypt 140gigs of stuff


File: 84dfd717f038d80⋯.png (397.3 KB, 525x350, 3:2, cope plan.png)


>SECURE cloud storage

You can find it next to the virgin whores and honest politicians.

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