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File: ab200a95ca88327⋯.jpg (526.65 KB, 1400x1122, 700:561, 9781556654268-2.jpg)


So let me get this straight. Fedora tippers honestly expect me to believe the bible is fictional and some guy just made up every passage and character in a time where fictional literature was never being written and humans probably never conceived the idea of writing fictional literature? Call me a christcuck, but I refuse to believe there is no creator involved in any of this.


>98304 Because Aesop's Fables are literal. They were written in a time when humans did NOT have the ability to conceive of fictional characters.



Humans have al;ways lied and were lying way before "fiction" was conceived to use as an excuse for lying.

People in those times thought their piss was great mouthwash & thunder was evidence of the Gods' fury; you really going to take shit they wrote seriously enough to base your entire life & afterlife hopes around it?

God could've used distant stars we could never reach but could still see to write out the commandments & indisputably prove his existence in a way that wouldn't require daily intervention. But he didn't.



>Aesop's Fables

Excellent example of humans using lies to achieve a desired goal; in this case "shut the fuck up kids & do what we tell you or horrible shit will happen to you".



Those weren't lies though, they were dumb beliefs that were spread around.



I want to share with you, from my heart, something that I have found to be incredibly important. Something that I feel is the best advice I can give you.

My life advice is this: Never believe anything.

That’s it. It’s really simple. Just don’t believe anything. Ever. Seriously.




The point was that fiction existed before the concept of fiction did; in the form of lying.



>some guy just made up every passage and character

Oh lawd please tell me you're trolling. The Bible was a collaborative effort written by many people over a long period of time.

There are four "gospels". These are the parts dealing with Jesus. The earliest gospel was The Gospel of Mark, believed to have been written around 70AD. It was basically a collection of word-of-mouth accounts. All the other gospels drew from this gospel.

There were a large number of different writings, only some of which were put into what we call the canon, around 300AD. These books are said to have been divinely inspired, whereas the books not in the canon are supposedly not. If that doesn't really make you think, I don't know what will.

Look, humans love to make shit up. It goes back long before Christianity, and continues to happen up until today.



The basis for all of it was passed down oral histories, and from the circle game we know how fucked up & distorted information gets going from one human to another a dozen times; imagine the same thing but over fucking thousands of years, generation to generation.

THEN it goes through more edits than the entirety of wikipedia.


File: 687eff3b9629f59⋯.png (65.3 KB, 334x164, 167:82, quote 2.png)



Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand reality. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices that others do not, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation.



Yes. I'm sure more than one person has wondered what the hell was going on in Jesus' mind that made him the way he was. I think he was a great guy and an inspiration for humanity. But yeah I'm not stupid enough to believe he was the physical manifestation of a deity.



Priests and monks realized that they could manipulate primitive minds with proxy power. Today it's called Oppressive business practices, religion is an extortion machine. The people in Church management are parasites, and often psychopaths.



Because the same flawed argument applies to every fictional novel.



>I'm not stupid enough to believe he was the physical manifestation of a deity

I honestly don't think Jesus himself did either.

You can clearly interpret the "Son of God" shit to be more of a generalized statement that got warped by word of mouth and/or intentional distortion because religion is & always has been an extremely powerful tool for societal control.



Power corrupts, and it seems the Church is no exception.


File: bcb337c66f80fb5⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 84477-mgjqjgcgks-152102154….jpg)

><BEEP BOOP>Dude so there was like, this bang, and 4 billion years later here you are<BEEP BOOP>



That's what the (((evidence))) indicates, yes



It's all guesswork because that's all we can do.

Everything spontaneously coming from nothing is every bit as believable as God creating it all. Except God having done it makes us all extremely important special snowflakes who all go to The Big Rock Candy Mountain in the sky when we expire, and death & finality fucking terrifies us.




Religion and schizophrenia

The relationship between religion and schizophrenia is of particular interest to psychiatrists because of the similarities between religious experiences and psychotic episodes; religious experiences often involve auditory and/or visual hallucinations, and those with schizophrenia commonly report similar hallucinations, along with a variety of beliefs that are commonly recognized by modern medical practitioners as delusional.[1] In general, religion has been found to have "both a protective and a risk increasing effect" for schizophrenia.[2]

A common report from those with schizophrenia is some type of religious belief that many medical practitioners consider to be delusional - such as the belief they are divine beings or prophets, that God is talking to them, they are possessed by demons, etc.[3][4][5] Active and adaptive coping skills in subjects with residual schizophrenia are associated with a sound spiritual, religious, or personal belief system.[6] In a study of patients with schizophrenia that had been previously admitted to a hospital, 24% had what the medical field refers to as religious delusions.

Trans-cultural studies have found that such religious beliefs, which often may not be associated with reality, are much more common in patients with schizophrenia who identify as Christian and/or reside in predominately Christian areas such as Europe or North America.[7][8] By comparison, patients in Japan much more commonly have delusions surrounding matters of shame and slander,[7] and in Pakistan matters of paranoia regarding relatives and neighbors.




I think it's quite well-established throughout the Bible that Jesus thought of himself as the son of God. Many times he referred to God as "father". You could be right I suppose. Maybe people got the wrong idea and warped the gospels a certain way.

However schizophrenic people do seem to have this strange obsession with being special. There are many people today claiming to be Jesus.



Death denial, exactly, and a formula or strategy to beat death.



>Many times he referred to God as "father"

I meant generalized statement in the sense that he was a Son of God, as were all men, and God was a father to us all. I truly think that's what he was going for & Saul, seeing the coming end of the Roman empire, saw a way to extend its power into the future indefinitely. And they did in the form of the Vatican.



Also a way to give meaning to our lives & existence itself; as well as a karmic credit system so there's some "reason" to not be niggers just because we can be niggers.



>God was a father to us all

Could be.

I'll tell you what I don't like though is the Trinity doctrine. I have no idea where they got the idea for the whole Holy Spirit thing… And then the part where they say Jesus was not the son of God but was also the earthly form of God… Yeah I don't get it.

The Church became blatantly corrupt during the time of the Black Death. It should've been dissolved then and there.


Lol at this pasty nerd reddit shit



>I have no idea where they got the idea for the whole Holy Spirit thing

They had to have some way to have Mary get pregnant yet not have it mean God tapped a loli virgin & took off like a nigger to leave his son to be raised by Cuckseph.




The Urantia Book


This is a book that extends the bible, read the story in wiki, eventually you realize that it was written by an over medicated schizophrenic in a trance state over several years with the help of a group of schizophrenics.

Humans tell imaginary stories trying to explain what they don't understand unfortunately they are all delusional in some form.



>extends the bible

Wew that sure happens a lot these days



Religion is a never ending story of drama, it's a melodrama, a soap opera.

We die, become compost the end, this terrifies children, so the stories are to get the babies to stop crying. :^)



I've thought about it a lot and honestly I don't believe we go back to oblivion for all eternity. Think about it this way: We came from nothing, then we go back to nothing. Surely we could come back from nothing again?



And what are the odds that in the entire span of all existence, that you would happen to be alive at this moment? Shits crazy



>written by an over medicated schizophrenic in a trance state over several years with the help of a group of schizophrenics

Just skimming it, comes off less as that & more akin to an attempt at a jewlywood "soft reboot" of the bible, to try & head off the ways knowledge gained through scientific advancement were clashing with it.



It's a mistake to always assume the people who write these types of things, like Joseph Smith, actually believe it themselves & aren't just pulling an L. Ron Hubbard.



Do you know anyone who came back?

The law of Karma was invented so the poor people wouldn't try to kill the rich people.


I gave you this story to explain how religion was always made, there are always imaginary stories someplace in time made by delusional people seeking God. Many times drug use was involved.



Gonna give you a trail & fuck off to my problems.

In ancient Egypt and Greece, the masses worshiped the Pantheon (multiple gods), the priests in said nations pretended to do so as well. In realtily, they didn't. They knew Pantheon was crap, and worshipped a single entity. That was their ultimate secret.


Moses was initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries i.e The Emerald Tablet.



That's the evidence so far, Joseph Smith was a conman, sexual predator, and psychopath. But he probably got caught up in the Guru thing by the primitive mental group of church people that need to BELIEVE in magic.



I'm honestly too old & cynical & have seen too much of human nature to believe this shit is always sincere belief on their part & not more dispassionately calculated. In reality it's probably 50-50 between sincere belief and/or psychosis, and cold calculation.



lol nobody would come back with any memory of their previous life. Shit, they might not even come back in the same universe. You could've lived an infinite number of lives before this one, but if you can't remember it, no harm done



Thank you for the imaginary story of you someplace in time. XD


File: 589beda14b89578⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 291x229, 291:229, what atheists actually bel….gif)



>Do you know anyone who came back?

No, but there certainly appears to be some other layer of existence we (at least currently) can't measure. The extent of it is unclear, but I know people whose sanity & sincerity I fully trust who claim to be able to see whatever the fuck "ghosts" actually are, and that they at least seem to be afterimages/spectres of people who've died, almost always bound to or hovering around some possession that had personal meaning. IMO it's something along the lines of the Hiroshima type shadows. An energy artifact. I don't think they actually "exist" in any kind of conscious way & they fade out after a while.



Kek you could easily say that guy is God & use it as a smuggy for what followers of semitic religions believe.



We drive, walk, ride a bike, in a circle for a living, and we work and live in a Lunatic Asylum. The Lunatics get to run free and have an imaginary life unless they break enough laws or are too violent to live free.



>it's not a lie if a believe it



>in a time where fictional literature was never being written

I guess that means that you also believe in the Mesopotamian pantheon because the Epic of Gilgamesh was written even earlier. You know that it being fictional has nothing to do with whether it was intended to be interpreted as such, right? First of all, "the bible" is not a monolith, it contains many stories conceived of and passed through oral tradition over centuries before it was written down. Stories that might have been an accurate retelling of past events at first but got twisted and interspersed with fictional elements over time. And some of those stories were fiction to begin with. Some of the people who came up with them probably knew that they were entirely fictional but didn't present them as such because it was beneficial to them in some way. Some of them were just looking for an explanation of natural phenomenon and since they didn't have the tools to find the true explanation, they went with the first thing that seemed plausible at the time. Some of them were probably literal schizos who believed they received visions from god showcasing past and present events and wrote it down.



>Some of them were probably literal schizos who believed they received visions from god showcasing past and present events and wrote it down

Always been a huge red flag to me that the sole way God chose to communicate with anyone just also happened to be a symptom of a severe mental illness. Very trollish thing to do.


File: d995ec32a7bdc68⋯.jpg (146.76 KB, 1848x962, 924:481, 057823650.jpg)


>No one will ever believe you

Bill Murray confirmed as being God.



I'm being hypothetical. When there's no evidence pointing to one thing or another, all we can really do is come up with a list of possibilities and wonder which one is true.



Educated guess?


I posted this it's for you.



This is dumb as hell but fits God's MO pretty well.

>to hire Bill you have to call some 800 number & leave a message

>you'll never know whether or not Bill is going to do your movie until the first day of shooting where he'll either show up or not



Reminds me of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Interesting stuff. Life is a mystery, and all we can do is wonder what real reality is. Believing in some old book would be a disservice to that.



>Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Pierre Grimes and the Noetic Society (youtube),>>98488

He has a good series there.




Fallacy that the world -is- a beautiful place that makes sense by using the good old confirmation bias. the only difference between a blank canvas, scribbles, and a painting is what YOU see in it. The world only makes sense to you because you live in it.

Nature is far from perfect. I've heard christcucks say "but look at how stars and planets are perfecltly aligned and don't deviate from their orbits !" so many times.



A Talk on Magic Mushrooms & LSD by Pierre Grimes (1998)


A talk by Dr. Pierre Grimes at the Philosophical Research Society on the psychedelic experience throughout history and its affect on today's philosophical world.



Religion gives them a comfy little vision of hope. Ever wonder why there are so many different visions of religious hope?


File: c3c96635e1a4426⋯.jpg (107.39 KB, 555x740, 3:4, 1_Oleg_Kulik.jpg)

I went to heaven what now?


File: 34e25b089cc571f⋯.jpg (110.59 KB, 550x548, 275:274, Birthday-Boy-by-Chris-Mars.jpg)


Just be patient and smile.


File: d0e6147b71ad2dd⋯.gif (349.58 KB, 735x986, 735:986, jhgfydfsjgktdjhhtrseaatfrg….gif)


Maltheism is best red pill

Aka gnosticism

Evil god created rhe universe

Theres a real god beyond said god

Hell maybe yahweh is the real god

Who knows



Fictional literature did exist back then. It at least goes back to Mesopotamia.

That being said, fedora tippers are just as ignorant who takes the bible 100% literally. Reading a healthy variety ancient literature, understanding archetypes, understanding the physical evidence left behind, and then using critical reasoning to separate fact from fiction takes far more effort than to simply scoff at the book while jerking off with other pretentious fedoras.


You're a moron.



It’s fine to believe in god, as long, as you’re not one of this retards who cultivate him and delay societal advancement.



seeing as society is a joke, especially with commie garbage taking hold, having something steady and everlasting is kind of a necessity unless you want to end up as something other than human



You're like Joe Rogan when he can't stop bringing up dmt. Did you recently do lsd or shrooms and now believe everyone needs to do them?



Why was jesus so great?



>unless you want to end up as something other than human

Could you elaborate? It’s necessary to further assess level of your stupidity.



Did you mean to say "conflate" here?


File: 19189dd1633f20d⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 325x216, 325:216, 2 puppies being savagely b….gif)


oh, hey, it's the board retard



File: c6a8e266232b079⋯.jpg (49.28 KB, 625x499, 625:499, c6a8e266232b0790b4d2092da3….jpg)

God is sooooooo boooooring



your mom is boring


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well I'm pretty sure Pontius Pilate and perhaps some of the other characters were proven to be real life people but Jesus/Yahweh/Adam/Eve/the talking snake, etc???

All bullshit fiction.

Anyway different atheists have different positions on the god question.

Some just take the track that says that there is insufficient evidence to prove that there is a god/creator being.

While others outright declare no such thing exists.

The first position is generally considered to be an example of "Weak atheism" and is also lumped in as "agnosticism".

Whereas the second position is considered "strong atheism".




Basically I take the same position as Hitchens on the religion/Christ cuck issue.

Which is I'm not for taking your "toys" (Jesus worship/Buy Bull belief) away from you.

I just don't want you being able to force me to play with the toys too.



If this were about anything other than religion i'd think it was bait. But people really are as retarded when it comes to religion as you are op so i'm kind of on the fence. It makes me worried sometimes knowing there are people that stupid in the world alive and functioning and somehow haven't died in an utterly retarded way


File: c113d77ab845737⋯.jpeg (45.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, DBCE51A9-4A0F-499E-A240-D….jpeg)



If a loving, righteous, caring god actually existed its far more likely that it would create or have a book created for it's human creations that was easily able to be understood by all and not have people constantly jumping through interpretory hoops and endlessly arguing about what this or that verse or word exactly means.

Since interpretative arguments soon turn to violence, then war, then mass killings between the believers which one would think a righteous, loving and caring god would not want to see happen.

Oh wait thats exactly what happened with Christ insanity and its because men alone wrote the Buy Bull and created a god (and not the other way around) that possessed all of their own petty human flaws, vices, mistakes and grievances.


File: 8fa06466d4a1d02⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)

so, out of the 1000s of religions on planet earth, it makes total sense to you that all of them r made up bs except your'n. and your religion cant be made up nonsense cause the universe exists and needs to have been created. never mind that all the other religions use the same solution for that problem, because it is just too much of a stretch to believe in a universe that exists without being created, but a magic god that doesn't need to be created makes total sense.


File: dc8a24ae096fc6b⋯.jpg (72.78 KB, 955x494, 955:494, Kingdom-of-Heaven[2].jpg)


When we hear the ancient bells growling on a Sunday morning we ask ourselves: Is it really possible! This, for a jew, crucified two thousand years ago, who said he was God's son? The proof of such a claim is lacking. Certainly the Christian religion is an antiquity projected into our times from remote prehistory; and the fact that the claim is believed - whereas one is otherwise so strict in examining pretensions - is perhaps the most ancient piece of this heritage. A god who begets children with a mortal woman; a sage who bids men work no more, have no more courts, but look for the signs of the impending end of the world; a justice that accepts the innocent as a vicarious sacrifice; someone who orders his disciples to drink his blood; prayers for miraculous interventions; sins perpetrated against a god, atoned for by a god; fear of a beyond to which death is the portal; the form of the cross as a symbol in a time that no longer knows the function and ignominy of the cross – how ghoulishly all this touches us, as if from the tomb of a primeval past! Can one believe that such things are still believed?



>Yes go your elders know nothing, and you can't learn from history ever

Felate a shotgun kike.


File: 151455c60b23c91⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 768x403, 768:403, 7562a-matrix-pill.jpg)

Religion is a blue pill. You believe whatever makes you feel good.




This rant has nothing to do with anything I said in my post.



No to your entire statement.

Drugs and schizophrenic humans created religious fiction in all of it's many forms and you would already know that if you actually knew anything. XD



Arent the 70+ virgins consiting of transperant tits and meat? The sole reason likes within the female shit, i like tits quite a lot i like their creamy inside, but the scribe of the koran even liked it in a more abstract sense.

Those people can really write like god they can make it real because we can go with and beyond.


File: 776692d53410df4⋯.jpeg (49.5 KB, 480x343, 480:343, tdrtytdjrutjdhr5tuyxrsfiy….jpeg)


File: ab848075cb7e3b4⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 300x400, 3:4, bb0987e5091a0088178017d762….jpg)



I don't know, I guess greek Gods must also be real, then.


File: 7825f665a183b46⋯.png (279.89 KB, 511x357, 73:51, 54321a9cdbb5900b55c84ec1fc….png)

Nigger Gods are real?


File: e2fa61ed7a35b89⋯.jpeg (54.92 KB, 640x615, 128:123, E10501AB-9FEF-4588-AF5C-7….jpeg)

Why not just create people’s heaven and let them live a life of abundance and peace? The entire thing makes no sense and the world continues to see evil and corruption compounding while god jerks off onto Mary or something?

Speaking of which, god raped Jesus mom when she was a married teenager. That’s what it’s called when a guy slides up in a girl while she is asleep and gets her pregnant. You worship the greatest rapist of them all (besides Bill Cosby).



Funny fictional story, but there is no such thing and never was. Humans created the religious fiction themselves and are mean as hell to each other.


File: 680b21fccc8ad7f⋯.gif (3.55 MB, 384x228, 32:19, 1552774495337.gif)

>All these Religious and Scientific people

Ya'll are missing out



You sound like one of those kikes who pay millions of dollars for a jar of piss because its "art"


I'll just post this because I get a feeling OP didn't see my thread when it was around

You have been lied to about EVERYTHING

How to go on a better path

(TL;DR warning. This is a long read but very good stuff and very interesting)

Hey, what is this thread about so I don't waste my time?

>This thread is a guide on how to cut out all the BULLSHIT and corruption and just simply be very close to God in the most innocent and pure and undiluted way possible while you experience your very temporary stay on earth, (or in this "universe") which is essentially hell and a fake reality like the matrix. When your time is up, (and only God knows when and how) you basically go to heaven (which is real reality) if you were a good kiddo (because we're all children of God) and then everything is really happy and there is no more evil forever. You're home safe! To explain everything in simple but very interesting terms:

>What do think is life's purpose? A test? Or some kind of grimdark fantasy that's supposed to be fun?

God had foreknowledge and had impact on Eve and Adam's decision to eat the forbidden fruit.

God set them up to eat the forbidden fruit because it was part of the story of the way things were meant to go. It is impossible to truly defy and go against God because everything that happens is the will of God.


The fact that Eve did not know the difference between Good and Evil when she ate the forbidden fruit (The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil) is very paradoxical, since She and Adam literally had no way of knowing that disobedience was a bad thing since they had not eaten the fruit which gives this type of understanding. Adam and Eve were basically in all honestly like totally one hundred and twelve percent retarded because of the fact that they were the first human beings ever. This meant that they had less experience and knowledge than even the dumbest baby alive in todays world. They are technically being punished for doing evil when they specifically didn't know what evil was or that eating the forbidden fruit was wrong other than the fact that they were told not to eat it, but that goes back to the fact that they had no way of knowing that disobedience was a bad thing. At least one of the MANY MANY reasons for life to exist is because we are supposed to learn what it is to know what is good and bad and knowingly choose to avoid what is bad so that we may choose to be distinctly good. Our entire life is a slow motion bite through the apple. As we spiritually bite through the apple (that God set us up to eat, because we had to learn- and that's okay) we are immersed in "the matrix" and we experience our entire life. When our life ends, it's because we finished the bite. Souls that know good and evil fully and completely, but choose good get to go be with God in heaven forever. Souls that know good and evil fully and completely but still choose evil get thrown in the poopoo box.

>heaven (real reality, also is God):


>nature is true nature and in perfect harmony and there is no death

>no bad limitation (freedom)

>eternal (outside of time and lasts forever)

>automatically perfect



>earth universe (hell simulation):


>nature is a fake and sad mess of life killing and feeding off of other life to survive in almost all examples. Very few exceptions of healthy and non-harmful symbiotic relationships compared to the rest of "strife/life"

>limitation (everything is such a problem)

>temporary and temporal (time bound and doesn't last forever)

>intentionally flawed


>camp/boarding school

why do you think that matrix means "womb?" why do you think apocalypse means "the lifting of the veil"? what do you think renaissance really means? "rebirth".

we are in an artificial simulation womb reality and god is lifting the veil covering the vagina and we are all going through rebirth.

A lot of people have abandoned god in this harsh world we live in. These times are tough, but I understand what's really going on. A huge reason for their abandonment of god is that they believe that god has abandoned them, but they made a huge mistake and misunderstanding by believing that just because religion has abandoned them, that somehow God has abandoned them. This is a mistake because religion is an imperfect human interpretation of the divine. Religion is a mistake because they took something personal like the connection between an individual and god, and turned it into something very impersonal and generalized and vague and then they added several thousands of rules and bureaucracy and red tape and nonsensical stories to make the act of personally loving God and being loved by God personally more complicated and frustrating and confusing, and more exclusive and excluding to those who can't keep up with the complicated rules and are therefor "not good enough". Very intense efforts were also made to make some religions very dumbed down and uncomplicated so that they would also appear very simple or stupid and unattractive, and they even filled many with false teachings and false promises of forgiveness even for the most horrible things if they just beg for forgiveness or give the church or temple some money even if they don't really regret their sins. Consider this: Humans created religions as their imperfect human interpretation of the divine. Religion is imperfect because it was created by imperfect humans. Religion is imperfect. Since religion has abandoned people, It is actually Imperfect humans who have abandoned imperfect humans.


This plan was set in motion a very VERY long time ago by a satanic cult that believes it rules the world. It's a really deep plan because what this eventually does is make people feel rejected by God so that they are attracted to the opposite, and join the satanic cult.

All religions and their books and monuments (buildings and statues and paintings and art and so on and so forth) and saints and messengers and everything else are directly worshipped IN PLACE of god. This means that all religions, even those that warn of false idol worship are in fact false idols. RELIGIONS ARE ACTUALLY FALSE IDOLS IN DISGUISE.

God is perfect. God loves YOU. God never abandoned people. God never abandoned YOU. People misunderstand what has happened and feel resent and sadness and anger towards god because they have been brainwashed from birth to believe that religion and god are inseparable and one and the same, but that is a lie. Always Love God. Even if you don't like any religion. Love God. Don't believe, KNOW.



You guys should really understand that we're constantly fed lies from the moment we're born, no matter where we are born or who we are born to. It's all compromised. Everything is fake or if it is true is is twisted truth. We are lied to about God and we are lied to about the world and what is beyond all around us. We are lied to on every level so that our foundations of understanding are based on lies, meaning that everything that is built up from that false foundation is also false. Understand that and know that the wisest of people understand that they truly know nothing. The only truth that you can be sure of is to know God. There is no substitute. False gods are fake and satan is fake but many bad people exist and those bad people want others to believe in fake bad things so that they can do bad things in general and get away with it. There is nothing other than God that is worth accepting as 100% pure honest truth. God knows everything, God controls everything, and God is the one and only God. To depend on religion of any kind to give you a clean and un-corrupt understanding of God is to betray yourself in your search for the truth of God. God is of truth and truth is of God. There is no substitute to the one and only God. More and more are inevitably arriving to this understanding. religion is an attempt to put a box around god and create false rules and limitations that humans have for god, which is absolutely disgusting and false and which simply can not happen ever no matter what in any way. Only God controls everyone and everything, and can not be controlled by anything or anyone.


Giant list of simple pro tips:

>Try to be a good person by your own standards.

>It's okay to explore and consider others standards but don't let something you don't fully understand or agree with define or enslave you.

>Keep trying to improve your own standards. Don't get glued to old ways and never improve, but Don't try to fix what isn't broken and as a result break everything good.

>Avoid things you know are completely bad for you and present no opportunities for growth or falsely dangle the possibility of growth in front of you at a terrible risk or cost.

>Try to expose yourself to things you know are healthy. Try to keep yourself and your surroundings as healthy as possible. Some will view this as sheltering or as selfish but just like "It's okay to be white(or any other color)" (truly hateful and racist people will disagree and shame people for being who they are) It's also Okay to love yourself. Taking good care of yourself is not selfish.

>Try to do your very best to avoid adding any more pain and suffering back into the world. I'm not trying to sound preachy, But trust me- things go better when you don't poison the water you swim, bathe, drink, and breath in.

>Try to do your very best to send out good feels and good energy out into the world around you, but be very careful who you do this around or for, and where. Being good turns you into a giant target like a nice cool glass of ice water in the middle of a desert. You actually have to hide your power level, and know when to use it.

>Choose all your metaphorical and or figurative battles very wisely. A battle is worthless if you don't win the war in the end. It's okay to feel whatever you need to feel, so long as you understand all the reasons exactly why you are feeling it- but you must also learn to control your emotions and at very imporant moments even shut them off in order to make careful decisions using only logic, but you must also learn when to trust your emotions, your gut instincts and shut off logic too. Knowing when and how and why to balance and in what direction is very important.

>Keep trying to learn more good things, and keep trying to unlearn more bad things. You're going to want to have a good amount of self confidence but also be careful about knowing when to question yourself and take a huge deep look at everything and rethink it and see if your know is nice and solid. (you can only truly know God, everything else is up in the air)

>Just love and know God. pray whenever you want, wherever you want. no dumb ceremonies, no dumb rituals. you don't even have to talk. just whisper to God in your own mind with your soul and pray. just pray.


science is as much a religion as religions are a religion, and as religion in its limited perception of the universe is imperfect; therefore so is science.

science, just like religion has many different versions and subsections of people with entirely different beliefs.

religion and science both get things right

religion and science both get things wrong

science is very often wrong

religion is very often wrong

if science was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need science to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.

if religion was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need religion to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.

if science was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need religion to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.

if religion was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need science to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.

science is the religion of trying to understand the world or "universe" around us.

religion is the science of trying to understand God.

religion and science are both created by human beings.

Science is a religion because scientists and mathematicians and historians and archaeologists panic if someone else (for example another scientist) discovers some problematica that does not fit into their current established standard model of "what is" and fearfully try to aggressively discredit or discard or silence the discoverer or data as quickly as possible to protect their credibility and careers. If you do not repeat and parrot what is already "their truth" you labeled as a phony mentally unstable and insane heretic and a scam artist, all to protect their religion from change, improvement, scrutiny, or even constructive criticism of any kind.

It's important to understand that IQ tests are tests created by imperfect human beings to poorly and terribly inaccurately attempt and immediately fail to measure the divine consciousness or "intelligence" in a person. If you fail to correctly (By their imperfect human standards of correctness) complete all the different questions or tasks in the test, then you fail and are given false judgment by imperfect human beings and are rated as low intelligence (by their imperfect human standards of intelligence). It does not matter to them if you're clever or able to do anything else "smart" outside the artificial boundaries of their "oh so very official and legit" "test".

So essentially science and religion is an attempt at observing and making observations (science physically) or (religion spiritually) and attempting to discuss and understand (science the universe around them) or (religion God)

Science says that the universe was compressed into a very tiny infinitely small point billions of years ago and then exploded and the galaxies and stars and planets formed. Religion says that in the beginning there was nothing and then God created the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars. The problem is that we don't know if the same people that have infiltrated religion and science decided to make up a lie and spread it through both science and religion, or if the good people in religion and science are just doing their best and were able to attempt to tell what they believe is truth on this subject and it just simply came out similar sounding because God helped guide them to the truth or close to it. Winging it.


human beings are imperfect, therefor what they think and create is imperfect.

We're all just trying our best. We're all just winging it. Everything we do as imperfect human beings is just an attempt, but we can't actually "DO" anything. Only God can truly "DO" anything.

Dedicating yourself strictly to any one type of science or any one type of religion and shutting out the wisdom and lies of the rest of the different kinds of systems is the death of creativity, curiosity, learning, and innocence. we are meant to explore and learn and find out the truth. during this process we are inevitably exposed to lies and we must strengthen ourselves against those lies so that we may grow in our search for the truth. beware that intentionally going out of your way to immerse yourself in an ocean of many lies and little truths is a fools game for the most manipulative, evil, and self-dishonest. intentionally surrounding yourself with many lies in an attempt to discover the truth is like drowning for a small bubble of dirty air. (many evil cults do this on purpose)

(notice some of these are smart tips from multiple different religons and spiritual beliefs. there are little pieces of truth scattered about and hidden in everything. there are also lies scattered about everywhere also, which is one of the biggest reasons why you never fully trust anything other than God)

>It's imporant to try to have an understanding of many different perspectives to get a better grasp of what's really going on, know thy enemy, some of that sun tzu type stuff I guess, but try to not become the monster in the process and all that. Just be careful and don't become what you know is evil. Check yourself often for corruption. Are you falling into a trap? Being fooled? Be careful!!!

I'm going to try to explain

>How to listen to God

>Listening to God is of the utmost importance

>Humans talking about (what God wants) are not actually talking about what God wants. The bibile/ any written test "of God"/ any religion of God. is not actually of God

>What God wants from/for each human is different

>It's important to try not to commit the "sin" the imperfect human beings who wrote writings of gods and religions make. a lot of these imperfect human beings attempt to claim authority and falsely claim officiality as they try to imperfectly extrapolate the message of god into a broad message easily digestible for everyone in such a way that it is used to control them or further confuse them by covertly and indirectly distancing people from god by giving them false ideas to worship- Which is not the nature of the message of god because the message is personal to each and every human being. I would be would be somewhat guilty the same as them if I told you how to talk to god and how to receive the message of god the way that others do, which is why I'm trying to convey the most simplest understanding that I can. I am NOT condoning or supporting the idea of creating another religion. this is designed to free people from limiting and false ideological chains and corrupt ideas so that they may simply love God. that's it.

>Remember that there is wisdom in all religions but there is also corruption in all religions so read up on pretty much everything but be very careful. believing everything you read or experience in life as perfect, that's the problem.


>God is truth.

>There is no religion higher than truth.

>There is no religion equal to truth.

>All religion is lesser and lower than truth.

>God exists. God exists not as a theory and not as a concept of the false matrix universe, but as an actual thinking real individual/beyond being/entity of pure power and love and permanently unmatched and immeasurable intelligence that is capable of beyond infinite multitasking better than any computer or program that has ever, does, or will ever exist in any way shape or form.

>God is eternal

>God is outside of time

>God is actually heaven

>God is real reality

>God is true nature (not the same nature as our reality)

>God is a being that has no beginning and no end and no limits and technically also a special place that has no beginning and no end and no limits

>to the imperfect perception and definitions and standards of humanity, perfection is percieved and defined as a dead end because people make the foolish assumption to believe that once perfection is reached that you are simply "there" which is completely incorrect. but true perfection, as in the true perfection of God is always growing and changing and improving in amazing ways that nobody will ever be able to keep up with. God is already perfect, but always becoming even more perfect.

>no human no matter how perfect or great could ever be as great and as perfect as God is. God is on an entirely different level that is unreachable forever. period.

>God created humans but God is not human. God is great, endless, limitless, and imperceivable by humans. you can only ever really truly and wholly perceive and appreciate God when God takes you if God decides to do so.

>God is the one and only God

>If someone believes in the one and only God then they automatically believe in the right real truth that is more real than the reality we currently live in. to know the one and only God is to believe and know the truth. God automatically knows that they mean the right and only true choice since they are accepting that everything else is fake and false. God automatically understands that people who believe in the one and only God could only possibly mean the God, the one and only. if you accept the unbreakable and incorruptible fact that there is only God and you believe in and love and know the one and only God then God automatically protects you since God knows you don't mean something else like a false god or false idol or false cult or false religion and so on.

>all who have ever lived- live now- and ever will live, have failed to- and always will fail to represent God perfectly.

>God created everything

>God knows everything

>God controls everything

>God created free will. God controls free will. <- yes this is a paradox. God also created paradoxes. God also controls paradox. see adam and eve fruit example.

>What is God? Hard-mode: use evidence.

Do you understand how difficult that is for imperfect human beings living in a false reality simulation (which was designed by God to be essentially perfectly imperfect) to describe something that is an exterior exception to the common rule of imperfection in the false reality around us, and the thing we attempt to describe is perfect? plato's cave. It's like trying to explain what a color is to a blind person who has never seen before. God is the one and only all knowing immeasurable being of power and consciousness and love that is infinite and beyond infinite, eternal and beyond eternal, perfect and beyond perfect. God is heaven, real reality, truth. God has always existed, exists, and always will exist. God exists outside of the limitations of time. Try to grasp the concept of infinity. Now try to grasp the concept of greater than that which is already endless. Then try to grasp going so much more greater beyond that deep into the realm where is stopped making any sense to your logical foundations about an infinite number or more of attempts ago and keep going forever more. You're not even a fraction of a percent of a percent of a percent close to even being close to understanding or explaining God. We're beyond babies and God is, well, God. The simple answer is you can't "get" god. Only God can grant you the gift of being got by God.


>all things that happen percieved by people as good or bad are things that God chooses to make happen

>we are imperfect human beings and we can not push God away, nor should we want to. we cannot shake our hands and make God fall away from us like flour from baking bread, nor should we want to. we can not wash God from ourselves no matter how hard we scrub, nor should we want to. even the evil globalists who blaspheme against God and commit horrible crimes can not shake God from themselves no matter how desperate they may be to do so. we can not sell our souls to anyone else or any other cause, nor should we want to- because we are all in the hands of God. We are not our own to give away to anything else, and there is nothing else, and that is good. we are all children of God. all is as God wills it. this is an absolute unbreakable fact.

>there is no devil or bad spiritual/religious enemy figure, and these false idol characters are always created by people who childishly refuse to give God credit for all events that take place.

>people who can't handle giving God credit for everything in every way, are accidentally foolishly insulting the intelligence of God by pretending they are taking away power from God by inventing false idol puppets like jesus and satan.

>some people can't handle giving God all the credit for everything because "my puppy died" and they rationalize "my puppy is good" so how can God be good if God made my puppy die? it's extremely sad and I'm not denying how these people feel even if I know that they are being stupid. not everyone can grasp the big picture, but even those who can grasp it are only grasping like a baby grasps at their mothers breast.

>God made the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars and said "and it was good" it was not good for humanity, but good for the purpose God has for humanity.

>you don't have a soul, you ARE a soul and you are given a body by God so that you may function and interact here like an avatar does in a videogame. treat it well, and do good by the gift God has given you. don't disrespect it.

>God communicates directly with every human being. You've been doing so your whole life, but not everybody realizes it.

>When you first learn to listen, it is very easy to convince yourself (and for others to convince you) that you are insane.

>It's not always a good idea to tell others what you are experiencing because they might react in very irrational ways that are harmful to your health and wellbeing. however, this is a great way to test who your real friends are. warning: you may end up alone, but you are never truly alone because God is always with you.

>there is no such thing as a random thought in your head. everything you think was meant to be thought of. yes, we all have silly or disturbing thoughts pop into our heads like this very simple and shallow example: "what If I choked on the food I'm eating right now?".

>some thoughts are given to you so that you can hold them in your mind and consider them without agreeing or disagreeing with them, similarly to how ideas are handled by the most intelligent people.

>some thoughts come up as miraculous ideas

>some thoughts come up so that you can think "No! that's stupid, that's totally bad, lets not do that." because it can make you aware of what Not to do.

>God will offer undeniable proof to you if you ask. But, and here's where it gets kind of funny… the proof is not transferable. The proof will absolutely convince you of the truth, but will not be anything that can convince others.

>Once you have a personal relationship with God, that supersedes all other teachings, the bible, any type of teachers (religious/spirutual or not), and history.

>you don't need to go to a church or a temple or mosque or synagogue or any other religious place to pray or be close to God.

>you don't need to pray for God to know all of the things in your heart and soul, even if you won't know it for years or forgot about it.

>even though God knows everything, God still likes it when you pray.


<"But I ask. How can we have free will if praying is supposed to be effective?"

this is a great question and it has a great answer. God is all powerful and knows everything. God created everything. since God created everything, God controls everything. since God controls everything, there is no such thing as free will. God created free will, but since God created free will, God controls it, so there is no free will but of course this is a special paradox created by God. since God created paradoxes, God also controls paradoxes. God controls all, in true reality and in fake reality. It doesn't have to make sense to our imperfect human minds. since God knows everything and is all knowing and all powerful, God is responsible for all the thoughts that enter your mind. God knows all the thoughts you ever had, all the thoughts you ever could have had, all the thoughts you might ever have, all the thoughts you will never have, and all the thoughts you will have. because of this, technically speaking, prayer is obsolete and isn't necessary. that being said, things like prayer do make God happy. God likes it when you pray even though God already knows what you are going to pray. it's just a nice thing on our part, a small effort as if to say that we are doing this nice little thing for God because we know it pleases God. I hope this answers your question.

I'm going to make a nice prayer now right here.

please God almighty the one and only God the most wise and the most powerful who is our God and our heaven, hear my prayer. thank you for allowing 8chan to exist so that we imperfect human beings who are secretly the greatest philosophers of our time and yet rejects of an even more imperfect society could be allowed to converge here and discuss what need be discussed with true freedom of speech by your will. thank you God for sending your voice to us so that we may have a positive and good effect on the world. Amen.

>many religions are designed to get in everyones way and tie them up with tedious obsessive busy work that accomplishes nothing and gets them nowhere and entraps them in very limiting belief systems (just like schools and college and jobs in this world) (if you are too busy stressing out trying to do your homework and pass tests and exams and get good grades and figure out your taxes and pay all your bills, and worry about insurance, you can't stop and think clearly to improve on philosophy and wonder why you're doing any of this in the first place) bad people say what they say, but they really always mean- "there is no fun allowed, you are not allowed to wonder, you are not allowed to ask questions, you are not allowed to feed your curiousity, you are not allowed to learn, you are not allowed to have passion, you are not allowed to be free, you are not allowed to dream." So never listen to them. Just because you are being paid does not mean you are not being enslaved, and Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

>many religions are intentionally designed to trick people into thinking they need to go to a special building to worship God so that they don't feel as if they are being heard by God as well as if they were praying in the (((approved place of worship))) like churches, synagoges, and mosqs.

>the bible and all religious texts from most if not all religions are flawed and imperfect at the very least because of the fact that human beings wrote the bible and human beings are flawed and imperfect (many examples in the bible where both good and bad people had a chance to write/add things in while it wasn't done yet) "the love of money is the root of all evil" but "money answereth all things"


>human beings are imperfect, and everything they make, say, do, and so on is imperfect, including bible, scripture, stories, any religious texts, books, teachings, and so on. some things in life like a sturdy house are well built and good quality but nothing we do is perfect by the standards of God.

>the word of God doesn't come from the bible. everything here is a false idol including the bible, money, statues, kings, and so on.

Exodus 20

>"You shall have no other gods before Me."You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth."

Deuteronomy 5

>You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.

>the word of God only comes straight from God.

>what all imperfect human beings are searching for is not temporary, or lasting, but rather eternal peace and and happiness and love and freedom. this can only be reached through not obtaining, grasping, or driving yourself or others crazy, but rather being gifted perfection by God.

>perfection is not a human definition. any idea of perfection that human beings have is imperfect. God is the sole true understander and beholder of perfection. God is perfect, and only God can grant perfection. (being let into heaven to become better)

different kinds of responses I got to my thread and my answers for them

>If you're smart enough to figure any of that out you should also be smart enough to realize that anyone else as smart would have also done so, and that posting it here is only going to make those that aren't smart enough further build their ego in rejection to the idea.

>"Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast. ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them. under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

>tl;dr retarded newfags will never get it even if you tell them

<I know anon. I know. but if it's pointless, if it doesn't matter because evil will always reject God then who am I to deny this wisdom to those who seek it but do not know it? just because they haven't found it yet? maybe they are smart enough but they havent been given guidance.

<you hear me you good ones out there? this is for you.

>But by attacking religion you are attacking the only thing which has protected humanity in history and you are attacking the very reason humans are allowed to exist!

>If you maintain your anti-religious views you are forfeiting your right to exist as a human on this plane and will face the karmic consequences of such acts!

>Religion did a great job of protecting humanity, becase humanity still exists! If there had been no religion you wouldn't be online typing that, because you would be extinct!

Saying that religion did a great job of protecting humanity is like saying that hardcore illegal street drugs did a great job of making many people feel better because humanity still exists. Lets just totally disregard how many lives have been destroyed by hardcore illegal street drugs (and the gang wars, drug wars, and actual wars it's created) as well as religion and the wars it's created right? Just because something bad existed and posed a challenge to humanity- and humanity survived doesn't mean that it was entirely beneficial or even good at all. because of religion, people were tortured in dungeons because their beliefs didn't line up with the beliefs of those who were torturing them.


Religion has been one of the biggest methods by which human beings have manipulated and controlled each other as well as one of the biggest reasons for almost every single war that has ever been fought up until and including modern history. Protecting humanity? Religion is a scam. It's a business just like war. "Hey be very afraid so give your church all this money because god needs your money and he loves you but you're going to hell forever so no killing, meanwhile go kill all these people because they don't believe what you believe! also, do whatever we say or god will be very upset with you!"

>"Hey let me in!, Who is it? It's jesus let me in! Why? Because I need to protect you! From what? FROM WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO YOU IF YOU DON'T LET ME IN!"

Religion is a cucked up scam that distances people from God. why worship an impefect human created system when I can just worship God directly?

The only pure and honest founding reason in history for the creation of religion is to bring people closer to God. humanity is imperfect and has since corrupted the world around it and failed religion and thus humanity has failed God and humanity has also failed itself. religion was supposed to protect people by teaching them how to be closer to God but but it caused countless wars and hurt many people in many ways beyond physical wounds. religion was supposed to bring people closer to God but instead it became a business about gathering as much money from it's followers as possible and manipulating them and controlling their lives through fear. religion filled peoples minds with false and limiting ideas and left so many people with such a bad taste in their mouths that so many in their disgust and confusion sought to reject and spit out religion but instead pushed themselves away from God. religion CREATED atheists.

If you seek to preserve humanity you must preserve the love that humanity has for God. only GOD


Very similar example can be found in first six star wars movies by george lucas.

>Jedi rules forbid attachment (but promotes compassion) (as they wage wars for political/religious bullshit, and ignore the cries for help from others who are in need like anakins dying mother)

So love isn't forbidden since compassion is like universal love as anakin explains in episode 2 I believe. This attatchment isn't about love, it's just any attachment at all. Some of the crystal chakra anons say similar things sometimes as an example. (meh…)

>All Jedi are ignorant to the fact that they are all very attached to the Jedi Order

This is a huge problem because they start to think the way that brainwashed liberals or lazy burnt out conservatives do (Plenty of offense intended, but in good will. Rediscover your roots) Liberals in the old fashioned sense wanted more freedom for good reasons. Conservatives in the old fashioned sense want to preserve or conserve and protect what freedom already exists. our founding fathers of our country USA were a special mix of old fashioned liberal and conservative in the same body, per each individual. In 2019, Liberals run wild demanding the destruction of freedom and Conservatives are lazy sleeping hippos that don't conserve anything. Both suffer from an immense lack of Self Awareness. The reason the USA was successful was that people had a balance of the right types of liberal and conservative thought with a very high amount of self awareness… for their time, yea nothing is perfect, I know. I'm not making a force balance argument here. I think that the sith, jedi, grey, are all BS. You can have any powers and use any color light saber but how you use them is what makes you good or bad. Titles are just a BS mask.

Similarly, different religions make a serious effort to warn their believers or readers to avoid intentionally or accidentally worshipping false gods or false idols but fail to properly warn anyone against falling victim to considering the religion and its books and symbolism as idols as gods. At the end of every religion, people forget about the god that is mentioned in its pages, and they bend over and bow down and worship the book itself. This is the same exact trap the jedi fall into and it's exactly why they fall. The first fall is in their mind, this allows them to fall in every other way. VERY sad, and even more sad the fact that they don't even see or accept their own flaws and mistakes as they are falling. Because they are attached.

>In the end, the jedi's lack of self awareness and their religion are the most responsible for the creation of the sith. the jedi forget that they serve the force and nothing else.

>In the end, religion and its creators lack of self awareness is the most responsible for the creation of athiests. people forget that they serve God, and nothing else.

Just a small note: If natural order natural law anon starts asspulling more fake rules like "opposites attract and magnets are opposite so fish eat other fish and that's why the world goes around" then you know that's not me (OP)



Well, OP of the posts I made anyway. Since this isn't my thread and I'm just posting it for the actual OP.



I hope you enjoy the read OP. I hope you find some good stuff in what I posted.


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re-rolling for happier numbers



I'm okay with this

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