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File: 1e32dc6d2483470⋯.jpg (398.21 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, payback.jpg)


The Latest:

- The White House will provide Congress on Thursday with a classified briefing at Congress' request regarding the Executive's intentions regarding Iran and to explain the ordered withdraw of all non-essential personnel from Iraq.

- Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been quoted as saying that an invasion of Iran will be (for John Bolton) like "Christmas, Thanksgiving, and his birthday rolled into one."

- Donald Trump, while attempting to downplay leaked plans to send 120,000 troops to the Middle East, couldn't resist boasting that he would actually send many times more than that in the event U.S. Forces came under attack. This statement has been particularly unnerving for both liberals and Iranians alike as according to the U.S., such a provocation has already likely occurred, and the U.S. anticipates more such provocations in the very near future.

/b2/'s thoughts?



Being played like a fiddle by kikes


File: 7f9784e09516253⋯.jpg (185.58 KB, 839x835, 839:835, 1557707411055.jpg)


Came to post this. Fuck trump for being jew lover and a traitor.



Would it surprise you to learn you're not the first person to express this belief on here?

That said, in the short-term, this will be no picnic for Israel. Iran has enough arty that Iron Dome will be pushed to the limit.



He's WAAAAAAY too pro pissreal, they'll pull something to bring Syria into it mark my words



>fat no-life masquerading as a military expert




Well, that's the greater reality of the larger situation, and why this has often been referred to as a "regional conflict." Syria would automatically become involved as it is Iran's closest ally. Yemen may well become involved. Most believe Russia will stay out of it, but Pakistan may lend tacit support.

This will be no small feat.


If this is a psyop as some claim, it isn't working. Clearly, Iran intends to continue enrichment activities, and military posturing only pushes them further in that direction.

Most people don't seem to be buying the notion that Iranian "frogmen" are responsible for what happened to the tankers, but the U.S. seems to be moving forward anyway.


I love how those boomer pics think that it's not the mudshits in europe that are the problem, they left they're homeland to take theirs and they think striking what they abandoned to ruin something else in the name of Jihad. God I hate old people.


File: 65f759cb83adb77⋯.jpeg (64.3 KB, 891x914, 891:914, 4C192E79-D3FA-43EA-82DE-7….jpeg)


I know trump is a kike and all but is it a good time to join the army for lots of shekels and to get some persian poon?


What the fuck have I missed? Whats your pic about OP? Christian jihad once again?



Actually yes



You know, that reminds me of something I noticed about Iraq, it was probably the first war in a long time when American G.I.s refused to fuck the local women. Vietnam, we fucked the locals. Germany, Italy, Japan, we fucked 'em. Iraq and Afghanistan it was like, "no fucking way, I'm not that horny."


File: 91fd778fc0f4838⋯.jpg (5.2 KB, 194x259, 194:259, images.jpg)


>small feet

Syria and Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. Maye even an anti-american, sunni-shia alliance which runs the Saudi royals out of Mecca. Trump would succeed where centuries of sandfags failed. Pan Arabism would be a thing again overnight



I guess it is pointing out the timing of the decision to end sanctions waivers the day after the attack against Christians in Sri Lanka and 8 days after Notre Dame

Certainly it wasn't the prime impetus, but I think it certainly decided the timing. I think the timing is designed to play on public support for a military adventure in a Muslim nation, esp. considering the total lack of public response to attacks against Christians in the preceding weeks.



Well, on the one hand, neutralizing Iran would go a long way toward stopping its proxy forces in the region, but of course, other groups based out of Pakistan will point to the expansion of the American occupation of the Middle East for recruiting purposes.

With Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Syria all practicing some brand of "Democracy" it certainly doesn't leave many dominoes remaining, although that last domino is a nuclear power.


“It’s close to inconceivable that the president, the administration would consider a war with Iran,” said Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, a GOP critic of the president. “The president made it clear when he ran for president that one of the worst foreign policy mistakes in American history was the decision to go to war with Iraq. And that we would repeat that [is] unthinkable and something I can’t imagine the president or his senior staff would consider.”



The consequences of an Iranian conflagration should horrify us. Dan Plesch – a specialist at Soas University of London’s Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy – details the US air and naval power potentially ranged against Iran: it’s what one of his colleagues describes as “a tsunami of precision-guided molten metal”. The “lethality of US force”, says Plesch, “to very rapidly destroy military, civil, political and economic infrastructure is hugely underestimated” – and is far greater than in 2003. The US would seek to impose a government-in-exile with no roots in the country; a bloody balkanisation could follow. Iran would mobilise its regional influence – dramatically increased by the Iraq catastrophe – raising the prospect of wider regional conflict.


Up until a few hours ago, Germany and the Netherlands had a small contingent in Iraq to help train Iraqi forces. They were put on a fast plane out of Iraq and are now headed home.

As Bob Menendez pointed out, either we are pulling our people out because we genuinely believe Iran is about to attack, or because we genuinely believe that we are about to attack Iran. Since the EU members do not believe Iran intends to attack, one is left to conclude that the EU at least has confidence in the notion that the U.S. intends to launch some sort of pre-emptive attack.






Death to jews.



File: 9713b0baa050802⋯.gif (428.5 KB, 500x266, 250:133, New dental plan for blacks….gif)



We're all going to wake up tomorrow and find that absolutely nothing happened, as usual. There's always big scares that we're going to war with the sandniggers again, but nothing ever comes of it.

Read a book, shitpost elsewhere, jack off, go to bed, do something more productive than wasting your time here.


>be (((America)))

>make nuclear deal with Iran

>rip off said deal

>complain about Iran not respecting the deal.

'''The absolute state of (((Amreicucks)))


A lot of people have been asking why American war plans only call for 120,000 troops (when many more would be needed.)

Put yourself in John Bolton's shoes, and you're trying to start a war. It is essential that neither side back down or agree to negotiate. Thus, Iran's rhetoric must match the course of events. If Iran were to come under the belief that an attack is a foregone conclusion, two things could happen: Either, A.) They will pre-empt the American "pre-emption" in which case, the U.S. cost of war will be higher, or B.) Iran might actually back off and come to the table.

Had the U.S. sent 4 carriers into the region from the get-go, Iran would likely have perceived the threat as real and came to the table. John Bolton does not want Iran to come to the table, because if they do, Mr. Trump will gladly negotiate, as he fancies himself to be a good negotiator.

By sending only a moderate presence of the Middle East, Iran has been lured into engaging to the exact sort of bluster that, when coupled with false flag attacks, only serve to demonize Iran and provide at least a thin justification for war. Iran truly believes that the U.S. is engaging is a psychological operation.

The second reason why the war plan calls for a modest American presence (in early stages) is because Russian/Chinese response is difficult to predict, and the U.S. wants to hold most of its force in reserve to guard against a possible wider conflict.

Once it is clear that Russia and China do not intend to become involved, only then will the U.S. commit the 300k+ force widely expected by analysts.


File: a17059e842ee8e6⋯.png (28.42 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Peace_sign.svg.png)


>/b2/'s thoughts?

I only want one thing.



The absence of conflict =/= the presence of justice.



I don't give a fuck if there's justice in Iran. I. want. peace. If ten American soldiers die I want to keep a thousand more from dying. If Iran uses a silkkworm and actually hits a carrier and kills a thousand American sailors I want the US to develop defenses for that and pull back. The justifications for war are transparent and painfully thin. Fuck the petrodollar. Fuck the middle east grand strategy. And most of all fuck our conniving billionaire overlords. Use American soldiers to protect close allies as promised (also pull back from those promises as soon as practical) and American shores and for no other purpose. Fuck the "American interests" that see Marines die for oil. Fuck the lies. Bring them home. I want peace.



Foreign wars and propaganda do nothing but ruin the country.


File: 91f69878bdf8e3e⋯.gif (287.34 KB, 480x360, 4:3, clap.gif)


I hope iran, saudia arabia and yemen will be nuked to death, same for israel and egypt after.


File: 637b11898868ca3⋯.jpg (36.49 KB, 609x324, 203:108, Enough.jpg)



middle east is a cesspit where nothing gets done except Americans dying for Jewish overlords and fatcats. pull out every last man and cut all ties with the middle east, start drilling on our own land in the gulf and Alaska (better yet start moving towards nuclear energy/get off oil entirely), go full autarky.



The type of morality you describe is essentially sophistry i.e. 'killing people is bad'… sounds good on the surface, but the reality is that the most bloody wars in history were fought between evenly matched opponents. Have a 'sole superpower' has actually kept the body count much lower than it could have been.

The underpinnings of this impending conflict, as you probably suspect, do involve oil, but it is not as simple as, "Hurrdurr, the U.S. is stealing oil." Oil is a finite strategic asset essential for the survival of humanity, and that goes for people in every country. If it is depleted without first developing a VIABLE, AFFORDABLE alternative, then it will spell catastrophe for humankind.

Those making the decisions are keeping this in mind. The wars in Iraq, and now Iran, are actually rooted in extremely thorough planning and longsightedness.

The real enemy is China, a nation that executes over 1 million per year because of their religious and/or political beliefs without a trial and without record keeping. It is China that is being kept in check when we take this action, and that is worth something to me when considering the morality of the conflict.

No one here is going to argue that death and waste are good things, but when compared to the consequences of living in a Communist/Authoritarian global regime, I think I speak for generations of those maimed and killed under the yolk of Communist oppression when I tell you that you can go fuck yourself, your mother, and the horse you rode in on.



Obvious propaganda is obvious. I mean, this is literally government propaganda. The only question is, WHICH government? It's so obvious and knuckle-dragging that my guess would be the Saudis – however, to my knowlege, cyber operations aren't really their thing. I suppose it could also be Russia just trying to stir the pot, as usual. It could also be the US government trying to gain support for a war they already know they're going to start – and they know 8chan is top-notch at spreading misinformation. And then there's (((you know who)))

Who's paying you, OP?


File: 0d03baed68557de⋯.jpg (239.32 KB, 648x536, 81:67, Consider the Following.jpg)


I agree that China is arguably the biggest threat right now in today's world, but likewise it's also the most complicated one. We actively do absurd amounts of trade with a country that executes and tortures it's own citizens for whatever reason it wants. Because of that, declaring war would be a fucking death sentence to our economy and would risk turning the entire Western seaboard into molten glass depending on how much it escalates.

So how do you suggest we solve the China problem?



When did I say the US is stealing oil? I specifically pointed to the petrodollar, that outdated policy. And when did I say the US should become weak? Don't put words in my mouth.

There is already a good alternative to oil. There's no reason we can't start moving our military and civilian infrastructure to oil.

I know exactly why we have this 20 year long focus on Iran. I know the real enemy will be China. And my opinion hasn't changed a wit. China is the powerful enemy America will face in 20 or 30 years. Fighting Iran does nothing to help American power against China. China cannot be kept in check. America NEEDS to prepare for that war with an enormous focus on its own economic independence and prosperity. Pursuit of the petrodollar is no longer a meaningful target. It's the symptom of a lack of agility.

What America needs is batteries based on resources that can be mined at home, the ability to turn on a dime to start doing so, a military that isn't arrogant and overly dependent on new technology, a military that moves on electricity (20 years is plenty of time for battery power to no longer be new) a solid industrial base, and high military morale based on exercises involving real hardship. NONE of that requires attacking Iran.



Iranian women can look pretty decent tho.



Oh stfu, you insufferable twat. Fucking armchair general. Go mow the lawn or something.


>all these zogbots in thread that think american lives matter and that we should let muslims get free reign on whatever they want because they were taught by Jewish media that war=bad and peace=good.



Trailer park girls can look pretty decent too if they dress up, it doesn't mean I'd fuck one.


Bring back American manufacturing, and tariff China until that happens. Protect our trade and military secrets. Maintain military dominance. The second we lose the upper-hand militarily, that's when China acts, it's a doctrine that's thousands of years old… win the battle, then fight it.

Governments are only as evil as its people allow it to be. Poverty will make a people desperate. It was poverty that gave rise both to Naziism and the Communist Revolution in China. Unfortunately for China, there was no 82nd airborne to liberate them a couple years after it started. They have been living with it for 3 generations, which as with anything, makes it almost impossible to shake.



>Bring back American manufacturing, and tariff China until that happens. Protect our trade and military secrets. Maintain military dominance. The second we lose the upper-hand militarily, that's when China acts, it's a doctrine that's thousands of years old… win the battle, then fight it.

Spoken like a true magapede. BASED XDD



>damage control



We are on cusp of full-scale confrontation with enemy: Iranian Guards commander

1 Min Read

GENEVA (Reuters) - The commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards said on Wednesday: “We are on the cusp of a full-scale confrontation with the enemy,” the Fars news agency reported.

Major General Hossein Salami, named head of the force last month, added: “This moment in history, because the enemy has stepped into the field of confrontation with us with all the possible capacity, is the most decisive moment of the Islamic revolution.”

The United States has sent further military forces to the Middle East, including an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers and Patriot missiles, in a show of force against what U.S. officials say are Iranian threats to its troops and interests in the region.



>war mongering



But he’s unironically right. The amount of cringe in this thread makes me wonder where the anon who does the cringe posts is.



>war with China is inevitable and we need to start preparing now

Seriously just stfu. It's people like you who MAKE war inevitable. Stop being a dumb computer expert and do something with your life.



Sure sounds like that's what they're doing. Kind of crazy for a country claiming they have no hostile intentions and that all the recent attacks are false flag.

On a certain level, they must know that Bolton means business.



>Stop being a dumb computer expert and do something with your life.

My life is and always will be shit, but that doesn't make me wrong. Argue against my argument.


File: d8b29d472377943⋯.jpeg (24.33 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ayatollah.jpeg)

Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!



He’s reddit spacing what do you expect.



There's a plan in place, with adequate resources to stop both the globalist regimes(banksters) and the Muslim Jihadists. While we are approaching the border crisis, and the domestic crisis simeultaneously. Do not fret, for there is always Hope in a Hopeless World. Love in such Hateful Times.



>Hurrdurr, I don't like the fact that he is using good grammar, that is so 2000 and late! Therefore, his argument is invalid!



You're low IQ, why would I stoop to your level and drop my IQ a fourth?


File: 126e45a920e7e3d⋯.jpg (25.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wonder who it is.jpg)

Yes goy, go defend (((America)))!



It’s not even grammar redditor, if you don’t understand the sites etiquette it shows how you’re a newfag redditor and should fuck off back to where u came from.



I wonder how Benny G feels now that Trumpenstein went full McCain.



>Argue against my argument

Ok, here it goes… you ready? There's no good reason to think that a war with China is even close to being imminent given that our economies practically revolve around each other. It would cause a complete and total global collapse. Not to mention the nuclear element.

You're just a paranoid war monger who likes to stir things up on the Internet because it makes you feel like less of a loser.


Yes, yes…. more sacrifices for Yahweh.



I didn't say it's imminent, I said it's inevitable in a 20-30 year time frame. I would be delighted to be wrong.


File: 7c9bcecfa87b27f⋯.png (120.99 KB, 1394x750, 697:375, a_weabon_to_surbass_medal_….png)

Gondola get


File: 1550b9567404b80⋯.png (536.36 KB, 1707x1704, 569:568, bug_doing_a_somersault1.png)



File: 2a5b0ae9a8f6233⋯.jpg (45.45 KB, 406x255, 406:255, quintchecken.jpg)



Are u arguing against yourself? Stop using reddit spacing faggot.


Thank you lain.







Close enough.



File: 3b719ed0a571607⋯.jpg (906.29 KB, 1605x1295, 321:259, 1525619556962.jpg)

Cracky get


File: 529164b71d9059a⋯.png (680.11 KB, 1290x988, 645:494, checkem.png)


this should've been the GET



Checked. I was off by 3 seconds.


File: 4936a8fff48e932⋯.gif (88.51 KB, 498x416, 249:208, 1547516908327.gif)


you were robbed of your throne



OP here, I agree with this assessment entirely. With Iran and Venezuela under American control, the U.S. and select European allies will have enough oil to carry us another 30 years. China/Russia/India on the other hand are going to have very serious shortages because of how dependent they have been on Iranian/Venezuelan crude, and that's going to happen only about 15 years from now given the current American activities.



>inevitable in a 20-30 year time frame

Do you really expect the global economy to change THAT much in 20-30 years? The advent of AI is going to make things very interesting, but I don't expect there to be a major shift away from globalism. And the threat of total nuclear destruction is always underestimated when people speculate about WWIII.



>Trailer park girls can look pretty decent too if they dress up, it doesn't mean I'd fuck one.

Why not?



This is a lulzy read if you don't mind the liberal whining… The headline written in the vernacular of a teenager ironically and futilely trying to discourage a peer from suicide really sets the tone for the rest of the article. Liberal hissyfit = Excellent chance of war.



>OP here, I agree with this assessment entirely

You blamed the Iranian government for burning Note Dame as if it's fact. Why would anyone take your opinion seriously?



Low IQ, China depends on U.S. Consumerism as a way to fuel their economy. In fact, production has slowed down as their people have decreased in population since the 80's. In fact, we actually started importing goods directly from Thailand as their productions are cheaper now. So the fact is, China had their boom. Now they're trying to remain relevant in a world and develop opportunity for their people. However, I do not trust ANY government that actively squashes the negative opinions of their leaders in the name of the "state". However, they're not going to be rich forever and they just need to come to terms with that. They can't simply push China Communistic ideals into foreign trade routes and expect USA to not answer with patrols and a watchful eagle. As long as one person is dead in the USA for Fentanyl, we will continue to tarriff China until we feel as though they have adequately paid their debts of the lost GDP of the 75k people who have died from it. Correspondingly, the Mexican border threat will escalate and we will have to truly apply pressure to restructure the policies of Mexico. As well as a new deportation policy, and NO MORE immigration for 10 years. If you're not a U.S. citizen then you cannot work here anymore. As well as, we will place laws on our colleges to not give preferential treatment to non U.S students. There will be a Max of 4-10% non U.S. citizens allowed at a college. In fact, it will be difficult and competition so rigid that they cannot come here without being the absolute best of the best. Even then they will still get denied regularly. That is the only way to fix this shit show mess we call globalism. Oh, and when we deport you get one strike, if you get caught again in the USA you're placed in a work camp where you are required to work indefinitely, without pay, 3 meals a day and a cold cot.



the real issue is JEWS

always has been and always will be until they are finally dealt with..

China would still be some busted ass serfdom sans any sort of actual advanced weaponry if the ultra kike Kissinger hadn't forced them to be the worlds manufacturer.

This is about central banks and the jewish monopoly on it plain and simple.

Communist oppression?? More billionaires then anywhere yet you wanna call China communist? It's an oligarchy/hyper nepotism of the few against the many just like ol amerikkka. Left/right is just a gross dialect with no real meaning



Much the same reason I wouldn't fuck an Iranian… bad genes, venereal disease, shotgun weddings… :D



The Iraq war was a failure. Not gonna read, but at least he got one thing right.



So… not defend America and let mudslimes do as they please?



>With Iran and Venezuela under American control, the U.S. and select European allies will have enough oil to carry us another 30 years.

And then wha? Back to riding horses?



The thinking of Bolton et. al. is that that will provide enough time to develop viable energy alternatives.



I said (((America))) you newfag. (((Who))) do you think is behund every war the US engages in?



Why not start transitioning the renewables right the fuck now?



You're basically just spouting Republican talking points, brainlet.



Aw, man, I didn’t know there would be a test… Is it the Russians?



A success if you consider that the objective was to control oil contracts and drive oil prices higher…



shut up Hillary



Imagine if we put that much money and resources into making the switch to renewable energy.

No, the Iraq invasion caused the whack-a-mole game we've been playing ever since. We made things even worse than they were before we invaded. We need to stop meddling.



Tesla was a privately outsourced government program to explore the limits of lithium-ion tech. When it hit a wall, that's when Musk "gave away" the tech they had developed to the other big manufacturers. Would have kept it secret if it was viable.

While we definitely have the Lithium (Afghanistan) to make as many batteries as we need, the price is too high to make electric autos practical for average Americans, especially all-electric big rigs. Instead of big rig going for a quarter million, we'd be talking $800k which would put all of the big food distros out of business for sure. They considered subsidizing key transport companies but it would actually bankrupt us at the current costs. The ultimate solution will have to be something other than lithium-ion, perhaps hydrogen-ion or something else not conceived of yet.



And to think it all start with the false flag that was 9/11




And another thing… The cost/benefit for "obtaining" oil in Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere is a lot better than the cost/benefit of developing tech at our own expense that the Chinese intend to steal anyway.

You figure, we spent about $1T in Iraq, but gained access to over $10T in oil, and denied China access to the same amount.

Iran, $1.5T investment gets us $15T in oil. See what I'm getting at? Besides, renewables do nothing to constrain Chinese population growth or development i.e. a rising tide lifts all ships. A solution that "raises" our ships and sinks their ships is much preferable.


File: a49d8ff1f439c77⋯.jpg (50.62 KB, 660x470, 66:47, Chinas-top-10-trading-part….jpg)


wow, you're literally retarded.


File: 060188cb3bb8d3e⋯.gif (6.55 KB, 527x309, 527:309, 20120111-1_tcm102-1143901.GIF)



>muh China




You are posting infographics so poorly thought out (or so old that they imply that Hong Kong is not part of China.

What are we supposed to deduce from this information?



Wow, they've got balls for putting that propaganda piece out… China most certainly loses if they lose Iran…



At least someone is going to put up a fight against these kikes, even though I don't remotely like Islam, however as the old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, also for the Putin dick lovers, Russia is only going to give a warning and that's it, that's the most they ever do when they get confronted against the JewSA and Israhell


More goym will die for kike interest.

Soldiers are truly scum


File: 9d96969c3883d8a⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, fedorasmarkposter.gif)


>Soldiers are truly scum

<Meanwhile at this faggots house…


File: fb43a7a5038ed07⋯.png (58.76 KB, 476x581, 68:83, obscured stanger.png)


File: 007b1599459f770⋯.jpg (41.65 KB, 700x803, 700:803, 007b1599459f7702ce2d188989….jpg)


>look mom I posted the meme again!


File: 19fb0e83b250f10⋯.jpg (5.96 KB, 236x214, 118:107, brainlet.jpg)


File: 37c089bad6e9389⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1346992769276.jpg)





Does it come as any surprise? Whites have been born and breed for millennia only to secure world Jewish hegemony.




File: a64947d702cc055⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 184x211, 184:211, Rally takes a sip.jpg)

I wonder how Iraq feels about these revaluations? Surely they aren't still bitter towards the Iranians for their attempted invasion are they? Ehh if anything they're more bitter towards us for funding them during the Nixon era.


I think that's just a result of all the gay frog chemicals and BPA turning men into homo's than anything else and the few straights probably fear being stoned for adultery.


Persians are indeed hot anon but all the slutty ones left Iran when the Ayatollah arose to power so you probably won't get laid unless you convert to Shia Islam.

Sorry to break it to you anon you'll get shot at and won't be getting any poun.


Daily reminder that the (((USA))) made what Iran is today by causing the revolution. Same reason Ukraine is even more fucked up today than post soviet russia.




I cant fully hate him cuz the character he plays is too funny

Stilla fucking kike who wont be getting my vote


File: 187c921eec2a6c1⋯.png (467.47 KB, 640x470, 64:47, serveimage (12).png)


You called?

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