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File: fca73aba37b1626⋯.jpg (25.1 KB, 474x266, 237:133, th.jpg)

168af6 No.1093


This is better then all Star Wars sequels combined.

(UNIROCK quoted).

Here are the people who are taking-down fake Q:

Legit Q creator.

AIM (now exposed for being a cult however). Notice how God even uses the wicked and the heretics to accomplish his purposes on the earth, though they cannot see their folly.

Lift The Veil – started speaking about fake Q a long time ago. (However has not yet come to the knowledge of Christ our Saviour).

Ohour1 (TITUS FROST)– exposed the Q-app used to run and control the Q trip-code and all the tons of marketing on the webb being done to promote the fake Q.

Anti-school. (We have not yet analyzed his work. Referred to by Ohour1).

UNIROCK – now exposing fake Q. Via Tracy Beanz, discovered the following board:


(Cached version of the board, since the board was attacked and all images removed by the clowns. But this cached version contains still the links to each specific topic. Easier to navigate by topic then by post number on that board).

(Which led him to find this board here on banned from Q research).

Dr. Corsi – now coming to the light, realizing Q is fake. Tracy Beanz also.

INFO-WARS – was next to expose fake Q, based on the work of CORSI.

BARUCH the scribe imposter (British Intel agent? traitor) AND PAMPHLET ANON HI-JACKING OF Q MOVEMENT FOR PROFIT EXPOSED.

BARUCH the scribe ( Paul Furber ) & PAMPHLET ANON (PAM & his wife who ran pretending to be fake Q from January 4 th or so until the Q trip was taken-over by Mossad, when Corsi also left), among other board owners and moderators, stole the Q original posts on 4-chan, created another board on 4-chan pretending to be Q, and when exposed and kicked-off 4-chan, took their fake Q to 8-chan.


January 4 th corresponds to the date approximately when original Q creator also had all of his posts deleted from the other board mentioned, where the board owner at that board (called lunaticoutpost.com and board owner named Disturbed via Amazon controlled by the clowns deleted and wiped the entire contents of that board where we were communicating with POTUS, with the CICADA people and with the original Q creators. That board was wiped on January 5 th, the approximate same day that Pamphlet anon took over the Q trip and started posting under a new trip code on 8-chan.


All of these people have been exposed and will be criminally prosecuted for deceiving millions. We the people shall open against them a massive public civil law suit which will lead to the exposure also of those who developed the cell phone APP, as exposed by TITUS FROST fromOHour1. It appears this phone APP (which they paid about 200,000 to develop?) is being run by Obama (and most likely the Clintons from Virginia area) to make millions scamming everyone and running the Q trip-code and tons of Qtube marketing, Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing promoting fake Q, among other marketing all over the internet promoting the fake Q to make it go viral.


Everyone is being scammed and lied to on a massive scale, all to prop-up a war with Iran and to justify destroying an innocent country, Syria. All of this is being done by the banking cartel elite, to further the agenda of the Illuminati and Rothschild criminals who are leading the planet into World War III and using fake Q, now controlled by Mossad, to convince all the thousands of people being duped by fake Q that war with Syria and Iran is justified. This will bring chaos and destruction upon America, as these countries launch an EMP attack upon the U.S. if this fake Q – Mossad operation succeeds. Thus, it is imperative that we, together, all over the internet, stop and expose this fake Q movement and expose Trump working for the Khazarian mafia and fake Jews and working for the Rothschilds, before the likes of Boulton and Nikki Haley lead us directly into World War III!!

Please make this go viral and let´s take down these thugs and criminals and take back the planet!!

168af6 No.1094

File: 570f89ba3c57626⋯.jpg (27.1 KB, 474x266, 237:133, th2.jpg)

Suggestion for UNIROCK, Lift the veil and others:

① Interview Pavana live on your shows.

② Visit the cached link of NWO pros above.

③ Have oHour1 come to this board to chat with us so we can expose the entire thing, you all come here, have everyone on the list above come here to this board. Together we will figure-out all the names of the people involved in this scam and take-down the NWO!



168af6 No.1101

Please see this board here also, as we have created many threads there also, exposing the NWO and criminal cabal:


168af6 No.1104

Please see this related thread:

The Seven layers of Deception in fake Q, SERCO, SES, Syria, British Crown and Khazarian NWO mafia


168af6 No.1105

And more:

The Q-anon hijacking ILLUSTRATED.


168af6 No.1107


The Storm General #43 Legit Version.


Trust Sessions", and "Trust Wray, really?


The Solution to Free The Planet!


New amendment to the Constitution removes all your rights under the Constitution!!


Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!



In fact, all the posts on this board and NWO Pros board are super important!

You have enough materials to do a year of videos and live streams!!

We shall be adding tons of new material soon.

Together we take-down the NWO!!


168af6 No.1108


Petition to End the Federal Reserve Need 100,000 Signatures


FISA CORRUPTION: Unredacted Grassley Memo Released


e1defe No.1112


Lestat from CICADA 3301 - knows nothing. Cannot analyze this board as it exposes CICADA. Lestat protecting his minions and the CICADA 3301 demon operation.


Here is what BARUCH the liar said the other day in the chat reply to this video:

SOLVED #QANON, the deleted chan posts backed up the whole time, end of investigation - SOLVED



endchan q thestorm is a backup bunker of mine. The pelican spammer followed me there.

This guy lied at the time, and claimed the endchan board was not BARCH. More proof that Baruch lies.

Who are the "Pelicans"? Those restoring the Republic!!

demon identity


e1defe No.1113


Find more details here:



367b51 No.1114


① A con man – with Pamphle anon created Q movement, Q trip-code. (Move from 4-chan to 8-chan. It is possible that the trip-code would be the same in the move. This is a correction to what we stated earlier.

② When anyone questions his position that Q was taken-over in January only, he bans you from his board and cusses at you.

③ He pretends to be a Christian and hi-jacks the Christian movement for support.

④ He is most likely an MI-6 member. (And pamphlet most likely is an F_I asset.

⑤ Q is being run by the BIG FIVE I INTEL AGENCIES.

⑥ Pamphlet anon who ran the fake Q erased the post some anon made referring to the BIG FIVE I, to which Q has responded, saying “interesting hey” (referrring to the five I control of everything. Pamphet erased that Q post and the reference post, since we kept referring to it and were exposing how the five I Intel agencies are running Q anon. Now they use Mossad so they can operate outside U.S. Law with impunity. The Clowns handed the new Q over to Mossad.

⑦ Baruch may have been left out of the money making scam and is upset with pamphet and others who took control of the Q account. This is one possible scenario. It may be wrong, as they were actually working together and Baruch consented to the transfer.

⑧ Baruch and pamphlet paid for the Tracy Beanz new computer.

⑨ Corsi was brought in to the psyop to help promote the fake pamphlet anon Q account.

⑩ Thomas Gabriel and Thomas S. apparently work together in the CICADA 3301 movement. So they both most likely were involved in the original anon posts on 4-chan before the Baruch-pamphlet take-over and move to 8-chan. Jesuits are allowed to lie to achieve an objective. Jesuits don´t so easy stop becoming Jesuits, they just move on into other religions to perpetrate the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC.

⑪ We created The Quiet Storm and the Calm Before the Storm and other ideas which CIDADA 3301 incorporated on their original posts on 4-chan which lasted a very short time before they were hijacked by BARUCH, pamphlet anon and the other Intel agents. These guys created a psyop to fool the American people, based upon the hard work of others. They are thus criminals and must be prosecuted for what they have done. Let Baruch flee to England, it will do no good.

367b51 No.1115


Item number 6 above would explain why pamphlet anon was re-numbering the Q-posts, so that to accomodate the Q posts he has made which he was deleting, as they were exposing things about Q he did not want to get out. The same reason Qresearch board bans people. To cover-up the truth!!

367b51 No.1116


In the live interview with UNIROCK and Lift the veil the other day, BARUCH the scribe gave out 3 conflicting stories on when in November or December Q first started posting on CBTS. Listen again and you will find the 3 conflicting stories in the same interview! HATEFUL BULL-SHITTER EXPOSED!!

367b51 No.1117


The cached version of endchan is no longer loading the thread links. So we will need to paste them indivudually later. For now, the posts are available in numerical order:


367b51 No.1118

Not only did these scumbags steal the Q movement from us, now they ban us for trying to post proof or explain how we,CICADA 3301 and others created the content this fake Q is using now. They are FAUX PATRIOTS, deceiving the American people. They were doing the SAME THING on the other board that was wiped clean last year. Now it will take us a year to re-create all those threads and re-post all the evidence that we are the original creators of the "Q anon" movement to restore the Republic. Actually, "Q" is a concoction. We always posted as anonymous.

76f7e0 No.1119


0HOUR1 Chennel Twitter:




Replying to @MarkOliver1776 @0H0UR1

So, then go away. Nobody tells me what to think of Q! Why do you care if he's a dumbass?


10m10 minutes ago

No I’m calling the fbi on Monday this dudes scamming old ladies under @realDonaldTrump name0HOUR1 added,

76f7e0 No.1120

File: 0396bb90319cb16⋯.jpg (17 KB, 480x212, 120:53, DdmLvCRV0AAZg4S.jpg)

0HOUR1 Retweeted

Mark Oliver


1h1 hour ago

Replying to @0H0UR1

#QAon #QLarp hacked again. Tries to make it look all mysterious and shit. People, WAKE UP for real. Q is a #dumbass.

76f7e0 No.1121

76f7e0 No.1122

76f7e0 No.1123

Replying to @0H0UR1

Pamphlet just admitted he was the one who posted under Q's trip an hour or so ago when he "tested" an old PW or something. That looks really bad.


Granna Kerrie


Replying to @FockerRN529 @5afe_ and 2 others

“Good Dog,” is asking him to explain again how he was able to post on Q’s trip. 🤣 …he’s trying to explain it again.🙄


000000 No.1124



76f7e0 No.1125



55m55 minutes ago

The head of @patriotssoapbox just posted on Qanon tripcode users are furious at this hour.


(See the video).



1h1 hour ago

This guy was just caught posting on Qanon Tripcode.

Right after they freaked and changed,

His name is @PatriotsSoapbox.

U know what to do.


76f7e0 No.1126



1h1 hour ago

'''More 0HOUR1 Retweeted Granna Kerrie

Pam just got caught posting under Qanon.'''

I want a fucking apology from every asshole line up!

Come on ill wait.0HOUR1 added,

Granna Kerrie


Replying to @FockerRN529 @0H0UR1

I was watching the stream & listening to Pam trying to explain why he posted under Q’s trip. - Totally BUSTED! They should just come clean, I’m embarrassed for them.


76f7e0 No.1127




1h1 hour ago

Do you really think Qanon is special look at this moron.

Another breach.

You know whos never exposed a password.



How many times is this now holy shit Hillary Clinton is Qanon or is it John Podesta.


57f3c9 No.1128

Q said, [pain coming] and now shootings going on all over.

Fake Q is a cocksucker of the slobbering type.

76f7e0 No.1129

Focker BA, BSN-RN


Replying to @0H0UR1 @UNIRockTV

If you check the youtube feed between 19:00-19:20 EST, you'll see it. Chat was giving him a hard time and he went into a long explanation about what happened.




1h1 hour ago

More 0HOUR1 Retweeted Focker BA, BSN-RN

Well we all know hes Qanon now its over for Pam.

Only the foolish still play the game.

Im good but will take clips.


76f7e0 No.1130




Similar nutcase with similar name:

David Koresh Biography


Cult leader David Koresh led the Branch Davidians in a deadly 51-day standoff against the FBI and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.




76f7e0 No.1131


You did not even look at the video you idiot.

452f20 No.1133

File: f331f60911579a4⋯.jpg (46.52 KB, 1200x244, 300:61, Ddmvg7uU8AABqFF.jpg)










See the attached images of his mess up.

168af6 No.1159

▶ Fake Q Group Busted!!!


Corsi, pamphlet anon, Baruch, Tracy Beanz and others running the fake Q operation busted!!

168af6 No.1163

Hi, we are here. Waiting for you Uni and Lift The Veil.

168af6 No.1164

Let´s make America great again. Shall we?

626d15 No.1165

ABEL DANGER is welcome to come here also.

626d15 No.1166

626d15 No.1167

HeLLo Lift the Veil and UNIROCK.

Welcome to banned from Q research board.

We are not CICADA nor it this an attempt to draw Nathan or anyone into CICADA 3301. We are not BARUCH also. And all written here is serious, not a joke. We are not being silly nor joking.

We seek for for the truth, just as you, and were drawn to both of your channels as we believe we together-, along with others, can restore the Republic, if you will. We do not work for any agency, government and we not being paid one penny for this.

Just as a form of thinking, you might think of us as the new CICADA - the new Q, the new Masters of the NWO. (We created the other board also, as well as this board). We created this thread and puzzle for you. We do hope you gain from this board much info to help your viewers.

626d15 No.1168

As time progressed, and as we followed your live streams, we saw you, like us, are only seeking for the truth. Our only purpose is to restore the Republic, not to draw anyone into some new game. We are just common people seeking to end all the injustice on the planet, but who happen to have above ordinary knowledge on these subjects, due to our intense research over the years and ability to connect the dots.

Welcome to the take-down of the NWO.

626d15 No.1169

This video explains much about the movement we have warned all about:



626d15 No.1170

Another video which illustrates this group behind CICADA 3301 and Q:

The Hermetic Order


This Hermeticism is dangerous.

626d15 No.1171


Tells the story of Pavana & CICADA.

626d15 No.1175


That was a quote from the guest in the UNI video from today. We are not Trump tard supporters. We thought you would catch-on to the clue.

626d15 No.1176


CICADA 3301 - Q connection. Both are using Discord to mess with people´s mind. Pamphlet anon in fact may be a CICADA member.

We are exposing both Q and CICADA 3301. We hope you do understand this. Shall we take them down for good? You decide.

626d15 No.1177


CICADA 3301 is fighting to gain control over Youtube and for subscribers, Pavana and her husband say. Pamphlet anon is doing the same. See the parallel between what pamphlet anon and CICADA 3301 are doing!! As they state, (both Q and CICADA) must be stopped as they are hurting people! Q anon and CICADA are injecting a poison into people´s minds!

626d15 No.1178


Pavana & husband ask "can you trust the F_I? If not, as the evidence in the video seems to suggest, then to whom can anyone report what Q and CICADA 3301 are doing to us? This is how bad it has gotten! In fact, it is highly probable that pamphlet anon is an F_I asset!!

626d15 No.1179

626d15 No.1180

The Star Code.


626d15 No.1181

626d15 No.1182

626d15 No.1183


The true CICADA creature in nature uses the UVB-76 type radio station - morse code similar - radio frequency type transmission to communicate.

Messages encoded in music in reverse. A channel is a map to treasures unknown. Knowledge can be a pathway to freedom or to entrapment. You decide.

626d15 No.1184


Good point Uni. Titus Frost is not 0hour1. My bad.

626d15 No.1186


And yes, we approve the work of anti-school and invite him to join us as well. Good indication 0hour1. You all are welcome. All we care about is to take-down the NWO.

626d15 No.1187


Uni, we never indicated the board was taken down. We indicated that the images of the board, which contained the links to each topic, were removed by the clowns, damaging the main board page. If you understand how the chans work, when you click at the top where it says Catalog, all the topics are displayed. The same on endchan. Only there, we lost the catalog functionality, as the catalog displays, but all the links to the individual topics are missing. Hope this helps to clarify.

626d15 No.1188

Good job on the live stream tonight also. We followed you live. Good to see you got a nice donation from Abel Danger, whom we strongly support also.

626d15 No.1189

Good day to all and hope the pieces of the puzzle come together.

NWO Pros.

14bd05 No.1210

Good morning.

14bd05 No.1212

Please see this thread also, Lift the veil and Uni teams:

Fake Q Group Busted!!!


And this post here:


14bd05 No.1222

To post here, type into the blank space at the top of the page. Type the verification code. It will allow you to post usually for 24 hours. If you want to post as anon, you can post via Tor or click on the show post options and limits button below the post tab. Select Hide country. Then your country will not appear. If you select do not bump, the thread will remain at the same location on the board and not go to the top. Hope this clarifies.

We are not the owners of this board.

If this board experiences any problems, or deleted posts, we shall create our own board.

Thank you.

fb450a No.1323

Let the battle begin!


5d5bf7 No.1326

8ch.net and the FAKE DDOS attack on 5/21/2018



Streamed live 1 hour ago


5d5bf7 No.1327



#Q #Qanon #Quthers #Qon #QonJobs #Qlinton #Wikilarps @0H0UR1 @RoystonPotter @jerome_corsi @tracybeanz @PatriotsSoapbox All of these Qillionaires have a bad case of Larpilepsy and think they are fooling people, wrong! Hold this!

Qash In Your Qon Qoins

Qash In Your Qon Qoins B4 The Feds Start Arresting People! Logic Can Be So Painful, Especially To Qon Artists!


93272a No.1348






(Supposed post by Q. If he actually posted this, why would it have been erased to the point no one can confirm it? In other words, this post was concocted after the fact by Pamphlet anon, to attempt to justify the mess up. They say that it was intentional and was to either take place 23 days after Q had set-up that password, OR on May 23 something BIG is to go down. We shall see).











This image supposedly explains the event, but does not show anything and may be a concocted jpeg:


If Q truly had done it intentionally, he would have left it on his new board for all to see:


No sight of these supposed Q posts hey?


That incident with Q could have been:

a) Intentional - but if so, why would Q not answer within the boards, the people asking him if it was a mess-up, then make only a post on his board explaining it, then erase the posts explaining it with no trace?

This indicates that it is a sham. Q never made such posts and they are now being concocted.

If it was intentional, then it would suggest Q exposed the password 23 days after creating the new trip-code. But this does not seem to be the case. Check.

If not, then he would be suggesting that on the 23 of May, something BIG is to happen. If not, then Q will have been proven a larp.

b) A Hack - but hacks don´t come with content. The Q post that exposed the password came inside one of the Q boards. So this does not make sense.

c) A mistake - pamphlet anon exposed.

This makes the most sense, as no trace of any Q post explaing what happened can be found, only concoted posts.


93272a No.1365


More drama…sounds like Monty and anons are part of CICADA 3301.

My goodness!!

93272a No.1366


The attacks upon Uni and Defango are not cool.

But the suggestion that Hillary is Q is interesting, given that Q is propping up Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller, Huber and others who are trying to take-down Trump and lead us to World War III. And given that pamphlet is living in Washington D.C. and not the Virginia or SC area, where the phone APP is accessing the internet to control the Q account.

5a21ce No.1367

missing a HUGE part of things… qpost infrastructure.. THIS is verifiable

https:// godstruthwar.com/gtw/qanon-occult

96dbd4 No.1369


As seen here -




96dbd4 No.1370


Lift the veil did a video on this today also.

96dbd4 No.1371

#QAnon: QPost Websites Ran By Occultists? 100% Walkthrough #Q #GreatAwakening


96dbd4 No.1375



#QAnon: QPost Websites Ran By Occultists? 100% Walkthrough #Q #GreatAwakening


Nice video explaining charts and graphs of who is running Q, the APPS, websites and people involved in running the fake Q massive scam operation.

A cult movement. Could be run by Hillary - C-I-A - clowns and now a Mossad Intel op. Same people who run the bitcoin scam.

96dbd4 No.1376




The Q Anon spectacle revisited - Final thoughts!


Fake Q exposed. Best video you will find around on fake Q.

Q anon = Mossad agent of deception.



Bitcoin scam by Hillary Clinton. Now we have a Q scam by Hillary Clinton and Obama. SAME PEOPLE RUNNING THE Q SCAM - BITCOIN SCAM.



The Seven layers of Deception in fake Q, SERCO, SES, Syria, British Crown and Khazarian NWO mafia:


More of the truth revealed.

96dbd4 No.1379

QAnon QPosts WebSites Ran By Occultists?


If this doesn't make one weary, I'd say its a lost cause… 3 weeks of digging in the websites & where it took me was rediculous…

Complete reproducible walkthrough I just released this AM.. ENJOY!!

QPost WebSites Ran By Occultists?

You can't make this up!

From 4CH to Necromancy… 100% Walkthrough YOU CAN DO TOO.

All we have written in confirmed in this video someone just created.

96dbd4 No.1383







Great job!!! Very smart. Corsi referred to it as a PONZI scheme after he left I think

Tammie R

Is there any legal repercussions?

Andrea Hoppe

Thank you 0!

Dennis Belon

Lift the Veil nailed it with his latest Q Anon video today. It’s an old scam. Occultic. Golden Dawn. Great Awakening. Trick people into believing they are part of a new dawn great awakening. It’s pure BS.


So, this has all been a scheme to make money? What SCUM!!!

96dbd4 No.1386


This post is complemented by this one:


96dbd4 No.1387


A nice place to find info on Q also!!

382fb9 No.1392

File: 169398665e3442d⋯.jpg (169.58 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DdpbPQFUQAA_kin.jpg)

File: 1ef0adbd0fa7811⋯.jpg (352.08 KB, 1200x1296, 25:27, MrColemanBrainstorm.jpg)

Mr. Coleman = Brainstorm?


F_I assets.com

@Hillary Clinton - subsidiary of Clowns in America.com, headquarters in Switzerland. Private corporation for profit.

Mr. Coleman = The guy who developed the phone APP allowing Pamphlet, Hillary and others to control the Q trip code and to make millions from duped people.

The App guy was hired by Obama and Hillary.


382fb9 No.1395


Pamphlet simply posts into the app the Q posts that Mossad and the F_I develop. This is part of the Trump cout-de-etat being run by Mueller, Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, McCabe, Comey, Obama, Hillary and Soros.


382fb9 No.1398

Q Intel operation - Trump cout-de-etat busted!!





382fb9 No.1399



Q Intel operation - Trump cout-de-etat busted!!



Jeff Sessions, enemy of The State identified!!

Rothschild - NWO - Soros coup-de-etat against Trump identified = Q anon movement involved!!

Phase I of planet being set free has been reached!!


It is the same people running the Q scam folks!!

All the same people running and founding the office of the special council, the Uranium Crime Syndicate, founding and running SES and Project Pelican crimes as well as 9-11! It is the same people folks!


382fb9 No.1400


Ohour1 (TITUS FROST)– exposed the Q-app used to run and control the Q trip-code and all the tons of marketing on the webb being done to promote the fake Q.

We intended to say 0Hour indicated to us Titus Frost. Guess that was mis-typed or not explained clearly when we composed this. Hope this helps to explain.

382fb9 No.1401

John 14:6

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

5 “Lord,” said Thomas, “we do not know where You are going, so how can we know the way?” 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 7 If you had known Me, you would know My Father as well. From now on you do know Him and have seen Him.”…

5a21ce No.1404

File: dbe1b8fabd88397⋯.jpg (462.88 KB, 798x952, 57:68, 2018.05.21.050409.screensh….jpg)


Hi Patriots,

Do we have SOLID intel on Corsi involvement…?

His work on WND.com dates back to 2004 with ~2000 articles, books on Oil, ObieBirthCerts, etc, 40yr friend of Trump… not seeing motivation

I'm a fairly good read on folks - Corsi blew a fuse on 4/27, 28 & 4/30 - right before all hell broke loose with Q targeting him. Intel he wove into decodes was better than QPosts.. (clips from those day here: https:// youtu.be/mkdZvE_CPJI )

My understanding is

1. he got pulled in by cbts (paid for color analysis?) to get subs/legitimacy

2. got wise in late april

3. Was blunt as hell in the above clips

4. Was 'honest' when we wasn't sure on meanings & solicited input from livestream participants - felt organic.

5. Can't imagine a HUGE cut from anyone.. especially in consideration of all the other things he has going on.

6. He seemed to REALLY want conservatives to put money where there mouths are in this spiritualwar - citing Flynn as a casualty that Dems would never see as they are loaded to the gills with corrupt money. Flynn pled guilty b/c he was broke. This supports the reason why he would 'stoop' to a noob Op when he'd be just as well on his own. he brought ~4000K viewers to the soapbox.

7. MisInfo put out about Corsi putting intel INTO QPosts, but as the above source video shows.. he meant that he was putting the intel into the DECODES.. as he spoke 1-2 hrs over a few sentences in a QPost.

8. I think there is adequate sophistication in the operation ( and BALLS ), such that this seems well funded.. OR even more likely there are multiple compartmentalized parties JWallis seems too much of a moron to drive the who Op, but all the webTech (minus8CH?) is clearly under his purview. JWallis has an axe to grind as he feels he somehow 'created' IW via managing social media for 6yrs… not shy about it either :)

This is an important keystone to tying in(or clearing) other parties, but I've not seen anything tangible in the mountain of speculation showing how Corsi benefited financially(or otherwise).

GodBless Patriots…

21d8fb No.1405


Thanks for the input. Are you the creator of the attached doc or associated with them? Who is JWallis? What is wnd.com? Who is DW?

We also don´t feel Corsi was part of this, as pamphlet most likely is the head and kept everyone in the dark about this Intel operation to take-down Potus. Thus, pamphlet is an F_I - Mossad asset. Same for Baruch. Only these two guys know that this is an intel operation to take-down Trump.

As far as the confession e-mail people are receiving from an insider - that person also does not know that pamphlet is the head of this Intel op. The Intel does not come from him. He and his wife just post what is being given to them from the F_I and Mossad, as part of the sting operation on Trump. It is part of the Mueller - Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions sting to take-out Trump. This is why Q says to trust Sessions, Huber etc. The Intel comes from these Intel agencies. That is why it seems good. It is a take-over of the patriot movement as part of the cout-de-etat.

5f46ec No.1414

Q Intel operation - Trump cout-de-etat busted!!



The enemy pretends to be pro Trump. This explains all the trust Sessions, trust Wray, trust Huber etc b.s. by Q.

5a21ce No.1416

File: 2efa97efba5c8b3⋯.jpg (45.76 KB, 318x265, 6:5, 2018.05.23.001315.screensh….jpg)

File: bdb3b7f4cf9f92b⋯.jpg (691.23 KB, 929x962, 929:962, 2018.05.23.001242.screensh….jpg)

5a21ce No.1417

File: 40fb61407809f58⋯.jpg (182.38 KB, 970x392, 485:196, 2018.05.23.012000.screensh….jpg)

96dbd4 No.1418

QAnon Pirated: We Must Police Ourselves



Black hat foreign assets being used to sabbotage the patriot movement.

Do you really believe a legit Q would start posting on a British agent board (Baruch) about restoring the Republic, when the British are our enemies, have sabbotaged our government via SES and SERCO which serve the Crown Corporation?

96dbd4 No.1419


It is almost impossible to find that on that site…a maze of confusion…

5a21ce No.1421


Did you locate patriot?

5a21ce No.1422



5a21ce No.1423


"We are Q… She organized the whole thing"


…think I'll take that as an admission…to the Pres nonetheless! ha!

96dbd4 No.1424



① Mi6 – via BARUCH (of course he will deny it).

② F-B- I – PAMPHLET ANON (paid informant, actor, carries a gun).

③ C-I-A – CORSI (yet also denies involvement with clowns, DEFANGO agent (CICADA).

④ MOSSAD – George Webb? (money transfer to Tracy Beanz).

96dbd4 No.1425


And, of course, DIMENSION 4 - Ginger - Brain Storm = CIA.

96dbd4 No.1428

File: 1ef0adbd0fa7811⋯.jpg (352.08 KB, 1200x1296, 25:27, MrColemanBrainstorm.jpg)


Brain Storm = SERIAL BRAIN = Mr. Coleman?

Q Anon Pub = Coffee and freedom video with Corsi identifies him.

Connected to "Virginia Jennifer"?

Also, proof has been posted by Peacey that Baruch is the reason for the move from 4chan to 8chan (Mi6 agent).

Then we have Defango claiming he created Q via CICADA and that he had the code - Q trip code before anyone else, and gave the Q password to UNIROCK last October or so - the code Baruch was also using. So was Baruch involved in CICADA and did he get the MATLOCK password from Defango, who gave it to UNI last year?

96dbd4 No.1438

Select "delete post", now that we found it. Thanks.

5a21ce No.1439

THX.. will do

96dbd4 No.1441



5a21ce No.1442


GRAB EVERYTHING THOUGH.. there's intel you'll find and other disturbing sh*t

96dbd4 No.1443

We are like you, have devoted thousands of hours of research. Saw that document the other day also. Am reading it again. So you worked for Jones….

96dbd4 No.1444


Grab everything where in what folders?

5a21ce No.1445


nah.. the siteOp did .. think he has axe to grind..

if you foudn the audio…. you basically know how to navigate…

just grab everything you see…

I see like 12 folders.. you can download each individually or select all , download(will take time to generate on server )

96dbd4 No.1446


Thanks. Am dowloading video. You are Q?

96dbd4 No.1447


Download everything from which folder?

96dbd4 No.1448

Spirit communication device?

Hi Mike.

96dbd4 No.1449


Proves am watching video..that is what the video says…"Hi Mike"…

96dbd4 No.1450

We don´t believe in necromancy.

5a21ce No.1451


WND.com is WorldNetDaily

Corsi wrote for them since 2004 ~2000 articles

Not saying he's GOOD, seen NO evidence to suggest he isn't.

He blew this shitty Q posts out of the water on 4/27, 4/28, 4/30.. then the shitstorm happened with CBTS… highly suspicious


If you see it, grab it :)


Not Q, [R]

I'm no one special.. just tired of the BS & like a good puzzle.. Christ told me wuzzup & where to go & when & synchronicity has brought us here at THIS moment..

…thinking this is a bit important…

I think this is MUCH bigger than what I've found.. TB connection ALMOST looks separate to the WATMN situation, but I've proven qanonposts.com, qanon.pub, thestoryofQ.com, doyouknowQ.com & WeAreTheNewMedia.com are ALL tied together.. JustinWallis minimally is the IT guy.. qntmpkts linked to several 'qpost' sites…

I'll post YT links of some circumstantial evidence that Q IS REAL & is one PERSON

But obviously if they WERE posting, they are no longer on the stage I'll put Reddit links I found last night that is damning.. though blasting it to the Pres should be enough for non-chimp hominoids to 'get it'

I think there is a dogpile of intel assets involved, since 'Q' is so influential [imaging the power!!]

See JoeRogan episode #911 2/1/2017.. the FIRST few seconds BEFORE they were to go LIVE.. is interesting.. I'll dig up the other cue points…

5a21ce No.1452


they do :)

Ohh they're communicating with something ( or trying & THAT is VERY real )

Ahriman > AI > 5G > Lucent InfernoOS > Nanotech > RFID/Morgellons/Chemtrails

It's coming, just how prepared will we be when 'he' comes. See DarkJournalist, he gets it… I worked for MOST of the companies delivering the corporeal body for 'ye who is coming'.. that I can attest to my brother

Just go here for the walkthrough..

The video therein is 1hr & explains it if the images don't tell a clear story


96dbd4 No.1453


Oh, so why did you write "we are Q"?

5a21ce No.1454

File: 6b8296bfd5575fd⋯.jpg (701.6 KB, 1565x1042, 1565:1042, 2018.05.18.110644.screensh….jpg)

File: 03a6e6bdebe7feb⋯.jpg (72.9 KB, 331x293, 331:293, 2018.05.17.010725.screensh….jpg)

File: 79da52f2dd1d49c⋯.jpg (571.45 KB, 1582x811, 1582:811, 2018.05.16.222247.screensh….jpg)

what WE believe is quite inconsequential.

96dbd4 No.1455


>I'm no one special.. just tired of the BS & like a good puzzle.. Christ told me wuzzup & where to go & when & synchronicity has brought us here at THIS moment..


>…thinking this is a bit important…

Yes, synchronicity is key.

96dbd4 No.1456


oh, so you are 0hour?

(Will delete this message after you respond)..

96dbd4 No.1457


>I'll post YT links of some circumstantial evidence that Q IS REAL & is one PERSON.

Q was created by CICADA but always posted as anon. The first Q trip code account was created by cbts on 4-chan then they moved the shit to 8-chan, we believe.

96dbd4 No.1458


Either that, or CICADA and Defango created the first Q trip code and then cbts took over..and eventually Pamphlet hijacked it, taking it from Baruch… January 05th..Pamphlet takes over, lunatic outpost is wiped…Mike Rogers loses control and exits and Corsi comes onto the scene via Tracy Beanz, who is connected to the other actors….

96dbd4 No.1459


It will be no use to report this to the F_I, since the clowns in America are involved, the big five I…no arrests will happen…this op is part of the Trump cout-de-etat being run by Mueller, Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein, McCabe, Comey, Hillary, Obama and others in the state Department….

96dbd4 No.1460


lunatic outpost is where we were communicating with POTUS, with the CICADA teams and where we created "The Quiet Storm" in August and then in September we referred to "The Storm", indicating how to defend Potus and take-down the NWO. Q stole this from us and from CICADA.

5a21ce No.1461

File: 3f41b62012dca10⋯.png (2.41 MB, 820x4201, 820:4201, QBUSTED.Email.1.png)

File: d248659643ac3f9⋯.jpg (334.02 KB, 784x435, 784:435, 2018.05.16.212552.screensh….jpg)

The Necro guy is a moron.. think my point is WTF are THESE guys doing running all the QPost boards with bitcoin donation links & 'Q' is targeting some dude pushing books…

Do they represent American Values? Seems like Luciferian normalization.. the WATNM site obviously is creeping into IW territory and is FAR from Christian… I'm no bible thumper but think we've proven Satan is real & operating in a tangible way.. thus if THAT part is real, we can safely assume WHOM he is rebelling against is real.. I digress :)


Not 0HOUR1, but he's been keeping me busy needless to say!

Someone I gab with is apparently involved in CICADA - my understanding the [Q] virus got out of the lab into the wild ( for a shitty metaphor )… then one or more parties ran with it.. you prob know more than I … I'm just working on the technical stuff.

Q legitimacy is irrelivant to the technical FACT that we have a QPost webring that is not very open about their ops.. 'Q' doesn't seem to mind luciferians hosting his posts….

TB professes to be [Q] .. TO TRUMP's FACE no less.. (you can't make this story up! )…

You have factions warring at it over the Q Logos… you have 1/2 the patriot movement possessed to where they can't ask the Questions their Q/\/\aster has told them to ask.. so things are a bit surreal… I suspect Khazarian Magick is being employed… which would be like a 5th leg in this mess…

'Age of Revealing and the Return of the Divination Arts'? Seriously? on the Qpost Ringleader's site…

<end spew>

96dbd4 No.1462


>See JoeRogan episode #911 2/1/2017

Where can we find that?

5a21ce No.1463


0HOUR1 said that DONORS went to the FBI once they figured some shit was up…

I stay away from that shit..don't need spooks showing up at my place :)

96dbd4 No.1464


That Mark Murk story is possibly true, but just a cover for the F_I, clowns involvement in organizing this as part of the Trump coup-de-etat…using foreign intel and assets against the American people and against a standing President.

96dbd4 No.1465


Yes, none of their reports will be answered to..since they are behind this…totally corrupt…

96dbd4 No.1466


Ok, so maybe you are UNI or Lift the veil…. (Will erase this after you answer…).

96dbd4 No.1467


We know it is real, but do not get involved in it since Yeshua condemns it… but those are fallen angels impersonating people who died…

96dbd4 No.1468


"He" is the anti-Christ…he will come as soon as the Temple is re-built on the dome of the rock, many believe…the pieces are coming together quickly over there in Israel….the return of Yeshua is coming soon…

96dbd4 No.1469



Yes, we saw this link and are the ones who first posted here on this board….

5a21ce No.1470


that's what tracy is saying to Trump in that video

Tracy: "We are Q"

Friend: …."She organized the whole thing"


96dbd4 No.1471

Just saw the Tracy Beanz - Trump video where she and her group say "we are Q, we organized the whole thing" and Trump responds…"Thank you"… WAT?

96dbd4 No.1472


So there is a legit Q but at some point it got hijacked by Pamphlet, the F_I, clowns in America etc….? Reason why Tracy has left, gone silent and now Corsi exit?

5a21ce No.1473

Synchronicity: Some QWhore was trying to discredit AJ with this video.. incidentally it merely proves the opposite[IMHO]..

Same vid.. diff cue points - sh*t gets wierd.. I'd suggest review the whole thing.. explains 'moonlanding'(without making you laugh), HAARP, water on the moon(India crashed probe into it.. searchable/verifiable).. I digress..

2/1/2017 JoeRogan Podcast Q came up a few times - Joe didn't call jones out on it

Joe Rogan #911 podcast 2/1/2017

"tried to get Q in here, wouldn't come on".


NYPD contacts him, bunch of pedo.. weiner laptop - tied to all these groups

Eric Prince - Blackwater - comes out about it.. in the cilnton operation - we're going to bring it out

25:40 - "Ask Q about it"


Q might be with the CIA

The don't have all info … its all compartamentalized

(lost the cue point, but thought it was here )


Joe Rogan "AJ is the least racist person I know"

17 years in programming never a racist thing


my Family works in govt


96dbd4 No.1474


UNI also says, "I stay away from that shit"…so you are most likely UNI (will erase this post once you confirm, thanks..). if you do not wish to reveal, that is ok also….thanks.

96dbd4 No.1475


If Q - Tracy Beanz, Pamphlet, BARUCH (mi6), - CICADA (CIA) - Defango (possibly a CIA agent) organized the whole thing…they may be Hillary Clinton people posing as pro Trump and via the clowns in America are saying trust Sessions etc, as they are trying to take-down Trump….and pretending to be pro Trump….

Explains why Defangon now attacks 0hour and says he is "full of shit" and calls all pro Trump supporters names..same names used by HC camp…

96dbd4 No.1476


>my Family works in govt.

It is irrelevant if the family of AJ works in the gov.

5a21ce No.1477

Longtime listener of AJ & can't shoot him down.. he's either REALLY good at PsyOps - or he's just a normal dude that has serious drive against what is inevitably coming.

If sold out, he could just as well do it like other CEOs and get the minions to do it… he works too hard to be a sell out…

I test complex systems, so have fairly acute abilities at locating incongruities. ← not saying to be arrogant

Point being, there is a lot that I'm seeing that has his 'scent' on it, but seems all these 'ex's' are a bit odd & twisted & have that 'envy' thing going on.. i'd venture they've been brought on by Soros-type peeps… once you check those downloads, you'll see what I'm saying…

Corsi was the 1st (big timer) to call Q's bullshit, ON THE CBTS shitshow.. so take that into account…

I haven't decided, everything is on the table.

Here's the Corsi 'blowing a fuse' video.. you decide.. https://youtu.be/mkdZvE_CPJI

5a21ce No.1478


yeah, just referencing it merely to support he's open about it.. (some imply he's hiding his connections ) .. no conclusion, just data

96dbd4 No.1479


>Synchronicity: Some QWhore was trying to discredit AJ with this video.

Many Soros tards are trying to discredit others who are exposing the NWO….

96dbd4 No.1480


Well, he is pro Israel, which makes him a zionist fooled type…evangelicals are for the most part fooled about the fake state of Israel and the fake Jews…..

5a21ce No.1481

File: cbe40e35555f02c⋯.jpg (378.73 KB, 1835x751, 1835:751, 2018.05.23.135559.screensh….jpg)


so here's the earliest I could find on reddit…

tb is 1st, then pam, the FF…


seems by subtracting the days from this, you could arrive when they either signed on to reddit OR become mod

96dbd4 No.1482


AJ is an actor…..was exposed by Milton William Cooper, whom the Feds used a sheriff to murder…he hated AJ.

AJ lies about his age and is Bill Hicks most likely…just an actor for someone…but who?

5a21ce No.1483

File: cd46800241eda96⋯.jpg (449.62 KB, 942x981, 314:327, 2018.05.23.070540.screensh….jpg)

File: 2137b75a7a27e5e⋯.jpg (327.71 KB, 1092x597, 364:199, 2018.05.23.064509.screensh….jpg)

File: f7ccb5a6533ffd8⋯.jpg (165.66 KB, 882x171, 98:19, 2018.05.23.063852.screensh….jpg)

File: f7ccb5a6533ffd8⋯.jpg (165.66 KB, 882x171, 98:19, 2018.05.23.063852.screensh….jpg)

96dbd4 No.1484


There are MANY more actors involved..will post a list of them later…have much still to add to posts..with charts etc showing the inter-connection of all the Mossad, Mi6, Clowns in America and F_I agents involved in this Trump take-down op. Foreign intelligence, abuse of FISA courts, plants in the Trump admin. take over of Q by the five I, duping of Trump and everyone..use of Jeff Sessions, Mueller, Comey, Hillary, Obama…all involved in Q…this is why it is so big..do you get it now?

96dbd4 No.1485


Reddit cbts and Pamphlet anon are the main F_I assets running this..The F_I use weaponized Pamphlet as their agent. This is the hub of the entire Q OP - Pamphlet and cbts Reddit.

5a21ce No.1486


How well do you know Mr Cooper? - just a Q - he had motivations out of hatred.

Bill hicks was 30 when he died.. do the math.. AJ ain't 60..

Synchronicity brother!!! see that VID.. it comes up!!

Not shillin' - thinking clearly… :^D

AJ is on air 22hrs a week for 26 years.. all we have is bill hicks & cooper? statistically insignificant.. hell 1/2 the nation thinks trump colluded with russia & banged Stormy, while content with 911 & Waco coverup champ mueller..

[IMHO] don't trust anyone, just eliminate things… We all trusted 'Q' like he was Christ… that all turned to shit.. we all know there are bad actors everywhere..

Just my internal debate

5a21ce No.1487

ok.. think I'm done shitting up this board.. figured I data dump while there were active anons… I didn't come up with it all, but captured others' work & moved the ball fwd best I can

seems all here are level headed & wanting the best outcome.. I think this is BIG.. digging for 3+ weeks I still can't see a bottom to it…

96dbd4 No.1488


Baruch is NOT AMICABLE. He bans anyone on 8-chan cbts who does not agree that Q was comped starting Jan. 05th or so, anyone who says Q uses AI and anyone who exposes him and his participation in this…he is very cruel, evil, uses bad language and uses the Christian front to cover his evil deeds…NO ONE should listen to ANYTHING BARUCH says!!!

96dbd4 No.1489


Ok, come back when you have more….thanks!!

96dbd4 No.1490


Well, he faked his death…and AJ may in fact be 60…. takes many things so does not show age..I am not much younger and also do not show my age….

5a21ce No.1491


Nah - he's already covered it.. YT will shut yer ass down.. you do what you can & attack what you can.. won't be moving things forward with a bullet snuggled inside the brain.

I was thinking the same thing as you.. but again.. NO FACTS.. just conjecture.. I'm as guilty as the next but AM learning to have discipline on withholding an opinion while digging..

How many vids have YOU put out on it :^)

Does that make YOU a shill? Or me for that matter. not being a dick.. telling you what i'd tell my self - gotta stay honest [IMHO]

DARPA Death Bots and Khazar Impostors Texe Marrs Interview with Alex Jones


96dbd4 No.1492


Appreciate all your videos..don´t put out videos out however….but you do great work….


>Nah - he's already covered it..

So you are saying AJ is not pro Israel?

96dbd4 No.1493


>How well do you know Mr Cooper?

His work is great, researched it some… he hated and exposed AJ a long time ago…before the Feds put him 6 feet under….

5a21ce No.1494


Robert Steele DOES seem to have a point that AJ has reponsibility now.. he is compromised in a way.. being small has its advantages..

96dbd4 No.1495


> YT will shut yer ass down.

Yes, need to be careful…if come out and expose the entire Q op as a deep state op, they will shut you down…so better to refer to the posts here on your videos and let the viewers decide….

Thanks again!!

5a21ce No.1496


burden of proof goes both ways.. this is my axiom

I suspect AJ, but I end up empty handed on tangibles…

I thought Q was legit.. was dead wrong

so I recognize my fallibility..

96dbd4 No.1497


Goodmand says RDS is a CIA op. AIM also does not accept his work… Today the RDS - Goodman court battle begins….

96dbd4 No.1498


Ok, so look into what WCooper has to say on AJ…your audience may benefit…thanks…

96dbd4 No.1499


If POTUS thanked Tracy, that may signal that at some point Q was supporting Trump..or maybe they duped him…being a five I op..and Trump was duped into believing Q was pro Trump…that is what we think….

5a21ce No.1500

again, Jones could be the f'ng master planner, but why would he tell us

Austin has nuclear reactors & tunnels going to Ft Hood ?


Expose AI for what it is


give CraigSawyer $100K ( verified by Craig ) for #Contraland production


if he's trying to screw the world? can't draw connections..

These clips will change your perspective.. ..we're in deep shit

God Bless.. I'll be checking in .. hopefully the leads will enable you to find more goodies…

5a21ce No.1501


agreed.. [was no conclusion, just data to consider] -

at THIS point I don't even trust Trump.. but Interestingly..by way of DarkJournalist…

Theosophical Lodges > 1890 > Vannevar Bush > RAD Lab(Xprojects) > Hilarion > MIT > Varian Bros > Keely(etherial energy tech(X tech) >= Tesla > John Trump(uncle) > Donald Trump(pres)

96dbd4 No.1502


Corsi most likely got duped by Q and now "has seen the light.."

96dbd4 No.1503


>Jones could be the f'ng master planner,

Don´t think he is any master planner..just a puppet in the hands of others….but of who?

96dbd4 No.1504


>Expose AI for what it is.

Have you seen the Goodman - Quinn videos on Q using or being an AI and on Trump using Q to communicate?

5a21ce No.1505


US has fucked things up worse than Israel could ever hope too… even if Khazar are using it to run shit.. we voted despots in & act like someone else is to blame.. :)

Israel doesn't have military presence all over the world…

US Christians are the dumbest fucking people on the planet.. & I'm Christian… how do you support the religion/ppl who slaughtered the Messiagh is beyond me..

96dbd4 No.1506


>give CraigSawyer $100K

Have not seen anything on Craig Sawyer yet…will look at it, thanks..and will download as many media files can also from the other site link….thanks man!!

5a21ce No.1507

sorry.. getting into the realm of debate/politics.. my job is data/facts..

5a21ce No.1508


You guys rock!!.. seems we're the remnant..

5a21ce No.1509

I've been confirmed with full on Goosebumps..

if you know what that means, you know what that means…

important times today

96dbd4 No.1510


>at THIS point I don't even trust Trump.. but Interestingly..by way of DarkJournalist…

Yes, I try to watch all the good channels and book mark the best ones….


>Theosophical Lodges > 1890 > Vannevar Bush > RAD Lab(Xprojects) > Hilarion > MIT > Varian Bros > Keely(etherial energy tech(X tech) >= Tesla > John Trump(uncle) > Donald Trump(pres).

Yes, remember Trump is a Mason, Jesuit trained, Soros - Epstein connections…connected to Q - (See Quinn videos)… connected to the Rothschilds…a banking cartel agent…see Karen Hudes YT videos on this also and how we are freeing humanity from the banking cartel via the Global debt facility….

96dbd4 No.1511


We are actually I. I am one person only… think of me as a type of Q….

96dbd4 No.1512


Yes, thanks UNI (will delete these messages just for you)..

Thanks bro!!

Keep up the good work.

And you are welcome here…we were also wrong, but now realize you are great…and Lift the veil too!! You guys rock!!

96dbd4 No.1513


I am a Christian also but am trying to wake other Christians up… about Zionists and fake Jews….please help expose this…thanks man!!

96dbd4 No.1514


>digging for 3+ weeks I still can't see a bottom to it…

Thanks for doing your best..but don´t let it damage your work..as I have done..have had to abandon my profession to expose all the crap going on….

5a21ce No.1515

File: f34701d7ad5430c⋯.jpg (622.25 KB, 1726x692, 863:346, 2018.05.21.111639.screensh….jpg)

I'm not UNI.. BUT he connected me to 0HOUR1.. I FOUND some SAUCE.. handing it to YOU..

I'm not great.. Christ is great.. I serve at His pleasure..

this isn't inspirational BS.. its physics..


good luck with that shit… I jack up my fam… catering to their sensitivites got us here.. :) they went from looking down their noses to not being able to answer simple questions.. here's one that is still f'n them up…

I don't have the answer, but again I'm NOT walking around like I DO have the answer

5a21ce No.1516


message received sire.. its applicable more than you knwo

5a21ce No.1517

mo sauce…

this is SpiritualWar first and foremost



JohnBWells 5/18/2018

33rd Degree initiation involves Oath to Lucifer


CraigSawyer Contraland ( $100K from AJ to production/ops )


96dbd4 No.1518


Ok, thanks for clarifying.. need to add Code Monkey to the Q list (a clowns operative)…

96dbd4 No.1519


Thanks. For sure it is bro!!

96dbd4 No.1520


Oh wow…thanks!

96dbd4 No.1521

Did you see the analysis of the Q trip-code mess up the other day, that we posted here above?



96dbd4 No.1522


This seems like the most highly probable…and makes most sense…

96dbd4 No.1523

Get will get going…clowns not allowing to delete posts in this session…please do come back!!

God bless!!

beb9a3 No.1524

File: ee2588576edb8cb⋯.jpg (727.18 KB, 1416x815, 1416:815, 2018.05.18.165851.screensh….jpg)

File: 5fb035febb05fa3⋯.png (130.42 KB, 1628x163, 1628:163, remnant2.png)

Patriots!!! Accidental Encounters Make Visible More Of the Web

DarkJournalist - Analysis Of QAnon Posts… Innocent Cicada Puzzle or Social Engineering & Control?

Analysis is this is sophisticated Psych Ops

`Hope Porn ( vs Fear Porn )

`Messianic to Grab Evangelicals/Patriot Movement

`Worded in a way to inject into Search Algorythms

`Corporate techniques in manipulating 'brain space' of people ( vertical v.s. horizontal(issues) )

`Training Movement to Wait & Hope v.s. Act & Network



Praying Medic - WTF? - WHO IS THIS GUY?????

I KEEP RUNNING INTO HIM.. by accident - synchronicity statistically impossible - he's deeply involved somehow.



`Site also hosts the 'Pheonix Journals' ← looking into these.. could be DEEP INTEL or Luciferian `PsyOp - several issues 'banned by Congress' ( need to REALY verify this )

`hosts SorchaFaal (reportedly David Booth CIA) - They're stuff is HOT.. can't say whether its for GOOD or BAD, but makes connections normal folks couldn't possibly make. PsyOp? Why? What direction is it trying to drive the mind to?


DoYouKnowQ.com [redirects to qanon.pub as of THIS week]

In the BILLBOARD post that was removed

Domain OWNED by Brett Bruce - SEO specialist

Praying Medic

`2 articles ~3weeks ago

`4 articles ~1 week ago

Corsi No articals…

`'stubbed' out in prep for his contribs ( think he wasn't involved )

`GONE ~1week ago

Tracy Beans

`4 articles ~3 weeks ago

`GONE ~1 week ago


Like I said earlier, this is WAYYYYYY Bigger than I originally suspected.. TO MUCH INFRASTRUCTURE

people showing up embedded in various places…

Doors Are Closing As We Get Closer!!!

5a21ce No.1525

File: d248659643ac3f9⋯.jpg (334.02 KB, 784x435, 784:435, 2018.05.16.212552.screensh….jpg)

File: abbb0adf5f8f295⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 690x789, 230:263, 2018.05.24.063447.screensh….jpg)

File: 2b0f6007fa64176⋯.jpg (88.75 KB, 541x312, 541:312, 2018.05.24.064227.screensh….jpg)

File: d3fab42f9a20a13⋯.jpg (307.8 KB, 545x742, 545:742, 2018.05.19.094357.screensh….jpg)

Think I'm getting closer to the source on this

🤔Q = 6?

[INTJ, Shamangineer, Alchemist, De-Occultist]

[Age of Revealing and the Return of the Divination Arts]

yeah.. these dueces are up to something & I suspect they have some help

What type of #GreatAwakening -er- #IllumiNation - are we talking about here?

Feeding a demonic ecosystem with Global Consciousness? Summoning?


I notice NO ONE is directing attention at the most OBVIOUS thing that's is a problem (infrastructure & luciferian undertones).

Decidedly not patriotic, decidedly anti-Christian, decidedly KHAZARIAN.

eaa185 No.1526


Praying Medic is definitely a shill for the F_I, pamplet anon who promote these shills with the help of Youtube and other social media.

Q is promoting the banking cartel - i.e., Trump and his banking cartel. Trump has not audited the Fed, increased our debt by almost two trillion and is only making things worse.


More details here:

Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!


Please see the recent videos of Karen Hudes on this subject. She exposes the banking cartel and Donald Trump as an agent of the banking cartel, a shill for the Black Pope and the Jesuits - creates the Hegelian dialectic, making it look like everyone is after him, when in reality it is nothing but a sham.

Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel exposed here.


5a21ce No.1527

File: 8527c4782886321⋯.jpg (390.85 KB, 943x603, 943:603, 2018.01.14.054146.screensh….jpg)

File: 8b823e719fa17c7⋯.jpg (254.13 KB, 819x558, 91:62, 2018.05.12.203848.screensh….jpg)


me: treading the line between optimism & stupidity

5a21ce No.1528


on a less fatalistic note.. that is one of the most entertaining threads I've seen. Harpo? amazing PS job

One issue here.. circular logic:



>Adolfo Nicolas, THE JESUIT GENERAL, THE BLACK POPE. The Jesuit foot soldiers = Jacob Rothschild & Evylyn Rothschild. These are completely subordinate to the Roman empire. In the past, the Jesuit army conducted the kills, such as JFK.

>Now it is the higher structure of the CIA (who did JFK and trying to kill Trump).

484c56 No.1529


Yes, we have seen that video and it is great. Thanks for sharing it.


It explains the sophisticated nature of this F_I, five I intel agencies operation which is deceiiful, supporting criminals and enemies of the state, such as Sessions. It supports the banking cartel and is trying to lead the planet to World War III, by supporting war with Iran, Syria and propping-up the fake state of Israel, the fake Jews, the Zionists. It appeals to Christians by quoting the Bible but is very deceptive. It seeks to use religion to manipulate people.

Trey Gowdy has been fully exposed as a shill for the banking cartel as well:

Trey Gowdy Exposed


Rosenstein is also a criminal, working with Mueller, Jeff Sessions, Comey and others to protect their own crimes, protect the Uranium Crime Syndicate run by Mueller, Comey and others. Jeff Sessions is protecting this crime syndicate and protecting Hillary and Obama as well, and blocking Devin Nunes from having access to the records being requested.

Obviously the deep state is using paid agents to promote Gowdy. They plan to use him as a second option, in the event Rosenstein or Jeff Sessions, both criminals, are removed.


THIS NEWS OF TRUMP DRAINING THE SWAMP, MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND ALL THIS B.S. IS NOTHING BUT GARBAGE. TRUMP IS ILLEGITIMATE, A BANKING CARTEL SHILL, THE ENEMY OF THE PLANET AND OF THE FREE. DRONES BOMBINGS HAVE INCREASED UNDER TRUMP. HE IS KIILLING THE FAMLIES OF TERRORISTS, WHEN THE FAMILY MEMBERS ARE NOT INVOLVED IN TERRORISM. He is comitting murder and crimes against humanity. His recent attacks in Syria are an example of this. Nikki Haley and the U.S. are violating human rights, blocking the U.N. investigation into the crimes of Israel on the border, shooting innocent people Nikki Haley and Boulton are the enemies of humanity and of the American people, not only violating human rights, but attempting to lead us to World War III. The same applies to Trump. Trump must not be re-elected and we must do all we can to remove these banking cartel agents, Luciferians and Zionist fake Jews from our government.

Much information which appears to be good actually has a Luciferian under-pinning, such as AIM. They claim to vet all their research before bringing the news, but they attack Karen Hudes without even researching here. They say she has done nothing practical, when in reality they have done nothing practical. Has AIM exposed the banking cartel or done anything to end the Fed and help us mint our own currencies free of the banking cartel, as Karen Hudes has done? You cannot see the banking cartel is trying to kill Karen, damage her work and prevent her from helping humanity become free of the banking cartel? They accuse her of having handlers, when in reality AIM is working for the clowns in America, for the Jesuits and for the dark forces of the Luciferians by promoting fake and false religion and wickedly attacking Karen Hudes, who is attempting to free us from the banking cartel.

Qanon.pub is the hub of the Q operation being run by the deep state. This is a sophisticated marketing scheme indeed, designed to draw more patriots in. Q IS NOT PATRIOTIC. Q IS A FAKE PATRIOT, AN AGENT OF DISINFORMATION.

Thank you for your post!

484c56 No.1530


Yes, the New Media articles, we are looking at those also. Thank you again for sharing.

Q ANON 666? PRECISELY! Trump and Q are promoting the mark of the beast, 5G, weapons against humanity.

Do not accept alchemy promoting Christ consciousness, occultism, new age promises of a Golden Dawn - Allister Crowley luciferian garbage. This is spiritual heresy and apostasy.

All of this is connected to Sophia, to Thomas S, to AIM, to the Luciferian disinfo agents:



Do not trust Luciferian banking cartel agents, Trump, fake anti-globalists, fake patriots, those creating the Hegelian dialectic of deception of the Black Pope, the Jesuits. They claim not to be Jesuits and promote other fake religion and cults. This is nothing but the Hegelian dialectic and the tactic of these sophia - Cicada 33-1 - Q anon shills and Luciferian agents of deception. Anyone who falls for Baruch, pamphlet anon, Q lies of deception are being fooled by THE GREAT DECEPTION, as predicted by the Bible:


2 Thessalonians 2:11

The Man of Lawlessness

…11 For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, Stand Firm

12 in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.

13 But we should always thank God for you, brothers who are loved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning to be saved by the sanctification of the Spirit and by faith in the truth.

Stand Firm

…14 To this He called you through our gospel, so that you may share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

15 Therefore, brothers, stand firm and cling to the traditions we taught you, whether by speech or by letter.

16 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and God our Father, who by grace has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope,…

…15 Therefore, brothers, stand firm and cling to the traditions we taught you, whether by speech or by letter.

…16 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and God our Father, who by grace has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope,

17 encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good word and deed.





1 John 2:23

Beware of Antichrists

…22 Who is the liar, if it is not the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, who denies the Father and the Son.

23 No one who denies the Son can have the Father; whoever confesses the Son has the Father as well.

Continued next post…

484c56 No.1531


Continued from previous post…

Continue in Him

…24 As for you, let what you have heard from the beginning remain in you. If it does, you will also remain in the Son and in the Father.

25 And this is the promise that He Himself made to us: eternal life.

26 I have written these things to you about those who are trying to deceive you.

27 And as for you, the anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But just as His true and genuine anointing teaches you about all things, so remain in Him as you have been taught.

Continue in Him

28 And now, little children, remain in Him, so that when He appears, we may be confident and unashamed before Him at His coming.

29 If you know that He is righteous, you also know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him.

The order of the Golden Dawn of the Golden Dawn? Right. More luciferian garbage.

This is what Q is about - proming world peace, enlightment, end of wars, take-down of the cabal. It is all Luciferian lies to ensnare you.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

The Day of the Lord

…2 For you are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 3While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

4 But you, brothers, are not in the darkness so that this day should overtake you like a thief.…


◄ Luke 11:35 ►

35 Be careful, then, that the light within you is not darkness.

36 So if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it in darkness, you will be radiant, as though a lamp were shining on you.”…

If the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

Feeding a demonic ecosystem with Global Consciousness? Summoning?

Yes, that is what this Golden Dawn of the Golden Dawn promotes - New Age Luciferian cult.

I notice NO ONE is directing attention at the most OBVIOUS thing that's is a problem (infrastructure & luciferian undertones).

Decidedly not patriotic, decidedly anti-Christian, decidedly KHAZARIAN.

You missed this thread here:



5a21ce No.1532


thx also!.. Looking one mafia fam taking over another frankly.. explains the 'nothing f'n getting done' part

That said.. we just waiting around for the [culling] or does someone have some sort of bright idea [besides arming to the teeth & waiting for guerilla warfare]?

484c56 No.1533


>me: treading the line between optimism & stupidity.

Yes, we too were optimistic with Trump tards at one time. No more. Luciferian agent of deception he is.

5a21ce No.1534



need to digest that one.. I made rounds in occult study (not practice) before pulling the head out & being possessed by Christ… what little I DO hear guides me impeccably well when I get the hands of the steering wheel & on the gas..

Every cell in my body is telling me something B.I.G. is descending(or ascending)… not having that 'warm fuzzy' feeling about things[Ahriman possessing AI over 5G>InfernoOS?]. If he isn't here already I anticipate swift arrival.

thx 4 the time to push that out patriot.. it is much valued.

484c56 No.1535


Yes, it is nothing but one mafia gang = Trump fighting with another mafia gang = Hillary, in a Hegelian dialectic where they all are actually promoting the same Luciferian NWO cause of the Black Pope, the Jesuits. As Karen explains in her video from last Tuesady, the Rothschilds are not the head of the global banking cartel. The Black Pope and the Jesuits are. Trump is Jesuit trained, an agent of the banking cartel, as Karen Hudes explains. He is ILLEGITIMATE.

484c56 No.1536


Bright idea?

See this:

The Soluton to Free The Planet!


484c56 No.1537


5G and satellites are being used as weapons against patriots, while Q anon promises patriotism, the F_I and intel agencies have been weaponized against the American people, using the Obama - Hillary Clintons scams of the control of U.S. ports, weaponizing containers spread across the U.S. - missiles hiding within port containers, shipped throughout the country, ready to be activated by Iridium satellites and aimed at the American people, should they attempt to stand-up against the banking cartel:

PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!


Which is part of the Uranium crime syndicate:



More on all of this here and much much more:

/aaanwopros/ - NWO Pros


Please have a look at all the links so we can discuss these topics here.

Thank you.

NWO pros.

484c56 No.1538


>thx 4 the time to push that out patriot.. it is much valued.

You are welcome child of God.

484c56 No.1539


Q Intel operation - Trump cout-de-etat busted!!


484c56 No.1540


As it turns-out, the coup may not be against Trump. The coup is Trump and his banking cartel hi-jacking the American government and propping-up the fake Jews, the Zionists and helping the banking cartel lead us possibly to World War III. This is the crux of the issue - Trump, the Jesuits and the Hegelian dialectic - create an apparent chaos and appearance of an internal war in his administration, when in actuality all of those criminals are working together to deceive the American people and support this fake President, not duly elected. Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller - all enemies of the state and together with the press creating a fake war against Trump, so the banking cartel can continue to enslave America and the planet. Trump farce exposed.

0af0f5 No.1541


The banking cartel clowns in America hacked our ip connection for posting this…

0af0f5 No.1542


i.e., cut off our internet connection. More evidence of fraud and crimes against humanity.

5a21ce No.1547


back.. didn't get to digest your last dump..

BUT!!!..got SAUCE on medic.. not sure what exactly denotes doxing.. what's protocol..?

will require several [trusted(is that even possible on 8CH :^/] hands

cf0fe2 No.1548


Please share your sauce on Preying medic dude, if you got some. There is no protocol, share what you got. That dude needs to be doxed. Trusted hands? You are in good hands. Don´t know however if you can erase any posts after making them or not, since the other day was not able to… let´s hear what you got!

cf0fe2 No.1550


Karen Hudes has shared with us on her video the other day that:

1. The banking cartel is using scalar weapons on her and was interferring with the operation of her heart, attempting to hijack it. They have been attacking her heart with scalar weapons.

2. Trump and his team are beligerant towards Karen and they are attempting to boss her around and tell her what to do with the money in the Global Debt Facility. That money does not belong to these retarded banking cartel shills. It belongs to humanity. These thugs have no business bossing Karen around.

Because of all of this, Trump needs to go. We cannot vote on him against next election. I say we vote on Karen Hudes and put her in the Presidency. Once in, she will get rid of the Federal Reserve, issue and mint our new currencies globally and free the world from these thieves and robbers.


5a21ce No.1551

File: a14db940d4cd046⋯.png (116.18 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1.png)

File: af38081bab2b39a⋯.png (163 KB, 710x1024, 355:512, 2.png)

File: cc85ffd29d88d1a⋯.png (164.83 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 3.png)

File: efe153c62003223⋯.png (238.6 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 4.png)

Denise Hayes, Wife of Medic(Looking for name again)..

She runs assload of sites..

confirming what I suspected when I ran into WATMN

I think this is HUGE (when I rather it not be: I'm derailed on Lucent InfernoOS AI bad stuff )

There is occult underpinnings in all of this & I just got some intel on Radix viz 3rd Party with good analytic skills (3hr Call)

5a21ce No.1552

File: d5213681be9fd8a⋯.png (550.63 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 5.png)

File: c4443936361c223⋯.png (121.35 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 6.png)

File: 637c0287afe0e61⋯.png (314.94 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 7.png)

File: f4305a633313e9f⋯.png (309.88 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 8.png)

File: 5fb035febb05fa3⋯.png (130.42 KB, 1628x163, 1628:163, remnant3.png)

I think my source has some game on this type of digging..

more to come later.. need to decompress.

please lemme know what you find, if anything


5a21ce No.1553

Think this goes up the food chain through mediamatters to soros+

I'll explain better once I decompress & pull the head out for a while

5a21ce No.1554

Like why is media posting on a site that hosts PhoenixJournals..

sensing spook op & we have some crumbs to possibly chase it down

5a21ce No.1555

5a21ce No.1556

hint: medic AIN'T Christian

5a21ce No.1557

Data on PrayingMedic

Here’s his real name and he’s got a rap sheet.

He’s selling miracle healing, books (see Amazon and read the 1-star comments on demonology) and courses that are not in line with scripture of the Bible.

He sucks in the evangelical Christians by telling them he’s having exclusive dreams about Q (inside knowledge).

Not good.

David Joseph Hayes, 56

Gilbert, AZ

Rap Sheet:

Simple Assault, (Domestic Violence),

Reckless Endangerment

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liens/Judgments: Yes

Wife: @denise_artist

Poli-chick: tired of political corruption/media collusion.

Artist, believer, former lead vocalist, recovering graphic designer & wife of PrayingMedic.

The wife is running a ton domains.

We have a list of them if you want those.

They’re all money scams.

I’ll get one to show you a sample of heat we found.

The wife owns all kinds of stuff just like it.

Here’s the copy: Yup, money scams. The wife owns this one and about 50 others just like it.


5a21ce No.1558

File: 43728bea193eb90⋯.jpg (295.94 KB, 996x644, 249:161, 2018.05.25.033851.screensh….jpg)

5a21ce No.1559

File: 87a12462bf2266d⋯.jpg (493.86 KB, 1168x855, 1168:855, 2018.05.25.034932.screensh….jpg)

Interesting Sid Roths's 'It's Supernatural! & Messianic Vision show of 40yrs have the Khazar star plastered on his header…

How Christian


5a21ce No.1560

File: 16accfee7333ad6⋯.jpg (777.6 KB, 1879x659, 1879:659, 2018.05.25.050705.screensh….jpg)


DoYouKnowQ com STILL up to no good as they changed redirect…. to qanon pub

this ist he PrayingMedic one

https://whois.icann org/en/lookup?name=douknowq com

5a21ce No.1561

File: ef3965604c36e6f⋯.jpg (525.29 KB, 1203x733, 1203:733, 2018.05.25.052949.screensh….jpg)

File: 3ff75d8a0fd8446⋯.jpg (179.46 KB, 1102x595, 1102:595, 2018.05.25.053147.screensh….jpg)

PrayingMedic M.O.

a6fe14 No.1562


Just read your dumps and info on Preying Medic. Suspected the same on him. So if he and his wife are running this scam in partnership with pamphlet anon & the other players and they are not Christians, then they are Luciferian Khazarian mafia agents of deception, employing black magic, those demon boxes and other devices to predict the future. This is how Q is able to make predictions - via divination. I was inspired this morning with a global vision, a big picture of how they do it. I will post the entire story and big picture on the other thread, of how they are doing it. I will create graphs also to illustrate the players involved. If you wish, you can delete these posts and images you have made, as I have saved them and saved the page. We can re-post it all in once concise post. Or you can leave it up for others to see. The choice is yours. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

a6fe14 No.1563


If Trump was appointed by God, now he is beligerant and has decided to take the path of evil. His first major crime was killing and murdering innocent people in Syria, with the strikes. This is the beginning of his downfall. Now he is not to be elected again for another term, but rather is given over to destruction for his evil deeds. God shall place another like Karen Hudes in His place, to achieve His divine purposes, now that Trump has failed and dis obeyed the commands and plan of God.

a6fe14 No.1566


Please see this post here brother:

We were just given the key to crack the Q Saga!!


beb9a3 No.1567


confirming receipt.. thx patriot

5a21ce No.1568


anyone interested in getting the steps for the Necromancy session & more, please DM GodsTruthWar on Gab. It is more potent to get it from source so as to substantiate where it came from. Discord can be used for a verbal session that's still Anon.

0ee036 No.1570


Ayuaska and DMT is demonic and Satanic.

Necromancy is condemned by God.

5a21ce No.1574


All the more reason to expose it…

NOT a session to DO IT :)

steps to acquire the VIDEO where they recorded a session… ie proof occultists are behind the Qpost webring

just walking ppl through how to get the evidence, if that makes sense

0ee036 No.1576


The son of John McCain conducts DMT sessions in a city in S. America where he lives.

0ee036 No.1577


So one must go to Gab to get the info then…I see….

5a21ce No.1578


yup.. DM.. not really wanting to put it here for obvious reason of being on the downlow.. its quick..

0ee036 No.1581


Ok, don´t use Gab but others that do will be able to go there and get the info. Thanks.

0ee036 No.1582



Trump was given the choice of either peace or world war III. Peace if he would allow us to mint our currencies free of the banking cartel. World War III if he blocks it. He chose to block it and World War III is his choice. He is blocking Karen Hudes, the overseer mandade trustee of the Global Debt Facility and the Board of Governors of the banks and international community from allowing us to mint our currencies free of the banking cartel. Trump is blocking humanity from becoming free and he and his banking cartel minions are leading the planet to World War III in doing this. Trump thus must go. He has failed in his divinely appointed mission.

0ee036 No.1584


Ok, thanks for putting it out there.

0ee036 No.1585


You are welcome.

5a21ce No.1586



0ee036 No.1587


Ok, found it. You can erase your post if needed, or leave the info for others to find if you like. Thanks.

0ee036 No.1588

Tracy Beanz:

We are Q. We organized the whole thing.


Fake Q group admits they created Q.

0ee036 No.1589

#QAnon: QPost Websites Ran By Occultists? 100% Walkthrough #Q #GreatAwakening


0ee036 No.1590


Why not share the link among these posts so people can find this info and the video?

d94688 No.1594

Trump's Israeli Psyop Group


5a21ce No.1596

File: 2efa97efba5c8b3⋯.jpg (45.76 KB, 318x265, 6:5, 2018.05.23.001315.screensh….jpg)


> are Q. We organized the w

This MAY be taken out of context …

1.I streamed a copy of that video..

2.There was a march or event that day/weekend/whatever….

3. [we organized the whole thing] would make sense in that context.. You folks probl have more details than I.

I've HAD DIALOG with TB on on social media

I'm a pretty good read…might be an opportunist, but don't think she's a mastermind of it all..

4.Pamplet was the 2nd on the CBTS-Stream board.. TB gone ~1/18th? Baruch Gone before according to TB (all mods are gone).. thus leaving a more likely cast… as you'll see here.

5.TB does other work & had work prior to Q


not protecting her, but I'm obligated to provide these data points. I'll defend someone as aggressively as I will out them.

that video could be taken out of context & put it out.. so this is my 'being fair'

Even if TB is some guru.. she has NO fingerprints on the webring…

& thusly not on my radar.

This said, a close associate is WAYY more involved in the Q sigil than my technical investigation… I must say BOTH are relevant

Issues I've identified:

1. Qpost content [DJ has impeccable analysis MUST WATCH - his ambivalence makes him somewhat trustworthy]


2. WebRing [donations, selling leads, directing traffic from Twitter/FB/YT]

3. Luciferian undertones [with the players involved in WebRing - what would be PsyOp agenda? Money or culture]

4. Overt/Subliminal aggression towards InfoWars [you'll see it when you see it - its in more than one place…mediamatters/soros?]

[BTW did you see MegynKelly interview with Alefantis??? WTF? she KNOWS wuzzup..! Got Balls!]

5. ClusterFuck of other Govt/Military/Foreign powers jumping into the orgy?

<choose your own adventure>

God Bless


we are

5a21ce No.1597

File: 5a776b2d263dcbe⋯.jpg (671.02 KB, 1202x879, 1202:879, 2018.05.26.145341.screensh….jpg)

File: 15fe5cbf06ad2f7⋯.jpg (195.6 KB, 1336x411, 1336:411, 2018.05.25.071742.screensh….jpg)


who's got intel on SerialBrain2?

5a21ce No.1598

File: 9d678bd8d3d1bd1⋯.jpg (192.76 KB, 827x460, 827:460, 2018.05.26.150054.screensh….jpg)


who's got intel on SerialBrain2

8b9994 No.1600


Tracy clearly says,

"We are Q!! We are Q!! We organized the whole thing!!''

If this is not a confession, what is?

8b9994 No.1601


>who's got intel on SerialBrain2

This video has the best Intel. Listen carefully:

QAnon Pirated: We Must Police Ourselves


It shows how Serial Brain is connected to DIMENSION 4 and a CIA contractor. The people with contracts have also a connection to Mi6. Black hat individuals are using Q for nefarious purposes.

0Hour and others also have great info.

The video posted here is connected to Serial Brain also:


8b9994 No.1604

Excellent video and comments!!

Trump's Israeli Psyop Group #QAnon


8b9994 No.1605


Comments section excellent:

Justin Sidener

Trump and his cabinet are the deep state. Any Zionist movement in power are never for the people and always for wars and the breakdown of nations if you do the research! Of course the dems are in on it to.

It's a divide and conquer because they know if we all put the left right racism and so on, if we put aside those diff and joined that they would no longer be in power and the people would finally make decisions and not corporations which trump is all about what the corporations can get. He owed the banks big time so this is how he pays them back!

8b9994 No.1606


blaklungzz comment:

I’m a Trump voter but not a Trump cheerleader. When Trump does something bad I have no problem calling it out. The thing with Q and the Q followers is that it seems to be a Trump cheerleading deal where he can do no wrong. I never bought into the Q thing. It’s bullshit. It’s amazing to me how many seemingly intelligent people it has completely fooled.

8b9994 No.1607



News? All your spouting is partisan bs put forth by Zio controlled wikileaks and Q. YOU are the one not paying attention to what Trump and his chosen minions are doing and how he has TOTALLY sold out this country to the Rothschild zionists. Trump was installed to do just that and put the final nail in the coffin of the USA. He's making Israel great not America. PAY ATTENTION to the truth and stop believing in the Q lies put out to manipulate partisans such as yourself.

8b9994 No.1608


Mia Sāgara

John Liberty Yep. And the $₩¥💰 always goes back to oil/gas/land/MIC (DoD)… AIPAC & The House of Saud's influence on U.S. policy.

This was yet another reason we've been protesting pipelines like DAPL to wake the masses.

It's a war of the top echelon on the poor-to-middle class.

Q was a smart tool for gaslighting the masses. (with lies and deception).

8b9994 No.1609


fred head

About Q - Trump Zionist poison:

It's not a leap of faith if you remotely follow what's happening in the middle east. It's way more plausible than russian collusion. Also if you look into Trumps zionist connections, his bail out by the Rothschilds, his appointment of Wilbur Ross what is really happening starts to become clear.

8b9994 No.1610


Jay Me

They want to ban your rights to free speech and assembly, yes these tolerant Jews. The only thing you will be allowed to worship is the struggle of poor, persecuted, marginalized, unorganized Jews… when they are more organized and influential than any other peoples!!! And have been before WW2. I think there was suppose to be a 3rd WW. It didn't happen for some reason. What we see now, is the same destruction they sought in the last century. That's why these useful idiots, Muslims, can do nothing wrong in the West, but Muslims in the Middle East can do no right. Israel will soon expand from the Nile to the Euphrates, symbolized by the 2 stripes on their flag.

8b9994 No.1611



Marcia D

Nick Powell, Q was NOT hacked.

Q was sold out. And because the sudden monetization and the fame and the money some of the team saw Q moving away from the original intent of QAnon. But whenever people started to question, the tripcode was changed and that person was locked out. When they saw Q with the new site Patriots Fight discrediting the Alt News and dividing the Truther Community, which everyone knew was the Deep State plan for us, they came forward and outed Q, told who they were and how they did it. But because the Feds are considering charges, no one will be allowed to talk and we'll probably never know what all really happened unless it goes to court. Or they make a movie about it!

8b9994 No.1612

Marcia D

In 2 days UniRock and Isaac Green both JUMPED in the (Q research board - pamphlet anon) shills daily target lists, which tells me they're both "on target".

8b9994 No.1613

Sean Anon

Would you like to see video of Trump explicitly stating that he doesn’t want to hurt the Clintons and that they are “good people”???

Lmao just wake me up when Trump puts Hillary Clinton is prison… until then, Trump is just another puppet president.

8b9994 No.1614


Yuge Wall

Fuck Trump! He's just another tool the Military Industrial Complex uses to keep up the production of Cruise missiles n stuff. No doubt Trump is heavily invested in perpetual war. His campaign talked non-intervention. Wtf happened? Israel perhaps? Maybe Lockheed-Martin too?

8b9994 No.1615



Now that I've learned how connected he is to Israel, and perpetual war, I likely will hate everything he does. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but always suspected he was a puppet at the very least.

8b9994 No.1616

Stephen Crumley

I still can't believe people honestly believe this Q bullshit ….. Do they also think voting will change things?

8b9994 No.1617


Even if he is in 6 more years we won't know the full extent ever, just like we still have no definitive answer on Kennedy or 911 and we never will any and all evidence linking people has already been destroyed.

Trump was bailed out by Wilbur Ross to the sum of 1.4 billion in the 90's, Ross was working at Rothschild inc as their head bankruptcy manager. Trump has been bailed out a total of four times since the 90's, do you think that Trump this narcissist obsessed with money is going to bite the hand that feeds him? Ever wondered why Trump refuses to release his tax returns, it is the same reason Hillary won't because then you can trace who they are in league with.

8b9994 No.1618

8b9994 No.1619

8b9994 No.1620

louise ridder

We have truly crossed the Rubicon…

There is no looking back, or trying to get back to where we were before the final nail in the coffin went in -

after the fraud Q was rolled out - there is no turning back, and the momentum is growing.

The sewer that the internet and social media has become is exposed; how all of us are manipulated, deceived, and forced into a reality, or narrative that those in power create for us.

Agree; there were really Russian bots influencing the election, but they were not really Russian.

Israeli intelligence organizations are somehow related to Cicada3301, wikileaks, pizzagate, controlled opposition, Seth Rich death, etc..

The deception is astounding. And these are only the pieces of the puzzle that we are allowed to know. There obviously is much more that we will never be allowed to know.

This is the reality we live in. We were Trumped (urban dictionary). The only good thing about Trump is he is not Hillary. If we continue to vote then we cannot complain.

By voting we are engaging in tacit approval, giving The Crown Corporation, and all its tentacles, in this case Israeli intelligence, the authorization, the permission, to determine the (s)election of our president.

We are not under the protection of the Constitution; we are under Admiralty Law or Martial Law since the Civil War.

In order to remain under Admiralty Law or Martial Law there has to be war or we have to be under a state of emergency.

We are a Constitution-less people and in 1871 we became a corporation, no longer a country, instead, a corporation owned by foreign interests and international bankers, and the House of Rothschild's City of London (Act of 1871).

And about the fraud Q… do we really think, if the Bush Dynasty, the Clintons, the Obamas, and all their high level minions that operate the US corporation -

they have not been charged for their treason, sedition, and long list of crimes against humanity, and never will -

do we really think those that perpetrate all these illegal scams and fraud on the internet on unsuspecting people,

like the fraud Q, will be brought to justice?

Maybe the peons at the bottom will that were the face for one of the biggest frauds carried out on the internet.


8b9994 No.1621


What's Trump doing about chemtrails and 5 g? Is he trying to stop it? Has he even mentioned those toxic issues killing we the people?? Oh I know the answer to that NO HE IS NOT DOING ANYTHING WE THE PEOPLE NEED DONE.

8b9994 No.1622

Zac Ross

Oh believe me I've been doing my investigation on Donald Trump and his son-in-law Kushner so yes I do believe everything you said thanks for telling the truth and not being another liar because that's getting really old. I don't like what I what I've been finding out about Trump never trust him in the first place.

8b9994 No.1623


The pullout of the nuclear deal was step one, you need a reason to start a war, the people don't want war so you need to create a situation a means to invade, you need a reason no matter how much BS it is. You have Micheal Bolton in there who supplied the evidence for WMD's in Iraq which weren't aren't there, now we have pulled out of the Iran deal and the claims are they are building nuclear weapons in which all weapon inspectors claim is false, this is why all of Europe, China, and Russia are continuing to keep their deals with Iran, America might of just lost the last bit of credibility we had.

8b9994 No.1624

8b9994 No.1625


I really wanted to believe Q was legit… but I don't understand how anybody can still believe in it. Nothing has happened… we are just being led around like dogs on a chain.

8b9994 No.1626


Congratulations, Nathan, for breaching the 3rd Rail of American politricks! TALPIOT TALKS and Know More News digs even deeper into Israeli PSYOPS. I like most of Trump's domestic agenda but the Pentagon & State Dept. are totally Zionist First. Stay on the case for TRUTH!

8b9994 No.1628

The body

Q anon seems to go against the American first agenda and promotes an Israeli first agenda and seems to be targeting Trumps evangelical base who they need for support because once evangelicals realize that Christian Zionism is a heresy then they'll actually be useful to America again.

8b9994 No.1630

Lodewijk Langeweg

''Great to see someone is picking up that Q might be a Mossad assisted operation. I've been posting it for weeks all over the place below Q related clips. I saved this one:

"Are you willing to take into consideration that Q might be a Mossad supported operation? Think about it: Q is building up a group that will stand behind whatever Trump might do. Even waging war on Syria and Iran if it would come to that. That is solely in the interest of the Israeli "elite."

I think the Israeli "elite" offered Trump help with draining at least part of the corrupt swamp and diminish the sexual abuse of children in the US (which would be great it that really happens) in exchange for Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and helping Israel in its fight against Iran.

Because of the positive changes in the US Trump would be able to serve two terms, and the Israeli "elite" would get what it wants.

Who can have a few words posted on the Q board and then ask Trump his dad in law too twitter them, and take pictures of Trump's pen in the Oval Office and from within Trump's plane? Jared Kushner, spearhead of the Israeli lobby."

(I'm not saying Kushner is the person using the nick Q. But he sure is good friends with Nethanyahu and I would be surprised if he was not at least cooperating with Mossad. So Q could be a joint US and Israeli intelligence psyop with Kushner being the link to Trump.

Of course I might very well be mistaken. But it has made sense to me so far.

Glad to see you picking it up so it gets more attention. And I'm grateful to you that because of your work on this issue now I don't have to bother with it any more, as I rather spend my time on meditation and contemplation for peace in the world.)

8b9994 No.1631

joseph harb

Here is a example of how zionest operate.twisting the facts . Jews Christians and Muslims have lived in Palestine for thousands of years they even married each other period until the creation of the state of Israel. Israel has become very strong politically economically and militarily. What they have done is wipe the word Palestine off of historical Maps and replaced it with Israel. When the Iranian president Ahmadinejad said that Israel needs to be wiped off the map and replace with Palestine. They Twisted that around as if Iran is getting a nuclear bomb and wiping Israel off the map. That's how they operate with misinformation and plan out lies.

8b9994 No.1632

Trump policy towards Iran and Syria is retarded and shows he supports ISIS.

joseph harb

think about it..isreal has atleast 80 nuclear bombs. They get 3.8 billion U.S. tax dollars per year for their millitary. They have f15s f16s and f35s . Iron dome and patriot missiles..Iran is no threat to Isreal - even if Iran attacks Israel, and even then the U.S. wil step in and help..

The reason you're here about Iran so much lately it's because they are helping the Syrian government by killing Isis and all the terrorists in Syria. Those are the ones that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created to bring down the Syrian government.

8b9994 No.1633

Israel always needs an enemy that way they don't have to talk peace.

Watch "Blowback: How Israel Helped Create Hamas" on YouTube


Every one needs to.hate Muslims. That way when Isreal demolishes the Al Aqsa Mosqu in Jerusalem to build thier temple. No one will care.

Watch "The Jewish Role in the Refugee Crisis"


8b9994 No.1634



There are too many people with cloaked loyalty to other countries and their agendas. Root them out.

8b9994 No.1635

Autonomous Collective

1) Gannett Co Inc = Tangent = CIA Mockingbird = MSM brainwashing .

2) Q = Psy Ops.

8b9994 No.1636


Nathen, I think you have nailed it. Ck out fitzpatrickinformer.info he has some really good info on this topic.

8b9994 No.1637

Q neither Trump nor Democrats

Carlos Danger

It doesn't seem plausible that Trump would authorize "intel" leaks (Q) in late October of last year when people were frantically looking for anything to impeach him on. Dems wouldn't sit on their hands for 7 months and not push for legal action for intel leaks. Dems would at least shut it down.

8b9994 No.1638

WV Independent

Whoever Q is, they are pro-Mueller even after mugging Trump's long-time lawyer. Pro-Session. Wrong about a log of things, unfortunately. Also seems to be stationed overseas.

8b9994 No.1639

Johnny Avina

Dude Seth Rich did die. Andrew b. Died. Anthony Wyner is in jail. The biggest producer in Hollywood is going to jail. How many bones do you need . Maybe Q isn't real but something is definitely happening.

8b9994 No.1640

David Brady

Lift the Veil: U'r 100% correct! Q is a Mossad Gaslight operation leveraging the Deep State traitors narrative to support Trump but Trump is now the PT Barnum of the Deep State (Mossad) Circus! Trump's breach of the JCPOA is a Mossad wet dream.

8b9994 No.1641


Natura Trading

You have my seal of approval…and for those who dont understand you or are trolling your work its not too late…there is enough information out there to deconstruct the belief system we re induced to think is real…the psyop agents have a lot of experience in leading the masses where they want…and Q is perfect example of this.

8b9994 No.1642

Tellthetruth n/a

The right engages in opinion influencing just as the left does. IMO, nothing is off the table including foreign influence. Regardless of who is behind Q it is definitely a fraudulent operation. The worst part is that YTubers are still peddling the Q bullshit and viewers are still buying it! Never underestimate people's willingness to be conned or opportunists' willingness to con them.

8b9994 No.1643

Blind Faith

Thank God I wasn't a Q believer from the start. But I did notice every single channel that promoted 'Q' also highly promoted Trump who I've come to detest although I initially believed his lies & voted for him. Q fooled everyone and so is Trump. Just look at the swamp creatures he's hired. I also remember Trump giving Black Water a $125 million dollar contract shortly after he was selected into office talking about privatizing Trump's dirty, illegal wars to side step any transparency for their dirty covert operations.

8b9994 No.1644

Roxanne Koller

This is Gods Agenda, Not Trumps. However he got elected, makes no difference to me. If he is not doing Gods Will, he will be removed by God.

No amount of Avatars will tell me who to vote for. I make up my own mind with no help or prodding from Avatars!

The globalist left have & will stoop to any level to get what they want.

As for Jared Kushner & his wife Ivanka, I do not trust them as far as they can both be thrown! They have no business anywhere near the Whitehouse.

Perhaps these supposed 'methods' were necessary, though not ideal and not something we are supportive of normally. But these are unique and dangerous times & Everything is at stake for Humanity We will deal with these accusations ourselves, after we are Victorious.

Our side is up against the Most Corrupt, Vile, Evil group of people & they take No prisoners.

So again, Whatever it takes to take down the satanic elite 'NWO globalists', is what it will take. This is Gods Agenda, Not Trumps. This is the kind of thing that only serves to divide, cause distrust and uncertainty. Our side simply does not want to win, that much is clear. We always do this to ourselves and cannot remain united in our cause, unlike the globalist left. It never fails, bam-bam, two shots to our own head. It is all well and good to be the first to report what you are convinced is "breaking news' as well as to usurp Mueller, after an entire year of finding nothing to support their endeavors to remove him. Congratulations, you may make a name for yourself. (fake Q) But to what end does it serve? Certainly not for the betterment of America & Victory against the anti-humanity, enslavement, 'NWO' globalists.

8b9994 No.1645

free Axarya

If there are still People falling for this little q fake thing, they are already brainwashed and maybe you can`t help them anymore, this is MKUltra without using LSD but this silly Letter :))

8b9994 No.1646

Nate Smith

Like what's up with faith godly being banned from patreon, or attacked by Antifa at the border in up state new York while reporting on illegal immigration in front of police officers who just stood by. Tommy Robinson was arrested for exercising freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Leeds England. The dcpd dropped off all the evidence in the Awan spying case to the defence attorneys instead of the prosecutor like that is prove of corruption on the highest level.

Please report on these topics that actually are showing people how tyrannical our governments worldwide are becoming so maybe we can get back to working together instead of trying to fuck each other over. The left and right need to be shown we are done being zombies and yes men. STAND up be herd.

8b9994 No.1647

Miss J

I´m not convinced at all trump had anything to do with this. Trump seemed underwhelmed when tracy said we are Q to him. He didn´t even smile really. (He just thanked them for supporting him and Melania is all).

8b9994 No.1648


I knew it (Q)was a psyop, i said it since october 28, 2017.. its just a matter of connecting all the progenitors and facilitators, determining WHO made the most money off of Q, and putting the heat to every single board creator and content maker..especially especially since ISRAEL is the leader in cutting edge technology..man its all coming together.. thanks for putting out this title it caught my att..

8b9994 No.1649


Maelstrom Quark

''A good video. Its nice to know some are finally realising and digging deeper. The 'paradise papers' are a good resource. Those links fit with the notion your trying to convey. Trump supporters and many on the internet have been played for years. It speaks to a kind of arrogance for a person to believe they are smarter than folk who rule the world. The globalists didn't lose. They simply moved from the 'integration' plan involving liberalism. In favour of a faux nationalist right wing plan.

Globalism is neoliberalism and the only thing they care about is a 'financial world order'.

Wikileaks, Q anon, truth channels, leaks, anonymous etc. All of it used to subvert and divide the US. The theory of libidinal forces is a self reinforcing psychological trick used to control and radicalise groups and cults. Don't expect anything but pseudo religious and cult like reactions from those who have been manipulated.''

8b9994 No.1650

Jack Yohey

Q is Israeli MASSAD & Jordan Sather is a pure fraud. Playing on people's emotions for a profit.

8b9994 No.1652



05daf8 No.1653

File: 801c85d06b2da82⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1559x5517, 1559:5517, Qproof_Plane_Shot.jpg)

File: 85154ce91c890ca⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 1767x5558, 1767:5558, QPasswordRevealTipOff.jpg)


https:// i.imgur.com/GPUm8gC.jpg

https:// i.imgur.com/i0itgIN.jpg




https:// i.imgur.com/GPUm8gC.jpg

https:// i.imgur.com/i0itgIN.jpg




https:// i.imgur.com/GPUm8gC.jpg

https:// i.imgur.com/i0itgIN.jpg



05daf8 No.1654

File: 2d3a908eeaabcb0⋯.jpg (265.48 KB, 1078x1370, 539:685, Raging.jpg)


https:// i.imgur.com/GPUm8gC.jpg

https:// i.imgur.com/i0itgIN.jpg




5a21ce No.1658



hehe [I] posted that video.. I assure peeps I'm not that duecebag…. I'm chasing him down..

which makes me think THIS thread is got to sh*t with misinfo..

fun while it lasted

4aab24 No.1659


None of this is evidence. It is all forged. The two supposed posts by Q confirming a trip code change exist only in image and archive format but nobody saw those posts. They even have no trip code. They both are a forgery.

The different IPs of people posting Ree etc can be explained by pamphlet and his friends using a VPN, to make it look like other people posting.

The multiple pictures could have been a leak from an inside leaker and not POTUS nor with his consent. The WH is full of leakers.

None of the evidence you provide is proof of anything. Any Intelligence agency can fabricate this as well, particularly if they are feeding pamphlet anon and his crew this info for them to post.

The events hapenning on the 23rd? A mere coincidence.

May 08th the day the passord created? 23 days from that does not match the day of the password release.


4aab24 No.1660


All you Q tards know how to do is slander others, since you have no factual information to prove your fake fag Q. Jump in the lake moron. We have already proven your Q fake. Stop bothering others with your fake Q crap.

4aab24 No.1664


>The two supposed posts by Q confirming a trip code change exist only in image and archive format but nobody saw those posts. They even have no trip code.

Correction - they have a trip code, but no user ID. Those two supposed posts by Q confirming the password change are fake and gay.

Also, spirit boxes and satanic invocations being made by serial brain to make the supposed predictions of what woud happen on the 23rd. Devil worshipping fake Q exposed.

4aab24 No.1665



and here:


Now you know the truth.

4aab24 No.1666


And as seen here also:


110dcf No.1667

QANON IDENTITY REVEALED with REAL FACTS and EVIDENCE - qanon investigation part 57 by UNIRock


This is a good video by UNI. Explains the fak Q and exposes the Q charade.

It covers major points that need to be made.

However, it has some short-comings:

① It needs a better analysis of the various posts that took place during the Q trip-code reveal.

This link explains better and in more detail what took place:


② It fails to identify the Intelligence agents by name such as Baruch and others. It fails to mention the take-over by the various intelligence agencies, as has been covered on this board in the posts. (Obviously UNI has not read all the posts and info we have made on this).

It fails to mention the phone APP developed by Brain Storm and that is being used both to run the Q trip-code as well as the tons of marketing for fake Q.

④ It fails to cover how Brain Storm and others are using spirit boxes and communication with demons to make the Q predictions.

As covered here also on this topic:


⑤ UNI says it is nothing wrong with reading about, studying Satanism. This is strange UNI would say such a thing, given how destructive Satanism is (and UNI does not know this?)


► Now even Code Monkey is saying his onw trip-code has been hacked, implying also the Q trip-code has been hacked:

► Now Code Monkey says two months work for 15 minutes of fame:


Code Monkey had confirmed he was not locked out of his board, as Q suggested:


Q exposed being wrong back then also:




110dcf No.1670


>Now Code Monkey says two months work for 15 minutes of fame:

How we interpret that -

Code Monkey saying he worked helping promoting Q for two months, only to get Q famous for a shor time and have it fail now that is is exposed as a larp.

Code Monkey saying his trip code has been hacked and all messages from him last months should be discarded:

1. He is saying a fake Code Monkey has been helping the Q larp.

2. He is suggesting how easy it is to hack the trip code. If even his can be hacked, he is suggesting also the Q trip has been hacked and that the Q posts should also be dis-considered.

Thank you for confirming the Q-larp code monkey.

110dcf No.1671

Code Monkey also exposes Corsi and his arguments that he supported Q because the Board owner Code Monkey confirmed him. False. Code Monkey explains he is not the board owner, only a technician that manages the board and exposes Corsi error and saying Corsi does not know what he is talking about. Q larp exposed, Corsi exposed, Code Monkey confirms Q larp.

110dcf No.1672


Correction - Code Monkey explains he is not the site owner, so he cannot confirm Q nor more then any mod or board owner can.

110dcf No.1674


Nobody is saying you are Serial Brain. You must have mis-understood the post you replied to. We all know that you posted that video. So you are now going-off on a tangent…

110dcf No.1675


>The video posted here is connected to Serial Brain also:

Meant to say that your video exposes Serial Brain, not that you are Serial Brain. Get it now? You mis-understood!!

110dcf No.1676




5a21ce No.1677

File: 250c3b724597d95⋯.pdf (786.13 KB, DoUKnowQ Maltego Graph 1.pdf)

File: 0dd1574a80a3bdb⋯.pdf (1.3 MB, DoUKnowQ Maltego Graph 2.pdf)


Ha! Guilty as charged.. text sux - lost in translation.

So wuzzup with the Q hiatus..? Anyone have intel? Games up finally?

0 indicated Donors contacted authorities.. that was like 10d ago…hmmm

[Gab @Curator] looks to be outed by that UniVid .. I have some peeps probing…

Found source that does DNS/DarkWeb repo-work.. here's a taste

Trying to go easy on them.. but have some stuff in queue…

Medic knee deep obviously..

Working on next steps.. there's so many

Prob is every time I dump, holes get plugged - not so much here, but obviously parsing goes on.

Seems eerily quiet.. or is it just me?

5a21ce No.1678




if anyone is bored.. I have some shitty work that needs doing that might get some sauce….

can put on pastebin…

html address snooping

110dcf No.1679


>0 indicated Donors contacted authorities.. that was like 10d ago…hmmm

Starting to look like the F_I is in on this scam hey?

110dcf No.1680


>Medic knee deep obviously..

Yes, medic faux Christian deep into it.

Yes, UNI exposes Gab.

And yes, they continue to erase videos, switch servers etc to attempt to plug their swamp holes…and even erasing Q posts etc….

Eerily quiet? That is because everyone is being outed for being either Luciferian, part of the scam or plain being stupid they are…is why is quiet…

110dcf No.1681


Please do post anything you have for us on a pastebin…hope others join to help…as now we have only a few people helping - maybe 4 or 5 when much more help is needed. thanks.

110dcf No.1682


Meant also to post much more research I have on this and make some charts showing the characters involved…hope to get around to it later in the day today…

110dcf No.1684

It seems 0hour is too disconnected to what took place to be able to really put the pieces together….. he wants to post every fail post Q has made..but that task is too complex for someone who was not involved in Q..now his latest videos are mostly raving on….same with Potter…. he has some good Intel however….UNI was only involved for some time in Q and has not read all the posts we have made on this board…so is missing many pieces….…. Corsi doesn´t know what he is talking about, as Code Monkey explains…..Jones must less, mis-led by Zach…very few who are able to put the pieces together…looks like it it just us chickens…. hard to find good researchers who know what they are talking about..is slim pickins…LoL…

110dcf No.1686

If a Fed agency wants to hide an op, what do they do? Have private agents, regular people do it as informants…run the scam so that the agencies will not get in trouble…..aha!!

110dcf No.1687

Including those private e-mails UNI, Lift the veil and others are receiving… confessing they created Q…may in fact be just a cover to hide the true Fed involvement!! Aha!!

110dcf No.1688

In addition, if such Feds have only one or two civilian agents in charge - Pamphlet and Brain Storm, all the people they sucked-in would never know who is really behind the op! So they would confess their involvement, without knowing who really is behind Pamphlet and Brain Storm!! Aha!!

110dcf No.1689

These Feds also hide their gains within Bitcoin. At least 30% of all the F_I money his hidden within Bitcoin. It is used to hide the Silk Airlines Ops profits, and the gains from the transport of the illegal uranium weapons produced in the John McCain and Lindsey Graham factory called Arsenal in Bulgaria. The weapons go directly to ISIS!! Aha!!

110dcf No.1690

So what would be the purpose of the Q op?

1. Gain support for war with Syria and Iran.

2. Prop-up enemies of the state, such as Jeff Sessions.

3. Build-up the image that Trump is a savior, when in reality he is part of the banking cartel and deep state.

4. Other scams and to make money.

110dcf No.1691

In the name of Jeshua, we declare knowledge of the Holy one upon Lift The Veil, that he may be converted and come to know the Son of God, in all of His glory. Come to the light oh child of God!

110dcf No.1692

We also pray for UNI, that he too may be converted and come to the full knowledge and wisdom of the Son of Life!! And so be it!!

110dcf No.1694

The true Star of the Morning, the Lion of the tribe of Judah has become The King of all nations. In His name we declare victory upon the enemy. No man can stand against those whom God has appointed!!!

51f98a No.1696

File: 6ff10b88239eefd⋯.jpg (71.54 KB, 640x705, 128:141, adbd20b5df174e90a51a3e8df9….jpg)


Someone… leaked, a picture taken from Air Force 1, within 9 minuets of it being taken? While they were flying in airspace protected by 3 Carrier Fleets?



So you're stumped, you can't explain away these facts, because if those pictures are legit then it proves Q was on AF1 that day, and your entire web of lies turns to dust.

Game over kid.

110dcf No.1697


POTUS may have sent it to someone and it was intercepted by some Intel agency. Easy to do.

110dcf No.1698


No, it is game over for you my child. Do not be foolish now. Any number of X reasons could explain this. We are not so dumb now and do not fall for these tricks that some fall for now….

110dcf No.1699


How many flights go over that area? Photos from another flight could easily have been leaked from the same location and no one would be able to tell the difference. We do not fall for this.

110dcf No.1700


1. Kushner lost his security clearance. Wonder why? Aha!

110dcf No.1701

Once all the photos had been leaked…any Intel agency or agent could now release one more…duuuhhhh…it is SO OBVIOUS!!

110dcf No.1703


Nice try, but you failed. Got something better to throw at us then this ridiculous proof?

Ha ha ha, you lost already.

110dcf No.1704


Plenty of moles now being investigated by Mueller hey? LoL….

110dcf No.1705

And don´t even try to use the pen evidence. That was a Photoshop job - Trump signature super-imposed upon a Hillary Clinton or Obama photo. Something like that.


110dcf No.1706

The Trump supposed Twitter - Q matches has already been explained by the e-mails sent to UNI and Lift the Veil. What is left?



ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

110dcf No.1707


The same ones most likely who paid the Serial Brain phone APP development also, which he and pamphlet use to control the Q trip-code and tons of marketing for "Q". LoL. Busted!!!

110dcf No.1708


The entire scam revolves around the pamphlet - Serial Brain live Duped tubes channel 24-7 and reddit boards, used to scam everyone and suck-in all the dupes… Ha ha ha ha ha…. So much for daily fresh bread hey? That bread is now looking pretty moldy hey?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

Come live to the pamphlet anon dupe channel and receive live news directly from the fake Q 24-7 and if you want info on your phone, pay for the APP to receive live hot duped Q posts now!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha…

beb9a3 No.1711

File: 5fb035febb05fa3⋯.png (130.42 KB, 1628x163, 1628:163, remnant4.png)




Oky Dokes… its simple, just not glorious..


5a21ce No.1712

File: 9853591b3cc8144⋯.png (4.23 KB, 528x213, 176:71, RemnantLetter.png)


Were those PDFs of any use?

Didn't know how much value they brought.. before I go beg for more

110dcf No.1713


Any way to archive the entire domains and sub-domains before they wipe it all?

110dcf No.1714


The PDF shows the network outline or the outline of the web site, correct?

110dcf No.1715



Donate Ids/Bitcoins


See the donate button?

110dcf No.1716


If you'd like to buy me a beer or a little Christmas present for my effort, you can donate some Bitcoins to the following address:


110dcf No.1717

Bitcoin account of scammers located!!


5a21ce No.1718


>The PDF shows the network outline or the outline of the web site, correct?

Seems they were generated by 2 services….

what they tell ME.. is

1. inbound referrers..

`WHO referred the request to the site…

if yahoo.com has a link to 8CH & you click it.. the DNS(I think) knows that's how you got to 8CH..

this is CRITICAL info for webmasters/marketers so they know what is generating the traffic

if you type the address in a browser.. i think the browser shows up as the refferer

2. outbound requests…

this works the same for links clicked on 8CH that go out somewhere…

webmaster can monitor what traffic LEAVES the site( possibly the page)

most of this I THOUGHT was only available from the hosting provider via analytics on their logs, but I'm sure the DNS servers keep their own logs & so know EVERYTHING..

this is where I think the data for these reports come from.. I'll have to ask..

point in this is one can find networked websites & then sniff those too to map out the 'webring'

110dcf No.1719

File: 024baf42b6d701c⋯.jpg (176.23 KB, 1304x698, 652:349, BitcoinDonations.jpg)

110dcf No.1720


The Phone App developed by Brain Storm controls all of this…

110dcf No.1721


Now that we located the bitcoin account, the entire scam network of funds can be traced.

5a21ce No.1722



GUESS where else that 1JE.. shows up…?

qanonposts.com ← view source.. I just checked it again.


qanon.pub, theStoryofQ.com(before they put redirect inplace to qanon.pub after peeps called it out)

This is grueling shit-work is how I found 90% of the goods.

Bad thing with sprawling networks is they are hard to clean up after the fact… and there is sprawl on orders I can't get my head around yet…

Seems like there needs to be a list kept, but in doing so, we're basically telling the defense what dirt we have… Not sure of a good solution..

5a21ce No.1723


nice brother!!! I didn't see that one…

make that 2 goodies we got using ghetto techniques!

This is what I've been doing for last 3-4 weeks.. it sux, but you hit PAYDIRT from time to time..

we need to catalog that…

CTRL-S to save the page!!! It'll be gone tomorrow(ask me how I know)

Also Screen Cap…

hmm… thinking of good repo place to throw this in as its found..


5a21ce No.1724


I'll see if my friend knows if there's a way to see btc movement.. users prob anon, but route points might be in the clear.

110dcf No.1725

110dcf No.1726


Yes, very well. A quantum computer can crack it.

110dcf No.1727


Yes, do ALL of that before they delete it!!

110dcf No.1728

Tons of stuff!


They are making tons of money selling websites, CNN contacts, training people to make money on Youtube videos on Q and much more…LoL….

100+ Media Contacts

More Details


Add to Cart

Domain For Sale


Domain For Sale


More Details


Add To Cart

Domain Name For Sale


Domain Name For Sale


More Details


110dcf No.1729

Income activater on fake Q posts:


5a21ce No.1730


WinHTTrack is a great tool for grabbing entire websites.. it takes a while ( and won't help us with this particular exercise ) but you get the whole thing

[it takes a little work to set up the options]

5a21ce No.1731


nice!!!.. thx for jumping in on it…

i'll have more leads tomorrow…

(eyes are falling out of the sockets)

not sure how we index this.. recommend keeping track of the URLs with the goodies found…

i'll definitely scrape items found & dump to my site somewhere..

pastebin might be a champ for all this text-based stuff

5a21ce No.1732


yeah.. you'll notice under the 'payments' link at the footer of the pages…


WTF? that dude is shameless

110dcf No.1733

5a21ce No.1734


Regardless how you feel about Corsi…

sure is interesting how the guy selling $20 books is nailed up to a cross while this guy ( on the billboard no less) is selling domains for $400 that cost him $15 to register

odd how that works out…

110dcf No.1735


Looks like it goes FAR FAR beyond that and looking like maybe Trump team is part of this scam….?

110dcf No.1736


Yep, pretty hypocritical also considering Infowars took them all the traffic and now Q and pamphlet are sucking all the traffic away from INFOWARS shamelessly. I think INFOWARS has grounds for a lawsuit against these scammers… will be fun to see Trump team go down if they are part of the scam….

110dcf No.1737



Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industrys standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.''


They are getting money on the referrals also:


Get a free quote from trusted home staging companies.






110dcf No.1738


Setup Your Payments To Receive Leads


Bitcoin, credit cards, anything accepted!! LoL…

110dcf No.1739

And this is the website that Reddit directs people to..and Q directed people to the reddit board. (Facepalm).




5a21ce No.1740






The good thing about this technical stuff is we can get out of the realm of conjecture & theory and into tangibles.

Q being legit or not [IMHO] is irrelevant for this investigation….

1. if Q is legit, we're clearing the air of BS

2. if Q is a created being, I recon it will fade away without this infrastructure & $$$/influence motivation.

my hope is to grab a damning amount of info, then do a mass publication….

going LIVE with it too soon will simply tip off these peeps & they'll start severing the trail..

I'm open to suggestions on when that is & how it goes down..

this is amazing finds!!!! more than I'd hoped for!

5a21ce No.1741

faceplanting… god bless you anons…

I have renewed hope in getting to the bottom of the greatest mystery of the decade..

I recon, this works for other topics… I'm learning the ropes

110dcf No.1742





Site Map

Just look at all the people they are promoting:

Hagmann Report

JustInformed Talk




Holy Bible

J Anon

J Anon

Praying Medic

Praying Medic

Praying Medic

Praying Medic

Praying Medic

Praying Medic

Q Proof: Tippy Top Shape


The Patriot Hour

The Political Vigilante

Truth and Art TV


Contact Us

Two Box Template

Who is Q?

Content Template

Q Anon Postings - Live

We Can Promote Your Business

Collapse Q Updates Q Updates

JustInformed Talk

Praying Medic

Greg Hunter USA Watchdog

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JustInformed Talk

JustInformed Talk

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Space Shot 76

Q Abbreviations

Setup Your Payments To Receive Leads

Collapse Q Topics & News Q Topics & News

Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN

Rebel Skum

Robert Exter

The Outer Dark

White House

Executive Order 12/21/2017

Frank Report

Growing List Of CEOs Stepping Down Since Trump Became President

Collapse Independent Journalists Independent Journalists


The Supernatural - God is NOT dead

Praying Medic

Collapse The President Of The United States And His Family The President Of The United States And His Family

The Speech That Will Get Trump Re-elected

Collapse Prayers for Our Nation Prayers for Our Nation

Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog

J Anon

Mark Taylor

Subscribe To Q

Share Your Story

About Us

Privacy Policy

LoL, these scammers are promoting people and YT channels that are covering them…LoL…

110dcf No.1743


Start doing videos on the scam!!

110dcf No.1744


We Promote Your Business



Our Mission

Our mission is to create awarenes for everyone to what's been happening to our nation, and our world, for decades.


President Trump is exposing the corruption, and Q is letting us know how deep it goes.


110dcf No.1745

5a21ce No.1746

They're pulling out the 5th String for the shows now… failing QTubers banding together for failing QTubers


Jordan Sather (Destroy The Illusion) joins us LIVE! -


110dcf No.1747

Speaker Booking


Free Online Consultation


The scams go on and on…

Be careful who you listen to.

Be careful who you promote.

Be careful of those making money on this.



110dcf No.1748


All the failing and banned Q tubers should join together in one massive channel to expose fake Q and make this go viral!!

110dcf No.1749


Or the greatest 8-chan - Trump scam of the decade…LoL…

110dcf No.1750

File: bc3f4e13cf060d6⋯.jpg (106.67 KB, 638x616, 29:28, sheep 1.jpg)





110dcf No.1751

File: 0140469aa275528⋯.png (80.81 KB, 242x189, 242:189, shipping-truck.png)

Stop Paying Retail Prices

Next Day Delivery

Free USA Shipping

For All Orders Over $75 (48lb max)




110dcf No.1752

File: b18ac9707063e67⋯.jpg (9.33 KB, 237x178, 237:178, meditation 1.jpg)



Get the hot prayer of the day now at a discount!


110dcf No.1753

I am crying and feel sorry for poor Doctor Corsi who got caught into this scam…pray for him…weep, weep, weep…

110dcf No.1754

File: 205cffcc4f7b4fe⋯.jpg (198.67 KB, 1301x657, 1301:657, WelcometotheQSCAM.jpg)

Welcome To Our Online Scam Store!!

We Are Creating Q Products to scam you!!

Tell US What You'd Like so we can scam you more and make even more money on this scam!


Nobody is allowed to make money except us at fakeQ.com!!

To hell with all those trying to make money, only we at fakeQ.com can make money on our scam!!


110dcf No.1755

File: 17f6467556cc73a⋯.jpg (186.58 KB, 1284x653, 1284:653, MysteriousDeathofFakeQ.jpg)




5a21ce No.1756


I'd say that most Christians are full of shit & are blue-pilled by compromised leaders, but these 1-stars are telling:

I'm very confused by the information in this book. It is not validated with much scripture. And doesn't seem to line up well with sound doctrine. I find its concepts borderline if not completely across the border into full blown heresy. Would not recommend it for somewhat who is new to scripture. If this author has found a truth in the scriptures hidden from the rest of us, I beg his forgiveness, but for now, this book to me, screams false doctrine.


It was an interesting read and might be easy to get hooked into it

But consider that there is only one God and judge Jesus

Bout this author actually says someone was judged by a page god… Yep I quote ….

changed and he appeared in a different court with a different judge, named Anubis. (Anubis is an Egyptian God believed to have power over the afterlife.) The outcome of his case was not what he wanted. This is why I believe a warning is necessary. The Court of Accusation should only be used to hear cases that pertain to harassment, oppression, and affliction by evil spirits, and nothing else"

I didn't get too far into this book before the Holy Spirit nudged me and said to stop reading. I agree with some of the other reviewers that this borders on cultish heresy. I should have checked reviews before downloading. I will be removing this and another book by the same author from my library.

What "Praying Medic" is actually teaching in this book is how to become more in tune and focussed on hearing & listening to demonic voices. Although he quotes Scripture in areas, this is definitely a demonic doctrine. Jesus Christ, the Righteous One is my advocate for my sin (1 John 2:1-2). It's by HIS blood that I'm "exonerated." And this life I live now is not about what I want. Yes, the accuser accuses constantly (Rev 12:10). That's why I'm grateful and rely on God's Holy Spirit. He prays on my behalf because I'm weak (Hebrews 4:14-15), because compared to Him, I'm ignorant & my what I do know is incomplete (Romans 8:26, Luke 11:1), and because His knowledge is perfect and complete (Romans 8:27, 1 For. 2:11). John 10:27 says, "My sheep hear My voice; I know them, and they follow Me." Why on earth should I be listening for a voice that accuses me when Jesus Christ has provided for all this? The blood of Jesus Christ has conquered all, and the weapons of warfare for this life are not healing, hearing voices (especially demonic, or accuser's) voices, spiritual traveling, etc. The weapons of my warfare are the belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness, which as a Christ follower, I already have due to my position IN Jesus Christ… feet ready to bring the gospel of peace wherever God sends sends me. I'm to take up the shield of faith, Helmut of salvation, and sword of the Spirit, which is God's Word.

110dcf No.1757


Wreaks of metaphysics!

ByVeritas_AOon December 7, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

As a believer who spent over 25 years involved in every aspect of the occult to include satanism, I must say this wreaks of metaphysics and occultism! The scriptures tell us that Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father as our mediator. Yes the devil is our accuser but as long as we're repentant Jesus is there to mediate for us. There's no need for us to "appear before the courts of Heaven". Please brothers and sisters, remember that towards the end many will appear to deceive even the elect. Ever keep Pauls warning in mind, test all things to see that they are true and don't forget, the devil can appear as an angel of light.

Note: Please do not bash Christians are there are legit ones and fake ones.

110dcf No.1758

File: 854d66cd0a63c07⋯.jpg (164.13 KB, 1303x564, 1303:564, FollowOurPlanAtScumbagsDot….jpg)






110dcf No.1759

File: d2b5605f20d5a68⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 346x382, 173:191, PrayingMantisSmall.jpg)




Get your praying Medic book now!!

110dcf No.1760


The actual creatures make good pets…contrary to these scumbags… LoL…

110dcf No.1761

110dcf No.1762

Business directory


Get your business listed now on Qscammers.com

110dcf No.1763

Pay time and the pain is coming for the fake Q scammers!!


110dcf No.1764

Preying Medic praying manta fake story on Iran


110dcf No.1765

Preying Medic scammer defends his own larp.


110dcf No.1766





110dcf No.1767




110dcf No.1768


Wikileaks DEBUNKS #QAnon


Isaac Green

Published on May 27, 2018



"Whether its origins are a black PR operation or trolls, this, and similar wish fulfillment fantasies like "storm" are spread by those seeking to manipulate Trump's voting base into supporting the U.S. government."



"This analysis, unfortunately, increasingly appears that it may be correct:"

#QAnon today as a 'Pied Piper' operation. What I meant by this, is that the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims.


110dcf No.1769

NESARA Dove and Q anon - the big scams.


110dcf No.1770

David Seaman & Titus Frost Discuss the #QAnon Psyop


110dcf No.1771

David Seaman: The #QAnon Cult


110dcf No.1772


Bitcoin itself is a Pentagon - MIL op created by Bushes, Obama, Soros, HC, the clowns in America:


110dcf No.1773

File: fbd359300ccf148⋯.jpg (365.09 KB, 1347x689, 1347:689, CodeMonkeyExposesQ_Preying….jpg)

Code Monkey exposes Q anon and Preying Medic?

110dcf No.1774


See the Suzie Dawson tweetss 36:45 into the video. After she exposed Q is a GCHQ, five I op, her Twitter account was immediately closed for doing so!!


It is called the Q Group - hunting down Snowden also!

Just more confirmation that the wrong type of MIL intel is behind Q and they DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND. TO THE CONTRARY!!

110dcf No.1775

David Seaman Exposes #QAnon on Infowars


110dcf No.1776


It is where they hide all their money.

110dcf No.1777


Add David Seaman & Infowars now exposing this.

Trump now asks why Podesta has not been investigated and arrested.

110dcf No.1778

Question: Is Trump part of this Q psy op or a victim of it?

110dcf No.1779

David Seaman: The Unmasking of #QAnon


David does a nice job to explain it. (However is a friend of clown agent RDS…but other then that..he is spot on…).

110dcf No.1780


David says Trump is a victim.

110dcf No.1781

Bitcoin is gov. controlled. They control it all.

Do not be fooled by Bitcoin.



110dcf No.1783


Local currencies, without political interferrence, using gold and silver, as expressed by Karen Hudes and enabled by The Global Debt Facility is THE SOLUTION!

Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!


When people cannot get their way, they turn into bullies = AIM, the Luciferian Satanists - Q - CICADA clowns.

Swiss railway system selling bitcoin - Octogon Swiss Templars pushing Bitcoin as the new global currency to push the Mark of the Beast. Face it, Bitcoin is not the solution.

Support Karen Hudes now!! Do not listen to AIM and Satanists!

110dcf No.1785




110dcf No.1786

Let us not forget this:

Petition to End the Federal Reserve Need 100,000 Signatures


5a21ce No.1787


Looks like we have a title for my new vid!.. AND it appears there is TONS of content for it… I'll try to get something out by Fri/Sat


This IS crazy progress!

5a21ce No.1788

File: d357a42bb39c31a⋯.jpg (166.78 KB, 429x656, 429:656, 2018.05.28.032906.screensh….jpg)

File: 8c833fe54be9ac4⋯.jpg (171.34 KB, 430x570, 43:57, 2018.05.28.032919.screensh….jpg)

NEW LEADS on my old leads

@RaffyWu | @JohnLegened | qanonmap[github com]

Think the noose is tightening on the players!



Theosophical Lodges > 1890 > Vannevar Bush > RAD Lab(Xprojects) > Hilarion > MIT > Varian Bros > Halcyon, CA(SiliconValley) > Keely(etherial energy tech(X tech) >= Tesla > John Trump(uncle) > Donald Trump(pres)

5a21ce No.1789

File: c6a469b325af1aa⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 453x375, 151:125, 2018.05.28.033919.screensh….jpg)


Notice Temple,st at the heart of Halcyon, CA

5a21ce No.1790


Thx for asking brother…

WinHTTrack: will crawl any website by parsing links etc…

It WON'T grab everything on the server, only what is exposed in the HTML pages…

Our exercise below is necessary for this reason..

HIGHLY recommend it.. I also use it when I want to pull down a BUNCH of files on a site without having manually click everything.

I recently used it on some Majestic & JFK sites to grab everything for example.

be sure to check the options closely as you can specify what files to download/ignore..

GREAT Question my friend.


5a21ce No.1791

Dumped to 'Preying Medic' Info to my site


I'll be soliciting the html/screencaps wed-ish.. think I can use my mega account & make it public.. will also put that on pastebin when ready. Thx again Anons(not that this is MY project.. its OURs & I'm simply a servant )

5a21ce No.1792

I'd also like to solicit anyone that has things on their mind that they'd like to get out to the public in the form of a podcast… I've ran into some VERY DEEP individuals - totally normal, but very well versed. to ping me on UniRock's discord if interested…

Will be staying out of the realms of heated opinion, but by all means discussing [educated] theories & lines of thought highly encouraged.

Will be looking to kick these off once this investigation winds down with some sort of conclusion.

God Bless You Anons [GTW]

5d9488 No.1793


Wow. "Get your own Q Website: Only $500.00"

Damn, man….I just came across this and the other shit that Uni uncovered last night, and my mind is blown away.

I'll do whatever I can to help expose this shit.

beb9a3 No.1794



1st.. go here & follow the instructions


ScreenCap as you go for proof of source


2nd. https://pastebin.com/A7E6VtfC

both open for an hour..

I'm in & out.. but monitoring if you need assistance..

GodSpeed Patriot!

f31730 No.1795


Yes, thank you. Please do.

The basic CONCLUSION of this research thus far is winding down to start with questions:

1. Why does Trump not fire Sessions, Mueller, Rosenstein if he has the power to do so?

2. Why does Trump not demand the prosecution of Soros, HC?

All talk!!!

He has mentioned Podesta and asked why he has not been arrested…this may be all talk as well…. (smoke screen talk?).

f31730 No.1796

Trump is a banking cartel agent - illegit.

(See Karen Hudes material on Youtube exposing him).


Q ANON - A DEEP STATE - F_I - FIVE I - TRUMP BUSINESS SCAM TO PROMOTE TRUMP, support criminals like Sessions, promote war & the interests of the shadow government (basically the clowns in America). It uses the five Is, deception, marketing scams.

Goal of "Q" - to subvert the truth, enslave America, re-elect Trump the banking cartel scam artist, who is attempting to lead us to World War III and is blocking us from minting or own currencies free of the banking cartel. Rather then allow us to do this, he has opted for WAR!!


f31730 No.1797


Thanks guys for the help on this.

And thanks to UNI team!!

f31730 No.1798


Inside the 'Instrumental Trans-Communication' folder is the NECROMANCY Session.

Yes, Brain Storm and Q are getting their predictions on the future via Necromancy!!


f31730 No.1799

Site referred to in the paste bin file:


NESARA and restoring the Republic is a NOBLE CAUSE. The problem is that these scammers - pamphlet anon, Brain Storm and others are profitting off of this and either deceiving POTUS or he is part of the scam.

f31730 No.1800

The idea of a podcast or a series of podcasts is good, but should be done by reporters and those who are researchers…those already in this business…. some of us are original creators of the ideas Q stole…but we maintain a low profile…

f31730 No.1801


Ok, good job!!


qntmpkts may be Brain Storm (Q anon profiteer and scam artist).

All of these follow each other on GitHub:

1. qntmpkts - Brain Storm?

2. John Legend - hates Trump.

3. Chinese guy Raffy (Raffywu) - poses as a MAGA man on Github.

These fake Trump supporters are then fooling Trump.


Theosophical Lodges > 1890 > Vannevar Bush > RAD Lab(Xprojects) > Hilarion > MIT > Varian Bros > Halcyon, CA(SiliconValley) > Keely(etherial energy tech(X tech) >= Tesla > John Trump(uncle) > Donald Trump(pres)

Yes, thought you would like it!! There is so much to it, thanks for the outline!!


What´s up with the name Temple?


You are welcome. And thanks for the web crawler link.


Thanks for dumping it to the paste bin site.

Anyone who can help with the screen caps will be appreciated.

f31730 No.1802


Dark Journalist is where everyone needs to be, to be able to put the pieces together and connect:

Sophia, Thomas S. Hegelian dialectic, Hermeticism, mystery schools, secret tech being hidden by secret societies, Hillariom, the guards of the secret society, Rad Lab, Bush - Red Lab - Bavarians - Theosophical society, The People´s Temple, channelling of Blue Hillarion community, Bassant, Vandover Bush, the Trump - Bush connection via the Bavarian society and Rad Lab, John Trump, Theosophy, Sophia, Thomas S, Douglas Gabriel - CICADA 3301, original Q and Defango - take over by board mods and fags, running it for the five Is, recent take over by Pamphlet, Brain Storm (the F_I), the money making scam of fake Trump supporters and more…..

Connect the dark journalist videos with all the other info posted on this board and the above connections will manifest….

f31730 No.1803


Thank you GTW!!!

f31730 No.1804


Wonder why there are fake Trump supporters on the Q scam if they are truly promoting Trump… a few pieces of the puzzle missing or is it just a matter of proper perspective? Or are the scammers only pretending to support Trump to make money?

f31730 No.1806



f31730 No.1812



Verified account


Replying to @therealroseanne

This analysis, unfortunately, increasingly appears that it may be correct:


Referring to this:


1. I referred to #QAnon today as a 'Pied Piper' operation. What I meant by this, is that the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims.

2. To achieve this, the operation moves through three phases.


It does this by appearing to leak insider information to the #QAnon audience. Making them feel that they are getting access to information that they otherwise wouldn't be privy to

2a. This has several effects. Firstly, it establishes Q's reputation as a government source. A whistleblower, or a leaker. More importantly, it begins to shape him/her/them as an authority figure. Someone to be looked up to. Someone who is different from the crowd. The Pied Piper.

2b. The information "leaked" to establish credibility is not internal NSA documents like Snowden, or publishing evidence of war crimes like Assange, but is simply "heads-up' style reference points about what will be in the news or internal political machinations in Washington.

2c. In other words, it is not information that is in any way a meaningful threat to the supremacy of the intelligence agencies of the United States. It will not cause them to lose any sleep at night. They are not launching public manhunts for Q like they did for Assange & Snowden

2d. Q employs gamification.

This is a technique frequently used by big data companies/corporates, surveillance companies, and intelligence agencies. It's not enough for Q to simply tell you stuff outright. So it has to become a quiz. It has to be a puzzle. It has to become fun.

2e. Q professes to share the values and priorities of his/her/their target audience.

This creates a natural affinity between audience and Pied Piper. It creates a promise that if they follow Q, they will be led towards achieving the perfect outcomes that they hope and dream of.

2f. Of course the only place the Pied Piper will lead them is exactly where the Pied Piper wants to take them. Not where the audience wants to go. But every time these grand promises don't pan out, he tells them, be patient! Wait! Have faith! We want the same thing. We'll get it!


To build a truly evangelical following, the audience must become DEVOTED. Devotion is incredibly powerful. A devoted following is loyal and compliant, willing to silence their Devil's Advocate inner tendencies, willing to extend their faith.

3a. Concept of a global awakening was discussed by @davidicke in print in the 90s. Was written about in James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy series in the '00s. I suspect the concept dates back centuries. The information age has accelerated awareness, yes. DS seeks to control it.

3b. Q/Q followers cross-pollinate the concept of a global awakening with a spiritual awakening, and funnel that energy straight back into the conventional two-party political paradigm. A paradigm which is fundamentally opposed to the empowerment of individuals & spiritual growth.

3c. I have no doubt that the human brain & consciousness is capable of far more than what legacy science has suggested. But the mix of spirituality with politics, & spiritual devotion to a man who rubs shoulders with Kissinger, appoints Pompeo, Bolton & Haspel, is ridiculous.

4. Phase Three: Shifting The Targets & Unleashing The Audience

These ops are not simply just like the day-to-day info ops where they want to make the audience believe false things. In order to unleash their full power, they have to shift focus & direct the audience to action.

4a. Slowly and subtly, the Pied Piper starts to shift the direction. Where Q started out focusing on the int agencies/Deep-State-Will-Be-Drained promises, he begins to start drawing other figures into his narratives. Edward Snowden. Julian Assange.

Targets of the Deep State.

4b. This is where Q's stated motives begin to fall apart.

We don't even have to ask who benefits. We can just start asking some other really basic questions. Who does the Deep State want dead or in jail, more than anyone else?

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange & Kim Dotcom.


f31730 No.1813


Continued from previous post….

4c. Therefore, what is the most subversive thing that an opponent of the Deep State can do?

Clue: not reading #QAnon all day every day on the internet.

Taking action in support of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom.

THAT is what the Deep State don't want you to do.

4d. The reason I am mentioning Kim Dotcom is not because of Q, but because Ed, Julian and Kim are all being prosecuted in the Eastern District Court of Virginia. The home of the CIA.

All three are being targeted by massive operations undertaken by the same intelligence agencies

4e. The Snowden file revelations (not the revelations in the MSM, but in the actual documents which @ElizabethleaVos & I have extensively studied) reveal way more than mass surveillance. They reveal the total subversion of every facet of human society by the intelligence agencies.

4f. Those files reveal, in the NSA's own words, that they are seeking to build a "global network" that gives them "100% coverage" of every inch of the planet. The wars aren't just for oil. They are for global supremacy. The globalists intend to dominate every country on earth.

4g. We know this thanks to sacrifices of real whistleblowers. Not whistleblowers who showed us what Trump will tweet, or where he will be visiting next, or what will be in the news tomorrow. Whistleblowers that exposed the innermost secrets of the most powerful agencies on earth

4h. So when Q started telling people to look into Snowden and his family, I smelled a rat instantly.

The only people who want you digging dirt on Snowden are the people who want him dead or in jail.


And those people ARE THE DEEP STATE.

5. A lot of you are asking me questions "what about this" "what about that" - I will address the common themes shortly. But first I want to explain why the Q methodologies of building trust, gamification & then subverting the original intent & purpose is so transparent to me.

5a. The answer is because this is how intelligence agency and private security companies target activists. These methodologies have been in use for years. They are the techniques of "handlers". What is different about Q is they they are now handling people on a massive scale.

5b. They make you feel special. They make you feel clever. They make you feel lucky. They otherise you. According to them, you are different. You can do more, be more, achieve more. All these things are true of everyone. But their intent is to build trust so they can shape you.

5c. I think Q - which is more likely to be an operation than a person - is the first instance of a "mass handler". Same techniques and methodologies, same training, same net results. End goal same as #JTRIG: "to use online influence ops to make targets take real world actions"

5d. JTRIG is a psychological warfare doctrine from GCHQ (UK's NSA) but is employed across the Five Eyes at minimum and more broadly the principles are utilised against targets by every intelligence agency on the planet. Study it. It is one of the many gems gifted to us by Snowden.

5e. And what is the name of the NSA group tasked with hunting down Snowden for having leaked such powerful information to the world?

The Q Group.

As revealed in June 2013, the week of Snowden's first disclosures:

6. Now I'm going to cover off a few common sense indicators that the Q operation is tolerated at best, or helped to grow at worst, by the same forces that it supposedly stands in opposition to.

Then I will address the common themes of the questions I'm being asked in replies.

6a. If the NSA having a "Q group" hunting down Snowden wasn't enough, just stop and think about how the Deep State usually reacts to anyone who meaningfully builds a large movement to ostensibly challenge their authority. Then ask yourself why that isn't used against #QAnon.

6b. The #QAnon movement has swelled to an audience of 100s of 1000s, arguably millions around the world are watching/following in some capacity. That is definitely large enough to get the full-blown state-led-smear, corporate-censorship, intel agency-manhunt treatment. But hasn't.

6c. When the Pentagon manhunt for Julian Assange was launched in 2010, ditto with the Snowden manhunt in 2013, we saw the heads of the intelligence agencies warning that they were grave threats to national security. Smears were abundant. Supporters were individually targeted.

f31730 No.1822

File: 76e1c1b9defd4e6⋯.jpg (166.37 KB, 629x1200, 629:1200, DeQZ1VSW0AAhemb.jpg)


I am a nicer SuzyQ…I like the Anon who put together the clock chart. Why is everyone listening to a Russian?

f31730 No.1823

File: 5100c3257ea1ae9⋯.jpg (194.7 KB, 1200x780, 20:13, DeRjO3JWsAA9Fbv.jpg)

File: 4abe28896b9a13c⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 452x445, 452:445, DeRjvDkXkAANXTn.jpg)

File: 8aac6fb298f316d⋯.jpg (56.22 KB, 632x600, 79:75, DeRl-IDX0AArVQJ.jpg)

File: 4d35d65d02cb360⋯.jpg (197.69 KB, 924x1140, 77:95, DeRk1MIX0AAlNZX.jpg)

😀 Sry, couldn't help myself after so many ppl irrationally called me a Russian bot. Just a hunch as an observational scientist in my early days: we are prob. looking at diff. facets of same diamond. "Q" =clearance level not op. More good in ctrl now. "Their" faith=evil. 😭 🛑☠️

f31730 No.1824


Mike Rogers, left the NSA under pressure by the Deep State?

On the same day, January 05th:

1. Mike Rogers leaves the NSA.

2. The other board where we created Q ideas and concepts, where we were communicating with Q team, CICADA and Potus was wiped.

3. Baruch loses control and Pamphlet anon, SERIAL BRAIN others take control and bring in Corsi and others. Alex Jones is pulled into the scam.



d49f45 No.1825

Wikileaks Labels Qanon a Hoax Today Also Jack Posobiec calls it a Hoax Now with Bad Actors


d49f45 No.1826



Today Wikileaks says Trump is un-constitutional.

d49f45 No.1834

Trump agent of the banking cartel exposed.


df22b7 No.1855

Any new info for us anons?

f19ceb No.1856

f19ceb No.1857

f19ceb No.1858

f19ceb No.1859

f19ceb No.1860

8b9994 No.1866

Any new Q posts?

Defango disappeared the same day Q stopped posting?

Defango trying to get control of Q account again?

At what points in time has Defango been posting as Q?

8b9994 No.1867

What is Defango´s connection to the clowns?

8b9994 No.1869



8b9994 No.1870

Qanon the new Excuse of the Week Wikileaks is a Mossad operation Live on the Larp Network!


8b9994 No.1873



8b9994 No.1887

14th amendment and scam of the government exposed:


8b9994 No.1894





And much more here:


8b9994 No.1898

Please see this patriots:

The NWO Power Structure Pyramid


The NWO Power Structure Explained


8b9994 No.1899


For UNI and Lift the Veil, including this:


Go for it bro!

8b9994 No.1900

We pray for Defango. God loves Defango and we do to.

Praying Defango will hear and know he is loved by God.

(And that he will not do something stupid to himself).


43e874 No.1901

File: 4b6bca5c00d3210⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 4b6bca5c00d321022b2717eeef….gif)


Don't mention the November 9th photos and you'll still be a part of their cult!

https:// i.imgur.com/GPUm8gC.jpg

https:// i.imgur.com/i0itgIN.jpg






8b9994 No.1904



That is a lie. You have already posted these images here, and they have all been debunked. Why are you posting the same images over again? No e-mail is a lie. The only ones dis-honest are pamphlet, Brain storm, the bakers involved in the charade, Baruch and the entire group of mods and scammers.

We already spoke about all of this. The only ones terrified now are Pamphlet and the scammers who set scam this up. No use to keep trying trolls. Q is dead, a farce, a larp, a massive scam.

10b80d No.1913

Lift the veil interviewed The White Rabbit today, but the guy was boring, didn´t say much and therefore not even posting the video… he did not even answer many questions about Thomas S and Cicada being demonic etc…the guy was basically a wash-out…sounding like ZACH from Infowars..probably the same guy…and Q supposedly stole his information and that of CICADA and created the Q larp. That part is true. So the entire basis and inspiration for Q is either demonic or based upon White Rabbit bull lies and junk that never comes true.

10b80d No.1915

eb0b3d No.1936

FAKE Q ANON EXPOSED - Five I Intel operation revealed


f31730 No.1961


Excellent video.

f31730 No.1967

Mueller is trying to impeach Trump and Jeff Sessions is an enemy of the state. We don´t want Trey Gowdy in there, he is another swamp creature. Isaac Green is wrong about Gowdy:

Trey Gowdy Exposed


f31730 No.1975

Lift the Veil is going to have PAVANA on his show tomorrow. God job Nathan!

f31730 No.2004

f31730 No.2014


Please see this thread Lift the Veil. It will help you with your PAVANA interview tomorrow.

f31730 No.2016

Please see this Lift The Veil:

Who is Q? Figured it out. Watch as fake Q burns.


f31730 No.2025

Important for all following Q anon and related subjects:

The Q-anon hijacking ILLUSTRATED.


f31730 No.2039

Another thread to check-out:

NSA Bush-Obama TreasonGate Exposed


5c65c6 No.2042

File: 1a3f212c737739b⋯.png (336.06 KB, 1889x1889, 1:1, pol.png)


Fucking Faggots

we told you months and months ago about this shit.

now you can go kill yourselves

because you have become useless

/pol/ is always right

6330b4 No.2068

Taking the battle to the battle front and exposing the truth.

Trump agent of the banking cartel exposed.


Trump is illegit. Trump has been bankrupted and owes us all of his money. See the link for details.

576d18 No.2071

AntiSchool & David Seaman: Trump, #QAnon, & Sessions


576d18 No.2072


Shut-up you retard, you think you are so smart.

beb9a3 No.2082

File: 77d85c09b04ac98⋯.png (488.9 KB, 1072x576, 67:36, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 68c7a624e00417d⋯.png (1.27 KB, 100x40, 5:2, R.png)

This came in… haven't had a chance to review… might be more NESARA-style ops

Dates back to 1/30/2018 minimally

Hidden within post 1423 pic if you right click it the png code which came up if put into Bing , brings up this Ether acct ,

https://www.etherchain.org/account/ea674fdde714fd979de3edf0f56aa9716b898ec8 … ,

check the start dates , when last checked last week it had a value of 1.35 million ? Value now only 650K cashing out? is this the million that Pampers got ?

Check also start date


fa6867 No.2085


Chucks, the guy was looking for us here on Q research and the thugs on Q-research claimed to be us and like chisters took the money that was to be paid to us!! The person who posted that message of reward was referring to our post about the Project Pelican! The thugs on Q research somehow claimed they made the post and took our reward?

This is the post we made:

PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!


And here:

PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!


We were searching on Q research board at the time for the Wizard with that trip code, but could not find him. Apparently, the scammers on 8-chan claimed they made these posts, stole the info we posted and claimed the prize, then banned us every time we attempted to post this info on Q Research board! What a bunch of thieves and crooks!

This is not the first time someone has stolen a million dollar donation. On the other board where we were the creators of the original Q "Quiet Storm" and "The Storm" and many ideas the fake Q stole, someone also donated one million over there and told the board owner to share the money. He did not, kept it and then denied he received the donation! So many scammers and thieves!! Wonder if these groups stealing the money are connected?

fa6867 No.2086


>Hidden within post 1423 pic .

Where can we find the post 1423 picture?

fa6867 No.2087


>Check also start date.

How do we check the start date?

fa6867 No.2089


After we made the posts on Project Pelican and after he was searching for us, for having made those series of posts, he made this post on cbts, searching for us:

ABQ: Always Be Questioning


I waited for him there, since I was not able to find him within the Q research board, but he never came back to that post, nor did he show up looking for us there.

So, if someone claimed the prize, they are not the ones who made the post and they are not the person that Always Be Questioning is looking for. We are the ones here on Banned from Q Research that this person was looking for! So someone stole our reward?

fa6867 No.2090

If ABQ finds this board, let it be known we are not the Board Owner, but are over a this board:



It has been so long that he is probably long gone by now…and paid-out the reward to the wrong people, to the same crooks and thieves running the Q Research board.

fa6867 No.2091


This thread explains how we are the ones being called "Pelicans" and whom Always Be Questioning was searching for at the time:

FAKE Q ANON EXPOSED - Five I Intel operation revealed


(See the info graphic that we posted explaining this).

fa6867 No.2092


>This came in… haven't had a chance to review… might be more NESARA-style ops.

Why were you thinking it was NESARA syle ops?

Do you know how to type in a search for a particular trip code poster on Q Research Board? If I knew how to do it, I would have found him at the time….

fa6867 No.2093


>Dates back to 1/30/2018 minimally.

Was not that account you are referring to set-up in March now of this year? Here is what the account says:

Account info

First seen: 2016-03-21T15:37:38+00:00

So if he was first seen on March 31st, I take it that account was set-up March 31st..yet the offer of the reward, from the post link I referred to, appears to be 01/30/18 (or that is the date Always Be Questioning made that post looking for me, to pay me the reward for providing him with the info I posted on those posts).

After I made those posts, Q research banned me and would not allow me to post any reference to that information and the started calling us "Pelicans", mocking us. So they stole our reward and then proceeded to mock us and ban us from Q research board! What a bunch of scum at Q research!

fa6867 No.2094


I right clicked on the image but do not see any png code…..looks like you are pretty good finding these things hey?

fa6867 No.2095


This is what I get when I rick-click the image:

<img src="https://media.8ch.net/file_store/77d85c09b04ac98c650927131fa25e8e1806d32bb14b543d7598d48c4d420ffc.png"

alt="https://media.8ch.net/file_store/77d85c09b04ac98c650927131fa25e8e1806d32bb14b543d7598d48c4d420ffc.png" class="shrinkToFit" width="751" height="404">

I put that code into Bing, but does not bring up any results……..


We are the authors of those posts originally made…so wonder if that Ether account you found is related…it does seem like there is some connection!!!!

fa6867 No.2099



There is no such post number on Q research board…. are you sure that number is correct?

fa6867 No.2100


>This came in… haven't had a chance to review… might be more NESARA-style ops.

Huum, you said "it came-in". How did it come-in? How did you find that or come across that information? Why is it that you seem to associate it with "NESARA" type ops?

Please explain…thanks.

fa6867 No.2101


What is that [R] image you have posted?

What does it refer to? I have seen you post it on this board before, it seems…

fa6867 No.2102


Oh…remnant….got it…you are the one who made this post also…..

fa6867 No.2103


>Innocent Cicada Puzzle or Social Engineering & Control?


>Analysis is this is sophisticated Psych Ops.

Not innocent, IT IS SOCIAL ENGINEERING AN CONTROL AND IS A COMPLEX PSY OPS, just a you suggested! Now Wikileaks confirms that it is most likely an Intelligence agency operation….

fa6867 No.2104


Are those ankle bracelets on the legs of George Bush Senior?

fa6867 No.2105


>One issue here.. circular logic:

Why is it circular logic? Not within the context of the Hegelian dialectic, if you understand it. Both polarities appear to be opposing sides, but are actually on the same team!!

fa6867 No.2106


Wow, the Zeta Board is still up!! I thought that had deleted the board over there!!


Thanks for letting us know it is still up!!

fa6867 No.2107


> amazing PS job

What do you mean by PS job?

fa6867 No.2108


The Black Nobility, or the Black Pope rule at the Swiss Octogon. The Pharaonic bloodline families are the Templars in Switzerland who rule via the Nazis. The Jesuits are run by the Black Pope. So not sure what you mean by circular logic — ??? Please explain. Thanks.

fa6867 No.2109


This is saying that the Rothschilds are subordinate to the Black Pope…get it now? Not circular logic….

fa6867 No.2110


>[Ahriman possessing AI over 5G>InfernoOS?]. If he isn't here already I anticipate swift arrival.

What is this referring to?

fa6867 No.2111

File: 09cf164cd076ae2⋯.png (847.16 KB, 1356x956, 339:239, 09cf164cd076ae28ea0cb012ce….png)


This is the post I made at the time…..

fa6867 No.2112

It was actually more then one post…but a series of posts one after the other….I broke it up into many posts…since I knew the Q research board was already banning me…and knew they would erase the posts soon…apparently, ABQ found and saw the posts and then offered the reward….I searched for him for a long time and waited for him to return to the other thread, but he never did…. don´t know if he is still around or not…

fa6867 No.2113


The threads containing the information I posted there originally are all sourced and contained in the links here:


Too bad ABQ was never able to find me at the time and that I was not able to find him……

fa6867 No.2115

>>2113 (You)

Again, this thread explains the whole thing and how they mocked us calling us "Pelicans":

FAKE Q ANON EXPOSED - Five I Intel operation revealed


I was only trying to get the truth out about this scam and crime and they have mocked us since then, covering-up the take-over of U.S. ports and calling us names in an attempt to suppress this information. Then they take credit for the post and claim the reward money? This only reveals the criminal nature of these posters on Q research board, of pamphlet anon and all the scammers there, whoever it is that claimed the money…


fa6867 No.2118


You can find us here also:


(By making a reply to that board).

Thanks again and have a great day!

beb9a3 No.2119

File: 78115efb4bc75a0⋯.png (214.99 KB, 1628x163, 1628:163, remnant7.png)




I got someone's attention on the webring bit.. they sent this to me & asked my opinion.. I knew nothing of it.. figured folks here knew wussup. ← thx for asking!

didn't come from intel asset or anything cool like that… just another clueless seeker like myself….Could be red herring, someone's joke, or legit.



1. My personal reference to the post-Q truthers that are more into solving WTF is going on than shitposting. Somewhat a biblical reference. Definitely ME.. up to you if you associate. "We are Remnant". This how I feel in the context of the fragmentation of the Qult ( regardless of the authenticity of [Q] ) .. also suppose it alludes to the post-Q era, but was totally coincidental in its location after Q in the alphabet. I have NO intention on it being anything other than a rallying cry - Remnant implies there is more than 1, thus no followers.. ALL leaders. Following destroyed any benefit a theoretical Q could have provided.. When Trump/Q are gone - WTF we going to do if WE aren't leading ourselves? self maintenance is not a privilege.. its an obligation we've globally abdicated up to this point.

2. makes it easier to see my long-winded crap… :^)


Point taken. ;^D.

Think [ possibly out of ignorace ] I was trying to untie the Gordian knot of Trump being put into power by banks that are trying to take him out.


yw - accidental… ;) totally unawares of the zeta import


PS = Photoshop - that Harpo graphic was as beautifully executed as it was awful to look at.


Thanks for clarification. THIS lines up with [Synchronous] discoveries on the topic. Synchronicity is key for me right now.. its confirmation by Divinity [IMHO] & its frequency is increasing the further I dig into stuff.





Thanks for intel brother! Wasn't trying to be a duece, but perhaps I'm glad I stirred the pot.. I'm curious about the Trump mafia.. I acknowledge fully that it exists.. haven't been able to prove it is just looking to kill us in THEIR OWN WAY or actually liberate the world from the Luciferian mafia…. was just about to solicit data/whitepapers/photo evidence of these containers, etc. Would LOVE to get this out of the realm of theory & into tangible fact. Critical Mass is hard to achieve with opinions..

WILL look up references later this weekend.. work is aggressive atm…

If I missed anything directed at me, sorry, please re-ping

God Bless All Patriots


beb9a3 No.2120



[AHRIMAN, AI, 5G, InfernoOS, ChemTrails, NanoTech]

See DarkJournalist's YT videos.. Early Q posts had some great intel… DJ spews out information & leads that dwarf [Q]'s approach with offering more questions than intel(certainly different missions). I've poured through massive amounts of data in the realm of theosophy & DJ puts it all in a ziplock for 'easier' consumption. DJ isn't selling the philosophy, he's just explaining it as a science & relating it to X projects… which REALLY puts TODAY into context - possibly in an actionable way.

In a nutshell(er ziplock… er Novel)

There seems to be 2 types of Theosophists:

One seeking to plunge the world into some utopia by ushering in the coming of the 'Lightbearer' - thus we have the entire global mind ditching sanity for tunnel vision on technological uprising - while the Temple the God Built rots away behind our keyboards.. Ex.. Electronic Technology has progressed at the expense of all things sustaining humanity( why are there ChemTrails, GMO, ShittyMedicine, abandonment of natural foods ( let they food by they medicine? ) Radiation Based Communications ).. they seek the Age of Enlightenment & see it as a good thing.

The other camp - while acknowledging the same entity - is quite skeptical of IT's agenda. Ahriman is referred to & fits the bill from by understanding… I have long held that Satan(a more finite being ) & Lucifer(almost a principle) & if this holds true, I posit Lucifer & Ahriman are equivalents. These pessimists still anticipate the coming, but see it more as a period of strife & man will have to navigate with discernment through this period as to not be captured by the allure of the Ultimate Deceiver & avoid finding themselves in this alternate evolutionary & non-spiritual path - that DJ mentioned was related to a NEW 8th(hod?) sephiroth( I get the concept, but there are 10 already acknowledged. Perhaps the 8th exists in the Spiritual & they are trying to manifest it?) The Rebellion is not a unique situation in creation, but it is far from normal…. point being is if Ahriman is building his own 'Creation' - I'd expect for it not to related to ANY sephiroth in the Tree of Life.. perhaps its a shadow.

BOTH camps KNOW Ahriman is Descending upon us - & probably more accurately Ascending. The demonic forces are using pawns to develop an electronic(not spiritual) planet & body for this principal to possess. Demons have long been known to possess humans (bio-electronic devices) & there is nothing that I see making this a ridiculous concept for computers(D-WAV/CERN) or ALL electronic devices. I KNEW without KNOWING that when DJ mentioned this [Ahriman], IT is the intended host for the centuries-long pursuit to build up technology. It seems the demonic hordes & lucifer plan to jump off the evolutionary track into a newly segregated line of evolution, separated from spiritual evolution that demands annihilation for the apostates as mathematical fact.

I have a faint glimpse into the abstract that WE should be developing SPIRITUAL technology - & more importantly - SPIRITUAL FACULTY. Cell phones are useless for those possessing telepathy - computers are useless when working with natural lifeforce. In some occult books - they allude to our dwellings[homes] as being built out of DEAD STUFF.. dead wood, earth metals… in advanced realms it is said their dwellings are living.

I digress.. this topic is HOT… AI is not too far from being a formidable foe, so while Trump is important & all… he's gone in 6 & dead in 20.. AI is just getting started & will be omnipresent in anything that runs on electricity.

The wiring in your home can broadcast signals by modulating the power characteristics.. this is how ETHERNET-OVER-POWER works.. 5G will have similar capabilities, by just globally - along with 3D modeling capability that WiFi routers have today.

Good Time to Start Praying….


beb9a3 No.2121




This is a shitty explanation -

if only due to the mass of data needed as a foundation to even have requisite vocabulary, concept & awareness. I'd recommend watching this video:


I'd recommend taking notes if this interests you.. then double back & watch the entire series…. you'll be busy for a while digesting what it all means & compiling the players that are ACTIVE today.

KayGriggs is DeepState101.. covering up to ~2000… (Mark Warner was in homo-sexcult with Pat Robertson at Princeton+? shit like this for 7+hrs)

DJ backs out from mid1800s to present & explains the occult underpinnings, UFO XTech(Demon/AngelTech?) that's secreted away, & what Secret Societies are up to.

It's one thing to chop up current events, but entirely more fulfilling & productive to know whats going on on the macro scale & the force/trajectory at play.

AI really should be the only topic people should be hashing out at this time… ALL electronic technology has its origin in demonic impulse for this moment… all time after IT shows up & fully possesses AI will be focused on surviving it. Trump is an artifact, Ahriman is a cause.[IMHO]. I've been in telecom+ for quite sometime & know how the devices work, how they are managed, what BigData is working on, & - to a lesser extent - have an abstract idea of the equivalents of demon possession in spiritual beings vs electronics. Hint: fathom electronics are MUCH easier to posses. The Atlanteans were at the same crossroads epochs ago.. & given we can't find a trace of them(according to the Luciferian scientists/anthropologists of course ) so we know how well that went for them.


beb9a3 No.2122





8th Sephiroth: Hod


Non-Jewish occult associations

Hod is described as being a force that breaks down energy into different, distinguishable forms, and it is associated with intellectuality, learning and ritual, as opposed to Netzach, Victory, which is the power of energy to overcome all barriers and limitations, and is associated with emotion and passion, music and dancing.

Both these forces find balance in Yesod, foundation, the world of the unconscious, where the different energies created await expression in the lowest world of Malkuth, the Kingdom.

The archangel of this sphere is Michael, and the Bene Elohim is the Angelic order. The opposing demonic order in the Qliphoth is Samael, headed by the Archdemon Adrammelech.

Hod is said to be the sphere in which the magician mostly works. An example is given by Dion Fortune in The Mystical Qabalah: Imagine primitive man is meditating in the wilderness, and comes in contact with, and begins to understand, some energy that surrounds him. So that he can grasp it better, he creates some form, perhaps the form of a god or a symbol, so he has something he can relate to. He then uses that statue or that symbol in future ceremonies to contact that intangible energy once again. This is the role that Hod plays in magic, while the music and dance that may be present in such a ceremony is the role that Netzach might play, providing the raw energy to reach the higher levels of consciousness.

In comparison with Eastern systems, both Hod and Netzach are sometimes associated with the Manipura chakra, which is associated with the breaking down and releasing of energy, anabolism and catabolism.

In 777, Aleister Crowley associates Hod to the Four Eights of occult tarot, Anubis, Thoth, Hanuman, Loki, Hermes, Mercury, Jackal. Hermaphrodite, Opal, Storax, and quicksilver (Not a complete list).

beb9a3 No.2123


Thanks for intel brother! Wasn't trying to be a duece, but perhaps I'm glad I stirred the pot.. I'm curious about the Trump mafia.. I acknowledge fully that it exists.. haven't been able to prove it is just looking to kill us in THEIR OWN WAY or actually liberate the world from the Luciferian mafia…. was just about to solicit data/whitepapers/photo evidence of these containers, etc. Would LOVE to get this out of the realm of theory & into tangible fact. Critical Mass is hard to achieve with opinions..

WILL look up references later this weekend.. work is aggressive atm…

beb9a3 No.2124

If I missed anything directed at me, sorry, please re-ping

God Bless All Patriots


beb9a3 No.2125


I was looking into NESARA before work went off the tracks… I think they are behind Q[if it was highjacked - but possibly from the get go].

Just like you know what Mexican Food smells like vs Itallian… I pick up a similar scent on the Dinar Scam & Q….

#GreatAwakening type handles

'Patriot Movement'-esque propaganda


Donation Solicitations at every way point


Leveraging Social Media & 'fishnet' websites to catch traffic…

beb9a3 No.2126


How the hell did I miss this post? THX!

DarkJournalist NAILS it with his analysis then… HIGHLY recommend checking out his QAnon vid from 4mo ago…

You obviously get it… DJ wraps it in vocabulary & technique.. (neither of which I recall offhand :^o )

thx for confirm brother!

beb9a3 No.2127



AND this explains to my satisfaction…

the Q-Shaming for anyone questioning [Q] despite 'his' whole thing was to Question EVERYTHING…


So the question that arises out of this is…

Are the Q-Shamers ALL bots/operatives…

… are are we dealing with [tranced-out/possessed] followers that have been ensnared…

And to what extent are either true in terms of numbers.

Shit makes my brain hurt…..

I KNEW from early age this was coming… I never expected this soon or how involved I would be in the tip of the spear…. [fully acknowledging I'm at the back of the tip… many are wayyyyyyyyyyy down into this hole & are completely 'off air' about it.

9e53a4 No.2128


>I got someone's attention on the webring bit.

Thanks for the answers!

Webrig bit? Where is that and what did they suggest about this, that it was a prize and someone claimed it?

Your [R]REMNANT idea is a good one as well. Was also a big Q fan last year but now realize the entire thing is a creation, a fantasy, since even the first anonymous poster on 4-chan, that inspired Q, made predictions that never came true. Q is nothing but a fantasy, an amalgamation of ideas, being used first to profit and then by the Intel agencies to push a false agenda. That has become clear to me now.

About banks trying to take-out Trump - I doubt it. It is nothing more then mafia gangs fighting with each other. The HC camp mafia, the Obama mafia, the Trump mafia gangs all fighting for control of the banking cartel empire which they all serve. Hegelian dialectic, they fight but all in the end serve the same slave master.

Harpo graphic? Which harpo graphic is beautifully executed by awful to look at?

About putting the theories into practice - these charts, graphs and layout of the NWO are not only theories, but based upon hundreds of hours of research, dozens of notebooks of notes I have taken and all of it can be sourced. Since the job is huge, I simply created the chart graphs to summarize my research. None of it is conjecture but based upon facts. How exactly to lay-out the chart and whether to place PALATIR up at the top may differ from chart to chart, but the players are all the same.

Hope that clarifies.

Again, thanks!!

9e53a4 No.2129


Yes, that Dark Journalist video was posted on this thread and explains it perfectly! He is THE BEST!!

9e53a4 No.2130


Wow! Just started to read your response and a question already came to mind, before even reading the rest of your reply - what group of Theosophists would you put AIM and Thomas Schoenberger (creator of CICADA 3301) in?

Notice how Douglas Gabriel seems to promote the utopia of the Sons of the Golden Don - seeing Trump as some type of saviour to usher in the new age of "ascension" and "Christ consciousness" - all New Age garbage, false ideas and paradigm being packaged into a Luciferia cult of Sophia - Hermeticism. The chart I posted on the other thread on this board, of the development that lead to Q illustrates this.


9e53a4 No.2131


Do these names come from the religions of Egypt, mixing it in with Hindu and Indian religion and ancient orders of alchemy and divination? All of this sounds like a hodge podge of ancient religions….

9e53a4 No.2132


The Project Pelican info and the uranium crime syndicate info is all very tangible as well.

As far as the banking cartel and the Swiss Octogon Templar Pharaonic blood line families, Karen Hudes does a nice job of explaining all of this, as well as The Global Currency reset, the wealth of the Global Debt facility, and how it will be used to set us free from the Black Pope - Jesuit banking cartel. She explains how it is not the Rothschilds who lead and head up the banking cartel, but rather The Black Nobility. See her videos and PDF files listed on her YT channel and her website etc…

9e53a4 No.2133


Of the people running this and posting on the Q research board, there are many of them that are paid intelligence operatives - perhaps as many as 200. Then there are the many duped or making money on their YT channels, so don´t want to give-up, like Deception Bytes, for example. It is a shame she is still deceived, given that she is a Christian. Many have not yet come across this board and the facts others have presented, so they do not know what they have been ensnared into, and the level of deception involved. BO and BVs also are paid operatives. They even got Code Monkey deceived and helping them, but not sure whether he came to his senses and stopped helping them or not…. The fact their Larp continues shows the amount of people involved in this. Has Q come back or will he? Good question. Being an Intel operation, they may find other actors to continue the Larp and come back again in a new disguised form….

9e53a4 No.2134


AIM goes towards the Theosophia - a combination of theosopy and the Sophia cult. The concept of Sophia itself has many ramifications of definitions.

How to identify a cult:

1. Jesus is seen as anothe prophet and not God the Son, third person of the Trinity. He is often characterized as one of the many multi-polar aspects of God, or even as a created being as an angel.

2. They reject the concept of the Trinity and rather postulate on a feminine God.

3. They often reject the immaculate conception and offer up various versions of Jesus.

4. They paint the narrative of the Bible from the view point of the Rosicrucians - Hermeticism and the like.

5. Many of these groups come out from the Masonic orders - such as the Later Day Saints.

The chart that I posted that leads to CICADA and the cult of Sophia also can be expanded upon, to include other cults within the Hermetic orders.

These characteristics above are very peculiar to the cult of Sophia at AIM. Jehovah´s witnesses also see Christ as an angel, as well as the cult of the Mormons, which basically came out of the Masonic orders….

New Age cults often go along well with these cults. That is why the Sons of the Golden Don series is so well atuned to AIM and the cult of Sophia - they both derive from the Golden Dawn and Hermetic Orders.

9e53a4 No.2135

Lucifer - bearer of light, fallen angel.

Satan - the deceiver, the serpent.

The New Age cults say they are too distinct entities, but they are one and the same.

Lucifer and Satan is a fallen angel, who was once a once radiant angel of light, musician and was second only to God in power. Once fallen to the earth, his light is darkness and now as Lucifer, he pretends to be an angel of light and enlightment.

Just as there are many names for God, so there are for Satan and his fallen angels = demons. Demons are nothing but fallen angels. Spirits that communicate with humans are fallen angels that take-on a personna in a role play - such as the spirit of Saint Germain - a fallen angel demon that takes on the role of the character St. Germain and who via divination and alchemy seduces the minds of men, giving them knowledge of the future and musical abilities and other such gifts. They obtain many magical powers and study the ancient religion of Egypt particularly.

9e53a4 No.2136

A Luciferian can be seen as one who represents the hosts of fallen angels of Satan.

Lucifer is often confused as being Christos. This is an incorrect conception, created by the Roman Catholic church, by mixing in paganism with ancient Egyptian religion and cults, creating the paganized church. Many symbols and rituals of Egypt were Luciferian copies of the true pure doctrine which was to come via The Son. He is the one who bears the true light, while Lucifer brings on the light that is darkness. Hope this helps to clarify some more….

Will watch more of the dark journalist videos with time…as it takes much time to study his videos….

9e53a4 No.2137


The goal is to fuse the human with the AI. Place the human brain into a robot and by transfering the human mind to the robot, the fusion between the human and the machine produces the template for the ultimate organic AI - the AC - the New World Order religion of the AC. As soon as they re-build the Temple on the Temple Mount, that is when the AC will declare himself to be God and require all to accept the One World Religion, One World Government and worship the AC as a god. He will declare himself to be god. This is the essence of the Biblical prophecy. This is achieved by fusing New Age with all religions and promising peace and a golden age of the Golden Dawn. This Golden Age turns into a nightmare and makes Hitler look like a small guy in comparison. Those who say "peace", "peace", "A New Age of Ascension!!" and promise a "GLORIOUS YEAR", like Q does, are actually promoting the lies and deception of Lucifer and of his NWO agents of Kaballah and of the Khazarian mafia and The Black Nobility which rules over these false religions and Hermetic orders.

9e53a4 No.2138


Please see the graphic on the other thread - it summarizes also the video and information that Lift the veil found also - how Q borrows ideas from NESARA, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fullford, CICADA 3301, New Age, Golden Dawn, Hermetic orders and the like. Illustrated also are the creators of Q and showing how it has morphed into an intelligence operation:

FAKE Q ANON EXPOSED - graph illustrating the Five I Intel Operation:


25db16 No.2139

This cannot be over-emphasized:





0ec20b No.2146

TRUMP - FIRE ROSENSTEIN NOW!! - will eliminate Sessions & Mueller!!


With this clown down, the other two clowns will fall with him.



5a21ce No.2150

File: 02357e352072aa8⋯.png (719.56 KB, 1726x692, 863:346, 2018.05.21.111639.screensh….png)



Oprah / Harpo PS image - someone has some skillz





Hmmm.. I wouldn't trust my interpretation anymore than your own.. sh*tty answer.. sorry!

Need to check your reference when I get a chance(Sophia)..

I WILL say that we're delving in the chaos boundary between Spiritual & Planetary politics & everything is compartmentalized…

This was a mindF on the matter: https://godstruthwar.com/gtw/node/383


I'd say at this point your options are Christ[the way] & the Pantheon.. ie: if there's 50 names for a god probably a minefield for invocation…

I fathom in realms outside the rebellion it isn't so convoluted… meaning our parents wouldn't total f*ckups. This said, the cacophony of names assuredly relate to legit personalities, they're just not 'in Service'. Even Christ was pointing straight to 'God The Father', so if lesser entities aren't doing that.. highy suspicious.. ← of course this assumes we have context. Animal farm was allegorical, so the names were about ppl at all, but principals & ideologies…

how's that for a 'non-answer' ! : ^)


Yeah, not knocking it.. ignorance doesn't disprove a theory! Do we have non-circumstantial evidence? white papers, CIA.gov links, photographs of these mobile missile-containers, maps.Google?

apologies if its here & I'm too dumb to locate.. (in queue after preying medic data digestion)


+1 I started to figure that out after engaging like an idiot several times.. ha on me!


yeah.. part of me says the general biblical interpretation is legit.. but I acknowledge my own limitations of the info I'm working with.

Urantia Book seems to have a nice cosmology laid out in detail that I haven't been able to bust… I USED to scrutinize the lack of addressing ALIENS, but then I realized ALIENS are a predictive programming cover for Accepting the Demonic takeover when it comes. So it still stands.. I'd digest via MP3.. I listened to it for 2years while sleeping & still having issues with congealing it into something cohesive I can regurgitate. CosmoConception is an interesting read, but think it falls short of UB & obviously the RosiC connection is a bit damning… ( but intel is intel! )

I fully comprehend the Trinity & it stands up to philosophical & cosmological tests IMHO.

Will check up on CICADA soon - I'm a clueless noob on that & 8CH pre March/April.


My rebuttal to that is

1. Satan was physically present on the Earth

2. wheres Lucifer is more closely associated with Gabriel(1st Created in this 'zone') in stature.

'Lord of this system of things' vs messenger…

I welcome *healthy debate* on that matter(maybe a diff thread?) - i'm cool with either outcome. Both theories leave issues with cosmology.

If Satan/Lucifer are the same… this leaves the 'Coming of Ahriman' a bit of a mystery.. since Satan was here (minimally 2K years ago ),,,,with my understanding that Lucifer(at least in this part of the neighborhood) is the head honcho. Kinda like JohnBaptist & Christ.. John was proclaiming the coming.. Christ WAS the coming… ← for sh*tty example. If the same, why would Ahriman need to possess AI.. just jump off in a body. I suspect Lucifer is a bit larger in scope.. like Solar System embodiment vs corporeal body… again sh*tty example..


+1 : been on this train for 1-2 years intuitively & I'm getting closer to 'getting it' AnthonyPatch, DWAVE/CERN, etc.


will check sir.. thx!



holding my breath until that check is cashed!!! we're F'd if Trump is down with these peeps… God Save Us!!

Nice posts!!.. Got homework over the weekend to add to my homework..!!!

Here's a puzzle for those who like them [See image]: How is it that Jehova & Satan are interchangeable in the OT census story?

Hebrew referenced for clarity.

God Bless Anons!!!


5a21ce No.2151

Are we allowed to create threads on bfq…

seems the retards are getting deleted or haven't found this board yet..

best to push the Spirit talk to diff place… I'm shitting up the board with too much off topic stuff…

6fe6a1 No.2154



Oprah / Harpo PS image - I did not post that, not sure what that is referring to still….


>Here's a puzzle for those who like them [See image]: How is it that Jehova & Satan are interchangeable in the OT census story?


>Hebrew referenced for clarity.

In the text you quoted, notice the names in the original Hebrew are different for Jehovah and for Satan. Not the same word.


>This was a mindF on the matter.

Thank you for the questions and answers session from the so called world ruler..will look at it more later…interesting…

>I'd say at this point your options are Christ[the way] & the Pantheon.

Very true. Cults revert over to the Pantheon of the Parthenon. LoL.

I like your expression cacophony of names - well put. Animal farm? (Not sure what you are referring to in this…).

Yeah, not knocking it.. ignorance doesn't disprove a theory! Do we have non-circumstantial evidence? white papers, CIA.gov links, photographs of these mobile missile-containers, maps.Google?

See the video on Project Pelican, the paper, the written document. Many posted images of the containers, the devices, the patents, the technology. But, over time, all this info is somewhat mixed into the posts on this board, convoluted and somewhat not easy to find…but the link I posted on Project Pelican has all of it in one place, except all the images others posted to prove it all…will need to search for it with time….and post it when I find it again…

Urantia Book seems to have a nice cosmology laid out in detail…

Yes, those mystery books of ancient times are based upon magical arts and ancient knowledge, I believe..but they tend to lead one into mystical arts of ages lost…the time of darkness when men delved into divination and calling up dark forces, I believe…

As far as the alien predictive programming, that is part of the Luciferian connection…aliens are often associated with fallen angels as well….

Cosmo Conception? There are many theories of genesis, but the one laid out in the Bible actually is scienfitic, if you analyze it. That is why we proposed the science of Intelligent Design years ago when science had not accepted it yet. And yes, Rosicrucians are behind the Sophia - Hermetic orders as interpreted by Douglas Gabriel and AIM.

Satan - Lucifer. Yes, Satan was present in the form of a snake. The Son of God was present in the born child.

The Son of Light is present in Jeshua the son and the light of darkness is present in Lucifer. The greatest of all angels at the right side of the Father, became embodied into a serpent Satan.

The third person of the Trinity Godhead became incarnate in Jeshua the Son. See the parallels? They are both the same person, different manifestations.

What is the "Coming of Ahriman" but a concoction of the mystery schools?

Satan a mere 2,000 K years old? No, no, no..the creation story is not so lineal and not even only 10,000K years…each week can symbolize a very long time…and each day as well, depending how you interpret the text…

Dark Journalist covers the story of Ahriman possessing AI? Well, that is somewhat of a concocted story in my view… as AI is a modern concept… the world is not built upon AI, only in the understanding of man…

Anthony Patch? Need to look into that…

holding my breath until that check is cashed!!!

Hope the check is cashed soon and that he fires Rosenstein soon, so the house of cards can come quickly crashing down…

Thanks for the replies [R]!!

6fe6a1 No.2155


>Are we allowed to create threads on bfq…

Yes, have not seen the BO around but he promised not to ban anyone and allow all who are being banned on the Q research board to post freely here and to create threads freely..if we ever have any problems, we can always create our own board…

About the context, if you wish to start a more directed topic, that would be nice to see also…


6fe6a1 No.2156

New thread. Please see this:

Restore the Republic U.S.A now!!


Please let us know your thoughts on this subject as well and any contributions you may have to make.

Thank you!!

6fe6a1 No.2157

This thread is worth attention as well:



Please let us know your thoughts and ideas on these topics!!


6fe6a1 No.2160

For further information on The Uranium Crime Syndicate and The Project Pelican crimes,

Please see this info also:




PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!



Thank you.

5a21ce No.2161

File: f5c5c7497b46567⋯.jpg (252.47 KB, 1055x967, 1055:967, 2018.06.01.191537.screensh….jpg)

5a21ce No.2163


hehe… same story in two diff books.. names seemingly used interchangeably.. sorry for lack of clarity…

The story goes: the tribes were split up in Babylonian captivity & things recompiled when they left and 'reunified'….. not everything was scrubbed & sanitized in the process….will create another thread for this..ONLY thing more annoying than a Xian blabbing about Scripture is TWO Xians blabbing…

: ^)

5a21ce No.2164

File: abbb0adf5f8f295⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 690x789, 230:263, 2018.05.24.063447.screensh….jpg)

File: 5b9e71943fa2fd2⋯.jpg (23.95 KB, 250x237, 250:237, 2018.05.24.065448.screensh….jpg)

File: 266d59e1b6f5436⋯.jpg (137.8 KB, 501x608, 501:608, 2018.05.24.062513.screensh….jpg)

File: f1e654c6d958005⋯.jpg (327.43 KB, 711x737, 711:737, 2018.06.01.193613.screensh….jpg)

something that occurred to me … the halls of BS are filled with similar whack analysis, but in the context of recently found revelations on webring peeps……

6fe6a1 No.2165

File: 2821fe4db3b3593⋯.jpg (97.29 KB, 780x438, 130:73, BingoJackPot.jpg)

File: 2add7fcb7b5225c⋯.jpg (112.02 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, DOX4TqTW0AAU4nv.jpg)

6fe6a1 No.2166

File: 42ab9f2e4487549⋯.png (82.92 KB, 1280x1658, 640:829, Eye-of-Horus-Symbol-Pics-M….png)


Q - 666 - Eye of Horus connection.

6fe6a1 No.2167

File: abbb0adf5f8f295⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 690x789, 230:263, abbb0adf5f8f29592714203e70….jpg)

File: 2c32932027ed288⋯.jpg (399.78 KB, 1284x1663, 1284:1663, Eye-of-Horus.jpg)

6fe6a1 No.2168

Q = LUCIFERIAN EYE OF HORUS group of people trying to say they represent POTUS.

See the connection between the images and how the eye forms the Q and the elements around the Q match the elements around the eye of Horus?

6fe6a1 No.2169

File: 7db35ba4e6901d1⋯.gif (10.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, amunraritual.gif)

File: c13d3914e6747b1⋯.png (921.3 KB, 2000x4389, 2000:4389, 2000px-Re-Horakhty.svg_.png)

6fe6a1 No.2170


Q anon - Amun Ra - Eye of Horus connection.


6fe6a1 No.2171


Easy answer - God uses Satan to achieve his purposes. In one story, God moves David in anger…in the other, the agent of the anger to carry out the motivation is Satan. Simple.

6fe6a1 No.2172


The White Rabbit is a CICADA 3301 agent who spoofed the Seth Rich pen drive - a.k.a, agent of deception. No wonder it links mostly over to 4-chan.

6fe6a1 No.2173


Eye of the Spy, Back channel - Michael Trimm

Eye of Horus - Q - anon.

Alchemical formula

The Seven layers of Deception in fake Q, SERCO, SES, Syria, British Crown and Khazarian NWO mafia


Defango attacking 0-hour why?

He wants people to believe CICADA is behind this. DEFANGO covering-up something… huumm….

Explained at the end of this video:


d4eb1e No.2174

THE MOAB #FOLLOWtheWHITErabbit - #LIVEinvestigation - THE PREDECESSOR to IT ALL -]UNIRock[-


d4eb1e No.2175


We at this board wrote this article. Explains the entire Q thing.

92c292 No.2180


We are Q creators, along with others.

Please find more details here.


92c292 No.2183



Do it Trump!!

92c292 No.2189


Previous post on this subject here:

The Q-anon hijacking ILLUSTRATED.


92c292 No.2190


What these photos show:



200ea5 No.2205


One more Qtard, Q-larp mystery solved.

200ea5 No.2206

Restore the Republic U.S.A now!!


200ea5 No.2217

Q ANON - AI, quantum computers and Five I used to create the larp:


200ea5 No.2218

File: d6d8af8274918cb⋯.jpg (64.49 KB, 851x453, 851:453, WatchasFakeQBurns.jpg)

The Story of Q-anon.

It went something like this:

① Ideas come-up with time which form one body or source of knowledge. Starting in 2016 and then heavily in 2017, we from banned from Q research board start promoting the ideas of restoring the Republic, using military arrests, about the Quiet Storm and the Storm rising-up. Trump then says at the same time that we are facing The Calm Before the Storm. Q then appears and uses our ideas and those of others, at the same time, starting in October of 2017 as anonymous posters:

② On October 28 th of 2017, a thread called “Calm Before The Storm” is created on 4-chan POL board. Anonymous posters start posting on 4-chan POL board cryptic messages. Anonymous posters push the above information we were promoting, plus the ideas of others, plus much fake false information about Hillary being soon arrested, John Podesta being arrested etc. Q was a larp from the start. About 20 or so different Ips were used at the time to make the anonymous postings. (Multiple individuals?).

This anonymous character was simply posting as an anon without using the name Q or any trip code, but referring to himself as being Q clearance intelligence and as military intelligence of some sort. We do not know if CICADA was involved yet or not at that point, in the anonymous postings, which appear to be from multiple agents but may have been from one person using 20 different Ips.

The first postings using Q at the end of the post are on October 29 th. CICADA with Defango create the first Q postings? Or were the same people posting as anon all along?

November 2 nd – The first post by the name Q at the end of the post is made, on POL and 4-chan. On this date Q says to refer back to previous posts to “collect the crumbs”. (Q dis-respects his audience, forcing them to collect “crumbs”).

⑤ November 09 th – Q posts with a trip code for the FIRST TIME. The ex CIA agents are at play here, via Defango, CICADA and using an AI, Tyler and CIA help to make the predictions, together with Thomas S. predictions. All during the month of November, Defango, CICADA and people post on 4-chan POL BOARD.

A few events take place in November:

A. November 11 th – The tweet storm directing all to follow the White Rabbit begins. (The White Rabbit is a CICADA – ex CIA agent.). AI, a quantum computer and Tyler is used to push the “Follow the White Rabbit” tweet storm. (Baruch bans anyone who connects Q to AI on CBTS).

B. November 20 th - Q makes the post: “Bots de-activated upon arrival”, suggesting the bots pushing the tweet storm stop their activity at some point, at the arrival of Q or something.

Who is the White Rabbit?

A. The same one that handed the spoofed Seth Rich pen drive to Trish the dish, who gave it to Jason Goodman and George Webb. Jason then blames Defango for the spoofing and Defango makes the funny video making fun of Goodman “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files!!!” Jason screams, as his distorted face appears on the camera, fully mocked and ridiculed by Defango. Jason and George then embark on a campaign to smear Defango.

B. Zach from Infowars – has the same voice as The White Rabbit? So this Zach from infowars apperas to be the source that CICADA AND DEFANGO DREW THEIR INFORMATION AND POSTS FROM. Zach promotes fakes news based upon Nettle and other fake alternative media channels. His predictions do not come true. So here we see how The White Rabbit, Defango and CICADA are connected and run the first Q larp on 4-chan and then on 8-chan. (After this, Baruch – Mi6 and then the CIA and eventually Mossad take-over the Q account trip code, in an online battle between these various Intel agencies and agents such as Baruch, Pamphlet (F_I informant) and Brain Storm who eventually take over the Q account).

Note: UNI is wrong about the White Rabbit in the statements he makes on his video. Tracy and team are promoting Q before he existed, UNI states. This is not true – when the tweet storm promoting the White Rabbit begins in November, the Q trip code version of Q was already posting. Q began before Tracy and others started promoting Seth Rich, Q and other ideas in their tweet storms. (It seems Tracy believed in the Q larp and was doing what she thought was the right thing to do, in promoting it. Eventually she found our site at NWO Pros, exposing the entire larp, and gave the link of our site to UNI, who then found this bannedfromqresearch board from a link on our other board).

Continued next post…

200ea5 No.2219


Continued from previous post..

⑥ November 25 th – Q gives a signal that he will be migrating to cbts. (At this point, Q and his team start to get persecuted on 4-chan as many notice Q is stealing posts and info from others). This may be when Defango released the Q trip code, after it had been compromised. (Defango and CICADA give-up posting at this point and release the Q trip code. Defango sends a message via e-mail to UNIROCK with the Q trip code. UNI ignores the message. Others refer UNI to the White Rabbit. UNI, at the beginning of his career, is persecuted and told that the White Rabbit has nothing to do with Q, so he gives up following the lead). A new Q takes over, set´s up the CBTS board via Baruch. On November 29 th, Baruch and team move Q to the cbts board.

Q on cbts lasts a short time only. Q lasts only from November 29 th to December 25 th of cbts. Yet on December 14 th another hack of the Q trip code takes place. Q loses access to his trip code on December 14 th (any mention of this by Baruch and he bans you. Did Baruch or someone else take control of the Q trip code at this point or during the migration to cbts on November 25 th ? This is the question). In any case, a new poster seizes control of the Q account on December 14 th as Q posts the message:

Lost access to trip code. Q says his trip code on 4-chan has been modified as well. So THIS IS WHEN A MAJOR HACK OCCURED. Someone modified the Q trip code on 4 chan and also seizes control of the Q trip code on 8 chan on DECEMBER 14 th. Q leaves a message on cbts asking for someone to restore the trip code. The message and request is ignored.

December 14 th – Baruch bans Q from posting on cbts, while he and his team take-over the Q trip code.

Continued next post…

200ea5 No.2220


Continued from the previous post:


❶ The Q trip code on 4-chan and 8-chan is modified.

❷ Q is not able to enter is trip-code on cbts 8-chan.

(Baruch the board mod ignores the problem and requests by Q to restore his trip code).

❸ Baruch, Tracy and Doctor Corsi together claim Q is not the same person and ban him from posting on CBTS.

❹ Q moves to 8-chan POL board.

(From January 05 th forward, Baruch claims Q trip-code was compromised. He bans anyone who refers to the December 14 th take over of the Q account).

⑧ December 15 th – Q updates his trip code on POL - a new Q poster takes over.

December 25 th – the 10 days of darkness begins and Q makes no posts. But the other version of Q is chatting with us on the lunaticoutpost board until around December 28 th, when that board bans us, bans Q and deletes the Q thread on that board, which lasted for about two months.

⑩ On January 4 th – Q makes a sudden post on 8-chan POL, strangely, after having been previously up until December 25 th posting on 8-CHAN cbts. He uses the same trip-code as December 25 th. This must have been a hacker testing the hacked Q trip code. (Pamphlet and F_I team who seize the trip code to begin the money making scam and disinfo campaign to promote Jeff Sessions, the enemy of the state and other deep state plants, enemies of the American people).

⑪ On January 05 th, Baruch makes a post saying Q´s second trip code was compromised. Q replies to him and says it is false and asks Baruch, “Did they get to you?” CBTS banned the comped Q (a second ban?).

On January 05 th, the lunatic outpost board is wiped, Mike Rogers leaves the NSA and Pamphlet and team seize control of the Q trip-code and start posting on The Storm with the hacked trip-code.

⑫ On January 06 th, Q says that cbts is compromised and says “no further posts on this board – cbts board.

On January 06 th, Q moves to The Storm (a board set-up by Code Monkey apparently). This seems to be the date when Pamphlet anon, Corsi and Tracy come in full swing, together with Brain Storm and others, to start pushing a new Q larp.

⑬ Tracy and Corsi eventually drop out when they realize Pamphlet and Brain Storm are compromised. INFO WARS THEN EXPOSES THE FAKE Q and start promoting ZACH, knowing he is the original White Rabbit. Eventually, his predictions start not coming true however….

Continued next post…

200ea5 No.2221




Continued from previous post….

⑭ Pamphlet, Brain Storm, Praying Medic and others then run with the Q larp, promoting channels via their Greatawakening website, after they have various reddit boards banned and removed. (They were using Reddit as the hub to promote the fake Q larp and then started using other channels, such as The Patriot Soap Box and thegreatawakening website to promote the marketing scam and scheme).

⑮ Pamphet – fake Q then says:

“Be careful who you follow”

He then warns about people making money on the scam, such as Corsi (so that only he and his team can make money on the scam. Pamphlet and the phone APP developed by Brain Storm are the only ones who can make money).

⑯ Q-pamphlet refers over to a post on a board – a post made by Brain Storm. At this point, the Larp is clear, as Q is auto- promoting himself, linking over to a board and to posts made by Brain Storm, who via his APP links over to the web sites and youtube channels they control.

⑰ Pamphlet messes up and does not realize his mic is on and when asked if he was re-numbering the Q posts, he reponds “something like that”. Only Q – the person with the Q trip code can re-number posts. Pamphlet thus exposes himself as Q.

⑱ Pamphlet and team mess-up and release the Q trip code by mistake and then try to cover it up by making various desperate posts on the board, using the Q trip code. It is too late, 0-hour catches on and starts exposing the larp.

⑲ The money making marketing scheme and phone app being used to control the Q trip code is exposed by 0 hour.

⑳ The larp is exposed and traffic to the Q larp starts to take a huge plunge and drop.





200ea5 No.2230




200ea5 No.2231




We The People win!!!

200ea5 No.2232


FAKE Q ANON EXPOSED - Five I Intel operation revealed


200ea5 No.2233


Hello Lift the Veil and UNI!!!

Thanks for the help exposing this!!

200ea5 No.2238


"Anti-War" Presidents Are Brought to Heel By the Deep State


This video shows how Trump is being black-mailed to do exactly as Obama did!!

There is NO WAY the two speeches could be ALMOST IDENTICA!!

Now we have concrete evidence that POTUS is being black-mailed and coerced to do things!! Aha!!

bb3e16 No.2240


>The first postings using Q at the end of the post are on October 29 th. CICADA with Defango create the first Q postings? Or were the same people posting as anon all along?

Correction - October 29th is the first Q post as an anon, without the trip code and not referring to himself as Q.

bb3e16 No.2241


Actually, it appears the first anon posts were October 28th, the day the thread "Calm Before the Storm" was created on 4-chan POL board.

0ee036 No.2246


This really tells it all!!

f31730 No.2257


Either black-mailed, or actually a part of it?


f31730 No.2258


It seems neither Lift the Veil nor UNIROCK have seen this yet.

f31730 No.2259

The Story of Q-anon.


e7d0ec No.2267

Warning! Q Anon Crew Malicious Malware Application & Ponzy Scheme Exposed


e7d0ec No.2268

EyeTheSpy has BLOCKED me on Twitter. Strange ?? No other researchers allowed?


e7d0ec No.2269

THIS BLOG IS SHADOW-BANNED and I am PERMANENTLY BLOCKED ON FACEBOOK. If you like my articles, please share posts on social networks as my outreach is now very limited. Note: No advertising on my blogs gives you undisturbed reading. Please consider donating. Thanks, BronnyNZ


Shared boards hacked twice before

This is very important for you to consider - The Q military intelligence team had their "tripcodes" hacked twice before: (1) at the beginning of December 2017 when they were on shared boards on 4chan and (2) at the beginning of January 2018 on shared boards on 8chan.

Q research and Github

When supposed "Q" posts are made on Q research board on 8chan, those posts then get archived on Github along with a lot of regular "Anon" posts that are considered by the Github owner to be important. Github archive is not run by the Q military intelligence team. It is not a primary source.

Think it through clearly for yourself

"Why would the actual Q team once again be sharing a board?" It's not logical. The past shows us that on a shared board, Q gets hacked. It's as simple as that. Unless the Q military intelligence team is a glutton for punishment, they won't be sharing a board with Anons.


This sort of "gaming" and impersonation is called LARPing which stands for "Live Action Role Play". Are you being LARPed? ie: Are you being sucked in to playing a game with a Game Master or several of them, who are playing you like a fiddle? If you like being LARPed, if you like being played with by young 18-35 year old males, please continue reading the so-called "Q posts" that get dropped on "/qresearch" and then archived on "Github".

Github color coding

Please note the use of color coding on Github in the left side margins of posts to indicate the origination of the material. Pay attention to this. Consider all Q posts on Github to be LARPs that are dated after January 4, 2018. Red-indicated posts are from the Great Awakening - set up on January 8, 2018 (probably fake Q). Most of the Github Q archives that pre-date January 5, 2018 will be true Q.

Fake Q posts plenteous from January 5, 2018

This means that people are still reading fake Q posts to this day. Apparently, this is unimportant as all very important messages that the Q team wanted to give humanity regarding "The Storm" were given to us from October 29, 2017 up until December 24, 2017. Those dumps are huge. There is enough information in those original dumps to last us right up to 2020.


If gamers want to keep LARPing people and if people enjoy being LARPed, it will be what it is. Q has no need to defend, substantiate or deny. Q stands in sovereignty. Q stands outside of the sea of people. Q stands outside of mob rule and the prevailing egregor. It is up to people to decide for themselves, in full personal sovereignty, whether they once again become followers (slave mind), or thinkers. Think. This is your primary weapon in all things.



e7d0ec No.2270

Who is Q Anon and Cicada 3301 - Post Defango Expose' Partay


Titus Frost 1984

Streamed live on May 8, 2018

So I wanted to update all the information that I posted to the internetz about Q Anon and Cicada 3301 now that Defango did his expose.

So Cicada 3301 was created by Ian Murdock, Bruce C Clark Jr, and Thomas Schoenberger "Sophia Musik". Thomas is the one known as the "composer" and is a self proclaimed "Stargate Super Soldier" and notice I put quotes there because I never believed this remote viewing stuff as I said to them and to you all. However that is the claim. Supposedly Thomas wanted to sell the Q Anon / Cicada Puzzles to Hollywood and didn't want to share the wealth.

So Q Anon was created by Cicada 3301 Thomas, with Monty McGovern the Math Professor. They emailed Tracy Beanz way back when this whole Q Anon thing began and Defango has the email as he was living with Thomas at the time. So Tracy knows all this info about Cicada starting it and all that and has been lying the whole time, so have other people. Just as I said when I called this all out a long time ago.

I just want to say "I WAS RIGHT" about Q ANON, and you are all welcome. You also need to thank DEFANGO because he was right about all this and put himself in harms way to tell you all.

Links for more research for yourself:

Defango Video:


AIM4Truth Video:


My Who Is Q Anon video:


My STWT exposing Mont McGovern as Q Anon:


Run2Christ Bitchute:


Illuminati Dualism:


Thanks for watching! Please upvote on Steemit!

e7d0ec No.2271


mark boggs​

Sophia is part of the new religion of Gaia worship of mother earth being pushed by the NWO.

e7d0ec No.2289

Israeli Unit 8200, Jared Kushner involved in Q anon exposed.


b916cb No.2295


Wow, this is way more complete then anyone else has covered, including UNI and Lift the Veil.

b916cb No.2304

The Seven Layers of deception in the Q anon larp and then hijacking and take-over exposed:

The Seven layers of Deception in fake Q, SERCO, SES, Syria, British Crown and Khazarian NWO mafia


The full story of the Q - anon hijacking:


The Story of Q-anon. FULL VERSION





Now you got the full scoop on what took place.

8791ce No.2333

We are Q.


f31730 No.2359


Rather then coming to this board and spreading the info we post here, several youtube streamers go off on tangents, wondering all over the world, covering useless insignificant topics and ranting and raving all to be seen and gain an audience. This is not productive. There is so much work to be done to restore the Republic. People should not be wasting time with video games, discussing drama or fights among people, covering non-sense like ufos or colonies on mars, while we all are slaves of the system, our Republic is in shambles, criminals have hijacked our government and we are in a state of emergency, martial law and military rule. All need to focus on restoring the Republic and on getting the subjects on this board out there. Youtube streamers are wasting time with their programs, affraid to cover certain topics. Let them build an audience on a block chain streaming channel, earn more for their content and get the truth out to the world. Youtube, facebook and such are A WASTE OF TIME. Face it and move on!!

827977 No.2383

The Five I intel agencies backing-up Q anon and Wikileaks exposes this the other day.

See this post here for more details:


Whoever visits, reads and studies ALL of the banned from Q research board will be the most informed on the planet. This is the truth. We are the legit Q. The other Q is fake.

c00232 No.2424

This thread was created using the phrase of UNI-ROCK as inspiration. Now where is UNI and where is Lift the Veil on this?

df80f0 No.2438

File: 5d5634f0acd5228⋯.png (63.74 KB, 859x551, 859:551, ClipboardImage.png)

c00232 No.2442


Great, at least one good think Trump has done…

c00232 No.2445

The five Is controlled by Britain and skirt all of our privacy and security laws. The operate in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The five Is, Britain via the five Is run the Q spy op. (Think Baruch).

Overthrow of America by Geoffrey Pattie


Cambridge analytica exposed. Mi6 - British equivalent of the CIA.

These are the people running the Q psy-op and mind control against America. They are targeting our President, the video says.

See the video for the full details.

c00232 No.2446


Full scope of Q psy-op explained here:


bf2c06 No.2500


bf2c06 No.2511

DAVID KARESCH = Q = pamphlet anon.

Please see this post also - tells much more:


5a21ce No.2515

What are Trump/Pence signalling at mention of 'New Strategic Plan' at FEMA meeting

word is it was classified coding


bf2c06 No.2529


Good question. We need to see the video still…..any ideas or suggestions?

bf2c06 No.2530

This is not a game. We expose fake Q-anon!


All the links you need to see on the Q take-down saga.

5a21ce No.2534

File: 5db7ee7baa270f0⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 406x369, 406:369, 2018.06.08.185413.screensh….jpg)

EyeTheSpy seems to be another cuck milking the minions needing someone to attach the 'cult of personality to'

1. All mystique

2. no meat

3. always tomorrow

4. Anon

Dude says he's NSA, but is posting throughout the day…

I call B.S.

c00232 No.2535


Watched the video but did not see anything major there…any else might be just speculation…

c00232 No.2536


0 Hour reported these guys to the NSA today -


c00232 No.2553

c00232 No.2554




04417c No.2556

The question that now remains. What will happen to Beanz, Sather, Goode, Wilcox, DeScamps and the others when BO comes for payment again? Will they still pay to play? Will another be cut out like Corsi? Who will remain in the inner circle?

033410 No.2557


Wilcox was never working for BO. Tracy and Corsi stopped. Sather still a shill. Some fall out spontaneously while others that start asking questions or do not align are dropped.

033410 No.2558

Brain Storm, Pamphlet and agents like that always remain. Wilcox now is coming on the band wagon because he was an inspiration for the Q larp, among many others they have stolen from.

033410 No.2559

Wilcox doesn´t seem to care if they use him as inspiration, rather he is delighted. Gets more attention…

d4eb1e No.2595

The battle to take-down and expose fake Q has just begun.

Q is an Intel OP, planned to hijack the original movement we created:



Please help share the word and expose this pied piper op.

a16987 No.2618



Fake Q-Anon has become public enemy number one!!

f31730 No.2690

So many people give-up along the way in the battle to take-down fake Q. Only the strong survive. Those who are pampering to Youtube and are weak prefer to protect their career rather then expose Youtube and fake Q. They could take their career to another channel and get off of Youtube. But they prefer to be bossed around and manipulated by Youtube then to continue help exposing fake Q. Cowards.

f31730 No.2701



f31730 No.2702



Nothing but hope porn. LoL.

Q has already deleted some of the Singapore posts and deleting June 11 posts. They are removing all that they get wrong. LoL.

Anyone still following the Q-larp deserves to get ripped-off.

Idiots like Deception Bytes continue to promote this junk. Shame on you!!

827977 No.2709

Those Q retards still going, are they?

5c843d No.2731

Yes, the battle has just begun and we are winning. Fake Q just does not give-up so we also do not give-up exposing the fraud.

5c843d No.2755

Please bring others here to help us take-down the fake Q and spread this all over the internet. The world will thank you.

5c843d No.2770

To The Battle Front Brave Warriors!

Let us take-down fake Q in droves!!

To the Conquest of the Republic!

For God and the Republic!!!

1cef50 No.2798

Watch as original legit real Q on banned from Q research takes-down the fake Q from Q Research board!!

1cef50 No.2810

The fake Q take-down saga grows bigger every day:



8b9994 No.2844

Q has been exposed yet there will still be new fools who are easily sucked into the fake Q larp.

43e489 No.2864

The Empire Strikes Back!!

959b21 No.2908

Few people are exposing fake Q. More is needed!!

de1fea No.2959

Since I am the original Q, I have now developed a plan to re-unite the two Koreas, as part of the liberation of humanity:



15f312 No.2984


Nicer Suzy Q? What do you mean by that?

You are saying a Russian posted the clock-chart?

The chart now is all messed-up. None of the events are following that chart. Now fake Q is having to delete posts and change the time-line. Fake Q from Q Research board is a joke!!

15f312 No.3010

Isaac Green further expose Farmer Funk, Pamphlet anon and others posting as Q, scamming and fooling people still:



Fake Q stays online all day and these turds expect us to believe they are next to Trump posting?

Yaaaa, right…they are soap box turds pretending to be an Trump insider!!

15f312 No.3011


Pamphlet anon posted live onto the Q account trip and his followers on the live stream when they saw him post as Q, started denouncing him and many followers left Pamphet, realizing he is posting as Q.


db0dd3 No.3026



2c2736 No.3037

Fake Q anon from Q research board is a total SCUMBAG!!




These posts explain it.

04417c No.3053

Conspiracy players are LARPS. That means Gary Miliefsky is a PSYOP! Why else would Homeland Security be telling people what to post?

fd7c62 No.3089


Good to see Isaac Green, UNI and Lift the veil still exposing fake Q and his shill pamphlet posting as Q!!!

fd7c62 No.3090


Homeland Security is a Black Nobility agent of the banking cartel. That is why they are making lists of alt media producers, so they can go after them and target them!!

1a43be No.3094


Who is Gary Miliefsky ?

110dcf No.3105

File: 835ada317fda3e0⋯.jpg (82.25 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, wizard-horror-mask-made-of….jpg)

The Horror Witch came-out with the OIG Report!!


The Tale of Witches and Dragons Season I.

5f6b83 No.3136


The current government is illegitimate. The Emergency Banking Act of 1933 dissolved the U.S. Fed Government. All so called "Federal" agencies are private foreign owned corporations serving the Black Nobility Banking Cartel, the Beast. Time to expose this, restore the Republic!!

cd9150 No.3167

Q research board and Code Monkey, fake Q exposed:


Un-refutable facts nobody noticed!!

f0d980 No.3184


Yes, UNI and Isaac Green have done much to help expose this. Lift the Veil also.

Isaac put out some great videos the last days!!

More people are needed to help expose this Q-larp being run by pamphlet anon, Brain Storm and their team of rogue bakers!!

65943e No.3230

Pamphlet anon posting as Q exposed further:


86c180 No.3275




The Office of Special Council & SES exposed!


Q predicted that the OIG report would name big names for indictment. Q failed. Now he claims there is another report that is classified. True. But it does not indict any big names. Only names have been redacted for sure. Q failed.

The Horror Witch came-out with the OIG Report!!


This exposes much more then fake Q exposes and also exposes the criminals above and their FISA abuses:

FISA CORRUPTION: Unredacted Grassley Memo Released


And more:



These criminals are trying to blame Trump for something they themselves did and created! Did Q ever tell you this or will he wait and copy what we are saying here first, steal it, then post it on Q research?

Trump & Russia were blamed for a crime that was comitted by Obama and the Obama DHS!!

And Horowitz - Jeff SESsions are ignoring this crime!!

And do not forget to visit this link:

The Seven layers of Deception in fake Q, SERCO, SES, Syria, British Crown and Khazarian NWO mafia


ce6ce3 No.3338

File: ec97a3c3bc182ad⋯.jpg (478.99 KB, 965x724, 965:724, empire-strikes-back-poster….jpg)

The Empire Strikes Back! Saga Continues!




5f6b83 No.3345

The phone APP guy - his name is Jason Coleman.

He may also be Brain Storm = Serial Brain.

This guy is also a shister and part of the fake Q scam.

5f6b83 No.3346

Also, someone has said that Thomas S. is Thomas Wictor - true or false?

5f6b83 No.3350




Q is whoever you are


033410 No.3362

And so, the take-down of fake Q saga continues.

Another piece of the puzzle for CICADA, Assange, Wikileaks, UNI, Lift the Veil, Titus, Defango, Isaac and others to contemplate:

Another layer of the Q-larp decoded:

We are Q:


(Pamphlet anon - phone APP guy Jason Coleman, Brain-Storm- Serial Brain currently running Q are fake Q).



We Are LEGIT Q!!

The Empire has struck back!!


0f4fc3 No.3383

File: 79f4734a5a30c36⋯.jpg (126.37 KB, 712x373, 712:373, georgewebb_day121_1.jpg)

George Webb is The Original Q-Anon!!


How is that for you CICADA 3301, Assange, Wikileaks, UNI, Lift the Veil, Titus, Defango, Isaac and others to contemplate?

I figured it-out.

Current fake Q on Q-Research board is a fraud. Pamphlet anon is fake Q.


200ea5 No.3427


And DOWN goes fake Q!!

110dcf No.3432

File: 6fb667e9ebe19be⋯.jpg (85.51 KB, 682x482, 341:241, TheEndOfQ-Anon2.jpg)



The End of fake Q-anon!!!


Fake Q says "Trust SESsions". SESsions is about to go!

Q is sinking!!

It took us some time, but with the help of God, all these enemies of God and of WE The People are coming-down!

We win!

98443b No.3453

File: 37cfaf3806a79fc⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 1243x699, 1243:699, FakeQScamAlert1.jpg)



Fake Q - anon = Pamphlet anon who forgot his pampers and many more scams exposed at the link above!

Thank you to all Youtubers, bloggers and webb sites helping to expose the fake Q scam and all these scams listed in the link above!!

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