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File: c21d51d5420ebfd⋯.jpg (2.92 KB, 126x126, 1:1, 1525122454903.jpg)

24c3fb  No.404[Reply]

404 thread not found lole

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4deae1  No.625


I wish my autism wouldn't affect me so much - but it does. There, I've finally admitted it.

File: dad4212dd10a5e7⋯.jpg (114.69 KB, 602x710, 301:355, 20180517_233921.jpg)

0c3ac2  No.287[Reply]

What's not to love?

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c48423  No.624



File: 647ed8f9388965b⋯.gif (245.93 KB, 544x632, 68:79, 1520207161749.gif)

af54b7  No.75[Reply]

Everything seems to be up and functioning so far. If you've got some banner ideas then shoot them my way.

I'm not very keen on rules so I'll keep this list short and simple :



The rules are NOT absolute, anything may be permitted should it prove itself to be entertaining.

Should you have any suggestions or comments that you wish to bring to light, the stage is yours.

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730608  No.614


File: 96749b11aae5812⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 426x282, 71:47, bully.jpg)

4d2409  No.342[Reply]

Gimme your lunch money, nerd

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4fa410  No.347

>reach into pocket

>drop a load of mustard into his hand





>reach into pocket

>drop ketchup into his hand. just. loose. ketchup.

>"WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!"

e533fc  No.348

File: 508156e3ed68c7c⋯.jpg (71.81 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 1528957750230.jpg)

0322f7  No.494

File: 108091e54b9c71c⋯.jpg (164.04 KB, 1000x701, 1000:701, Enm2rzZ2Qfg.jpg)

a91540  No.565


With that shit guard? I dont think so. Eat some fist, bitch

20cc28  No.630


Wtf lol

File: f4eda9683341829⋯.jpg (7.41 KB, 228x221, 228:221, 1542144066354.jpg)

85fc82  No.602[Reply]

I have zero friends left, i'm 27, everyone has drifted apart. There is no one I can contact to hang out with. I have my girlfriend with me, but I miss the fellowship of my friends. I hope I can turn this around this next year. Does anyone else feel me?

f397ca  No.603

Lost me

f8d777  No.629

Why are you waiting untill next year, go outside for a walk buy a dog.

c76004  No.562[Reply]

the no pill

is realizing that "pill memes" are meant to force disillusioned hate-filled masses into tiny boxes to be suffocated by their collective egos

the "no pill" is realizing that behind every great person is a twelve year old shit-for-brains trolling the hell out of old people

the nopill is realizing just how dangerous these pill memes are.

and the people prescribing these pills have no medical basis or training to do so

and like the snake oil salesman are more interested in the means justifying their own personal ends

the no pill realizes that these pills are just classifications of thought patterns

and are the most effective remedy to "free thought"

the no pill is realizing you were never sick and it was the pills making you ill all along

the no pill realizes that the body does its best to heal itself

the no pill realizes the importance of an active lifestyle healthy diet and good hygiene are the three pillars against sickness and decay.

the no pill realizses that the pill isnt a cure but only masks the symptoms of the illness.

6e8de6  No.563

Congratu fucking lations lad you finally figured it out

Another one down, about a few thousands to go

f9c949  No.564


But but.. m-muh cuckery

181240  No.628

File: 709441ccd44a5c7⋯.jpg (231 KB, 900x812, 225:203, clown nationalist.jpg)

Take the honk pill

File: 28e4d47a8e1ecaf⋯.jpg (69.21 KB, 666x743, 666:743, 1513361345003.jpg)

8289cf  No.48[Reply]

I had coffee as normal

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917216  No.611

check my dubs

d8ac8a  No.615


9d52b7  No.620



0cbf1e  No.626

I enjoy drinkin cat piss, let's be honest. if I'm going to try to RP as a ct, I might as well live the role… hey, I know, but that's what life is like when you have autism.

9d52b7  No.627



File: d4baa7fa0cab355⋯.png (143.76 KB, 300x450, 2:3, murdochCache007.png)

File: 439e9bf9b462536⋯.png (81.09 KB, 300x499, 300:499, murdochCache69.png)

File: d94c3758a6fcbb5⋯.png (436.55 KB, 921x505, 921:505, murdochCache1488.png)

File: 120d64101e00c3f⋯.png (89.39 KB, 326x850, 163:425, murdochChanCache3242.png)

File: 1264c733284c7b3⋯.png (385.48 KB, 494x499, 494:499, murdochChanCache55112.PNG)

6f5bce  No.623[Reply]

I hope these help you, the reader, as much as it helped me.

You see, I've been addicted to (((their))) porn for years now. Slowly, over the years, the way my brain's neurons fire and the level's of dopamine released have changed.

Lately, I've been reversing that damage. Although masturbation isn't something I'm proud of, I can say that masturbation to Murdoch Chan has fixed my brain 200%.

"But, that's a cartoon faggot, there's no difference in jacking off to that than blacked.com!"

In a way, I could see the above quote. However, after baiting to that sweet sweet motherly figure of Murdoch Chan, I slowly began to understand.

It wasn't the pixels that were making muh dick accelerate, but the message behind those pixels.

Still today, many grown men are stuck jacking it to (((their))) version of porn, while the message of Murdoch Chan's sweet magical pixels of love are suppressed.

At the end of the day, when it comes time to beat your meat, ask yourself: "Do I want to beat my shit like it owes me money for (((them)))? Or do I want to beat off to that sweet motherly figure for the future of the white race?"

After reversing the programming, I tried something new. I went outside my house, after that, I found my own Murdoch Chan! Outside my house this whole time! I just never knew.

I never knew what a real woman was. I never knew what I wanted. Thank you Murdoch Chan, for showing me what a woman COULD be.

Masturbation is no longer an issue, and my first baby that will sacrifice itself for it's race on the battlefield is in the oven now :) <3

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ba8feb633b73f94⋯.jpg (137.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 38787835_252163062076404_1….jpg)

90b81d  No.600[Reply]

Lol get niggered

914c34  No.601

No u

cc3de8  No.621

File: e852e29e078c909⋯.jpg (43.79 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_20190324_023659.jpg)


ef6fc2  No.612[Reply]

8chan is bootiful at first i thought i try out 8chan cuz i was banned from 4chan now i see 8chan is better than 4chan

070d99  No.606[Reply]

>decide to try out 8chan

>see if there's a /r/banter

>there is

>coco has gone fucking mad

what the hell

7d1e09  No.607

I actually didn't make or run this plank

You are kindly requested to disregard my previous statement.

Post last edited at

7d1e09  No.609


Wew edit my shit up fam

File: bf8b0f1c12b4f0c⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 125x225, 5:9, 2qcber.jpg)

9eefc8  No.604[Reply]

Fuck all uou neurotypicals on here

661795  No.605


File: dd9476301a9bbb8⋯.png (7.96 KB, 209x241, 209:241, help.png)

5be60a  No.595[Reply]

helo frens 4cnall /r/banter. is down for maintanc r any of u frm there online hear now?

a73925  No.596


654f01  No.597

Please come back up, I'm bored as fuck

bc0db2  No.599

File: 446f3b6fcbe1fce⋯.png (637.56 KB, 3840x2500, 192:125, comfy mode.png)

e2ccae  No.481[Reply]

I will respond to everyone in this thread.

18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3a4ca5  No.513


Not too sure man. I'm just kinda thinking bias is quite a bit more subtle than sentiment. Sentiment is a direct response of text, completely independent of any other text involved, while bias not only requires knowledge of the text itself, but of whatever its content is dealing with, requires cross referencing with texts on the same topic both to assert and to correct, can acquire a cumulative effect from multiple sources continuously playing on eachother's talking points, etcetera. I highly doubt it's even remotely as easy relative to sentiment. From what I can tell having no personal bias is composed of three basic principles. First you gotta be able to read words at a very strict face value and nothing more. Every word in a sentence matters. Lots of times when people lose their shit over something it seems they glossed over very specific words in a sentence that make a lot of difference. Secondly you need a strong sense of deductive logic, making sure to only derive information that can be asserted with absolute certainty. And last you need to be able to represent this information in words again, making sure it is both complete and unambiguous. I'm pulling all this out of my ass obviously but that's about what I make of it

9bd730  No.515


That's why it's important to be able to pick out events. X person went here. He did this. Then he said X. It's kinda hard to be bias with that sort of thing. I've seen a demo by some researches that did just that. It created a tree sort of graph out of Romeo and Juliet. Containing just the bare cliff notes version of what happened and how it was connected. Also Keep in mind non bias doesn't mean correct I'm not trying to make a truly self aware all knowing AI here. It will just gather the daily news compare stories from multiple sources and give a very dry summary. Leaving out anything that sounds like an opinion.

3a4ca5  No.516


Oh yeah that makes more sense than whatever I had in mind. Still won't be easy but

best of luck to you at any rate. I really dig this kind of stuff so if you ever stumble into anything interesting keep us posted

8dcdad  No.593


8bbf84  No.594

Response get

File: 47c417be4b80b56⋯.png (781.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bandage.png)

6e73c7  No.591[Reply]

Neobant is awful

9a5a16  No.592

No u

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