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It's dead, Jim

File: 5aebe46e5d837c3⋯.png (217.11 KB, 422x538, 211:269, Crikey! What a marvelous r….png)


Instead of blogposting sticky, have this.

Oh, if you have anything regarding this board or whatever that you wanna me to see, put it in here. I go through every post anyway…

So, yeah. Get it? Good. Have fun!

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File: addcbf24a1cfa21⋯.png (95.1 KB, 204x223, 204:223, cat.png)

I just noticed there is a cat in the background of ustuho's spells and now I can't unsee it, also happy new years


File: a43779deec550a3⋯.jpg (220.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni ….jpg)


Watch Wataten



In short, moe sol about an autistic young adult (female) who finds a friend of her 5th-grader imouto, your usual straight loli, but with weakness towards sweets, so cute, she pretty much falls in love with her on first sight and she's being quite creepy, but also kind of cute about it.

First episode just aired today and I love it.


File: 26f90e2eea4a1ff⋯.png (359.55 KB, 418x451, 38:41, 1549227115511.png)

Explain what's going on, post-haste!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ding Dong, triple V is dead!

Alright, enough of that. The other day that i came back i noticed that the subtitle and the default posters name hasn't been changed since around the end of last year, so i went to the "claim a board" page to see if VVV was gone, and lo and behold he's gone, then i decided to claim the board because………well…..why not? and so….. here we are now; VVV is gone and i'm the board owner now until i forget to log in in two weeks


File: f51cbf97bca43fe⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, .jpg)

part 1 of something

I had a cheeseburger too

File: 56b12156a62a22b⋯.jpg (97.59 KB, 807x1000, 807:1000, 56b12156a62a22b3ecf2d31068….jpg)


S stands for Shirasaka koume

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File: 0dcfa6b76c0ae77⋯.png (289.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, __shirasaka_koume_idolmast….png)

Update: downloaded lots of Koumes


File: c225d11c507bea1⋯.jpg (104.1 KB, 874x1200, 437:600, 1522202760912.jpg)

Cute Kos brah


File: fddf88a405e619a⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1600x800, 2:1, 59592589_p0.png)

My daughter is a sticky now?!?





VVV made Koume all sticky >//<

File: 44a4c051c17ed97⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 340x483, 340:483, Saddam_Smile.jpg)


S stands for SMILE.

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Pixelate them, daily dose style.


File: 7d5cdd3874ba928⋯.jpg (5.86 KB, 185x273, 185:273, 1505065715254.jpg)


Dunno I wasn't exactly intending to piss off one of the mods but obviously somehow I have

Even if I post something remotely like it that doesn't have any actual mlp shit I still get banned

Maybe I shouldn't push it


File: 14828e918a310a9⋯.png (4.11 KB, 302x237, 302:237, 1318733823483.png)


Post it here and I'll post it on /bant/, let's see what happens.


good pinned thread


do this



>S stands for Sayonara VVV

stay safe, best of wishes with life, pls come visit

File: e51d35b2f193b65⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 407x430, 407:430, Yuusuke 28.JPG)


How do we fix anime, r/banter?

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Fuck bitch shit fuck cunt



File: ae6f6a59f211032⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0010.png)

more of this.


File: 0fe59cd051905c5⋯.jpg (121.17 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starli….jpg)


Why was it so good?


File: 3a876395258ee8c⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2145x3056, 2145:3056, Species Domain - c001 (v01….jpg)

More redesigns


Watching them go through all that to get to the stage was great.


File: cbd327777f07349⋯.jpg (360.11 KB, 1192x968, 149:121, 20181005_171501.jpg)


Do you want to try it?

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Still based




Yup, still epic.




although Ive never had it, its related to horseradish and mustard, so I hate it

File: 371d0e6dadf4a06⋯.png (243.13 KB, 918x924, 153:154, ClipboardImage.png)


Definitively one of the greatest bands of all time. One of those rare bands that almost sounds better in concert.



File: 9b9869207f875c2⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 374x586, 187:293, 9b9869207f875c23882772eb5f….gif)


Once again I’ll shill Magma:


File: 60bb1f0ebc8dc78⋯.jpg (463.72 KB, 940x800, 47:40, dscf0089_537acfe6.jpg)




File: 14dffc780f03bf2⋯.jpeg (20.14 KB, 232x293, 232:293, 14d.jpeg)

Cute ducke.


Nice duck



File: 8c4a642de252d64⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1546795597223.jpg)


Giving /bants/ some love

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File: d9f106822390813⋯.png (189.26 KB, 437x524, 437:524, A forced kind of munch.png)

lm@oing at the absolute state of the incels and wetbacks ITT

If you're having trouble with finding motivation, you should do what everyone does and start running. Commit to it, and punish yourself when you lapse on your routine. You need to have confidence and find success on that base physical level in order to find success and confidence in other fields of your life.


The hedonistic pleasures that videogames/anime provide are basically like the soda of life; just empty calories. And while they're fine in moderation, unchecked consumption of such things because of a nihilistic mindset will render you an immovable mass, incapable of moving towards true fulfillment through responsibility and accomplishment. The hole inside your heart will only continue to grow as you realize that you've been basically doing the same thing over and over for years without showing any signs of personal growth at all.

Don't let yourself grow old before you've done something with your life. Death is a scary thing man, and I think you have all grown too desensitized to it.

This life is all that you're guaranteed, so don't go wasting it.


File: b488c34f48daa3d⋯.png (144.85 KB, 681x508, 681:508, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….png)


much appreciated, just a low point is all, not first time and not the last, it is about time I get up and just go again, but I think I am just lay (lie?) on the floor for a bit longer, maybe take a nap



Okay but just don't let a toxic worldview turn a low point in your life into a flatline. You need those endorphins you get from exercise to motivate yourself. I know it can be hard finding the motivation to start exercise, but once you do it consistently for a long enough time you will find it as easy as breathing, while still being just as rewarding.


File: 144e15b710d3119⋯.png (599.75 KB, 883x672, 883:672, 63913348_p14.png)

I see



I don't

File: 0c84f47ed849829⋯.png (32.01 KB, 785x520, 157:104, anons.png)



I decided to make this thread ahead of time, so everything anime stream can go to one place.

At the moment I am almost done with the preparations to streaming Maria the Virgin Witch, so if you want to join in on the fun, just come to the channel.

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Let's see how it goes.


dammit, I knew I forgot about something… off to a good start…



next time~


stram on today?



File: 0dba9e50050f0dd⋯.jpg (151.7 KB, 500x530, 50:53, 1546250895351.jpg)


why not give us a shot new year new chan https://64ch.net/create.php


File: ad4599a15bf9cb5⋯.gif (32.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1819357_p0.gif)

u dun goof'd maki

and I actually liked that place

File: 4c6d0248168d656⋯.png (252.16 KB, 1718x1296, 859:648, bant-tan and keksandra.png)



File: d9508cb2022e7fa⋯.jpg (390.3 KB, 1020x1440, 17:24, 57449123_p1.jpg)

You could've announced that some time in advance man…

would've cum

File: d1885e4aacae3a8⋯.gif (43.36 KB, 377x291, 377:291, lame.gif)


how does this image make you feel


File: 31cc79c5fa81656⋯.jpg (27.28 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 1544405159891.jpg)

It makes me wonder where these posts went.



















epic digits




File: ba7703a412c841a⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lame pape.png)


I got a three day bannu for posting lame lewds on /g/ during all the chaos

it was worth it to be honest


Going for GET's was a mistake.

going to /bant/ and 4chan in general was the biggest mistake of my life, but i don't want to go down that route

File: d838211fa042fc1⋯.gif (644.91 KB, 969x700, 969:700, 1545017017505.gif)


seems like 4chan is down again




File: f18dfb25199697d⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1040x741, 80:57, 1543948454228.png)


seems like 4chan is down again




File: ca3927d3f459117⋯.png (709.92 KB, 475x695, 95:139, SkyStrikerAceKagari-DASA-E….png)


Do any of you guys play/like yugioh? Do you have any favourite cards or decks?

18 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



The only picture I actually remember is "the unstoppable", I've never actually owned a deck



I do remember thinking the knights looked cool though (I used to look at other people's decks)



there's lots of knights, probably white cards

white decks are dicks they always beat me with their gay angels



Post gay angel cards


File: a9db397e91af320⋯.jpg (95.19 KB, 544x544, 1:1, Jinzo_GX.jpg)

Only with pre-2008 cards. Today's game is too much for me because the current meta is so fucked. I still don't get how pendulum and link monsters work.

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