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They teachin' us about nothin' *turntable scratch* n-nothin' man

File: 5aebe46e5d837c3⋯.png (217.11 KB, 422x538, 211:269, Crikey! What a marvelous r….png)


Instead of blogposting sticky, have this.

Oh, if you have anything regarding this board or whatever that you wanna me to see, put it in here. I go through every post anyway…

So, yeah. Get it? Good. Have fun!

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File: 330e1c4d26ccec5⋯.jpg (292.94 KB, 720x544, 45:34, Saved by the Bell - S02E05….jpg)

..and seriously screw artists who release their stuff on vinyl-only, and limited. I mean seriously it's like do you really want your track(s) to be lost? the worst part about is the only rip that's on slsk is locked for whatever reason.


File: 324e9d72ebd92b2⋯.jpg (721.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] RobiHachi - 01….jpg)

File: baa5c92cbee6ca2⋯.jpg (506.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Carole and Tue….jpg)

File: 9975d76e556c821⋯.jpg (327.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Sarazanmai - 0….jpg)

Hmmm, the anime originals this season are genuinely interesting.


File: 3e63d817ac2acba⋯.png (223.66 KB, 750x650, 15:13, 24103.png)

dead board


File: aa2bdacc0f3a767⋯.jpg (692.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] RobiHachi -….jpg)

Alright, i somewhat take back what i said >>4571


it's mind-boggling how this track doesn't have a proper release, i'd actually buy it if he ever decides to release it.


just like my soul [/edge]



Damn LTJ Bukem, that takes me back. Dude has some great vibes

I used to have this one great track where he mixed in a quote from Prince of Darkness

"What's it doing? Reaching out. Influencing. Changing things."

But I can't fucking find it anymore and now I'm sad

File: 18e5cf674286639⋯.jpg (17.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1493907377669.jpg)


Blow it in my ass.

Post last edited at




Kinda gay but thanks for offering

File: aab2cea96f9aaae⋯.gif (560.72 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Just the tip.gif)


reminder that ade is 13


this image rustles my jimmies



I'm glad


not surprised


Almost forgot

File: 56b12156a62a22b⋯.jpg (97.59 KB, 807x1000, 807:1000, 56b12156a62a22b3ecf2d31068….jpg)


S stands for Shirasaka koume

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File: c225d11c507bea1⋯.jpg (104.1 KB, 874x1200, 437:600, 1522202760912.jpg)

Cute Kos brah


File: fddf88a405e619a⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1600x800, 2:1, 59592589_p0.png)

My daughter is a sticky now?!?





VVV made Koume all sticky >//<


File: 89b8efb03895910⋯.jpg (418.54 KB, 763x1000, 763:1000, 7fe694571be03f7c9c5f332ca1….jpg)

Happy Birthday, Ko

File: ad9b82da74867e6⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 500x473, 500:473, homer.jpg)


Is cococunt a cancer that needs to be expunged from all things /shit/ related?



Opinion Discarded. FAILget.


I disagree


File: c0cc3c9ebd599ef⋯.jpeg (13.46 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (10).jpeg)

File: 44a4c051c17ed97⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 340x483, 340:483, Saddam_Smile.jpg)


S stands for SMILE.

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what's going on


Anonsmzjqa hijacked the board from VVV.


Will do


File: 8e04998e23d14f0⋯.jpg (310.38 KB, 641x896, 641:896, 1549779830916.jpg)

smiles all around indeed my applications have been accepted, now to fill out several more



That's splendid news to hear. Hope things are working out alright.

File: c9fc2233f197f06⋯.png (368.8 KB, 614x643, 614:643, pic.png)


What is life for you, anon? A set of incomprehensible concepts in philosophy, everyday problems, happy moments or all at once? However, none of this carries any value for a random person. Reflection is a useless exercise. But if sometimes you want to do this, then come to us, here you will listen and understand.


(Don't advertise your site here, seriously of all places why here?)


no go away nerds

File: cbd327777f07349⋯.jpg (360.11 KB, 1192x968, 149:121, 20181005_171501.jpg)


Do you want to try it?

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Have an open mind


File: 9f93dd9e6dd7854⋯.png (288.25 KB, 630x472, 315:236, dank tewi finger.png)

I was told the schizo would be here. Wtf man?


hi amerikun



No on /b/ but he got banned I think



How unfortunate.


File: f098961430e9488⋯.jpg (161.98 KB, 965x1847, 965:1847, 1550767007412.jpg)



File: c0e175d2b96cfa5⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 515x385, 103:77, 1520102910414.jpg)


Sleep tight Aniki…

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File: 62ae256e1aaadb1⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1024x918, 512:459, Billy sleeps, beyond the f….png)

Aniki now lies there dormant in peace, where no hard can ever reach him anymore.


it was his birthday ; ~ ;


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>unstickying this before the first anniversary

shame, SHAME


File: f5edd44b24dd4b1⋯.jpg (212.26 KB, 765x1052, 765:1052, 1520100839556.jpg)

Wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing right now, know that you'll always be the boss of the gym.

Everyday is a new opportunity to be the best person you can be, Aniki believed in you so don't let him down!

File: e51d35b2f193b65⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 407x430, 407:430, Yuusuke 28.JPG)


How do we fix anime, r/banter?

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Fuck bitch shit fuck cunt



File: ae6f6a59f211032⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0010.png)

more of this.


File: 0fe59cd051905c5⋯.jpg (121.17 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starli….jpg)


Why was it so good?


File: 3a876395258ee8c⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2145x3056, 2145:3056, Species Domain - c001 (v01….jpg)

More redesigns


Watching them go through all that to get to the stage was great.


File: 371d0e6dadf4a06⋯.png (243.13 KB, 918x924, 153:154, ClipboardImage.png)


Definitively one of the greatest bands of all time. One of those rare bands that almost sounds better in concert.



File: 9b9869207f875c2⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 374x586, 187:293, 9b9869207f875c23882772eb5f….gif)


Once again I’ll shill Magma:


File: 60bb1f0ebc8dc78⋯.jpg (463.72 KB, 940x800, 47:40, dscf0089_537acfe6.jpg)




File: 14dffc780f03bf2⋯.jpeg (20.14 KB, 232x293, 232:293, 14d.jpeg)

Cute ducke.


Nice duck



File: 8c4a642de252d64⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1546795597223.jpg)


Giving /bants/ some love

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File: d9f106822390813⋯.png (189.26 KB, 437x524, 437:524, A forced kind of munch.png)

lm@oing at the absolute state of the incels and wetbacks ITT

If you're having trouble with finding motivation, you should do what everyone does and start running. Commit to it, and punish yourself when you lapse on your routine. You need to have confidence and find success on that base physical level in order to find success and confidence in other fields of your life.


The hedonistic pleasures that videogames/anime provide are basically like the soda of life; just empty calories. And while they're fine in moderation, unchecked consumption of such things because of a nihilistic mindset will render you an immovable mass, incapable of moving towards true fulfillment through responsibility and accomplishment. The hole inside your heart will only continue to grow as you realize that you've been basically doing the same thing over and over for years without showing any signs of personal growth at all.

Don't let yourself grow old before you've done something with your life. Death is a scary thing man, and I think you have all grown too desensitized to it.

This life is all that you're guaranteed, so don't go wasting it.


File: b488c34f48daa3d⋯.png (144.85 KB, 681x508, 681:508, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….png)


much appreciated, just a low point is all, not first time and not the last, it is about time I get up and just go again, but I think I am just lay (lie?) on the floor for a bit longer, maybe take a nap



Okay but just don't let a toxic worldview turn a low point in your life into a flatline. You need those endorphins you get from exercise to motivate yourself. I know it can be hard finding the motivation to start exercise, but once you do it consistently for a long enough time you will find it as easy as breathing, while still being just as rewarding.


File: 144e15b710d3119⋯.png (599.75 KB, 883x672, 883:672, 63913348_p14.png)

I see



I don't

File: 0c84f47ed849829⋯.png (32.01 KB, 785x520, 157:104, anons.png)



I decided to make this thread ahead of time, so everything anime stream can go to one place.

At the moment I am almost done with the preparations to streaming Maria the Virgin Witch, so if you want to join in on the fun, just come to the channel.

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Let's see how it goes.


dammit, I knew I forgot about something… off to a good start…



next time~


stram on today?



File: 0dba9e50050f0dd⋯.jpg (151.7 KB, 500x530, 50:53, 1546250895351.jpg)


why not give us a shot new year new chan https://64ch.net/create.php


File: ad4599a15bf9cb5⋯.gif (32.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1819357_p0.gif)

u dun goof'd maki

and I actually liked that place

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