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Count it off with the 123

File: ca3927d3f459117⋯.png (709.92 KB, 475x695, 95:139, SkyStrikerAceKagari-DASA-E….png)


Do any of you guys play/like yugioh? Do you have any favourite cards or decks?


I've only played yugioh on the gba and psp can't remember having any favorite deck or cards, the show was pretty good and I went to see the dark side of dimensions movie which was also pretty nice


I used to play the GBA versions against my frens, was pretty fun. I remember having a pretty interesting deck towards the end but I couldn't tell you what exactly it was anymore. Nowadays I just waste my time with online Magic games


Yu-Gi-Oh? More like YOU-GAYO!

Never played with actual cards since customs refused to allow them since they were considered a form of gambling, the digital games are quite alright but I stopped playing post 5Ds because of power creep.


File: 19b3ea0cd7dbd08⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 474x355, 474:355, 03880302dba5aa38c5a7c59c5b….jpg)





He literally has another dude inside him at all times. That's hella gay.


File: b8c443c1e630122⋯.png (755.41 KB, 473x694, 473:694, dumb banned faggot.png)


>a form of gambling


They are extortionately expensive anyhow.


File: 676371bb5e795a8⋯.png (475.19 KB, 400x586, 200:293, MadolcheMarmalmaide-ABYR-E….png)

One of my favourite archetypes is madolches because cute girls and food puns





File: 523d3957a81467a⋯.png (773.92 KB, 478x700, 239:350, MadolcheFreshSistart-FLOD-….png)


I love Madolche!

Its a well known fact the cuter cards are the more fun they are


beat 6



I have never played magic before. Is it true that it's extremely complicated?


File: 654b01265f29c7c⋯.jpg (102.81 KB, 1097x805, 1097:805, sad.jpg)





Any game with a catalogue as vast as M:tG is bound to get complicated due to the number of intertwining card effects and combinations. That doesn't mean you can't pick it up and play casually, learning as you go.



Not really, honestly. Putting together a good deck can be kinda hard. But playing it is just a matter of knowing the basics and then consequently just reading your cards. After a while you start to know many of them by heart. Play Magic Duels on Steam if you wanna try. The playerbase is dying because it's being replaced by a new game, but it's free of charge


File: 5e9a5b468c542a2⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 497x318, 497:318, a4I9i.jpg)


Also if you ever run into a guy playing a wolf deck very badly it's probably me




What if you buy them to look at the pretty pictures on the front of the cards


File: 03143bedd79384a⋯.jpg (24.9 KB, 398x500, 199:250, SHIVA.jpg)


Solid plan desu

MtG's artwork is actually pretty impressive at times



My favorites are the knights


File: b1f466fb46f1af2⋯.jpg (52.57 KB, 530x370, 53:37, 707e3b572ff1d9fedab325aabb….jpg)


I really dig transformation cards

Kinda liked doing fusions and shit in yugioh as well



The only picture I actually remember is "the unstoppable", I've never actually owned a deck



I do remember thinking the knights looked cool though (I used to look at other people's decks)



there's lots of knights, probably white cards

white decks are dicks they always beat me with their gay angels



Post gay angel cards


File: a9db397e91af320⋯.jpg (95.19 KB, 544x544, 1:1, Jinzo_GX.jpg)

Only with pre-2008 cards. Today's game is too much for me because the current meta is so fucked. I still don't get how pendulum and link monsters work.

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