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No more moralfags allowed. We are now back to being the unapologetic assholes of the internet. Bring on the lulz.


File: 89c22ae3138fb4c⋯.jpg (161.24 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 89c22ae3138fb4cacaa69857bf….jpg)


Anybody have the doxx on the fuckers who voted on Article 13?

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If anyone these assholes deserve to be internet raped.



>But what enrages me even more is that no one gives a shit about the broader forces that lobbied to the EU in the backgound in the first place.

True. Most hackers seem to like going after the shitty peasants rather than their corrupt leaders who are screwing them over. Shame shame shame!



>But what enrages me even more is that no one gives a shit about the broader forces that lobbied to the EU in the backgound in the first place.

The answer is simple my friend, everyone needs death. Amputate the rotting limb



>talks about "shame"

>is a cuck who asks for others help when his life gets fucked over

Talk about irony


File: 9fcf1532ab42af5⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eec3d0aab2347e7⋯.png (277.34 KB, 976x827, 976:827, ClipboardImage.png)



/pol/ went looking for them at the time

#344 was Hungary and pissed off about it IIRC


Maybe this is petty, but I don't give a fuck. Before she left, she attempted to destroy almost all my property by basically dumping all of my hygiene products onto my clothing and my bed. She even tried poisoning me by pouring nail polish remover in my soda. This was after calling the police on me and falsely claiming that I spat on her during an argument; a lie they saw right through. Then she packed her shit, fucked my shit up and basically ran out of the building.

By the very next day, I was able to replace everything and wash all my clothes, but still, I'm not going to let her walk around thinking she got the last laugh. I'm currently in the process of writing a humiliating message to send her, her friends, and her boyfriend, basically laying out how disgusting she was when she lived here. In the meantime, while I perfect this letter, I still want her to suffer.

This girl has faked pregnancies and abortions in order to trap and guilt men. This isn't the first time she's called the police on people making false reports, either. She has told me a time she is falsely accused men of rape, and provoked people into hitting her just so she could call the police on them.

And I don't know what it is with her and spit, but I've heard her say plenty of times that she wanted to "spit on her ex-boyfriend's kids", who are very young and one of them is only about 6 months old.

So anyway, here's all the information I have on her:

Her name is Erica Grant.

She is 20 years old. Her date of birth is January 18th 1998.

Her Instagram is: __vixennn. She may seem inactive, but trust me, she's on there.

Her phone number is: 1 (718) 213-6689.

Her email address is: ericahill167@gmail.com

She works at a pretzel shop in LaGuardia airport called Auntie Anne's. She's been fired from there before for being rude to customers. Here's the address and phone number for that place, in case you want to put in a bad word on her. She steals from the cash register anyway, so I don't give a fuck Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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You have a point there, Anon.

Around Blacks, never relax.

Even Black people should know this.


By the way, I'm over it. As of tomorrow, it would have been a whole week since this shit went down. There isn't even a trace of her existence left in this place. But thanks anyway, guys.



Of course it was a nigger…



>for a nigger

Suck start a shotgun, fam.



I'm not really gonna stick my neck out that far for some nigger bitch I don't even know. Here's the shit related for the Modern Business Solutions data on that email. Only thing which might be useful is the zip code.



It's like 128567 didn't even read the thread. OP doesn't give a fuck anymore.


Coraline Ada Ehmke

aka Corey Dale Ehmke


DOB: December 17, 1971


1122 S Cuyler Ave, Oak Park, IL 60304

708-267-8580 (new)

Known Locations:

Berwyn IL, 60402,

Austin TX 78758,

Oak Park IL 60304

Married in 1996:

Lisa Marie Marchetti / Lisa M Ehmka


631 S Ridge Avenue

Arlington Heights, IL

Known Locations:

1942 Clinton Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois

Tel: +1 708-788-0543 , +1 219-587-2376

DOB: 1972

user: narcease








(male old account)



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I hope someone kills this piece of shit. I really do.



He only just relised he got I can't spell "dox" correctlyed


File: 9aa23f87ee3dda0⋯.png (8.28 KB, 157x132, 157:132, 1535663963824.png)


So I read this letter of solidarity on


and it started a fire in my chest.

I don't want the attention of the big guys like glow in the darks etc. but I want to create as much free information as possible

I want to be able to rip pdfs of expensive textbooks from google books and universities so that they can be used freely by the masses instead of rotting away behind a paywall

I don't know how to programme but I'm young(20) and willing to learn

I want to be able to be able to provide people with the truth instead of through a filter like Television where info can be manipulated and subliminal messaging can brainwash you

But I don't know where to start, I feel powerless.

In exchange I've already given you the name of a site which has a myriad of books and information, I want you to give me a path to follow; what programming language should I learn? How can I infiltrate databases to obtain information like books in digital format etc? I'm sorry for being useless

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True, the faggot probably already got over it by now. Typical autistic dipshit.



>just bussed in from reddit



You never known though, so I aint quick to judge


Can you give a link for the letter of solidarity? I don't really have any textbooks I own that aren't already available in pdf though


File: ec69585c520d40d⋯.png (345.15 KB, 720x2000, 9:25, 07c60fb2243e97e8a1ca69bc2d….png)

try doing this anon

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Time to smash all leftist skulls in and purge all niggers and sandniggers. Filthy Rapist animals! The only good leftist is a dead leftist.


Niggers and mudslimes belong in trees hanging from their necks.



Good try CNNPC


File: f4d304174963bd3⋯.jpg (101.11 KB, 686x582, 343:291, 0.jpg)


Oh look, low quality b8


By going this you become no better then them. You realize that this is the behavior the leftists want their enemies to have?


File: ed370cb2c290887⋯.png (18.99 KB, 150x167, 150:167, 1421034295519.png)


Right. Best to let them win. Fighting back would mean being no better than them.

File: a0c1278e090fe92⋯.jpeg (24.91 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, EFEDC3F9-EDC2-4F2B-8E5A-7….jpeg)


ladies and gents i’m wondering if any of you could help me in my quest. looking for a ripper to get into email, social, dropbox stuff like that. hope you can help


Really does depend what exactly you are targeting are you going for specific people or just random account holders?



im imagining he wants specific ones, hell i could really use one


i can do this cos im a leet hacker ok

File: ff836fc672bf468⋯.jpg (138.9 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Screenshot_20180508-175821.jpg)


What the fuck is this device?

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I wouldn´t mess with it to not receive a obvious visit from the police for destroying "public" property.

However the way to break in would be to obtain the magnetic code of a fob card, and just copy it on another card.


to (-)4XX 7(-)3 50|=7\/\/423 n sheit



It's a device with FLIR and night viz cams that can see inside buildings. It's looking for criminal activity. Mostly used by the FEDs.




That is retarded.

Look on the box for a patent number for the housing and go from there.

If there's no patent on the outside, look for any serial numbers or manufacturer info and take like 5 minutes to

>google it


It is a box anon


> middle of night

> rip one off the telephone pole

> break it open right there due to possible gps

> disconnect any battery power supplies

> take home

> tear apart

> figure out what it does

What's so hard about that?



No email as forum hides email accounts

Pastes of threads



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User that linked their website

Data got from searching old dns records



I found this after the host's name.




He made a podcast about this very thread:




Honestly this is the best reaction i've seen in a while



The boomer seems a little bit smug but was still entertaining


i spent months programming my own botnet, but it all amounts to fucking nothing because i have no idea how to spread it.

it seems no matter what i try, i get no installs. i'm getting so desperate, i think i'm gonna have to find a vulnerability or something to turn it into a worm.

wtf do i do, /baph/ ?

sorry for newfriend thread

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I'll try, but i dont have high hopes.

Perhaps online chatrooms will be easier. Horny people are easy to manipulate.



Oh for sure.

Something you might want also want to look at is targeting companies, people are retarded at work.

Scratch that, people are retarded.


LARPing autist. You didn't make shit faggot.



You're not exactly helping anyone with your highly-informative post.

I would post proof, but i dont want to fuck myself. You're just gonna have to take my word for it.

I just want to spread the bot, that's all. Even if i was larping, the main point still stands.




>to code a botnet

Shut the fuck up

File: 646037cbd955bb3⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 3f874690b557ac0345b3a270c2….jpg)


This Pajeet spammer posts "I need a gf" in 4chan and 8chan /pol



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File: 8a53f5f97feae5a⋯.jpg (33.85 KB, 425x433, 425:433, qtpajeet2.jpg)

I am sexy blowkiss girl and I'm looking for tiny-weenie pajeet to eat my poo


This guy is a master troll and yet so many fags on so many boards fell for his autistic shit. Not many genuine oldfags around anymore, I take it













Talk to strangers!


Select Language​▼

14,000+ online now

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like sex.

Stranger: Hi

You: F

Stranger: M

You: Heyyy

Stranger: age??

You: 16

Stranger: 15

You: Cool

Stranger: horny?

You: Yeah

Stranger: what you wearing?

You: I'm naked c:

Stranger: oohh

You: Yes..

You: Where are you from?

Stranger: Oregon

Stranger: you?

You: No way! What part?

You: Are you near Portland/

You: ?

Stranger: alemS

You: Salem, wow

Stranger: can you get to salem?

You: Yes, it's an hour away

Stranger: would you like to meet up

You: Yes, my name is Valerie

You: I'd love too

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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people on linux tend not to click random links, or at least not without protection.


I clicked the link. Will anything bad happen?


File: 61a646320e6dcbb⋯.jpg (62.95 KB, 791x600, 791:600, 8KJgG[1].jpg)



>Tfw I didn't click the link after one jokey faggot got me with youramonkey but was merciful because all I did was innocuous.

I wanted to start learning so I would never again get into such a precarious situation, and a few months back I went to /baph/ - and wanted to come back there just a few days ago.

But it was shoah'd (why, was it the CP train again?).

So now I am here, but this place has nowhere near the same amount of information.

I am sorry for having to ask, but is there any place you can point to specifically/resources that I can learn from?

I really don't know my way around this all.

I never even used a VPN - I am a total normalfag, incase you couldn't tell.



RIP, friend



File: 04601ca4a1f77e0⋯.jpg (133.43 KB, 1080x448, 135:56, SmartSelect_20180902-10354….jpg)

File: 8e17d359ca3f856⋯.jpg (410.1 KB, 1038x969, 346:323, SmartSelect_20180902-07392….jpg)

File: 7e007779b60ae4c⋯.jpg (310.82 KB, 1072x845, 1072:845, SmartSelect_20180902-07370….jpg)

File: 377021a3585060b⋯.jpg (514.1 KB, 1013x1207, 1013:1207, SmartSelect_20180902-07351….jpg)



It's not just a other false death prank, they own his credentials, website, patreon, merch, and IOS.. the temple is the YouTube channel and Twitter asshat that made the first claims, he completely went dark, deleted Twitter, and they wanted to actually fake Terry's death to.capitalize and profit on him… these people are true scum

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You guys took too long and now he's dead.




Shitty aussie internet means you can't dox someone with their IP. Waterford is probably where the node box is, wouldn't be where he actually lives


File: 8df4a8495330a1c⋯.jpg (86.2 KB, 639x478, 639:478, temple-os_1_639x478.jpg)

Long live Terry Davis!

Long live G.N.U. !!



these people worship terry as their lord and savior



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After three days, my work on revealing QAnon and exposing a lot of peeps will be complete. Then I'm coming back here. I was the most active and dedicated BO here.

But you were too busy sucking dick to look around.



>if you came to me years ago

>threatening when you are not in position to threaten

>rambling on about doing skiddy shit

Does this impress other skids or?

I don't get it. Am I supposed to feel scared or impressed? Is that why you namedropped everything an average skid does?

>And if Codemonkey doesn't give me this board back in 3 days, you're going to see how much of a skid I am.


Good luck, you will need it

>my work on revealing QAnon and exposing a lot of peeps will be complete

Wow ur so cool can I suck your dick

Btw QAnon is larp and multiple people, not one



Oh I get it now, it is some kind of powertripping fantasy that you jerk off to. Oh that is cute <3



You lose, faggot.



What did I lose? Lol

Egomaniac with a tiny dick and imagination

File: dee551d6d4f0623⋯.jpg (81.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fuckthis.jpg)


RAID CALL EVERYONE! Just because we can. Let's just fuck up this Queer Kid Stuff. FB, Instagram, Twitter, YT, anything. Here's some info we've gathered.


If anyone can get more info, please do.

Discord invite link: https://dicsord.gg/UBZx9Y

Perfectchan thread: https://www.perfectchan.org/b/res/780.html

Let's have good lulz out of this one boys.

I'm OP, I suck dicks lololool

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Post last edited at


I'd make an irc, but I don't got the money for a VPS and I'm not giving you shady fuckers my home address.



made it, our dicksord got shut down


#LulzCrusade on anonops, get in nigger




you were right, sorry for faggotry






i swear more people than just topkek are active

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