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File: 5c6d984f294e4cc⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1140x760, 3:2, 1.png)


Running htop at McDonalds





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Wow, what a fag board owner it seems

But I guess this is better than nothing

I think this set up is the best

Your PC → VPN of choice (Mullvad or cryptostorm → Tor → box you owned → Internet

That way you can minimize any type of tracing back shit to you

You could even buy those shitty socket wifi repetitor routers and jailbreak them into small ssh machines to put in your local library to act as bridge between you and VPN just in case

Standard shit implies

>no fingertips

>no cameras (although data is deleted every 3 to 6 months)

>no name

>put sticker "no touchy touchy" on the repetitor

Whats with board owner being such a skiddy faggot tho

I genuinely like the effort but god damn, could you do anything else than jewgling the "hacker man image"? Jesus fucking christ



Also password managers are for brainlets

Just chain few colorful imaginate creative words that won't go out of your mind and lock it in place by associating that imagery with login/username/website at hand

Let's say something like

>image of "MoistErgodicVeinyMemristor" slapping "Baltazar" while the community of electricalengineers.info.br watches over

See? Already put in your mind


File: 37ecf28569773f1⋯.png (396.5 KB, 499x336, 499:336, glow_in_the_dark_cia_nibbe….png)

Tor a shit.

Tor is made and funded by CIAniggers.

I2P best dark web.



Just yelling about CIAniggers will get you nowhere. Saying how they do their niggin will.

Just say that they do time correlation attacks, something everyone knows about. I don't think I2P is immune to that. Not to mention that you can kinda trick time correlation attacks with random fake packets and having a good connection before Tor (Mullvad or cryptostorm in my opinion) that will not leak your info.



Explain why Tor is shit.



Board Owner sucks dicks. There is a better board.



Invasion board? Even shittier BO is there

Wtf you talkin bout



Which one?


File: 11f0e5a031820b3⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0ecbc16964cc7bd4c090807713….jpg)


Nice dubs. Also stole that rare Terry. Thanks anon. And I agree. I2p best danknets. Anyone have success in setting up an i2p outproxy?


File: 402a703af025ce0⋯.png (129.95 KB, 944x960, 59:60, TOOLS.png)


File: 73fcc5baee06256⋯.gif (284.86 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Rotating Snakes.gif)


File: 555833477a873c6⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 506x346, 253:173, 5858b8999430773019070c798c….jpg)




File: 8e12f11ad7c964d⋯.jpg (869.67 KB, 2765x3686, 2765:3686, atdmrnF.jpg)

Also this




>spolling mistaces

>unusual Captialisation

Why won't those darned Russians hire a damn translator?


File: eec48d551d6b3fa⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.17 KB, 736x1087, 736:1087, you.know.jpg)


>wifi repetitor routers

just. wow.



What is so shocking? You didn't know they existed or?



>VPN Before Tor

Are you fucking retarded or something?



Hacked Network > OBFS4 Bridge > Tor > Mullvad/Cryptostorm/Ovpn.se/R4aw > Box Owned > Internet >Target



we are anomoles

forgive and forget






is poo in street Pajeet, most definitely fine sir i am telling you.



This nigger gets it. no glow.



stop being butthurt, Ivan, I can tell it was you

smells like rubbing alcohol and urine, not curry and feces



Won't they just see what your ISP would if you connected directly?



What about PIA?

Crypto seems to have slightly better opsec, yet it's reportedly very slow (I'd say PIA is just slow not very slow)



Then this topic is not for you.



here's a good starter



Anyone in the UK? Is it possible to buy a prepaid mobile phone anonymously anymore? By anonymously I mean without having to hand over name and address and payment details. I think being caught on a surveillance camera while buying is probably unavoidable.




semi anonimous I guess



Buy burner phone with fake info without getting caught.



Get a homeless man to buy it

You'll have to offer more in return than the phones with, else he'll likely steal your money



Use your own password store: passwordstore org

Signed with PGP keys; Which you should be signing with a dedicated offline device (ie trezor). Push to bitbucket, github, google drive- doesn't matter, because if gpg is fucked, then you're fucked anyways.



I need it to make unpleasant calls to someone which could possibly see me arrested or at the very least attract unwanted police attention to me, so anything that can be linked to my address is a non starter.


This is what I want, I just wasn't sure they were still available anymore. Turns out they might be


I'm a bit concerned about point #9 though. Last time I bought a cheap phone it came with a card which had to be linked to my bank account in order to top up. I can't remember if I had to activate the credit by registering before I can use it or not. If not that's good, otherwise it's a waste of money.


Actually not a bad idea.



burner phones need fucking credit cards now? what the fuck everything is a bloody botnet, i'm seriously considering going to a third world country

i could have decent internet access without big brother watching my every move, what do anons think ?



Set up VPN in said country. You don't need to move there



how will a vpn protect me from physical tracking and all the data keeping … every move you make is logged somewhere these days, why wouldn't i go somwhere where this isn't the case and setup a vpn over here



Use good encryption.


Testing,, no b& pls



What happened to the word filter


It should say ban me mods I suck coxx.

If we don’t hold our traditions sacred then what are we?




Welp you guys are officially un cool.



The problem is time correlation attacks

90% of tor exit nodes are owned by US marines and I dont think its hard for NSA to ask spy agencies of other countries to push on ISPs to give info.

Basically they don't need to ask VPN service for anything, just look at traffic from tor exit nodes going into that particular VPN and time correlating the packets to see who it is on the beggining of the Tor network

If more people used VPN (and your VPN in particular) over Tor sure, but most people don't.

That is why I said to put your VPN before Tor and put your box after Tor



live iso -> ssh bareback into dead dropped board on mesh net -> war drive wifi -> *.*.*.*

You can fill in the blanks. I've told you too much


why is it bad to use tor browser ? what do you use instead ?



it's not bad.





It isn't easy to trace online, but it has a flaw, if someone who knows their shit casualy find the hotspot, he can own you hard, so you MUST be really careful while cooking the pie.>>126927



This is true, but only for darknet/hidden services. Its also good for p2p sharing with i2psnark. It's not good however for anonymity on the clearnet. It's purpose built as its own anonymous network seperate from the wider internet.


You're on the right track. The idea would be to have a raspberry pi setup as a Tor gateway then bridge your machine to that gateway. It would be similar in concept to whonix (look this up if you don't know what it is) except using physical devices (your raspberry Pi) instead of virtual machines.



New BO here. I ran /baph/ back then too. Before that KingOfPol faggot made rumors /baph/ was breaking massive federal laws (when it was /cow/ and his gay ass) there was hacking shit everywhere. You had options then and VPN to Tor leads you to jail.

Womp womp. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.



>VPN to Tor leads you to jail

right… even if VPN faggots were keeping logs, what could they prove beyond that you were connecting to TOR via VPN?



Absolutely nothing.



Doesn't sound like a very strong case to me.



if you're thinking of traffic correlation, well I don't think that has ever been presented in court as evidence(if you know some cases that prove otherwise, please share). also, since all packets are routed through a single connection with guard node, it's possible to obfuscate naughty traffic by adding dummy packets to the stream.



It hasn't. Pretty soon, I will drop my darknet info.


So you need out the states eh? Your in america, find your shady mexicans at your local gas station and get one of them to help you secure passage to mexico, its a more realistic hop, not the best of choices but beats that 8x11 cell with big bubba.

Location Options:





Burkina Faso





Cape Verde

Central African Republic


China (except Hong Kong)


Congo (Kinshasa)

Marshall Islands










North Korea






São Tomé & Príncipe

Saudi Arabia




South Sudan





United Arab Emirates



Vatican City



Post last edited at


"use lengths of pvc piping… you can pick up some of the larger gauge pipe sections with end caps (threaded or not), a lil plumbers tape and/or silicone caulk and you're good to go, lol…. you'd be surprised at how much useful gear can be stowed in a section of 6"/ 8" / 12" pvc pipe… and you can weigh these fuckers down with a hunk of metal or a cinder-block and keep your cache at the bottom of a pond/lake, lol…. i know a cat who does exactly that, underwater is his preferred places to stow a cache of gear-

you can break down almost any rifle and/or a fire ready shotgun and they'll easily fit into a section of pvc pipe as big round as your leg… tents, compression sleeping bags, ammunition, cash, documents… seriously, almost fucking anything will fit, you'd be surprised-

another great option, tho it does cost a few bucks… http://www.pelican.com/ makes some of the highest quality gear containers available…. waterproof, tight, tough and they come in all shapes and sizes…. they're salty, but you seriously can't find better containers for long term gear storage… the military and many/most of the contracting outfits i've worked for throughout the world uses these containers… but they're just so fucking expensive, lol… most of the pelican cases i own, came from companies i've worked for, hahahaha-

likely the best option for low cost secure storage of damn near anything you'd need/want to cache, is the pvc piping…. find yourself a hardware/home improvement/plumbing supply store with a nice selection of piping… just imagine what you can stow in a 4' section of 18" pvc pipe."


"Local power transformers and high voltage power lines are your bet. In most cases power transformer stations are indeed a bloody bunkers. Guess why? Because no one wants some dreck-heads like you and me to cause blackout.

However the power lines are more vulnerable - power lines pylons (towers) in particular. You will need several demolition or termite charges to cut the legs. Get industrial grade stuff, not homemade fireworks.

If you still want to stick to keyboard, then you need to learn something about industrial software that controls power plants and find some vulnerabilities. It is really interesting topic and it is hard to come by any kind of such software in a wild for analysis. Again - no one wants some dreck-heads like you and me to cause blackout. But even if you get some of this software it will be hard to revers-engineer without specific power plant equipment.

Also all key buildings that are exposed to possible powerloss has generators that kick in when the main line is cut off. Take it into consideration if you plan to blackout bank or other bold target."


"You should first get some cash. Enough to cover both a burner phone and a burner SIM, + double

that and a little more (assuming you got enough money, or replace the other half with some drugs).

Find a homeless guy, ask him to go buy the burner phone and SIM and as reward he would get this

money (should be more than what the phone and SIM costs or he'd just steal)/drugs(if he's an addict)

in return. Activate SIM and phone outside a 50 mile radius of any place associated with you. Make

the calls there too. When you're done, there will most likely be money left on the SIM, so give it

to another homeless guy and have him obfuscate trails. The phone's can be bought at any electronics

store, and the SIMs, are easy to find. Kiosks will usually advertise a vendor like Lebara or the like.

Hope this helps, and watch out for CCTV.

To briefly summarize the comments below:

- Leave your own phone at home and turned ON

- Travel by bike if possible, otherwise use public transportation (watch out for CCTV)

- Do not travel with your own car (stolen is O.K.) to avoid CCTV and ALPR (Automatic License Plate Registration)

A little extra (Apply if necessary):

Depending on your threat model/adversary's capabilities or if you are currently

facing/suspecting any physical threats, I would strongly recommend to employ

surveillance detection and surveillance evasion if needed. This way you can be

sure your adversary cannot confirm you were at a specific place and time when the

calls were made.

You don't know if the ISP/NSA/etc., or your adversary is recording the calls and

to avoid voice-recognition or voice-analysis, I recommend getting a device that

will change your voice when you speak.

After use, wipe the phone, its battery + SIM and clean those with a piece of cloth

or similar(including the phone's interior which is immediately accessible when you

pop off the back). It is best to avoid having your fingerprints or other DNA, on the device.

If you need to transport the phone outside of the 'secure' location, take out the battery and

SIM and travel with that. If you have it, put it in a faraday bag. Re-assemble only at 'secure' location.

I'd add is to never bring your real mobile phone with you for any of these steps as it can reveal your location

and help correlate the anonymous call to you. In clandestine operations always leave your personal electronics

at home - consider using public transport for the op as well so that any CC cameras can't capture your car's number plate.

Good point. Don't know why I didn't include that. Important though is, leave the phone at home and turned ON. So if the

carrier or the police look at connection logs, it would appear as if you were home the entire time."


Spoof your user agent, your MAC too, don't hack/dox/DDoS/DoS/research /baph/ & /baphomet/-tier shit from home, If you need a VPN or Tor, don't do it from home, be aware the NSA sees everything.

If you shut the fuck up then you don't need to explain it or encrypt it when telling someone about what you have done. i.e. Don't announce your plans, don't tell people what you do, avoid IRC, don't tell people about the weather or the time zone, local politics, local events, don't tell people how you do what you do, the people who know you should not know about what you do and the people who know about what you do should not know you. Codes can be broken but cryptonyms are okay. Kill all logs. Definitely kill syslog. Encrypt every textfile with PGP, use MAT to clean any screenshots, pictures, MP3s, etc, clean your system with Bleachbit, never keep regular hours, etc

Example: I would like five purple elephants with extra ingredient X

^Completely fucking retarded code^

Cryptonym Example:

Today, you and me should go bird-watching today. We will find a garden. We will pick some flowers. We will later give these flowers to Athena. Athena is not well so this will cheer her up and make her mood better.


Never carry a cell phone with you when you plan to do something irl, never own a car with GPS, never use Facebook/Social Media, use OBFS4 bridges, be proactively paranoid, never trust anyone, don't be stupid/arrogant online, etc, etc. Basic stuff.


hey bo can you enable name + email field, tripfags are bad but if someone is dumb enough to put their real name/email on 8ch let them



Hey you sound like you actually know your shit compared to the last guy that ran this place (Benji). First time here in 3 years. Anything fun still going on?



Each and everything is a reverse shell msf payload.



Oh Yes it means to break the life of a faggot from Africa



Your ISP can see if you access tor if you don't route it through a VPN first, it has been used to catch people who have sent bomb threats as they were the only ones using tor on the network at the time the message was sent.



They have cooperated with LE and based in America. Stay away.



No they haven't you stupid faggot and it's even been shown in recent court documents twice already. Go fucking kill yourself cocksucker.

Also Cryptostorm is shit, the forum is just some neckbeard furfaggot making long posts full of empty-speak and they're insecure and mess with your traffic and until recently people weren't isolated from each other and able to packet sniff the whole server. The guy is a dumb as dogshit dogfucker.


PIA and NORD vpn is fine. PIA has best speed if you don't need the extra nord features like the double vpn and tor servers.


So why does VPN -> Tor fuck you over?





>Nord VPN

What do you think of this? http://vpnscam.com/is-nordvpn-a-honeypot/


What's magnum condom?



Fuck, I've been using proton mail before this whole nordvpn shit happened.

What should I do?


Dox this dumbfuck he supports a 24 year old fatfuck pedophile that has nothing but kids under the age of 12 in his clan.


Have fun anons



Lol. they buy ads, so what? Every VPN that is big enough to have quality service is going to buy ads. This is how businesses work, especially ones that don't have big word of mouth. When is the last time you talked to someone IRL about what VPN they use? So they're getting zero business from referrals. (They actually will pay you money if you refer people.) No shit they're going to buy ads.

As far as the NSA having access? Of course they do. Has anyone looked at the vault7/8 leaks? They can infect literally anything. They have heaps of 0 days sitting on a shelf for a rainy day. Any person or network with interesting traffic is going to get backdoored.



The NSA monitors everything. Third world countries are actually much easier to tap into since security personnel there are incompetent. Just look at the countries included in MYSTIC.


File: 551790867e72804⋯.png (101.88 KB, 500x450, 10:9, Baphomet.png)



>90% of tor exit nodes are owned by US marines

no, this is just wrong. don't simply pull numbers out of your ass.



You must pay….

>no address provided



metasploit reverse shell payloads… how retarded do you think i am




>trusting a dotcom domain



Deep submarine fiber cables also. They can tap into them and will usually cause quite a downtime.


Can someone help me out with how to set up a proxy chain that would work on my not-quite-toaster I made myself?

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