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No more moralfags allowed. We are now back to being the unapologetic assholes of the internet. Bring on the lulz.

File: 1d5f89521a1044f⋯.png (301.17 KB, 843x553, 843:553, Screenshot from 2018-07-21….png)


I need her in my life. How can I get this with no job and no money :c </3?!



Its a doll.

You cant buy something with no money

Get job and save up even if its just a paper round



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Make a Kickstarter and get the kek smeckles



>How can I get this with no job and no money

Stop being a whiny, lazy little bitch and learn to do it yourself OP.



I just want some BBC.




No thx…

Fucking giant-ass disproportional tits

A-C best

QTs only, thx.




I name her Lardasquella since she is my doll and I can do what I fucking please. Lardasquella, get over her ho, daddy need to put his stank log all up inside you, you monstrously heavy faux rubber cunt.

Dang niggers, 1900 USD and you can't even beat the shit out of her because like yo' her arms an legs or that rubber sluts head be fallen off and sheit? You know how many trips to Mickey D's I could wine and dine a real ho for dat? An yo' dem real ho's cleans its own stank hole wen I be done wid it.


Meh, just a fake fad form of beauty you will once again find disgusting in a couple years when this Thicc virgin faggot bullshit ends.



Y e a h and then whatcha gonna do with a 250 pound used thicc rubber masterbator? Tha' be worse than getting rid of yo ex-gf's body, man. It isn't like you can recycle your splooge cover hot pocket into car tires.




blacky nignog


Step out and get job, acquire money. Invest in self, become something more. Nail whatever you want. The alternative is to just keep making money and discard the idea that you want women.

I invest all of my extra money. I save by not living anywhere in particular because thots aren't worth it.

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