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/baphomet/ - Raids and lulz

Moralfags out
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No more moralfags allowed. We are now back to being the unapologetic assholes of the internet. Bring on the lulz.

File: e7028c5c48fff17⋯.png (111.52 KB, 583x407, 53:37, baph.png)


New Leadership

/baphomet/ has come under new ownership. The previous board owner was a massive cunt m8.

We're not doing that moralfaggotry this time around. /baphomet/ was meant to be a lulzy raid board and that's what it's going to be.

IRC is dead right now due to feds.

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thanks boss.

how about someone sets up an IRC so people with l33t h4x0r spooky skills can get together and fuck around?



>Support this idea can be


Thank god. I kept watching the "Available" board hoping those faggot bitches would leave. Please post Baph chan porn.



Bro, everybody expected it


Is TorGuard ok to use to protect ourselves on here?


File: 5057ad48f5d3829⋯.jpg (9.4 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1465354569871.jpg)

I miss the old \hpab\.


Is TorGuard ok to use to protect ourselves on here?


So is this board still a feared darkweb hacker nest ruining lives of fags and retards like in the good old days or is that all a thing of the past? What is the fullchan policy on ban me mods I suck cocks, raids etc these days anyways?



It died for a bit and was taken over as a "muh vigilante justice" SJW board. We're trying to get back to the roots and with that the user base will probably rise again. Just follow rule #1 really.


updated OP with IRC server and channel. We're a bit empty right now so feel free to drop by.



Thanks for the explanation. It seems kind of dead and aimless at the moment, how do we attract more people to it?



The way we did it before was by inserting ourselves into drama and being loud enough that you couldn't ignore us, or we were so "attractive" to SJWs that they had to write about us. The Brianna Wu "most dangerous swatting and doxing board" thing was actually really good for us.




I was attracted by the theme of this place and its history, even in Russia with Putin could not afford to take a shit directly and unashamedly I'm sitting here in an irc channel with friends of this place, they call everyone faggots I love this place not having been here even a month!!



Welcome back frozen faggot.



hear you a sandwich, frozen


>join irc

>faggot op gives me op status for fuck knows why reason

>kickban every faggot in there and leave


in retrospect, Benji and his minions were fucking retarded. I just remember thinking they were 1337 shit because all I knew how to do was boot up kali and play with nmap.


File: aebf00b7d52d079⋯.gif (14.31 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BaphannerAnimated.gif)

2014 /baphomet/ was the best /baphomet/. Fight me faggots.



Yeah good times good times. I remember watching you faggots hack John Podesta's iPhone.



that was easy. I was more impressed when Vince managed to swipe the Patreon DB.


Delete this Baph photo OP to eliminate the last remnants of the previous faggy mods.


File: 4e554648ebb0461⋯.png (30.06 KB, 300x100, 3:1, templar_banner.png)

File: f9b1fd41e5812dc⋯.png (642.7 KB, 1024x781, 1024:781, 0baphomet.png)

File: 31c57f643505082⋯.png (36.41 KB, 300x100, 3:1, handshake_banner.png)

File: 54ff52b62626106⋯.png (753.88 KB, 999x699, 333:233, pope_baphomet.png)

File: 7e17e0a90d247f6⋯.png (217.19 KB, 610x446, 305:223, hillary_for_baphomet.png)


Nevermind, it was fun.


can we get the old color scheme back




>Is TorGuard ok to use to protect ourselves on here?



sure, why not


File: 30d310a8c85792b⋯.jpg (156.13 KB, 750x605, 150:121, k4F6RoDC5iw.jpg)

Someone has a time zone that is close or similar to the CIS time zone I could talk to you in our irc.

Name in irc: Satan


Man I really miss 2014-2015, this place used to be the Terror for SJWs and general Gamergate retards. Haven't been here in ages but it appears nothing's really going on anymore.



This is why and how I am here.

I participate. Fuck it.


File: 5dfcc7a737ec242⋯.jpg (129.11 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 80c6027df780b4ce246835a915….jpg)


I may or may not have been gone for a while. What happened?

This may or may not be a request fo rspponfeeding.


* *

* *

) (\___/) (

* /( \ (. .) )\ *

# ) c\ >' ( #

' )-_/ '

\\|, __| | ,|//

\ ) ( ` ~ ) ( /

#\ / /| . ' .) \ /#

| \ / ) , / \ / |

\,/ ;;,,;,; \,/



(( %;;,;,;;,;

)) ;#;,;%;;,,

_// ;,;; ,#;,

/_) #,; //

// \|_

\|_ |#\


File: d5da3377b8085ac⋯.gif (885.48 KB, 365x198, 365:198, tumblr_n5ik2sjSgz1solxm8o1….gif)


The problem with the SJW targeting is that newfags flooded this board and misunderstood our intentions.

We targeted SJWs because they were hilarious victims, even if most of us are fascists, libertarians or whatever identified as "hard right", it wasn't political… they broke down and posted hilarious tirades all over the internet.

But over time, newfags flooded in thinking we were anti-social justice justice warriors and it became political, and boring. Not to mention, it became common for people begging for free "haXoring" and it became a bore.

To bring /baphomet/ back to its glory days, it needs to be like Baphomet itself, chaotic evil… with a desire to inflict pain for the love of lols… that's it. All politics and moralfaggotry must result in a permaban.


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