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No more moralfags allowed. We are now back to being the unapologetic assholes of the internet. Bring on the lulz.

File: 462efd71f5b0143⋯.gif (210.39 KB, 134x100, 67:50, cc8199f9-8240-49e2-bdbc-1d….gif)


So since Saturday this random chick has been threatening and harrassing me. It's a random number. I have no idea who she is nor who she thinks I am or who a Casey she mentioned is.

I have been trying relentlessy to convince her I'm not who she thinks I am and she won't listen. I tried calling…she ignores. She won't stop so I decided to have some fun.

I know /b/ is not my personal army, but if you're bored and choose to have fun or not is or choice.


And fb (she uses the Corey she mentioned's profile)


Certified meth head


Found a bunch o shit on the chick. Couldn't find her address, but I did find her PO Box, maybe you can send her complimentary lube or some shit. If I find more I'll come back and post more info. Here's what I got in roughly an hour.

Funnily enough if you go on her FB profile, she mentions being harrassed herself, which is why she was pissed when she called you and didn't believe you. She either dialed the wrong number and went ahead with her insanity, or this was an elaborate ploy for you to get more info on her. If that was the case, oh well, here ya go. Enjoy.

Stephanie Marie Ivy

Maiden name: Gilreath (Or could be the other way around, fuck if I know)

DoB: 9/4/1983

Age: 35

Mobile: 806-395-6674

Emails: Stephgilreath@hotmail.com m****3@gmail.com

Skype: live:ivystephanie08

Lives in Stinnett, Texas

From Oklahoma City, OK

FB: www.facebook.com/stephanie.ivy.9066

Info attached to FB



Twitter: @stephanieivy16

Public records:

PO Box: Po Box 327, Stinnett, Texas 79083

Cell phone: 806-336-9698 (Name Stephanie Gilreath attached to this one)

Sadly couldn't find her actual address, but the PO Box is good enough I suppose.


There's actually 12 stars on the unknown email address, didn't expect the Spoiler tag to kick in, sorry about that


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