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File: a4ae95c012a0ba1⋯.jpeg (37.49 KB, 687x687, 1:1, 9ACA453F-9073-4ACA-BA21-B….jpeg)


Do you have any memories from my mom or my uncles from when they were a child that you could tell about?

Well, I have a lot of them. But my favorite memory of your mom and uncle was the first time your mother drove. She was about four at the time and her brother was in the back seat. And my mother and I had very foolishly gone into a store to look at furniture. We were just running in for a minute, and we would be right out. So I locked the car, very carefully, with the two in it and told Linda that we would be right back. Ok. We went in the store and, oh, I'd say maybe ten, fifteen, possibly even twenty minutes later, I glanced up, and looked out the window and the car was gone. And I said to my mother, "oh no! Somebody took the kids!" So now my mother is running around the store! I'm running around the store! And almost simultaneously the door bursts open and this young girl came in and said "is anybody driving a blue Buick with two kids in it?" And I said, very weakly cause I was embarrassed at this point, "um… yes, I am, why?" And she said, "because it's parked at the end of the hill! It rolled down the hill and is blocking all the traffic at 95th and Longwood Drive." I said "oh dear! That's terrible!" Ran out, ran all the way down the big, long hill! If you're familiar with 95th and Longwood it's very long and very steep. I get to the bottom of the hill and of course the car is locked! And at my purse is at the top of the hill! All these bus drivers, truck drivers, car drivers are hanging out their windows yelling, "c'mon lady, move your car!" among other things. And so I had to run back up the hill, grab my purse, now my mother never stopped shopping I want you to know! She continued right with the salesman looking at the tow chairs, which thank God she did eventually buy because it would have been something had she not. Ok, I ran back down the hill, for behind the wheel of the car, drove it up the hill again, parked it, and took the tow kids out of the car and brought them into the store with me. Where upon I said to my daughter, "whatever you do, DON'T TELL DADDY." "No mommy." "Remember, don't tell daddy, we'll get in a lot of trouble!" "OK". So, fast forward about three and a half hours. In comes daddy from work and Linda goes running up to him and says "Daddy, guess who driveded the car today?" So that's my funny story about your mother and brother. They were pretending they were goingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.





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