Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and the only 100% reliable way to donate to 8chan. This is because there are no intermediaries to rely on.

Bitcoin's price swings don't matter for this, I immediately cash out anyway. So far I have lost almost no money due to price changes, and the few dollars lost would have just paid fees if using traditional methods anyway.

8chan's Bitcoin address is 1NpQaXqmCBji6gfX8UgaQEmEstvVY7U32C.

8chan cannot accept PayPal due to PayPal's terms of service. Most chans have this problem, even our much more liberal sister 420chan. 8chan has also historically been kicked off of Patreon, and the Infinity Development Group (organization behind 8chan's software development) has historically been kicked off of Gratipay and Flattr.

If your country is not listed below, try searching "<country> bitcoin".

Easy ways to buy Bitcoin:

Anonymous (you meet in person and use cash or MoneyPak/Vanilla Reload)


Not anonymous (you have to identify, use bank/credit card)




Latin America: