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File: dcec505327c2c0c⋯.png (130.73 KB, 675x513, 25:19, ABA title screen.png)


We’re creating a video game in RPG Maker VX Ace together with other anons. Here’s how it works:

Everyone is taking turns downloading the newest version of the game, making contributions before reuploading it for someone else to work on it. Only one person can actively work on it at a time. This is because if two people make overlapping changes to the database, scripts or switches, they will conflict resulting in one person having to redo all their work. Changes to the map and events can be copy-pasted from one version of a project to another so you’re free to work on new maps and new events if its not your turn and add them to the current version of the game once it is your turn.

It should work like this: OP posts newest version of the map. The first person (Anon #1) to respond to OP stating that he’s going to work on it becomes the active game dev. Once Anon #1 finishes and re-uploads it, the first person to respond to him gets to work on it. So on and so forth. Additionally, whenever you re-upload a new version, reply to the anchor post, it’ll make things a lot easier.

General Rules

>Don’t mess with maps, events or anything else you didn’t make. Although, adding minor stuff like a connection between two areas or fixing bugs and typos is all fine.

>If you’re ok with others editing your stuff, leave a note saying so.

>You’re free to add characters and the like, to the inter-dimensional tavern.

>You’re also free to make changes to game settings, unless its something we’ve agreed upon (we’ll probably do this via a poll)


How do I RPG Maker VX Ace?

>Here’s a good tutorial series if you want to learn how to use it. inb4 jewtube


What about RPG Maker MV?Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: f3da8b7a6d7abed⋯.png (372.8 KB, 1444x666, 722:333, True_Power_of_Magic_Wand.png)

File: 9427a960f22da8b⋯.webm (8.35 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Succubusdance2.webm)

I'm done with Happy Park fixing.

Could some of you old fucks of this project tell me what is abandoned and "needs to be done" or " needs to be fixed"? I really don't want to waste time on a part that is in "active" development.

I mean, if I do too many changes on active part, some retard is just going to literally write over them.

Another thing. On /v/ someone asked how we are going to balance shit like gear and items, (you)s and shit. I really believe that the mind numbing number crunching has to be the last 10% of this project. It's absolute hyper autism to try to calculate level, monster, item and Boss progressions for 10+ actors in party of 4. Let's do the number crunching last.

File: be2c6d749300daa⋯.jpg (286.02 KB, 880x421, 880:421, Anons at work.jpg)


This thread contains board rules (there aren't many) and how to avoid breaking them (don't be a faggot). It is also the place to ask about anything you're unsure of, so as not to clutter other threads.

1. The primary purpose of this board is to archive the creation of Anon's Bizarre Adventure.

You can talk about stuff that isn't strictly related to the game (inspirations, reference material, sprite resources, etc.) but discussion should be related to the game in one way or another. Off-topic shitposting, spam, gore & porn dumps, and general derailment of threads is not welcome.

2. Don't be an idea guy.

As stated in >>1, if you have something cool you think should be in the game, then you should download the latest version, download RPGMaker, and add it yourself. Don't post repeatedly about how cool it'd be for other anons to do your work for you: this is RPGMaker, after all, and whatever you have in mind is probably much simpler than you think. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

3. Don't be a faggot.

This is self-explanatory.

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File: c6596b4d686aa18⋯.png (146.02 KB, 255x265, 51:53, be your inner nigger.png)


Hi it's me. I'm back (i guess) after a long break. If you've played the level i'd like you to give me your impressions, stuff you liked, stuff you hated etc.

For my next update i'm planning to remove spells from Masao altogether and make him focus solely on dance moves to inflict effects. This means he won't deal direct damage but for example i can make him perform a shitty meme dance to bleed/poison/shock enemies to death and stuff.

Also i'm decreasing the steps taken until encounter to 60 from 30 for the next floor because these maps are really fucking huge in size. And when thinking of all the ladder puzzles i'll add from now on it'll be extremely annoying than fun.


I really like your level anon although it was a bit confusing, I Love how you turned Persona's awful localization into a decent joke that actually fits with Persona's story with really funny dialogue.



I really liked the level, it was funny and had a good story. I especially enjoyed the battles in S2, I'm happy you put effort into them. My only real complaint was the robo-captain section, all the walking was a little tedious and the encounter rate was too high, there weren't many clues to find it either. All in all, a solid 9/10.

File: 7e3061a32da8c5e⋯.png (248.21 KB, 6121x792, 6121:792, Anon's Bizarre Adventure p….png)


Here we archive the most important stuff about the game's lore so that we won't forget anything. I'll start by posting the general timeline of the game's events and backstory that I made.

File: d71601bcaf72f1b⋯.png (98.56 KB, 671x142, 671:142, Banner idea 1.png)


If we're making a board for this project, then we should get some banners ready.

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File: e80008148234464⋯.png (40.47 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Untitled2 png.png)



That image is twice as large as it should be. 300x100 are the exact dimensions.







I love this one, it's kind of heartwarming to see the team together on the banner.


File: 444e06fdcc7fa2c⋯.png (51.65 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner4.png)

Added this one to the roster.

File: fe875883d4108d6⋯.png (381.18 KB, 683x518, 683:518, Request 2.PNG)

File: 8dd545064342729⋯.png (290.6 KB, 681x517, 681:517, Request 1.PNG)


Let's have a thread to request playtesting of specific areas in the game. I would be really thankful if someone playtested my puzzle dungeon. You need to talk to this guy with CIA, Teagan and Gondola and go to this house of the GAR village. I know he gives you wrong directions but I cannot fix that right now as I don't want to fuck up things for Cityanon.




I think wrong directions could be used for a prank quest. But navigating in the game is generally confusing and obtuse



I will fix this when I actually get a chance to get my hands on the game.

File: d0be760587274b9⋯.png (107.26 KB, 714x575, 714:575, APU rpg cap moominzone.PNG)


>all of these stock assets

I hope they are WIP graphics because that shit makes it feel soulless as fuck, specially the characters. Even if someone makes the graphics with MS Paint, it's superior to stock graphics, unless they are WIP graphics, as I just said.

If you want a really good image board RPG, check out KC's Apu Apustaja RPG.



The whole idea is about easy access, that any anon can pick up the game and make a location without needing to do much of anything besides just making a new location.



Default stock assets scream laziness and are gay as well.



What do you anon? For every anon to create different title sets for the dozens of maps that are already in the game?




Draw some tiles yourself, then.

File: 4878d80429ba174⋯.png (1.11 MB, 900x675, 4:3, 7aed070fb3f9ec3cbedcce67ee….png)


So what happened with city anon and mods? I didn't get what was the deal that got him banned and now the thread is filled with halfchan faggots and it turned into a shit flinging contest.


File: 9c34c5f2c47d8c7⋯.jpg (52.97 KB, 574x890, 287:445, 9c34c5f2c47d8c783c2d414826….jpg)

>Cityanon makes maps

>He posts content in the thread

>He goes away on a break to shitpost in the GG thread

>He decides to post a joke about Sargon wanting to ressurect GG

>He does this just at the moment where everyone else is posting e-celebs because he's not very smart

>Vols ban him from spam and clear his ID in hopes of cleaning up the spam

>This has the side effect of deleting all of his Anon's Bizzare Adventure stuff

>People get angry because they think this is just an another example of a vol fucking up, and destroying a thread for no reason like usual. They do not know about Cityanon posting in the GG thread

>One meta thread later everything is explained and everyone wishes this shitshow never happened.


File: c8dfab94fa1add9⋯.png (631.96 KB, 1151x980, 1151:980, Capture.PNG)


Basically that, progress is going alright and I'll upload when my ban finishes. I just wanted to ask hows the map looking?



When does your ban end?



It looks nice, still I'm going to say one thing. If you manage to finish the game before the ban ends, put the link to the download version in the archive thread of /bizarre/ and I'll copy it to the thread.

File: f3909218a5877bd⋯.png (224.49 KB, 434x431, 434:431, 1529538133613.png)


The more like LSD this winds up being the more and more interested I will be. What are your inspirations?




File: 6616608bb6587af⋯.png (79.57 KB, 272x288, 17:18, 29xb1x5.png)


So what do we do with the vidya thief? We need to think of some way to develop him. There are a few ways that we can go about him

>Just leave him as he is without uncovering who he is, only his plans and motives

>Make a character with a backstory

>Use an already existing character as his true identity.

What way we should go /bizarre/?




Ideas in this bread. Feel free to archive again.

File: b1fe0283feab4a2⋯.png (25.86 KB, 500x620, 25:31, 8chmania.png)


We got nominated for site wide mania. Are we doing this or skipping? Who are we even going to nominate?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


I say, let's go with Teagan.





Though on the other hand, if we want with Interdimensional Tavern Keeper he could have the entrance of throwing his cape off himself.



I still say Teagan, since people will actually know who she is.


I think everyone will be okay with Teagan OP.



Alright i'll post it in the thread then.

File: eb7c3d808010c72⋯.jpg (195.76 KB, 432x444, 36:37, eb7c3d808010c722b412ce64ed….jpg)


Hello I'm just a random faggot who's been following the game for a while. I'm here to ask for sauce for the music used in this game. I know the obvious ones like SMT 3 battle theme ,Go Straight, Mario 64's water level etc. but there are stuff I don't recognize like tavern themes. Now, I'm not going to ask for specific ones, instead I want everyone working on the game to post sources of the music they use in their zones. Something like:

>Happy Park

>World Theme: Sonic CD Metallic Madness Bad Future US

>Battle Theme: SMT if… Battle Theme

>Boss Theme: Deadline (Persona 1 PSX Boss Theme)

Also if you're here can you tell me the music you used in French Faggot fight?


Well okay then

Interdimensional Tavern

The ones I added personally

>Fishy aroma- Umineko ost Original location theme

>The great detective knows- Umineko ost used as the cat's theme

Road and Weebanon's tent

>Sengoku World- Sengoku Rance Used as weebanon's theme

The cutscene where anon first sees the vidya thief

>Beatrice's theme/Golden sneer- Umineko OST Used as the theme of the thief

Summerfag desert

Again, the one I added because that location was started by another anon and finished by me

>Midi reendition of Hozier's Take me to Church Used in the context of being a shit song, that Teagan is annoyed at

>Ave Maria- Schubert What the organist plays after you fight the preacher

>Organ Short #600 million in C minor- Umineko OST Used in the cutscene when D.Nuvo is going apeshit

>Beatrice's theme/Golden sneer- Umineko OST Used as the theme of the thief

>Witch in gold (cembalo)- Umineko OST Playing when the thief talks to him/herself

>System 0- Umineko OST Thief battle and the following scene

>Thanathos (instrumental) -Neon Genesis Evangelion Smith's heroic sacrifice

>Kuina- Umineko OST Castle oldsummer

>Patchwork Chimera- Uminek OST Final Battle in Summerfag DesertPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It's called Minus 3 from DJMAX and S4 League. I can't embed here so here: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=j6ZH55rcyz8

Im adding Plastic Method as a mini boss theme too: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=TBi_XITDrag




I have enabled it, allowed PDF and SWF uploads, and increased the image post limit to 5. There were a couple other settings I changed, but I doubt they'll be relevant.

File: 054da4468713106⋯.jpg (186.37 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, Angry dog noises.jpg)


I have been banned from /v/ but I'm also currently working on the game, could anyone say that in the /v/ thread so there will be no confusion?


I was d3180a, the ban will dissappear in around 6 hours fucking hotpockets.


File: ebb9e2e7f5b62e7⋯.png (10.62 KB, 819x228, 273:76, FUCK.PNG)




File: 0df41f538535f8d⋯.png (476.29 KB, 1000x556, 250:139, 0df41f538535f8d3a7ea4a4944….png)


Forgot to add a picture describing my current emotional state.


File: dbea93773548c07⋯.jpg (290.06 KB, 512x502, 256:251, dbea93773548c07f3ee82f0f27….jpg)

Thanks fa51ca and 9a51a5, now I can get to actually working on the game.


File: dddce55972b9644⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Mark (Shaved).jpg)

Just dodge the bans, dumbass

That's how I post his nudes. His damage control is /leftypol/ tier.

File: 22c988bdaa48358⋯.png (72.19 KB, 265x266, 265:266, (You).png)


Do you need musek


That depends on what you can make.

File: f133b4d43fbd614⋯.png (26.99 KB, 671x142, 671:142, your area is shit and so a….PNG)


Let's talk about our personal experiences with the game and our opinions about certain locations, as well as to what to improve upon and what to change, with advice for different anons. What is the best and the worst addition to the game in your personal opinion?

For me the best addition to the game must have been the Pirate Spring, and the Shillfarm, as they were probably the funniest locations in the games, and I love the character dialogue that was included in them.

As for the worst addition to the game, I will go with Yandev torture room, as it was quite honestly kind of overly edgy and cringy.

I think that the new box theme is very cool but it unfortunately fucks up some of the fonts in the game as you cannot see the text on certain backgrounds. The area of text game is hurt the most by this so far.


>best addition

Summerfag desert, although I haven't played through everything on offer just yet. It's really poignant, and really funny thanks to all the metaphors. I feel like making the Organist just an organist and the Priestess just a priestess was a missed opportunity to have one of them be Todd Howard or Geoph Keighley or something.

>worst addition

Gondola village. I don't mind walking around and doing menial tasks to open a gate, but the area is too visually similar and very large, which exacerbates the problem. The random encounter rate seems to be very high, as well, which makes things more frustrating.


>new box theme

The anon who contributed it is working to fix it; according to him, that visual bug relates to a problem with what the engine defines as colour[0], colour[1], and so on. He said he should be able to fix both it and the battle crash bug relatively soon.


I'm playing through the game again after thinking it was dead for several months, and I realise that from a 'new player's' perspective it is a whole lot different. Will post updates and nitpicks as I continue through the game.



How far along are you?

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