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File: 233d59d7c9b8077⋯.png (367.02 KB, 907x504, 907:504, save.png)


Share your /bleached/ related fantasies here.

I would love to marry a White girl and have an asian and a black girlfriend on the side. They would all live with me, and I would breed all of them. I would only allow them to birth girls, though. I want them to engage in threesomes and foursomes as well. They would take care of the house and the kids together., and we would teach our daughters to worship White cock.

Related, will not let me embed.




Now this is kino.


File: 5be61d1bd4278f0⋯.png (586.56 KB, 721x576, 721:576, disgusted fuhrer.png)


>suggested video: hot White thot takes bbc

pic related

>inb4 based off what you watch

never used that site before



All porn sites are kiked, this board is the tip of the pro-White erotic spear. This is where you need to be. Anyone got a source on that video? I'll download it and make mp4s.




But do you know the names of any of the girls in it? I want a higher quality copy to work with. The actual scene title would be good.



The black girl introduced herself as Candice Nicole, a Google search brings up her porn videos.



>Candice Nicole

Found it,


But can't seem to find a torrent.



Just a clarifying question.

You'd still have sons with your White wife?

Otherwise, breddy guud.

My fantasy is basically to go on a bleachkrieg mit mein fleischgewehr through Africa, just pack loads of PREP and just fuck bleach as many negresses as possible.



>Just a clarifying question.

>You'd still have sons with your White wife?

Yes, I should have made that clear. Just not with the black and asian girls.


The Whites have won the race war and blacks are reenslaved, with the men being killed immediately to avoid anymore trouble and the women being marketed similarly to sex robots. Having accepted that I'd die a kissless virgin otherwise, I've bought myself one and feed her a diet that keeps her nice and plump, more for my skinny ass to grab onto.



Good taste. If non-White men did not exist, I would not be racist (maybe from a race realism perspective, but certainly not prejudiced.)

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