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Indexing boards since 2019


Any boards that don't have a set topic.

Given the astonishing amount of boards of this kind, please limit yourselves to posting only boards with at least 100 posts or that have something that the other 9 trillion boards don't have.


>>>/b/ - Random

Random board, everyone should be familiar with this one.

>>>/b2/ - /b/ 2.0

Random board 2.0, after dysnomia and the rest of the shitty /b/ janitors fucked /b/ up and left it dead for good, people made a v2 of the popular Random board, in which moderation is minimal and only the global rule applies. (let's hope they don't fuck it up this time)

>>>/general/ - Cancer General

Essentially the same as /b/ but with twice the cancer and much more random.

>>>/chemo/ - General

Good for >>/general/ users, it's actually the same fucking thing, so yeah, go fuck around, porn seems to be slightly more common place than in Cancer General, but that might be just my perception.

>>>/ausneets/ - Aus NEETs

General board focused on people from Australia with neet mindset (although I am sure people from fucking everywhere post here), you might encounter highly autistic individuals especially amongst moderators. Moderation is more restrictive than the previous boards, NSFW images must be spoilered. Children are disallowed even if not in sexually suggestive possitions. Gore or other shock inducing content must be spoilered, scat must also be spoilered, nude leaking is disallowed.

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