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American Volunteers General

Yesterday, several anons participated in a thread about the current situation in South Africa, and the potential for a small to medium sized militia (say anywhere from several hundred to 2,000) to train and be ready to mobilize to defend our fellow whites from genocide, a very real possibility in the deteriorating condition of the "Rainbow Nation."

This thread will be for the discussion between potential American Volunteers as well as current South African whites to discuss the logistics, planning, challenges, and objectives of a potential organized militia from the United States created for the single purpose of helping to defend White South African communities.

The general idea would be that, through crowd funding and social media, a campaign can be used to raise funds to buy equipment and ship over several hundred men to help tip the balance of power in the favor of whites looking to defend themselves.

Initial Obstacles:


Funds can be used from a campaign emphasizing the defensive nature of the project, and how it could play an essential part in preventing genocide


There was a debate about flying in militiamen, in a 'trickle' effect, with a few dozen or so flying in every day over the course of a few weeks.


Easy to organize (only need a passport), discrete, economical


Potential uncovering of the plot leading to incarceration, possibility for closure of airports in the case of national emergency, potentially splitting the force

Another proposed plan was to lease or buy an old shipping vessel and using it to transport personnel over


Everyone together in one large movement, able to move gear and equipment, even larger equipment such as ATV's / Gators, which will be invaluable in the defense of white communities, as well as being able to ship large amounts of provisions to help initially sustain the force


Expensive, not as discrete as the "trickle" method from flying, logistics of getting personnel and equipment into one area and loaded together would be difficult, international tracking of the vessel


In terms of equipment, anons who are looking to be ready for the worst should become proficient with various weapons platforms that will be seen on any battlefield today, mainly and NATO / Former Warsaw Pact systems. It has been proposed that coordination be made with local groups such as the Suidlanders or Town of Oriana in stockpiling weapons and equipment in case Anons pursue the 'trickle' route.

>Every anon should look into / prepare a 'go' bag with survival gear, especially the following items:

a few sets of standard multicam uniforms, 2 pairs of boots, a hygiene kit, water bottles, small flashlights (perferable one that is solar powered or hand cranked) a few life-straws, some sort of hat, bug spray / mosquito netting, a basic sleeping system, fire starter kit, basic winter gear (gets cold sometimes), parka / poncho / stuff to stay dry, as well as several pairs of socks and underwear.

Basically pack as though you're camping in dangerous environments, because that is essentially what could happen


Anons are encouraged to lurk /fit/ threads, boot camp training routines, and other fitness related outlets in order to improve their cardiovascular performance and muscular endurance. Mental discipline can be achieved trough training in country once boots are on the ground, as the hope is the militia can be organized early on or just before the likely collapse begins.

Anons are encouraged to read the following to understand the environment and what to expect:

History of South Africa:


Forming a New Nation (likely goal after survival):


Survivorman Episode from South Africa (apologize for poor quality):


Old videos from the Royal Army, but good information on squad / platoon level movements


Remember, the goal is to form a defensive militia, to protect communities like Orania which will probably swell in size as the conflict becomes worse.

Also, fun flag ideas.

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Fill this thread with images for use on social media. Please keep shock gore to a minimum, as it will likely result in account suspensions and is the weakest approach.

R: 10 / I: 5 / P: 1 [R] [G] [-]


mp4 format is preferred by Twitter and Facebook

EFF leader Julius Malema said they would take land ‘without a drop of blood’ while speaking to a crowd of supporters in Soweto on Wednesday February 28 2018.

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/BG/ BOER GENERAL 1: Flag Edition



1. https://www.change.org/p/jean-claude-juncker-allow-all-white-south-africans-the-right-to-return-to-europe

2. https://www.change.org/p/citizens-of-south-africa-goverment-of-sa-must-help-family-s-that-is-left-without-income-in-farm-attacks

3. https://www.change.org/p/donald-j-trump-genocide-of-whites-in-south-africa

4. https://www.change.org/p/the-secretary-general-of-the-united-nations-end-farm-murders-in-south-africa

5. https://www.change.org/p/supreme-high-court-genocide-in-south-africa

6. https://www.change.org/p/australian-government-accept-white-south-african-refugees-to-australia?expired_session=true

7. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immigration-priority-south-african-farmers-facing-systematic-land-confiscations-and-murder


1. https://afriforum.co.za/

2. https://www.youtube.com/user/afriforum

3. https://www.facebook.com/AfriForumNasionaal/

4. AfriForum (@afriforum) | Twitter


1. https://solidariteit.co.za/en/

2. https://www.youtube.com/user/Solidariteitsa

3. https://www.facebook.com/solidariteit

4. Solidariteit (@solidariteit) | Twitter



*Petition the following embassies in Writing, Email, Person, Phone, Twitter, Facebook & Indigenous Social Media: Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japan, Austrailian, Poland, Hungarian, Czech, Slovokia, Romania embassies / Trump, his entire extended family, Cabinet & friendly known close associates / twitter embassy campaign / http://www.sabona.com.au/articles_detail.ews?articles_detail.ewdid=389 /

Location of the white Ghettos/Townships and devise methods of getting supplies, survival and networking info to them.

1. Munsieville

2. Blikkiesdorp

3. Diepsloot

4. Freedom Park, North West

5. Joe Slovo, Cape Town

6. Kennedy Road, Durban

7. Kya Sands, Johannesburg

8. QQ Section

9. Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers

10. Wallacedene

11. Khayelitsha

12. Delft

Church Outreach & Coordination of international relief efforts.

Never Forget - Getting the life stories of the Boer, and documenting the transgressions against them for posterity, and so that no one will be able to deny.

Find Friendly South African Media Corespondents.

Crowdfund Relief / Evacuation Efforts:

Picking the ideal platforms & finding someone impartial, untainted with controversy, trustworthy with money, loyal to the cause to run it and execute delivery of the funds. Bill Warner, Stefan Molynuex & Kevin J. Johnson are some of the top names I can think of that best meet all the qualifications.

Make this the central issue of the next flier campaign, perhaps consider using anti-abortion type shock imagery tactics.

Highlight Pro's:

1. White, Dutch heritage, good genetic stock.

2. Hardworking, grateful, and woke on Race.

3. Not Baizhua, "White Left", Hardened.

4. Anyone making moves in Africa would do well to have generational Afrikaners who know the people, the mentality, the land, etc.

5. Due to racism, numerous highly qualified specialty workers have been laid off, much to S.A. detriment.

6. High number of farmers among the legitimate Afrikaner refugees and asylum seekers, a needed commodity by every nation.

7. They will not complain about lack of Western style liberties after escaping Ethnic Cleansing.

8. Chinese farmer family youth leaving to big cities, posing a future farming issue, which can be mitigated by generational S.A. farmers.

Con's To Mitigate & Alleviate:

1. Costs

2. Employment concerns

3. Crime concerns

Content Creator Merchandise and Service Charity Raffle.

Digital designer's services.

Live tour with profits going to Boer Fund.

We need to hear from all their fans, send emails to CCs (content creators), who own or run large venues capable of hosting these events, and sympathetic to the Boer, willing the give a generous discount on venue rental in favor of maximizing charitable proceeds.

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S-7 Military Education and Training


To make the discourse in this highly elaborate, intercontinental, Live Action Role Playing game for Kalahari basket weaving enthusiasts we're developing more realistic.


>booby traps

>improvised munitions

>unconventional warfare devices and techniques

>marksmanship and ballistics


>CIAnigger psyops in guerilla warfare.


>classic tomes on conventional warfare theory

>modern ones on guerilla warfare tactics


>Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense, Volumes 1-6


>To Break a Tyrant's Chains


>guerilla warfare manuals


>Poorman's Ray Gun

>microwave oven conversion


>Rhodisian Drake Shooting


>almost every USzogbot Field Manual and Training Manual

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White South African AMA

Sup anons. I've been heavily involved on /pol/ and other places on social media to spread awareness and information about South Africa.

For the past 2 years I was already able to see the writing on the wall and I have taken measures and made plans to start a large scale humanitarian operation to protect white South Africans in case of internal strife and genocide. Our group mostly consists of skilled individuals with a lot more than guns to offer. We have already secured a means of funding a long term operation and are in the process of acquiring assets in South Africa, Bostwana and Namibia.

You can ask questions here, but if you wish to join our group you'll need to go through a vetting process. Download Telegram and contact @r14enroosterkoek.

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Boer Conflicts

If someone wanted to volunteer to help the Boers in the future conflict, how the fuck would someone go about it? Who would they contact, where can they contact? Thank you.

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/leg/ - Land Expropriation General

We are /leg/, a >discord server set up as a meeting place for like minded people all around the world to discuss all things related to the current situation in South Africa.

Among our ranks are a whole variety of members, ranging from school aged students to ex servicemen, each seeking to play their part in the campaign to save the Boer.

We are particularly searching for Afrikaners and other white South Africans to join our server, as well as anybody who can help us with funding operations, however everyone who wants to help in any way, as little as that may be is welcome to join us.

Server invite code: jXCT6AD

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Operation Boer Call

So we've talked about militias. We've talked about buying/hiring cargo ships, we've talked about sundry other things.

But have we ever tried messaging the public contact avenues for various countries that might be sympathetic to our cause and asking them to help the Boer? Sure, it mighht not work - but what do we have to lose?

Below I will list as many countries I can think of that might be willing to listen to our plight. It's a long shot, but again - what do we stand to lose?

America: https://www.whitehouse.gov/get-involved/write-or-call/


Hungary: http://www.kormany.hu/en/contacts

Italy: https://www.esteri.it/mae/en/ministero/contatti

Poland: https://www.president.pl/en/contact/

Russia: http://services.government.ru/en/letters/

Slovakia: http://www.vlada.gov.sk/contact/

Please take some time out of your day for this. I'd write up a basic copypasta letter/email for anons to send, but writing isn't my forte. Maybe another anon could help with that?

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Tremendous autism

Autism for Africa

A map that displays the biggest townships, black population and military bases.

R: 26 / I: 83 / P: 1 [R] [G] [-]

Infographs/survival graphs

ITT: we post useful innawoods guides, survival guides, et cetera.

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A Cartomancy reading for /boers/

this situation has earned me a significant amount of sympathy towards you guys, so I figured I'd bust out my cartomancy skills and do a reading of your guys' situation. this reading is mostly directed towards the anons in the American volunteers thread, but works for the board as a whole.


I draw the cards with spiritual guidance, upon flipping them over I get my first thoughts and dream-like-visions from them. after the cards have been revealed, I meditate on them to see what more specific visions arise.

1. Present - Jack of Clubs (this one was dropped on the floor, which in my experience is a point-out that it's crucial.)

2. The Problem - Four of Hearts (this one flipped out when I was shuffling, it is significant, but not as important as the present.)

3. The Past - Nine of Spades

4. The Future - Ten of Spades

5. The Conscious - King of Spades

6. The Subconscious - Ten of diamonds

7. A Sign - Seven of Spades

8. External Influence - Ten of Hearts

9. Hopes/Fears - Three of clubs (Accidently turned this one up when grabbing it, seems pretty important though.)

10. Outcome - Queen of Hearts (This one was chosen after randomly tossing several cards, just to be sure.)

First thoughts on the reading

this my initial reading upon just revealing the cards.

1. - This is you and colleagues, in the moment, planning, perfecting things.

2. - Emotional instability, A typical read, fours are a sign of obstacles and challenges. so morale and shill/propagandist defusing.

3. - Sorrow. Grief. Anguish. Nines are climax cards, spades are the card of tears and the release of negative emotions.

4. - Painful, but logical. The end of suffering before the dawn, things look worse or hurt, but for every grave filled, new flowers bloom from decaying corpse.

5. - Bloodthirst. A tyrant with an excuse to make beatings, a ruthless, dangerous personality.

6. - Saiety, fulfillment of dreams and wishes, getting exactly what you want.

7. - one of the few neutral cards among the spades. Sevens are a sign of pressure and/or climax, all the seven visions I got when meditating on cards for practice all featured people who were stressfully sputtering out their problems, like they were holding something they cannot spit out. Seven of spades means that there will be tears, but the vision is actually sunny compared to most spade visions I get which are usually at a gloomy night.

8. - interesting that such a positive card is in a position of external influences. Really confusing for me, as the ten of hearts means total emotional saiety.

9. - Obstacles, I get a distinct vision of working men with pickaxes and shovels near a pile of rocks in the road. the road is in fact a canyon with insanely steep walls around. The pile of rocks is huge, but to climb the cliff faces would be downright stupid for they are smooth walls that would be impossible to climb. but these men have digging tools, perfect for a silly pile of rocks.

10. - A good card to get. in my readings, queen/king of hearts is a "you or waifu/husbando" card, depending on the mindset and/or sex of the person.

(1 out of 3)

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Marriage to South Africans

Want to toss about an idea, how difficult would it be for redanons to marry some of these women to bring them over to the US? How would we do it?

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Happenings Thread?

wew lads things are getting a bit hot, and some of the stuff being published is getting taken down as quickly as it's going up.



Also one that went down before I could archive, just the link sadly.


False alarm or should we be watching very closely?

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Didn't see one.

Is the boardowner a South African? Is jy Afrikaans boet? Dink nie daar baie van ons hier nie, maar sal goed wees om te sien daar is.

>>>/boerchan/ Also a good board with a huge collection of hatespeech against Afrikaners.

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2016 vs 2018

How is todays situations different from 2016?

Because I remember seeing South African threads on cuckchans /pol/.

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What are Boers? Who are the white farmers of South Africa?

Use this thread to learn more about the people we are trying to help. Information from here can be gleaned for us in images on social media. Here are some statements we got from them in chat:


Animal lovers



Nature lovers

Hard working

Rugby fans

Braaivleis and boerewors

Diehard people

We love what we are doing

passionate and committed

Its not about the money, its a way of life


No working hours. Always ready to face anything



Good relations with everybody and patriotic

Love our language Afrikaans!

Faith rests mostly on the Bible and not one of the many denominations

And there is always a feeling of righteousness among us

Well many of love country music and music in general!

We like good jokes!


We love our bakkies( pic ups)!

It is a langauge developed by the Afrikaner Boer. Mainly influenced by Dutch but also flemish kind of

Good food! Good wine! Good beer! Good brandy!

We have farmer friends that are closer to us than their own brothers and sisters

I have 4 older sisters! I was the only son! It was not always great! They did not like me very much because I was a little devil! But they love me! I stil prank them to this day!

I have 4 older sisters! I was the only son! It was not always great! They did not like me very much because I was a little devil! But they love me! I stil prank them to this day!

I am also the only son. Two sisters. One older one younger. Lost my dad when he was gored by a cow. I was 2 yrs old at the time. Brought up by my mom and grandma

Boers are a Special kind of breed

I love my perants! My father is my best friend! I always say if I could be half the man he is I would be lucky!

You will never find that boers leave each other stranded alongside roads. The always help each other, no matter what.

I am a bullterrier fan but, they hate border collies. Had to stop breeding after 14 years when farming full time. I need my Collies to help working with sheep

I love Bull Terriers! Drom! My man! Yes collies good working dogs!

Boerboels are family protectors

We had 2 of them! Very powerful dog! Bull Terriers are just more special to me! We had one named Duiwel and he protected me from a snake when I was little! So I just have a bond with them!

Our farms provide jobs and skills to the locals

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S-4 Logistics

Beans, bullets, and bandages . What to bring, how to get it, how to get it to ZA, and most importantly how to get anons there.

IMO a handful of daring men amongst men will need to fly to Cape Town on tourist visas ahead of any large parties on ship or otherwise. The devil is in the logistical details and can best be seen from the destination's POV. Their mission will be to make preparations for the arrival of the main party and gathering initial human intelligence to ensure its success. 90 day tourist visas aren't required for citizens of white counties at the moment but here are the requirements for arrival:


>A valid and acceptable passport or travel document for your intended stay

>At least one blank page in your passport for endorsements

>A valid visa, if required

>Sufficient funds to pay for your day-to-day expenses during your stay

>A return or onward ticket

>Yellow fever certificates if your journey starts or entails passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America.

Having traveled to a lot of shitholes; I can tell you the most important thing to them is proof that you intend to leave before 90 days and at least your initial accommodations arranged. Also have some cash on you for bribery.

Protip: If you fill out your in flight customs form with your middle name as your surname and vise versa, you might luck out dox wise. Worst case it's "oops I filled it out wrong, can I have another?"

This is the most important place to defeat facial recognition software with hats, beards, glasses, headphones, and surfer hair to hide as much bone structure as possible. Anons can travel as a rugby team with bandages and black eye makeup for example.

First stop after checking in to your accommodation is to pick up burner phones and any packages you mailed yourself for big game hunting. For small initial shipments too sensitive to send directly to your host or pick up yourself from companies like Fedex or DHL, have a third party currier pick it up and take to a drop of your choosing.

Next is to establish comm with Boer hosts and waiting main party anons in the rear. Then conduct recon on a secure shipping pipeline for anything from a crate to a whole ship.

Should it be determined that the main party is big enough to necessitate a ship fuck I hope so; anons should gather in Florida for the best selection of ocean going vessels. Here's two that seem reasonable but seafaring isn't in my wheelhouse kek.



However with their shallow drafts a large sailing yacht with a deep keel is probably better, though requires more skill. Here's the yatch club thread from >>>/polk/92649 to recruit and learn from.

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Murder cube is lost but not forgotten

Everything form the murdercube in one mega folder


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Staan saam!!

Mense dit is nou tyd dat ons ophou strond praat en begin saam staan.

Ongeag van jou kulturele opinies.

Daar is nou n regte hoop, want om oorsee te trek is NIE vir al ons mense n opsie nie.

Ons moet hande vat. Ek weet dit is dalk teen jou geloof en allerhande gemors, maar om eerlik te wees is ons almal God se werk. Selfs daai rooi hoed haas.

Ons moet nou saam staan, en daar is n baie goeie kans dat hierdie die antwoord kan wees om n permanente oplossing te wees.

gaan na usaf.org.za

Die 16de generasie Koi-San koning probeer om die noord, wes en n groot gedeelte van die oos kaap te seseer van die RSA af. Die nuwe land sal die Sowereine Staat van Goeie Hoop (SSGH) genoem word en sal onder die Koi-San koning wees, hy is n godelike man, en het baie moeite gedoejn om seker te maak dat die afrikaner, eurokaner, koi en kleurling elke n regverdige en ewe-gewigtigte se sal he in elke deel van die nuwe goeverment (ek dink dit is n woord).

Manne, julle kinders, julle pragtage vrounes, dink aan hulle! Dink aan julle mense.

Kom, werk saam, asb, gaan op jou eie en lei mense op. daar is baie vrae wat vir militere redes mos nou natuurlik nie oop en bloot bespreek kan word nie, maar waarme ek U los is die feit dat alle mense direk hierme betrokke die Here Jesus dien - en dit is waar ons hulp vandaan kom.

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European Volunteers General

I have found no thread commited to a discussion about Europoor anons interesting in Boer affairs, so decided I'll make one myself.

In comparison to Americans - who have a rather easy and efficient way to South Africa by boat and can easily gather in one place in their own country, the situation for Europoors is a lot more difficult.

>1. Weapons

Unless you live in Switzerland, you probably have a hard time acquiring a firearm legally, and even if, trying to transport it around is rather risky. Technically we have open borders in the EU zone, but due to the terrorist threats one trying to smuggle a gun can get searched and then locked up for a lifetime - that's why weapons for us should be prepared on-site, together with gear that'd be difficult to move through multiple borders.

2. Equipment

That's lesser problem, a big backpack and all the gear listed in other posts, such as >>565, shouldn't be a bigger problem, as all of it can be explained as tourist/survivalist/larper gear if questioned. It is a substantial expense, but nothing impossible.

A plate carrier/kevlar vest, helmet, knife etc. is a bigger problem, as this stuff would raise eyebrows. Anyone familiar with South African laws about possession of such items? Can always explain it as protection against criminals or something similar. Would definitely prefer to have a low profile before things start for good.

>3. Transport

Here's where a real trouble begins. How to even get there in the first place? I'd like to get those more knowledgeable than me to develop any ideas. Only thing that comes to my mind currently is Marseille, where -maybe- we could find a boat to sail us all the way around Africa…

>4. Other

Other stuff is described in the threads, don't think there's anything I'd like to add from myself.

Be fit, be ready, be calm.

If things work out, this might be an adventure of a lifetime, and a cause is noble indeed.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]


ORIGINAL BREAD -→ https://8ch.net/boers/res/115.html#537

"The Sinews of war, infinite money" - Marcus Tullius Cicero

We're back with a new, more specific topic to discuss

>See original thread for information on @M3R!C@N \/0LUN+34S in a potential B034 UP4!$!NG

The initial thread was very successful, with a lot of great feedback. With the last thread rounding out on replies, our plan should now be to bring up new, more specific information so we can further brainstorm more intricate features of our proposed project.

>How about a quick number crunch on necessary items?

Boom Sticks - depending on make an model, could be $600 each? high estimation

Uniforms - 3 sets for each individual, plus boots etc., could run about $200 an individual

Fuel for Boom Sticks - depending again on the type, could be $0.30 a gallon round or $0.50 a gallon

Vehicles - trucks that can run well and be used for various purposes, not sure how much, but I would assume $5000 each is doable.

Transportation to theatre - $1000 each, at least

survival provisions mainly food and water, also temporary and more permanent facilities for R&R, maybe $300 per individual per month

Not counting potential remuneration for the volunteers for the work they would be doing that amounts to a high estimate of around $7,000,000 needed just for the basics

How many volunteers for our home-building humanitarian mission would we hope to have? a previous number of 2,000 was discussed, which would be a massive group of volunteers to feed, shelter, etc. It wont come cheap.

Two strategies, I suggest we employ them both

>Option A: Play the lottery powerball? and win a couple hundred million, be selfless and invest it in our home-building project ethnostate

>Option B: Crowd Sourcing, getting a few e-celebs to push our cause, a couple million donations at $10 or $20 a piece would suffice

Emphasizing the humanitarian nature of our volunteers, that being the protection and preservation of Boer and other European descendant individuals, could lead to a successful campaign. I know the suidenlanders and similar groups receive donations, why couldn't our group? What's more, what would we name our group?

>Boer Defense Group

>New Orania Project would need to get them onboard first

>Americans for South African Peace

This is off the top of my head, m8s, plz no bully.

Although this is specific to the financial aspect of our volunteer proposals, any information regarding SA, the current climate, ideas for organizational purposes etc. are welcome.

R: 6 / I: 3 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

S-6 Communications

Priority goes to establishing secure online communications between anons and the Boers. Besides knowing Discord and Tor are honeypots this is out of my wheelhouse. Some anons use tox, mumble has been suggested; unseen.is has secure conference calls in addition to email and messaging, though I have no idea if it's compromised.

In country we know our enemy uses ZOG-tier cellphone jamming equipment during farm attacks. This equipment also effects UHF and VHF radios, but effects HF to a much lesser degree. VHF still works but just has a much shorter range. There is likely no shortage of surplus tactical radios in Africa. The key is either for an anon to write new encryption or to get encryption from defecting SADF, or a sympathetic third party like Poland or Japan(because fuck China). Modern dual band HF/VHF radios can also transmit data such as recon photos.


>current provider for the SADF

Boers need to start hard wiring emergency cell phones off site to base stations at home to defeat the ANC's electronic countermeasures. The strongest manpack jammer I could find was 60watt, so the bubble can't be bigger than 175m in diameter line of sight.

I can't prove it, but Occam's razor says most sat-phones are definitely glowinthedark shell companies, at least Iridium is. Sat-phones don't communicate fast enough for realtime combat applications anyway; in my experience they're only good for emergencies when everything else is down.

R: 18 / I: 3 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

10 Mar 2018, South Africa: Mass Land Invasion happening in Olivenhoutbosch since Friday late afterno

Needs confirmation:

>It started on the R55 / Summit Road intersection on Friday night. The illegal land grabbing is moving west towards Diepsloot down Summit Road and into Mnandi and already behind London Lane. Reports of grabbing in the Valhalla area as well along the highway have been reported.

>Up until now there is no media coverage, statements or any other info. Land owners says authorities are failing to assist.

>Below is a timeline of reports received over the last 16 hours:


Land grabbing happening in R55, @EFFSouthAfrica @MYANC @Our_DA who is leading this #CountryDuty @karynmaughan, @SABCNewsOnline @eNCA @tumisole. It is happening


Illegal land grabbers on R55 next to Blue Hills


People are Erecting Shacks on R55 and Summit Road Blue Hills and this people are from Centurion What are u guys doing about this Should i sell my home already in Savanah Hills? i cant buy a house for R2m and a Shack gets erected in Front of my house pls help


@CoJPublicSafety @AsktheChiefJMPD @MichaelSun168

Anybody know about EFF land invasion R562 & R55? taking place now?


Please help. Land grab taking place corner R55 and Summit road in Bluehills. Reports of structures being built


There seems to be land evasion in Oliven along R55 before Plaza. People are dermacating stands.


Summit rd and R55 people are Occupying land By force


Hundreds of people are alongside the R55 Olivenhoutbos South taking land. Free for all. @CityTshwane @SollyMsimanga

11h42 - UPDATE BY: MICHAEL SUN (Councillor and MMC for Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg)

JMPD is aware of the land invasion on cnr of R562/ R55 (Blue Hills). JMPD is attending to it. We believe that the land in question is privately owned and we are requesting that the owners urgently contact SAPS or JMPD (011 375 5911). Further update will follow

11h54 - UPDATE BY: Cllr Foley (JHB Ward 94 Councillor)

The potential land invasion at the corner of R55 and Summit at the northern part of ward 94 is under control and the JMPD are monitoring. No shacks are being built only the marking of plots. MEC of housing to advise next steps and negotiation based on previous commitments made

14h23 - UPDATE BY: Yusuf Abramjee

Land invasion on a mass scale since early today in Olivenhoutbos alongside R55 since early today. Land owners says authorities are failing to assist.

15h57 - UPDATE:

Land grab in Mnandi on R55. Shocking violence and shacks already being erected with the thieves jumping fences and spreading. Where are the police?

20h31 - UPDATE:

Land grab with structures and mass being erected Summit Road and R55. What do we do or who do we contact?

Rubber Bullets were used to get the illegal land grabbers running. Updates will be posted as they become available. Meanwhile, South Africa, Land grabs are happening!



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Rhodesian/Boer Music thread

Feel free to post some music

R: 19 / I: 6 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

So I asked this before, and I will ask this again, why can't white South Africans just leave?

Why is there so much drama around this issue? They don't belong in niggerland anyway. I don't want to know that 10 or 20 years later when we start kicking out all the refugees and immigrants that came to Europe and America they start organizing militias and civil rights movements to try to remain in the countries they invaded, so why should anyone support these whites who left mother Europe?

Now keep in mind, I actually lived in Zimbabwe and I left with my family, money isn't an excuse, visa's aren't an excuse, I know what they are experiencing and the fact that they are still there just means that they WANT to live in a multicultural society among niggers.

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Dont leave out the white womam. we can all shoot.just give us a gun, I will fight for my people, although I am already 60 years old

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S-2 Intelligence/Counterintelligence

There is already a map/imagery thread going, so ITT focus on enemy strength, dox, movement and trends. This includes but is not limited to Russian, Chinese, and Israeli businesses and personnel. When posting dox on non-Israeli entities, differentiate between jews and not if you can; orthodox and agnostic Russians may become a powerful necessary ally. Lastly, don't greentext whole articles ffs.


>ANC manual on personal security, safety, and surveillance

>nigger-tier counter-surveillance/counter-intel

>says where they check for car bombs



>kikes played prominent role in apartheid jewdicial system and commie revolution ofc

>antisemitism on the rise since Mandela's death

>Blacks equating Israel with an apartheid state join BDS boycott and threatening violence


>70000 kikes and shrinking, 50k in Joburg, 17k in Cape Town, ~3k in Pretoria

This is a huge fracture point to be exploited, it seems the Bantu can differentiate between whites and kikes. By spreading Redpills in the South African media on Israeli deportations and forced birth control in vaccines for Africans; anons could redirect some chimp outs and buy some time for the Boers.

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BO- What are the rules/objectives of the board?

Is this only for memetics or irl organization too? Currently /k/ is the only place one can find tactical/military information on the situation of whites in SA (not just Boers) but its quite limited atm. A proper strategic and tactical overview of the situation in SA from a military perspective may also be very useful when determining aid, as the locations, logistics, and challenges thereof should translate across (ie the people who need ammo will also need food and medical supplies). If the civil war goes hot over night (not uncommon in Africa), this information will be necessary in order for us to react in a timely manner.

Also General thread for discussing foreign volunteers since that will be highly relevant.

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The Australian Minister of Immigration has stated Australia will consider fast tracking visa's for white south african farmers due to their circumstances.

>Home affairs minister Peter Dutton says the group deserves ‘special attention’ due to the ‘horrific circumstances’ they face at home

>“If you look at the footage and read the stories, you hear the accounts, it’s a horrific circumstance they face,” Dutton said.

>“The people we’re talking about want to work hard, they want to contribute to a country like Australia,” Dutton said.

>“We want people who want to come here, abide by our laws, integrate into our society, work hard, not lead a life on welfare. And I think these people deserve special attention and we’re certainly applying that special attention now.”


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useful video thread

This little gem here is an hour long seminar on topics like food storage, sprouting seeds for homemade flour and homemade weapons like an assassins dagger that auto injects poisons, how to prepare nicotine poison from chewing tobacco for the dagger, and how to make simple explosives from matchheads, pvc pipe, glue and twine.

A touch dated, yes, but this guy is the inventor of the Four winds shotgun, and also the author of the Poor man's James Bond; and he knows a lot about living in an occupied nation, and how to deal with the conditions of low trust societies, having lived through the LA Riots.

Ignore the thumbnail, thats just from the intro

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Spitting Image

oh mun

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South African parliament adopts motion to exprpopriate white land without compensation



>Cape Town – The National Assembly on Tuesday set in motion a process to amend the Constitution so as to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

>The motion, brought by the EFF leader Julius Malema, was adopted with a vote of 241 in support, and 83 against.

>The only parties who did not support the motion were the DA, Freedom Front Plus, Cope and the ACDP.

>The matter will now be referred to the Constitutional Review Committee which must report back to Parliament by August 30.

>The EFF's motion originally called for the establishment of an ad hoc committee, which had to report back to the National Assembly by the end of May, but the ANC suggested an amendment, which was supported by the EFF.

>There will be a public participation process in the Constitutional Review Committee's work.

>Opening the debate on his motion, Malema said: " The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice. "

>He said they did not seek revenge on white people, but a restoration of black people's dignity, which was deeply rooted in the land.

>Gugile Nkwinti, who was minister of rural affairs and land reform until Monday evening (now minister of water affairs), said: " The ANC unequivocally supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation.There is no doubt about it, land shall be expropriated without compensation. "

>DA MP Thandeka Mbabama said there was an indisputable need to right the wrongs of the past, but expropriation without compensation "cannot be part of the solution".

>She said it was used to divert attention away from the ANC's failures with land reform, and was a "lie peddled by the ANC, who fears being outflanked on the left by the EFF".

>Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Groenewald asked what would happen to the land once it was expropriated.

>"If you continue on this course, I can assure you there is going to be unforeseen consequences that is not in the interest of South Africa," he warned.

>Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota said there "is a danger that those who think equality in our lifetime equates that we must dominate whites".

>"This is the PAC of '59, it's no longer the African National Congress," he said as he left the podium.

>Rural Affairs and Land Reform Deputy Minister Mcebisi Skwatsha said the ANC was committed to building an equal society.

>"You should not make the mistake that we want to oppress whites," he said. "We want to redress an historic injustice.

>"We want to take everybody along in achieving an equitable society."

>Agang MP Andries Tlouamma said: "Those who have taken our land by force, Jesus Christ must reject them."

>He urged the ANC to "develop a backbone of steel and stop speaking with a forked tongue".

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(((((((BUMP BUMP BUMP this board faggots.))))))))

> How to BUMP a board?

Spread it on social media, your gamer or discord friends, you must have some friends

> How can they recognize me?

Make at least a thread with a [name] recognizable to other people (from abroad)

> What else can I do?

If you happen to be a creator of meme's or other content make at least a tag or anything in that direction to this fucking board you moron.

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Website by Boers themselves: https://nationunderassault.weebly.com/


They also did a postcard campaign to the White House