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/bon/ - Bonfire

The way I see it, our fates appear to be intertwined. In a land brimming with SJW's, could that really be mere chance? So, what do you say? Why not help one another on this lonely journey?


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File: 1430092868891.jpg (120.59 KB, 721x458, 721:458, 1415831300673-4.jpg)

dbd800 No.16[Reply]

Have a seat by the /bon/fire. The roads are long and weary; mayhaps ye shall come across a companion with which to travel back to your homeland.

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dbd800 No.25

File: 1430888309416.webm (4.03 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Doctor Piccolo's Extra He….webm)


Daily Dose

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

315296 No.13[Reply]


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315296 No.20

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20 GET

File: 1429662944298.jpg (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bonfire.jpg)

1dd29b No.1[Reply]

"Oh, hello there. I will stay behind, to gaze at the sun.

The sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father!

If only I could be so grossly incandescent!"

—Solaire of Astora, reflecting on the sun while staring at it in the Undead Burg.

A place of Refuge from the soulless SJWs. Only Global Rules apply. Autism Speaks here. If you're an SJW, come right on in, so I can defer you to The Wall, who will shitpost you into next newgame+. Ebin XDDDD

Have Fun, My Little Hedgehegs.

File: e54536e8b8f8a79⋯.mp4 (3.73 MB, 444x332, 111:83, tasmanian tiger.mp4)

0fa7be No.35[Reply]

So over a year ago I came to this board and asked for cp (only ironically though). What happened to that thread?

File: 84fa7be1a9377d0⋯.jpg (33.57 KB, 416x327, 416:327, pizza.jpg)

a2549d No.34[Reply]

post it

File: 1468013255323.mp4 (4.17 MB, 680x510, 4:3, ..reginald died for your s….mp4)

8f6f6b No.33[Reply]

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal.t6364

File: 1449816042906.webm (5.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, In My City.webm)

b871eb No.30[Reply]


File: 1464075316623.png (331.39 KB, 800x334, 400:167, k84SG.png)

a04b13 No.31[Reply]

it never came to fruition. pic unrelated.

File: 1430607206524.jpg (404.98 KB, 922x691, 922:691, you know what to do.jpg)

7d7a09 No.22[Reply]

Is order to help strengthen the effect of the comradery, I bring a gift to all those who sit around this humble fire.


7d7a09 No.23

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7d7a09 No.29

File: 1436586127040.webm (7.35 MB, 854x480, 427:240, kids visit daddy.webm)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

82bc89 No.28[Reply]

Friendly reminder: New Futabu today.


File: 1429665151978.jpg (Spoiler Image, 343.48 KB, 800x600, 4:3, dank memes 1.jpg)

deebe8 No.2[Reply]

>inb4 newfag

Dank or Normie?


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deebe8 No.3


Help yourself.


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deebe8 No.4

File: 1429665622210.png (43.79 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1418121523029-1.png)


deebe8 No.5

File: 1429665781845.png (666.95 KB, 950x1650, 19:33, 1418710812477.png)

deebe8 No.27


>Sorry. Tor users can't upload files on this board.


File: 1429793610375.webm (4.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ayy lmao (trap).webm)

00c449 No.14[Reply]

>implying this board has more than like 4 unique users

We need to get this shit off of th' ground, and possibly become purpose oriented. First Thing First:


This board needs to make allies, both to bring in posters, and to bring in new ideas and culture


I'm having problems with rigging up a StyleSheet for the board. Email SA@8chan.co or post here if you're interested in helping.


We need some nice banners and Flags. There's a thread for that.

00c449 No.15

File: 1429813238208.jpg (364.69 KB, 1280x731, 1280:731, tannernate.jpg)

You know that feel when your favorite person turns out to be a raging SJW? Not like Patton Oswalt getting GG wrong but still generally opposing PC bullshit, but full-on faggotry like Wil Wheaton? How about a master list with archives of their bullshit?

00c449 No.26


I think /tomoko/ would be a good option, Catwister is pretty based.

File: 1430097432109.jpg (1.42 MB, 2592x1456, 162:91, WP_20150420_010.jpg)

f735d6 No.17[Reply]

Fucking Dank; The CSS finally works for mobile also! It looks as dank on smartphones as it does on PC now.

>pic semi related; fuck sleep nigga

File: 1429707897261.jpg (127.86 KB, 582x375, 194:125, 1414824176856.jpg)

38beb2 No.10[Reply]

Ayy Lmao




















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38beb2 No.11

File: 1429707959569.jpg (305.5 KB, 1856x1057, 1856:1057, 1411274036228.jpg)

38beb2 No.12

File: 1429715597200.webm (6.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ayy akarin.webm)

Barely made it back to the Bonfire.


fucking normies

File: 1429707637894.jpg (20.38 KB, 300x100, 3:1, stranger danger blackpool.jpg)

aa5358 No.9[Reply]

So, I've been having some problems logging in to manage the board. I'm still working on CSS and things for /bon/, but it turns out I can only log in at home. Thanks to Based God Hotwheels for helping me with login issues. If you have any ideas for the board's default theme, etc, this is the place to post it.

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