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File: b897619cc1058c0⋯.png (647.58 KB, 599x869, 599:869, 2CCDEF92-44BD-4AF3-BB37-12….png)


This board is anonymous. Do not post your name.

How do we take back control of democracy and force U.K. Parliament to respect the 2016 referendum to leave the EU?

1. Any plans for civil disobedience must not be violent or cause harm or suffering to others.

2. Attention should be made of French Yellow Vest tactics, successes and failures. Start by listing actions and results.

3. The media will try to paint you as far-right & extremists. Patriots must prove that they are the opposite.

4. Beware of shills and infiltrators. Trust no-one.

5. There must be no leaders or spokespeople. Various cells must be established and remain anonymous.

6. Democraticy and freedom is everything. We must fight for it.



File: fa1ab77e2f95047⋯.png (4.36 KB, 500x294, 250:147, Untitledsd.png)

I'm a bit devoid of ideas at the moment. All this has hit me hard and I haven't been able to sleep since the first vote on Monday. I'm about ready to pass out, but tomorrow I'll have ideas.

Right now though he have to establish VPNs knowledge and accessibility for everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if 8Chan doesn't disappear in the porn-block coming in the next few weeks


File: 601633161738f84⋯.jpeg (38.68 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 474D53B8-71D4-410A-9D7C-3….jpeg)


Good info. 👍



File: 7848cb22618f11a⋯.jpeg (372.68 KB, 621x1163, 621:1163, 33677D65-3AAF-4A80-82F7-4….jpeg)


File: bde15bee455f7cc⋯.jpeg (467.12 KB, 658x1281, 94:183, 744478AD-3947-41DC-A848-F….jpeg)


Freedom is but a generation away from fascist tyranny.

Freedom must be fought for.

We must fight, Patriots



I have bugger-all money, and in negative equity on the mortgage. So Fine only protests are not a redline for me

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