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beware the spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

File: bf4875475e0bf63⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 612x408, 3:2, 517778583.jpg)

4fb55e  No.569341[Reply]

Post your favorite, currently reading, historical, political, religious, recommended books here lads.

Anything decent, accurate and/or redpilled.

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ab620f  No.1210694


Some anon could help to troll the shills in 4chan/ pol

File: f3c3ac67eeed125⋯.png (479.62 KB, 827x492, 827:492, Judas.PNG)

d9c4b1  No.2818[Reply]

To siphon off some of the drama clogging brit/pol/ over banning 22 stone for only 6 hours, this thread can be for

>posting mod applications

>making complaints about the direction of board moderation

>making suggestions about when to give bans and for what duration

>making complaints about existing mods

and whatever else you can think of that can't be dealt through an appeal.

Also mods are currently in deadlock over banning ttpw with two for and two against.

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90a1f0  No.1204704

>Thread stuck again

File: 3f894e6d5bceeb0⋯.mp4 (2.24 MB, 640x360, 16:9, wrath of the awakend saxon.mp4)

File: adbd28c2fc222d0⋯.mp4 (6.91 MB, 480x360, 4:3, sea shanties.mp4)

27ca92  No.671718[Reply]

Post your OC here for archiving, any non-shitposting subject and style accepted

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72555f  No.1196136


>tfw I'm visiting York with Italian lass next weekend

File: 69971d186a30dd8⋯.mp4 (2.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, tucker carlson iran.mp4)

72a909  No.1214652[Reply]

Immigration helps drive UK population to 66.4 MILLION after births fall to lowest level in a decade and deaths spike with 70 MILLION milestone likely to be hit within the next decade


Major companies are ringing alarm bells, trying to warn Washington about more tariffs


Trump says government should SUE Google, Facebook and Twitter as he claims social media and Internet search giants are 'trying to rig the election' with political bias


Anti-Islamic extremist permanently excluded from entering UK


Disabled grandfather is sacked by Asda after colleague complained about him sharing an 'anti-Islamic' Billy Connolly sketch on his Facebook page

https://www.dailPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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a59a8d  No.1215102

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a59a8d  No.1215103

File: 791a69248f9b762⋯.png (451.51 KB, 610x317, 610:317, doink.PNG)

a59a8d  No.1215104

File: 5a71de05440c270⋯.jpg (142.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 5a71de05440c270db531188aaf….jpg)


85385c  No.1215105

File: 4e437c8de740fdf⋯.gif (2 MB, 419x292, 419:292, sorcery.gif)


tbh lad

151f45  No.1215106

Can't sleep smh

File: c2c521a4dddf59d⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 394x379, 394:379, morrissey mosley.jpg)

File: 3c4ea7136f2068f⋯.jpg (156.1 KB, 750x978, 125:163, morrissey nige.jpg)

File: 01bbc8653146053⋯.jpg (99.28 KB, 747x797, 747:797, morrissey.jpg)

File: 8c7a2c61ce55a07⋯.png (66.5 KB, 675x776, 675:776, morrissey.png)

File: b573a12db6300bb⋯.png (106.68 KB, 1295x841, 1295:841, morrissey.png)

11a336  No.1213962[Reply]

Morrissey reaffirms support for far-right party and claims 'everyone prefers their own race'

Morrissey has reaffirmed his support for the far-right, anti-Islam party For Britain and suggested that Nigel Farage “would make a good prime minister”


Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield to face retrial over 95 deaths

Family members were in court for the decision which was also relayed to a room in Liverpool where other relatives were watching


Shocking moment teenage girl threatens to kill a passenger on London Tube train after her friend tries to attack woman who asked the 'intimidating' group to calm down

Footage shows a girl, dressed in red jeans, trying to hit and kick a female passenger who is sitting down and obscured from view after the woman asked her and three girls she was with to 'calm down'. Meanwhile, a girl in blue jeans is held back by a male passenger as she appears to try to kick another woman sitting down. The incident occurred on a Victoria line London Underground train on Thursday, June 22 at around 10pm


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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620c31  No.1214662

File: 4fd82586147dd26⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 396x180, 11:5, ainsley 13b.jpg)


>directly supporting one of big Tim's competitors

11a336  No.1214663

Anti-Islamic extremist permanently excluded from entering UK

Austrian Martin Sellner barred on security grounds, according to Home Office letter posted online


But letting ISIS members back in is A-OfuckingK

11a336  No.1214664


>get the competitor to pay you

>spend the money at /aretim/'s

11a336  No.1214665

e0b8de  No.1214668

File: 7c8aeaa8887fe39⋯.jpeg (740.96 KB, 1196x1237, 1196:1237, 9C7425E1-C75E-455F-853B-1….jpeg)

File: 3946255031495dd⋯.mp4 (7.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DomHhyYMQTlGQKaV.mp4)

File: 9ba9f418b1ec21b⋯.jpeg (70.23 KB, 509x603, 509:603, images-9.jpeg)

95e427  No.1211264[Reply]

Egyptian anon here, i wanna live in the Great Britain and I heard there are only 3 ways to do that, work, marriage, and asylum

Since i'm not willing to get married and neither i'm a gay/Christian, or any minority facing the threat of death, the only way to move to UK is work

How is that possible? How can I get an employer to hire me?

If any femanon here willing to marry me I may reconsider

Also is there any good weed shops, strip clubs and prostitutes in the UK?

I don't wanna live in USA since they have a lot of niggers, Muslimniggers, kikes, Indian faggots and Mexican scum

95e427  No.1211280

File: 760dd9c75421f09⋯.jpeg (14.33 KB, 660x464, 165:116, images-12.jpeg)

Also how do you feel about this Egyptian girl getting murdered by niggers in UK and the court doesn't sentence them to death

25e0ef  No.1211805



fuck off nigger we're full


lel, niggers killing niggers why would anyone of into caring?

814df2  No.1212061


I have no idea, but I'd imagine you'd need to gain a work visa and you can find out the particulars from the home office website.


Unfortunately the death penalty has been abolished here which is a shame because alot of people here deserve to hang.

94a714  No.1214102

Earn enough money to pass as an investor, and then use the local knowledge you built up earning it to stay and make your own region better, lol.

>not willing to get married

Willing to get a marriage of convenience? Not that I’m offering, but rather I think people charming their way across borders via technical legal compliance is sufficiently lawful conduct, IMO. It’s behavior that leaves tracks in the paper trail and in the lives of other people; it’s lightside.

File: 19bf3f251dbc4f8⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 2271x2376, 757:792, england 15 c.jpg)

69d591  No.1213267[Reply]

UK weather forecast

‘Danger to life’ as torrential rain hits today – with more thunderstorms on way tomorrow


Nigel Farage: I would join Tory coalition to ensure no-deal Brexit

Brexit party leader praises Boris Johnson and criticises ‘intrusion’ into his private life


The Cambridge-educated millionaire's Buddhist daughter whose anti-Brexit play was funded by the EU and her close-up magician partner who both tried to sink Boris

Cambridge-educated Eve Leigh, 34, the daughter of a millionaire New Yorker, wrote a play as part of the Brexit Stage Left festival, which received funding from the Eurodram cultural project


Student funded uni by having sex with sugar daddies

Jessica Hyer, now 19, said the world of sugar daddy dating is a far cry from the glamour it's perceived to be


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ff8e5b  No.1213968


they are leaf

45d693  No.1213969


Disgusting all round

69d591  No.1213970

d90393  No.1213972


you have to change on kids, watch over them. kids are on the floor and she probably can't pick them up from the floor, or in the crib. And many other things

0c501d  No.1214008


>Emilia Clarke

I want to fug her pusy

File: 3119f9f5f32623c⋯.jpg (147.88 KB, 976x650, 488:325, _93050661_1024-pubcollecti….jpg)

File: 5d2263bc1073ffa⋯.jpg (131.34 KB, 976x650, 488:325, _93050659_1024-pubcollecti….jpg)

File: 889dd9278383598⋯.jpg (100 KB, 976x650, 488:325, _93047918_1024-charliedail….jpg)

File: 0c4ca95b47f3d64⋯.jpg (110.49 KB, 976x650, 488:325, _93047910_1024-charliedail….jpg)

d36915  No.1212564[Reply]

BBC TV licence shame: Hundreds of MPs claim free TV while hard up over-75s face paying


Boris Johnson should give 'explanation' for home row


Revealed: The Cambridge-educated millionaire's Buddhist daughter whose anti-Brexit play was funded by the EU and her close-up magician partner who both tried to sink Boris


Rail bosses and staff are ordered to FLY around Britain because it is cheaper than taking the train


Colorado shooter says he targeted kids over gender taunts


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29a7c8  No.1213265


29a7c8  No.1213266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d36915  No.1213268

8f3ab9  No.1213272


What are the figures for male to female trannies as compared with the inverse? It simply has to be like five times as many. Guess leftoids will never ask this because it quite clearly expresses the fact that women have it easier than men.

1ebd06  No.1213275

File: 43ef8fd5d2f1425⋯.jpg (82.47 KB, 729x675, 27:25, hyde - state enforced homo….jpg)


>picking between which side of the globohomo to be eternally enslaved by

Burn it down and plant some food in the ashes if it gets to that point lads. I'd rather be Belarus, a corrupt strip of dirt that no one wants to do business with, than end up with being marched through that illusion of choice.

File: 4a8ee620f35e00f⋯.jpg (82.21 KB, 634x591, 634:591, 15113546-7169549-image-m-2….jpg)

File: ee3fe5241815d46⋯.jpg (56.92 KB, 600x409, 600:409, twitter.jpg)

b1dcb1  No.1211839[Reply]

Two men are being hunted by police for racially abusing London councillor on train after they were identified on Twitter


Acid attack victims suffer burns as they are sprayed with corrosive substance in terrifying east London attack after high-speed car chase


Two men are charged with murder after homeless man died and another was put in hospital when their tent was 'set on fire' next to busy dual carriageway


Grooming gang members who raped 12-year-old girl jailed for 27 years


London police lose control following ‘riot’ at Westfield Shopping Centre in shocking footage


Police called to Boris Johnson's home over reports of 'loud altercation'

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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2d4e57  No.1212562


I bet you a billion fucking quid that THIS TIME they'll be blaming it on fucking bullying and not the gun.

c62284  No.1212563


its funny

both my bros are autists


2d4e57  No.1212565



he says, screaming in capslock

2d4e57  No.1212566

573f95  No.1212596


people who post doomer menes should be executed

File: 818b99bca140279⋯.jpg (59.33 KB, 650x488, 325:244, a4e12e4214f681d9cefe7e8772….jpg)

2664c8  No.1211337[Reply]

Any of you guys donating sperm to water down the left-liberal lgbt feminist types I am doing it, because politics is according to pew large part genetic, remember if its not you it will be some antifa member or male feminist, do it anon please, make an anon facebook, join a group and tell them why they should pick you and where you live and are willing to travel if a few guys decide to do it thats maybe a 100 soldier in total in addition to massively meeting your biological function.

4cd989  No.1211498

File: 0effe421219f6d5⋯.jpg (76.89 KB, 640x617, 640:617, c7hb7kuhyj431.jpg)


Yeah, I've donated a few times, thought my childhood asthma would disqualify me but as long as you disclose it it's fine. It's amazing how most of society looks down on it as a chore or as lame, "Oh man if someone has a kid through it they are legally allowed to contact you at age 18? That sucks bro." Bullshit, I'm out there with more progeny than a bronze age warlord for jizzing into a cup. Aryan warriors genetically predisposed to being nationalist chads like myself are being shat out by lesbos and there's nothing the J*ws can do to stop me. Hail Mosley.

File: 37ffbb2979c231a⋯.mp4 (4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, K1p07n92PFEwXnsH.mp4)

File: c0ba98a28e05513⋯.mp4 (1.25 MB, 720x720, 1:1, mark field.mp4)

699e14  No.1211120[Reply]

Mark Field suspended as minister after grabbing activist


The moral arrogance of the Mansion House climate protestors


Detectives investigating allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse in Stoke-on-Trent have arrested 12 people


Thugs 'dressed in burkas' hurled 'acid' in a market trader's face as the 45-year-old father set up his stall in east London this morning


Jihadi Jack's parents spared jail after being found guilty of funding terrorism


‘Climate Emergency’: Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars While Planning Mass Third World Migration


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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5324d2  No.1211842

feel bad for nice jap tourists who come here and have their experience ruined by wogs

699e14  No.1211843



Fuck knows lad, just found it here http://www.uncsbrp.org/tourism.htm

Meanwhile on the wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_London

>In 2011 visitors to London spent £9.4 billion, which is a little more than half of the total amount international visitors spent in the whole of the United Kingdom the same year.

So unless we have had some staggeringly bad years in terms of tourism, they got their numbers wrong.


take care lad


u wna av a go u cheeky cunt

8c5db8  No.1211844


its not my fault none of the first results on google dont have the true word of God, the Orthodox Study Bible

gotta put it on my desk and stop copy and pasting

699e14  No.1211845

794159  No.1211911

>Thugs dressed up

MI6/5 or DGSI nigger assets deliberately causing mayhem on the streets of London because (((Brexit)))

>any real motives to this recent attack or the market vendor?

File: 5a3137bfda045b7⋯.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2224x1446, 1112:723, EA2D08CF-D297-4B75-8B92-5….jpeg)

028367  No.1211289[Reply]

…. in my name,


Lower your eyes mortal!!!!

Can you see that he’s looking upon me with gratitude & joy & just a slight stirring upon his groinal attachment + yes I see his feminist credentials blown to fucking bits guys, yep, JTs done

File: 37a6e6a714acd59⋯.jpg (194.6 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 23376107_1695451093839539_….jpg)

5689da  No.1211278[Reply]

dinner for my fam



dd3221  No.1212921

Get a fucking job, nigger

File: 5c51c9bdfe54ab3⋯.png (260.44 KB, 572x554, 286:277, tim qt.png)

File: ff024099c27f229⋯.jpg (103.29 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, tim martin brexit qt.jpg)

File: e13a760ca0ee515⋯.jpg (45.24 KB, 796x490, 398:245, tim martin.jpg)

23a0cb  No.1210404[Reply]

Government ‘does not know’ if bloated £14bn foreign aid budget is delivering value for money, watchdog claims

A probe by the National Audit Office concluded the Government “does not know” whether the bloated budget is delivering value for money because of its decision to divide the money between different departments


War memorial statue in Eversholt stolen for second time

The "irreplaceable" artwork depicting St Michael the Archangel was taken from the graveyard at St John the Baptist church in Eversholt, Bedfordshire


Man, 49, becomes 20th person to be charged with fraud over Grenfell Tower fire 'after swindling £30,000 in handouts'

Shaffick Brimer, of Acton, west London, was charged with fraud by false representation in relation to the tower block blaze


School apologises to parents after 13-year-old students were asked to nominate their best-looking classmates for end-of-year awards

A school that asked its pupils to rate one another on looks as well as voting for the best couple has issued an 'unreserved apology' after children refused to take part and parents raged at the competition

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

697 posts and 349 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

515126  No.1211127


No you don't have to be insane. You just need to have the empathy part of yourself knocked into a cocked hat. Like most people who observe what is going on. Going to prison part is weird, but he's in NZ not the US.

266418  No.1211129


dont be not keen on yourself lad

thats just sad

7dbe15  No.1211131


Homosexuals are truly the most evil creatures on earth.


4ccc24  No.1211141


>Tfw this lad is ulsterlad

18a85d  No.1211204

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

German autism at its finest

Wait for it lads

Fairplay to him though

File: 956425df5e1bdcf⋯.jpg (121.39 KB, 768x1000, 96:125, porn nofap (1).jpg)

File: d2391652f619379⋯.jpg (121.2 KB, 768x1000, 96:125, porn nofap (2).jpg)

File: 2e43c0d85a3ce55⋯.jpg (144.19 KB, 768x1000, 96:125, porn nofap (3).jpg)

File: ab0180aef995df9⋯.jpg (34.5 KB, 640x493, 640:493, porn nofap hk.jpg)

File: 955c52e6454ba0b⋯.png (97.45 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - pornography.png)

5e0291  No.1209691[Reply]

The UK’s age-verification system for online pornography is expected to be delayed indefinitely, just weeks before it is due to be launched


Rory Stewart organises a LOSER'S RALLY as he refuses to formally endorse any of the remaining Tory leadership candidates


Furious Brexiteers turn on Chancellor Philip Hammond as he backs second referendum as option to break deadlock and vows to 'fight and fight' against No Deal


'Margaret Thatcher would be furious' and 'appalled' by Tory failure to deliver Brexit


EU today faces ITS OWN leader crisis which makes Tory dust-up look like play school

https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1142949/EU-news-European-Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

722 posts and 320 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

5e0291  No.1210423

cc8cf7  No.1210424

Vaccines cause autism lads

ef0e02  No.1210425

File: cba462be3f7ba77⋯.png (1003.19 KB, 941x530, 941:530, ClipboardImage.png)

>Brazilian tranny escort accosts you in the street

b64e91  No.1210521


drop a poo, save a loo

b64e91  No.1210523



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