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beware the spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

File: d02a778310e1d8b⋯.jpg (139.57 KB, 962x1352, 37:52, brexit leave land.jpg)

d0f338  No.1092378

Brexit: How did my MP vote on no-deal?


Brexiters lobby for European veto of article 50 extension


Children As Young As Seven Caught With Knives At School In London


Tory MP says every knife sold in UK should have GPS tracker 'fitted in the handle'


Mystery infections traced to self-flagellation: 10 British men diagnosed with life-threatening virus had all taken part in ceremony that involved whips and knives


Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda are waking up to the fact cup sizes are on an upward trajectory


Mother Of 11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Who Performed At Gay Bar Says Child Protective Services Showed Up At Her Home


Michael Jackson: Transport for London to remove bus adverts protesting singer's innocence


The proof we STILL live in a man's world: Phones too big for our palms, chilly offices, cars designed for male drivers - a fascinating new book reveals the little ways life really is stacked against women


12cc4a  No.1092380

vah daywee mauwh

6e96f0  No.1092381


The way society continues to encourage women to act like men is just sad. It doesn't make women or men happy.

8b930a  No.1092382

File: 810db5b18e2d81d⋯.jpg (396.49 KB, 1279x1600, 1279:1600, 1477860886632.jpg)

xth for the warsaw pact

65b12b  No.1092383


bet they were happier than we are

6cb528  No.1092384

File: e10bc3fd9905783⋯.png (397.27 KB, 438x498, 73:83, feels.png)

12cc4a  No.1092385


yeah it makes both unhappy and it makes women think that men are somebody out to get them when in reality gen Y is the most lonesome generation in a long long time

12cc4a  No.1092386


doubt that

049d9c  No.1092387

File: c66f9f20d9d8cf5⋯.jpg (44.4 KB, 641x530, 641:530, worried.jpg)

>raping and torturing women

6cb528  No.1092388

keeeeeek second referendum amendment will most likely be voted down today killing it off for now. the remainers have blown their load too soon smh

65b12b  No.1092389



12cc4a  No.1092390


if you think being a conscript in a soviet military was fun you are a zoomer autist

6cb528  No.1092391

File: 277df2a88a79d62⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 475x356, 475:356, Will-and-Craig.jpg)


12cc4a  No.1092392

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

049d9c  No.1092393

File: cdcbc5ef86bdfda⋯.jpg (254.35 KB, 781x960, 781:960, Freddy-krueger.jpg)

>takes the shrill drone-wife 3 seconds of watching her husband's death through a 2 inch phone screen before it registers with her that it's real and actually happening

based derealisation

12cc4a  No.1092394


yeah derealisation and tech is a big issue of this time, we are another example of how degenerate tech is

6e96f0  No.1092395


You need women and men to sustain a society and the gender relations are clearly dysfunctional right now. Yeah I'd say we were a lonesome generation. Even when I'm out with friends I feel kinda alone tbh.


Sums it all up doesn't it?

2769be  No.1092396


How anyone can pretend the Daily Mail is anything other than a female run liberal rag is beyond me. It's 100% gynocentric, zero Conservatism, absolute kikery

2769be  No.1092397


Guy should of Frigged off

12cc4a  No.1092398


yeah that could easily have been bubbles shooting cyrus while ricky told him to fuck off

2769be  No.1092399


Did he go to jail?

da13cc  No.1092400

12cc4a  No.1092401


in trailer park boys? or the IRL guys?

dce8fc  No.1092402


When a Boomer uses the phrase "Daily Mail Reader." Like they still support the Nazis and everyone reads the one paper that comes through their letter box.

2769be  No.1092403


lel the real life hero

2769be  No.1092404

File: b81c810566047ce⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 660x371, 660:371, Pi.jpg)


Stunning woman tb

dce8fc  No.1092405


Speaker John Bercow made the shock decision to select an amendment to tonight’s motion which could lead to a re-run of the 2016 vote. The amendment was tabled by The Independent Group’s former Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston and represents the House of Commons’ first chance to formally air their view on holding a second referendum. MPs will begin a series of votes from 7pm on a number of amendments before deciding on the main motion of whether to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit.

BREXIT SHOCK: MPs to vote TONIGHT on giving public second referendum


12cc4a  No.1092406


yeah he is in jail

9a352a  No.1092407

File: b6f1d528ab0e4f8⋯.webm (2.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2019-03-13-BBC-Betrayal.webm)

6e96f0  No.1092408

File: 82858a2acf08579⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


The jap who calculated that is a tranny right?

>referred to as female

>works in computing

>says they are 'queer and feminist' on twitter

>pic related

feels like google psyop tbh, frontpage bbc immediately…

we live in a society

2769be  No.1092409


This fuck is literally doing what he wants, should be fucking in the stocks

da13cc  No.1092410



everyone else said "woman calculated pi"

that article was closer to "py.exe run on google compute engine"

da13cc  No.1092411


reee hang him tbh

23f5c5  No.1092412

File: 4ef9390fa0eb642⋯.png (32.83 KB, 806x706, 403:353, ClipboardImage.png)

6e96f0  No.1092413

why japs using the name 'emma' anyway


Yeah I think they are overstating their role for political purposes to normalise transgenderism.

dce8fc  No.1092414

Goverments like to over complicate things. If they didnt people might find out we dont even need them.

6e96f0  No.1092415


Hopefully that'll be me soon failed my last driving test next one is in a few weeks haha.

da13cc  No.1092416

File: e02e1bbba124e73⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, KX_NM16-2-19B.jpg)


8b930a  No.1092417

File: 97a0032e24015b9⋯.jpg (176.46 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, 1024px-DDR-Museum_Berlin_W….jpg)

File: 5d454c6398800ed⋯.jpg (59.38 KB, 584x389, 584:389, tt.php.jpg)


There's a DDR museum in Germany which lets you walk around a typical DDR styled flat, most 20 something year olds here would kill for something the size of it.

1da9d1  No.1092418

File: d337e1056cf5e17⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 514x501, 514:501, d337e1056cf5e17c2d144cafda….jpg)

>westie is a trip now

23f5c5  No.1092419


Leave him alone, Mr. (1)

049d9c  No.1092420

File: 64a1f3eb2c3bc0c⋯.jpg (13.02 KB, 275x353, 275:353, tranny maid.jpg)

what should be done about the WQ?

1da9d1  No.1092421


Lad that's one of the snowdonia trains saw them cleaning it in the station for public display/advertising Wales

23f5c5  No.1092422


Why do so many lads lust after Westie?

1da9d1  No.1092423

072aa9  No.1092424

File: d4b90a30b75f140⋯.jpg (67.51 KB, 589x653, 589:653, Capture - Copy.JPG)

Boomer Nige really is a parody of himself, isn't he?

1da9d1  No.1092425

File: e4f3958f81c7427⋯.jpg (433.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1551733915631.jpg)


bit gay lad

847733  No.1092426

File: d709a8ba567da6c⋯.png (70 KB, 578x679, 578:679, ClipboardImage.png)


c81c11  No.1092427

File: ce21771334a89b7⋯.png (354.62 KB, 412x522, 206:261, BadPosture.png)

Posture check, straighten up lads!

dce8fc  No.1092428

Labour CHAOS: Jeremy Corbyn demands party vote AGAINST second referendum - ‘Shame on you!'

LABOUR’S Brexit policy remains as clouded as ever after the party’s shadow Brexit secretary confirmed MPs would be ordered to vote against a second referendum tonight.


d17cf4  No.1092429


It's 100% a dude tbh, it has an Adams Apple.

1986c4  No.1092430

File: aae512e8db3f784⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 10983600-6808937-image-a-9….jpg)

1da9d1  No.1092431


Based NA as usual

a1e133  No.1092432

>Donlad Trump says a second vote would be unfair

Baste thank you donald

a1e133  No.1092433


Good lad I was actually a bit hunched over until I read this post

1da9d1  No.1092434


virgin tbh

a1e133  No.1092435

File: 77f99457ccc00b8⋯.jpg (187.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1513195247123.jpg)


This makes me so angry

a1e133  No.1092436

File: 706edd556391e6c⋯.png (996.11 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, ClipboardImage.png)


Your mums a virgin

1da9d1  No.1092437

File: 24689f64cd54423⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Ljpwa6Kg.jpg)

23f5c5  No.1092438

File: a738d3cf040760a⋯.png (26.07 KB, 620x218, 310:109, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 31af8e1d4dca411⋯.png (2.27 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 2f4ff18bb37ef8304e61d96eb9….png)

a1e133  No.1092439

File: 970b3356603de9f⋯.jpg (21.95 KB, 288x337, 288:337, 143897799318.jpg)


Shes very pretty

072aa9  No.1092440


you're a mess, lad.

23f5c5  No.1092441

File: 68b6d83081ce22f⋯.png (23.23 KB, 485x455, 97:91, 2f4ff18bb37ef8304e61d96eb9….png)


And she could have been mine if she was single

23f5c5  No.1092442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You tell them Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad

a1e133  No.1092443

File: a46163159b1d705⋯.png (97.61 KB, 179x214, 179:214, 143897799496.png)


Smh, plenty more fish in the sea lad

a1e133  No.1092444

She is very beautiful though tbh

da13cc  No.1092445



049d9c  No.1092446

File: af9fc023a49f1bd⋯.jpg (105.54 KB, 800x1065, 160:213, time-running-out.jpg)


tick tock tick tock

072aa9  No.1092447


Does your mum never question why her toil tokens are disappearing to e-celebs?

23f5c5  No.1092448


My toil tokens, lad.


shut up smh

072aa9  No.1092449


I thought your mum controlled your bank account?

847733  No.1092450


on the minecraft server


a1e133  No.1092451


There is a shed of blood?

a1e133  No.1092452

File: 23f537ffee25dcc⋯.jpg (59.07 KB, 651x627, 217:209, 14389779802.jpg)

>p-pls eu help us do everything

23f5c5  No.1092453


yeah but it's still my money. I have a credit card

847733  No.1092454

File: 068c173b514caa9⋯.jpg (394.45 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 068c173b514caa9e3590be6329….jpg)

>Welsh MPs still stabbing their constituents in the back

847733  No.1092455

David Jones and David Davies are kind of okay though,

049d9c  No.1092456

File: 08823e029fe2b94⋯.png (152 KB, 500x545, 100:109, get-in-normie-were-about-t….png)

stick to the plan patriots

847733  No.1092457


Yes, spiritually and morally.

3ecd2d  No.1092458

File: 8a634b9021cc06f⋯.jpg (32.44 KB, 288x339, 96:113, the face of toil.jpg)

Long day.

8b930a  No.1092459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watching cold war kino tbh

e0d8cb  No.1092460

b00e40  No.1092462

File: 88b7d35eaeef602⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 3744x5616, 2:3, Stella Cox 4.JPG)

What time is the parliament vote on delaying Brexit today?

847733  No.1092463


19:00~ I assume.

847733  No.1092464

File: 83e01f61c1b2215⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 83e01f61c1b2215f81f2338ce6….jpg)

>Anna Soubry calling the cabinet Brexiteers

8b8223  No.1092465

File: 2d9b98f6685fe88⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 618x407, 618:407, john-salgado-3-e1552550811….jpg)

847733  No.1092466

File: be74753adcb1f14⋯.mp4 (664.8 KB, 608x256, 19:8, KEK.mp4)

>mfw the previous homeowner's issue Freemasonry Today lands through the letterbox

0845ef  No.1092467


Open it

23f5c5  No.1092468

File: 77fc3adfb917139⋯.png (287.75 KB, 579x462, 193:154, ClipboardImage.png)

847733  No.1092469


I did that's how I know it's Freemasonry Today.

da13cc  No.1092470


this Andrew Yang gook alternates between based, sjw, and AJ tier mentalist

might vote for him for teh lulz if I was a murimutt

9a352a  No.1092471


>Votes will begin from 17:00 GMT.

1f1419  No.1092472


Why do they use Benjamin's avatar instead of his actual face in memmies like these?

7584af  No.1092473

File: 8c847c2f13ab792⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 480x600, 4:5, oac.jpg)


*clears throat* ahem

dce8fc  No.1092474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

072aa9  No.1092475


As fucked as we are, it is absolutely amazing seeing how terrible Yank politics is.

33baa7  No.1092476

>Shadow brexit secretary demanding a referendum between ultra-soft brexit remaining in customs union and remaining in the EU

3ecd2d  No.1092477


Have to wonder who MP's think they're fooling.

5a5177  No.1092478

Lads, best place to get a yellow vest?

0845ef  No.1092479



8b8223  No.1092480

File: 59ceabb8bfd8c92⋯.jpg (217.17 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 59ceabb8bfd8c92d1627f5eb90….jpg)

52c479  No.1092481

File: 593f69add64f798⋯.jpg (57.8 KB, 1080x1029, 360:343, 07996705.jpg)

>look at dating site

>all the lads are well dressed and well groomed and don't look like they are living with their parents

8b930a  No.1092482

It begins

5a5177  No.1092483


ta, gonna order 100.

You lads want one?

I'll accept (you)'s and qt ginger girl pics as payment.

847733  No.1092484


120c93  No.1092485

File: 4529d7186322dd9⋯.jpg (79.96 KB, 600x800, 3:4, the ideal woman.jpg)


I wouldn't say it exactly encourages them to act like men, only to want all the positives that come with masculinity whilst conveniently ignoring the negatives, as well as ignoring the positives of their own femininity as if they were forced upon them by the evil men (I'd fucking love to stay home, cook, raise my children and be a staple of the local community).

If they really were to start acting like men they'd stop asking and start doing but they're women so it's not going to happen.

what encouraged you to act like a woman lad?

8b8223  No.1092486


>looking at lads on dating sites

4cceb6  No.1092487


Yeah, Grindr is better.

5a5177  No.1092488


Need to get rid of this memi tbh

e0d8cb  No.1092489

so wikipedia is ruled by a tranny mafia too smh

0845ef  No.1092490


Even well dressed and well groomed ones have a problem with getting laid on dating sites. I used to catfish on OKC.

52c479  No.1092491


>tfw can't even scrape the bottom of the barrel

5a5177  No.1092492

File: 03850ce4e6cac8b⋯.jpg (72.28 KB, 1310x778, 655:389, 675585678.jpg)



Want to make a quick shekel while getting back at the men who are better than you?


8b8223  No.1092493

File: be41d118c671caa⋯.jpg (49.58 KB, 615x409, 615:409, 0_kim-joy-bake-off.jpg)

take the munter pill lads

5a5177  No.1092494


I did when I fucked your mum m8

8b8223  No.1092495

File: 18cc85a6b650e51⋯.jpg (46.52 KB, 590x752, 295:376, D1Vb_bbUYAETMPJ.jpg)


jokes on you

072aa9  No.1092496


fools and money tbh

5a5177  No.1092497


Son, you're grounded. No /brit/ for you until we get Brexit.

7584af  No.1092498

File: 6521837f4feb3a1⋯.png (5.44 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 6521837f4feb3a13b4438ceeb0….png)

>i bucked yer ma poster

0845ef  No.1092499

File: cd6267343eafdfc⋯.png (10.29 KB, 234x56, 117:28, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 20379273ecdfbd8⋯.png (63.89 KB, 777x402, 259:134, ClipboardImage.png)


My point is, don't do it online.


I did. It was great.

5a5177  No.1092500

072aa9  No.1092501


I can not ever imagine being so thirsty as to send something as pathetic as that tbh

7584af  No.1092502


Sometimes i think i am pathetic and then look at all of these deano tier men grovelling at the feet of girls on tinder just to get their dick wet tbh

3ecd2d  No.1092503

>Amendment for an extension of the article 50 process in order to have a referendum on EU membership

>Aye's: 85

>No's: 334

7584af  No.1092504

File: 448abc35a1450e2⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 450x651, 150:217, Jack-Russell-Terrier_52469….jpg)


>These are the sorts of lads that bullied me for playing aoe2 while they played divegrass

8b930a  No.1092505

>tfw forgotten what amendment they are voting on

5a5177  No.1092506

>used to go and hang out around the shopping center to chill with lads when I was a wee lad

>going in all the different shops was cool

>10 years later go back home to visit

>99% of the shops have been replaced with food courts

A little infuriating tbh.

6cb528  No.1092507

rip in peace 2nd ref, see you again soon

dce8fc  No.1092508


So they dont want to extend for a 2nd Ref?

e4c56a  No.1092509


>no Mummy May deal

>no No Deal

>no second referendum


0845ef  No.1092510





Talk to women irl. And get /fit/

6cb528  No.1092511


there'll be another amendment on an extension is my prediction tbh. the wording means they get away with it smh

dce8fc  No.1092512


6cb528  No.1092513

the next amendment is labour mps allowing the deal to pass, on the condition it is one option in a second referendum so deal vs remain. smfh

8b930a  No.1092514

would be a really good time for a coup tbh

d17cf4  No.1092515


That's next up, the Hilary Benn amendment at 1730.

6e96f0  No.1092516

File: 49a8021e9eca0e2⋯.png (125.32 KB, 654x368, 327:184, ClipboardImage.png)


They got rid of the arcade at the local shopping centre, and now there are whole cities without a single arcade as well. I just want to go play house of the dead and time crisis, shit. All those memories gone. It gets kids out of the house come on.

072aa9  No.1092517


It's all about PR and optics lad, they can't go for it until they are to be seen to exhaust every other avenue.

120c93  No.1092518



5a5177  No.1092519

File: fe7128ac064ebf0⋯.png (78.77 KB, 800x650, 16:13, index.png)

Man it's almost like our political system is shit or something.

British Union of Facists Rise Up

52c479  No.1092520


>My point is, don't do it online.

but I don't want to do it in real life

072aa9  No.1092521


I agree tbh, are people really this pathetic and grovelling to girls irl, or am I just autistic in thinking this?

0845ef  No.1092522


Good place for a date too.

6e96f0  No.1092523

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah rip your shirt off load up ddr and show the ladies how its fuckin done

dce8fc  No.1092524

File: bf80fccdd7d0583⋯.png (419.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ANCAP.png)


I dont think they can get away with that. What do they suggest, the whole country votes next week on something the EU wont even allow either way?

No more amendments

No Extention of Article 50

No Deal

No to No Deal

This is bizarro world government now

ea9073  No.1092525


Eh? What video is this?

6cb528  No.1092526


there would be an extension to allow the referendum, so maybe a 6 month extension. it could be longer though, tusk has suggested 4 fucking years

072aa9  No.1092527


We would have to fight EU elections which opens a whole new can of pain on both our and the EU Establishment tbh

8b930a  No.1092528

File: eb0dfa98ce074e6⋯.png (57.57 KB, 504x405, 56:45, based and christpilled.PNG)


Not even sure how I got this, I normally get Autocratic.


Spent a shit ton of money on holiday in arcades tbh, there was one in Tenby that was good.

a1e133  No.1092529

File: 1b3a6f0c6c1d740⋯.jpg (84.44 KB, 772x866, 386:433, 1486463855713.jpg)

Fresh haircut, I am feeling like a handsome boy

e4c56a  No.1092530


>tradition over progress

>markets over equality


dce8fc  No.1092531



What if based Salvini says no? I want these legal knots to bite them in the ass and No Deal becomes impossible to avoid.

33baa7  No.1092532


Then both sides of the house cancel Article 50 just to reinvoke it.

6cb528  No.1092533

It feels to me like this whole thing has been orchestrated from the start and has never been anything but pantomime. I imagine the negotiators taking a photo op then just getting drunk or high in the conference rooms tbh, none of it was ever real. When we voted leave we rebelled against the global liberal order in an unprecedented manner and all events since then have been a ritual humiliation of our country. It's been designed not just to diminish our standing by taking any influence we had in the EU away but potentially breaking up the UK with the de facto annexation of Northern Ireland that has been opened up with the backstop question. In the end we will still be in the EU with nothing gained and potentially a lot lost. This will be our stabbed in the back myth, as a lot predicted even when the referendum happened, if my gut is right and the whole thing gets called off.

We are a sacrificial lamb on the world stage, and the bastards who run the world are finally finishing us off piece by piece. We will serve as an example of what happens if a country dare step out of line and even attempt to extricate itself from part of the globalist control regime tbh. I almost think this was planned decades ago

3ecd2d  No.1092534

File: e7fd0f63a8b8654⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 615x410, 3:2, 2e324fe6e5fe39b1592fd5f6e2….jpg)

>Amendment [to an amendment] to extend article 50 to the 30th of June to give parliament the ability to decide how to proceed

>Ayes: 311

>Noes: 314

a1e133  No.1092535

File: 38d00b4390d0564⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 270x338, 135:169, 14389779807.jpg)

5a5177  No.1092536

33baa7  No.1092537


who dis qt

120c93  No.1092538

File: de9d77948851fe9⋯.png (294.91 KB, 841x623, 841:623, smug laugh.png)

a1e133  No.1092539

6cb528  No.1092540

the one that matters is the kyle/wilson amendment lads

a1e133  No.1092541

Her book is good but degenerate shite

33baa7  No.1092542

>he read a pornstar's book

120c93  No.1092543

File: 60c4168766726cd⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, corbyn drunk on scotch jui….png)

>the amendment would allow for MPs to take control of business

52c479  No.1092544


what does this face mean?

a1e133  No.1092545


Yeah it's not bad tbh


Idk poo I guess

120c93  No.1092546


"Hey look, more penis!"

33baa7  No.1092547

File: 10beeb0b74314d1⋯.png (133.31 KB, 434x348, 217:174, pepemagnifyingglass.png)

>someone voted aye and no

e0d8cb  No.1092548


radical centrist

33baa7  No.1092549

File: 6f61152242c3b37⋯.png (413.13 KB, 950x673, 950:673, sargon.png)

847733  No.1092550

File: e8c73eb34edf77e⋯.jpg (94.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, e8c73eb34edf77e67d06bdddd3….jpg)

>they have stopped making ''Dunhill" blends because of EU laws

8b8223  No.1092551

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a1e133  No.1092552


Radical retard

33baa7  No.1092553

Is this the big vote lads?

847733  No.1092554

File: 044fdaa2391b4ce⋯.mp4 (2.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, qhcfNpkSmq4ga4_B.mp4)

>A tight motion

dce8fc  No.1092555


Yeah wtf they voting on now?

e0d8cb  No.1092556

questioning the morality of keeping a pet lads

c0eecb  No.1092557

Been in the pub since 12.30 lads

Not sure how I made it home.

Need to stop drinking so much.

5a5177  No.1092558

lol fags on twitter seething at the 25 labour MP's.

3ecd2d  No.1092559

File: b9b3b5ec0d8979a⋯.png (97.02 KB, 276x339, 92:113, 0514400ffaf573a27be76796f2….png)

>Amendment to set aside time (20th of March) in the chamber for a cross party motion for MP's to decide what Brexit deal will command majority support.

>Ayes: 312

>Noes: 314

33baa7  No.1092560






c0eecb  No.1092561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



They're doing a good job of putting on a facade to convince retards they have tried everything to prevent no deal happening. We need to drain the fucking swamp, or an anglicised version of the phrase.

b00e40  No.1092562

File: 0085cfb5bc759af⋯.gif (96.04 KB, 248x203, 248:203, Dancing Pepe.gif)

>no deal Brexit is back on

dce8fc  No.1092563

This is the most fucked up time I have ever spent on /brit/

a1e133  No.1092564


Just bought another filter for my fish

33baa7  No.1092565


>Amendment E is the big one

>We want a no

8b930a  No.1092566


Animal companions are just your ancestors helping you through life.

c0eecb  No.1092567


>tfw my fish are doing really well

>some have been going for five years, the usual lifespan is 3.

>I want to move house and the 250L fish tank is going to be a massive pain in the dick to move.

I did not anticipate them living this long.

a1e133  No.1092568


I like this

5a5177  No.1092569


>majority 3


>majority 2

>inb4 majority 1 on this next vote

c4ea1c  No.1092570

>tfw just refused sex from a girl whos already in a relationship with another man

Mates are all saying I’m insane

No. I’m not after a quick shag, I’m after a loyal faithful woman who’s mother material, not some cheating whore who takes cocks on the side behind her bf’s back.

a1e133  No.1092571


I only have one fish left and I hope he lives for a long time, he's the only one who survived the tank change smh, he is getting big now too

52c479  No.1092572

File: fc90924b0bf9ce1⋯.png (4.55 MB, 1800x1309, 1800:1309, ClipboardImage.png)

>ship's heading to Israel

c0eecb  No.1092573


Good lad. Tell her partner too. Protect the guy.

52c479  No.1092574


very goodlad

52c479  No.1092575

how did you attract a lassie?

6e96f0  No.1092576


child of dunhill rise, you have your father's eyes

847733  No.1092577

File: 12ce60c5a7cc002⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 604x445, 604:445, yM8YLSnFC_I.jpg)

>16 Tories voted for Corbyn's motion

0845ef  No.1092578


Good lad. Tell the bf.

eaa0e9  No.1092579

File: f94bf88a46ee894⋯.jpeg (124.65 KB, 630x932, 315:466, 57f4c83f1b00000d0cef4a3b.jpeg)


very good lad. My so called friends had the same response when I turned down a slag with big milkers. You will not regret your action.

0845ef  No.1092580


one night - ask directly, be /fit/

relationship - take her on an adventure, and be /fit/

b00e40  No.1092581

File: ef257d6b0d35eed⋯.jpg (181.49 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Corbyn in the paki shop.jpg)

Going to the shop lads, want anything?

52c479  No.1092582



8b8223  No.1092583


did you see this lad?


it's jazz jennings' doctor

a1e133  No.1092584

File: af43a17d6c009ad⋯.jpg (230.13 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 1476223459610.jpg)



c0eecb  No.1092585


Few cans of stella, some walkers MAX jalapeno, and a freddo.

e0d8cb  No.1092586


but my dog has no choice in the matter and no way of telling me what his actual feelings are.

847733  No.1092587


20 Woodbines and a bottle of Ruby Port.

52c479  No.1092588

File: 4c96f2a4590d8dd⋯.jpg (288.53 KB, 1000x1166, 500:583, 1551207708394.jpg)


yeah lad. wasn't it a surgeon that told Jazz no? Which means he went to somebody even more fucked up keeek. and we have the result

a1e133  No.1092589


I miss MDE so much

c0eecb  No.1092590



Who the FUCK buys this SHIT

3ecd2d  No.1092591

File: c349dc764cb297b⋯.jpg (127.1 KB, 974x1024, 487:512, c349dc764cb297b18cb8215313….jpg)

>Amendment that rejects the governments deal, rejects no deal and seeks an extension to avoid no deal on 29 March and find a majority for a different approach.

>Ayes: 302

>Noes: 318

52c479  No.1092592

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

847733  No.1092593


8b930a  No.1092594

Noes have it


He had a choice when he chose to inhabit that animals body tbh

a1e133  No.1092595


He's the only good thing left tbh

049d9c  No.1092596

here we go lads berxit about to die

52c479  No.1092597

File: 1d9f7a0128189e4⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 645x968, 645:968, 1484780184128.jpg)


I'm not following, I am sure everything's good

a1e133  No.1092598

File: 8563734692d7d4d⋯.jpg (257.04 KB, 716x714, 358:357, 1466734045979.jpg)


So no deal?

Best of three?

847733  No.1092599


eaa0e9  No.1092600


take her to centre parks lad, or go on an urban safari dodging our melanin-enriched machete-wielding bonobos

8b8223  No.1092601


these unused sketches are like looking into an alternate timeline smh

52c479  No.1092602


I just like sitting at home tbh

65b12b  No.1092603

File: 4920f7d18387e57⋯.mp4 (587.77 KB, 1280x540, 64:27, 4920f7d18387e5769dc9f1cb5a….mp4)

>tfw redheads are literally going extinct

2b984c  No.1092604



Redpilled reds warm my cold dead heart

8b930a  No.1092605

hang on didn't we just have this vote

2b984c  No.1092606



it ded again

a1e133  No.1092607


Yeah, such a shame it got axed, was so eerie

2b984c  No.1092608


No that was Labour's amendment for an open-ended/long extension this is the June extension

33baa7  No.1092609

So we want another NO?

8b930a  No.1092610

7584af  No.1092611

Haven't they already voted no to an extension?

2b984c  No.1092612

a1e133  No.1092613


I DONT KNOW what any of thise shite means

5a5177  No.1092614

File: 7b9f48eb5719356⋯.gif (10.73 KB, 501x504, 167:168, ixSdAMb.gif)







da13cc  No.1092615



Bounty is best bar

2b984c  No.1092616


indeed we do

a1e133  No.1092617

File: fc30f92f186ec5b⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 331x343, 331:343, 1497283154810.jpg)

>Happy Merchant meems

52c479  No.1092618

File: 7585ba08119ccac⋯.png (83.9 KB, 937x249, 937:249, 1483390003844.png)

Just let the big-brained politicians handle it, lads. It's a reason we've voted for them.

5a5177  No.1092619


I like it old skool

c0eecb  No.1092620


Ban him.

2b984c  No.1092621



I've never seen anyone buy or eat one IRL, not even in school

7584af  No.1092622

File: b2cd672bc1e2f4b⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, nice-jack-russell-terrier-….jpg)


Surely if they vote no to this then we have to leave without a deal then? sorry if i seem like a brainlet lad it's because i am one

c4ea1c  No.1092623





Appreciate it lads, you guys are unironically better support than my actual irl friends, the part that made me die a little was her bf rang her shortly after and she ends the conversation with telling him she loves him.

Just minutes before, she’d attempted to kiss me.

How can somebody be so soulless? Also the bf is unbelievably whipped he’d believe her word over mine so I’m gonna keep my head down for now

8b8223  No.1092624


spotted the shill

a1e133  No.1092625

File: 924c228b1c2bd8a⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 323x323, 1:1, 14389779823.jpg)


>Not teasers bar

>Not yorkie

da13cc  No.1092626


kek whats wrong with them?

a1e133  No.1092627

File: b0bc4ef0846d6e7⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 167x216, 167:216, 14389779810.jpg)


It's gay shite

65b12b  No.1092628

File: c3d206c8866f8cd⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1497678208628.jpg)

permanent nofap starts now

8b930a  No.1092629

>something being archaic means it's bad

thanks BBC.

33baa7  No.1092630

What's the prediction for this motion?

Is it gonna pass? Labour's motion nearly did, and this is similar except more restrictive.

8b8223  No.1092631

Lock the doooooors

it's Robot Waaaaaars

c0eecb  No.1092632


Lad you have to tell him, what evidence do you have? He deserves to know, and a thot deserves no quarter. If it was me, I'd be thankful you told me.

7584af  No.1092633

File: 8dd2cb9ac4f83c9⋯.jpg (177.97 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, Jack_Russell_Terrier_look_….jpg)

>not *Maltesers**

5a5177  No.1092634


>I'm the only one I know who likes the raisin Yorkie bars

N-no bully.

847733  No.1092635

Topic and Double Deckers are best choccy bars don't (you) me.

2b984c  No.1092636


dw anon I am too

as far as I undrestand it cucks May entirely but there's more fuckery to be had don't you worry

the govt will claim its own motion wasn't legally binding and go against it or some shit, it won't look any worse than anything else they could do at this point

65b12b  No.1092637

File: 0f51e7f41fa2a91⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 500x596, 125:149, 1382942291018.jpg)


>tfw she is married to kit harrington irl

a1e133  No.1092638

File: 12c528510652e51⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 843x744, 281:248, 143897799320.jpg)


Nah tbh

Teasers bars or teaser bunnies

c0eecb  No.1092639


It's just that coconut has no place in a chocolate bar, imo.

65b12b  No.1092640

File: 822e6c18f94cfae⋯.png (175.8 KB, 818x792, 409:396, 1502127730697.png)

sainsburys brand salted nachos rn tbh

7584af  No.1092641

Had a hersheys bar yesterday i was surprised that i liked it tbh

8b8223  No.1092642

maltesers are shit and a yorkie is literally just a block of kitkat chocolate which is also shit

8b930a  No.1092643

Galaxy tbh

5a5177  No.1092644

Kinder eggs tbh.

a1e133  No.1092645


Allergic to nuts tbh smh

dce8fc  No.1092646

I ate hobnobs today

65b12b  No.1092647

File: 493afc0a210e788⋯.png (146.76 KB, 457x700, 457:700, 1507248327535.png)

0845ef  No.1092648


something more than just a coffee (for those you want a long term-relationship)

a1e133  No.1092649

Revels are the only circular packeted chocolates you should eat

a1e133  No.1092650

minus the shite orange ones

7584af  No.1092651

File: bb4c4f776fa7e57⋯.jpg (78.4 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, vanilla.jpg)


And vanilla has no place in coke,but here we are

2b984c  No.1092652

File: 9889895d0bb5598⋯.jpeg (15.37 KB, 378x133, 54:19, ;ion.jpeg)

The only choice there is

eaa0e9  No.1092653


>orange one


8b8223  No.1092654


this but peanut

5a5177  No.1092655


eaa0e9  No.1092656

gotta be a boost bar for the paki stomping energy it bestows.

c4ea1c  No.1092657


Believe me he won’t, I’m known as the guy that’s never serious about anything. So when I am no one believes me.

8b930a  No.1092658

File: 2e8f0f66e382e7c⋯.jpg (246.1 KB, 1312x556, 328:139, Dairy Milk Shortcake Biscu….jpg)


a1e133  No.1092659

File: ea1f95755555d08⋯.jpg (44.4 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 143897799375.jpg)

>People eating orange chocolates and enjoy doing it

847733  No.1092660


3ecd2d  No.1092661

File: 96e2f49da50ef55⋯.jpg (8.38 KB, 305x165, 61:33, 1493850124351.jpg)


>The unchanged motion: Extension of article 50 until 30 June if Parliament approves the government's Brexit deal by Wednesday 20 March.

>Ayes: 412

>Noes: 202

33baa7  No.1092662



65b12b  No.1092663

File: 9dda699924a3282⋯.jpg (16.8 KB, 420x410, 42:41, 1504995805085.jpg)


2b984c  No.1092664

File: b7fd677f80a5aef⋯.jpeg (16.42 KB, 225x225, 1:1, wi.jpeg)





also this

8b930a  No.1092665

File: d86f6fab3fa44df⋯.png (210.2 KB, 971x884, 971:884, stalino.PNG)

a1e133  No.1092666


fuck off lad we're talking about chocolate

e0d8cb  No.1092667



c4ea1c  No.1092668


Munchies master race

33baa7  No.1092669

>corbyn talking out of his arse again

a1e133  No.1092670

File: 6f56cd6bfc30b0a⋯.jpg (151.37 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 143897799372.jpg)

>30th june

Brexit cancelled

65b12b  No.1092671

File: 0f810ad17f2e981⋯.png (52.5 KB, 376x341, 376:341, 8pj09iw2gfa11.png)

eaa0e9  No.1092672

Do they still make Cadbury's Dream lads? Havent seen it in donkeys

c0eecb  No.1092673


Well, you've done the right thing anyway lad, so well done. If you do try to tell him though I'll buy you a pint. (BTC or whatever).

2b984c  No.1092674



But will the EU agree to an extension if there is no deal OKd by parliament by the 29th?

7584af  No.1092675

File: e0470359cfea247⋯.jpg (163.88 KB, 1000x747, 1000:747, titan.jpg)

God bless aldi

65b12b  No.1092676


no, it was kino tho

847733  No.1092677

What happened to Rolos?

a1e133  No.1092678


Lad it will be delayed till the end of time

8b8223  No.1092679

File: 9fd46ee4f647fc0⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 298x403, 298:403, Waiting-Skeleton.jpg)

brexit limbo is just reality now

3ecd2d  No.1092680


>will the EU agree to an extension

Probably not, no one knows for sure though.

a1e133  No.1092681


They taste like shit now tbh, I only ever see them in the cinema and they are in a plastic packet

c4ea1c  No.1092682


Bet you love lots of nobs huh

7584af  No.1092683

File: 9f34c26e8c98d0b⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 954x381, 318:127, ww.jpg)


6e96f0  No.1092684

File: 384033f3c350421⋯.png (97.47 KB, 416x279, 416:279, ClipboardImage.png)


I think that MP's will do whatever they can to avoid no deal brexit, but that no deal brexit will probably happen anyway. That's my prediction.

2b984c  No.1092685


Is Vassal Day today or the 29th?

3ecd2d  No.1092686

File: d354ef36b45d845⋯.jpg (132.37 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, d8ac2667d486a63de7bc5c1750….jpg)

It's times like these that I long for some solid daftyism.

2b984c  No.1092687



7584af  No.1092688

File: 746acbead81213d⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 746acbead81213d38ba9546e8a….jpg)

>laura smith

52c479  No.1092689

C-certainly the EU will just say FUCK IT, r-right?

33baa7  No.1092690

>shrill female voice starts talking utter bollocks

>it's a laybah mp

why aren't I surprised?

b4d5f4  No.1092691

File: 77c4ee84083d003⋯.png (377.85 KB, 519x517, 519:517, sarg.png)

eu elections lads.

UTOMMEH or The BrexShadesOfThe1930s Party.

inclined towards the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh, they dislike the muslims and trannies and don't have this gay lolberg streak anymore

7584af  No.1092692

File: e5b80f2d56a02ea⋯.jpg (18.92 KB, 311x357, 311:357, 5b0e231dabc5f77b12e671667c….jpg)


>i will never choke her

c0eecb  No.1092693


Too salty tbh

Cadburys fingers are the one true choice tbh.

8b8223  No.1092694

File: 1c388b8f3566ae2⋯.jpg (42.12 KB, 615x407, 615:407, Wagon-Wheels.jpg)

File: f17a3ad751af425⋯.jpg (20.67 KB, 220x328, 55:82, 220px-Roger_Scruton_by_Pet….jpg)

7584af  No.1092695

Based dafty jocks tbh

5a5177  No.1092696

So what are the chances of the EU saying "fuck off, no deal."?

847733  No.1092697


>not liking salt in your sweets

Pleb tbh.

2b984c  No.1092698

c4ea1c  No.1092699


Appreciate that buddy, what amazes me is how she so casually said she loves him right after she just tried to get me to shag her

It’s just… cold. That’s cold.

ea9073  No.1092700


Exactly this. I swear, if I was an e-celeb I'd have the best twitter account ever. We'd be full dafty by now. Shit like this needs to be spread far and wide.

5a5177  No.1092701


>too daft to embed


33baa7  No.1092702

I doubt Bercowitz will extend this condemnation to include the harassment and threats Nationalists recieve from HNH and Antifa

2b984c  No.1092703


Am lazy shit on omni

dce8fc  No.1092704


ea9073  No.1092705

>John Bercow

>Prior to his election to Speaker, he was a member of the Conservative Party. A former right-winger, he changed his views after becoming an MP and at one time was rumoured to be likely to defect to the Labour Party

Jesus wept. Democratic politics really is a load of plebs being led around by more shameless, perfidious and well connected plebs. It irks me so much that jacob rees mogg simply has to sit there, sigh and push his glasses up his nose to appear refined and intelligent - because that's how fucking awful the entire ossified system is.

33baa7  No.1092706


>he likes rees-mogg

go back to cuckchan pls

1f1419  No.1092707


That's not what his post says.

cb8283  No.1092708

File: 11adcc097e29b43⋯.jpg (85.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1503454975056.jpg)

just got back from walking the dogs lads

so let me get this straight, they delayed triggeriing article 50 for 9 months while they made a exit strategy (delayed brexit), the strategy is a transition period which they are trying to push through (long term brexit delay) but they couldnt get that through in time so they are looking for a extension (a delay while they get the long term delay approved), and our asshole government have voted in mass numbers for it????

how do we mobilise???

e0d8cb  No.1092709


jacob rees mog more like gaycob sucks dong

8b8223  No.1092710

File: 5999cd5e695bd4a⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 300x295, 60:59, yanks_(2).jpg)


65b12b  No.1092711

File: 8b2d40787a1d7a4⋯.jpg (102.09 KB, 674x521, 674:521, 1511815271698.jpg)


>how do we mobilise???

b00e40  No.1092712

File: b47c6016078892c⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 407x319, 37:29, It never had to be this wa….jpg)

>Brexit delayed until June 30th

Now would be a pretty good time for nuclear war to break out.

52c479  No.1092713


c-come on lad I am sure he's just been watching too much American telly

cb8283  No.1092714


thats what im thinking


fuck you wankstain, im not a burger

ea9073  No.1092715


This post made no sense to me tbh. I don't have a fucking clue what's going on other than we are obviously being shafted on brexit, and that every mp is a corrupt and perfidious nation wrecker following a kike script.

52c479  No.1092716


I am sure they will reward our patience tbh

ea9073  No.1092717


>he can't comprehend simple points

Go back to hell, please.

cb8283  No.1092718

File: 503eabe0a10d95c⋯.jpg (8.1 KB, 250x244, 125:122, 1523258126444.jpg)


it should have made sense to you, but your right we are being completely shafted on brexit

e0d8cb  No.1092719

Will this motion to delay be put before the EU?

3ecd2d  No.1092720


Yeah the EU has to agree to it. No clue what they'll say though.

b4d5f4  No.1092721


isn't this what Salvini's going to veto?

dce8fc  No.1092722


Hopefully. Forcing us to take No Deal.

Only a based Italian can save us now.

3ecd2d  No.1092723


Potentially, although I'm not certain what the decision making process would be.

d0f338  No.1092724

File: 44de7414cd79870⋯.gif (762.51 KB, 607x609, 607:609, 44de7414cd79870ddf7aa40426….gif)

>France isn't supporting the delay

baste EU supporting us leaving the EU

cb8283  No.1092725

File: 5e57f9f2a85623d⋯.jpg (57.18 KB, 600x581, 600:581, c2e3aef65a5bd3c0fb8b87cd2d….jpg)


it'll have to be, the EU and the other member states will decide if we get an extension, this stupid vote is the equivilan of signing a contact with yourself saying that you wont get thrown out of your flat after already giving notice, doesnt mean much tbh, just a slap in the face to the electorate

dce8fc  No.1092726


Good and weird analogy showing how backwards this whole thing is. Rude and desperate MPs tbh.

da13cc  No.1092727


yeah maybe the main EU crowd with reee enough to make us leave

cb8283  No.1092728


ive never been so pissed off with the gov tbh

d0f338  No.1092729


It's not just the British public that's fed up with waiting.

cb8283  No.1092730

have they voted on the second referendum yet


65b12b  No.1092731

File: 846d994a3697776⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 236x288, 59:72, 5e1nx60t7luz.jpg)


idk may starting stephen lawrence day was very rage inducing

d0f338  No.1092732

File: 0f2049123794798⋯.mp4 (6.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4PqXnA7Unz_jvMHg.mp4)

you'd best start believing in clown worlds, you're in one

a1e133  No.1092733


soon, bregit has been delayed till june 30th smhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ARGH

cb8283  No.1092734


it was, sorry tho, its nothing on this

ea9073  No.1092735


The post was a mess tbh.

a1e133  No.1092736

File: 4d2e51dd89d42af⋯.jpg (33.14 KB, 484x623, 484:623, 14389779816.jpg)


The fucking state of it

65b12b  No.1092737

File: 6835e54bb5eba16⋯.png (228.83 KB, 506x328, 253:164, 1523897897534.png)

52c479  No.1092738


I don't get it

c0eecb  No.1092739


Well, it hasn't, the EU won't agree to it.

d0f338  No.1092740


getting castrated is totes trendy!

ea9073  No.1092741


Wtf is going on here?


Same. I have absolutely no idea what the message is meant to be. I think it's advertising buffalo wings (but it could also be beer or some sportsball thing), but I don't know how.

dce8fc  No.1092742

Remember how Cameron surprised everyone by giving us the vote and then stepping down when it didnt go the way he wanted?

Maybe the EU will surprise us in somewhat the same way, and force us to take No Deal.

c0eecb  No.1092743

If the EU agrees to the delay then it will be time to go dafty.

a1e133  No.1092744

File: a098702a26b5cb8⋯.png (672.28 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 14389779913.png)


yeah okay

d0f338  No.1092745


Apparently it's taking the mick out of how blokes will make excuses to take the day off on the day of the ballgame.

cb8283  No.1092746

File: 25e8c4b56a9a1cc⋯.gif (3.17 MB, 244x195, 244:195, a67150c7b466cd445335c51f77….gif)


they will if theres a referendum/GE or a reason to, im guessing thats going to be the next step, vote again


suck my balls tbh, pic related

65b12b  No.1092747

File: ac3d14a197978b3⋯.gif (920.5 KB, 585x242, 585:242, witnessme.gif)


if I do, promise youll all witness me brothers

a1e133  No.1092748

File: 4e0d00bbaaf9d86⋯.jpg (69.75 KB, 820x884, 205:221, 14389779901.jpg)


witness you sit down and post lad?

52c479  No.1092749

I-I'll do dafty this time lads

65b12b  No.1092750

File: c14788f61e1ba64⋯.png (8.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 5fd6bd5ce61caa1f0616ade65c….png)

3ecd2d  No.1092751

File: 65b5c49a8fa53eb⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 39c2f61710744af442f96a5a7b….jpg)

What kind of daftyism are you lads thinking? More "hitler was right" dafty? or football hooligan dafty? Or dare I say it…satanic daftyism?

d0f338  No.1092752


that looks fucking gay

52c479  No.1092753

gonna do 5 push ups for the white race tbh

65b12b  No.1092754

File: f3e8896814a6d85⋯.jpg (83.14 KB, 750x562, 375:281, 55316148eab8ea59068b456a-7….jpg)


>What kind of daftyism are you lads thinking?

c0eecb  No.1092755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll witness you lad.

a1e133  No.1092756


Yeah they probably did bumsex and called it magick

a1e133  No.1092757

File: 937edbeac7eed26⋯.png (237.09 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 143897799423.png)

The best kind of daftyism is sitting around waiting for someone to go daft so you can post about it tbh

dce8fc  No.1092758


Post Pics

0845ef  No.1092759


You must tell him. Don't delay.

65b12b  No.1092760


the worst part about goin dafty is you wont be in the happening threads unless you escape

65b12b  No.1092761


of what

dce8fc  No.1092762


up to you

we dont want to know what ffs

1911b1  No.1092764

File: 40d56f189c1cc2c⋯.jpg (20.53 KB, 300x440, 15:22, Women_at_work_during_the_F….jpg)

>tfw when no dafty mummy gf

ce0c5d  No.1092765

File: ecc6df4f6d1ea7a⋯.png (376.6 KB, 658x507, 658:507, praise Musso.PNG)


cb8283  No.1092766

File: 216858af386dc02⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 500x580, 25:29, 1469866358415.jpg)



yeah do it!!! post pics mofo!! suprise us!!

3ecd2d  No.1092767

File: 7c0bd5cabfc5063⋯.jpg (639.56 KB, 3436x2742, 1718:1371, 1536346943613.jpg)


Quite like Mussomemi tbh.

9cb85f  No.1092768


I was in the TA Signals when the cold war was on. bit nippy tbh. also, putting tents up in summer in full nbc kit was no fun.

52c479  No.1092769

Hasn't EU said that there is no possibility of a deal and that they wouldn't even allow us to go back to how things were, that it is either no deal or that they want even more power than they previously held?

65b12b  No.1092770

File: 5c488be99fb484d⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 804x802, 402:401, 1456256740956.jpg)

j..just joking guys I was talking about griefing my local minecraft server

52c479  No.1092771

File: 4610a0f6d200fc2⋯.png (245.64 KB, 620x413, 620:413, ClipboardImage.png)

Why does she want to be hated by all, lads? What's her end goal?

ce0c5d  No.1092772


where are the weapons buried?

a1e133  No.1092773


She is just a stooge lad, she has no purpose

ce0c5d  No.1092774


>11:00pm on 29th March

>goes off air



ce0c5d  No.1092775

62038d  No.1092776


Great, so I'll convert my money to Euros in preparation then.

65b12b  No.1092777

File: 5c488be99fb484d⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 804x802, 402:401, 1456256740956.jpg)


>tfw what little money I have is going to be worthless

cb8283  No.1092778


good luck with that, the euros got abotu 5 years left in it

0845ef  No.1092779


Nicely spotted.

archive: https://archive.fo/NLnOn

ce0c5d  No.1092780

File: 93beef77c08be79⋯.png (664 KB, 688x596, 172:149, Greta Down-Syndrome.PNG)

>The Nobel prize

>named after the Russian Nobel family

>the Bolshevik communists seized all their wealth giving financial rights to their Baku oil fields to the Rockefellers & Rothschilds

65b12b  No.1092781

former leave voter here, not gonna lie watching brexit crash and burn is hilarious,but seriously we cant let may get ahold of the withdrawal agreement

cb8283  No.1092782

File: 88fd08d4d500c92⋯.jpeg (146.29 KB, 968x681, 968:681, f5cea83e96c7e3432218da1e3….jpeg)


> former

your time will come

b00e40  No.1092783

I swear, I will legit buy the national flag of whichever EU country trolls the remainers and blocks the extension of article 50, and I'll hang it up in my living room for an entire year.


cb8283  No.1092784

ce0c5d  No.1092785

File: 2ac7155e3af87c0⋯.png (467.68 KB, 665x548, 665:548, hnh jew.PNG)

File: 4ee6fb37d6a14a1⋯.png (153.67 KB, 428x444, 107:111, fatyid.PNG)

>Hope not Hate



This fucking blatant


a1e133  No.1092786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>trolls the remainers and blocks the extension of article 50

0845ef  No.1092787


Poland will do it.

8b8223  No.1092788

File: f31db24253cf10a⋯.jpg (26.17 KB, 480x412, 120:103, f31db24253cf10a970edc5aa86….jpg)

da13cc  No.1092789

ce0c5d  No.1092790

File: a57b9827f7366cc⋯.png (504.03 KB, 666x495, 74:55, nonces_.PNG)

wew lordy

ea9073  No.1092792


t. deano trader

a1e133  No.1092793


Lad he knows what he is talking about, the euro is job done

1f1419  No.1092794


It's a copypasta about Trump.

d0f338  No.1092795

File: dfe6d74056f0226⋯.mp4 (487.87 KB, 480x848, 30:53, pkpW9xuxDpDOPbv3.mp4)

ca0500  No.1092796


Where was that lad? It looks like AA or anti missile defences.

ea9073  No.1092797


Blatant about what? Isn't this a good thing for us?

ce0c5d  No.1092798

File: 8e488ff0ad36089⋯.mp4 (4.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, couple of lying faggots.mp4)

Nope. We're leaving TBH

Classic fake news

d0f338  No.1092799


Tel Aviv's Iron Dome, missiles were fired and air raid sirens are going off.

a1e133  No.1092800


Are we? we were supposed to lead this month and now its june

a1e133  No.1092801

File: 7e18a288d3f0c76⋯.jpg (14.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 14389779809.jpg)

a1e133  No.1092802

just need to start griefing the minecraft admins houses

ea9073  No.1092803


>the way they're normalising the notion of staying

>actually saying 'whether we stay or go'

>'stay' even comes first


b00e40  No.1092804


Israel and Gaza kicking off again?


ca0500  No.1092805


I'm going to make a wild guess that they're going to blame Syria and use it as a reason to seize the Golan heights permanently.

52c479  No.1092806

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ce0c5d  No.1092807


They isued a blatant threat yesterday that if Hezbollah were to use Syrian territory to launch an attack they would retaliate.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand right on cue….

ca0500  No.1092808


Yeah, pay a couple Palestinians to fire some bottle rockets over the wall and then make up whatever the fuck you like about it.

ce0c5d  No.1092809

File: 643a20673345e87⋯.png (58.42 KB, 717x447, 239:149, mo rape.PNG)

ca0500  No.1092810


I believe that's immaterial when they have a machete to your throat.

d0f338  No.1092811

Hamas is evacuating all posts in Gaza expecting heavy retaliatory action from Israel. -Gage

ce0c5d  No.1092812

File: 69063cd493da8ce⋯.png (147.74 KB, 1164x681, 388:227, why do your farts smell so….PNG)

>never a word on banning Fluoroquinolone antibiotics

>they're used on chickens & other animals in most of the EU and here

>HoL's recommended a ban 20 yrs ago

>been banned in the USA since 2005


>meanwhile chlorinated chickens

oh and



d0f338  No.1092813

File: 2488e6ee7e5b284⋯.mp4 (1.19 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Q9kVd3ovFxNvQoKV.mp4)

ca0500  No.1092814


It's all of the Orient, China doesn't bother reprinting bottles if they're being sold in the poorer shitholes in the region.

ce0c5d  No.1092815


Chinese are just waiting to invade and enslave/kill us

ce0c5d  No.1092816

6bed7d  No.1092817

File: 9c7e0ff2850ee6a⋯.jpg (262.51 KB, 975x976, 975:976, 1 - X4iYcEQ.jpg)


Late but Copkiller is kino.

Good post.

d0f338  No.1092818



enjoy finding the "grrr what about white people" comments

c4ea1c  No.1092819

Rewatching the inbetweeners episodes.

Forgot how funny this shit is.

eaa0e9  No.1092820


The Chinese are not capable of this

ca0500  No.1092821


The worst we can be charged with is selling them the same sort of bottling.

dce8fc  No.1092822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ca0500  No.1092823


Tbh, at best they're here to steal tech and buy a house as an investment.

d0f338  No.1092824


>"uhhm but akshulee it's our waste that we're selling to China"

I want to smash these fucking cunts heads in

639ffa  No.1092825

File: 6a5d58e5311a269⋯.jpg (145.2 KB, 718x623, 718:623, c3ba45f726d3d7df3c0a942837….jpg)


I was thinking more making some whips and the brit posse rolling up on the City of London

ca0500  No.1092826


I guess they missed the bit where China is the biggest industrial produced of consumer goods on the planet. I guess they all just think smart phone when they hear the word consumer goods.

d0f338  No.1092827


>Wanna see some scenes from the people of the UK after they leave the beaches, bars and streets in Greece, for instance?


ca0500  No.1092828


I honestly wonder how many products reach outside the EU. I imagine France still managed to see alot of products in it's 'former' colony's.

d0f338  No.1092829

File: d362caf2faaa8b4⋯.png (566.59 KB, 592x744, 74:93, sdb.png)

File: b2139f74ff88f09⋯.jpg (14.87 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.jpg)


ca0500  No.1092830


I guess they're assuming all that rubbish is just swept into the ocean at the end of the night.

ca0500  No.1092831


Yeah no one seems to realise China's concept of Environmentalism is reshaping nature to suit our interests.

d0f338  No.1092832

File: f20f4269caf5b9f⋯.jpg (77.38 KB, 632x421, 632:421, 4DDB2BBD00000578-5910011-C….jpg)

File: 45d043a66ee2cb8⋯.jpg (220.69 KB, 960x640, 3:2, https___blogs-images.forbe….jpg)

File: eb33e08848df1f3⋯.jpg (113.19 KB, 728x479, 728:479, xrEM4cj-DTpdLebwFvLeq44wdQ….jpg)

File: 96d1d544ea0c171⋯.jpg (214.93 KB, 768x512, 3:2, china_plastic_trash_pollut….jpg)


I fucking despise these people, bleeding-hearters that won't pull their thumbs out their arses and address the issue, just jump around virtue signalling for whatever the popular opinion is.

Yes, littering anywhere is bad and yes, we should be doing something about it, BUT THAT IS FUCKING MEANINGLESS WHEN YOU IGNORE THE ACTUAL FUCKING PROBLEM.

d0f338  No.1092833


It's impossible, you can't get anywhere with them as they are too busy doing their utmost to fit in with the in crowd and not be deemed racist

b00e40  No.1092834

File: ba2d897b6847a95⋯.png (24.05 KB, 657x525, 219:175, Help helper 148.png)

What you lads having for din dins? I'm gonna order a pizza.

ce0c5d  No.1092835

ca0500  No.1092836


Is he that LBC radio host?

d0f338  No.1092837

>I walk every day on a beach in England and its exactly the same! Its a massive WORLD problem

>Did a 10mins walk on one beach in Maldives last month and picked this up….hands, pockets and bags full

>I did similar on a small island off Mauritius a couple of years ago. Mostly smaller stuff, bottle tops etc.

>Unfortunately it's the same in the UK! I live in Bournemouth and in the summer I am constantly telling holiday makers to pick up their rubbish on the beach. Absolutely infuriating.

>p-p-please don't look into the whole China thing

7584af  No.1092838

File: ce3f13b79e12966⋯.jpg (10.37 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 6bb1894a7598eff2fbf8c138b4….jpg)


But lad i found a few used condoms washed up on the beach it's not just the Chinese stop being racist mate look at urself what about all the english chavs x

33baa7  No.1092839

Will Commons accept a repackaged version of May's deal if the EU cannot extend Article 50?

c4ea1c  No.1092840


I’m ordering a chair to stand up on and a noose tbh

ca0500  No.1092841


That sounds more like an over night delivery.

0845ef  No.1092842


ordering a paki pizza

fb54ea  No.1092843

File: 6a92ecf4206c5cf⋯.jpg (97.06 KB, 1024x952, 128:119, 1476663893278m.jpg)


We're all global citizens tbh

33baa7  No.1092844


>Brexiters themselves disagree on what Leave means. May’s deal, Norway+, No Deal, Canada+.

Jesus, these people really think May is a brexiteer don't they?

d0f338  No.1092845

File: 68741a0c4c3eb1c⋯.mp4 (11.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, amazon river plastic pollu….mp4)


grrr those evil chavs with their dumptrucks filled with plastic how dare they

ca0500  No.1092846


They get their information and opinions through social media, which I'm now fairly convinced is an informal method of mind control.

dce8fc  No.1092847

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nay not this day frend, this fight is far from over.

c4ea1c  No.1092848


I chose one day expedited delivery tbh

ce0c5d  No.1092849



Had a very interesting conversation with a North African today in which he spilled the beans on pakis in the UK

Will write about it over the weekend. Too knackered now, suffice to say about the pizza toppings, he said the ingredients are either fake and most of the 'real' ones come from stock which is very often out of date

They normally immediately tear the sell by date off goods/ingredients

He also gave me the lowdown on halal and how they scam other muslims, flagrantly disobey environmental and other legislation including animal cruelty, driving around the UK at night buying diseased and maimed livestock for knock down prices from dodgy farmers, recycling it into the foodchain via kebab sh ops/pizza places etc

He also told me how they scam billions from HM Customs and Excise and dodge tax on a mammoth scale

He absolutely shut the gob of some coalburning yooman been thot I work with who was so angry at her world view being destroyed by a wog that she stormed off

8b8223  No.1092850


he's an ex hate preacher who now shills globo homo on the radio

52c479  No.1092851

>parents falling for the "it's the chillun that will inherit the earth so they get a say" memi

ca0500  No.1092852


He's at the very least late then.

ce0c5d  No.1092853

dce8fc  No.1092854


and is Israels best buddy.

9cb85f  No.1092855

File: 3edbc7bede92139⋯.png (384.37 KB, 750x895, 150:179, 6248c6c7d8564c6ebe087d6099….png)


'how do we mobilise?' like gilet jaune, but with hardhats as our symbol….and welding masks.

ca0500  No.1092856


So he is the LBC radio host. How did they term a muslim into a kike though, then again is it really a transition?

52c479  No.1092857


Don't people wear hardhats because they aren't 'ard enough not to?

a1e133  No.1092858


Hey moon goes so much better tbh

c4ea1c  No.1092859


Actually I read that there’s a living ww2 veteran who’s still alive at 113, imagine what he has to say about how things turned out eh?

With the way the world is and how it’s going I don’t even want to make it to 40 let alone 113. I’d top myself if I was still alive at 100

9cb85f  No.1092860




52c479  No.1092861

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Top fucking keeeek its face

8b8223  No.1092862


he was in prison in egypt for a bit, probably didnt like it much

much nicer to take bribes from yids to pretend moderate islam is a thing

ca0500  No.1092863


I don't think any man has been 'arder than a brick dropped from a second story landing.

a1e133  No.1092864

File: 96342ea22e1fed2⋯.png (820.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>ISP sent me a letter saying I've been caught pirating

ca0500  No.1092865

c4ea1c  No.1092866


They let me down tbh

a1e133  No.1092867

File: 8f25aa1c2ab9f4f⋯.webm (315.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, alex brap.webm)


idk, didnt tell to pay anyone any money, it just said I downloaded it

Will probably get a letter from amc saying I owe them 10 grand

52c479  No.1092868


should let evolution do its job tbh, survival of the 'ardest

dce8fc  No.1092869


I dont know if you can be bothered to give a shit about anything by that age. btw if thats the black american chap who likes ice cream, whisky, cigars, church and cats these things were basically his tips for long life and living easy …erm he's dead now


d0f338  No.1092870

File: 776617628131421⋯.jpg (130.9 KB, 968x1200, 121:150, D1pI3EIWoAIw3n5.jpg)

File: e8a6e9ed372be4e⋯.jpg (118.06 KB, 1063x1200, 1063:1200, D1pI3EPXcAAxew_.jpg)

File: 1d288f689fd4e71⋯.jpg (103.33 KB, 884x1200, 221:300, D1pI3EXX4AACmy4.jpg)

File: 23a3b629e55481e⋯.jpg (127.55 KB, 1025x1200, 41:48, D1pI3GtW0AIEaCg.jpg)

what a time to be alive

ca0500  No.1092871


I think you'll run out of humans first.

e5750e  No.1092872


My non-profit Aborted kids for Brexit is looking for donations in that case

52c479  No.1092873



c4ea1c  No.1092874


Unless you have grandkids by the time you’re that age I could see a man hanging himself tbh

e5750e  No.1092875


I’ll have that aswell please Mr. Muhhomed

7584af  No.1092876


On the surface our societies are the most philo semitic that they ever have been but sometimes i get the impression that the average person wouldn't actually care if there was another shoah.

9cb85f  No.1092877

File: a7aafac7fa6c0b6⋯.png (600.08 KB, 415x485, 83:97, tigger.PNG)


my doggo looks more tigerish tbh

c4ea1c  No.1092878


Well. They did nazi that coming, Ann frankly, I bet they’re fuhreous.

But me? I’m quite kampfy tbh

… I’ll go hang myself now

52c479  No.1092879


rare. Make videos, lad

52c479  No.1092880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e0d8cb  No.1092881

















1f1419  No.1092882


If you want to be believed, post it with an article or reliable tweet.

7584af  No.1092883


David davis

ce0c5d  No.1092884

52c479  No.1092885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


8b8223  No.1092886

File: b93a2a2dca91b30⋯.webm (1.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, assad.webm)

52c479  No.1092887


Yeah kek. Don't even think he thinks of himself as a girl, just a degenerate.

65b12b  No.1092888


imagine a tranny informing your political views lmao, easily led morons, honestly dont get cunts who do total 180s on politics, Ive always been right wing

e5750e  No.1092889


c4ea1c  No.1092890


>tfw extreme right and only going further right as I get older

7584af  No.1092891

File: 8bdaa667ce3a4eb⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 255x171, 85:57, 94839946eb9a1b5fe10623e884….jpg)


>tfw used to be an unironic neocon who thought Iran needed to be invaded

9cb85f  No.1092892

File: ff265dfd93d06c6⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1834x597, 1834:597, brindle pitbull.PNG)


rare in UK I think, not in usa. I will when doggo's fully grown. just a puppy still.

d17cf4  No.1092893

File: a24581dfe32c398⋯.gif (857.18 KB, 365x273, 365:273, 1349370999108.gif)


But thtay aren't complaining about that, they are upset scoobydootube has disabled commenting on all their videos.

52c479  No.1092894

eaa0e9  No.1092895


Funny how the Internet left's most respected anti-misogynist is just a bloke in a dress.

52c479  No.1092896

File: 9c315018e029391⋯.png (24.9 KB, 645x968, 645:968, 9c315018e0293914a015483c6a….png)


Trying to make me look stupid, m8?

52c479  No.1092897

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e-celeb starting lads

ca0500  No.1092898


Was it because of bebe's supposed nuclear bomb, that Iran's been ten months away from completing for 20 years.

d17cf4  No.1092899


Nah lad, just trying to be fair and balanced.

52c479  No.1092900

File: 7c9b9f199310c8a⋯.jpg (114.92 KB, 1020x917, 1020:917, 1484780184129.jpg)


yeah, unlike me, that's what you're trying to say isn't it, lad?

7584af  No.1092901

File: 30386d09134c988⋯.jpg (181.61 KB, 1597x1065, 1597:1065, 4553e5c2b81de3a196721ab7cc….jpg)



Right you two,outside now.

52c479  No.1092902

File: 01751372396ccc4⋯.png (805.25 KB, 1195x671, 1195:671, ClipboardImage.png)

*looks at you*

ca0500  No.1092903

File: a91189ea8cfddb3⋯.jpg (16.35 KB, 354x348, 59:58, justsatonmynuts.jpg)

7584af  No.1092904

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No lad i was impressionable and fell for le posh atheist man's shtick

52c479  No.1092905

>opening with asking about his eyes

best to get it out of the way I guess keeek. Based autism

b15137  No.1092906


Deradicalise Youtube with scoobydooish/Globalhomo radicalism? Doesn't make sense in the slightest.

I find Contrapoints amusing because the freak actually hides beneath a veneer of nonchalance, and actually takes itself very seriously, despite not taking any of the topics it talks about seriously in the slightest.

d17cf4  No.1092907

File: da96105a80b75bc⋯.mp4 (406.7 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1430844025499.mp4)


What if I am lad, wanna go like?

7584af  No.1092908

File: d552715d5b675e6⋯.png (193.37 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 544a4b1c71731b569fca670b76….png)


*squares up to you*

ca0500  No.1092909


Oh they're evil Shia scum (sunnis are fine though we don't need to invade Saudi Arabia) because their backward and medieval and immune to my kike brethren.

52c479  No.1092910

File: 0657833d5ca2b30⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 503x478, 503:478, 1513437807883.jpg)


fuck you


moment's passed, lad. Managed to deflect the attention away from my embarrassment. You're safe for now

ca0500  No.1092911




e5750e  No.1092912


I read Foucault unironically

8b8223  No.1092913


don't give him any more money

52c479  No.1092914


Might give /brit/ a shout-out. Imagine all the yanks watching right now. We could be flooded by spics

7584af  No.1092915

File: 39a2a1d18868fe0⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 370x335, 74:67, 2fbad264c6ec98ec75668a9f7a….jpg)


>fuck you

52c479  No.1092916


"fuck you" for making me laugh at such a silly joke, lad

7584af  No.1092917

File: 0d8ae33eab304c8⋯.png (21.93 KB, 1258x205, 1258:205, spiclad.PNG)


>We could be flooded by spics

I miss him lads

52c479  No.1092918


Keeeeeeeeeeeeeek. He hasn't changed

ca0500  No.1092919


Fucking hell how old was he? I remembering him posting but I don't remember it being written like 16 year old girl's diary.

8b8223  No.1092920




that wasn't actually him

e5750e  No.1092921


Who’s that, Nick Fuentes?

65b12b  No.1092922

File: 37b1dfd32dc1b28⋯.png (261.45 KB, 828x960, 69:80, 1507139770572.png)


I myself prefer the more visual medium myself

52c479  No.1092923


Good parody then

33baa7  No.1092924


>it's up to nearly 500k subs

Hmm, totally no conspiracy to back its channel here

ce0c5d  No.1092925

Vince Cable stepping down

Mad old cunt

52c479  No.1092926


well yes it literally is shilling it. At least they didn't shill Shaun yet, that lad is more revolting than this tranny

65b12b  No.1092927


try watching its latest video, boring shite about nothing, total waffle, no way normies are watching this crap

33baa7  No.1092928

>JF pulling in under 250 viewers

lel, frogwog is on suicide watch

65b12b  No.1092929


that smug nihilistic slimy lying scouse cunt needs a proper slap tbh, cant even go 20 seconds into his videos without wanting to shut it off

e5750e  No.1092930

File: f54a9e0f5f75bb1⋯.jpeg (41.25 KB, 374x550, 17:25, E356E4B0-852D-4502-BDE8-5….jpeg)


Pour one out for that Bitch ass nigga

8b8223  No.1092931

ce0c5d  No.1092932

File: e417d0d28cad929⋯.mp4 (6.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gay poo btfo.mp4)

gay poo btfo

7584af  No.1092933


That homosexuality 'scandal' with him was an interesting bit of theatre where people have to publicly deny what they actually believe tbh

a1e133  No.1092934


What is that in his pocket? does he nibble from it?

a1e133  No.1092935

He is a good lad for that, threatening the eu for us smh

ca0500  No.1092936


Pocket full of clovers.

ca0500  No.1092937

ce0c5d  No.1092938

File: 7c4619b0cfa0f37⋯.png (431.96 KB, 443x600, 443:600, Taig_.png)



ce0c5d  No.1092939

7584af  No.1092940


You can tell poopaddy is chomping at the bit to go into a john oliver style rant but keeps his mouth shut because he knows his place

ce0c5d  No.1092941


He knows Trump would rekt him hard

7584af  No.1092942

File: 8703badd91e9443⋯.jpg (60.68 KB, 940x545, 188:109, princessmako.jpg)


Epic style lad

0845ef  No.1092943

File: 727ad09d8fa9089⋯.png (547.17 KB, 634x453, 634:453, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 353d76c9db094e3⋯.png (665.66 KB, 634x527, 634:527, ClipboardImage.png)

f71eeb  No.1092944


And rightfully so.

c8d1d3  No.1092945

File: 787e2fd3c124ccd⋯.jpg (40.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1538589712803.jpg)

can't wait lads

e0d8cb  No.1092946


mumsnet and norf nonce hunters are better at organising than the right lmao

d851e5  No.1092947

File: 07d4bf3d2dabd49⋯.mp4 (2.07 MB, 720x720, 1:1, soubrytraitor.mp4)

Anna Soubry gets called a traitor by heckling woman

f71eeb  No.1092948


Shit herself there. Jej.

a1e133  No.1092949

File: e3e072ce25cdbc2⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 763x771, 763:771, 143897799354.jpg)


I want this to heat up

a1e133  No.1092950

Bet she thought she was gonna get who'd

e0d8cb  No.1092951


was that soubry saying "get the police"? what an absolute coward she cant deal with criticism at all

d851e5  No.1092952

File: 5f01abed112c60b⋯.jpg (107.07 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, JoCoxWanted.jpg)



I want her to be the next jo cox in minecraft

d851e5  No.1092953


yeah, she was saying "get the police" even though the police were already there

e0d8cb  No.1092954


how can people just accept that blatant authoritarian behavior?

f71eeb  No.1092955


Think she was referring to the secret police.

e0d8cb  No.1092956


weird how anarchists and "anti fascists" dont give a fuck about blatant hollyoowd fascistic shit like this.

d851e5  No.1092957


what I hate is how the police just do what they're told, the fucking moronic automatons

ca0500  No.1092958


She sounds sinister as fuck when she's calling for the police as well.

e0d8cb  No.1092959


preach king

b15137  No.1092960


i reckon

d851e5  No.1092961

who is going to watch QT tonight?

a1e133  No.1092962


meh, le brexit betrayal zzzz

3a9b83  No.1092963

File: 33d16036e1fd020⋯.jpeg (185.54 KB, 393x527, 393:527, last judgment homer.jpeg)

Two 6am starts in a row this weekend

ea9073  No.1092964


>that polish newspaper

Bet this is taken out of context. Not sure how, but I bet it ain't anything full dafty.

e0d8cb  No.1092965

smh 60 Days on the Street literally shows a pack of wogs saying "fuck white people" and beating a white girl unconcious. FFs if this was the other way around it would be national news but no its a common occurance in manchester.

d851e5  No.1092966


anna soubry just got threatened by a brexit terrorist far right nazi free speech advocate

ea9073  No.1092967



Fucking anglokike press smh. How hard is it to use google?

ca0500  No.1092968

File: 6f38503932656d7⋯.jpg (93.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 731097d92d2a7ea334cb6f9249….jpg)

>Wales isn't even worth a google search

20261a  No.1092969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

39887a  No.1092970


And then the Free speech extremists pounced

20261a  No.1092971


literally scared of a cripple

<g-get the police

as the police are separating them

ea9073  No.1092972


But M'bugu's father's hometown in the congo is. Smh.

cb8283  No.1092973


about fucking time

20261a  No.1092974

>watching the london news on tvcatchup

just non stop wall to wall remainers

ca0500  No.1092975


When has that stopped some coffee coloured cunt from Cardiff claiming to be Welsh?

20261a  No.1092976

File: fb0697f3511c04b⋯.png (426.99 KB, 475x513, 25:27, firefox_2019-03-14_22-37-5….png)

>the eu workers met our requirements

>now we are facing increasing costs


ea9073  No.1092977


>*adopts a tone that is somehow fearful and condescending because a pleb is saying words*







How can this woman be so retarded? Same goes for all of them. Jesus fucking christ. They are literally more cosseted and robotic than I imagined.

ea9073  No.1092978


I think he may just have been security or something. Still, she's such a weirdo pussy.

>soys will think this is evidence that britain has been driven mad by the ERG

ca0500  No.1092979


The might all just be direct scoobydooish puppets and revert to dribble brain dead bodies once the kike powers are banished back to Saturn.

ea9073  No.1092980


My mate who lives in London (and voted remain: even had remain stickers on his laptop to fit in) said it was literally unbelievable to he and everyone around him when we left because london is so at odds with the rest of the country. He has now seen the error of his ways and would vote leave just to piss off the smug cunts around him (or so he says anyway).

20261a  No.1092981

how many


hints do you think people will give on qt lads?

ea9073  No.1092982

798b3b  No.1092983


Thanks lad

0a65a3  No.1092984

it's starting lads

a1e133  No.1092985

File: 8b860952650e638⋯.jpg (16.18 KB, 363x318, 121:106, 14389779814.jpg)

0a65a3  No.1092986

20261a  No.1092987

cute ebony lass in the audience lads phwoooaaaarr

ea9073  No.1092988

>the only panelist to argue for remain

This """"we're not impartial"""" signalling. You ain't fooling anyone (other than basically all boomers).

d851e5  No.1092989

File: f0a1760e6053808⋯.png (9.72 KB, 215x246, 215:246, natsocpepe.png)

why isn't nige ever on question time any more?

1da9d1  No.1092990

File: ad78436a5192f8d⋯.jpg (138.8 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, frenchie-pug-cc-1.jpg)

Lads, mute lass will listen to me ramble on about autistic details of Blade Runner for a solid 10 minutes and actually enjoys it

125fc6  No.1092991


No problem, looks fantastic place, blocking the road in to limit tourists and the road was dug under a mountain anyway, before that you went round the mountains

125fc6  No.1092992


Easy there George Lucas

8c0fd9  No.1092993


It’s BCC

3a9b83  No.1092994


I'll listen to you getting filtered

1da9d1  No.1092995


>Big Cock Coproration

a1e133  No.1092996

i dont want to watch this fucking shit

125fc6  No.1092997



British Cum Corpo

a1e133  No.1092998

File: 7543007ee14476a⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 479x349, 479:349, 1387383373704.gif)

>this ayy wog

20261a  No.1092999

holy shit where are they literally like 20 scoobydoos in the audience

125fc6  No.1093000


I never do lad, just read the irate commentary here, and the odd fat lass getting upgraded to an 8/10 by the thirsty ones

a1e133  No.1093001

File: 8598186881092d1⋯.png (112.6 KB, 280x339, 280:339, ClipboardImage.png)

1da9d1  No.1093002

File: 781797529027b69⋯.jpg (92.73 KB, 250x237, 250:237, 781797529027b696383f914dce….jpg)

>Fiona Bruce downplaying an audience reaction that is positive towards Brexit

Literally the first time ever heard the host say something like that

20261a  No.1093003

File: d33442817e62c06⋯.png (355.59 KB, 427x460, 427:460, firefox_2019-03-14_22-49-5….png)

phwoooar look at that schnoz

a1e133  No.1093004

File: d6ddf40905e5717⋯.png (195.41 KB, 321x468, 107:156, ClipboardImage.png)

3a9b83  No.1093005


Good lad

3a9b83  No.1093006

File: 96fbeb3b2d7a10f⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 266x278, 133:139, 89.jpg)

1da9d1  No.1093007


a1e133  No.1093008

File: 228823155319d73⋯.png (175.98 KB, 349x408, 349:408, ClipboardImage.png)


260bd5  No.1093009


Danke, mein kamerade.

125fc6  No.1093010

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Typical tricks

ca0500  No.1093011


Mossad plant.

3a9b83  No.1093012

20261a  No.1093013


one started shouting out and that is exactly what i thought of

0a65a3  No.1093014


>not JHB

125fc6  No.1093015


That's John Oliver tbf

3a9b83  No.1093016

File: b4c3a4a862851f2⋯.jpg (18.24 KB, 300x333, 100:111, 90.jpg)

20261a  No.1093017

File: 3aba03e34c58ad5⋯.png (469.46 KB, 623x543, 623:543, firefox_2019-03-14_22-51-2….png)

would bleach

ea9073  No.1093018


She started weirdly too - pointing out that the jock is the only panelist who's sitting on a pro remain agenda, which is objectively bollocks because this professor's bound to be a remainer and the labour brown guy is blatantly a remainer.

a1e133  No.1093019

File: f59e75841a63234⋯.png (450.35 KB, 635x634, 635:634, ClipboardImage.png)

based chocolate goddess

1da9d1  No.1093020



0a65a3  No.1093021

>imp arse

0a65a3  No.1093022

was that a muffled FUCK OFF in the audience?

125fc6  No.1093023


Actual Easter Egg chocolate looking head.

20261a  No.1093024


honestly might get myself a nice darkie lass

260bd5  No.1093025

How far in are we? When'd it start?

1da9d1  No.1093026


keeeek, sounded like it tbh

20261a  No.1093027

File: 9f3a86f87db6751⋯.png (361.62 KB, 533x515, 533:515, firefox_2019-03-14_22-53-1….png)


a1e133  No.1093028

File: 8be40d581788f53⋯.png (58.27 KB, 179x253, 179:253, ClipboardImage.png)

>no claps

1da9d1  No.1093029

Based centrist granddad

125fc6  No.1093030


It's Happening

20261a  No.1093031

File: a9b2dbfb3be0770⋯.png (355.09 KB, 523x503, 523:503, firefox_2019-03-14_22-53-3….png)

all these yids

where are we tonight lads?

a1e133  No.1093032

File: 42a57b51d6d630a⋯.png (235.4 KB, 372x514, 186:257, ClipboardImage.png)


0a65a3  No.1093033

>we can't trust government to negotiate

>so lets follow their deal

125fc6  No.1093034


Oooph the milk chocolate has gone bad here

d851e5  No.1093035



>imagine my (((shock)))

1da9d1  No.1093036


Ealing, full of Poles, bound to be loads of Pole kikes there too then

3a9b83  No.1093037


Imagine getting filtered

1da9d1  No.1093038

>whiny Woody Allen voice scoobydoo

260bd5  No.1093039

Is this pyrocynical?

1da9d1  No.1093040

File: cb06e3fccdfe4ad⋯.png (509.16 KB, 589x522, 589:522, ClipboardImage.png)

>scoobydooish Joe Pasquale

3a9b83  No.1093041

File: f79829aee703377⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 320x423, 320:423, 91.jpg)

a1e133  No.1093042

File: 29f23acd308a965⋯.png (150.71 KB, 271x469, 271:469, ClipboardImage.png)


0a65a3  No.1093043

>I'm going on tv

>shave my bumfluff?


20261a  No.1093044

File: 3b59250874948ba⋯.png (353.11 KB, 534x488, 267:244, firefox_2019-03-14_22-55-2….png)


ea9073  No.1093045

Hard or soft brexit was literally never mentioned leading up to this referendum FFS

a1e133  No.1093046

fuckk hes smart

d851e5  No.1093047

File: d1dbf819d5b47b2⋯.jpg (79.52 KB, 600x753, 200:251, BBCPIDGIN2.jpg)

oh christ, this inarticulate wog

ea9073  No.1093048


What did he even say kek? I couldn't follow his stoned mutterings.

125fc6  No.1093049

Lads might think I'm full of shit but this pure black lass asked me to go for a drink today, she was a medical student and her whole family were Engineers blah blah blah. She had the most negroid features I've ever seen, shouldn't have spent so long chatting to her.

260bd5  No.1093050


1da9d1  No.1093051

File: 37808bd0df3c986⋯.png (627.07 KB, 619x514, 619:514, ClipboardImage.png)


a1e133  No.1093052

File: 824cf14e0d0c316⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 242x520, 121:260, 143897799381.jpg)

>Smug JHB

20261a  No.1093053

File: cae4ae52bf130c6⋯.png (348.5 KB, 672x515, 672:515, firefox_2019-03-14_22-56-3….png)


something about may and corbers getting along and sorting it out

tfw scots still exist

1da9d1  No.1093054

File: d0823d026b19add⋯.png (572.79 KB, 662x521, 662:521, ClipboardImage.png)

Fat gay jocks

a1e133  No.1093055

please stop speaking

ea9073  No.1093056


>those graphs that say scoobydoos boted overwhelmingly for leave

Psyop tbh.

d851e5  No.1093057


he said "dis ding dat day do in de house dat innit wuz der an dat in ting is like dat an dey is isn it jano wat i meen"

everyone in the audience was only pretending to understand too

125fc6  No.1093058


Akala has a lot to answer for

d851e5  No.1093059



the SNP have made me hate scotland, when I used to like it

0a65a3  No.1093060

>St' Andrews cross cufflinks

1da9d1  No.1093061


>ywn genocide haggis faggots

a1e133  No.1093062

File: 1af728f8316ce74⋯.png (9.82 KB, 88x99, 8:9, ClipboardImage.png)


ea9073  No.1093063


>they applauded

Despise white cuckoldry tbh.

eaa0e9  No.1093064

File: aa692d80596e19c⋯.jpg (14.86 KB, 338x310, 169:155, Phil_Angry5.JPG)

>disregarding the vote so fucking brazenly

really want to kill these scummy jock fucks

1da9d1  No.1093065

lmao fat jock laughed at

a1e133  No.1093067

fuck off you old faggot

20261a  No.1093068


god a good pal who is jockish but hes from the isles so he is not a faggot

tfw will get to raid the border with the ancient reaver families of t norf

a1e133  No.1093069

1da9d1  No.1093070

File: 977b8f4fab2f68f⋯.png (561.54 KB, 587x521, 587:521, ClipboardImage.png)

>Theresa May and Miranda Green had a lovechild

260bd5  No.1093071

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

20261a  No.1093072


there are bigger ones in the audience

ea9073  No.1093127

>this cunt

ea9073  No.1093142


Can you imagine for a second that if the result went the other way, would any of these cunts be giving credence to the notion of a revote?

ea9073  No.1093250


40b37d  No.1094042

File: 47657c9107aeec5⋯.png (156.23 KB, 367x358, 367:358, what's that noise.png)


>murdering the analogy I posted two days ago

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