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beware the spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

File: bd76f6fb345571e⋯.png (28.12 KB, 620x439, 620:439, d758cc457a2c113cb3df4e3121….png)

1ac26b  No.1133933

European Parliament voting intention:


Labour can stop Farage 'surge' - but only if it backs a People's Vote


Cancer-linked paint banned over 15yrs ago used by British military until start of 2019


France announces an international architects' competition to rebuild the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral


"The building was so overburdened with meaning that its burning feels like an act of liberation." We talked to architects and historians about the significance of Notre Dame — and what should happen next


Reports have emerged of Kenyan vigilante groups using Facebook and Twitter to hunt down and summarily execute young men suspected of being gang members, before posting gruesome content of the aftermath online


57ed08  No.1133935

File: 31ca3c14a313f28⋯.mp4 (990.31 KB, 320x568, 40:71, extinction rebellitards.mp4)

File: aef44f176de0a6c⋯.mp4 (682.46 KB, 640x360, 16:9, XZW2e8gSlZh-S3xd.mp4)

File: cd782cbd229cbf5⋯.mp4 (4.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, extinction ravellion.mp4)

for them

15eb1d  No.1133936

File: ed6f71ec6eccad8⋯.jpg (10.82 KB, 650x425, 26:17, 1520074099185.jpg)


Didn't used to give climate change much thought. Then I saw a bunch of students tripping on lsd while blocking traffic and I really changed my mind.

f9ebc9  No.1133937

File: f127907200b4b43⋯.jpg (112.16 KB, 700x706, 350:353, 1467109659815.jpg)


good lad for him

57ed08  No.1133938

File: e7afa6eb1e3e4f3⋯.mp4 (7.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, upPT4bQzxK_pNiyP.mp4)


you should go down there and grab yourself a eco-thot, lad

fe51a5  No.1133939

File: a49c8fbc51f67a7⋯.png (359.94 KB, 471x792, 157:264, we-cant-expect-god-to-do-a….png)

4a72ce  No.1133940



d184e2  No.1133941

I'm glad the Diggers are back and support a pre-marxist agarian soca- oh wait it's just luvvies demanding we stop eating cows and cycle more

5e7c56  No.1133942

imagine being so sheltered that your only worry is polar bears being less common

3a8187  No.1133943


Wiltshire Police investigated MEP candidate over 'rape' tweet

Police are trying to intimidate The Don smh

15eb1d  No.1133944


Sad to see UKIP go this way. Still, at least this shit will help to stop the vote splitting.

3a8187  No.1133945


I hope he wins tbh, would be so good.

30c137  No.1133946


more cringe than NA tbh

1ac26b  No.1133947


Batten should have used him for (you)s and then got rid of him immediately after his shit started to surface.

30c137  No.1133948


why are they playing ice cream van music ??

15eb1d  No.1133949


Left daftyism is wonderful tbh.

57ed08  No.1133950

File: 6a492b4737405d8⋯.png (96.04 KB, 246x242, 123:121, ClipboardImage.png)


>"I wouldn't even rape you" is a rape threat

1ac26b  No.1133951


Any use of the word rape is rape.

4a72ce  No.1133952


kek URIP

I can imagine what Joe would say to such nonsense

ba0af7  No.1133953

Holy shit that RT article on Kenya is fucking awesome. Way to go nigs! Good luck, Kenya we could learn something from you.

1ac26b  No.1133954


Batten surrounded himself with dafties and saddos, we already know what he'd say.

3a8187  No.1133955


Probably send a few razorblades and get back to his leaflets

d184e2  No.1133956

File: dc5479171949e87⋯.jpg (366.24 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, dc5479171949e87706d21bf315….jpg)

>discussion about Corporatism last thread

>Arktos decide to publish an article about it a few minutes after




>left daftyism, blocking the working class from getting to work and dancing to shit music

>far right daftism, trying to summon Hitler using ancient Germanic texts and wearing fun uniforms

Couldn't imagine being as boring as to be a modern leftist tbh.


>implying Joe wouldn't cause Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad to spontaneously combust

888b77  No.1133957

File: 18ddf8d2ccefeff⋯.jpg (88.83 KB, 700x875, 4:5, 18ddf8d2ccefeff29dc1e0ae7e….jpg)

For Kim-Joy

8c476f  No.1133958


Love to be a fly on the wall during this tbh.

>Carl desperately trying to shoo his tranny prostitute away

>He explodes under questioning and calls the diversity hire a white nigger

>Starts asking them to identify watermelons as he's being hauled away

4a72ce  No.1133959


interesting read lad


its just not good politics

6e5c85  No.1133960

File: dd734983db88c3b⋯.png (397.72 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Screen-Shot-2018-08-22-at-….png)

1ac26b  No.1133961


it depends on the rape victim

8c476f  No.1133962


This week in stupid - The one where I go to prison

30c137  No.1133963

3a8187  No.1133964


All the virtue signalling kek. Hope he comes out swinging and calls them all niggers

3b24c3  No.1133965

File: f63aea160542c33⋯.webm (6.98 MB, 544x696, 68:87, Cucktails.webm)

>the state of Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad

30c137  No.1133967

kek the comments

Farage spotted in top comment

7f3528  No.1133968

File: 8bd03b9a38be59d⋯.mp4 (2.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Boomer vs Zoomer.mp4)

Absolutely howling with laughter at this interview lads.

57ed08  No.1133969


>boulton does this to a zoomer

>complete outrage

>boulton does it every fucking day to a brexiter


f9ebc9  No.1133970

File: 5736c231c480eae⋯.jpg (380.05 KB, 1536x1953, 512:651, 144236841826.jpg)


>People aren't going to be able to put food on their plate

>And I wont stand for that

What is he going to do about it? cure world hunger?

d184e2  No.1133971

I'm loving the weird internet bubble escaping into real life tbh

15eb1d  No.1133972


Didn't know Williams gave such a shit about the environment. New development.

7f3528  No.1133973


He doesn't have a coherent answer to the question and just goes off on some rambling hyperbole filled tirade about everyone going to starve. Of course he is not going to be taken seriously. Then there is the autistic way he leaves.

>"And I won't stand for anything else"

>immediately stands

7112c7  No.1133974


It's really weird, almost like anime becoming real.

7f3528  No.1133975


Solve it by making a dick of himself on national TV?

d184e2  No.1133976


Maybe that Chris Chan prediction was right and the fake world is merging with reality.

7f3528  No.1133977


He is probably trying to bed some crusty hippy girl in his sixth form.

528f59  No.1133978

File: a7675fa3087ad68⋯.jpg (47.51 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1555486623421.jpg)

>>1133968tbh this sadact needs hitting in the face with a spade

36f16b  No.1133979

File: 6c044eba57ea474⋯.png (14.5 MB, 3667x5500, 3667:5500, ClipboardImage.png)


She's so huge, she must be drinking rapeseed oil from the bottle.

1ac26b  No.1133980

File: dc6f86728fc18c1⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 277x182, 277:182, napoleon - enemy.jpg)




Clueless spastics making divs of themselves for our amusement, I'm not going to stop them tbh

f9ebc9  No.1133981

File: 2c3fdd01152afaa⋯.png (305.64 KB, 462x491, 462:491, 14389779967.png)

6fe529  No.1133982

File: 90dc601b68060d5⋯.jpg (231.22 KB, 705x527, 705:527, 4fee08042b7a3961d929586fc9….jpg)


jesus christ, she looks like one of those photoshopped Woes images

30c137  No.1133983


totally would tbh

888b77  No.1133984

File: 1fbd500ed376da4⋯.png (811.83 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, twotrillioniqsargon.png)

35b6d7  No.1133985



6fe529  No.1133986


>bound anime lass in the reflection


6fe529  No.1133987


Are you going thicc mode too lad?

7f3528  No.1133988

File: 5f4814f2315d35e⋯.mp4 (615.07 KB, 360x640, 9:16, 8UZqC0KMuiK22c2-.mp4)

This actually looks kinda comfy ngl.

If you got rid of the stupid flags, the graffiti, and the manchild on the scooter, it would be quite nice having big pedestrianised spaces like this for getting around.

4a72ce  No.1133989

File: 9713dbb3649604d⋯.png (95.94 KB, 807x935, 807:935, big brain intelligent woja….png)

>just realised Chris is short for Christian

7f3528  No.1133990


…or Christopher

4a72ce  No.1133991


Christopher comes from Christian as well lad

4a72ce  No.1133992


cars were a mistake tbh

7f3528  No.1133993


"Bearer of Christ" / "Follower of Christ". Yeah they are pretty darn similar.

1ac26b  No.1133994



How many of those people at the XR march refuse to get rid of their car tbh

4a72ce  No.1133995


or stop taking foreign holidays and exclusively travel within the UK


1ac26b  No.1133996

File: 669bc7174e315d6⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 576x720, 4:5, sea plastic pollution.mp4)

File: 68741a0c4c3eb1c⋯.mp4 (11.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, amazon river plastic pollu….mp4)


I'm sure their reusable starbucks coffee cup is really making all the difference

4a72ce  No.1133997


the biggest ecological difference they could make would be by topping themselves

I frankly wouldn't miss them if they did

1ac26b  No.1133998

File: 2998a28fa579eab⋯.png (587.58 KB, 692x956, 173:239, china nyt pollution.png)

File: 17f653f6a57d6e9⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 750x827, 750:827, green pollution (2).jpg)

File: 067fb99e155f4b7⋯.jpg (118.8 KB, 750x1107, 250:369, plastic pollution (1).jpg)

File: 809f41cabd6b8cf⋯.png (368.62 KB, 632x648, 79:81, pollution.png)

File: 7a15f5dbd6411ef⋯.mp4 (2.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, green environment protest ….mp4)


They are right in saying that we should all be pitching in, it's just they aren't saying it to the right fucking people.

4a72ce  No.1133999


foolishness smh

7f3528  No.1134000

File: a032ca1b54478e6⋯.mp4 (4.28 MB, 720x720, 1:1, vvOMwrqWA4KOPmE5.mp4)

There is so much to disect and unpack from these protests. Not sure how to interpret this one..

>"One day I want to have kids but right now I don't think that I can because I don't see a future"

Is she just not having kids because shes a blue haired lunatic that no man wants to go near. Or is she expressing a genuine anxiety that you often see middle class white people expressing about how could they possibly bring a child into a world like ours blah blah , and she has convinced herself that fear is from climate change and not the fact that our cities have become unrecognisable urban hellscapes full of violent crime and alien cultures.

Answers on postcards.

1ac26b  No.1134001


Neither, she's just insane.

15eb1d  No.1134002

File: 534865e676a6570⋯.jpg (18.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1535231483672.jpg)

>the protests are expected to have cost around £12,000,000 so far

5e7c56  No.1134003

File: 98a295457b853c6⋯.jpg (16.93 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1535135105258.jpg)


>I don't see a future that is liveable at the moment

If only the problems for the future was things being too warm, wonder if you could wake up all of these people by showing them scoobydoos and poos ruining the environment

7f3528  No.1134004

File: 071a9a2cd537afe⋯.mp4 (2.45 MB, 480x480, 1:1, FWGlpUOvCm03K-9p.mp4)



C'mon now lad… we all know this is really the fault of people in the "financially fortunate part of the world". A little autistic Swedish girl told me so when she visited the EU.

1ac26b  No.1134005

Anyone saying they aren't having children because "things r bad rite now :(" is never going to have children. We've been through plague, war, and famine, and these fanny-flappers just want attention.

4a72ce  No.1134006


1. "I'm bored" sums it up really, funny that this kicks off when all the students are home for easter break

2. govt has better things to do at the moment dont you think? the UK isn't even near one of the worst offenders for CO2 emissions thanks to the death of the coal mining industry

3. she's right to be worried about the future but for the wrong reasons

4. they have a point about bees, but then they should take up beekeeping as a hobby, doubtless many of these people own gardens large enough or have rich parents who do

5. I feel sorry for any child whose mother has nose piercings

6. mohammed and fatima will more than make up for the children you're "too scared" to have love, and they dont care about the environment

4a72ce  No.1134007


survival of the fittest, these people have fallen at the first hurdle: the will to carry on their genes

let alone the ability

3a8187  No.1134008


Well we didn't have woman who would whip them away and make you suicidal tbf, they would have got slapped

4a72ce  No.1134009

File: ce926d5a8af374a⋯.png (900.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, how bad things really are ….png)

f9ebc9  No.1134010


lmfao what is this shite

5e7c56  No.1134011


some wicked person using a child for their political goals

4a72ce  No.1134012


200 a day? nearly as bad as the holocaust

also nice fake crying. I can see that C grade at drama GCSE coming through very well

3a8187  No.1134013



1ac26b  No.1134014



And the worst part of it is that any criticism towards it will be met with "how can you be mean to a child :("

I'm not being mean to a child, I want to kill the people who are using her and being manipulative.

3a8187  No.1134015


It's was a day off school that went to far

15eb1d  No.1134016


I assume this woman doesn't care about the rights of unborn children in any other context.

5e7c56  No.1134017


its truly baffling to see them simultaneously tote children around saying "think of the children :(((" (especially african children) to achieve their political goals while slaughtering children before they are born and letting those who are born get raped by third world death cultists

1ac26b  No.1134018

File: 4808e36c6572be8⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 960x576, 5:3, vegan abortion.jpg)


demons tbh

7112c7  No.1134019


If leftists really care about animals, the suffering in the natural world should sober them up and make them act more serious. So many of them behave like cursed children.

1ac26b  No.1134020

File: 3a847df353256b4⋯.png (92.08 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Chesterton -.png)

4a72ce  No.1134021


these quotes are great, where do you find them?

415657  No.1134022

>they're actually going to go ahead and try to implement the porn block

Kinda feel sorry for the technologically illiterate boomers that will be affected by this, but they kinda deserve it.

7112c7  No.1134023


He's such a well of apt quotes.

1ac26b  No.1134024


The quotes are from Chesterton, I make the pictures.

4a72ce  No.1134025


nice good work lad

1ac26b  No.1134026

File: e3221c08bba28a4⋯.png (100.11 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - journalists.png)

File: 3e52a064425c5ef⋯.png (177.03 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - journalism.png)

File: 0ae75632d23e1f0⋯.png (98.89 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - government.png)

File: 56cb8b5bab36eb3⋯.png (92.92 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - government go….png)

File: 200c6fc4b77da65⋯.png (98.02 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - localism (1).png)


Pretty sure there's a quote of his for basically everything.


y-you too

This account posts loads of quotes of his every day https://twitter.com/GKCdaily I just slap them into a template I made.

2cf6c8  No.1134027

File: f1212394b97e750⋯.png (621.17 KB, 1000x613, 1000:613, fgjj.png)


wish we could bring it all down to be fairly honest with you all

2cf6c8  No.1134028

File: 5edeb98d86abc56⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1000x613, 1000:613, untitled.png)


its the same with climate change

>we must stop having so many children

>we arnt having enough children we must bring in muds

so many examples of these mental contradictions but thats how you know theyve been got to because they cant even be fucked to examine their own world view

4a72ce  No.1134029

3a8187  No.1134030

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


4a72ce  No.1134031


ay quit bustin ma bawls

3a8187  No.1134032



57ed08  No.1134033

File: 6b42076483bfbe3⋯.png (1.96 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


4a72ce  No.1134034

File: 649d57439bdc47d⋯.png (392.1 KB, 561x606, 187:202, fat jc denton.png)


youse a boxah?

4a72ce  No.1134035


a lot of CO2 emissions when the 6 billion got gassed and burned

57ed08  No.1134036

File: 9368d924ca1d759⋯.png (37.42 KB, 581x166, 7:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 54b82e0315907c5⋯.png (76.08 KB, 582x481, 582:481, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6fa17bade6c14cd⋯.mp4 (282.1 KB, 320x576, 5:9, jacob reese mongs.mp4)

the utter state of the jacob reese mongs

57ed08  No.1134037

File: 6f56af4d08fcc6d⋯.png (39.52 KB, 578x149, 578:149, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f9b3ee53001fcf⋯.png (1.31 MB, 968x681, 968:681, godfather of politics.png)

oh and i think this memi more relevant than ever now

57ed08  No.1134038

File: 0a47ab0361686cf⋯.png (56.53 KB, 609x254, 609:254, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b46796d0dc6296⋯.png (21.57 KB, 193x243, 193:243, ClipboardImage.png)

15eb1d  No.1134039

File: 9452ee22a96689d⋯.jpg (103.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Dn8fAckUUAAntRS.jpg)


If only these people cared as much about Britain as they do about a bunch of sandniggers thousands of miles away.

3a8187  No.1134040


Why has he got Joe Owens in his picture?

4a72ce  No.1134041

9aa92d  No.1134042

File: 54e1cf834d5a64d⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Avengers.png)



I really hope the Brexit Party win the European elections. I can't wait to see the mental gymnastics the remainers will employ to justify why the population actually wants to stay in the EU still…

Sad to see UKIP self implode by associating with complete dafties but at least it might help TBP win in May.

7112c7  No.1134043


Bravo to Farage, who's truly cementing his place as one of the greatest heroes in British history.

3b24c3  No.1134044

File: 555207967277ca1⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 368x425, 368:425, 45484fceaaf15f47b3e2c6ceea….jpg)

>even the other MCU cast don't like Brie Larson

6fe529  No.1134045


>the avengers

did they get Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad to do this?

35b6d7  No.1134046

File: bd711741714baaf⋯.png (419.53 KB, 509x501, 509:501, ClipboardImage.png)


brie lackofarseon


0e0b0d  No.1134047


I thought they were more just angry at her being shoehorned into the last film.

3a8187  No.1134048

File: 1f77cd91f47e801⋯.jpeg (152.77 KB, 960x611, 960:611, cozy.jpeg)

Watching 'Hard Times', Bronson, 1975. Never seen it before, comfy tbh.

65a93f  No.1134049

1ac26b  No.1134050




she's just a massive fucking bitch, incredibly unlikeable https://twitter.com/etnow/status/1116735031282556928

4a72ce  No.1134051


Is it gay for someone to be attracted to the person on the left even though they're aware that it is in fact a mans arse?

4a72ce  No.1134052


Are you looking forward to being cast as Captain Britain in the Brexit film?

7112c7  No.1134053


Yeah, don't do that. It's like the way people start declining into degeneracy from watching anime.

1ac26b  No.1134054


>being attracted to a below-average arse on a below-average woman

yeah gay tbh

57ed08  No.1134055


because he's le edgy conservative shitposter that BTFOs libtards epic style

cfd72e  No.1134056

File: 143b9d4e4222301⋯.jpeg (49.71 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 4F3CF9D8-63E3-4335-8582-F….jpeg)

Who wants to put down money on betting that once October comes there’s either going to ve another (((“extension”))) or they’ll start pushing for “oh let’s have another vote then see if we get the correct answer this time” in which remain rigs the vote and (((coincidentally))) and won’t canpaign for a review because our enemies hold us to a standard that they themselves don’t adhere to?

1ac26b  No.1134057

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh MH

7112c7  No.1134058


Whatever happens, God is with us.

57ed08  No.1134059

File: 3471697cdf70b76⋯.png (136.86 KB, 493x431, 493:431, c86d88bfbd79b8487b39607737….png)


>implying may would still be PM

0e0b0d  No.1134060


He's insufferable even in the third degree like this.

4a72ce  No.1134061

File: f4b123952014d1c⋯.jpg (81.92 KB, 521x397, 521:397, pirate lad.jpg)



thanks lads


just saw that

>tfw you will never be a pirate

wonder if you could do any piracy on the north sea in speedboats? I'd target dutch and icelandic fishermen tbh although I cant imagine that they're especially lucrative to loot.


the damage in terms of destroying trust in politicians is already done. hopefully the EngDem legal action for brexit vis a vis the Miller case will pull through as its supported by a lot of constitutional lawyers and politicians. either way I think most people in this country firmly want to leave if not sure of who should lead us out of the EU. the EU elections or another referendum will reflect that tbh

57ed08  No.1134062

File: c94fb6a8102f0fb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, British privateer.jpg)


>>tfw you will never be a pirate

never say never, lad

3b24c3  No.1134063

Captain Morgan is best pirate;


>Nigger wrangler

>Governor of Jamaica

57ed08  No.1134064

File: 2c70a931736aab1⋯.png (82.61 KB, 668x350, 334:175, ClipboardImage.png)

File: daa1e7303883927⋯.png (707.11 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)


>Marine Le Pen has pledged to overhaul the European Union from the inside with the help of fellow eurosceptics Matteo Salvini and Nigel Farage.

>With the help of Mr Salvini, she pledged to form a “very large sovereignist group in the EU Parliament”.

>Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party is also in Ms Le Pen’s vision for the eurosceptic bloc.

>She said: “He is welcome if he wants to join. Even if it might be just for a moment.”

>Ms Le Pen’s movement, detailed in a 100-page manifesto, aims to defend “localism” by opposing French President Mr Macron’s push for more globalisation


3b24c3  No.1134065

Also raided the Spanish at Panama so hard Westminster called him back and arrested him.

564193  No.1134066


Depends if you make the distinction between pirates and privateers tbh

0e0b0d  No.1134067



4a72ce  No.1134068


White van piracy could be comfy on a continent like america or australia where you can catch your victims isolated and run them down in gangs like mad max

In England you could only do on-land piracy by (and this is my idea for SHTF) chopping down trees or redirecting signs on remote country roads, then catching up behind your victims as they are lost/stuck. More like a highwayman in that respect.

Otherwise being a speedboat pirate or a rogue RN patrol ship pirate would be top comfy on the seas


black bart was welsh as well

welsh lads were top tier pirates tbh followed by the english then the french and dutch

4a72ce  No.1134069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this but with white vans and dirt bikes

57ed08  No.1134070


>welsh lads were top tier pirates tbh followed by the english then the french and dutch

pretty sure the order should be welsh, cornish, english, french then dutch

65a93f  No.1134071


I want a Mondo film about modern Britain narrated by attenborough

3b24c3  No.1134072


I don't, the only difference is a royal warrant.

4a72ce  No.1134073


name a couple cornish pirates lad

3b24c3  No.1134074


The British authorities did to appease the Spanish during a peace at the face of it.

0e0b0d  No.1134075


I have a feeling he never saw the inside of a jail cell.

d184e2  No.1134076

File: acdbd30b2b3a38a⋯.jpg (282.51 KB, 1200x1696, 75:106, 5c70d91b96a0baa4bf1ed12254….jpg)

File: 6abc4f7a6368f8d⋯.jpg (163.88 KB, 800x985, 160:197, 800px-Sir_Walter_Ralegh_by….jpg)


It's more the west country as a whole tbh.

4a72ce  No.1134077


ah yes the nip-peruvian dictator who also was a late 17th century british pirate

57ed08  No.1134078

d184e2  No.1134079

File: 8345a50b3e18224⋯.jpg (90.56 KB, 777x1060, 777:1060, 1590_or_later_Marcus_Gheer….jpg)


Whoops, wrong first image.

3b24c3  No.1134080

File: f6df0ef382ca179⋯.jpg (219.49 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 3fb72c76b5be54f74ce6a2753e….jpg)

>mfw I've been conflating Sir Francis Drake with Sir Walter Raleigh and vice versa this whole time

35b6d7  No.1134081

File: 530288f906082f3⋯.png (745.01 KB, 801x892, 801:892, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 18981552f8cbceb⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1216x634, 608:317, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b27425e03706b72⋯.jpg (42.84 KB, 600x637, 600:637, 1491909684153.jpg)

71f23b  No.1134082

hullo lsds

71f23b  No.1134083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4a72ce  No.1134084


Frank drake was a true legend. No one man has ever bullied as powerful an empire almost single-handedly as him.




ehh only counted a couple Cornish names there. I think the English have the upper hand

57ed08  No.1134085

File: 0de5bcd6873ccd8⋯.mp4 (5.33 MB, 320x568, 40:71, woke wogs.mp4)


for (You)

71f23b  No.1134086

File: c85c6d932199f57⋯.jpg (12.59 KB, 242x240, 121:120, dempsey33.jpg)

I wish I was him buds

35b6d7  No.1134087

File: 234453b31dddb00⋯.png (219.92 KB, 550x400, 11:8, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminds me a bit of nixon there

71f23b  No.1134088

File: ab6331debe5dc65⋯.png (1.08 MB, 907x1019, 907:1019, ab6331debe5dc65324dcc92311….png)

71f23b  No.1134089

this country has made me into a gnostic

cfd72e  No.1134090

File: 6deb6e23c39f800⋯.jpeg (132.26 KB, 742x585, 742:585, FD09C6E6-8622-4462-8AF6-A….jpeg)

>tfw having a field day buying bootleg romhack cartridges off eBay


d184e2  No.1134091

>It has been said that Lady Raleigh kept her husband's head in a velvet bag until her death.[47] After Raleigh's wife's death 29 years later, his head was returned to his tomb and interred at St. Margaret's Church.[48]

True love


Make up, camera angles and photoshop.

71f23b  No.1134092

the universe became fully in the control of the archons when dale earnhardt died buds

9aa92d  No.1134093


No, I made it for a video thumbnail.

71f23b  No.1134094

I am now conviced that the notre dame thing is an occult mene to deface the spiritual instruments of the european race and replace them with post 1789 humanist (satanist) iconography

57ed08  No.1134095

File: a8e913bd5f4b08e⋯.jpg (143.59 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, AUTICUS PRIME.jpg)

File: af6bebcc05f083b⋯.jpg (89.76 KB, 1000x1399, 1000:1399, autism.jpg)


too subtle for a Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad memi

0e0b0d  No.1134096


They've said they're holding an open competition for a design for the replacement spire.

57ed08  No.1134097


it'll be a minaret

0e0b0d  No.1134098



4a72ce  No.1134099

35b6d7  No.1134100


>Make up, camera angles and photoshop.

true but the effects of makeup are worrying. ischomachus was right. my classics class laughed at him when we read the source for being against his wife wearing makeup

71f23b  No.1134101


its satanic mockery lad, they will do the same to all the great symbols of europe. somebody will deface your cathedrals and the colluseum and stonehenge. it will all be defaced and the normalfags will just grin and bear it because star wars and pussy on computer videos

57ed08  No.1134102


>and the colluseum and stonehenge

but they arent christian lad, why would they even bother?

71f23b  No.1134103


its why the gangster computer god controlled daesh destroyed nineveh. its about destroying all connections to the divine and rendering this plane into a giant cubicle farm for bureaucratic meatsuits that are sexually pervese and neurotic athiests

7112c7  No.1134104


They won't destroy Stonehenge; the occultists who run our nation probably admire that monument.

35b6d7  No.1134105

File: fc173bf2e53eda2⋯.jpg (583.08 KB, 1100x1396, 275:349, 22797085864_0ca7634e59_o.jpg)


I get angry when normies cry about notre dame but then continue supporting the same modernist forces that are destroying our heritage. They want the aesthetic beauty to enjoy from a materialistic secular perspective but would spit on the men who built it if they were around today. Idk maybe I'm too autistic.

71f23b  No.1134106

anything that can be image forming or pattern forming and idealized will be defaced

0e0b0d  No.1134107


The already had some talking head wanker architects talking about it being 'overburdened with history and meaning' it's almost as if they're rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of defacing something so deeply intertwined with the European spirit.

1ac26b  No.1134108

File: a551abc91421337⋯.jpg (80.84 KB, 1079x1070, 1079:1070, makeup (1).jpg)

File: d859d2df883eb2e⋯.jpg (83.29 KB, 834x1200, 139:200, makeup (2).jpg)


needs to be outlawed tbh

71f23b  No.1134109


yeah thats exactly right. churches are just places for weddings now or whatever

cfd72e  No.1134110


I’m starting to believe the only way out is to destroy everything and start from scratch on minecraft.

Firstly, technology has to go. Or at least a huge rollback. Internet too. Travel tech has made movement of people far too easy. And the irony of using technology to post this isn’t lost on me kek

71f23b  No.1134111

File: e2b2f013fc71220⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 634x634, 1:1, e2b2f013fc71220f9faf7d3afa….jpg)


yeah when I read that I knew that this was the end times of the european race. too much black magic has been done on us now

71f23b  No.1134112


I just want to escape this plane and get back to god and never be part of this world of sin anymore. all other people do is judge you based around the values of this sin world now.

0e0b0d  No.1134113


Time for tree's lad that's how we'll bring revival.

1ac26b  No.1134114

File: ea744c480839bf8⋯.jpg (93.98 KB, 674x521, 674:521, daft.jpg)


It can all be resolved, but there's only one way to fix this now.

57ed08  No.1134115

File: ef019fca08c5d85⋯.png (63.43 KB, 576x271, 576:271, ClipboardImage.png)


cfd72e  No.1134116


In a world so corrupt, the only way left to rebel is to be a good person. That’s how far fallen western civilisation is.

7112c7  No.1134117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, but God likes it when people fight to save others from this sinful world. A righteous man simultaneously longs for heaven and fully commits to fighting on the front line of the war against death.

57ed08  No.1134118

File: 05f4d34b599e96f⋯.png (175.04 KB, 809x692, 809:692, ClipboardImage.png)

cfd72e  No.1134119

Would a modern day Hitler even manage to succeed? Hitler didn’t have the Internet to contend with or millions of third world invaders ghettoising swathes of the country.

71f23b  No.1134120

File: ebd9c0912bdedf5⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 233x346, 233:346, 51 TFGCi 9L._SY344_BO1,204….jpg)


yeah the bloody dogman in the woods with the knife in his teeth tbh

7112c7  No.1134121


A modern-day Hitler would be expert in using the Internet to his advantage. As for the strangers in our lands, remember how outnumbered the Rhodesians were.

71f23b  No.1134122


no hitler was also retarded and did not 'save' anyone. we would have needed like a charlemange or the leadership that stood against napoleon to save us from the filth. alexander 1 romanov tbf

57ed08  No.1134123


thats why we dont need a modern day hitler, we need a modern day mosley, or a million of them

mossers was civic, hitler was just autistic

50337f  No.1134124


>I wouldn’t even rape you

What did he mean by “even”? Is raping lasses something he’s got a reputation for?

57ed08  No.1134125

File: 7f27b25ff36f18a⋯.png (71.56 KB, 590x308, 295:154, ClipboardImage.png)

>it begins

5e7c56  No.1134126


only really if societal collaspe happens and the government loses enough control for a figure to step in and gain a following, people arent going to leave their comfort zones until its on fire

we just need hellfire tbh

564193  No.1134127

File: 979d1622d550977⋯.png (147.63 KB, 351x292, 351:292, ainsley 23.png)

7112c7  No.1134128


It feels like most Britons are the walking dead right now.

cfd72e  No.1134129


>civic cuckoldry

A dog born and raised in a barn is not a horse.

If you replaced every single English see:white

person in this country with niggers, would it still be England?


Perhaps. I can’t wait to see how history plays out tbh


With the utter state most people are in, and never having seen real hardship or death and combat like those people back then did, do you really think numbers won’t matter though? I remember a football match where thousands of Britons ran from a few hundred Russians. Forget what one specifically tbh

0e0b0d  No.1134130


Russian ultras aren't a joke.

15eb1d  No.1134131

File: aab02cf1eb8ac92⋯.jpg (173.33 KB, 699x757, 699:757, 4jC0S78.jpg)

Looking to improve my diet lads. What do you think of this memi infograph?

cfd72e  No.1134132


I have a theory that taking out the electrical grid on minecraft for mid to long term will drive the nation into complete chaos because they’ll lose their trinkets, no tv, no Internet, no Netflix, no being able access banking or get paid, food going off from no grudges working etc because everything is digital now.

7112c7  No.1134133


>With the utter state most people are in… do you really think numbers won’t matter though

Almost everyone in this nation is like that.

cfd72e  No.1134134


Eating healthier is great. So is Intermittent fasting for 2-3 days a week. I do it between workouts on my days off work (Tuesday, wed and thurs)

0e0b0d  No.1134135


Most people are like that in the west period we're not bound by the usual checks and balances anymore.

1ac26b  No.1134136

File: ddf0d1fdf288dd2⋯.jpeg (46.81 KB, 616x462, 4:3, Ploughmans Lunch.jpeg)


nought wrong with cold meat tbf

cfd72e  No.1134137


Exactly. And if they’re that useless now, what good will the remaining useless ones be? At least with numbers, you have meatshields

15eb1d  No.1134138


Used to do a fair bit of fasting. Think I took it too far though, many close friends started to feel worried for me and my physical condition.

0e0b0d  No.1134139


How long where you fasting for?

57ed08  No.1134140


you gotta get the wogs onside before you kick them out, just like joe attested to on his latest leafletting video

5e7c56  No.1134141


yea if someone were to distrupt the large redstone circuit that runs our server it would be utter chaos because most of peoples coping mechanisms would be pulled away from them

0e0b0d  No.1134142


We can make them agree with being sent home.

57ed08  No.1134143


>rice, potatoes, pasta

drop those and you're good to go

57ed08  No.1134144


exactly, but you need their votes before that happens

cfd72e  No.1134145


That’s why I only do it on and off each week.

If you do it constantly you’ll only damage your health, the benefits come from doing it in moderation

57ed08  No.1134146


oh and eat red meat, dont cut it out like it says there >>1134131

968601  No.1134147


>no red meat


00afd2  No.1134148


remind me. why did Christ need a bearer? Was this before he got his superpowers?

cfd72e  No.1134149


Deceptive civicism, I’ll accept that. But genuine civics are cucks. Just as a dog born in a barn is not a horse a shitskin born in England will never be English.


Maybe that’s the accelerationism we need on minecraft. Think about, even a week without the grid and we’re talking about total server chaos.

0e0b0d  No.1134150


I don't think you'll get the younger wogs onboard because 'they're bri'ish' as far as they're concerned.

5e7c56  No.1134151


to fulfil scripture in addition to Gods promise to King David

1ac26b  No.1134152

File: 662877be62b5f7d⋯.jpg (711.28 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, keto-paleo-diet-food-pyram….jpg)

File: 48aec7aca72f34e⋯.jpeg (163.15 KB, 750x1055, 150:211, men health food keto fit ….jpeg)

File: decf91b883f8d9a⋯.jpg (443.24 KB, 1541x844, 1541:844, ketosis.jpg)

57ed08  No.1134153


>Just as a dog born in a barn is not a horse a shitskin born in England will never be English.

and a husky with blue eyes is still a dog

564193  No.1134154

File: 967b31b6beac659⋯.jpg (142.36 KB, 396x594, 2:3, ainsley 28.jpg)





5e7c56  No.1134155


all it would take is a few players with several water buckets and some flint and steel and the redstone engines would fall apart in a chain reaction

cfd72e  No.1134156


>using whey

Natty all the way imo. Besides, have you seen the price of that stuff kek what a rip off.

d2a851  No.1134157

My theory on this extinction rebellion shit is as follows:

>Govt/security services shitting themselves over brexit

>expect mass civil unrest due to delays

>convene a climate change psyop group to do protests

>disrupt and piss general public off enough

>govt passes anti-protest laws at the behest of the public because no-one likes middle class eco-cunts

>now have the means to clamp down hard on coming brexit riots

How close am I, MI5?

57ed08  No.1134158


>Natty all the way imo

this x1000

if you need supplements you're not eating properly

4dd832  No.1134159

tbh anyone who genuinely believes pure white nationalism could be achieved in this country at this point in time is a fed that doesn't believe it

there's a reason they're always so aggressive in their dismissal of realistic targets

0e0b0d  No.1134160


You're just trying to stop us deporting your squeeze.

cfd72e  No.1134161


>thinks it’s as simple as A to Z

Lad it’s called stepping stones. Anyone who believes shitskins have a place here is either a shitskin themselves or a traitor.

1ac26b  No.1134162


It's easily doable, you just don't label it as white, label it as English Christian.



Yeah if you can do without then go for it.

4dd832  No.1134163


>hurr durr just make them all go home lol

>thinks its as simple as A to Z

cfd72e  No.1134164


Precisely. Gotta make do with we got naturally. Do what we can with the cards we were dealt

5e7c56  No.1134165

File: 4fdf532fad2285b⋯.jpg (160.51 KB, 1024x779, 1024:779, 1513071075545.jpg)


you forgot to add all of the honeypots they are making, and then when they are full will get young lads to bomb something, """"""""heroically""""""" foil their evil plans and then use the evidence to further clamp down on online speech as well as irl riots

00afd2  No.1134166


I did that for years with Beyonce' and J-Lo tbh. I genuinely thought they were the same person.

08bdd3  No.1134167

File: 50344930ce829bf⋯.png (100.63 KB, 356x317, 356:317, sceptical primary school t….png)

57ed08  No.1134168



another pet peev i have is people taking creatine

your body produces it naturally, and cheating it doesn't help in the long run as your body wont naturally increase your creatine levels as you get fitter

f9ebc9  No.1134169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Malsteaster bunnies and a cup of tea after defeating lady butterfly for dinner

cfd72e  No.1134170



Read the ID’s I didn’t say that you spastic.

d2a851  No.1134171


Naturally, just like Jack Renshaw.

08bdd3  No.1134172


Good lad I got to the last area today

50337f  No.1134173



Just track macros, eat at a caloric deficit, and do a strength training routine. Don’t waste your effort studying a fad diet when you just need to consume less processed shit and start lifting.

cfd72e  No.1134174


That’s why you keep your mouth shut and don’t say a word if you were hypothetically going to plan out an attack on minecraft. Obviously if you brag like an idiot you’ll get v&

0e0b0d  No.1134175

File: 292465126fe7d0b⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 472x469, 472:469, 292465126fe7d0b2d6ff126775….jpg)


bolognese using mince that should have been cooked 4 days ago for dinna.

cfd72e  No.1134176


I don’t even know what creatine is and I can’t be bothered looking it up tbh, but I know I’d never use supplements of any kind

57ed08  No.1134177


if all youre gonna do is lift you may as well do keto, it's not that hard a concept to grasp



5e7c56  No.1134178


yea if I were hypothetically going to begin greifing I certainly wouldn't join a clan to do it, as the mods have spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) in every single one, not that I approve of greifing of course

35b6d7  No.1134179

File: ab1107691fcc42c⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1440, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


968601  No.1134180

File: 14b16e01051da3f⋯.jpg (619.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190405191616_1.jpg)



playing hard mode as a big cock tbh

71f23b  No.1134181

File: ed229217ac6e3af⋯.jpg (224.44 KB, 928x1390, 464:695, red-fawn-frenchi-bulldog-d….jpg)

smdh at this whole thing lads

f9ebc9  No.1134182


also just killed this fat drunk faggot but the guy in blue helping me died and i feel bad



71f23b  No.1134183

I miss ginnie

1ac26b  No.1134184


Keto's a dead easy way to burn the pounds off quicker than just a deficit, and it's piss easy to do.

f9ebc9  No.1134185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cfd72e  No.1134186


Natty for life, if I can’t do it on my own merit, what’s the point?

f9ebc9  No.1134187

smh its some gay youtube video about someone friend

0e0b0d  No.1134188


What the thread, life or just that image?

f9ebc9  No.1134189

564193  No.1134190

File: 1199f1a0e1f31be⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 320x186, 160:93, Ainsley BBC.webm)

f9ebc9  No.1134191

File: 16ea326b70edabc⋯.png (323.4 KB, 469x592, 469:592, 1438977888.png)

Is beer allowed in the keto diet tbh?

57ed08  No.1134192

File: 5233ce098334e18⋯.jpg (288.64 KB, 1080x1522, 540:761, 5cf8ca17a90009000bef02f711….jpg)

fe4dd8  No.1134193

File: 85eae30329f9f19⋯.jpg (173.68 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, ayy.jpg)

what do you lads make of the coming porn ID check thing? you'd think obscuring porn from the young a bit would piss off shlomo.

it doesn't cover porn subreddits and vpns are a thing, so I expect those will grow in popularity.

00afd2  No.1134194

File: ca1795ce2001a87⋯.png (272.2 KB, 1043x586, 1043:586, shouldaseenitcoming.PNG)


travel-tech? dhingies ?

15eb1d  No.1134195


Looking back I'm not sure. A lot of people thought I was anorexic which I could well have been. I had a fear of being obese like I was as a teenager.


Good stuff, thanks.

f9ebc9  No.1134196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0e0b0d  No.1134197

57ed08  No.1134198


if youre serious about dropping weight, stop drinking altogether

it will help with your training, too. hence why athletes dont drink

f9ebc9  No.1134199



Im not interested in keto

cfd72e  No.1134200


Absolutely. We are a board of peace.

f9ebc9  No.1134201

If you need to lose weight so bad just eat less shite simple as job done end of brap brap

0e0b0d  No.1134202


Good lad

bfdb0f  No.1134203

File: f55eecd7f737990⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 540x343, 540:343, Beowulf.jpg)

The Scottish have established Scottish Gaelic as their cultural language. I am English, and I would like adopt Anglish or Old English as our cultural language.

English in its modern form is a mongrelised and multicultural language containing heavy influences from the Normans and Latin. Anglish would take modern English and eliminate foreign words and influences. Old English would have to be reconstructed from historical sources.

I think modern English is useful as a kind of world language used to communicate between different countries. Reviving Old English or creating Anglish would be fully Germanic and preserve English culture and identity. Of course this is all just my dream world fantasy, because I suppose that with the way things are going it is far more likely the government will get us to learn Newspeak than Anglish.

57ed08  No.1134204


you cant drink beer on any diet tbf

1ac26b  No.1134205


tbf whey and creatine aren't exactly not natty, they aren't steroids

5e7c56  No.1134206


will only work for computer illiterate people, everyone else will get around it

could also be a plot to get all undesirable peoples to use a vpn, which sells info to the glowies so they are easier to catch and neutralise

f9ebc9  No.1134207


I dont drink beer anyway

f9ebc9  No.1134208

hard alcohol and codeine only

d2a851  No.1134209

File: 3e2a90cca4e05df⋯.png (179.42 KB, 323x282, 323:282, 0223e61719495d10cd55fc6804….png)

08bdd3  No.1134210


Good lad

57ed08  No.1134211


taking creatine is not natty lad >>1134168

1ac26b  No.1134212

564193  No.1134213


Except the beer only diet

57ed08  No.1134214


i will if you starve yourself and are pissed 24/7

cfd72e  No.1134215


Motorways. Cars. Planes. Trains. Mass extending railways across the country. Hundreds of plane flights daily. Being able to drive across the country in a matter of hours.

National and international travel has never been easier, smart arse.

0e0b0d  No.1134216


Obviously you supplement with roasted nuts and pork scratchings to avoid starvation.

f9ebc9  No.1134217

File: 6ff4cd3e4cb05b4⋯.jpg (59.88 KB, 919x608, 919:608, 14389779821.jpg)

is eating 5 malteaster bunnies keto tbh?

cfd72e  No.1134218


If it’s artificially made it’s literally not natural lad

cfd72e  No.1134219


No but going down on your mum is Keto

7112c7  No.1134220


Old English would be worth teaching in schools so that students could better understand their own culture and language, but modern English is beautiful too. It's versatile and expressive.

1ac26b  No.1134221

File: 231aa3664a28e2c⋯.jpg (85.65 KB, 1122x1122, 1:1, alcohol (5).jpg)


only need to work on the former tbh


cheese lad

f9ebc9  No.1134222

File: 29aadba59d98c16⋯.jpg (33.85 KB, 417x527, 417:527, 14389779839.jpg)

f9ebc9  No.1134223

Just east cheese and bacon

5e7c56  No.1134224

just eat less lol

cfd72e  No.1134225


But we’re not talking about cheese lad


Kek I was kidding

0e0b0d  No.1134226


No live exclusively off lozenges

15d19a  No.1134227

File: cb99b5cae91e94c⋯.png (23.08 KB, 512x512, 1:1, currency-sign-pound-512.png)


> Be like him

> Find Remain voters owned/scoobydooish/Muslim businesses (any size)

> Leave bad reviews

> Drink their tears as they go bust"

08bdd3  No.1134228

File: 95d74e301dcd54d⋯.jpg (53.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, that lozenge shit.jpg)


Very good lad

f9ebc9  No.1134229

if you're overweight with low impulse control go on a diet where you eat nothing but fat

d184e2  No.1134230

File: 2f4ca1699493522⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 320x320, 1:1, 021f4efd518aade90d282aa303….gif)

f9ebc9  No.1134231

d184e2  No.1134232


>write out an entire post

>it only posts my image

thanks 8chan

bfdb0f  No.1134233


Anglish could be just as expressive as modern English, providing that new words are created, such as 'bendsome' instead of flexible. Whether the language is beautiful or not is entirely subjective. Personally I enjoy saying Anglo-Saxon words more than Latin or Greek words.

f9ebc9  No.1134234

>that big fat lad in the woods crying with an anal bead necklace

57ed08  No.1134235

File: 8d824178e00c90b⋯.png (854.42 KB, 1183x1200, 1183:1200, ClipboardImage.png)

71f23b  No.1134236

cfd72e  No.1134237


Link? I don’t believe that fag is pro Brexit

71f23b  No.1134238

File: aaa7a712139e142⋯.png (882.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, aaa7a712139e1423825beba194….png)


nice effort post lad it looks almost beautiful, I can see it shining from my cave. it looks like "coherence" almost

71f23b  No.1134239


fe4dd8  No.1134240




lad he was in Grassroots Out with Nig and his speech led to scoobs storming out of the meeting

71f23b  No.1134241

File: 7e9caba163a1739⋯.png (860.97 KB, 1080x605, 216:121, 7e9caba163a173931f1ca6eae7….png)

>tfw you immediately think effort posts are pasta now you are so blackpilled

08bdd3  No.1134242

Galloway is based

0e0b0d  No.1134243


I can't believe you spent the time editing around those bars for the additional layer.

57ed08  No.1134244

File: 5fa4c94205bc08e⋯.png (112.68 KB, 247x276, 247:276, 5fa4c94205bc08ea322148a7ec….png)

71f23b  No.1134245


22 did it in micro paint

0e0b0d  No.1134246


>not knowing about based nutter Galloway.

57ed08  No.1134247


he's such a fucking meta-farmer

71f23b  No.1134248


I don't speak zoomernese

0e0b0d  No.1134249


he loves the board drama lad he is a bender after all.

9c1ed4  No.1134250


he is are lefty lad, lad

71f23b  No.1134251

File: b5bdd9d8f909740⋯.jpg (109.39 KB, 663x485, 663:485, bassetsmug.jpg)

fe4dd8  No.1134252


interesting responses from george in the comment thread tbh

7112c7  No.1134253


>Whether the language is beautiful or not is entirely subjective

Gonna be honest with you fam, there's not a single language I haven't viewed as beautiful after some investigation.

cfd72e  No.1134254



I quit tv 3 years ago and don’t use the Internet much any more. Calm down lads


Oh fuck name me its legit. Cheers anon

0e0b0d  No.1134255


He's been about for years lad, even spent time cucking labour out of the muslim vote for a while.

cfd72e  No.1134256


Hebrew and African languages aren’t.

50337f  No.1134257


>Quicker than a deficit

If they actually burned fat then they were eating at a deficit. You can’t burn fat if you eat more than you expend.

The magical fat burning property is probably just you losing water weight from cutting out carbs.

cfd72e  No.1134258


I know he’s been about for years but I didn’t know he wasn’t anything but some labour loving mudshit lover tbh

d184e2  No.1134259


He's a Socialist lad, why would he be pro EU?

57ed08  No.1134260


i dont think you understand how keto works

fe4dd8  No.1134261


farage is galloway inverted

>drumpf loving mudshit lover

bfdb0f  No.1134262


Hebrew and African languages are still beautiful to Hebrews and Africans. Beauty is subjective, it depends on feelings. To any sane English man these Afro-Asiatic languages will usually sound like trash.

35b6d7  No.1134263


Great idea, I think this should be pursued by the government too.

cfd72e  No.1134264


I think he meant faster than just doing a standard deficit.

But losing weight too fast results in saggy skin and stretch marks.

30c137  No.1134265


absolute unmitigated Farage victory confirmed

cfd72e  No.1134266


>beauty is subjective.

Not really. Asymmetrical faces hamper a persons attractiveness for example. I doubt you’re arguing a real life person with the face of the hunchback is going to be popular with the ladies.

1ac26b  No.1134267


>Beauty is subjective

To an extent, but there's a distinct difference between looking at a classical painting and looking at a peroid smear painting.

7112c7  No.1134268


I think the latter causes a measurable mental stress reaction.

bfdb0f  No.1134269


It is still subjective because there may be people who are mentally retarded that find hunchbacks attractive. Beauty can however be objectively attractive in the context that the beauty indicates or represents something. For example, long hair in women indicates fertility and can be seen as objectively attractive from a biological reproductive perspective. Classical art is far superior to a period smear painting objectively in the context that it is far better at fulfilling the purpose of art.

7f3528  No.1134270

File: 58d2f14be2de7b8⋯.png (544.61 KB, 720x1032, 30:43, 20190417_215940.png)

7f3528  No.1134271


WTF. Is this at a Labour party conference?

15eb1d  No.1134272

File: 7f0eb8f2605c9af⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 1200x817, 1200:817, Dn8ff8rU0AY8Vo7.jpg)

57ed08  No.1134273

File: 5ae00b8739b6495⋯.png (399.4 KB, 514x480, 257:240, 5ae00b8739b6495bccd41a5712….png)

File: 8dba48a5a741665⋯.png (7.35 KB, 255x234, 85:78, mfwcommunism.png)


such a great conference for reaction images

4a72ce  No.1134274

File: 7e7c50955cdb4c7⋯.png (234.75 KB, 352x390, 176:195, ted how bad things really ….png)

4a72ce  No.1134275


this is unironically big if true

4a72ce  No.1134276

File: d1ccd61ad5b7341⋯.png (221.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pepe big eyes.png)

0e0b0d  No.1134277


Oh we're going to bring back hanging for this one.

30c137  No.1134278


keeek those scoobydoos at front left

fe4dd8  No.1134279


is this why the military recruitment adverts have been so abysmal?

4a72ce  No.1134280

File: e3ac119475d24a9⋯.jpg (10.78 KB, 255x255, 1:1, dafoe evil smile.jpg)


they're scared

3a8187  No.1134281

File: b4a70075ef64280⋯.jpeg (9 KB, 255x226, 255:226, 121.jpeg)



>It’s Vogue Guardianistas like you who have brought us to this critical point

4dd832  No.1134282

File: df8b51380e8e557⋯.png (104.58 KB, 297x428, 297:428, ClipboardImage.png)


>ave werked ar all dese pya upper class jobs and tha burram still werkin class coz ov me accent lah

f9ebc9  No.1134283

File: 81313e88f6a924c⋯.jpg (49.45 KB, 504x442, 252:221, 1509497153571.jpg)


>Born working class

yh k

3a8187  No.1134284


look at me teef la

luv money and corbyn ate tories and gammo

simple as

0e0b0d  No.1134285

not sure those mince were a good idea.

4a72ce  No.1134286



>they dont know about somalian

literally ooga booga

f9ebc9  No.1134287

File: 6986675566e4197⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 309x380, 309:380, 1519134402478.gif)

564193  No.1134288

File: d1ddb8e4280fa1d⋯.jpg (814.3 KB, 1474x7572, 737:3786, somali.jpg)

bfdb0f  No.1134289


Pornography should be outright banned to the same level that child pornography is, ID checks do not go anywhere near far enough.

57ed08  No.1134290

File: 51c9df301610a7d⋯.png (1.5 MB, 898x1200, 449:600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e4ca39b17f7dd5b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 370c3f0e1259f0d⋯.png (1.24 MB, 730x1200, 73:120, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 59899827e248aa8⋯.png (1.51 MB, 898x1200, 449:600, ClipboardImage.png)

i think the anon was right about this ER protest being a backdoor to anti-Brexit demonstration legislation

4a72ce  No.1134291

File: b968e33b98db361⋯.gif (497.94 KB, 255x235, 51:47, christian bale howling.gif)

3a8187  No.1134292

File: 66cf7c0b1f5b4da⋯.png (316.26 KB, 1663x2372, 1663:2372, Galloway.png)

Based George the Brexit cat

4a72ce  No.1134293


scary thought.

1ac26b  No.1134294


course he was, these things don't actually pop up overnight out of nowhere

3a8187  No.1134295


How about those Brexit slow drivers, oh yeah they arrested them

57ed08  No.1134296

File: 2dba9ce7528664e⋯.png (24.17 KB, 682x199, 682:199, ClipboardImage.png)


i tried doing that in the 1st image and it didnt translate

this did though…

4a72ce  No.1134297


I noticed the stickers around my town about 4 or 5 months ago.

1ac26b  No.1134298


It was some time ago so google must have refined it somewhat.

7112c7  No.1134299



e5c16e  No.1134300


They all occupy the same political plane of being in favour of big government.

3a8187  No.1134301

If I was getting on a train and one of these cunts pulled any shit I'd start shouting 'ANYBODY SEEN RICHIE?' then kick the shit out of everyone.

4a72ce  No.1134302


good lad

these faggots are being let to do what they do

a serious police push-back would break those pussies, mostly grannies and trannies

35b6d7  No.1134303

File: fcc2ea50ba86567⋯.png (442.5 KB, 606x550, 303:275, ClipboardImage.png)

f2964f  No.1134304

File: a8eff582ca85d3e⋯.png (149.99 KB, 550x550, 1:1, image.png)


bins was right again…

3a8187  No.1134305


Nigga still has good hair tbf

1ac26b  No.1134306

File: 7c59d2851f0f692⋯.mp4 (9.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, local lads.mp4)


And just like before, there won't be an actual police response until it's local lads on the streets.

4dd832  No.1134307


how often do you think he fantasises about the timeline where he never had her lads

45bb50  No.1134308


I don't want the EU reformed. I want it's throat slit.

35b6d7  No.1134309

File: fb8f521885eaee5⋯.png (2.62 MB, 998x1500, 499:750, ClipboardImage.png)


smh the scoobydoos took his daughter

57ed08  No.1134310

File: f12e0e4ff1124fe⋯.mp4 (2.67 MB, 320x568, 40:71, deano road rage.mp4)


kek, cant wait

1ac26b  No.1134311


This, the beast is trying to change shape to convince people it's not evil.

0e0b0d  No.1134312


She's been dead a long time lad.

564193  No.1134313

File: 06ed5c15770cca7⋯.webm (955.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, roasty_when_the_drugs_kic….webm)

3a8187  No.1134314



At this stage she's more virus than host.

35b6d7  No.1134315

File: 0fc6561c9d79a81⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x759, 1024:759, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fab6a01726dfb1c⋯.png (65.51 KB, 466x573, 466:573, miley pls.png)

4dd832  No.1134316


up the fuckin south lads

f9ebc9  No.1134317

File: 8abf5868cfe589f⋯.jpg (32.45 KB, 377x537, 377:537, 14389779841.jpg)

968601  No.1134318


the real one is in a better place now

0e0b0d  No.1134319

File: fd443a9ecade5bb⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 261x301, 261:301, 2dc2442dbdf3d62a463558e94b….jpg)

cfd72e  No.1134320


Speaking of. I destroyed a boomers worldview. I told him to look into the kalergi plan and he was horrified at what he saw, and he’s converted everyone he knows into being anti eu now by showing them. It’s great red pilling irl

3a8187  No.1134321

Britney Spears is back in a mental hospital on related note.

4a72ce  No.1134322


damn she looks fucked

girls shouldn't do drugs ever

3a8187  No.1134323


Most boomer have no intention of good faith arguing tbf.

7112c7  No.1134324



Devoured by Lucifer, tbh.

968601  No.1134325

File: bd57e562ac7aa1b⋯.png (96.45 KB, 287x245, 41:35, daft.png)

1ac26b  No.1134326

File: a429053be545743⋯.mp4 (7.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nyZmqvf3A6xbqYlz.mp4)

35b6d7  No.1134327

File: d32d6480a943865⋯.png (617.84 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, bateman.png)

1ac26b  No.1134328

File: 7d44d71596d84ae⋯.mp4 (1.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, FC7ejd4babiC7byV.mp4)


good lad

57ed08  No.1134329


why do you have jizz on your face?

4a72ce  No.1134330


>ywn bash wogs with the enfield squad

08bdd3  No.1134331

45bb50  No.1134332


An old theory suggests that civil unrest will occur after only 3 days without food.

35b6d7  No.1134333

File: e1e41ddcd1154a7⋯.png (437.48 KB, 615x409, 615:409, ClipboardImage.png)


ngl that song is great kek im happy he's had a hit tbh he seems like a nice lad

>6 kids

holding back the 56% personally

1ac26b  No.1134334


It's a shame he wasn't in the song more tbh, he made it.

1ac26b  No.1134335





Just look at how our gov't is shitting themselves over those truckers striking and blocking major roads; the country is held together with duct tape and lollipop sticks right now.

564193  No.1134337

File: 9ecaf6a18632e1b⋯.gif (7.13 MB, 500x333, 500:333, 8bc6584fdbae39b3677075c5f1….gif)


>posting big jiggly boobies

bad lad

57ed08  No.1134338

File: f9b7f667535a57a⋯.png (35.81 KB, 580x146, 290:73, ClipboardImage.png)

genuinely conflicted now ngl

f9ebc9  No.1134339

File: 80b46240d5e849d⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 339x347, 339:347, 14389779828.jpg)

35b6d7  No.1134340


everyone loves the romanticised implicit cowboy/settler/gunslinger aesthetic


1ac26b  No.1134341


The lad's an idiot but he knows what he's on about.

7112c7  No.1134342


The best option is always to do as much good as you can(, and in this case that means fighting for Brexit). Then God will take you the rest of the way, even if that means making the British public furious by denying them Brexit.

1ac26b  No.1134343

File: 2cc5b550ceb0d6a⋯.mp4 (3.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, _i.mp4)


d184e2  No.1134344

File: 4050dee6059a11f⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 300x375, 4:5, 4050dee6059a11f725f36d26cf….gif)

cfd72e  No.1134345


He said it was a real eye opener, and that after he read Tarrants manifesto he doesn’t view the streets the same way he used to.

I think he might do something actually. He’s been really affected by this. hes started attending a gun range after he hit a firearms license


Cheers lad


Only 3 days? Well now that’s easy imo


I think if accelerationism is the way to go, killing the minecraft grid is how to do it.

f9ebc9  No.1134346

watching the shining tbh

35b6d7  No.1134347


is this a cown or a clowboy tbh

3a8187  No.1134348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1ac26b  No.1134349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d184e2  No.1134350

File: be2a8f5ba24bdfb⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 292x351, 292:351, be2a8f5ba24bdfb20124d3ac60….gif)

968601  No.1134351

>it's an 8chan refuses to load anything episode

7f3528  No.1134352

File: 7cdca2a4bf32433⋯.png (336.28 KB, 720x1028, 180:257, 20190417_225605.png)

Kek. "Danger to democracy" just means "getting a result we don't like".

Even with these giant social media companies on their side providing heavily censored and curated content they are STILL terrified of losing control of the narrative.

1ac26b  No.1134353


>killing the minecraft grid is how to do it

If you're going to do it you need to strike in a way that it hurts the gov't far more than it hurts the average man. Anything near a hospital or similar and you are only going to make yourself enemy of the people.

To be honest a blockade on key points of the M25 will utterly shit up the entirety of London, my money would be one blockading the M1/M25 junction near Watford, that shit is a major artery tbh

f9ebc9  No.1134354

i love big pale tits smfh

4a72ce  No.1134355


patrician choice

564193  No.1134356

File: d8d5f74286c22fc⋯.webm (2.14 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Batsu19.webm)

3a8187  No.1134357


How old was she in that, fucking amazing tits.

d184e2  No.1134359

File: 1001b8853d4ccb2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 345.78 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1417027706112.jpg)

71f23b  No.1134360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


god I wish this was me

564193  No.1134361

File: 3015496463a5a6b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.16 KB, 805x1024, 805:1024, 3015496463a5a6b225045fc058….jpg)



>big pale tits

cfd72e  No.1134362


I think you’re only making yourself an enemy of the people if (((they))) know who and why you did it, but I think you’ll need to affect the average joe because are they ever going to anything as long as they have food on the table, get paid, have Netflix and tv?

Besides hospitals have backup generators on minecraft they’ll be fine.

1ac26b  No.1134363


Show started in 1995 but I can't find her DOB anywhere.

4a72ce  No.1134364


I would cut off my left bollock to shag her tbh

4a72ce  No.1134365


pure 90s clunge

1ac26b  No.1134366


It's far easier to smear you if they can brandish you as someone going after the sick and dying tbh

You need to make things uncomfortable for normies yes, but the main focus should be on making the gov't utterly shit themselves.

9c1ed4  No.1134367


jesus lad steady on

f9ebc9  No.1134368


these movies are so shit that they are good

f9ebc9  No.1134369


yeah perfect tbf

564193  No.1134370

4a72ce  No.1134371


gingers are the highest tier lad

d184e2  No.1134372

We do have an entire board for this tbh

3a8187  No.1134373


I rewatch this and the 'ANYONE SEEN RICHIE' one regularly.

564193  No.1134374


smh lad we've stopped now unless you start posting again

9c1ed4  No.1134375


gingers are 50% hot 50% mong tbh

f9ebc9  No.1134376


>ywn know why he did bobby lupo

4a72ce  No.1134377


pure british phenotypes

f9ebc9  No.1134378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d184e2  No.1134379

File: c92183e89db3911⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.67 KB, 640x888, 80:111, 1dad4696607d51d52ba2578140….jpg)

f9ebc9  No.1134380

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

564193  No.1134381

File: 2461daa6f497084⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.99 KB, 847x1026, 847:1026, 2461daa6f4970841f6edb95f25….jpg)

d184e2  No.1134382


nah lets actually stop

1ac26b  No.1134383




4a72ce  No.1134384

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

post some MORALITY and high culture

d184e2  No.1134385

File: a1e139d22f5a503⋯.png (1.1 KB, 246x33, 82:11, tits.PNG)

I could keep going for a very long time though.

4a72ce  No.1134386

File: 53b2d0dbc9d948d⋯.jpg (6 MB, 7615x4679, 7615:4679, architects dream.jpg)

564193  No.1134387

File: 273c40a08c748cd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.03 KB, 1104x828, 4:3, 273c40a08c748cd5b0dda07f55….jpg)

0e0b0d  No.1134388

File: 0670f3805995be2⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 350x468, 175:234, 1395471774204.jpg)


>that clip

>those comments.

3a8187  No.1134389


confuzon of de haiest odah

e5c16e  No.1134390

File: c24dcaebc35a485⋯.png (350.42 KB, 660x371, 660:371, ClipboardImage.png)


>File name

>Implying that this isn't an architects dream

564193  No.1134391


the ginger minge I posted earlier had piercing too smfh

f9ebc9  No.1134392


that makes it even better

4a72ce  No.1134393

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


low culture and non-trad tbh

d184e2  No.1134394

File: 64b1ffaa729eff3⋯.jpg (32.11 KB, 523x547, 523:547, D4DdH1vW0AAfUNG.jpg)


>tfw actually kinda like tattoos and piercings but would never date a girl with them

3a8187  No.1134395


Tatoos are real bromide for me

1ac26b  No.1134396



kill yourselves tbh

e5c16e  No.1134397


Pierced ears aren't too bad, but, it does depend on the piercings and then the earrings.

15d19a  No.1134398

File: 7961dc80cf9d96f⋯.png (56.15 KB, 87x48, 29:16, currency-sign-pound-512.png)


Need to ask the following to those Europhiles:

'Why are you running?'

PS - above link has their contact details pour les shitposts epique…

f9ebc9  No.1134399


Yeah tbh

4a72ce  No.1134400


hullo jason

f9ebc9  No.1134401


Why dont you like pierced nipples lad?

1ac26b  No.1134402


>Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad has spackers working for him


57ed08  No.1134403

File: c687dced2a919e5⋯.png (34.93 KB, 350x301, 50:43, ClipboardImage.png)

564193  No.1134404


She has a pieced bellybutton too

d184e2  No.1134405

File: d02938fd34ab053⋯.jpg (157.35 KB, 1051x1200, 1051:1200, D4Gx7XvXoAA2FT0.jpg)



Filled out his email field as well


I can't help having fetishes lad.

564193  No.1134406


His boss likes to attach a chain to his and lead him around by it

1ac26b  No.1134407


they are unsightly tbh, not racist just don't like em simple as

f9ebc9  No.1134408

i personally really like them tbh, can twiddle them lots of fun

4a72ce  No.1134409


ChUK splitting the vote ftw

1ac26b  No.1134410


they already have nips for that

5e7c56  No.1134411

File: c0067eb8f6e3159⋯.jpg (49.3 KB, 640x743, 640:743, d0f66be2e3fb67c49436df69fe….jpg)

f9ebc9  No.1134412


it enhances it lad thats why its fun smh

57ed08  No.1134413


you cant chew on a piercing lad, you might chip a tooth

4a72ce  No.1134414


1 Corinthians 6:19-20

desecration of the natural form

57ed08  No.1134415

f9ebc9  No.1134416

File: f72b65e7b2963ce⋯.jpg (16.11 KB, 357x317, 357:317, 14389779815.jpg)

4a72ce  No.1134417

File: 8af365bed36a1e7⋯.png (55.82 KB, 180x220, 9:11, hitchens head.png)

4a72ce  No.1134418

File: 75686ec46b186f3⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 255x212, 255:212, scruton doom all is vulgar….jpg)

Scruton would agree

women have been destroying their bodily temples in the name of lust and debauchery

08bdd3  No.1134419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Big dairy milk bar for supper

1ac26b  No.1134420


Even if they weren't unsightly alone it shows the woman's character tbh

4a72ce  No.1134421


its the complete opposite of modesty

4a72ce  No.1134422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

gnite lads

1ac26b  No.1134423

File: 27580bd79d5a52e⋯.png (99.72 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - women.png)

5e7c56  No.1134424

not sure you can be talking about modesty when gawking at a lasses tits

08bdd3  No.1134425

File: 3d70455ed5f19e1⋯.png (346.39 KB, 720x720, 1:1, manatee.png)

7c9407  No.1134426

File: 147ae7d06ee9e89⋯.png (21.64 KB, 434x186, 7:3, ClipboardImage.png)

the next Jordan Peterson

7c9407  No.1134427



6fe529  No.1134428

File: d1828e716827c50⋯.jpg (191.47 KB, 890x905, 178:181, 1049ea324a594a959215f3a2fa….jpg)


They're still on the bridge smh, they were banging drums at 9pm smdh

6fe529  No.1134429

File: 62a3acf1f6fa160⋯.jpg (67.86 KB, 450x405, 10:9, 62a3acf1f6fa160caf92e9401e….jpg)

File: e123c9538f4b22b⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 300x242, 150:121, dubs.gif)

>watched American Psycho in the cinema earlier

>gets to the Paul Allen murder scene

>the dubs frame happens

>the temptation to shout out "check these dubs"


7c9407  No.1134430


Did you watch it with mutelass, lad?

0e0b0d  No.1134431

File: fe210391c83b251⋯.jpg (61.86 KB, 431x431, 1:1, 1398877542646.jpg)

Here we go again.

57ed08  No.1134432


6fe529  No.1134433

File: 926abeff0ccc252⋯.jpg (70.25 KB, 804x802, 402:401, 5c488be99fb484d94e4c38d5c5….jpg)


Nope lad, she couldn't make it. Tbh want to watch it with her, think she would like it. Tbh with mutelass I'm just going to take what I have with her as what it is. A lass who likes holding hands with me and cuddling and just see how things go. I think we've got some level of connection tbf

6fe529  No.1134434

File: c86584d5b281c9f⋯.png (370.42 KB, 508x676, 127:169, bae37ad2642c93f62868f42f06….png)


6fe529  No.1134435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6fe529  No.1134436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0e0b0d  No.1134437



6fe529  No.1134438

File: 67b5fcad521e058⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 67b5fcad521e058735b9e54f76….jpg)

0e0b0d  No.1134439


no lad that's 'your' lass

5e7c56  No.1134440

File: b9fea7e8ff62014⋯.jpg (85.7 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1536253132114.jpg)

6fe529  No.1134441

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6fe529  No.1134442


cursed image

6fe529  No.1134443

where's 22st smh

5e7c56  No.1134444

File: c8de39ab6f18651⋯.jpg (113.01 KB, 640x736, 20:23, 1519157937066.jpg)


euthanised by mi5

6fe529  No.1134445


>terrorist monkey


nice quads, lad

0e0b0d  No.1134446


Look at that monkey's eyes, he knows whatis about to happen.

0e0b0d  No.1134447

File: f09dbd511dd5726⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 212x128, 53:32, tfwmadeabigmistake.jpg)

5e7c56  No.1134448


probably thinking back and regretting the moment he brought a minecraft subscription

a4c6f6  No.1134449

File: 50376867ef53998⋯.jpg (421.9 KB, 2301x3000, 767:1000, e7ad10d2cb07ce99f0c025e84d….jpg)


a4c6f6  No.1134450

I don't know what's more sad, cute Notre Dame or the fact that nips still think that Frogs still have blue eyes and blonde hair.

7c9407  No.1134451


>didn't change her genes

>still has a functional vagina

I don't mind tbh

7c9407  No.1134452

File: 3fe7fd8010a4e52⋯.png (212.88 KB, 598x687, 598:687, ClipboardImage.png)

>Easter sweets giving me a headache

7c9407  No.1134453

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


7c9407  No.1134454

File: 8f5910179abac3c⋯.png (87.81 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1377722706648.png)

>Varg devalues hearted comments by hearting all of them

3bb786  No.1134455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Frazzles for supper

7c9407  No.1134456

File: bb0711f319f1967⋯.png (597.13 KB, 564x756, 47:63, ClipboardImage.png)

5e6eda  No.1134457

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


7c9407  No.1134458


>Ginnie defender isn't in the chat

7c9407  No.1134459


>it's lagging

7c9407  No.1134460


based gay nonce for boy's right

6fe529  No.1134461


smh it's socialism

6fe529  No.1134462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

*plays tony hawk*

7c9407  No.1134463

File: 2cffdcb547330c7⋯.png (66.91 KB, 1187x389, 1187:389, ClipboardImage.png)

>inb4 he remembers I am a naughty nazi boi so he just bullies me instead of responding like a good old boy

7c9407  No.1134464


7c9407  No.1134465

File: eca05229634304e⋯.png (70.48 KB, 488x488, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

that's why you use the turkey baster

888b77  No.1134466

File: 75bf114349c7da3⋯.jpg (144.52 KB, 1600x912, 100:57, 1690a3ddc6df_efukt.jpg)

Mystery meat

7c9407  No.1134467


>It's time to settle down

6fe529  No.1134468

File: e4f3958f81c7427⋯.jpg (433.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1551733915631.jpg)

7c9407  No.1134469

File: 9b150838928132b⋯.png (590.05 KB, 625x469, 625:469, ClipboardImage.png)

6fe529  No.1134470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6fe529  No.1134471

File: 5661048779e10c3⋯.png (180.47 KB, 350x528, 175:264, ClipboardImage.png)

smh wtf

6fe529  No.1134472

File: 4998decd9bbc48c⋯.png (709.3 KB, 764x439, 764:439, ClipboardImage.png)

civic bites the dust

7c9407  No.1134473

File: 8c17c14d09beb33⋯.png (354.26 KB, 737x685, 737:685, ClipboardImage.png)

6fe529  No.1134474


That guy looks genuinely zombified/diseased

6fe529  No.1134475

Mark Hamill took kike money to support the utter shite that is being pushed out

6fe529  No.1134476

We all know he originally hated nu-star wars

e91caf  No.1134477


His politics in general are shit I believe. He just opposed them because they are shit films.

6fe529  No.1134478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e91caf  No.1134479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>that scoobydoo cuck that does those shitty debunking videos goes on Joe Rogan

e91caf  No.1134480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e91caf  No.1134481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Beautiful. Skip ahead to one minute if you're an impatient boy

e91caf  No.1134482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

mythbusters have come to phenotypically represent where it is filmed

6fe529  No.1134483

File: 95d8bc6799a7e0c⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>he's still wearing the same black top

6fe529  No.1134485

File: c16dc246abb955c⋯.png (882.13 KB, 837x432, 31:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b797a37801be733⋯.png (501.5 KB, 720x831, 240:277, 1f6654b3007966a61258bc89fa….png)

Would, as long as she's over 16

1f0ee8  No.1134486

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e91caf  No.1134487


what if you found her in the woods and she didn't know her own age?

e91caf  No.1134488

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What does this speech mean? Mega cringe

6fe529  No.1134489



e91caf  No.1134490


>tfw you're Tarzan stuck in a jungle with Jane and you don't make babies with her because some bullies back in Britain would call you the n-word

6fe529  No.1134491

File: 5eeaa3d74e25a7d⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 474x443, 474:443, 5eeaa3d74e25a7d856dc5f8a57….jpg)


e91caf  No.1134492

File: 089a145c9f05647⋯.png (31.68 KB, 559x536, 559:536, 5778ee8ae22608ee0e415d2bf1….png)

6fe529  No.1134493

File: 7f71376ff1bef7b⋯.png (8.01 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 7f71376ff1bef7b63e37cf921d….png)

e91caf  No.1134494

File: 36ada6a1285a146⋯.png (41.27 KB, 1247x512, 1247:512, ClipboardImage.png)


e91caf  No.1134495

File: be8d74302fa61a6⋯.png (7.17 KB, 418x127, 418:127, ClipboardImage.png)


35b6d7  No.1134496

not slept all night smh

e91caf  No.1134497

File: 5e815240be1baa8⋯.png (8.28 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>Mummy got you a LAKUPIIPPU

e91caf  No.1134498


maybe you got enough rest just lying down tbh

e91caf  No.1134499

File: 61b83458f2b682f⋯.png (90.95 KB, 1184x772, 296:193, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6e2e0b7fdfe6244⋯.jpg (65.58 KB, 1440x1416, 60:59, 1536486450247.jpg)


35b6d7  No.1134500


iktf why the fuck did they get rid of windows movie maker tbh nationalise windows now

e91caf  No.1134501

File: 05b3994ad35ecb4⋯.jpg (233.18 KB, 964x1027, 964:1027, 1535106971660.jpg)


tbh didnt know how good we had it

35b6d7  No.1134502

File: f89b2eb337dc981⋯.png (479.52 KB, 590x559, 590:559, 1505124781057.png)



e91caf  No.1134503


I even made an animation in it, so it was obviously easy to use smh

528f59  No.1134504


dude just torrent adobe premier and youtube a resize tutorial, are you new to the internet or what???

8d6203  No.1134505

File: efd63fb84b67763⋯.png (497.03 KB, 750x750, 1:1, harris.png)


>oy vey, don't eat red meat goy

>eat soybeans instead


Intro the trash it goes

abc7f3  No.1134506

How do I get a gf lads??????

I don't want one I just want to know how so I can make it sound like I know what I'm doing

8d6203  No.1134507


Stop being a beerfag, it's got a higher concentration of phytoestrogens than soy milk.

Beer is literally the dirty paki alcohol. Drink scrumpy like a normal person.



Hm, interesting lad.


>mine just killed all the females I gave it

Based incel fish

e91caf  No.1134508


>Based incel fish

sounds like volcel

cfd72e  No.1134509


you don’t

welcome to the bad end route timeline

7c956c  No.1134510

File: 33481015d04b397⋯.png (507.22 KB, 1070x601, 1070:601, 33481015d04b3974f9ed7acf61….png)

File: 807009271e0b9c2⋯.jpg (7.74 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 1526354730849.jpg)

File: a9cce9b3124dd19⋯.png (93.46 KB, 1600x826, 800:413, 1526348283863.png)



Unironically brexit was a fucking stupid decision for you brits

Not only that but my boss keeps asking me to work holidays

What type of fucking joke nation doesn't look after it's workers????

7c956c  No.1134511

File: 5f4967f4e8a2ff0⋯.png (554.26 KB, 967x954, 967:954, 1504913937554.png)


8d6203  No.1134512



Thought you already told your boss that you were going on holiday? What happened with that, lad?

7c956c  No.1134513

File: 32c417f6859cdf3⋯.png (215.17 KB, 400x416, 25:26, 1515647408074.png)



cfd72e  No.1134514

>tfw lost 16lbs and now back to a healthy weight as of 10lbs ago

Gonna keep going lads.

3b24c3  No.1134515

File: 5d6351dfc497ecf⋯.mp4 (193.05 KB, 490x360, 49:36, Nigel Mansell comercial Ca….mp4)

528f59  No.1134516

File: ec50e8512e5fe04⋯.jpg (146.04 KB, 496x496, 1:1, ec50e8512e5fe042fd9de36f3b….jpg)

9c1ed4  No.1134517


you dumb nigger just get h.264 encoder how can you be this retarded at the internet

9c1ed4  No.1134518


>you brits

hope you leave and don't come back :^)

57ed08  No.1134519

File: e8402e241dd92ad⋯.mp4 (11.86 MB, 480x200, 12:5, wop.mp4)

niggers out tbh

e91caf  No.1134520

File: 0b4d6c295ea792f⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1047x1572, 349:524, ClipboardImage.png)

57ed08  No.1134521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cfd72e  No.1134522

File: bc6289b262008a6⋯.jpeg (33.96 KB, 480x482, 240:241, 89EC32F8-C8DE-4DF5-8317-5….jpeg)

57ed08  No.1134523

File: de113eebca3fd5d⋯.png (60.35 KB, 594x256, 297:128, ClipboardImage.png)


<nothing to do with immigration, it's the torieeees

3b24c3  No.1134524

File: abc039af257710b⋯.png (842.63 KB, 864x473, 864:473, don_neto.png)

>tfw the Republic of Sonora failed

3a8187  No.1134525


Stabbings are coz of Tory cuts too

528f59  No.1134526

File: e59b553d3f6c54d⋯.png (2.06 KB, 210x161, 30:23, 1460656069065.png)


that is possibly one of my favorite movie scenes ever

57ed08  No.1134527

File: d629351e15cb255⋯.gif (280.79 KB, 200x200, 1:1, minaj3.gif)


ummmm, stabbing are coz of structural racism and white privilege, sweetie x

528f59  No.1134528

File: 5fb52b0f796e3fb⋯.jpg (127.53 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ad5b75e020ac5dfa96f0787d45….jpg)

File: 6d5b2e6bf3d4387⋯.png (349.12 KB, 510x526, 255:263, 6d5b2e6bf3d4387d38581563e8….png)

File: 9ab9e4fcc352a0a⋯.jpg (48.33 KB, 620x592, 155:148, 1523258987559.jpg)

File: 449c3a98d512a0e⋯.jpg (195.16 KB, 860x595, 172:119, 1535332636565.jpg)

File: a78524862eccdc3⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)


>Stabbings are coz of Tory cuts

e91caf  No.1134529


Why? It's a factually incorrect scene written by a cuckold who probably took pleasure in writing it.

528f59  No.1134530


its a fantastic scene numbnuts, have you managed to resize your video yet noobie

e91caf  No.1134531


No I gave up

528f59  No.1134532


is the problem that the file size is too big???

48ad41  No.1134533

35b6d7  No.1134534

File: 97f673253e8a0d7⋯.png (453.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 599c7744a2ed707⋯.png (150.18 KB, 258x360, 43:60, ClipboardImage.png)

Centrist ‘CUK’ Group Becomes Official UK Political Party Ahead of Looming EU Elections


The group of centrist former Labour and Conservative MPs who walked out on their respective parties earlier this years in protest over Brexit, Labour anti-Semitism and other issues have been officially registered as a political party today ahead of European Parliamentary Elections.

look at these twats kek

35b6d7  No.1134535

File: 4dced8b2e0904d9⋯.jpg (34.84 KB, 480x480, 1:1, racewarnow.jpg)

why do centrists have such shiny foreheads

48ad41  No.1134536


The party name has to be an intentional joke

48ad41  No.1134537

File: 0bd83b34cc5364c⋯.png (465.74 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 0bd83b34cc5364c742882f2043….png)


Because they are enlightened, lad. Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad literally causes lens flare

528f59  No.1134538


you best bet with anything like that is to use handbrake


run it through that program and on the video tab turn down the quality like by 1 or 2, it wont make any difference to the end visual quality but when its finished the end file size will be like 10% of what it was, i had to use it for a video diary for uni once, it works a treat

3a8187  No.1134539


Chukka realises his mistake.

528f59  No.1134540


now they're officially a UK political party does that mean they now how to disclose their funding??? is there anyway you can find it online now?? this whole thing stunk of soros since the begining

3b24c3  No.1134541

File: 923f04524daadea⋯.jpg (79.19 KB, 731x731, 1:1, 923f04524daadea5736b772a0a….jpg)

>tfw I could can go you uni for a year, drop out then used the grant money to pay for a whole BA in Russian Studies at a top Russian Uni

3b24c3  No.1134542

I could have*

3a8187  No.1134543


But you don't know Russian ?

528f59  No.1134544


makes more sense than studying in the UK atm tbh, my uni course is embarrasing

3b24c3  No.1134545


They teach you Russian on the course.

3b24c3  No.1134546

Also English replaced Latin as academic lingua franca tbh

3bb786  No.1134547

File: ce3f13b79e12966⋯.jpg (10.37 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 6bb1894a7598eff2fbf8c138b4….jpg)


Uh sweetie i think you'll find that Soros is an anti semitic conspiracy theory and the only shady funding is coming from the Russian backed Arron Banks and his Russian wife payed in Russian rubles

528f59  No.1134548


i stand corrected

57ed08  No.1134549


>does that mean they now how to disclose their funding???

yes, absolutely

>is there anyway you can find it online now??

i think so, i dont know where though. FBPE lot have been harping on about TPB donations so they must know where

1ac26b  No.1134550

File: 26fc2f50d2b1019⋯.png (216.55 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190418-104501.png)







48ad41  No.1134551


Is that Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad's new twitter?

57ed08  No.1134552

File: f6d1a672e0008aa⋯.mp4 (1.43 MB, 320x568, 40:71, hnWVZv5kdJxvdT_G.mp4)

ER are gonna get blitzed lads

0e0b0d  No.1134553


Is that the civic goblin?

48ad41  No.1134554

File: 3c0047546d0b7ed⋯.jpg (70.07 KB, 683x683, 1:1, 14184465_10157285073245265….jpg)

57ed08  No.1134555

File: 49d7b310b494d92⋯.mp4 (160.75 KB, 320x568, 40:71, 1mlgAd8mU2Jp7o2D.mp4)


my bad, looks like they are just going to join the party smdh

3b24c3  No.1134556

File: 4e47959a3f077ba⋯.png (473.9 KB, 983x1137, 983:1137, e017390eeb17fdfa212597af2f….png)

e5c16e  No.1134557


Maybe they'll do more than just hold the protesters overnight, as they've face an amount of scrutiny for doing bugger all.

They're formed in mostly ranks of three with 50 lines so there's about 150 of them there, this isn't including the ones who are leading each column or tailing each column. Either way there are a lot of officers there, the ranks are a bit lacking however as they've not formed up properly, none of them are keeping any sort of pace either or marching at all; they might be intimidating if they did that.

1ac26b  No.1134558

File: 7c59d2851f0f692⋯.mp4 (9.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, local lads.mp4)


>as they've face an amount of scrutiny for doing bugger all

Like I said yesterday, they won't actually do anything unless local lads start.

0e0b0d  No.1134559


I genuinely think that the far left is full of autists obsessed with systematising phenomenal information into grand themes about history.

1ac26b  No.1134560

File: 23d1e017b0a0ccb⋯.mp4 (7.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, d6R9s1D530RZYQzZ.mp4)

>"I became a communist because I didn't want to have to pay for my tuition fee"

As if these people couldn't be more of a stereotype.

e5c16e  No.1134561

File: 78e44bc90f00702⋯.mp4 (7.24 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Dance.mp4)


Well at least they're enjoying themselves till then. In that video they're going round their local area, the protesters aren't anywhere near those lot for very obvious reasons, but, as they've disrupted the financial area the other day there might be a response to them.

3b24c3  No.1134562

File: cafd1fde5c7f600⋯.mp4 (262.72 KB, 592x1280, 37:80, OMew556NxbVYsSQH.mp4)

Good to see Loyalists are still spicy in LondonLondonderry.

3b24c3  No.1134563


0e0b0d  No.1134564



57ed08  No.1134565


come on lad, you have been posting here long enough to know how to Londonderry

5874ad  No.1134566


Londonderry, Londonderry, LondonLondonderry

3b24c3  No.1134567

No LondonLondonderry

e5c16e  No.1134568


You alright lad? Been making a few mistakes this morning.

0e0b0d  No.1134569


So London you had to say it twice.

57ed08  No.1134570


when was this from?

e1dace  No.1134571


>Brexit Party - Far Right!!!

>UKIP - Far Right!!!

kek, they aint seen nothing yet

1ac26b  No.1134572

1ac26b  No.1134573

File: 53f96db5886c62f⋯.jpg (243.31 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, nazbol gang.jpg)











5874ad  No.1134574

File: f71f49b14d5e61b⋯.jpg (23.72 KB, 539x541, 539:541, dog1.jpg)


>becoming a commie because being bougie is too hard

1ac26b  No.1134575

File: bcbbaee9a7e3fdf⋯.png (70.93 KB, 584x238, 292:119, owen jones bourgeois.png)


commiesm and bougiesm go hand in hand

48ad41  No.1134576


might be true, or maybe they are just high IQ. Some of them can talk some good bullshit

35b6d7  No.1134577

File: 4ed10779a6753eb⋯.png (845.84 KB, 553x800, 553:800, ClipboardImage.png)

why does keir hardie look so afraid in all his photos smh he had a hard life


'ate owen jones me. he's from yorkshire and sells lies to the working class that will only worsen their lives from his rotten pulpit.

1ac26b  No.1134578

File: a9f7f010d900e25⋯.png (73 KB, 584x560, 73:70, galloway brexit.png)

File: 337125bfe6644b1⋯.gif (14.06 MB, 459x480, 153:160, _d34.gif)

what a time to be alive

48ad41  No.1134579

File: c80d020cd25529f⋯.png (10.66 KB, 229x72, 229:72, ClipboardImage.png)

quick, make up your own e-celeb name and avatar

57ed08  No.1134580

File: 70b64630b0c9edb⋯.png (1.31 MB, 977x1200, 977:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


>co opting optics from other movements into some weird frankenstein imagery

why can't they just get everyone in redcoats? smh

1ac26b  No.1134581


Forget redcoats tbh, too expensive and too much of a memi for marches.

Just wear a white shirt and fly a George.

48ad41  No.1134582


Why can't you be those things and be a friend of the working class?

48ad41  No.1134583

also how about ignore his character and just judge him by his actions rather than who or what he is. such big bigots smh

1ac26b  No.1134584

File: cf2bce579cf97fb⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1096x906, 548:453, robin.png)


Red Robin

8a875a  No.1134585

File: b70c53c4ae07ec2⋯.png (191.5 KB, 500x456, 125:114, 48408478_491669004573283_8….png)

57ed08  No.1134586


this memi didn't age well

3a8187  No.1134587

File: f1504a089ce12eb⋯.jpeg (7.94 KB, 255x178, 255:178, Jez3.jpeg)

1ac26b  No.1134588


Because guardianistas don't like him so obviously he's not a friend of the working class.

Nige doesn't need to be of a working class background to have and support the interests of the working class.

1ac26b  No.1134589

T2 Trainspotting actor Bradley Welsh dies after shooting in Edinburgh


d184e2  No.1134590


That's too larpy tbh, no need for uniforms at all tbh.

3a8187  No.1134591


love working class me

but ate em of they don't want draq queens in the school or wogs flooding the towns

not elitist jus don like em

simple as

57ed08  No.1134592

File: 3a4117fcf877d9c⋯.png (207.06 KB, 822x681, 274:227, ClipboardImage.png)


they are pretty cheap from fancy dress shops

3b24c3  No.1134593

File: b819fd126b3320a⋯.mp4 (8.86 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, yer know wotta I mean.mp4)


>People called Welsh in Scotland

Based Cumbrians.

d184e2  No.1134594


>support the interests of the working class.

He kinda doesn't though tbh

3a8187  No.1134595

File: b4a70075ef64280⋯.jpeg (9 KB, 255x226, 255:226, 121.jpeg)


I guess you could say 'The Chase' is over

48ad41  No.1134596

File: 28810ca0699e866⋯.png (67.33 KB, 1311x1389, 437:463, Based Violence.png)


>not getting tatted up and showing up in a speedo

1ac26b  No.1134597


those are tat tbh

Blokes in ordinary white shirts flying the George standing off against hooded, masked antifa will be perfect imagery.

1ac26b  No.1134598

File: 316ebfc26b7a524⋯.png (212.49 KB, 1204x326, 602:163, why.png)

File: cddeb8f0057b17f⋯.jpg (124.4 KB, 1200x1129, 1200:1129, kr_H.jpg)

48ad41  No.1134599


Might as well show up wearing wigs keeek. Don't really like any of the uniforms. If I'd had to choose it'd probably be the ones from the Zulu film

3a8187  No.1134600

You think Danny Dyer got paid to be pro Remain? Seems like Tarquin thinking to get some fake hard man to convince the oiks

768a78  No.1134601


until you add a crate of stella into the mix

57ed08  No.1134602


looks like they just covered it in decking


those are even cheaper

3a8187  No.1134603



Not the worst tbh

3b24c3  No.1134604

File: 1bbd89fafa368b1⋯.png (88.35 KB, 220x236, 55:59, ClipboardImage.png)


He's crypto-Tarquin unlike his cus Alex, pure Tarquin

1ac26b  No.1134605

File: e1f761595fddbe9⋯.png (108.13 KB, 689x588, 689:588, norf (2).png)



3a8187  No.1134606

Playing golf at 14:00 and my golf shoes fucking STINK. Any ideas on how to get rid of it quick?

1ac26b  No.1134607


try febreeze I guess

35b6d7  No.1134608

File: d05de77d1626cf5⋯.png (236.25 KB, 645x773, 645:773, ClipboardImage.png)


let me get rid of that for you lad

1ac26b  No.1134609

File: a560225aaf0eb20⋯.png (333.83 KB, 457x532, 457:532, hh.png)

48ad41  No.1134610

File: 0b831ebe370edda⋯.png (4.82 MB, 3000x1500, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Lads I have an idea

3b24c3  No.1134611


Lynx? Fabreeze? Are you Auchentoshan? You sound like it.

768a78  No.1134612


ground up activated charcoal if you don't mind ruining your socks

1ac26b  No.1134613

File: 7786b2df7598ab7⋯.png (60.98 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 4115.png)


what kind of idea lad

3a8187  No.1134614



Just makes it worse kek, going to whack them in the washing machine for a quick fix, hope they dry in time


Who's that lad?


Will do that later to try and save them. Fucking brand new but let them get wet a few weeks ago smh

3a8187  No.1134615


>right wing


1ac26b  No.1134616

File: b43c23e29975f46⋯.mp4 (2.48 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, P-Y-WOMzpbxXXYR9.mp4)

I'm actually glad the police keep acting like mongs. Faith in democracy has been utterly shattered and will never recover, and the gov't doesn't get its tools to do their fucking jobs.

Forget accelerating, we're in freefall right now, we don't need to do any work.

48ad41  No.1134617


t-the pic was the idea

1ac26b  No.1134618


but i don't want sunburn lad

57ed08  No.1134619


>Forget accelerating, we're in freefall right now, we don't need to do any work.

brexit was the trigger for accelerationism. im still in awe at how fast things have been changing since the vote


>right wing parties dominating across europe

etc, etc

the catalyst was the world oldest democracy saying "fuck you" imo

1ac26b  No.1134620


It's kind of funny that all it took was one small thing like Brexit to send everything into absolute shite. Look at how blatantly pro-commie the press has become, look at how much of a focus has now been flung onto fucking memmies, look at the way they cry at literally anything they don't like as racist/sexist/fascist/islamophobic/antisemitic/bigoted. Granted it was there before, but now it's non-stop and everywhere.

1ac26b  No.1134621

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to face trial on child sex charges


57ed08  No.1134622

File: 8eca72a8eb8005a⋯.png (139.18 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

how much you reckon they panicked and doctored the results after the last one?


the best one is how they have gone into overdrive in pushing the "hate" memi. rather than objectively assess what happened they just dug their feet in and started looking for/manufacturing excuses to try and paint people as :


im still in two minds as to wether they are genuinely deluded or are actively being divisive in order to prove their contrived labels an start a civil war of some sort

5e6eda  No.1134623


take the insoles out i guess you stinky basterd

5e6eda  No.1134624


>that image

holy fuck lol

15eb1d  No.1134625

File: e46889329fc46e2⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 835x773, 835:773, 1513415833776.jpg)


>had a genuine fear that leftists and liberals would learn from their mistakes of 2016

God almighty do I feel stupid now

fd1512  No.1134626

File: 75419abc910bd1a⋯.jpg (57.77 KB, 474x311, 474:311, 1519123633376.jpg)


>Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

1ac26b  No.1134627


They will never admit that they are wrong unless you bottle them.


Depends at which level, the people you see posting on twatter and whinging are just fucking eejits, but the journos and people higher up are definitely just corrupt.

3b24c3  No.1134628

File: d99da6d59ef2513⋯.mp4 (6.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, yWaZBl49HK_8GHNR.mp4)

8a875a  No.1134629

File: 82fb6fab93926c3⋯.jpg (108.03 KB, 962x1300, 37:50, 47534099-a-thinking-emoji-….jpg)


>Lord Ahmed of Rotherham spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and nationally

I wonder what his nationality is, the article never mentions it.

5e6eda  No.1134630

is 8chan fucked for anyone else?

15eb1d  No.1134631


Yeah, takes a while for anything to load as a thumbnail, can't open any video files. Probably to do with the rozzers probing every upload tbh.

e5c16e  No.1134632


Has been slow for a while now

728662  No.1134633

fd1512  No.1134634

File: 531c15f7536be3f⋯.jpg (222.45 KB, 1200x515, 240:103, to_hell.jpg)



A string of happenings put the site in the spotlights. Reminds me of the crippling issues the site had around 2015.

728662  No.1134635

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1ac26b  No.1134636

File: d3bc159b5ff35f0⋯.png (72.01 KB, 582x436, 291:218, sfn.png)

File: 6aabc6360bfb832⋯.png (63.88 KB, 578x490, 289:245, sfh.png)

File: 6484446ac34e861⋯.png (668.97 KB, 968x745, 968:745, bane.png)

48ad41  No.1134637

didn't want to look at pics anyway

48ad41  No.1134638

File: ab855307e1c5ce2⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1203x756, 401:252, ClipboardImage.png)

>Slavic swastika

528f59  No.1134639

File: 3b4a20247919c2e⋯.png (284.02 KB, 793x329, 793:329, ClipboardImage.png)

suppose it was only a matter of time with nick clegg at the helm

3b24c3  No.1134640

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


5e6eda  No.1134641

File: 0a62bb6af3c75d6⋯.jpg (11.65 KB, 346x261, 346:261, 14389779904.jpg)

>8ch broke

>lads still posting images

57ed08  No.1134642

File: 31b662871c9944f⋯.png (406.45 KB, 573x514, 573:514, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc9e3f51ab34bf4⋯.png (64.34 KB, 191x264, 191:264, fc9e3f51ab34bf462c7d8f556d….png)

1ac26b  No.1134643


just give it a tick and they load up

1ac26b  No.1134644

File: a2d68bab91db2b1⋯.jpg (109.86 KB, 945x772, 945:772, D4RkeFlWkAEb4ah.jpg)

File: 1c5d4bc0395e363⋯.jpg (48.78 KB, 644x942, 322:471, V2W.jpg)


e5c16e  No.1134645


>They aren't other plans of the cathedral

fd1512  No.1134646

File: 6abab15d53de376⋯.png (133.31 KB, 283x262, 283:262, ClipboardImage.png)

3b3f9e  No.1134647


based and catpilled

1ac26b  No.1134648


Lad local councils don't even have the plans of buildings built within the last 100 years.

48ad41  No.1134649


>Teach your kids about their heritage by buying this book about my roleplaying game


d184e2  No.1134650

File: 150371d233dea95⋯.jpg (150.43 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Festival_Ringing_Cedars_20….jpg)


Speaking of Slavs, I came across this weird pagan cult last night


From their description they are literally based off a series of novels from the 90's.

1ac26b  No.1134651

File: c7b310fd81b4cd0⋯.jpg (503.74 KB, 1000x643, 1000:643, 20150920_124737.jpg)


>they are literally based off a series of novels from the 90's

e5c16e  No.1134652


Well pagans are larpers so you can't expect too much from them.

1ac26b  No.1134653


They'll believe any truth but the Truth.