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Britain can be a lot better than this


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ecff6a No.126061

1fdf71 No.126573

Well at least most of the top comments restore hope.

8163a8 No.127231

Tommy played right into her hands.

In hindsight, he should of asked where is the evidence of sexual assault against her by white men? Where is the court case and how she got to her conclusion, instead of brining up the Rotherham attacks.

The only thing I could recall was that she had a prolific stalker who didn't touch her and he got jailed.

Also, she used to love cocaine and ketamine, and from my personal experience, these people are full of shit, will lie to get whatever they need (attention) and highly unstable at an emotional level.

41fbd4 No.133515


982160 No.134206

>luvvies vs spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

51a469 No.134309


51a469 No.134310

sorrys not good enough

5c4dab No.135929

Can a mod please spoiler the OP so I don't have to constantly see her face on the catalog.

ecff6a No.141258


well she's definately unstable that's for sure. He was interviewed on something and mentioned that her lawyers haven't done anything yet.

I doubt they will but on the other hand, it is Tommy Robinson

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