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File: 6aefc3c6573f11b⋯.jpg (217.62 KB, 806x1024, 403:512, IMG_2723.JPG)

ef960f No.137135

Lets make them pay for it lads

7a96bb No.137147


Someone has already been doxed. I think its the guy who actually uploaded the original dox onto his shitty antifa website.

That information is now held by TRS, and likely to be given to Daily Stormer for distribution

520deb No.137176

File: edc6160ec157a47⋯.png (2.02 MB, 3436x1796, 859:449, Millennial Woes- A Thousan….png)



You need to find the people behind the initial DOX at 'A Thousand Flowers'.

520deb No.137179

File: a5401ec69841478⋯.png (752.93 KB, 1952x1212, 488:303, Confirmed (ATF) Doxxer of ….png)

520deb No.137182



'Don't worry, we're already on it. @alanmcewen_rec has some fun coming!'

'Hmmm, I think TRS is doing something with it once they have all the info'

4e6502 No.137199

>spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

7a96bb No.137205


He has been doxed already. The info is being released officially in the next couple of days. Believe it or not, there is some JUICY stuff here.

ef960f No.137208

520deb No.137210


Nice bro, they got the DOX on someone from 'A Thousand Flowers'? I thought they just had the DOX on the guy from the 'Daily Record'.

7a96bb No.137215


No. My info could be out of date, but the crack team working on this (mostly in USA and Brazil) are still working on the Daily Record guy. The Thousand Flowers guy is done. They got him.

520deb No.137218

File: 74747ebf18652b4⋯.png (169.7 KB, 788x370, 394:185, Tweets protected.png)

7a96bb No.137237


ugh, what an ugly cunt. she has dykes for mums btw

ef960f No.137249


Lmao is that a wig?

d905c0 No.137257


would definitely put my cock in her mouth

ef960f No.137266

File: 641e86b915c39f4⋯.png (136.62 KB, 749x729, 749:729, IMG_2724.PNG)

the guy who wrote the article.

520deb No.137268

File: 9aa1b4887cfae3d⋯.png (924 KB, 1868x1376, 467:344, 6787897897890890890.png)



Account deleted and Tweets protected.

7a96bb No.137272


they're looking for the stuff he doesnt want to be found.

Also, the comment section on that news article has been deleted and shut down. We're getting to them.

94f60f No.137274

Here's the near complete doxx on the antifa who runs the blog that doxxed Woes and gave this info to the Record, it includes his address as of 2012, no confirmation that it's still valid though.


520deb No.137276


Account still seems to be there https://twitter.com/tattiesconeroll

520deb No.137281


Good job, pass this onto TRS etc

94f60f No.137285


TRS and the Daily Stormer already have this stuff.

520deb No.137288

File: b71b09add377133⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 600x315, 40:21, Nice..jpg)

ef960f No.137318


>the eternal glaswegian strikes again

7a96bb No.137326



She is a dyke. would love to see her bullied mercilessly

520deb No.137327






One of the regular writers on the site uses the name "Tarzan Girl". This turned out to be a woman named Sarah Higgins:


The guy who made this image (>>137176)

earlier was right!!! Sarah Higgins confirmed 100%, now for the others.

520deb No.137332





Sarah Higgins is now using a different Twitter account after deleting the last one


7a96bb No.137335


that account is still up

520deb No.137341


Yeah that's different Twitter account

the pastebin has the one she deleted https://twitter.com/sarahhiggins90

7a96bb No.137349


she has a vaguely jewish look

0ef615 No.137401

File: 006188ca6702b42⋯.jpg (591.82 KB, 861x912, 287:304, Alan McEwen2.jpg)

Torbitt/Turbett. Make up your fucking mind. It's kinda silly that whoever can't even decide how to spell someone's name when you're trying to dox him.

Oh, and btw this is the photo of Alan McEwen that monumental scumbag.

520deb No.137410

File: 35d359f511bdb11⋯.png (1.08 MB, 2280x1952, 285:244, Confirmed Doxxer Millennia….png)


Confirmed associate of ATF, Doxxer of Woes.

7a96bb No.137412


That is him

ef960f No.137425

520deb No.137427

File: 35c2a0e3daa8b4a⋯.png (1.06 MB, 2280x1952, 285:244, 35d359f511bdb114f21ebf3981….png)


The guy in the image up here >>137176 has been proven correct several times now.

0ef615 No.137445


Google results shows that Liam Turbett has also been active as a freelance journalist, writing for VICE and the very same Daily Record → he is probably friends with McEwen.

520deb No.137457

File: 3be0dc072dad883⋯.png (1.82 MB, 4200x2000, 21:10, MW ATF DOXER WEBSITE.png)



This guys business website is public


990170 No.137467

This twitter comment thread is good to keep eyes on, lots of info and doxx are turning up in it: https://twitter.com/adissidentright/status/818512260498935810

For example, house: https://archive.is/qt5oa

Attached is also a possible car license plate registered to him


Turbett also has HISTORY OF VIOLENT BATTERY AND ASSAULT - this will make for very spicey ammo

Begin trawling through the twitter accounts of anyone you suspect is involved and archive.is the relevant tweets- they're certainly gonna go to ground once they realise what they dun goofed



990170 No.137470

File: 8111cb82dbf4393⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 894x724, 447:362, doxx2 car.jpg)


Fuck, forgot the picture.

520deb No.137476

File: 679364552bde7e5⋯.png (17.22 KB, 578x230, 289:115, MW doxer.png)


We have the doxxers of MW on the run.

b75740 No.137485


How did they know that's the journo's car?

7a96bb No.137504


what a massive cunt

520deb No.137542

File: e03c167e279685c⋯.png (37.72 KB, 588x354, 98:59, Millennial Woes DOXer.png)

'hey 8chan'

7a96bb No.137561


yeah, she's fucking terrified. tweet says it all. cannot wait!

0ef615 No.137590


Indeed. Gonna get those fingers warmed up. She will be some juicy collateral damage.

520deb No.137592

File: a27e9c393fc0f82⋯.png (275.35 KB, 976x690, 488:345, Friend of Liam Turbett..png)


New content.

990170 No.137601



In all honesty, after /pol/ went sperg and doxxed a few TRS goers it's almost certain that antifa and hard-left places would know about this place. Turns out getting us to infight and dox each other can actually be of benefit to them, who knew.


I believe it was on google maps (they forgot to censor the plate lel) for the address in the house dox

7a96bb No.137612

File: 2afb695921e36e8⋯.png (25.56 KB, 588x210, 14:5, wdwdwd.png)


This just gets better and better

520deb No.137616

7a96bb No.137624


he's a faggot model. his twitter account links to him in drag

0ef615 No.137626

File: 381350ffd491474⋯.png (23.09 KB, 691x312, 691:312, liam turbett 1.png)


By the way, here's a BBC article of when Turbett was arrested in 2013, listing 4 other accomplices and their ages. Could prove useful if any of those names are involved.

520deb No.137636


Nice, yeah we should look up these people and find their public profiles.


>he's a faggot model. his twitter account links to him in drag


Fucking lol, he probably bums Liam.

084564 No.137649




5ddb1b No.137675

=woes has uploaded a new vic==

says hes left uk

5ddb1b No.137678


ef960f No.137683

Woes has done a runner ;-;

9b17e0 No.137690


It is for the best.

He will never a victim of their violence.

7a96bb No.137691


this has been known for a while. Obviously he cannot stay in Scotland. I think he will be continuing the chaneln however

104125 No.137717


Where do you think he's gonna go?

Is there a British equivalent of mexico/china?

(Hope he gets outta here safe…)

0ef615 No.137721




Whether he has left or not makes no difference. Woes functioned and still will function internationally. Also, give him your shekels. I just did.

429610 No.137729


Depends if he can clear the destination airport.

001609 No.137731



196196 No.137746


Ireland maybe?

tbh he's probably in the UK and is hiding somewhere for now.

He wouldn't have had time to get a VISA for the US or anywhere outside the EU.

bdd073 No.137753

File: 975280e44812b79⋯.jpeg (68.67 KB, 600x758, 300:379, 1451412562304-1.jpeg)

his vid said it's possible he won't be uploading anymore

d96497 No.137766

File: 658ca68f5c6f4f0⋯.jpg (7.83 KB, 200x200, 1:1, lindsay conn.jpg)

File: 4387a54175690be⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 472x360, 59:45, 80a70a2c5bb36e52a77c714252….gif)

File: 559eac8c39d99e0⋯.jpg (92.12 KB, 928x928, 1:1, lindsay conn selfie.jpg)

Lindsay (((Conn)))

https://www.faceb ook.com/lindsayyyjk (locked down, report Lind Say for fake name kek)

lindsayjkconn @gmail.com

University of Glasgow - Urban Studies, School of Social and Political Sciences, Graduate Student

University of Glasgow Historical Linguistics, (2007-2010)

Studied in Buffalo NY a few years ago

"Lindsay is an activist with the Radical Independence Campaign and specialises in urban land use and community engagement" She was at a conference called RIC2016, maybe on youtube?

https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lindsay_Boyle (she just changed it to that, nothing was ever there).

"Common Weal North Glasgow member Lindsay Conn was one of the organisers of CommonFest"

Lindsay Conn .

Friends who liked her one fb photo (nothing else to go on there)

https://www.faceb ook.com/liamealbee?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/gillian.belbin?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/matthew.horsley.58?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/mick.harvey.146?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/peter.faulkner.9212?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/krissytower?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/thecaveglasgow?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/MyLifeontheGList?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/stellaarooney?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/andrew.kinnell.5?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/heyleckie?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

She just changed her facebook name, deleted her twitter "lilolioll", which a few years ago was lindsay_conn based on retweets. Deleted here linkedin, unfortunately I did not save it, no way to get the cache even out of my browser. Didnt try pipl yet or other records.

I reverse image searched her twitter pic, maybe I missed something.

ef960f No.137779


Kek I actually know someone on her course.

d96497 No.137782

File: d43c25f2474abe6⋯.jpg (33 KB, 576x576, 1:1, sarah higgins fb.jpg)

https://www.faceb ook.com/totallyautomatic

Someone saved her linkedin yesterday, came up on google


She is 26-28 years old

ef960f No.137786


Someone likes having pies while reading Marx

19380b No.137792

7a96bb No.137793


Ummm, trial of who?

7a96bb No.137800


God, her profile is that of a world-class bitch

520deb No.137839



Wow good job lads!!

7a96bb No.137845


dont worry, this is all being fed up the pipeline. It is getting to the right people

b75740 No.137846


these slobs have never done a proper days work in their lives

bc2508 No.137875

File: e911379b3ae9fee⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 225x225, 1:1, I came to laugh not to get….jpg)

Woes says he has been forced to leave the country.

They've gone too far this time. How can I help make them pay lads?


221896 No.137882


The info of the doxxers is available ITT

I'm going to smoke 100 cigs and drink 10 gallons of coke in memory of the Haggis Merchant

f5cef1 No.137895

File: 81843ba25a2d899⋯.jpeg (948.33 KB, 2448x2448, 1:1, lindsay scott big.jpeg)

File: 1df4cc762a0b3ad⋯.png (854.12 KB, 1067x753, 1067:753, lc panel.png)

File: fa581c93320452a⋯.png (52.77 KB, 500x632, 125:158, jew peekaboo.png)

I wanted to share this pic since Lindsay Conn seemed so keen on scrubbing it from the internet

Also she is the whale on the right here, that facebook shot is not her.

https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=G1QyQWZNiWs

649e03 No.137898


Antidem here (cohost of MW's latest New Year's stream). I last talked to him by DM late last night. He's currently in hiding on the continent, so he's not in the UK and not in any immediate danger of arrest. What he needs right now is some operating cash so he can keep going while he's on the lam. I just donated $100 to him, and I urge anyone who's enjoyed his work to give what they can. The links are:



Bitcoin: 1743rc3jnBaYL3piL9eeEHqbrXrroZLVWW

Thank you.

f5cef1 No.137901


What are the 'reasons beyond his control' that will keep him from making more videos? Why are you trying to build a movement led by total cowards? Send those funds to Benjamin Raymond formerly of NA instead, at least something will be done with them then.

221896 No.137903


Tell him to stay strong and keep putting out content

649e03 No.137905


Big talk. Let's see how many videos *you* end up making after you're forced to flee your home on a moment's notice and go on the run, one step ahead of the law. It's easy for you not to be a "coward" behind your keyboard at home with a plate of tendies in front of you. MW is suffering for the cause, right now - what the fuck have you ever given up for it?

4f83a7 No.137907



649e03 No.137908


>>>137898 (You)

>Tell him to stay strong and keep putting out content

He didn't tell me directly, but I'm pretty sure I know where he went, and he should be safe there. He had to leave his computer (a desktop - he doesn't actually own a laptop) behind, so his ability to produce videos is severely reduced. We'll see what happens once he recovers from this a little.

f5cef1 No.137910

File: 74f3a6d91ade11a⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 800x588, 200:147, freikorps brussow.jpg)

Few other individuals of interest

https://www.faceb ook.com/siwhittle

Self identified antifa Omar Ibrahim from Glasgow

https://www.faceb ook.com/omarinbox1888?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

https://www.faceb ook.com/siwhittle

https://www.faceb ook.com/jimmyjoenesbitt

And don't forget to report Lind Say for the fake name

https://www.faceb ook.com/wtdwasthat4

We need Political Soldiers

http://www.gornah oor.net/library/PoliticalSoldierA4.pdf


618b15 No.137914

Fooking hell, I missed all this. Woes getting away is probably the best thing for now. I just hope he eventually comes back. I was kind of hoping to make a connection with him and other Scots alt-righters this year. :(

277a5b No.137915

>his last request was gimme more shekels and carry on sending them when I'm not putting anything out because I'm howibbwy persecuted, oyyyyyy veeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Trust a Scot, I'd rather not.

94f60f No.137917


There are still Scottish alt-righters around, there's more of us than you'd think.

618b15 No.137918


That's good news. I'll figure something out in the coming months.

2da0cf No.137972


bf8fc3 No.137976


Hey Dem, VonRickaby here :^)

c7f161 No.137978


i need more alt right people in Europe to follow i dun know shit that's going on till last min :(

11097b No.137979


It only happened just yesterday though lad

2da0cf No.137980


>using the term alt right unironically

>Britain is in "Europe"


11097b No.137984

File: 6760de640412dda⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 600x720, 5:6, dc8fad1181f23a5641e472ec8b….jpg)


>Britain is in "Europe"

that one got me most tbh

c7f161 No.137985

File: aa4d05feb02e9f2⋯.jpg (411.18 KB, 1966x2006, 983:1003, its afraid.jpg)


ef960f No.137992


Ive got some spare shekels I can throw Woes.

He is going through out worst nightmare in our area of politics.

c7f161 No.137994


the real sad part is he can literally go to jail for disagreeing with the status quo

ef960f No.137995


He needs to lawyer up.

Hiding in europe wont do anything because the EU has the european arrest warrant.

c7f161 No.137996


hes just chilling out till fam finishes the Doxxing and clears his name

0ef615 No.137999


I also donated $100 in bitcoin.

7a9baa No.138001

How else can we help woes?

Should I offer him a place to stay, I have a spare bedroom

520deb No.138075



>I wanted to share this pic since Lindsay Conn seemed so keen on scrubbing it from the internet


>Also she is the whale on the right here, that facebook shot is not her.


WTF, she looks like she could be hot on her Twitter profile. What a fucking whale.

520deb No.138080


>He didn't tell me directly, but I'm pretty sure I know where he went, and he should be safe there. He had to leave his computer (a desktop - he doesn't actually own a laptop) behind, so his ability to produce videos is severely reduced. We'll see what happens once he recovers from this a little.

Dude what if they get their hand on his computer?? He should have had a plan for his computer. He should get someone to post it to him wherever he is.

520deb No.138081


Good job.

520deb No.138094

File: 04bc4b5dea70503⋯.png (324.73 KB, 794x420, 397:210, Doxer of Woes (ATF).png)

New Twitter name of Sarah Higgins.


Changed from https://twitter.com/tattiesconeroll

She is one of the Doxers of Woes from ATF… And she thinks this is all over. LOL.

520deb No.138102

File: 0233cd864bccf2b⋯.png (265.66 KB, 1436x766, 718:383, Liam Turbett Millennial Wo….png)


Liam (main doxer of Woes) seems to be wondering when it will stop…. Well get ready for TRS etc.

… We need moles who have access to his public Twitter feed.

520deb No.138120

File: a718aae21db87c7⋯.png (403.08 KB, 553x1657, 553:1657, Public ANTIFA profile tryi….png)



Public ANTIFA profile trying to DOX fascistlemming under ANTIFA MW Facebook thread.

https://www.facebook .com/1464300697218451/posts/1739303069718211

0ef615 No.138146


He may already have destroyed the hard-drive for all we know. More likely he took the most sensitive data with him.


Is this really a new account? She has already blocked my Twitter, but I don't think I have interacted with this one yet.

9b17e0 No.138155


>Is this really a new account? She has already blocked my Twitter, but I don't think I have interacted with this one yet.

She changes the twitter @ name so if you use the old link you cant get to it, it is the same profile.

9b17e0 No.138156




She has changed it at least 3 times now.

9b17e0 No.138162

File: 1ef4026bd1ea45b⋯.png (190.95 KB, 748x426, 374:213, 676786767896778546567.png)


Did Richard Spencer accidentally dox Woes?

f534c3 No.138199


woes is an autist, just a very high functioning one, the bestiality speech is proof.

365eb2 No.138226


I have labeled him a sensitive artist type before, but in hindsight that may just be his mild autism I am seeing

he is intelligent and well-spoken, but he has a vulnerability to him that makes him an easy target for online bullies

520deb No.138250

File: ac3ff90b65a413c⋯.png (451.88 KB, 697x424, 697:424, Liam Turbett Millennial Wo….png)

520deb No.138252

File: 41edbe0e1b5ea1b⋯.png (61.73 KB, 287x260, 287:260, Liam Turbett Millennial Wo….png)

520deb No.138264

File: 4cfbeade679aec7⋯.png (3.28 MB, 1924x916, 481:229, Liam Turbett Millennial Wo….png)

520deb No.138281

File: bfdb2f0a4071675⋯.png (429.24 KB, 693x446, 693:446, Liam Turbett Millennial Wo….png)

649e03 No.138572

File: 35e499e556c0d6e⋯.jpg (465.38 KB, 944x1200, 59:75, 4eafb5a3ab2b2455a95a5fb335….jpg)

Fixed that headline for you.

0ef615 No.138749


And you're an idiot I gather.

You can indeed justify anything with artificial morality, which we are seeing today with homosexuals and transsexuals. If you take the argument to its logical conclusion (which many have done before) you end up having to say that if there is nothing wrong with homosexual marriage then there is nothing wrong with marrying a sibling. For that matter, surely there is nothing wrong with incest (so long as you avoid insemination) nor same sex sodomy. And indeed you could extend this line of reasoning to justify consensual paedophilia. Woes just chose bestiality as his example for a change.

So, are you going to be the one who says paedophilia and bestiality are OK as long as you aren't hurting anyone? How about necrophilia? You certainly aren't hurting anyone there…

Any semi-competent philosopher will tell you that you cannot prove bestiality wrong by any logical means. This is so elementary.

Woes is neither autistic by any serious clinical definition and hardly an "autiste" in any sense of word as it's used here.

0a6d80 No.138892

Spinosaurus Kin was the one who doxxed him. I'm sure of it.

bdd073 No.138902

0a6d80 No.138934


Look how he's reacting on Twitter right now. Can barely contain his glee at what's happened to him.

4dd251 No.138942

Reminder that Woes had Knightmarez in his group as a close friend. Wouldn't doubt some of the work was done by people he was leaking shit to.

Make sure you delete any accounts with links to Woes or you might be next.

also DON'T DO THIS SHIT IN PUBLIC. Use private communications to go after people until you have 100% of the stuff you can find. If you do it in public they will lock everything down the moment someone tells them 8ch is after them.

bdd073 No.138957

File: 5477de04100bd35⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 579x377, 579:377, doom_autist.jpg)


always found him suspicious tbh

520deb No.138960

4dd251 No.138975


Could you fuck off back to /pol/? Telling people to be careful about a self admitted informant isn't trying to divide people when we know that group is being focused on

520deb No.138991


(ignores shill divider) nice waiting to seem like a different person

520deb No.139015


>New Twitter name of Sarah Higgins.




>Changed from https://twitter.com/tattiesconeroll


>She is one of the Doxers of Woes from ATF… And she thinks this is all over. LOL.

She seems to have deleted her Twitter now.

520deb No.139366

File: 8879c7263f55c92⋯.png (1.94 MB, 2600x1864, 325:233, Confirmed ATF Doxers of Mi….png)

520deb No.139438

File: 444b71ab6c86ee0⋯.png (245.01 KB, 654x480, 109:80, 56756756756756756756.png)

9b17e0 No.139485



Yeah bit below the belt.. Though his son did the same to Woes dad.. Also funny to note both his dad and Woes are called Colin.

0ef615 No.139499



Well technically Turbett's mother's husband is quite political, and clearly a leftist faggot.

9b17e0 No.139504


>mother's husband

Are you serious? LOL

Liam is his wife's son?


9b17e0 No.139505




Liam is probably attacking Woes (Colin) as he has the same name has his step dad and is angry at him.

7888f1 No.139547


This is why we're going to lose this fight.

These people just fucked with Woes and his family and if you like Woes or not (I don't) you have to respond in a way that makes them regret it. I don't mean "Oh no you told people where I live on Twitter", I mean genuine fear for their safety the same way Woe's family now does. Anything less if them knocking you on your ass and you jabbing them on the foot while you're down. Woes is one of the top dogs in British nationalism, if you can't respond when he's attacked when can you?

I propose you target family on purpose. You make up a bunch of fliers with a family member's face on them and then you go put them up around the neighbourhood they live in. "Have you seen this man? Suspected of being a pedo and molesting X little boys" plastered on every lamp post within a mile radius.

Doesn't matter if it's true or not, all it matters is you make it very clear to the community that this guy cannot be trusted. The community will excommunicate him for being a suspected pedo and he will either be forced to move or deal with social stigma in a way that will never wipe clean. And even if they don't believe he's a pedo, he's done enough for someone to bring trouble to their neighborhood where their kids live. That is enough to keep him at arm's distance.

No violence, no directly assaulting people, just destroy their social lives with the exact same lies they are telling about us. But we do it in a way that sends a clear message of "I could have done much worse to you, but I didn't. Don't fuck with us because we know where you live and if you mess with US, we mess with YOURS".

Any response less than a direct non-violent attack on them is being a cuck. They set the rules of this game, either you beat them at it or they will continue to win. Doesn't matter how "ethical" you were if you're in prison for hate speech or a Kebab cuts your head off. WIN or stop LARPing.

0ef615 No.139565


>This is why we're going to lose this fight.

>0eed0f (1)

But yes, you are correct. We won't defeat these people by playing nice. Internet activism and pressure worked really well in Whitefish, Montana: that Tanya Gersh bitch really took a hit (to her reputation, if nothing else) and she backed down.

bbee1d No.139678

Some good reinforcements from the black pigeon tbqhwyf:



These people exist on tactics of hitting us below the belt. No wonder we've been losing so long.

81647f No.139820


Shit one of them goes to my uni lmao what do

73f3d7 No.139828


Posters saying they're a pedo as suggested above or put in anonymous complains and get them kicked out.

81647f No.139838

File: 655ce5762d6d4e2⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1483984199072.gif)


I know where he stays wew temptation

bdd073 No.139864


this is why the left wins

f4fef2 No.139866

While you guys are focused on doxing, please dox this cunt:


20dae1 No.139914


Don't be a cuck, these people deserve what they get.

20dae1 No.139936


The line is moved by their choice.

Sometimes, an eye for an eye applies.

You don't strike first, but they can't complain once they set the standard.

d901e2 No.140013

File: 20d54c74f2b0c0d⋯.jpg (20.48 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 5bf6d17766738b35e9290d022f….jpg)





Superior moral standing has worked so well for us so far, hasn't it lad?

I'm as uncomfortable with this as you are, but God knows that sometimes unpleasant solutions are necessary.

36f47c No.140103

Anyone got a new link to the dox? Pastebin have removed it

0ef615 No.140219

File: 05acc8a9dbf9f82⋯.png (198.07 KB, 1252x836, 313:209, James Greig.png)



Don't do anything violent. Do some gaslighting. Make people question his reputation. Even if it is proven false it will have a lasting effect on him and peoples' opinion of him.

7a9baa No.140302


If you put up posters like that lad, make 100% certain there's no CCTV or anything about, do it at dead of night with your hood up.

b75740 No.140376


It can't be proven false

f7aa71 No.140428


That picture is way too obvious that it's from a chan. It has zero style and would instantly be discarded.

A better way to do it would be to go to a local news paper website and edit the code to create a real fake news story.

Headline : Local man escapes jail time for sexually harassing mother of 2

Billy Bob Johnson today escaped jail time after sexually harassing a mother of 2. While at the park Billy Bob exposed his genitals to the woman and told her to "touch it now or else".

So on and so forth until you have a social justice friendly narrative that gets him excluded from everything. Make it clear that he confessed to it but got minor community service (maybe even imply working on social justice projects like anti-rape/pro women charities was part of it).

Then you spread it around and print it out and post it around. Pick up a cheap printer second hand and only save the files to a flash drive which you then wipe and get rid of the printer. No way to trace it to you as long as you keep your face covered and hey it's the middle of winter who isn't wearing a scarf and hoodie? Blacks in fashion right?

e10aed No.140490

File: ae6d2fd33e939bd⋯.png (290.79 KB, 700x664, 175:166, NSA hipster spy man.png)


>arts is a worthwhile degree

>we need to defend the unemployed

>it isn't shameful to depend on your parents

>"omg you're an unemployed arts graduate who lives with his dad top lel"

Is there anything that leftists genuinely believe in? Aside from islamic supremacy I mean.

9b17e0 No.140523


Why not target Liam Turbett? This James guy is affiliated with Liam, but he has not been proven linked to ATF. Just a possible suspicion. Target the people we know are involved.

f7aa71 No.140619


No one is talking about killing someone's dog. That is crossing a line, but if someone tries to ruin your life and you don't respond with an equal or worse reaction then they did win. You have told people "it's fine to mess with us, we won't hurt you back". Which just leads to you being bullied more. We're proposing you beat the shit out of the head bully, make an example out of him and then everyone else remembers what happens when you fuck with us.

You don't have to fuck with everyone, but you do need at least 1 head on a spike to say "you want to be next?" which is what they now have with woes, which means we need to show have 2 heads. Remember most of these people have anxiety disorders, the fear of us already scares them when we haven't done anything. When we DO something that will scare them into running away.

888f60 No.140684


That's not good enough for these people. They will simply play victim politics. But if you make their family get fucked with you put real world pressure on them.

If Daddy starts getting letters that little Timmy is spending his college time running around with Anti fa instead of studying how much more money do you think he'll be willing to waste on his "education"? Is he willing to risk his wife's safety because his stupid 20 year old kid is fucking with "Neo Nazis"? I doubt it.

These people aren't bystanders, they're enablers and people like you are also enabling them to carry on doing so. Like it or not you have to pick a side and things are going to only get dirtier from here on out. Either you accept you have to win at any cost or you get killed by Muslims. You pick faggot.

e10aed No.140716


There is no such thing as a civilised war, Trudeau. Either you win and you live, or you lose and you die.

888f60 No.140729


You dirty your hands today so that your children have the choice not to. Men die so that children can laugh and play.

2fc08e No.140988

File: 6227ca074ba38e7⋯.jpg (148.29 KB, 607x768, 607:768, Woes Runner.jpg)

I hope he is alright tbh

044299 No.141257



>lives with his dad

he was shit after all

9b17e0 No.143367

File: 8872697238afd74⋯.png (76.5 KB, 592x720, 37:45, 78778878789-.png)


Liam's Communist father arguing with Alt Righters on Twitter… Am surprised he hasn't locked his account yet like the rest.

221896 No.143399


I wonder if anythings happened to them yet

b75740 No.143519


that's the kind of insolence woes should have done

9b17e0 No.143633

File: e55e12ea7c5b182⋯.png (14.22 KB, 522x178, 261:89, r6567567678678678.png)

7eef54 No.146944

File: ed54060f8e3de41⋯.png (76.47 KB, 802x606, 401:303, What did they mean by this.png)


What did they mean by this?

061531 No.147030

File: dd04ff25c66d410⋯.png (21.7 KB, 580x238, 290:119, lol.png)

e10aed No.147612


>it's a communists bullying fascists episode

52120b No.150412

File: 9b7de3c3e935456⋯.png (1.23 MB, 948x1564, 237:391, Tarzan Girl Sarah Higgins ….png)

'Tarzan Girl' (Sarah Higgins) who writes for 'A Thousand Flowers' (the people who doxxed Millennial Woes) is back on Twitter.


6dbcb7 No.150656

File: 7a51321797c4c08⋯.png (211.62 KB, 800x376, 100:47, Tarzan Girl Sarah Higgins ….png)


>'Tarzan Girl' (Sarah Higgins) who writes for 'A Thousand Flowers' (the people who doxxed Millennial Woes) is back on Twitter.



Other Twitter account of ATF member Tarzan Girl - https://twitter.com/queerhawkery

618b15 No.150818


Jesus, that Vampire Castle comment is vile, the guy just died, he fucking killed himself (Mark Fisher), and the article had absolutely fuck all to do with abuse. That toxic fucking whore is exactly the reason he wrote that article, because the left was in thrall to these fucking mentalist self-victimising cunts.

But they're too stupid to even get it.

Sarah Higgins is a fucking dyke that still subconsciously tries to make herself attractive to males. She'll settle down eventually, unfortunately, I do believe she would be better out of the genepool.

618b15 No.150986

File: 14e1ce1a695d084⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 650x705, 130:141, wes.jpg)


>after left-leaning blog A Thousand Flowers


>Robertson says he believes whites have a higher IQ purely because of the colour of their skin, he rails against feminism, immigration, sexual immorality, psychology, Europe, Scottish independence, what he claims is the extinction of white people, “jew thinking” and much more.

Jesus fuck. If they find the quote that Woes literally believes that whites have higher IQ solely because of the colour of their skin I'll eat my fucking slippers and Larousse Gastronomique for dinner.

The paraphrasing in the article is absolutely disingenuous.

9b17e0 No.151079


>Jesus fuck. If they find the quote that Woes literally believes that whites have higher IQ solely because of the colour of their skin I'll eat my fucking slippers and Larousse Gastronomique for dinner.


The left are woefully unprepared intellectually for the Alt-Right lol.

Also yeah lol >>150986

>>after left-leaning blog A Thousand Flowers



The slogan 'A Thousand Flowers' is literally rooted in Maoism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hundred_Flowers_Campaign

…We got a lot of work to do boys.. Luckily we are progressing like a juggernaut as of late.

bb8354 No.152167

000000 No.159366

Newfag to brit/pol here. Can someone write up a quick TL;DR? Interesting thread and wondering if I can help. Would like some facts prior to lending a hand though. Ta!

9b17e0 No.159442


Some Communists doxxed Millennial Woes and he was all over the mainstream newspapers, he ran away from the country…. After this happened online Autists managed to dox the people who doxxed Woes, if you look up this thread you will see doxes of the people who doxxed Woes.

9305e2 No.160143

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Millennial Wews update vid, don't comment on the content until you've watched it in full. You'll miss out on important context on a couple of things if you do lads.

9b17e0 No.160189

File: 185b44acfc506e0⋯.png (311.15 KB, 584x524, 146:131, Liam Turbett ANTIFA.png)

efe067 No.160205


they all deserve a sledgehammer to the face

9305e2 No.160371



You know when their dox was posted on here, there was a quick sudden up tick in unique user i.p.s and reports, requesting the posts of their dox deleted.

I laughed so hard when I saw those reports.

bd95fa No.160444


antifas are living garbage

9b17e0 No.160513


Ha yeah, the guys doxing them really seem to have put fear into them. All I have to say is, there is no reason why other people will not reciprocate the standard to which you treat others.. If you do immoral actions to people, you open yourself up to a world in which those same immoral actions can be taken out against you.

9305e2 No.160562


Exactly this, that's why their requests for their dox on here to be deleted were dismissed. The dafties, it's as if they think we're on their side.

b8efcb No.161662

File: eca897f6423e337⋯.png (257.52 KB, 439x310, 439:310, vlkyr665d5y6.png)



>It is also said that Clan Robertson are heirs of Columba


c80968 No.162933


geez, i never saw him this pissed

25ebd8 No.196300

File: 81cdc509e53eda5⋯.png (24.94 KB, 572x202, 286:101, 5677867867.png)

File: 5994e90e39556e4⋯.png (563.35 KB, 574x642, 287:321, 47p567.png)

File: e96e0e446c4e899⋯.png (563.47 KB, 650x840, 65:84, 65464.png)

File: 57db767021d4fb5⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1880x1412, 470:353, gghhhh.png)


She seems to be the boyfriend and or flat mate of Liam Turbett.

a53ad5 No.227592

File: bb8b8097d12f187⋯.png (787.36 KB, 894x788, 447:394, Doxer of Millennial Woes.png)

Liam Turbetts Twitter is back up


ebdae7 No.227610

File: 82eca152cf8e699⋯.png (22.39 KB, 662x272, 331:136, 67867867879.png)


1fc31b No.228306

File: 2e67a9f0472668a⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, gingercuck.jpg)



What a faggot.

9088f1 No.231901

File: e617ca82f83a5ed⋯.jpg (29.92 KB, 405x215, 81:43, lel.jpg)




c059c9 No.248311

File: 873cdb8ca7d8027⋯.png (458.6 KB, 614x690, 307:345, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

File: 4f00e431c6823bc⋯.jpg (310.22 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, C65d5zvW0AQQ3Oy.jpg large.jpg)


Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Liam Turbett. The man who doxed Millennial Woes.

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