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Nigel Farage Show on LBC will become a weeknight programme (Monday-Thursday) from 7pm-8pm starting on Monday 9th January!

File: 875d56c9342c651⋯.jpg (80.79 KB, 964x652, 241:163, wind.jpg)

3dafcd No.139915


North East gent here. Can't sleep, sounds like crazed banshees are trying to rip my windows out their frames. No sign of snow yet though. Anyone else getting horrific storm force winds?

e7abea No.139916

I am at the minute, struggling to sleep a bit because of the noise tbh.

e7abea No.139917


I'm in the northeast of NI, if that makes any difference.

3dafcd No.139918


yep, weather often comes over from there in this direction. Bound to be some serious damage out there tonight. Not known it like this for a few years and last time it was this bad people died from trees, chimneys and cranes falling. Would not like to be a truck driver out there tonight.

3dafcd No.139919

Think I'm just gonna stay awake now and go get a greggs cheese and onion pastie when they open. Need some warm comfort food. Temperature out there is starting to drop now.

15347d No.139920


Raging up here right now in Newcastle, lad.

3dafcd No.139923


The police helicopter went past about an hour or so ago, getting knocked around in the wind badly. Headed south down the A19. Something serious must be up for them to be out in this. Mad bastards. Any snow yet in Geordieland? Also I'm kind of hoping for a 'Thundersnow Storm', don't think I've experienced one before.

e7abea No.139931


Same. Where I live is right on the border between countryside and town, so there are a lot of trees on my road, and last time this happened one of the big ones fell down onto it. It was pretty dire for a while, since most people use it to get to the nearest schools/churches/shops/etc but all the traffic had to be funneled into another one. Hope it doesn't happen this time, but I am looking forward to potentially getting snow for the first time since April last year.

15347d No.139941


No snow yet lad, but I'm on the coast where it's sometimes a bit warmer. There's usually cats out at this hour but it's dead silent other than for that howling wind. Hope it hasn't picked up to the A186 'cause I was thinking of going out to see my nan today. A thundersnow storm does sound ace, though.

4997e2 No.139942

File: 9644ba9e076fe9b⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, FULL MOON.jpg)

205831 No.139986

I am too lad.

41bb95 No.140827

Had some strong gales today too lads near around Shefield

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