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Britain can be a lot better than this
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beware the spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

File: f3c3ac67eeed125⋯.png (479.62 KB, 827x492, 827:492, Judas.PNG)

d9c4b1  No.2818

To siphon off some of the drama clogging brit/pol/ over banning 22 stone for only 6 hours, this thread can be for

>posting mod applications

>making complaints about the direction of board moderation

>making suggestions about when to give bans and for what duration

>making complaints about existing mods

and whatever else you can think of that can't be dealt through an appeal.

Also mods are currently in deadlock over banning ttpw with two for and two against.

86cdb4  No.362705

File: f961e8312f527d5⋯.png (7.7 KB, 589x69, 589:69, Screenshot_9.png)



cb09e1  No.362709


smh it's a joke lad but can I post the cytube here tomorrow please for zulu/whatever wins (not the top one)


go through them :^)

c4cf63  No.362711

I have zero interest is pursuing this any longer tbh


>You seem to think that Brit/pol/ should be almost entirely blog/shit/"fun"posting with a mild hint of politics.

Actually I accept that this won't happen on /brit/ (nor should it tbf). I just wish you lads wouldn't ban us so heavily when we post here. See >>362660

>we have been banned on sight, and for posts that contain politics

>Yes it'd be /r9k/ish but that'd only be if we were just flinging shit about women, rather than discussing the article/topic.

idk lad tbh

>I've not been on it since the post in that pic, I have no reason to go there.

Sure kek


trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap

oh looks like /brit/ is a gay board :^)

86cdb4  No.362718

File: 0b4540ead5b2a2f⋯.png (88.08 KB, 632x310, 316:155, Screenshot_10.png)




e16c40  No.362719


>I just wish you lads wouldn't ban us so heavily when we post here.

The only time you're banned is when you constantly post that slavic bint waifu of yours.

d23230  No.362725


>Personally I'm a bit jaded with regards to politics though I'm up for history and other 'respectable' off-topic stuff

I'm exactly the same way and spend more time on bible study than I do with politics at the moment, but its still nice to dip into news and discussions sometimes when I am interested and have a place that is actively following and receptive to politics without constant derailment. Majority opinion here is that both generals have the right ban threshold for the style of posting they service.

>I doubt it would improve relations

>it would give us less control over our own general as I'd lose my BO powers

The incentive is there to give you control over Squirrel/pol/politics. I'd make assurances and an intervention on either side would result in a breakdown in moderation, a migration, raids and a torrent of drama. I also can't think of anything I'd want to turn your general into because I don't use it.

Post last edited at

b48c87  No.362733

File: 27434cc98284cfa⋯.png (8.83 KB, 160x160, 1:1, t (2).png)


>I have zero interest is pursuing this any longer tbh

>he says, continuing

>I just wish you lads wouldn't ban us so heavily when we post here

Going through the ban list shows that bans are fairly spread out, and every single ban listed there is entirely justified.

>Sure kek

>"I have absolutely no proof but I'll say it anyway heheh that'll show him"

List one reason why I'd go there.

cb09e1  No.362753



d23230  No.362765


I think its pointless that we have three different boards (>>>/britfeel/) for British generals which all overlap with each other but have a slightly different topic.

e16c40  No.362804


I think the situation is fine right now, what would happen if the boards were to merge is they'd get banned for extreme shitposting on our thread, then they wouldn't be able to post on their thread without a VPN, or one of their mods would just undo the ban. This solution is fine right now, they have a board to do shitposting nobody wants on and they're free to post anytime and they do, they only get banned because they post their waifus over and over again or something.

c4cf63  No.363048


I do post her too much tbh


I get that and I respect that. I think I've moved too far away from the consensus to be representative of most posters' opinions. All the same I do think /brit/ could do with a bit of funposting every now and again. Stuff like the HWNDU threads in January were cancer but they were fun. And it's not quite the same in a smaller general.

I appreciate the idea of coming onto this board but I don't think it would work as well and there's no much reason to when we already have our own board.


>List one reason why I'd go there.

I don't know lad, I mean you're the one who showed up in our thread in the first place.

2e930f  No.363242

Not sure, I'm pretty happy with the tone of the board as it is, things have been pretty comfy tbh. When I said some people are welcome to post what I'm not doing is inviting the same old shit, if you want to post here that's fine, but I can't be doing with it going to the extremes. Your board works for you because you can post as you want. When you all post here though it always seems to devolve into taking the piss and actively trying to annoy people. Off topic, banter, funposts, all good in moderation.

I'm pretty tolerant and fair I think but I'd rather the place continued more as it has been, just don't take the piss and we should be OK.

cf969a  No.363259


>"I don't want to continue this"


I posted a video in both threads to test something which you lot proved me right, doesn't mean I go out of my way to wade through shite.

b5dc36  No.363473


damn it was 6D chess all along!

cf969a  No.363529

File: 7c2e436ba6f61e4⋯.gif (998.19 KB, 500x345, 100:69, 00.gif)


>it actually was "muh chess"

4934c9  No.364579

Thanks for killing /brit/ you fucking faggot. Splintering won't stop.

4934c9  No.364581


0348c6  No.364595

File: 5c7f692402489e6⋯.png (674.04 KB, 1066x781, 1066:781, 5c7f692402489e66f9eb50b390….png)


>more shitposters will leave

and this is a bad thing why?

528437  No.367646

Bans for waifu, jewfu and thotposting. Even the mutilated cock posted above is more wholesome than that trash

dbf17b  No.379840

File: fe93758ea5a5abe⋯.png (664.67 KB, 1360x766, 680:383, 07rziyq.png)

File: 073bbde62b2af27⋯.png (141.41 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, tfw_Ian_Smith_lost.png)

wordfilter "Zimbabwe" to "Rhodesia" please

53a1a7  No.380735

File: 3764a5337b0e5aa⋯.png (10.42 KB, 974x44, 487:22, ClipboardImage.png)

Request that Steiner be unbanned

c213dd  No.380753


Request that the slav is unmodded

0c041a  No.380892


I think he did that by mistake as he was unbanned instantly.

15831b  No.381795


It will get annoying when a poster tries to draw attention to news in modern Zimbabwe or criticise Mugabe.

dbf17b  No.389309


everyone here knows that they're the same place lad

6a35c8  No.393932

T H E O T T E R H Y P O C R I S Y !

7d9845  No.404885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Could use an update to our spy word filter list tbh lads, mostly to include Tommy Robinson.

431929  No.409907

File: 938cb8d3a87166c⋯.jpg (66.77 KB, 448x620, 112:155, mel gibson wut.jpg)


>mfw I've been defending 22st for 8 months

5289d2  No.410036

File: 43198df5ab6d6d9⋯.jpg (60.2 KB, 550x366, 275:183, 1415498448573.jpg)

dbf17b  No.411605

remove flags

312e1b  No.425779


96baa6  No.449044

Requesting mods delete the Herts flag.

e512ba  No.449088


fuck off get rid of all flags they're all pointless

5ab7dc  No.452993

Requesting mods delete all flags except the Herts flag.

08223a  No.453253






Make a thread proposing it so the board can weigh in.

066f55  No.453674

I believe I should be modded

805845  No.453732


Being BO of a board titled /brit/politics/ that attacks /brit/ in its first sticky might be a conflict of interest lad.

066f55  No.453816


The sticky refers to 'mod corruption'' which of course would not apply once I am modded

"You know it makes sense" t. Gordo

ac0fdb  No.453903

File: 228e07e43e3e0d8⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 495x664, 495:664, doggo squashed.jpg)


Muh crypto trip fag though tbh.

c5e1d7  No.457039

Testing flag shit

c5e1d7  No.457069

File: c50ec0d0459ffe5⋯.png (378 B, 25x15, 5:3, Parts of Holland.png)

File: cabcb0596dc1bdb⋯.png (412 B, 25x15, 5:3, Parts of Lindsey.png)

File: bc05c9afd94ab01⋯.png (294 B, 25x15, 5:3, Parts of Kesteven.png)

File: 87099d935a5d6d2⋯.png (484 B, 25x15, 5:3, Fenland.png)

Hullo, yes, have some flags.

3ffc85  No.459165

File: 4446cfe3b2f3da6⋯.png (378 B, 25x15, 5:3, Parts of Holland.png)


Disregard that Holland flag, it's fucking shit. Here's the new one

7041be  No.461770


Sorry for taking so long on this lad. I got distracted but I'll add them now.

Edit: Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels. Throws an error when I try to add them.

Post last edited at

b43f34  No.465952


Fuck's sake, I'm an autist and made them the wrong res for some reason, even though I've made flags before. I'll remake them in a bit.

b43f34  No.465985

File: 2f360c18a7dd5db⋯.png (339 B, 20x12, 5:3, Parts of Holland.png)

File: 0e42105fd94559d⋯.png (361 B, 20x12, 5:3, Parts of Lindsey.png)

File: 078dc6d1b49405f⋯.png (266 B, 20x12, 5:3, Parts of Kesteven.png)

File: 6eb99ebc9cf50de⋯.png (379 B, 20x12, 5:3, Fenland.png)

066f55  No.466669

File: 81344d117065d35⋯.png (482 B, 20x12, 5:3, DDR.png)

File: 6a25f47a8dc2be5⋯.png (329 B, 20x12, 5:3, germoney.png)

yo based BO can you add DDR for me pls cause I'm in krautland shortly. If you don't want a memi flag the regular one will do also mod me pls

b7ef53  No.466712


you will never EVER be made a mod lad, move on

066f55  No.466756

e512ba  No.466827


Can you let squirrel have his own flag? It would solve a lot of problems tbh

4510d6  No.468212


He wouldn't use it though, he'd stick to Herts and if you removed that he'd probably not use a flag. but you'd know it's him due to his commie shit

4510d6  No.468220


>DDR flag

Unironically fucking gas yourself you commie fuck.

066f55  No.468272


>He wouldn't use it though

excuse me?


>what is a memi flag

Why does everybody take everything about me so seriously?

66e96a  No.468371


Flags added

Post last edited at

066f55  No.468379


>didn't add mine

What am I supposed to use now I'm moving back to krautland lad? aside from nothing, that is

11b538  No.471969

File: e1233a98d8af995⋯.png (365.94 KB, 903x665, 129:95, 9a04e.png)

Requesting all of moonmans flags be removed because he is a massive faggot

874706  No.473607


Err, requesting that you be filtered

100496  No.473649

File: c543296cedd7a63⋯.png (50.59 KB, 901x646, 53:38, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed7fc0ffc977b37⋯.png (8.73 KB, 1885x36, 1885:36, ClipboardImage.png)

>banning me for something that you do constantly simply because I called you out for doubleposting earlier in the thread

Can someone please explain to me why Helmer is still a mod?

309a90  No.473667


kek, shut up faggot.

7f6b82  No.473669

File: 2ddb2ea8f6cedfe⋯.png (47.81 KB, 904x598, 452:299, ClipboardImage.png)


>randomly banning me again

Not even joking, you need to be demodded, you're the Imkikey of /brit/

Also, forgot this little gem: >>471095

If posting "rooooo" is bannable, then why do you do it?

You're actually like a woman, lad, banning me over and over again simply because I criticised you for doubleposting.

309a90  No.473672

3edfe8  No.473680


That's not an argument, you can't just act like an absolutely horrendous excuse for a mod, ban people randomly because you dislike them, just constantly unban shitposters and spammers and shrug it off with a "shut up xd".

309a90  No.473686


I don't give a fuck you degenerate little shit-stirring hypocrite. You're as bad as any of the ones you complain about me "constantly unbanning". Honestly the short ban was meant as banter but I really don't care what you think and if you want to have a hissy fit then go ahead.

7f6b82  No.473706



t. screams "MUH Bongo Bongo Land!" in the thread more often than Imkikey screams "MUH GOON RAID!" and creates constant drama


t. bans me for things that (You) do all the time

>You're as bad as any of the ones you complain about me "constantly unbanning"

I'm honestly not, I never post gay shit in the thread like they do (and are currently doing right now), and if I'm just as bad as them, then why are you only banning me and not them?

>Honestly the short ban was meant as banter

So? I don't call a 30 minute ban for me literally doing nothing wrong "banter", a ban's a ban, I don't care how "banterous" it is.

And if it was just meant to be banter, then why are you constantly banning me over and over again? That doesn't sound like banter to me.

>I really don't care what you think

"Hurr, I don't care" Isn't an argument, you can't just abuse your powers and act like a shit mod and play it off with "i dun giv a shit", because there are people who care and do give shits about having a shit mod.

>and if you want to have a hissy fit then go ahead.

I'm not having a hissy fit, merely pointing out your hypocrisy, power tripping and abuse of mod powers.

309a90  No.473753


Shut up faggot.

070e08  No.473761


Case and point

Enjoy getting demodded

e281ce  No.473903


>MUH Bongo Bongo Land

tbf you autists do fucking raid the thread on occasion.

070e08  No.473904


t. Bongo Bongo Land poster

e281ce  No.473958

File: 614c9d7956641bb⋯.png (31.34 KB, 666x219, 222:73, ClipboardImage.png)


Huh, really makes me think.

070e08  No.473963

File: 77dc8d3e8fb35bc⋯.png (37.72 KB, 165x115, 33:23, ClipboardImage.png)


>bitching about a mod is the same thing as raiding a thread

c334a2  No.473969

File: e4eb7b45d9760ab⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 400x240, 5:3, D.gif)


>raids the threads

>thinks people will take his side

070e08  No.473971


>raids the thread

Disagreeing with your favourite bum-buddy mod isn't raiding you retarded alcoholic.

How about Red_Ed or SFB who actually do raid the thread and spam trap porn and shit so much that they managed to get one of the mods to leave?

Oh wait, they don't oppose Helmer being a mod so I guess it's A-OK

Go back to talking about stuff you actually know about, sucking cocks and drinking.

4898da  No.474125


The 30 minute ban for the post about spilling M&Ms was a justifiable ban for shitposting.

The 15 minute ban immediately following it was not. Treat it as a mistake, and see if it happens again before writing it off as power tripping.

070e08  No.474143


>talking about spilling a bag of M&Ms is bannable

>>473577 isn't

>/newbrit/'s constant gayism in the thread isn't

What did he memi by this?

c69932  No.474154


Can you point to an example of Helmer removing justified bans on 22st and co?

Or is your complaint that all mods ought to ban those kinds of posts more?

070e08  No.474319

File: cbc5e0db2d0e7b0⋯.png (10.19 KB, 1146x36, 191:6, ClipboardImage.png)


Helmer hasn't done it recently, but a few months ago he used to always do it, lad, this is common knowledge I'm not spoonfeeding (You). Also LSC unbanned one of the Bongo Bongo Land shitters earlier today after he kept raiding the thread by shitposting like fuck while falseflagging as me simply because he asked him nicely over Bongo Bongo Land.

And yeah, I'm more pointing towards the fact that Helmer ignored shitposts like that with tranny shit in them, but happened to ban me for posing about a bag of M&Ms falling over. Ignoring the whole "muh unban" memiy for a second, I don't see how the first ban was justifiable when shit like that was going on in the thread at the same time.

Helmer just has a grudge against me because I cheekily criticized him for doubleposting, smh.

c69932  No.474430

File: 4c04a9947979d0c⋯.png (113.9 KB, 618x276, 103:46, ClipboardImage.png)


In the logs there was one case where he was removing a day ban set by Mosley (now demodded by his request), on this post with reason: "We must secure a future for brit/pol's everywhere, and that means banning tranny orbiters." This ban removal was justified due to long ban length and bogus ban reason.

In all other cases he was removing bans set by himself, so they'd have been posting more freely if he was demodded.

Post last edited at

c69932  No.474520


Post your Twitter.

696aec  No.474782

Moonfat doesn't merit the serious attention, he's disingenuous and full of shit.

>constantly banning me over and over again

Reminder we are talking about one 30 minute ban, one 30 min ban, which he immediately evaded to complain in this thread. So I slapped another 15min on for evading and being a giant faggot. If you'd just called me a cunt in a ban appeal I probably would've lifted it but the first thing you do is come here whining like a special autist.

And btw you deserve more for shitposting, shitstirring and raiding in the early threads with Norfolk flag, whichever disc0rd co-conspirator nonce he is. And yes actually I did ban him for posting trap anime shite, unfortunately atm when I'm in mod mode I've no auto-update for some reason and have to refresh the page everytime I need to ban, so LSC had to deal with the mess and all the subsequent autism/could get there before me.

>I'm not having a hissy fit

Yes you are, again you got a 30 min ban and immediately evaded and posted here.




>The 15 minute ban immediately following it was not.

Like I say, he didn't even sit out the 30min ban but evaded to post here, I don't regret slapping that extra 15min ban on.



I repeat, Moonfat doesn't merit the serious attention, he's disingenuous and full of shit.

571048  No.474812

File: 382b0bef8c2e407⋯.jpg (21.87 KB, 398x500, 199:250, 382b0bef8c2e407730e387b614….jpg)


>now demodded by his request

I am finally free of this mortal coil.

e281ce  No.474843


I have a normal 8chan up for browsing the thread and the recent posts tab from the dashboard open for doing any admin things, the admin thread is so fucking un-usable.

e281ce  No.474848

File: a6fc110dc12b41c⋯.png (150.59 KB, 311x336, 311:336, limmy chirstmas.png)


>they shitpost so much cause they know it annoys you

>keep VPN hopping and doing it for like 2 hours

>the only night time NEET mod is now gone

696aec  No.474916

File: 2e6d1d5a2ec9c32⋯.png (160.9 KB, 367x265, 367:265, 43b8a.png)


Yeah I do pretty much the same with having the dash open in one tab and browse normally, but I usually just manually add the sys+mod.php? into the url when I need to get involved. The absolute fucking state of it though, it keeps getting worse and worse, I sometimes wonder if we've been singled out for punishment.


>he escaped


070e08  No.474989

File: 532094d03dcfabe⋯.jpg (83.41 KB, 694x770, 347:385, 532094d03dcfabe2ee27c15c36….jpg)


>Moonfat doesn't merit the serious attention, he's disingenuous and full of shit.

>"D-Don't may attention to him, d-don't read his posts"

Nice one lad.

>30 min ban, which he immediately evaded to complain in this thread

Don't lie, lad. The ban had 1 minute left and it was completely unwarranted in the first place. There was no "immediate" evasion and it wouldn't matter anyway because the ban was bullshit in the first place, you were banning me simply because I replied to you with ">doubleposting" earlier in the thread and you got arseblasted and waited for me to post something even close to bannable so you could try and get your little memi revenge on me for pointing out your doublepost.

>So I slapped another 15min on for evading and being a giant faggot

>calling you out as a shit mod is being a giant faggot

>posting trapshit isn't being a faggot

Kek, nice memi lad. And the ban literally had less than 60 seconds left on it.

>If you'd just called me a cunt in a ban appeal I probably would've lifted it

You can't appeal 30 minute bans you spastic, how does a mod not know anything about moderation? Fucking Hell

>but the first thing you do is come here whining like a special autist.

Maybe because you do this quite often and people don't enjoy being banned for no reason? Don't act like a shit mod and I won't complain about you in the mod thread, simple as. And it's not like I could appeal it anyway.

>And btw you deserve more for shitposting

I admit that the M&Ms post was nothing more than a blogpost, but there was literal gayism and trannyshit in the thread at the exact same time that you banned me for talking about a bag of M&Ms falling over. If you really cared about banning shitposting then why did you single me out? It's almost as if you have a grudge against me and don't actually care about the quality of the board, huh, really makes me think.

Oh wait, because the other shitposting was done by your buddies over on /newbrit/, that's it


I'm not the one shitstirring here, lad. You're the one who immediately starts screaming "MUH Bongo Bongo Land IS RAIDING THE THREAD!" any time anyone ever disagrees with you, thereby creating uneeded drama and shitstirring in the thread, can you give me one example of me "shitstirring"?

>raiding in the early threads with Norfolk flag

That's not me, that was ShitForBrains and Red_Ed you actual fucking retard, holy shit. This is why you're such a fucking shit mod, you're randomly accusing me of doing something that was clearly committed by another user in order to justify your shitty moderation, get yourself to fuck.

>yes you are, again you got a 30 min ban and immediately evaded and posted here.

Pointing out your inability to moderate isn't "having a hissy fit", you can't just ignore legitimate criticism with "well tee hee, you're having a hissy fit", it's not an argument

>Like I say, he didn't even sit out the 30min ban but evaded to post here

Because you banned me for literally no reason and you made sure to make the ban short enough that I couldn't appeal it, of course I'm going to post about it here. And I don't see why I should have to sit out a ban if the reason was complete bullshit and the ban was nothing more than an attack on me

>I don't regret slapping that extra 15min ban on.

Why would you? You're a shit mod and you don't care

>I repeat, Moonfat doesn't merit the serious attention, he's disingenuous and full of shit.

>"D-don't pay attention to him, he's a liar"

>in the same post as you write a bunch of made up bullshit and lies in an attempt to cover yourself

Kek, sad, just sad

>"PLEASE DON'T DEMOD MEEE!" the Helmer cries out as he randomly bans another user and unbans Pembs


Lad, please re-add me on steam, I need to talk to (You) about something

Also, based SFB shitposting so badly that he got the only nightmod to quit

f6ae75  No.475263

>norfolkposter makes a thread

>waits until it's a few hundred posts in

>deletes the thread


c69932  No.475673

File: 267ca997b47aeb8⋯.png (7.88 KB, 251x201, 251:201, image.png)


>Honestly the short ban was meant as banter


>So I slapped another 15min on for evading and being a giant faggot

Good-oh. Fair enough if he was evading.

f7fe0a  No.476179

File: 88428fa885cadb4⋯.png (320 KB, 640x519, 640:519, ClipboardImage.png)


>the ban was just a joke, it wasn't serious

>so I banned him for evading it

746443  No.481011

File: bb4fd6bdac56cb0⋯.jpg (52.03 KB, 620x387, 620:387, Dont Care.jpg)

8fab0a  No.484203

File: b765273277de26c⋯.png (64.91 KB, 894x857, 894:857, ClipboardImage.png)

>pointing out things that SA has admitted to doing is bannable

Based woman-tier paddy papist being unable to argue his points so he just bans me instead


785a86  No.484220

File: 90531a1eb84a4aa⋯.png (191.21 KB, 888x793, 888:793, unknown (1).png)

I'm not the guy you just banned , I was commenting on it seeing as how he just posted and it got deleted

you just proved and justified my post

4aea6e  No.495478

File: b18ac3ebc1c1bab⋯.png (297.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 969cfbf2ff23bcf⋯.png (70.4 KB, 920x786, 460:393, ClipboardImage.png)

>permabanning three people for no reason simply because they held opinions that differed from your own

Kill yourself faggot

62d629  No.495480

File: 058cdb24da84623⋯.png (125.82 KB, 1752x596, 438:149, Banned.png)

Why did SA ban me for >(5) posting, that's pure shit let alone a perma ban, he's been like this for weeks. Just demod him, this shit is worse imkampfy.

1157be  No.495485

File: 42467a7982e3393⋯.png (614.43 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, ClipboardImage.png)

>permabanning people who disagree with you rather than actually thinking of a counter argument

hullo Imkikey

dac911  No.495520

File: 165381d66a6c87f⋯.png (54.6 KB, 905x581, 905:581, ClipboardImage.png)

>permabanned for pointing out that you're randomly permabanning people for random posts

Why is SA still a mod? Serious question.

3d71ab  No.495536

File: 8be6b820fed06b4⋯.png (29.57 KB, 903x672, 43:32, ban.png)

File: b25fdff8885608a⋯.png (49.68 KB, 919x284, 919:284, board log.png)

>being able to read the board log gets me permabanned

>all these people banned out of the blue

Okay, what's going on? Is it the night of the long poz?


b1d50b  No.495584

File: 590f7e82e9ec7bb⋯.png (28.76 KB, 712x581, 712:581, SaBan.png)

Attacking a guy for being newbrit/being a homo is now ban worthy under SA? This is a fucking joke

2ac0ec  No.495646

03598f  No.496643


where is leaf flag?!?!?!?

03598f  No.496644


Some opinions are worth banning

921604  No.502717

File: 73e0f7d92fb5856⋯.png (1.08 KB, 35x20, 7:4, 35px-Flag_of_the_British_A….png)


7b7c46  No.505393


Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels

7fc5a0  No.507452

File: 1783a7d6a374785⋯.png (364 B, 20x12, 5:3, Berkshire.png)

File: ad1cf0fa57b24a2⋯.png (308 B, 20x12, 5:3, Oxfordshire.png)

here's a couple of flags:

the Berkshire flag (which we don't have) and the newly registered flag of Oxfordshire (which is more distinguishable from the Merseyside flag than the old unofficial one we have)

d135c3  No.510212


Sleepy tbh.


1d8b1c  No.510216

File: cb464b02dcdd62e⋯.png (262.33 KB, 1135x558, 1135:558, ClipboardImage.png)

What happened here?

I've been busy and no one posted here about it so I'm two weeks late. The vast majority of those bans looked to me like posters getting permabanned for baiting a tripfag.

60bc12  No.510247


yes BO tripfags and mods are trying to get anons b& for stupid reasons?

maybe its time for a rotation

4f9c85  No.510315


>no one posted here about it







Apparently some people also tried to contact you on D*scord

1d8b1c  No.510435


Yeah I sidestepped dealing with those after Helmer gave me shit for calling his cryptic joke ban a mistake. Sorry for the very delayed reaction.

Both top blokes who kept the board running as did Monarch but obviously they should ban clear acts of shitposting rather than acting on some meta reason (particularly involving the Bongo Bongo Land) that's evident to nobody, makes drama worse, and opens the door for easy powertripping.

Obviously there shouldn't be scores of permabans just for winding up a tripfag mod on a banning spree. SA has been demodded.

6d71ce  No.510476


>SA has been demodded

Can I be a mod then lad?

b00177  No.511054


>Helmer gave me shit for calling his cryptic joke ban a mistake

Gave you shit?

1d8b1c  No.512281

a4f435  No.512548

Don't consider that giving you shit, more a statement of fact. All this over a 30 min ban of shitstirring moonman who complains I don't ban the very people he erotic role plays and fags it up with, it simply doesn't merit the drama.

Post last edited at

50930d  No.519543

File: 66ccb1a599f464b⋯.png (99.93 KB, 710x693, 710:693, Ban.png)

>And the new mod is atheist shitter

aba201  No.519619

File: 22551e7ca3d3461⋯.png (35.71 KB, 712x453, 712:453, ClipboardImage.png)

How is this ban worthy?

1d8b1c  No.520926

File: 52c088134978e91⋯.png (398.38 KB, 663x1669, 663:1669, Maybe.png)


See ban reason. The hour ban was for shitposting.

ef65df  No.526626

If you ever need a night Mod I can help you out due to having crippling insomnia

88d108  No.527012

File: 932653dcb840fdc⋯.png (3.09 KB, 20x11, 20:11, black_country.png)

Black Country flag.

88d108  No.527031

File: 68edadd4291d4eb⋯.png (3.12 KB, 20x11, 20:11, wyrm.png)

File: 20e853dc4e37594⋯.png (3 KB, 20x11, 20:11, buf.png)

And another two.

1af494  No.528834

saying hi… hi!!

d30236  No.538698

File: 28f1c30435a7bc4⋯.png (68.49 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

new banner

36e5e6  No.541007

File: 1f4fc5219d2ba90⋯.png (45.89 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Cumshotte.png)

New Banner

c6b0c6  No.548253

Probably could just demod me, can't actually be bothered to mod anymore.

f2c1c8  No.548336

File: 6b3c4f6739a1c2a⋯.png (370.24 KB, 417x429, 139:143, dryden.png)


Where do you think you're going?



*downvotes both*

Sorry lads.

024153  No.548386

File: 048380731808ff3⋯.jpg (168.05 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, GA.jpg)


Think the board just needs mods who actually want to mod and at odd hours tbh.

3de74d  No.548876

demod the wristlet and reinstate SA tbh

d30236  No.548937

File: 8126f4eaa90c09a⋯.png (68.55 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

048939  No.551417

File: 31af8e1d4dca411⋯.png (2.27 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 2f4ff18bb37ef8304e61d96eb9….png)


>applied 9 months ago

>still not a mod

448c0b  No.552213

File: 72a62987310aeca⋯.png (55.97 KB, 896x753, 896:753, ClipboardImage.png)

>helmer being an incompetent mod again

Who would've guessed?

So what "ban" am i supposedly evading then? Come on lad, I'm waiting

ea67b6  No.552327

Fuck it tbh, de-mod me.

99eb04  No.552441


You deserve the alberto treatment


Don't go

c43c73  No.552484

File: 978121ec86556d5⋯.jpg (12.26 KB, 477x539, 477:539, debil.jpg)


Now's your chance lad >>552327

ea67b6  No.552487

File: 839aa98a4dd2111⋯.png (58.55 KB, 142x242, 71:121, Nige_D3.png)


The Bongo Bongo Land won lad.


This, but unironically.

99eb04  No.552587

File: eb276f6d237a6f7⋯.jpg (97.99 KB, 640x630, 64:63, doggosad.jpg)

>modding 22st

Do it tbh


>The Bongo Bongo Land won lad

No lad it can't be this way

>LSC is now the oldest mod standing

God help us

f28143  No.552618




048939  No.552625


>The Bongo Bongo Land won lad.


006858  No.552697

File: 3833928685a06b6⋯.png (542.59 KB, 695x1160, 139:232, 1487897679750.png)


>Continued modding after this post

Still want to go?

006858  No.552700


Meant to post this as BO.

99eb04  No.552710


mod me

60669a  No.552985

File: 1bae1bbb94945f3⋯.jpg (196.57 KB, 1024x791, 1024:791, GettyImages-486255453.jpg)


Ah I suppose I'll stay on the books for now actually.

048939  No.553057


Goodlad. The hero we need

c6b0c6  No.553745

File: 99bbeb46df8fc41⋯.jpg (36.67 KB, 234x234, 1:1, max.jpg)


>God help us

Nah nah nah lad, I asked to get out first >>548253

d9b287  No.553816

File: 2a9b4b9eca1e486⋯.png (599.94 KB, 500x897, 500:897, bee.png)

Re-mod me tbh

f28143  No.553817



03957d  No.554351

really not a fan of mercia banning people for no reason other than he doesn't personally like them tbh

68fa75  No.554421


this tbh

68fa75  No.554442


>for no reason other than he doesn't personally like them tbh

I'll freely admit I'm not westie's biggest fan but the ban is more for the fact that he's a general nuisance who gets a goodly amount of reports whenever he turns up tbh

048939  No.555055


tbh, SA can have my mod spot

821d81  No.556038

c6b0c6  No.557576

File: 86efbf3a8be4720⋯.png (554.53 KB, 713x667, 31:29, 144099116567731.png)

changed my mind smh, say a post i jsut had to fucking ban.

d135c3  No.561495

File: 93d5f7c7a0b852f⋯.png (368.7 KB, 660x371, 660:371, ClipboardImage.png)


Please don't stab me in the back

Remodded with old username and password.

1d8b1c  No.561629


I'm happy to take a punt at modding anyone who fits brit/pol/ and can attest to not having come out of nowhere.

Having less active mods doesn't do any harm and an anon who hasn't modded in almost a year called TraditionalBrit is still curiously modded.

Post last edited at

ebfb59  No.562995

File: 9ff9483be0a89c9⋯.jpg (887.38 KB, 1073x671, 1073:671, Detail-of-Vincenzo_Camucci….jpg)


Et tu, SA?

Don't see how I could, lad

c1c813  No.564374


Ey fam, me again innit blud

73a707  No.564926


i'd be a good 'un but im not a tripfag or flagfag smh

e72ab4  No.570645



Post your Twitter and I'll see about it sometime tomorrow.

9bbbdc  No.571218

Anyone here considered going deeper into binsposter? There's something more to him than just shitposting, I genuinely think he's a spy

dcdc69  No.571737


Don't have shitter tbh, you can contact me on disc0rd though

618ea9  No.574892

File: ce4a5a3ae9c8b14⋯.png (73.1 KB, 735x602, 105:86, ClipboardImage.png)

since when is /brit/ a civic board?

>24 hours, yet the anon who kept deleting threads is still posting

Bongo Bongo Landians?

61511b  No.574943


Yeah I'll admit I fucked up there tbh

Sorry lad

6684bf  No.575104

After this >>574892 demod, don't need a trigger happy fuck wit with a ban button. Didn't even realize bullying was a ban-able offense anyway, we safe space now? No thanks, I'll take a pro bully board, God knows some of you need it.

72b220  No.577262

Probably a good idea to stop users from deleting their own posts, after yet another thread is deleted for no reason.

21430b  No.577560


Reluctantly seconding, turn the option off. A small group of mongs have spoiled it.

0fb8e3  No.578056

File: 5a29df5bcf84d23⋯.png (11.83 KB, 255x254, 255:254, bizwojack222223e2.png)


But lad it's really funny when the thread is deleted for the 3rd time in a fucking row.

e72ab4  No.579395

a3183d  No.580141

File: 3584355d2120431⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 615x409, 615:409, 6ed8c7.jpg)


Cheers lad.

b5680b  No.604696

this board is irredeemable and seeing the sorry state of you lot has genuinely blackpilled me, britain won't be saved, neet autists will post here until the end of time when mass immigration destroys our nation permanently

b5680b  No.604703

>instead of saving britain we're dealing with retarded manchild Bongo Bongo Land drama

573023  No.619369

File: 2232c85028df56e⋯.png (41.09 KB, 441x227, 441:227, ClipboardImage.png)

73a707  No.619788

Requesting a wordfilter for "keek" and "smee" into something like "I am a massive faggot xDDDD" or w/e

61511b  No.625175

Requesting a wordfilter to turn 'GCHQ' into 'GCHQT'

Post last edited at

f72823  No.625437

File: 7d84e9453739353⋯.png (361 B, 19x12, 19:12, Yorkshire Flag.png)

Can you add this flag and remove the other Yorkshire flags they're all crap tbh one is like bugged as well.

4c1cb6  No.625935



184bdd  No.631835

Can you get rid of Mercia, he refuses to ban BLACKED cuck porn

461da5  No.631913

File: 393dbd37eede9bc⋯.jpg (32.84 KB, 300x441, 100:147, baste.jpg)

So posting porn as long as it's spoilered and a description is offered, is ok according to the mods, right? Even though it has nothing to do with politics, and is outright cuck porn.

61511b  No.632037


>even though it has nothing to do with politics

Try again lad

e72ab4  No.632140


>Mod X refuses to do Y so demod him

Doesn't do any harm.

2a8f7d  No.632172


So you are saying BLACKED porn is allowed here?

e72ab4  No.632627


I'm saying that mods won't cause any harm or be demodded unless they abuse their powers in some way.

Deleting porn images is obviously a justifiable mod action if anyone is generous enough to do it.

c682d0  No.641353

File: e84cef64e91cb5a⋯.png (430 B, 20x12, 5:3, 1489255918948.png)

Add this flag under the name "Canada", please.

09666f  No.655867

File: 58bb6cf9009dd8f⋯.png (61.75 KB, 460x288, 115:72, ClipboardImage.png)



2 months no change bo is gay

09666f  No.655876

File: 5c6b32ddfb2a64e⋯.png (405 B, 20x12, 5:3, yorkshire.png)

add this yorkshire flag pls

09666f  No.655877

also ignore that pots calling you gay i didnt mean to send it

6a44f9  No.659430

Am I unbanned yet?

4c49ec  No.665155




I didn't add it because I prefer the existing one to yours. Its cartoonish, but much more obvious what it is.

c682d0  No.666216

1e7f56  No.666741

File: afdd82a699b109e⋯.png (458 B, 20x15, 4:3, anglican1.png)

File: 0a1b6864a5e0cd6⋯.png (239 B, 16x11, 16:11, anglican2.png)

File: 98eaa6a8e69a8b9⋯.png (831 B, 20x15, 4:3, presbyterian.png)

few more flags

09666f  No.670150


ROOOOOO fair enoguh smh

02a301  No.674813

something has to be done about the womenposting

73a707  No.676366

requesting a wordfilter for local to be changed into LOCAL

f47bb5  No.676547


Don't do this tbh it'd get old really fast

e72ab4  No.676729



Only if he wins a seat in Kensington.

d1a22f  No.691211

File: 88e50865736069d⋯.png (138.17 KB, 619x371, 619:371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7682888831900ac⋯.png (25.12 KB, 700x420, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05bae93d2f179f8⋯.png (39.53 KB, 376x229, 376:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7dc120a0d8d742f⋯.png (16.62 KB, 426x257, 426:257, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8ce46b1b293f19f⋯.png (191.46 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, ClipboardImage.png)

Can someone make Welsh county flags please?

Okay, thank you.

9fde2b  No.691265


already pembs lad

28ae11  No.694316

File: c9100cd70a88941⋯.png (113.46 KB, 718x716, 359:358, BanH.png)

I posted an anime reaction image to convey disgust when someone posted a trap and got perma banned. SA and Mercia, two of the other mods do it all the time, is this one rule for the mods and another for the anons?

Also this has been done by the same mod who constantly spams every thread with papist shit. The same shitpost every thread.

73a707  No.694319


i've already changed it to a 2h hour ban as I thought you were kardashianposter

you were still spamming anime so i still stand by it, and no - nobody posted a trap >>694279

Post last edited at

28ae11  No.694325


>spamming anime

I only made three posts you can hardly call that spamming, nor where there non-replies.

You do worse with posting the same shitpost every thread.

28ae11  No.694345

File: e3ae51b65c1526f⋯.png (436.12 KB, 640x405, 128:81, a's best traps.png)


He did post a trap >>694279 see on the left of the picture. Same character, pissing standing up with other traps.

6f626a  No.694677

File: 05c4c9cedd77fea⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1903x6987, 1903:6987, anime.png)

File: 2be7ca5c9c6a2da⋯.png (60.21 KB, 1820x328, 455:82, anime1.png)


Your ban would seem like rulecuckery if I were to judge by your post history alone because you were way below the threshold of just spamming anime, but after reviewing the ban log it looks like it was in the context of some ban evader shitposting about anime that you are a dead ringer for.

So from what I can tell from the unusable mod interface (how the fuck do I navigate to the post history of a user on the ban list to scrutinise all of these bans?) if your similar style of posting was a coincidence then the initial ban was a justifiable mistake to prevent ban evasion, as you wouldn't wait for the fourth shitpost if someone's in a cycle of evading and shitposting. See if it happens again under usual circumstances.

Post last edited at

6f626a  No.694730

File: f679cfc8ff2f7d4⋯.png (4.53 MB, 1903x14730, 1903:14730, christbol.png)

File: fe4af13234ac152⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1903x7626, 1903:7626, christbol1.png)

On a side note these bans should have been short and not a perma.

6f626a  No.694778

File: d12e6d8be9f8bf6⋯.png (401 B, 20x12, 5:3, Monmouthshire.png)

File: 76ddc175171d782⋯.png (257 B, 20x12, 5:3, Montgomeryshire.png)

File: b0a56af0a4de345⋯.png (244 B, 20x12, 5:3, Glamorgan.png)


Gave it a go

6f626a  No.695425

File: 10d49852a02a26f⋯.png (236 B, 20x12, 5:3, Caernarfonshire.png)

d1a22f  No.697924



6f626a  No.698182

Heroin has been demodded

84e2be  No.702658

If you feel you need a new mod I'll put my name forward.

b09994  No.713975

Crackdown needed tbh on the incelposting

037d4e  No.715174

wtf @ pdf

Cornwall is majority wog?!

lulwut ur failing badly at excel

6f626a  No.717349


>30 minute ban

This kind of mod brutality is completely out of order tbh.

6f626a  No.717485

File: f4a35064ed129b5⋯.png (338.16 KB, 635x1729, 635:1729, Dindu nuffin.png)


I gave it a look. It was bait because you were being an attention whoring tranny, and ban worthy because you made several posts about it in a short space of time.

65922c  No.717516



Tbh what I sometimes do is, if I see a post that is ban-worthy, I use the 'recent posts' function and ban that IP's most recent post instead of the actually bannable one. I shall refrain in future.

6f626a  No.717672

File: cbd2ec89a7006e4⋯.jpeg (115.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, image.jpeg)


>An unjustified ban is still an unjustified ban, doesn't matter how long it is. It's still an annoyance.

You're right it was just a joke on my part.

I'll reply to the rest tomorrow.

bdd988  No.717803


bdd988  No.717805

File: f23c1a98ee4d9f4⋯.png (9.62 KB, 763x63, 109:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Great, so Helmers and Midshanks unjustly ban me, I post here arguing for my case after my b ans are up and showing why the bans were 100% unjust, and SA being SA just deletes all my posts to make sure the truth doesn't get out.

Bravo. Maybe you shouldn't have re-modded him after he had a history of doing this exact same shit before.

I'm not fucking typing it all back out again just for SA to get shitfaced or high and wipe my IP for zero reason again. You seriously need to get rid of him again, you gave him a second chance and he has done nothing other than continue as he did.

b9e8f7  No.717826


I already told you I think the ban was 100% justified, and the screencap above is all the evidence I needed to make the decision regarding a 30 minute ban.

From memory you posted

>What is your evidence I was an attention whoring trap?

When you posted about having curly hair to get the ball rolling, then claimed to wear a dress and be a girl/trap. Also when you replied to people asking for proof with "no".

>I posted about it only twice in a space of 17 minutes. Is posting quickly against the rules then?

No but it was enough to warrant a slap on the wrist to stop you derailing the thread into trapposting.

You'll have to remind me of the rest, but the posting history above speaks for itself. Regarding the post deletion I can't check it by website design. SA will have to explain why.

Post last edited at

bdd988  No.718363


>I already told you I think the ban was 100% justified, and the screencap above is all the evidence I needed to make the decision regarding a 30 minute ban.

Your evidence for why it was """100% justified""" is that I posted TWO posts with a 17 minute gap between them and apparently that was "several posts about it in a short space of time".

That's not 100% justified, you can't ban someone for "posting too fast", especially when I wasn't even posting very rapidly at all.

>when you posted about having curly hair to get the ball rolling

That was days ago and had nothing to do with being a lass, that was me baiting 22 into believing that I'm Jewish. Read the other posts surrounding that post and actually look at the time/date of said posts next time. It should help you gain a little bit of context.

>also when you replied to people asking for proof with "no".

Okay, so you'd rather I post pictures of tits in the thread and destroy it next time? Okay, I'll keep that in mind.

>you'll have to remind me of the rest, but the posting history above speaks for itself.

Um, sweetie, no it doesn't. Apparently I was banned because I "made several posts about it in a short space of time", yet the posting history above does not display that whatsoever. It's completely contradictory to your statement, just saying "muh posting history" harms your case more than it does good and merely provides evidence for why my ban was unjustified.

You're also failing to mention or defend Helmer's ban of me later where he banned me for 60 minutes simply for mentioning Neo in my post. But the post was in response to someone asking me to post Neo's dox and nudes, which I refused to post. But from your comments regarding the anon requesting I post tits in the thread, maybe you would've preferred if I did fill the thread with pictures of Neo?

How come the other people talking about /newshit/ or Neo constantly in the thread weren't banned? Why was I singled out after literally mentioning it once in response to someone else talking about it?

>SA will have to explain why.

Why? He shouldn't have to explain, he should just be demodded again, he obviously hasn't learnt at all since the last time. All he does is twitter post, spam tinderthots with his flag off and ban people or delete their posts at random, him having moderation powers brings nothing of value to the threat.

187d1a  No.718513

File: e4af77620e49fc4⋯.png (318.53 KB, 769x511, 769:511, Mosley's in Stoke.png)


A fellow Staffordshire lad, greeting!

bdd988  No.718550


You in Newcastle, lad?

6f626a  No.718558


>that was me baiting 22 into believing that I'm Jewish

Sorry lad that was my careless mistake.

>20:57 What if I'm already wearing a dress

>21:14 Because I'm a girl

>21:16 No [to posting proof]

This alone justifies a 30 minute ban in my view. I was wrong to say it was several as I see now those posts were unrelated.

I mentioned posting in a short space of time only to suggest that if you only made one post about it he probably would not have considered it ban worthy, but as you made these three it was more easily justified. Since you made attention whoring posts "revealing" yourself as a girl/trap (the third message is part of this) I consider a 30 minute ban to be acceptable judgement.

I was unaware of Helmer's ban, and am unable to locate the post on the ban list. Maybe due to the IP wipe. If it happened exactly as you describe, and you got banned for posting innocuous response to someone talking about /newbrit/ then it was in error but I need to see it. Taking your word for it if he singles you out again then show me the ban.

Post last edited at

bdd988  No.718582

File: 8720cc32bed6ae7⋯.png (59.07 KB, 901x882, 901:882, ClipboardImage.png)


I still don't see how the last message is a part of it, considering it's basically me saying that I am not in fact a girl, therefore making people pay less attention to me or give me less (You)s. Replying with pictures of tits or continuing the lie of me being a lassposter would've just garnered more attention and would've been more effective bait.

But anyway, that's besides the point, here's Helmer's ban. I don't see anything wrong with that post at all.

6f626a  No.718654

File: b690199da887221⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, anime gf.webm)


>continuing the lie of me being a lassposter would've just garnered more attention and would've been more effective bait

I suspect he thought the same thing when he decided to give you time out.

>Neo is a good lass, even if she does hate me

Even just seeing that one post makes this look like circlejerking with the group surrounding some /newbrit/ tranny. Since you called him a girl, a good lass, and talked about orbiting him you were not simply mentioning him but getting well involved in the off-topic shitposting.

Can't help but notice a pattern that the posts you were banned for are all gay.

Post last edited at

c4e96d  No.723260

File: 8459240b7365f3c⋯.gif (886.43 KB, 294x233, 294:233, hansolosmirk.gif)


>even just seeing that one post makes this look like circlejerking with the group surrounding some /newbrit/ tranny

Denying a request to dox someone is not circlejerking you autist, kek.

>since you called him a girl, a good lass

So? Everyone does, and they're not banned, how come you don't ban anyone who refers to Neo as a >she? All the "proof" pics of Neo being a tranny are just pictures of Luna, who is a different poster entirely. And anyway, "muh misgendering" is not a bannable offence.

>you were not simply mentioning him but getting well involved in the off-topic shitposting.

How? Please explain, because I seem to be missing something.

>"dox neo"


>this is somehow off-topic shitposting

There was no off-topic shitposting other than the lad asking me to post lewds in the thread, a request which I denied and did not engage further. I do not see how that is "getting well involved in the off-topic shitposting".

So so far you have given zero credible defence for either ban. Cheers for that, lad.

6d88b1  No.723608

File: 09cac049f594bca⋯.png (398.13 KB, 669x783, 223:261, unknown.png)

Banned for about half an hour for this post (first offence). Reasonable and proportionate. Good work mods.

6f626a  No.723773


>30 minutes

Kek, I unironically agree with it being proportionate response. Maybe you're a decent poster (I haven't checked), but you have to admit dumping fetish cartoons might seem like crossing the mark, especially considering how often the gag of dumping lewdness on the board to derail gets played to death. If the mods have to set a line for 30 minute bans I don't think that's an inconvenient place.

Sorry if that wasn't your intention but I reckon you had just barely crossed a line that the mods set in their minds to minimise the amount of thotposting, imperiumposting, etc which is why the ban was so short.

6f626a  No.723803



Its a prerequisite to becoming BO lad. There is no medical test for aspergers more effective than the process of claiming a board on this website.

The Neo/Luna distinction just shows how embedded in this circlejerk you are. You know my defence of the second ban. I think you should call Neo a good lass, and talk about her hating you on /newbrit/ where your stories about your relationship with her will be on topic. I don't think /brit/ cares nearly enough about what information you have on her or how well you know her to let it slide as an acceptable off topic discussion.

33250d  No.725366

File: 5b568f9fa1b655b⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 202x106, 101:53, 0cdd0.jpg)


>entertaining an attention-whore

257e67  No.727728

Someone make a thread already.

33250d  No.729464

Remove the a3080861 filter tbh, it breaks a lot.

676d24  No.730134

98186b  No.733307


>you know more things than me, therefore you deserve to be banned

You're right, you really are autistic

>i don't think /brit/ cares nearly enough about what information you have on her

So why was /brit/ asking me about it then?

And if the ban was for being "off-topic", then how come all the other posters weren't banned?


>wanting adequate moderation = being an attention whore

t. attention whore

I hope you enjoy being demodded a second time, lad, it's only a matter of time.

8474e2  No.733432

File: 5ca17dbac6988f0⋯.png (42.69 KB, 905x569, 905:569, ClipboardImage.png)

8474e2  No.733435

ff418a  No.733548

>tried to post a new thread three times and it hasn't worked

Someone else can do it tbh

676d24  No.734241


My post

>The Neo/Luna distinction just shows how embedded in this circlejerk you are. You know my defence of the second ban. I think you should call Neo a good lass, and talk about her hating you on /newbrit/ where your stories about your relationship with her will be on topic.

Your quote

>you know more things than me, therefore you deserve to be banned

Not what I said. Don't metapost about the inner drama of this circlejerk you are demonstrably a part of, regarding your relationship with some personality called Neo.

You think /brit/ cares about your relationship with him. I'm not persuaded and the posters who asked you about him could have been banned too if any mod felt like doing it.

86939a  No.734268

File: 7f0a9eb8f5c26a4⋯.png (603.35 KB, 667x615, 667:615, 1465226886378.png)


>could have

>could have

>could have

Yeah, cheers lad

>two posts is a circlejerk

>ywn be this deluded

>you think /brit/ cares about your relationship with him

Some lad asked and I answered, we've been over this

Is your memory fucked by alcoholism like SA's too?

b09994  No.735480

please crackdown on the amount of pointless threads being made, such as >>735475 >>735252 >>734490 >>732450 >>732601 >>728780 and >>728268 they're obviously all just b8 from random /pol/tards who think it's an ebin raid

971392  No.736803


Yeah nothing worth keeping there. Done.

Post last edited at

b09994  No.737007

File: d5fbbc447eac19c⋯.png (137.15 KB, 390x365, 78:73, ClipboardImage.png)

e20911  No.747989

File: e6b2b3638b81577⋯.png (491 B, 20x12, 5:3, pan slav.png)

File: 668ca7a35b81d43⋯.png (490 B, 20x12, 5:3, Poland.png)

File: a60e43291c81df6⋯.png (787 B, 20x12, 5:3, hohol.png)

Requesting new flags for our CIVIC union with slav kind.

26b330  No.748293

File: c4346c02de068f1⋯.png (584.04 KB, 556x464, 139:116, 2017-07-03 22_34_54-Albert….png)


>Requesting new flags for our CIVIC union with slav kind.

How about no.

b92ad2  No.751797

mercia please stop deleting normal posts after banning someone

Theres no point it just fucks up the flow of the thread for anyone reading after the fact

af5838  No.752376


Ok, fair play. I'll stop.

289c52  No.754563

File: cd2c74b13d292cb⋯.png (99.38 KB, 712x680, 89:85, MerciaBan.png)

When are we not allowed to shitpost about the mods? Is this going to be like /pol/ where we can't say shit?

b72410  No.755141

File: b1ad6caabcc6353⋯.png (27.3 KB, 722x494, 19:13, BanMercia.png)

Are flags personalised property now?

e6e51c  No.755152


You had several unflagged posts beforehand, then you turned on the flag of a known mod to start insulting others with. Do one.

b72410  No.755155


>You cant insult people with my flag

Its not yours, get a trip if you care about being recognised so much.

e6e51c  No.755159


You can misdirect and evade all you like lad, the fact remains you deliberately tried to impersonate someone in order to stir shit. I'm not undoing the ban.

b72410  No.755162


> the fact remains you deliberately tried to impersonate someone in order to stir shit.

>The fact

Fuck off people can use flags, it doesnt mean I want to pretend be a HRT LARPing soy boy. Get a trip.

523b16  No.772660


024707  No.775179

Hey new BO, can you get rid of flags. People just use them to tripfag but with deniability for the obnoxiousness.

cd23cf  No.775973

SA claimed BO, and gave me (previous BO) the password. This should stop the board going up for claims again.

Helmer can have the password too, as I see no reason why he shouldn’t be trusted to manage it also.

d7ab38  No.779379

deleting posts is gay

8f333f  No.821598

File: 2600a1b573a2f00⋯.png (371.37 KB, 500x374, 250:187, thornberry-nose.png)


Why is Nigel Thornberry not the board tan?

1add8d  No.822455

need to keep a closer eye on the ancillary threads

Theres been some nonce links sitting in the book thread for 20 days.

9017f4  No.835176

requesting permaban for westie

8f333f  No.843752

File: 9993c2c58456ac5⋯.png (235.16 KB, 371x398, 371:398, absolutely_disgusted_redco….png)

Is the Royal bloodline polluted by Rothschild blood? Either way, is it polluted forever now? Also, why did the Queen betray Rhodesia?

Also also, I made this OC some time ago, on /k/ I believe. Please accept :3

6eff0e  No.845738

File: b8fe7207ca6a3a8⋯.png (29.29 KB, 803x708, 803:708, firefox_2018-07-10_10-54-5….png)

File: 118fdcc7a971ca9⋯.png (27.95 KB, 733x707, 733:707, kys sa.png)

you should really consider removing SA and Mercia from their mod positions. Every thread is a constant abuse of power on topics that they disagree with or something that makes them uncomfortable personally.

ok thank you

611772  No.845787

File: a5d3133d14b1539⋯.png (167.97 KB, 855x789, 285:263, brit.png)


If you act like an idiot you'll be treated like an idiot.

46acae  No.846717


>even responding to him

Everyone knows he's a spastic

27c97c  No.851343


It's there in case BO is unaware

d87806  No.856427

Can I be a mod again?

deea38  No.857473

File: cfd3739017c329b⋯.jpg (380.24 KB, 810x456, 135:76, laughing-seals-13639549713….jpg)

>Can I be a mod again?

d87806  No.858247



Go back to /newbrit/ please

3dbd46  No.859562

you cunts had to start gay posting didnt you

8c3c51  No.860225

Hope someone undoing the cycle and me redoing it doesn't break the thread, we'll see in a few posts if its broke the cunt.

11be2b  No.862791







Can someone have a word with the 'yer ma' poster. Keeps riling up other posters and adds nothing to the threads in general

1efcce  No.863400

Un-mod Midshanks, literally the worst moderator in history. Brit/pol/ is not his personal thread.

07f5e0  No.863563

No ones modding the threads properly and they're being destroyed on a daily basis. What's going on? Why can't /newbrit/ stick to their own board and the d1scord lot banned?

07f5e0  No.863576

File: 496f246548f6d24⋯.png (139.74 KB, 874x695, 874:695, raiding.PNG)

1efcce  No.863666


tbh lad pretty much everyone here watching Twin Peaks was posting on 4chan /tv/ because 8chan /tv/ is so dead

07f5e0  No.864317

Reinstate the Facebook/Twitter boycott list on miscegenation and diversity promotion thread please so we can collate the crimes of advertisers and enablers for dissemination on social media

1976cf  No.864370

Oh sheeet

1efcce  No.864621


fuck off with this gamergate-tier shit

72e2c6  No.882844

97eca4  No.883837


What is your problem with my linkposts? not upto your standards lad?

f7cfeb  No.883947

Mods/BO came here to complain about the lack of modding on the recent threads especially the last two and saw


to >>883837 I say

those are your posts from the other night. I see the pattern in the last two threads and ngl lad you're a proper tard

Keep your internet vendettas for elsewhere and stop shitting up EVERY thread because reeeeeeee "linkposter", you've got a filter so stop shitstirring. Who knows why are you so obsessed with picking fights with one poster and wrecking entire threads as a consequence? Seems a bit sus to me

You've utterly fucked the end of #2394 as well with your /newshit/ mates ( tbf you're not alone ) then made a new one together with them #2395 - where you made five posts and fucked off leaving it ruined and utterly dead as well as no one wanted to post in it all night - like 67ish in four hours - a third of them you and your other two autistic mates.

It's not hard to run your mouth off on the net is it? Threads aren't there for you to personally bash other posters, no one cares about your obsessions

We get it. YOU hate "linkposter" but grow the fuck up and stop ruining /brit/ for everyone else twat - maybe see a head doctor, cheers but not really

Also Monarch, some fucking jundi kissing a girl ripped off a Twitter account isn't CP, however distasteful it might be

d12216  No.885703


97eca4  No.886341



97eca4  No.886342

Links posted some weird creepy video of some paki aggressively kissing some girl who looked underage and scared

464c09  No.886884

SA is a rather poor mod who seems to throw a hissy fit anytime someone says anything that disagrees with him.

1efcce  No.887058


fuck off cunt linksposter got what he deserved

2ae5eb  No.887188

bf709f  No.887339


>implying that isn't linksposter

1efcce  No.888895

d4b63f  No.895113

File: 7047994c359bbb3⋯.png (68.31 KB, 480x852, 40:71, iphone.png)

7ff496  No.901448


d36272  No.908875

File: ae19bddbed42e28⋯.jpg (357.28 KB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, scroungers.jpg)

i want to be a lower class scrounger tbh

0e8d95  No.925061


Misfits was good though tbh

1efcce  No.926326

File: 7614e7c2373679c⋯.jpg (253.1 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 040cb7d414ab8e5b4fe18b8140….jpg)

tbh I think it's time to stop banning Jocko; with every ban he just comes back with a new IP and you have to filter him again.

10 minute ban for giving him crypto-(You)s and a 10 minute warning ban followed by a day ban for real (You)s.

35b034  No.926575

File: 471148015b072af⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 500x334, 250:167, spicposter.jpg)


>tbh I think it's time to stop banning Jocko; with every ban he just comes back with a new IP and you have to filter him again.

Remind you of anyone?

b92843  No.927030

File: 6e4f7b9a080e818⋯.png (48.74 KB, 1406x188, 703:94, ClipboardImage.png)

very heavy handed modding handing out permabans - I request that the mod be demodded

1efcce  No.927071

Also one thing I forgot to post: modding needs to become more consistent.

This isn't a defense of 22st, he deserved a ban because he was shitposting and this would apply to all posters, but when SA has already given him a 30 minute ban, for another mod then to come and just randomly up that ban to 6hrs after the fact because he feels like it is bullshit frankly.

b6f0bc  No.927424

File: f5f0ee62867b274⋯.png (37.04 KB, 240x240, 1:1, banhammer.png)


It is rather hard to communicate bans, although we now do have a chat where we discuss bans so it should be a little more consistent.

c87b7a  No.927794

does we really need six mods?

there must be a mod for every ten people at this point

>we now do have a chat where we discuss bans


1efcce  No.928219


>does we really need six mods?

needs to be at least one mod online at any point 24/7 tbh and now that /newbrit/ is locked we need extra hammers on deck



bd0e08  No.931985

How do I apply to be a mod?

1efcce  No.934199

mods please ban the fucking incels shitting up the thread right now

1efcce  No.937241

Enough is enough with the goreposting now. There's a whole board dedicated to it and it has no fucking relevance to brit/pol/. Kentlad needs to stop encouraging it too he's meant to be a mod.

f25a16  No.946672

Can SA please stop harassing me, please

d7ab38  No.948396

this thread is pointless now that sa is bo

1efcce  No.948733

so I got a ban for "giving him (You)s" even though I didn't but other people are actually talking to the shitposter and aren't getting bans? Someone teach Mercia how to be a proper mod

b85e2b  No.948899

Can you explain how there is alittle club going on almost with first names and in jokes etc. when virtually all is anonymous. There is no sign in log on, no user accounts just id's , what gives magic fags ?

9017f4  No.950067

Why isn't Westie permabanned?

b4da30  No.950415

File: 6d98b8f021938ee⋯.jpg (46 KB, 903x561, 301:187, 1478103955887.jpg)


Leave him alone

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