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:stop claim:

File: 12cd707303a7d9f⋯.png (1010.34 KB, 1558x620, 779:310, 1518128009331.png)

059e35 No.620885

The world is facing a tequila shortage


Can an orgasm a day keep stress away?


What it's like to live in a safe house for transgender people


'I couldn't mourn my grandmother as I had my period'


And basically every single thing under this


aaad14 No.620887

File: f0b23e5d450685a⋯.jpg (10.68 KB, 199x250, 199:250, 1517937381263.jpg)


b7beef No.620888

File: c2745d187f07b90⋯.png (677.29 KB, 772x684, 193:171, gay kangz.PNG)



aaad14 No.620890

File: 3f747d7a8723e82⋯.png (391.74 KB, 1113x693, 53:33, 1516248163174.png)


>tfw anime will be the new capeshit

3e83a3 No.620892

File: 715c0bbb448437f⋯.png (714.23 KB, 975x842, 975:842, WAKANDA.png)

3e83a3 No.620894

is autism a british genetic disorder?

3e83a3 No.620895

because a lot of Americans have autism.

66f18c No.620896


see >>620781

494ab4 No.620897


494ab4 No.620898


the upside down life rune is the hippy symbol because it is black magic designed to symbolize the collective loss of will that the white european peoples were programmed to experience in the middle 60s

c73da6 No.620900

File: 3f340de136784a4⋯.jpg (27.84 KB, 637x478, 637:478, nobully.jpg)

494ab4 No.620901

aaad14 No.620902

File: 86df4ffc7f6a89b⋯.jpg (860.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1517611520396.jpg)



We've got your youtube lad smh

66f18c No.620903


Is youkipper really jewish? pulling my patreon d'nations if so

aaad14 No.620904

File: cf7ff8d3e72a571⋯.png (377.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 14350.png)


Of course he is

3e83a3 No.620905


aaad14 No.620906

File: 5c0edf0a3c67ae5⋯.png (83.52 KB, 359x393, 359:393, 1518492899686.png)

494ab4 No.620907

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fe0271 No.620908


Wife material if she dropped 20 lbs.

494ab4 No.620909

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e83a3 No.620910


Apparently she's taken…

494ab4 No.620911


add another zero for me lad

3e83a3 No.620912


If restaurants didn't exist you would seriously consider her :^) Yet another win for the kikes in their race war against whites.

3e83a3 No.620913

Should I point out they're in a trailer house? I can tell by the backsplash…

3e83a3 No.620914


< added beans to chili

3e83a3 No.620915

< making fun of the disabled

494ab4 No.620916

File: 9d424261e00615a⋯.png (73.12 KB, 562x272, 281:136, 9d424261e00615aa3e650d44f0….png)


>chili without fiber

fe0271 No.620917

deadboard tbh

8d1dc3 No.620918


It's 4am

494ab4 No.620919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

494ab4 No.620920

what is a braphog lads?

3e83a3 No.620921


Chili with fiber is soup, son. It's a chili-flavored soup.

6883be No.620922


bunga bunga

494ab4 No.620923

File: 009b782cac1cd7a⋯.jpg (17.99 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ri6v201mu8tz.jpg)


no chili without beans is meat with sauce

3e83a3 No.620924


You must be Canadian or something.

fe0271 No.620925

File: 0a2decb864dd2e3⋯.jpg (114.28 KB, 1209x756, 403:252, 0a2decb864dd2e39d9c2e4004c….jpg)

File: 3fb584dde7f12b1⋯.png (981 B, 115x27, 115:27, britkikes on suicide watch.PNG)



494ab4 No.620926


are you a juggalo?

8fc852 No.620927

File: 2880b120dab9bf1⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 452x360, 113:90, yume_nikki_drugs.webm)

>was having a good day

>took the bus home

>gaggle of loudmouth thots sat at the back of the bus

>discussing how drunk they got last night

>and how wasted they're planning on getting tonight

>and all the guys they've fucked recently

>brief intermission while one of them mentions that the bus should have power outlets so people can charge their phones, and the rest of them congratulate her for being so smart

>they go back to talking about cock

>then they start talking about breaking into people's houses

>one of them starts listing all the different houses she's broken into and stolen from

>and how she got away with it scot-free because she batted her eyelashes at the policeman

>another one brings up how she kept intentionally giving her mum's boyfriend food poisoning until it eventually killed him

>they all start laughing about how many guys' lives they've ruined with false rape accusations, and complain about how they'd do it more often but talking to the police is a hassle

It's not supposed to be this bad lads, the stories people post are just dramatic exaggerations. People like this don't really exist. It's not possible.

Bonus Round:

>baby boomer being all chatty with a korean student, being all nice and welcoming, asking about his culture, and telling him he should find a nice local lass to settle down with

roooooooooo fuck off you cunt stop encouraging them

494ab4 No.620928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


leaf detected

3e83a3 No.620929


Pardon our resident CIA agent:


494ab4 No.620930

File: 3c53ac985e78ff2⋯.jpg (29.45 KB, 620x477, 620:477, iStock_000026047862_Small.jpg)


where at lod? you in hongcouver?

3e83a3 No.620931

unironically oppressed by the cia.

3e83a3 No.620932


ABR: Always Be Recording

this also applies to catching trash outing themselves

494ab4 No.620933


this is some grade A boomerposting tbh

8fc852 No.620934


Nah, South Australia, but it may as well be the the same place in regards to the main problems in society. We're completely overrun with chinky bastards (and a bunch of pajeets to do the manual labour jobs for less than minimum wage), and instead of even so much as talking about the problem, everyone's become a degenerate hedonist who fiddles while Rome burns.


I probably should've recorded them tbh, but I wouldn't have a clue what to do with the footage. Unless there's someone literally being murdered right in front of them, the police here hand out speeding fines and that's about it.

fe0271 No.620935


Chinks are better than spics and niggers tbh.

8fc852 No.620936


Marginally. They may not be violent thugs but they're still not human.

494ab4 No.620937

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> instead of even so much as talking about the problem, everyone's become a degenerate hedonist who fiddles while Rome burns

how many more years do you lads think we will have to endure of this hell?

b9c0de No.620938


^CIA agent :^) unironically

b9c0de No.620939


You can upload mp4 files to 8chan :^)

494ab4 No.620940



a6058a No.620941

File: d2ddf2d0b9a220a⋯.png (616.03 KB, 1387x702, 1387:702, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminds me of how teacher would bond more with bullies because they had more interaction with them than the bully victim smh

You've been good with me though tbh

b9c0de No.620942

What a lot of people don't know about the CIA is that their top priority, supposedly a secret, but oops, here's their secret sauce, is to kill all white people. Yes, all. They are under the command of Mossad. Members of other government agencies are very good people, but this is not true of the CIA.

494ab4 No.620943


who is that lass?

8fc852 No.620944

Also mandarin (and tonal asian languages in general) is the most annoying collection of sounds I have ever heard, and it's made even worse by the fact that these ant-"people" never fucking shut up. Sitting on a bus that's getting packed fuller and fuller with slants, all squawking at each other or jabbering into their phones, puts a serious strain on my temper. One of these days I won't be able to take it any more and I'll make the urumqi attacks look like a god damned preschool nap time.


Depends on how long it takes for people's anger to start outweighing their hopes for a comfortable life tbh.

b9c0de No.620945


don't do that irl. you'll confuse the normies

494ab4 No.620946

oh wait it was Jamaica lad all along? smh

b9c0de No.620947

How do I replace the reboot button on my router with Cherry MX clears?

a6058a No.620948






How? Put my shoulder on their shoulder? I did that with a lad who helped me move something heavy at work.

494ab4 No.620949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

494ab4 No.620950

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


he has the jaimaca flag lad

b9c0de No.620951


I just meant continuing a conversation out of the blue

188925 No.620952

File: 8157a0a6560627b⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 518x740, 7:10, 8157a0a6560627b4545c7f34dc….jpg)

a6058a No.620953


I fuck up socialising all the time tbh smh

a6058a No.620954

File: 99ad6fd7c86e12f⋯.png (6.52 KB, 150x150, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

scratched the car at work and I'll probably wake up to a really angry boss

494ab4 No.620955

night baes


good luck lad, just say some pakis did it

494ab4 No.620956


or that it was some guys in skeleton masks

a6058a No.620957


Night lad


>tfw not swarthy enough to play the victim of racial abuse

8fc852 No.620958




>implying the ant-people over here ever talk to wypipo

smh lad they just silently toil to bring resources back to their hive so they can bring more of their kind over from china. they don't interact with the locals in any way, shape, or form.

8fc852 No.620959

File: a15bcfb7f9c4105⋯.jpg (81.75 KB, 800x794, 400:397, SLEEP_TIGHT.jpg)

fe0271 No.620960

File: 69be0cffa7d9e9f⋯.jpg (23.2 KB, 355x369, 355:369, 69be0cffa7d9e9f6b985f568f2….jpg)


Systems collapse in 30 years or so.

a6058a No.620961


would be nice if it could happen today tbh

aaad14 No.620962

>Make a fake tinder account as a memi

>loads of 40 year old women with pictures of their teen children


8fc852 No.620963

File: 984f54caa838152⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 680x485, 136:97, i know that apocalypse, br….jpg)


My younger step-brother does this all the time tbh. He'll randomly start talking about something we'd spoken about weeks ago and just start right in the middle of the conversation. It always confuses the hell out of me because I'll have no idea what he's on about.


If only…

a6058a No.620964

File: daeb2eca3b3dc07⋯.png (246.35 KB, 740x504, 185:126, 1491051048048.png)

File: c55a65a9c895bc4⋯.png (89.43 KB, 1965x1029, 655:343, c55a65a9c895bc449f92d4ee9e….png)


well we should get to bed, lad. Goodnight everyone. Don't let the BIG DOG bite.

8fc852 No.620965

File: 2887d7bc444ebda⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x526, 300:263, happy dog excited.jpg)


>Don't let the BIG DOG bite.

>being worried about dogs biting you

err… that's that's a bit of an ethnic thing, lad. everyone knows dogs only bite foreigners and criminals.

g'night lad

b9c0de No.620966

tbqf I'm cooking dinner, so I can't…

c1ea4f No.620967


Come to think of it, you don't see many black Downes Syndrome kids do you……

6883be No.620968


gay as fuck man jeezo

b9c0de No.620969

Apparently cornstarch as a gift is more an American tradition.

8fc852 No.620970

File: 80168e151287066⋯.jpg (279.35 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, cereal-crops-wales-uk-grow….jpg)


tbh, "corn" (i.e., maize) itself is more of an american tradition. corn isn't a specific plant - it's whatever cereal crop is grown locally. see this picture? it's corn.

also cornstarch as a gift sounds really weird. is it a common thing for people to do that?

b9c0de No.620971

File: 3eaca1dc92c0b90⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1131x755, 1131:755, ClipboardImage.png)


See this picture? It's watermelon.

8fc852 No.620972

File: 0912d1a878000ff⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola5.jpg)

File: 4550c8a8a951e5b⋯.jpg (8.17 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola6.jpg)

File: 6adf4ef73dad649⋯.jpg (4.74 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola7.jpg)

File: c77f6c041405dfc⋯.jpg (5.6 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola8.jpg)


>being unable to break the conditioning

sad. keep dancing to the corn lobby's tune if you must, but there is more to corn than your teachers would have ever dared to show you.

0f4023 No.620974

File: 1adde4d4ecded8f⋯.png (482.11 KB, 616x851, 616:851, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c1b08aff49a0fd9⋯.png (3 MB, 1724x2048, 431:512, ClipboardImage.png)


346a5d No.620975


I do like how the antifa fucks calling this fake are the same ones that fake incidents all the time

8fc852 No.620976


>"don't take away my identity"

>identity revolves around wanting to forcibly take away everyone's identity

Zero self-awareness. If, by some miracle, these letters aren't just empty threats, I can just tell that whatever they do is going to be embarrassingly pathetic.

0f4023 No.620977


i dont expect anything to come from it - like people have been tweeting - it's only "hate speech" if its from a right leaning person

0f4023 No.620978

>all that bullying i missed out on last night


c5b123 No.620979

>Valentines Day advertises everywhere

>not St Valentine's day

>pancake day today

>not Shrove Tuesday

346a5d No.620980

File: 94efcfc56038ccc⋯.jpg (180.44 KB, 1079x1157, 83:89, _20180211_153337.JPG)

>such a bad writer that only her name holds any real value

346a5d No.620981

File: 126bf03981eb6c1⋯.jpg (205.72 KB, 960x773, 960:773, valentine.jpg)

File: cf6ddf1a39fff4d⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1238x1600, 619:800, st-valentine.png)

File: 78a396b27d7c1ae⋯.jpg (85.61 KB, 500x565, 100:113, saint-valentine.jpg)

File: afb72e38cffcc65⋯.jpg (127.17 KB, 557x720, 557:720, valentine (2).jpg)

f8e02b No.620982

File: e4b20d956e818f3⋯.png (292.77 KB, 720x503, 720:503, ClipboardImage.png)


>Mrs Shitty Writer

346a5d No.620983

File: 71447ef1f5a450d⋯.jpg (76.8 KB, 644x510, 322:255, IMG_20180207_123547.jpg)


8fc852 No.620984

File: 6abe965211f31fd⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 393x395, 393:395, coincidental merchant.jpg)


>traditionally christian day moves further and further away from christianity

>becomes more and more commercialised

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

346a5d No.620985


>JKR: "hmm, no-one's paid attention to me in about five minutes, HEY EVERYONE…."

>*spins bottle*

>"…Hagrid is…"

>*throws dart at board*

>"…a bisexual…"

>*rolls dice*

>"…and identifies as a dwarf, LOOK HOW INCLUSIVE I AM, LOVE ME, PRAISE ME"

b9c0de No.620986


Someone who used an alias to sell her books is in no position to criticize others for hiding their identity.

346a5d No.620987


I wonder if she used a pseudonym for attention or to test her writing ability.

346a5d No.620988

File: f2398676d9501d9⋯.jpg (211.68 KB, 1078x1384, 539:692, _20180213_083437.JPG)

b9c0de No.620989


Her Ouija board told her to do it. I guarantee you this is true…

8b7dfa No.620990

File: 9cb8b3555beb819⋯.png (79.61 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-13-08-3….png)

File: dd75a01b144c8af⋯.png (511.06 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-13-08-3….png)

File: 7f8607e95e11233⋯.png (811.5 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-13-08-3….png)

I really think the wage gap is going to be a huge fracturing point once all companies are made to "level the playing field". You are going to get normie business owners speaking out about it and saying enough is enough. Otherwise, what is the alternative? We descent further into Commie clownworld?

346a5d No.620991


That has to be one of the most retarded examples of "muh gap" going.

How the fuck is "muh gap" still going anyway? It's been debunked a dozen times over and yet they're still spouting it.

8b7dfa No.620992


That's what I mean, it's still going full steam ahead in the egalitarian direction. Companies being made to publish gender pay figures, companies being pressured into changing them. It won't be long now before we have law that makes pay equal regardless of performance.

f8e02b No.620993

File: 268ec339015bbf4⋯.jpeg (17.71 KB, 240x240, 1:1, froguluspepe.jpeg)




We definitely got to her with this tweet.

f8e02b No.620994

File: 36c315af5e5c6f6⋯.png (976.66 KB, 964x525, 964:525, ClipboardImage.png)


>Boasting a 25ft swimming pool and a charming sun terrace, this is the luxury apartment block in Haiti where Oxfam aid workers cavorted with young prostitutes at a sex party likened to a 'Caligula orgy'. The six-bedroom serviced complex, which can sleep 12, was rented to Oxfam for around £1,200 a month - an astronomical sum by Haitian standards. The Daily Mail found it in a rundown part of Haitian capital Port au Prince after three sources confirmed it was used for the alleged sex parties.


346a5d No.620995

>armed police at the station


f8e02b No.620996

File: 750a9a253d94d06⋯.png (7.03 MB, 2671x2003, 2671:2003, ClipboardImage.png)



bc29ef No.620997

8fc852 No.620998


>It won't be long now before we have law that makes pay equal regardless of performance.

They're working on something even better, lad: Universal Basic Income. If that's not a fracture point, I don't know what is.


Aren't armed police an everyday sight by now?

f8e02b No.620999


Maybe he is outside.

c4e979 No.621000


346a5d No.621001



No article, just going to work and saw them.


Not at this station.

f8e02b No.621002

>Those who commit terrorist attacks on our streets are increasingly influenced by what they see online. I hope this new technology the Home Office has helped develop can support others to go further and faster.


f8e02b No.621003

File: 2bd9ad79333b3f0⋯.png (1.15 MB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

How many cocks did he take?

7de5e4 No.621004


>Charging into a pack of aggressive nigs

Living the dream tbh

8b7dfa No.621005


UBI will never happen

f8e02b No.621006

File: a62ed8a768adb9d⋯.png (56.96 KB, 654x413, 654:413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c69b202f604ecde⋯.png (311.75 KB, 634x501, 634:501, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 335192296f9f304⋯.png (280.42 KB, 630x703, 630:703, ClipboardImage.png)

Scotland Yard ignores 9,000 cases a month after saying it would stop investigating low-level cases – including burglaries

>Under the new system crimes involving a loss of under £50, minor assaults and car crime are only investigated if a suspect is already identified.

>And CCTV is only scanned for crimes that require less than 20 minutes’ viewing time.

>Burglaries are also only investigated if the criminal used violence or deceit to trick their way in.

>The decision to stop investigating minor crimes is part of a plan to save £400 million by 2020.

Meanwhile, someone being mean on Twitter or touching a building with a slab of bacon is a top priority for police.

346a5d No.621007


The police don't serve the nation, they serve Israel and UAE

7de5e4 No.621008


Gotta keep the evil natives cowed lad

f8e02b No.621009



This basically means that crimes against White people will not be prosecuted.

7de5e4 No.621010


Yes it does, welcome to Britain in the current year

346a5d No.621011

File: fc3009fe78abfd8⋯.jpg (51.06 KB, 750x500, 3:2, jh-composite-p2-eu-exit-da….jpg)



Britain to be free of Brussels on New Year’s Eve 2020 – three months early


f3980e No.621012


the turner diaries. de facto legalisation of rape, murder, etc

910e82 No.621013

pretty blackpilled morning

4c126c No.621014

File: 145754754cfdf54⋯.png (95.59 KB, 556x430, 278:215, 1518224692547.png)


bullshit, we should have been free by June this year

f8e02b No.621015


the sad part

>Britain has offered Brussels up to £18 billion in financial contributions for the transition period and Downing Street aim to have the terms locked in at a crunch EU summit in March.

8fc852 No.621016

File: 4da30273a6f5c83⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 650x365, 130:73, 1513204030776.jpg)


It's probably more "unexploded WW2 ordinance". Nothing to see here, keep moving.


I know, thank God, I'm just saying that it's the logical endpoint for the egalitarians' to completely divorce cause and effect (with regards to work at least).



but we should already be out by now tbh

f8e02b No.621017

Police hunting for man with 'spotty skin and crooked teeth' after attempted rape of schoolgirl

Now they completely removed 'Asian' from the attacker's description.


f3980e No.621018


all life is a blackpill

346a5d No.621019

File: 64723e7e28cf422⋯.png (5.65 KB, 243x243, 1:1, t (12).png)



8fc852 No.621020

File: 4f5dfbc38b06f8c⋯.png (88.64 KB, 363x475, 363:475, t_(9).png)


almost like they don't want to find him tbh

346a5d No.621021

File: 413c6bc02b9614a⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 426x360, 71:60, happening.webm)







It's Green Park station which doesn't make much sense since there aren't really any key buildings nearby, the palace is a walk away and already has security, the only embassy nearby is Japan's, and other than that it's just hotels and shops.

f8e02b No.621022

Children who speak English as second language are outperforming native English speakers in their GCSEs

>In Manchester, the 1,637 children who spoke English as a second language got an average score of 47.0, while the 2,928 native English speakers got an average of 41.6.

>The Department for Education data also revealed significant differences in performance by race - with white children doing worse than any other group in Manchester.

>Nationally there is an established pattern of poor, white children under-performing at school compared to their peers of middle class or immigrant backgrounds.


346a5d No.621023


>students being given more attention from teachers due to diversity quotas are outperforming neglected students

Picture my surprise.

b9c0de No.621024

Grading scandal incoming :^)

346a5d No.621025

File: c525cc63d075a9a⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180213-092958.png)

910e82 No.621026

File: 97814405fadf310⋯.png (89.97 KB, 182x278, 91:139, socratesofmodernity.png)



8fc852 No.621027


Probably best to give that place a wide berth today then lad. I'm betting the lack of happenings lately has left the government wanting to take things into their own hands.

910e82 No.621028

File: 0cc5fbcfe777688⋯.jpg (70.45 KB, 358x358, 1:1, happycromwell.jpg)

f3980e No.621029

Keep it LOCAL

f3980e No.621030

File: 83478ef372f3d1f⋯.jpg (29.24 KB, 520x520, 1:1, montezumas.jpg)

File: 385a2bc8ed869ce⋯.jpg (310.38 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, gnaw.jpg)

Local choccy only lads

346a5d No.621031

File: 7a101cb4d2dbe16⋯.jpg (120.25 KB, 1070x1038, 535:519, joshua graham fnv.jpg)


woah dude check out the EPIC wit from this stand-up comedian, absolutely DESTROYED us


4c126c No.621032

File: 3d37481f83f37e4⋯.jpg (149.81 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, s-l1000.jpg)


f3980e No.621033


based taigs

06e403 No.621034

File: f7b610e5eba0157⋯.jpg (230.16 KB, 1078x783, 1078:783, Screenshot_20180213-102719.jpg)


>u wot?

f3980e No.621035


But is it LOCAL?

c4e979 No.621036


wait a minute that star

06e403 No.621037

File: e2cb8c839ee236a⋯.jpg (184.83 KB, 758x960, 379:480, FaceApp_1518480365846.jpg)

File: b8c4a4c4a50772b⋯.jpg (184.4 KB, 615x859, 615:859, FaceApp_1518480214863.jpg)

File: 6fa2dae900351a1⋯.jpg (185.34 KB, 615x859, 615:859, FaceApp_1518480204192.jpg)

346a5d No.621038

File: 25df1a0819d2f81⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 235x467, 235:467, IMG_20180212_172446.jpg)

Prisoners forced to convert to Islam for protection


>"well look the moslems didn't hurt them so it was a peaceful conversion haha bigots btfo it's a religion of p e a c e :)))))))"

4d0003 No.621039


glad i'm not the only aldi chav hrere

3c4c2c No.621040




Is everything a psy-op now.

4c126c No.621041


salted caramel is a good one


local to EU

c82a93 No.621042


I thought this was common knowledge?

8fc852 No.621043

File: bcd307309f82e3a⋯.jpg (263.38 KB, 800x601, 800:601, smugg.jpg)


uhmmm chocolate can't be local because cocoa doesn't grow here??? i guess u need immigration after all huh??

check mate u bigot

f3980e No.621044

File: 1a238a5e861e286⋯.png (32.81 KB, 637x631, 637:631, brainking.png)


>local to EU

4d0003 No.621045

File: 19cd6bebce1b2bb⋯.jpg (8.79 KB, 277x208, 277:208, 19cd6bebce1b2bb3c37bedc492….jpg)


the best christians are non-whites tbh

with even less than 56%



346a5d No.621046



4d0003 No.621047



910e82 No.621048

File: 73ea9059e4bb162⋯.png (97.79 KB, 331x379, 331:379, racistsbtfo.png)

who /flippingout/ here?

154ab6 No.621049

File: 9dbeed80c47e9d1⋯.png (353.41 KB, 415x381, 415:381, boom!.png)

still the only rameem pic I saved

346a5d No.621050

File: 9882fb38296f8f2⋯.jpg (82.85 KB, 467x534, 467:534, IMG_20180208_082746.jpg)


>calling out the bollocks is "flipping out"

4d0003 No.621051


i just can't deal with the truth that white people have never existed

c82a93 No.621052

File: 193bf5b11a7ee0b⋯.png (389.17 KB, 375x541, 375:541, smug3.png)


>random 'scrap of DNA' suddenly found in his ear

>right as the Out of Africa theory was becoming more publicly discredited

It's so obviously bullshit that I'm just enjoying the memmies tbh

346a5d No.621053


iirc working out skin colour from dna is finnicky at best, giving even more cause to doubting this obvious bollocks.

910e82 No.621054

reminder that none of this is meant to be taken as a serious debate and the only response is to flip it back at them in the way that damages their narrative i.e: 'So I guess Africa belongs to everyone right?'

the insidious stuff about this bullshit is that its calculated at just the level where a refutation goes over the head of the average normie

3c4c2c No.621055


Did you ever read what started the first one?

Jew drug smuggling on a large scale in china, Chinese officials ban it. He threatened them with "I have friends in Britain and they control the armies there", contacts his jew pals in England and they send the empire to war for one drug smuggling foreigner jew.

"England" forever after marked as a country that went to war over drugs.

I'd like to live in a time period where these monstrosities are kicked out.

3c4c2c No.621056


That's how aids spreads.

06e403 No.621057

File: da29e2c48a83a81⋯.jpg (213.18 KB, 1019x634, 1019:634, IMG_20180211_211610.jpg)


>not saving this

f3980e No.621058

Did anyone ever actually doubt pizzagate

the big one will be children in need tbh, that is enormously corrupt

3c4c2c No.621059


We've lived to see "the whip hand over the white man".

Enoch Powell was a very bright fellow.

3c4c2c No.621060



They said 2 years to leave, it has been 2 years.

Now people are cheering because it will take 4 years while they sell off the remainder of England to foreigners.

346a5d No.621061

File: 890f9608821e0e0⋯.jpg (596.81 KB, 2048x1343, 2048:1343, IMG_20180213_103138.jpg)

File: 9044cd5ca9bbde5⋯.jpg (160.24 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, hearty kek.jpg)

>remembering that this exists

910e82 No.621062

Dude Obama is IN the bushes

4b4691 No.621063


He was bright, but I wouldn't say observing the left and their capitalist collaborators, and projecting into the future based on their behaviour and attitudes is really evidence of this. It's always been smack you round the head obvious. Same goes for his warnings of anti-British animus among Americans. Anyone with a grain of sense could have said as much.

3c4c2c No.621064


Solution: kick all the immigrants out, every last one.

Use the resources of England to serve English people.

4b4691 No.621065


Are they painted in photoshop, or just with really cheap acrylics? Also, what fucking retard painted them. It looks like the work of the very best painter at an urban social centre.

3c4c2c No.621066


Yes, soon another jew-financed traitor will usurp the rightful king, cause the deaths of Englishmen and then as his first action as "lord protector", invite the jews into England to "take care of the banks", after they had been banned from our soil for 300 years.

Sounds like heaven.

Perhaps another Rothschild can trick the English and take 90% ownership of the bank of England.


ed1fbc No.621067

File: 1446148e878aab3⋯.png (90.28 KB, 302x497, 302:497, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw Brexit is my birthday present

8fc852 No.621068


Yeah, they obviously don't need our help any longer. It's time to send these soon-to-be doctors and engineers out into the world to show us all what they can do when colonialist bigots don't get in their way.


>It looks like the work of the very best painter at an urban social centre.

Probably is.

3c4c2c No.621069


Easy to say 50 years later when it is happening all around.

You tell me what will obviously happen 50 years from now.

Apart from Europe being a muslim shithole resembling the congo.

It's like saying 1984 was a "no-brainer", and anyone could have guessed we'd have tvs on the wall shouting orders at us and listening in on conversations.

ed1fbc No.621070

File: 318fdccae19b730⋯.png (2.18 MB, 780x1143, 260:381, ClipboardImage.png)


smh stop posting fakes

094e17 No.621071

File: a1e3e23d42a3fa5⋯.png (442.05 KB, 369x512, 369:512, ClipboardImage.png)


Charles I was a soft cunt tbh

Based new model army for life.

346a5d No.621072

File: 759389c9a154ac0⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 754x536, 377:268, IMG_20180213_104830.jpg)




A good thread explaining why it's shit.

All her other art is black power wank.

f3980e No.621073


this tbh

a1225c No.621074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Based new model army for life.

346a5d No.621075

File: 05e71e19518e4b3⋯.jpg (175.64 KB, 1080x1380, 18:23, _20180213_110138.JPG)

3c4c2c No.621076


Search for "Oliver Cromwell jews", he had a sick fetish for them.

The only one before that was wiliam the conqueror, who had invited the jews in to "sort out the banks".

Or maybe you enjoy being the property of the coin shavers.

35faf8 No.621077

File: e8c274b0714055c⋯.png (4.9 KB, 1464x25, 1464:25, JDownloader2_2018-02-13_11….png)


want to buy it but all my steambucks from selling pubg crates i have left is £40 and i don't want to blow it all

0f4023 No.621078

File: 564be4ecd01d32a⋯.png (240.75 KB, 580x402, 290:201, ClipboardImage.png)

0f4023 No.621079

File: c2774f33dede5d8⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


they are doing it again this year!

094e17 No.621080


More of an indictment against Protestantism than anything else.

Same reason evangelical Christians in the US love Israel. The book of Revelation can't fulfil its end time prophecy if there aren't any Jews around.

346a5d No.621081

File: 9d17f60e392b5fb⋯.jpg (7.66 KB, 284x276, 71:69, k.jpg)


What, like it happened last year and didn't happen.

These people are fucking stupid, if they are in full-time employment then the protestors can just book the day off as they would a holiday, makes no difference for employers; for self-employed their agency will just find staff to fill in.

These protests are meaningless, a PROPER protest would be a week/month off, but they wouldn't risk that else they lose their job.

8fc852 No.621082


>they didn't learn their lesson

Everybody else learned something valuable the last time they did it tbh. They should change the name from "1 Day Without Us" to "Look How Nice Everything Is Without Us".

0f4023 No.621083



didn't public services run smoother last year beause they got LOCAL lads to cover them who could actually speak english?

6883be No.621084

File: 6bc17002ea48e50⋯.jpg (87.82 KB, 1200x829, 1200:829, biba.jpg)

File: 69ddbfae3508e89⋯.png (254.54 KB, 919x518, 919:518, didn'tgotowell.png)

ho ho ho

8fc852 No.621085


I remember the universities suddenly became much nicer for no reason. Boy, they sure showed everybody what a meaningful contribution they all make to society.

a1225c No.621086

File: a9f4904e8c1db54⋯.webm (111.73 KB, 318x360, 53:60, THE GAY COMMUNITY2.webm)



0f4023 No.621087


pretty sure shes a jew

346a5d No.621088

File: e4112dd4e30fcad⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 243x355, 243:355, c.jpg)



I don't remember much happening here, but over in the States some teacher had to apologise for saying how much better classes were without the wogs.

8fc852 No.621089

File: a78292d07d88f71⋯.png (116.44 KB, 1254x1787, 1254:1787, perfidious albion.png)

8fc852 No.621090


Exactly. They stirred up a whole lot of wrongthink that day, and in people who were otherwise content to go along with all the current year monkeyshines no less. Now they want to do it again, because they actually believe their own bullshit about not being a complete drain on society and a waste of resources. Maybe with a bit of prodding we can convince them to do it every day.

35faf8 No.621091

File: 4233904b2cce973⋯.png (458.72 KB, 437x776, 437:776, Bluestacks_2018-02-13_11-2….png)

File: 3cd087ef688fa7b⋯.png (298.73 KB, 437x776, 437:776, Bluestacks_2018-02-13_11-2….png)

File: 298d8cbd7005225⋯.png (329.94 KB, 437x776, 437:776, Bluestacks_2018-02-13_11-2….png)

daily dose

35faf8 No.621092

File: 7d42ac3c77f2aed⋯.png (258.54 KB, 437x776, 437:776, Bluestacks_2018-02-13_11-2….png)


forgot the best one

346a5d No.621093

File: bcdaad0f517cbb8⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 491x488, 491:488, IMG_20170114_004000.jpg)


>ethnics voluntarily remove themselves from society for a day

>society improves considerably


0f4023 No.621094

File: d4b5ac5eeee3bc9⋯.png (282.89 KB, 673x672, 673:672, ClipboardImage.png)


>Lupita is asked how important it was to her that Africa was seen globally in a positive light.

>She said: "I wanted to be an actor because I wanted to tell stories about people who look like me, but I was starved for these kinds of images as a child and so it's a mandate of mine to really demystify what it means to be African.

>"I'm a child of the continent and I feel like I'm a citizen of the world and I'm modern and urban and I value my traditions and when [director] Ryan talked to me about this script I was so floored by how full of integrity his story was going to be."

>"It was a great experience I kind of wish I just watched it when I was 11," says UK rapper Avelino.

>Rapper and Roll Deep member J2K is another who can't hide his excitement as he leaves the cinema.

>"The film is super dope man, it's good to see it. It's full of aspiration and it's inspirational too. To see our people in those kinds of roles and those leading situations."

>Irish-Nigerian broadcaster Emma Dabiri says it would take some time to digest what she'd just witnessed but she was looking forward to taking her son to see it. I feel completely overwhelmed I've never seen anything like that in my entire life. That whole idea of how an African country might be if it hadn't been colonised the whole idea was so bold. It was just radical and beautiful."

>Social media commentator Rants N Bants says the movie energised him so much he wanted to hit the gym straight after. The screening was mad. Everything I expected and better, I feel great. I want to go Jujitsu and workout.

c82a93 No.621095


>nigger soyboys

Sometimes the current year throws up something a bit different tbh

1b5f09 No.621096


>cause the deaths of Englishmen

Cry more faggot.

3c4c2c No.621097


Perhaps they can speed up their own "end times" at the end of a rope, instead of leading civilisation to the apocalypse by means of a hook-nosed parasite.

3c4c2c No.621098


There aren't enough of your lot to notice whether they are gone or not. Keep screaming for attention though, very feminine.

"look at me!"

8fc852 No.621099


If we die, your bennies die with us.

5c5da0 No.621100

File: 50fcd6ef6946872⋯.png (579.38 KB, 1280x544, 40:17, ClipboardImage.png)


Why are they acting like this is the first movie with a nig nog in, nobody flipped their shit over blade.

1b5f09 No.621101


Part of the problem was he didn't kill enough. Wasn't Charles using foreign troops?

3c4c2c No.621102


If they want to see nogland in a positive light, why don't they go back there and enjoy all it has to offer.

They can play catch with balls of ebola and aids.

3c4c2c No.621103


Because there wasn't a global agenda to flood all European blooded countries with third world subhumans at the time.

It used to just be the US that was saturated with enforced guilt over slaves that 99% of their ancestors never owned, that guilt card was transferred to England through tv, films and the school system.

Since about 2000, the history curriculum more or less eliminated English history, and instead used the american history sections of "slavery", "genociding poor red Indians" and "genociding poor jews", all at the hands of the evil white man.

1b5f09 No.621104

I like Cromwell, lads back then were mad af

5c5da0 No.621105

>top comments on the black panther trailer are all "WE" and "DAS RIIIIITE"

top kek


cromwell would kill all the niggers and have 50% of the population whipped if he was in power today tbh

d9204a No.621106


Yeah no you're a butthurt taig

Go back to your shithole country tbh

ed1fbc No.621107




Anyone got the screencaps of teachers saying how much better their classes were without the ethnics?

3c4c2c No.621108


Are you saying the modern world was the right future to come out of ww2?

8fc852 No.621109


Black Panther panders to all their "we wuz" fantasies. Blade never told them that all their failures are whitey's fault and that they'd be in the future by now if they'd been left to their own devices.


They don't want reality, they want to sit around like useless little shits, soaking up resources from some dutiful provider whilst also hurling abuse at that provider with complete impunity. In short, they want to be spoiled children forever. Africa can't offer them that in anything except fiction.


I've probably got them somewhere but my folders are a mess and I always forget to name my images. Sorry lad.

02ab93 No.621110

File: 37da4259859aa14⋯.jpg (63.65 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 37da4259859aa14998ebc9b2e3….jpg)



ed1fbc No.621111


Tbh I'd go for those baps but you'd best not continue Tinderposting lad

3c4c2c No.621112


If I'm a taig, you're a kike.

Henry the 8th formed the church of England, not Oyveyler Cromwell.

8fc852 No.621113


Nah, I just saw it while trawling through my computer looking for a different image and it made me chuckle, so I posted it. Although, judging by the amount of butthurt that WW2 caused, this timeline might be the right one after all.

1b5f09 No.621114


I've never bought the Jewish conspiracies around Cromwell. He was simply an omen of what was to come.

3c4c2c No.621115


That they can all drink this up as fact and proof of WE WUZ OPRESSED shows how cretinous they are as a species.

It doesn't matter what you give them, or how much effort is made, they will always be dimwitted savages.

f3980e No.621116


Tbh they funded him opportunistically and would certainly have been working with sympathetic royalists

154ab6 No.621117

File: 88d398781818262⋯.png (304.4 KB, 591x768, 197:256, jewjock.png)


>the absolute state of this covenanter

it's not a conspiracy his letters exist proving it

35faf8 No.621118


gave them all a cheeky like except the girl with the nigs i don't want africa diseases

3c4c2c No.621119


It's in historical record though, and it isn't as though that has ever been advertised.

In school, Cromwell was taught neutrally, as was most of English history. It simply happened. I only found out about his ties with the jews fairly recently.

Same with William the conqueror. Although Cromwell seems to have had a personal affinity for them, according to his letters.

No country deserves the jews, they are parasites that attack the host nation. Gypsies are the same but operate on a smaller scale.

Neither came from Europe, and both were kicked out of their original countries for being despicable. They've never integrated and they've never changed. A pair of thief cults.

c4e979 No.621120


>thief cults


ed1fbc No.621121

File: c18715cb2ac80f0⋯.png (35.66 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

>jocklad still hasn't released the Mosley recording

c1ea4f No.621122


I predict that learning a foreign language will be a waste of time before long. Our phones will just instantly translate when we speak to foreigners, we will have little blue tooth ear pieces so we can ask the Liberian postal operative why our parcels keep going missing.

c4e979 No.621123


Technology finds ways to fail, skill will always be an advantage.

3c4c2c No.621124


Not sure what attracts otherwise sensible females to go to volunteer in africa. Must be all the targetted charity ads tugging at them throughout childhood.

cf4875 No.621125

File: 8af8ebf46512040⋯.png (971.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Gre….png)


f3980e No.621126


there is always a value in doing it tbh. it helps understand our language and reading things in their original text is superior to a translation

f3980e No.621127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1b5f09 No.621128


You see the same pattern in the slavshit countries, too. Marx was right


I agree, but claiming that this was his motivation, is plain retarded. He was a product of the same mindset that the nazis came out of.

5c5da0 No.621129

File: 2b3b65f97712a45⋯.jpg (161.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, $_57.jpg)

>The idea of Muslims becoming subjects of the Crown became so important for John Locke that in 1689, he urged: “Neither pagan nor Mahometan nor Jew ought to be excluded from the civil rights of the commonwealth because of his religion.”

>"All religions are equal and good when the people who profess them are honest people; and should Turks and heathens come to populate the land, then we shall endeavor to build mosques and churches for them."

>Frederick II of Prussia

>"I had rather that Mohmetanism were permitted amongst us than that one of God’s children should be persecuted.” —Oliver Cromwell, 1652, in support of religious liberty

Why were our ancestors such faggots lads? If the infrastructure to transplant blacks and muslims into Europe had existed in the 16th and 17th centuries I have no doubt our aristocratic rulers would have invited millions of them in so they could have more taxes and a larger army to compete with the next inbred King one country over. The only reason they are admired is because there were so few non-whites in Europe during that time their cuckery couldn't have a large effect yet.

3c4c2c No.621130


That's more like 5-10 years. Douglas Adams already came up with that in the 60s.

I predict that massive plague based depopulation will occur from a biological weapon known as africans are shipped into Europe by the millions, without any screening whatsoever.

Nope, that's 5-10 years too.

c1ea4f No.621131

File: 42ad99047c9235b⋯.jpg (178.67 KB, 484x594, 22:27, 179185587.jpg)


2 little girls…..

f3980e No.621132


liberalism a shit. simply put

cf4875 No.621133

File: 1b5ae6785a5d00a⋯.jpg (103.76 KB, 880x587, 880:587, prince-william-buzz-cut.jpg)

Do we really want this balding, bucktoothed inbred Hanoverian wankstain as are king?

f3980e No.621134

File: 03deca198d8d73d⋯.png (211.77 KB, 394x341, 394:341, 03deca198d8d73d74633dfa7f4….png)

346a5d No.621135

File: 45b99f4b4b51772⋯.jpg (209.86 KB, 1438x949, 1438:949, baldwin.jpg)


They either did not know, or knew and wanted to destroy.

They're either blind or kikes.

154ab6 No.621136


the "enlightenment" was a memi

f3980e No.621137


>the enlightenment was the downfall of the west

fixed it

3c4c2c No.621138


Don't worry, they'll kill him off and put Princess Angola Merkel on the throne instead.

5c5da0 No.621139


I think a lot of them were just ignorant of the effects of diversity, back then there were more Europeans than blacks and arabs combined on earth, the geopolitical situation was very different


it really was, people need to stop sucking off enlightenment monarchs as these based nationalist warlords that hail'd evropa

35faf8 No.621140


i knew a lad who went out there he had some pretty mad stories hes a bit of a lefty but he was pretty disillusioned after it.

the cynical part of me thinks they just go to get dicked

cf4875 No.621141

File: 60aaf53b1f2d1a2⋯.jpg (64.65 KB, 406x500, 203:250, Prinz_franz_von_bayern.jpg)

Prinz Franz is ready to reign #justsayin

346a5d No.621142


Most likely tbh, although it doesn't explain how they'd think inviting enemies into their own homes was a good idea.

f3980e No.621143


maternal instincts, media brainwashing, state enforced xenophilia, etc

3c4c2c No.621144


The ones asking to be invaded usually don't hold any allegiance to their own country.

Nationalists don't say these kinds of things because they tend to value their country and countrymen as higher than all others. It's natural.

8fc852 No.621145

File: 51433ebc584f76e⋯.jpg (107.5 KB, 636x382, 318:191, queen matilda tbh.jpg)


Of course not lad. The current royal family is a dead end. When the time comes we're putting Queen Matilda on the throne.

346a5d No.621146

File: 64776647855bb18⋯.jpg (4.89 MB, 3001x4104, 3001:4104, Michelangelo Buonarroti - ….jpg)


>they just go to get dicked

Except white women with wogs is a rather rare pairing.

I reckon it's more to do with peer review and virtue signalling, how better to pretend that you're a good person than by doing the quintessential virtue signal.

3c4c2c No.621147


It really needs to stop.

The media is something I'd like to see collapse completely.

Tv, newspapers, film, advertising, everything.

Without it, people will perhaps return to common sense and personal experience.

35faf8 No.621148


long term pairing not 1 night paring

c82a93 No.621149


Wouldn't see all the 22-29yo single hwhite women with half-caste kids otherwise tbh

35faf8 No.621150

File: 577eb69cc38cd92⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 777.98 KB, 463x824, 463:824, Bluestacks_2018-02-11_11-5….png)

b2a6a8 No.621151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A is for Ancestry - The Cheddar Man - Britain's Black Ancestors - The Sea Priestess

346a5d No.621152




BM/WW is the least common pairing through tinder and online dating as well, lads.

cc8dba No.621153

File: 8641281146a8bb0⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 483x1600, 483:1600, 8641281146a8bb00a3c87213ec….jpg)


>Montizuma's is in a Portsmouth postcode

>Worcestershire clams it as local

smh tbh

35faf8 No.621154


half the comments calling her retarded

the other half is nigs flirting with her

b2a6a8 No.621155

File: 14cea0dea5b7ca9⋯.jpg (501.06 KB, 1200x1603, 1200:1603, 1200px-David_Irving_1.jpg)

this antisemite comes up to you in the street

>"psh, hey kid, the holocaust didn't happen…"

what do you say?

346a5d No.621156

File: 812274f17f925ae⋯.jpg (172.64 KB, 1079x1263, 1079:1263, _20180213_125013.JPG)

Even a traffic light can get a gf, why can't you?


f3980e No.621157


It's local compared to where cadbury's is made tbh nothing wrong with backing domestic industry

346a5d No.621158


"but it should have"

5c5da0 No.621159

File: e80959acf85d8c4⋯.png (691.13 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>that time he had to shave his head for prison

1b5f09 No.621160



c82a93 No.621161


>no LED gf to go on walks with

Why live

5c5da0 No.621162

Are Irving's books any good? I don't want to read a book that isn't accurate. I like the man but his books have been (((discredited))) haven't they?

3c4c2c No.621163


The (((reconstruction))) depends on stupid cunts like this to believe it through pure ignorance.

The printing press was a mistake.

c82a93 No.621164


His trial held that he had been deliberately 'misrepresenting historical evidence',

3c4c2c No.621165


Have a look at his website, it has a lot to read for free.

21ebf1 No.621166

File: dc0353e9ad549cd⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1530x1127, 1530:1127, 5af3c34fcacf402883e6192f66….png)


I would ask him politely to stop being such a jerrycuck tbqhwy.

5c5da0 No.621167


I think he met Arthur Harris and admires him, so how is he a Jerrycuck tbh?

1b5f09 No.621168


I haven't finished "hitler's war" but he doesn't seem to hold back. I still don't understand why Christopher hitchens was one of the few to continue to defend him. Churchill's War was written before the controversy.

346a5d No.621169

File: 3c8a37cdfb530f7⋯.png (159.2 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180213-130034.png)

I think Heaver is having a fit.

b2a6a8 No.621170

>he claims to be a British nationalist

>he doesn't eat weetabix drizzled with LOCAL honey with gold top milk

346a5d No.621171


>not having LOCAL bacon and LOCAL sausages and LOCAL eggs with a glass of LOCAL gold top every morning

b18c21 No.621172


Fucking unicode tbh

9f84cf No.621173


My local farm shop sells stuff that isn't local

wat do?

346a5d No.621174


Kill them and take over the shop.


5c5da0 No.621175

File: 17e854ec4e4df91⋯.png (11.02 MB, 2400x3380, 120:169, ClipboardImage.png)

6883be No.621176

File: 84d4d3ea4f344d6⋯.png (73.47 KB, 615x455, 123:91, oxfam.png)

File: 7425dc434a0fcd4⋯.png (113.91 KB, 622x564, 311:282, oxfam2.png)

File: 7c862215c140c72⋯.png (128.59 KB, 619x615, 619:615, oxfam3.png)

File: 67d2aa520001fbc⋯.png (127.58 KB, 619x625, 619:625, oxfam4.png)

b2a6a8 No.621177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

David Irving at The London Forum - 'Saturation Bombing in World War II - who is to blame? '

b18c21 No.621178


It's almost like they want vigilantes to take over

cc8dba No.621179

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh IKS

a6058a No.621180

File: 31af8e1d4dca411⋯.png (2.27 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 2f4ff18bb37ef8304e61d96eb9….png)

Time to call the boss and tell him I scratched the van

5c5da0 No.621181


are these the guys who went in the sanitorium wearing belgian jigsaw?

5c5da0 No.621182

File: 36ff746c6e3f12d⋯.gif (19.09 KB, 190x200, 19:20, 200_s.gif)

21ebf1 No.621183


He slobbers over the natsoc brass too much. Their autism and incompetence did a lot more to help start and then lose them the war than Churchill taking backhanders and swilling whiskey tbh.

a6058a No.621184


I wish that was me

cf4875 No.621185


The 22st saga enters a new chapter

cc8dba No.621186


Yes, Westie

f3980e No.621187


They're started the new plotline early smh

346a5d No.621188


>being staffed by bizarre, narcissistic people

picture my surprise, it's almost as if we're right as per fucking usual.

5c5da0 No.621189


now he has a commie hat on smh

b7ea0f No.621190


If this is true It most likely is, she must have been waiting for a moment like this for decades

cf4875 No.621191


This is the "22 gets a gf" season though. Really looking forward to it tbh.

1b5f09 No.621192


Commie scum.

ecea1e No.621193

File: c93d12cb9280b66⋯.png (61.3 KB, 1064x664, 133:83, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1e1fecc1615bd66⋯.png (65.92 KB, 1148x617, 1148:617, ClipboardImage.png)

>Raheem's doing a Powell book

(screenies aren't mine, someone PM'd me them 12 days ago)

f3980e No.621194


>normal healthy people put down roots

delete this hate speech

c82a93 No.621195


>screenies aren't mine

Yeah whatever you say Dan

a6058a No.621196


me too, but then again I prefer being alone and doing what I want, a gf would bother me all the time smh.

346a5d No.621197


Context of the rest of the convo, lad?

ecea1e No.621198


Some lad pm'd me them after Raheem stole my video. Never check my youtube messages and just saw them.

4c126c No.621199


why not just get it fixed up yourself, shouldn't cost too much

bd30e6 No.621200

File: 8066a92f4e5af59⋯.jpg (24.08 KB, 730x410, 73:41, $.jpg)


Why This Mom Is Selling Fake Penises for Kids Under 5

>Searah Deysach, a Chicago business owner, who is making waves for selling silicone penises for transgender and gender non-conforming kids as young as 5

>Packing" is a common practice of wearing a prosthetic penis or padding to give the appearance of having a penis. On Deysach's website, she notes that while many kids don't start thinking about this until they are older, some do, and she wanted these products to be available to them.

Fucking hell

346a5d No.621201


Did he explain what the rest of the chat was about?

>mentions your pseudonym

If he doesn't credit you now then he's written himself up as a thieving paki cunt.

c82a93 No.621202


Get the shotguns

b18c21 No.621203


Thanks for the reminder

ecea1e No.621204

File: 9fb85b6f5fca9aa⋯.png (14.35 KB, 413x112, 59:16, ClipboardImage.png)


As said, was 12 days ago. On top of that Raheem said in my comments that he'd credited me, but he didn't. Might have shit himself after realising what else was on the channel?

bd30e6 No.621205

File: d76e44b97376ad4⋯.png (254.78 KB, 960x800, 6:5, yIgmnlh.png)



If only you knew how bad things really are

346a5d No.621206


Either that or he lied, and I'd put money on the latter.

ecea1e No.621207

File: e45c54dcc44e847⋯.jpg (12.63 KB, 153x286, 153:286, 911.jpg)


Starting to think other people directly messaged him as well. Either way, all the messages and comments got under his skin.

79a1af No.621208


>nose ring

b18c21 No.621209


>sexually abused

>is a tranny

Can't say I'm shocked

4d0003 No.621210

File: 7630e818680242c⋯.mp4 (437.6 KB, 304x320, 19:20, visible confusion.mp4)

>mfw Gerry Gables from searchlight magazine broke into David Irving's flat in the 1960's and was convicted and fined £20

4c126c No.621211

File: 7da3ca77a2edbbf⋯.jpg (156.67 KB, 634x859, 634:859, 49291DAE00000578-5385013-i….jpg)


bd30e6 No.621212


God there lad.

with nefarious intentions ofc

b7ea0f No.621213


>Nothing but thieves

>Nothing, nowhere

Nihilism is damn strong.

b18c21 No.621214

File: b5fe096c5c7309a⋯.png (123.14 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1386285838046.png)


>sum 41


cf4875 No.621215


how many twitter accounts does SA have?

ecea1e No.621216

File: eec5d303a3f7e20⋯.png (86.03 KB, 365x352, 365:352, ClipboardImage.png)

8d1dc3 No.621217

File: 796056841a0888c⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1181x1670, 1181:1670, 2000trees-Lineup-poster-Me….jpg)


>not 2000 Trees

ed1fbc No.621218


>literally the only thing worth seeing is Kendrick

The next Field Day lineup is shit too, is this the year that the commercial Festival bubble bursts and we can go back to free festivals?

4c126c No.621219


don't know a single track by any of them either

910e82 No.621221



b18c21 No.621222


At least I've actually heard of one or two of those

b18c21 No.621223

File: 401c78597334f73⋯.jpg (105.96 KB, 1079x840, 1079:840, neurotypicals are inferior….jpg)


>you're autistic if you don't treat strange foreigners like a family member

Sounds good to me

c82a93 No.621224


Sounds pretty discriminatory to me, smh

b2a6a8 No.621225

File: cbbb26dc34b4f79⋯.jpg (38.85 KB, 402x402, 1:1, Sir-Winston-Leonard-Spence….jpg)

File: 7f92e260348d8e5⋯.png (62.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, streaming tears wojak.png)

i wish he could see what he's done to us

910e82 No.621226

File: aac5dcb2df38d6e⋯.jpg (264.26 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 29b5c647aeff71d82c7c3e6fad….jpg)



ed1fbc No.621227

>went to LOCAL barber

>got the new boy

>he's Italian

>"you wanna de seesa or da mushin cleepas"

>can't understand a word he says

>he repeats himself three times before finally picking up the scissors and I say yes to them

>cuts my hair

>gets to the back

>"so you wanna de star-ipe or you likea de natural?"

>eventually the trial is over it was ok after I styled it myself

Fucking wops I swear

b18c21 No.621228


Didn't he push for us to enter the EU?

910e82 No.621229

>its a lets a bully winston episode

ed1fbc No.621230

File: 7b5ded371f33063⋯.png (258.34 KB, 615x410, 3:2, ClipboardImage (1).png)


He was an ineffectual drunk who allowed himself to be manipulated because he couldn't control his subordinates tbh

4c126c No.621231


whats that? 3 malt loaves?

cf4875 No.621232

Churchill was a fat old kike-loving wasteman but Hitler was a wrongun and got what was coming to him.

t. centrist

910e82 No.621233


amy pond intestine pie

f3980e No.621234



910e82 No.621235

File: 60ccf3d099f9552⋯.jpg (80.87 KB, 479x619, 479:619, Akala_crop_2014.jpg)



cf4875 No.621236


>implying the ting didn't go skrrraaa

4c126c No.621237


look at all the crap on his floor too

1b5f09 No.621238


Weird, just watched this for first time.


We communist now?

4c126c No.621239

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f3980e No.621240


la creatura is my favourite

58298d No.621241

Wonder why Muslims rape so much?

Its because wanking is haram but rape of female captives is allowed by Allah.

Man's laws are of this earth but Allah's is the will of heaven Inshallah. Rape on brothers it is our divine right!

Qur’an 23:1-6—The Believers must (eventually) win through—those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess—for (in their case) they are free from blame.


f3980e No.621242


common knowledge on here tbh

910e82 No.621243



cf4875 No.621244


It's because they live with their mummys until they're 36

1b5f09 No.621245


GCHQ, I'm still not converting.

f3980e No.621246

islam is a political order based on law not faith and as such is suited to low IQ fuckwits

910e82 No.621247


catholicism, judaism and islam are all the same heresy in this regard tbh

b2a6a8 No.621248

dresden was actually pretty horrific tbqh

8d1dc3 No.621249

File: 8bd00e9098cc234⋯.jpg (78.59 KB, 736x922, 368:461, e562dd89df1fd22d93bfc16a48….jpg)


Yeah, welcome to war.

910e82 No.621250

File: 4382fafccb209ef⋯.png (238.49 KB, 639x556, 639:556, happyharris.png)

aaad14 No.621251


It was banter

a6058a No.621252


From what I've seen and heard of libertarians the autism part sounds true

c82a93 No.621253

a6058a No.621254

meeting with boss went better than expected, luckily his harpy of a wife was there to remind him he's had accidents while driving too smh

910e82 No.621255


what happened lad

ecea1e No.621256

File: 91e842f6f94c65e⋯.mp4 (8.2 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, instant karma.mp4)


cf4875 No.621257


Based wife. I can see where this plotline is going…

58298d No.621258


Did you crash lad? Fill me in, I work on the road too, you have my sympathies, its not easy.

b7ea0f No.621259


You must have made her regress to her mummy instincts. All your years of NEEThood have paid off.

f3980e No.621260


how can a bone just break that easily smfh

ed1fbc No.621261

File: a4db204cb3c824a⋯.webm (4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Santa Harris Delivers Pre….webm)



cf4875 No.621262


Spray cheese doesn't have any calcium in it

c82a93 No.621263

f3980e No.621264


did you crash into a man having a heart attack outside a 'community centre' linked to terrorism lad?

8d1dc3 No.621265


>slip over on wet grass

>entire leg bone just gives up and snaps

Is she made from bread sticks or what?

b18c21 No.621266

File: 61511ca2c7add53⋯.jpg (57.03 KB, 960x596, 240:149, Anne Marie Waters 2.jpg)


If only somebody would take a stand.


I was waiting for the second one to slip up too.

a6058a No.621267


Top keek. I hate her tbh, she's disrespectful of her man in front of his employees, it just happened to work out this time smh.


Just a scratch on the side from a sign smh.


Keek womyn usually do that with smee. I guess I am cute, retarded or childlike.


Can't admit to that, lad

26b5b5 No.621268


in the USA he would be considered as white as you or I

06e403 No.621269

File: da51954ebb22cc7⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lhwP27C.gif)


She can't even steal an unguarded package without breaking her leg. Wimmin are truly fucking useless.

cf4875 No.621270


Women don't know how to fall safely because they don't play sport or fight each other as kids.

f3980e No.621271

Tbh the reaction to the 'digital economy act' aka porn ban from the normingtons has been a blackpilling experience. They have no regard for the implications in terms of monitoring internet access or even the existing measures but it is simply 'muh porn'. They deserve it tbh and if it stops even a few normies watching internet porn and maybe even moving to nofap then the boomer/jewish industrialist unholy alliance that pushed for the new age enforcement rules for porn users actually did something good indirectly. Okay thank you

ecea1e No.621272

File: 66d3997934000e3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 964.68 KB, 1150x450, 23:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Watch it slowly, it's the way she falls. She sort of stubs her foot on the ground and her weight carries her forward, snapping her leg around the ankle level. Sort of like pic related.

d48590 No.621273


>Thinking normies need anything but the rope


cf4875 No.621274


>normies stop watching porn

>shitposters leave the walled garden internet and recreate the wild west early days

win-win tbh

26b5b5 No.621275

File: 06667cf9888585e⋯.jpg (153 KB, 1194x816, 199:136, when someone insults based….jpg)


>"I had rather that Mohmetanism were permitted amongst us than that one of God’s children should be persecuted.” —Oliver Cromwell, 1652, in support of religious liberty

ecea1e No.621276

File: daaca012304aa6b⋯.png (547.28 KB, 652x820, 163:205, ClipboardImage.png)

there's no escaping the soy

d48590 No.621277

File: 2b1b5eea3045de1⋯.jpg (43.58 KB, 400x386, 200:193, a6bd5172452730877a6adc84c0….jpg)

>sister wants me to take her to a horse sanctuary tomorrow

>I'll have to pay for her

>I have no money because I'm a neet

Why does she do this to me?

a6058a No.621278


Why would she make a NEET pay?

8d1dc3 No.621279


>not just taking her to a random field filled with Gypsy horses and scarring her for life as they try to kill both of you


26b5b5 No.621280


They're fucking over LOCAL British farmers for memmies about ethics and animal welfare


stop buying dairy products and the cows will need to be genocided because supply will exceed demand

26b5b5 No.621281


dark levels of thottery at work

d48590 No.621282


She doesnt have a job but I'll have to pay because teee heee I'm the adult



Worse than niggers

c82a93 No.621283


Better make some money quickly lad. I think SA knows a way.

b18c21 No.621285


>not supporting to the LOCAL soy industry

smh fam

26b5b5 No.621286


do 50 pressups when your done


where does the soy even come from?

910e82 No.621287

File: 43c60d2daf77c36⋯.png (17.62 KB, 444x652, 111:163, devilish3#.png)


make sure you dont trip over the cable

c82a93 No.621288


>where does the soy even come from?

Beans, isn't it?

8d1dc3 No.621289


It's a type of bean

d48590 No.621290

File: 1d30cd223938e4d⋯.png (139.62 KB, 1793x1313, 1793:1313, Wojak.png)



8d1dc3 No.621291



Oh and it comes from slave labour in South America.

26b5b5 No.621292



I mean where is it grown? I dont see many soybean fields round here

c82a93 No.621293


Just find a way to get back at her lad.

6438f2 No.621294

File: 5f4967f4e8a2ff0⋯.png (554.26 KB, 967x954, 967:954, 1514532379740.png)



f3980e No.621295

26b5b5 No.621296


c035db No.621297

File: da22a1922ee3515⋯.png (297.68 KB, 547x547, 1:1, f49b23304cca23b9429db0753e….png)

Who /nofaplent/ here?

910e82 No.621298

File: bbe41d1fd2e9b26⋯.png (132.42 KB, 246x258, 41:43, uwot.png)




d48590 No.621299

File: ed17076fabcd752⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 425x481, 425:481, 984ce696b1107ed39fb3188473….gif)

f3980e No.621300


nofap life tbh

26b5b5 No.621301


been doing nofap and nopoo all week

c82a93 No.621302


>her muslim bf

is he from Bongo Bongo Land

b18c21 No.621303


How did horses become a girly thing anyway lads? For all of history they were farm implements and a means of warfare, but now apparently they are pink and glittery and all that. What gives?


I presume it came from China or thereabouts since it's prevalent in Chipponese food.

910e82 No.621304

Banning soy and all xenoestrogens is something a right-wing govt should do. If the Left can force people to use nine different bins we can ban Big Soy. Its not like anyone can really object to it tbh

c82a93 No.621305


Fuck if I know lad, I don't have a sister. Hide her hairbrush or some shit.

b18c21 No.621306

File: 11ba4369af8c850⋯.png (237.56 KB, 348x302, 174:151, smug canadian.png)


Sicily belongs to the caliphate.

a6058a No.621307

File: a30de40372b81a0⋯.png (1.06 MB, 919x892, 919:892, ClipboardImage.png)

SA's been drinking a lot of unfiltered water it seems

b2a6a8 No.621308

anyone else having trouble logging into their BLACKED account?

58298d No.621309


they like the big horse cocks and getting their hymen broke bouncing up and down.

tbh I went horse riding as a lad, it was actually fucking dangerous and was mostly girls there.

26b5b5 No.621310


lasses love the massage on their crotch it gives them and they fancy horses

also any Teuton who consumes chinky munch in preference of our native staple foods ought to be hung by his arms for a week and a day


hang soyboys from the lamp-posts by their ankles tbh

c035db No.621311


Put a speaker in her room and play music at 4am, but then cuck out because you're a pathetic twink and don't have the balls to actually do it

Bls don't ban smee

26b5b5 No.621312

Horses partly freak me out because they're such a magnet for thottery

8d1dc3 No.621313


The British public wouldn't object to anything tbh, you could make them eat human flesh and they would be fine with it.

910e82 No.621314

take her to the carp pond and scream "THERE'S MY PONIES - MINE TRY RIDING THAT YOU BITCH"

6438f2 No.621315

File: d4ec2a546cfdeb8⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 624x378, 104:63, 1509046275965.jpg)

File: 677b441e3c67f0a⋯.png (501.74 KB, 825x464, 825:464, 1508969385658.png)





c82a93 No.621316






smh I was going to play the soctland forever earrape as well

8d1dc3 No.621317

Also horses are right stuck up cunts

910e82 No.621318

File: ac79af8056b5bf6⋯.png (678.77 KB, 723x527, 723:527, farage-14.png)


>the memmies are coming true again

b18c21 No.621319


Did you get it lopped off in the end, lad?

d48590 No.621320


No idea lad but they all love animals


Nah she'd have a panic attack if i did it on a school day, girls are mean.

26b5b5 No.621321


you're already a wog, Guissepe

910e82 No.621322

a true Sicilian would call vendetta time tbh

b18c21 No.621323


*eats a tomato*

c035db No.621324


What? The meatball or the sausage?

bc29ef No.621325

File: 89c3f2be9b49db0⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 244x304, 61:76, ha.jpg)


>tfw gone red in the face

That's some divine justice, but fucking hell how fucking flimsy do you have to be to snap your leg like a twig.

26b5b5 No.621326

File: a29e91652781bc5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.05 KB, 144x35, 144:35, 00mosley2.jpg)

c82a93 No.621327


Strange to think that eating a few omelettes would have prevented that tbh

c035db No.621328


Stop liking/retweeting the pope on twitter

26b5b5 No.621329


imagine how many of them are going to go out like that when the SHTF and no ambulances can come to save them

26b5b5 No.621330

File: a207aefd721e482⋯.png (1.04 MB, 774x1164, 129:194, a207aefd721e482a01b699c56c….png)

d48590 No.621331

b18c21 No.621332


Are you getting testosterone pills?

bc29ef No.621333

File: b7ab0cd888bdd63⋯.png (227.87 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 0ec892d80335e3b72db2492cad….png)



The way she lifts it up to show the bloke is priceless, her fall was a wonky angle and everything but she shouldn't've just snapped like that.

c4e979 No.621334

File: 888a72ee1945e1a⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 439x566, 439:566, 1417307164177.jpg)


Though I lack the extra proficiency I would've had with women, I am glad I don't have a sister right now.

You could tell her in all honesty anon.

d48590 No.621335


Sisters can be ok during some moments

ed1fbc No.621336



>from anything other than a mammal


c035db No.621337



They're injections

And no

ed1fbc No.621338


Well lad at least the baby will be the same colour as you

b18c21 No.621339


Good lass

bc29ef No.621340




Pretty sure the soy shite barely sells compared to milk, why the fuck would you kill sales so stupidly.

In three months time it'd've closed.

3c4c2c No.621341


99% of commercial soy is genetically modified and imported.

the new war on dairy is another attack on Europeans, as we are some of the only ones who have evolved to digest it properly.

That's how we survived the ice age, and how we lived through winters.

as usual, it started out as 'comedy' with a bunch of jews in america constantly repeating "I'm laaaaaactose intoooooolerant", and spread into mainstream, then more and more anti-dairy propaganda.

ed1fbc No.621342

File: 6ab793eddf1f5d7⋯.mp4 (797.66 KB, 352x640, 11:20, SxaVDsUUK28FFKjS.mp4)


26b5b5 No.621343


get replaced by a pakishop or fuckin curry house or something

d48590 No.621344



0f4023 No.621345

26b5b5 No.621346


Invergordon what a place to be

ed1fbc No.621347

File: 7b9de3fdd8d08c2⋯.png (752.02 KB, 799x650, 799:650, ClipboardImage.png)




Your taxes hard at work

c4e979 No.621348


Kinda hoping the soygeoisie physically destroys itself with their vegan cultism, but they procreate by ideas sadly.

d48590 No.621349


At least the Scots suffer worse than us

4d0003 No.621350

File: dd78dee8221a0e5⋯.jpg (17.89 KB, 255x255, 1:1, laugh.jpg)


are you the lad whose sister is fucking a black guy?

she's pregnant?

and unmarried?




bc29ef No.621351


Unless it's in a cunt area like Shoreditch or Brighton it'll make feck-all business.

My old office job years back they replaced the tea milk with soy to stop people using the milk on their cereal, all people did was bring their own milk, hardly anybody touched the soy shite.


No fret tbh lad when they're this flimsy >>621256

ed1fbc No.621352


The Jock does not suffer lad, they thrive just knowing that someone else will pay

26b5b5 No.621353


I'll physically destroy them with my shooter


Accidentally had soy milk once, never touching it again

c82a93 No.621354

Does soy sauce have the same effect as soy milk?

8d1dc3 No.621355


>taking obviously bait seriously

8d1dc3 No.621356



b18c21 No.621357

File: 7b7346f3d3b7ed9⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 350x224, 25:16, confused doggos.gif)

c73da6 No.621358


It's a van you tit, on the road every day, give it over and don't be retarded.

ecea1e No.621359

File: 7417bf217c3a6fa⋯.mp4 (1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, SussexFriendsIsrael - 'No ….mp4)

>'No peace, no justice' being chanted at @Kingscollege tonight by anti-Israel protestors. Shame on you Kings!


3c4c2c No.621360


Should campaign to have it relabelled "oestrogen bean water".

It certainly isn't milk.

d48590 No.621361


Being a Jock is suffering lad and when you factor in how shit Scotland it explains all the heroin abuse.

a6058a No.621362

3c4c2c No.621363


Not if it is properly fermented, and not in small doses.

Don't buy the cheap stuff.

b18c21 No.621364


>tfw our enemies reproduce memitically and have the media on their side whereas the British reproduce sexually but half of /brit/ are virgins

3c4c2c No.621365


Looks more like kangz college.

bc29ef No.621366


I tasted some to see what the fuss was about and it was vile, spat it straight out. It's incredibly sickly.


Branding it as milk is completely wrong, let's just start calling every liquid milk.

Going to get myslef some freshly squeezed orange milk and then fill my car up with milk.

a6058a No.621367


Hey lad when are you getting a wife?

0f4023 No.621368


almond milk is milky tbh

ecea1e No.621369



06e403 No.621370


Was going to genuinely offer you a score before I realised you were a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

154ab6 No.621371

File: ef5785731de79aa⋯.png (54.16 KB, 236x147, 236:147, questionpepe.png)


what is this lad


b18c21 No.621372


>this will be the mainstream in the UK in a couple of decades

I'm trying to figure out what the Jews get out of converting their allies into enemies.

ecea1e No.621373

File: d236d1b81902c43⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 256x444, 64:111, 10 times.jpg)


*Traditional wife

ok thank you

c73da6 No.621374


Dude like legalise drugs, you know?

4d0003 No.621375



154ab6 No.621376

File: d7c3c3cfa22f984⋯.png (347.18 KB, 559x558, 559:558, psychopepe.png)

just going to pop down to the wife shop and get a wife because it's that easy tbh

a6058a No.621377


What? I just saw a thicc Christian lass and thought of SA


tbh, he needs to be an example


I wish smh

26b5b5 No.621378


it wont matter, in a couple of decades Israel and Judaism will be on the final preparations for forming a breakaway civilisation with AI and robots.

d48590 No.621379


>Was going to genuinely offer you a score before I realised you were a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)




Got the wrong guy tbh

c82a93 No.621380


Can you grab me one while you're down there lad, I'll pay you back later

c73da6 No.621381



154ab6 No.621382

File: 332b821e09b68dd⋯.png (968.8 KB, 1044x674, 522:337, asterix.png)


is it not from a japanese cartoon

or is it too immoral


there's probably a two for one offer on lad no problem

b18c21 No.621383


Have fun in Thailand lad

bc29ef No.621384

File: cf825a456f87d40⋯.jpg (135.42 KB, 1078x1117, 1078:1117, IMG_20180213_152930.jpg)

>India discovered libertarianism

4d0003 No.621385

File: 7360ca71cbfcfef⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 720x511, 720:511, Pepe-jesus.jpg)

What are you lads giving up for lent?

c82a93 No.621386


Might give up cola tbh

c035db No.621387

File: 4fadfa196d79ad2⋯.jpg (899.12 KB, 1000x1401, 1000:1401, 57782051_p0.jpg)

154ab6 No.621388

File: 0043a80a855406a⋯.png (66.15 KB, 200x185, 40:37, getafix3.png)


in SEAmonkey land the two for one offer is extended to one for about forty as the mail order bride brings her entire family to live with you

8d1dc3 No.621389

b7ea0f No.621390


My life. I've had enough.

26b5b5 No.621391


shampoo and trying to stop wanking tbh

c035db No.621392


Wanking, alcohol, maybe meat, I dunno yet

b18c21 No.621393


Is that when Israel lifts off from the Earth and flies back to the Jewish homeworld?

a6058a No.621394


I don't know, why wouldn't they? Boss would be mad if he saw it without me telling him.


It looks like it is from a lewd cartoon but I only saw that pic smh


fapping and fat I guess

c82a93 No.621395

File: 0c4cacae7b7e7d7⋯.jpg (111.89 KB, 530x507, 530:507, 0c4cacae7b7e7d7e8c421f744d….jpg)

c73da6 No.621396

The wop poster now takes the bottom rung, congratulations to Dorset.

bc29ef No.621397


Alcohol + carbs

26b5b5 No.621398


no its when they bunker up and let the apocalypse (which they intend to bring forth) ravage the earth

8d1dc3 No.621399


wop poster is doing it on purpose though, Dorset is just being himself.

c73da6 No.621400


Kek tell all the lads at work so they can bully you

154ab6 No.621401

File: 07a494325d4f451⋯.png (225.27 KB, 512x600, 64:75, weeb.png)

tbh I already gave up enough things to be monkish

>no heating

>being a hermit

>no alcohol

>no sweeties


smh the plot looks interesting

a6058a No.621402


Boss will probably do that. I don't get why they do that stuff, it's not comfortable. I wouldn't do it to them smh

0f4023 No.621403

06e403 No.621404


Giving up drawing pornography

c73da6 No.621405


The list doesn't care for that distinction tbf, shit is shit.

4d0003 No.621406

File: 2144e879ae31a85⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 358x358, 1:1, 2144e879ae31a8500a954c3391….jpg)

a6058a No.621407


Show us your skills, lad


keek, goodlad

4d0003 No.621408

File: 1eb2a548c8219b1⋯.jpg (50.98 KB, 685x456, 685:456, DNE30gUWsAAdeFS.jpg)


this is classic bluetick mentality

bc29ef No.621409

File: 9823072c83bf162⋯.jpg (408.62 KB, 1856x3624, 232:453, IMG_20180213_153442.jpg)

I wonder if Black Panther 2 will tackle the Chinese takeover of Africa.

8d1dc3 No.621410

File: ddfac57fe6a7caa⋯.jpg (244.26 KB, 495x588, 165:196, ddfac57fe6a7caa9f8907f7804….jpg)


>not being edgy as fuck

d48590 No.621411


Does that mean you cross dress too?

4d0003 No.621412

File: 715f2ea98e74fc3⋯.jpg (15.92 KB, 481x336, 481:336, styxhexenfanny.jpg)

File: a8a32e1d11bb3df⋯.jpg (698.28 KB, 1217x733, 1217:733, styxhexenfanny2(1).jpg)


lol remember when he was a trannie

c73da6 No.621413

File: c842cd2627c4086⋯.jpg (131.54 KB, 600x765, 40:51, GerryA.jpg)

Do proddys do lent?

0f4023 No.621414


fake tbh

4d0003 No.621415


well yeah Anglicans do everything Catholics do except worship an idol in Rome

we worship a rainbow phallus right here in the UK thank you very much



c73da6 No.621416


Real, he's a lolberg.

bc29ef No.621417

File: beb905d123170e3⋯.png (121.58 KB, 945x801, 105:89, chad jpg.png)


>The event is observed in the Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, and Catholic Churches. Some Anabaptist and evangelical churches also observe the Lenten season.

8d1dc3 No.621418


wasn't this found out to be some swedish tranny?

26b5b5 No.621419

File: 60fba0c0a342bd2⋯.jpg (115.98 KB, 1200x420, 20:7, 60fba0c0a342bd2aca8bfafc6f….jpg)

b18c21 No.621420

File: 0ea13e7967edb07⋯.png (180.33 KB, 494x461, 494:461, sad nigel.png)


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

26b5b5 No.621421


they're always swedish kek

4d0003 No.621422


no lad it's him

that is why they have exactly the same face and build



bc29ef No.621423

File: be7c4235449a11c⋯.jpg (259.04 KB, 1000x902, 500:451, c.jpg)

0f4023 No.621424

File: 43a310908daecba⋯.png (171.38 KB, 490x313, 490:313, ClipboardImage.png)



>falling for trannyfa d&c

styxes eyes are too beady to be the tranny

ed1fbc No.621425

File: 512e6e6d387ddbb⋯.png (166.94 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)

8d1dc3 No.621426


His eyes are way too small and his brow isn't the same.

d984fd No.621427

File: 1c6f788190e6977⋯.png (377.14 KB, 625x352, 625:352, isis spies.png)

File: 0e1fa1ca1ac2cca⋯.jpg (322.61 KB, 1482x1338, 247:223, nige abdullah al farage.jpg)

File: fb088e4105ebfb9⋯.png (586.09 KB, 1366x602, 683:301, spencer gym2.png)

>The UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed.

>Thousands of hours of content posted by the Islamic State group was run past the tool, in order to "train" it to automatically spot extremist material.

>ASI Data Science said the software can be configured to detect 94% of IS video uploads.

>Anything the software identifies as potential IS material would be flagged up for a human decision to be taken.

>The company said it typically flagged 0.005% of non-IS video uploads. On a site with five million daily uploads, it would flag 250 non-IS videos for review.

enjoy your white jihad memis while they last lads

20fe33 No.621428

File: a646d144397cd22⋯.png (479.77 KB, 1362x772, 681:386, Bowden2.png)

>Kingdom Come is 31.6 GB

>Dynasty Warriors 9 reviews are Very Negative


bc29ef No.621429


>KC:D had a 20gb patch on release

0f4023 No.621430



lad, that copy is gonna be full of bugs, you should wait till the update it

b7ea0f No.621431


Why the fuck are Chad's arms and hands backwards? Has he twisted his neck 180?

4d0003 No.621432



oh come on now, lads

more importantly though

>shitting on Styx is D&C

where the fuck did this shit opinion come from?

bc29ef No.621433


I wonder if this'll work in the same way as that porn one that ended up censoring deserts, and the search that marked blacks as apes.

c73da6 No.621434

File: 2a3524b172a338f⋯.jpg (42.78 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 2a3524b172a338fb163dfd66f0….jpg)


Good lads

8d1dc3 No.621435


>people just make a bot to upload the same ISIS videos multiple times



in all honestly my rig is dying and I need to build a new one BUT FUCKING BITCOIN MINERS HAVE CAUSED THE GPU MARKET TO BREAK

0f4023 No.621436


use your eyes lad

b18c21 No.621437


That's a rare Ginnie there

>inb4 that tool is unable to tell the difference between islamist literature and moderate islamic literature

4d0003 No.621438



aren't there loads of failed miners selling gpu's cheaply?

4d0003 No.621439


focus on the "attacking Styx is D&C" part for me.

D-do you lads actually like him?

d984fd No.621440


the morning after pill was originally invented for pedigree dogs pregnant with mutt babies.

women are bitches.

bc29ef No.621441


Just go and buy one of the GPUs off of the coiners thatare selling after the crash, I assure you that they work just fine and that melted plastic smell is normal :^)

bc29ef No.621442


>buying melted components after they've been running non-stop for however long

8d1dc3 No.621443

File: 85752242580b6f9⋯.png (52 KB, 1687x198, 1687:198, market.PNG)


Fuck buying second hand ones that have been used to max 24/7

0f4023 No.621444


no i dont, but clearly the 2 pictures are different people

i never said attacking him was d&c, i said it was trannyfa trying to create d&c

8d1dc3 No.621445


btw that's a near £200 mark up, I am angry, I am angry about jews.

3c4c2c No.621446


"Rivers of milk will flow in the streets, and the whip hand will be over the white man." - Tony Blairs

>news just in: a woman in London has been disfigured in another vicious milk attack

"Milk, milk all around and not a drop to drink" - Aristotle

Mammals are notable at their ability to beantate.

d984fd No.621447

File: c36d4661b5dddc5⋯.mp4 (9.57 MB, 854x480, 427:240, nas.mp4)


20fe33 No.621448


Break into a nerd's house and steal their GPU

b18c21 No.621449




d48590 No.621450


>Dynasty Warriors 9

fuck off slit eye lover

bc29ef No.621451


Because of bitcoin it's actually cheaper for aussies to buy GPUs than it is for us


k e k

8d1dc3 No.621452

File: 4bd1de65af9007d⋯.jpg (113.01 KB, 1162x778, 581:389, 1411230601710.jpg)


>not having your GPU double up as an oven/house insurance scam


Dynasty Warriors is implicit and white.

c73da6 No.621453

File: f1ffc22ae1b966d⋯.png (8.35 KB, 226x255, 226:255, dumbtbh.png)

>tfw using computer from 2007

20fe33 No.621454


t. Paki

3c4c2c No.621455


Calling anyone a nerd lost meaning in about 1998 when 90% of people started using the internet every single day and carrying around a telephone in their fucking top pocket.

Now you're a nerd if you don't check facebook 40 times a day and find your single mother girlfriends on an online dating platform.

Everything that was for abject saddos in 1991 became the norm within a decade.

d48590 No.621456


>Dynasty Warriors is implicit and white.

t. slav

20fe33 No.621457


I agree in general but that's being a bit pedantic lad.

4d0003 No.621458


>things being cheaper in Australia


bc29ef No.621459

File: b571896ea75bef1⋯.png (836.53 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, not_a_bubble.png)


>Star Wars is now normie rather than nerdy

d984fd No.621460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0f4023 No.621461



>everything that was for abject wierdos in 2011 will become the norm within the decade

b18c21 No.621462


Good lad, your CPU probably isn't spying on you

a6058a No.621463


woah it's like an 80s horror monster

8d1dc3 No.621464


tbh Star Wars was always normie as fuck.

20fe33 No.621465

File: bea24fd8d7b7cca⋯.jpg (52.03 KB, 600x800, 3:4, bea24fd8d7b7cca7ce1cf71ba8….jpg)



3c4c2c No.621466



unfortunately true.

brb marrying my male cousin's silicone neon pony, with tits

bc29ef No.621467

File: aaa519fffe101bc⋯.jpg (25.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, t.jpg)


Compared to other stuff yeah, but when I was in school it was considered nerdy

>the people who went "haha you like star wars" back in secondary school are now the ones going on about the films on FB and how they have "always been a fan"

4d0003 No.621468

Here i come.

Rougher than Knuckles.

The best of them.

Tougher than Knuckles.

You can call me Knuckles.

Unlike Knuckles i don't chuckle.

I'd rather flex my knuckles.

I'm hard as Knuckles.

It ain't hard to chuckle.

I break 'em down

whether they're Knuckles or Knuckles.

Unlike Knuckles

independence is my first chuckle, first knuckle

feel the right when the knuckle chuckle.

Born on an island, in the heavens.

The blood of my ancestors flows inside me.

My duty is to save the flower.

From evil deterioration, yeah!

I will be the one to set your Knuckles free true!

Cleanse yourself of them evil Knuckles that's in you!

Streaking lights, loud sounds and instinct.

Are the elements that keep me going.

I am fighting my own mission.

Nothin's gonna stand in my way, no no!

I will be the one to set your Knuckles free true!

Cleanse yourself of them evil Knuckles that's in you!

Won't be frightened, i'll stand up to all the pain and turmoil.

Just believe in myself, won't rely on others!

Get this power to wipe out the havoc and anarchy.

This is my planet, gotta fight for my destiny!

Here i come.

Rougher than Knuckles.

The best of them.

Tougher than Knuckles.

You can call me Knuckles.

Unlike Knuckles i don't chuckle.

I'd rather flex my knuckles.

I'm hard as Knuckles.

It ain't hard to chuckle.

I break 'em down

whether they're Knuckles or Knuckles.

Unlike Knuckles,

independence is my first chuckle, first knuckle

feel the right when the knuckle chuckle.

I have no such things as weak spots.

Don't approve of him but gotta trust him.

This alliance has a purpose.

This partnership is only temporary, yeah!

I will be the one to set your Knuckles free true!

Cleanse yourself for Knuckle Chuckle that got in you!

Won't be frightened, i'll stand up to all the pain and turmoil.

Just believe in myself, won't rely on others!

Evil will be waiting when serenity is restored.

This is my planet, i shall not surrender!

Won't be frightened, i'll stand up to all the pain and turmoil.

Just believe in myself, won't rely on others!

Get this power to wipe out the havoc and anarchy.

This is my planet, gotta fight, oh!

Won't be frightened, i'll stand up to all the pain and turmoil.

Just believe in myself, won't rely on others!

Evil will be waiting when serenity is restored.

This is my planet, i shall not surrender!


Shall not surrender, no!


Woo! Woo!

The new porcupine on the block with the buff Knuckles.

Out the knuckleness with the chuckleness

Knuck, Knuckles Knuckles.

The chuckle thrower.

Independent flower. Magical Knuckles holder.

I'll give you the coldest shoulder.

My Knuckle go through boulders.

That's why i stay a loner.

I was born by my Knuckles.

I don't need a chuckle.

I get it on by myself, adversaries get shelved.

910e82 No.621469

It isn't even just muh internet usage, the complete transvaluation of values between normie and nerd that's happened is the most fascinating cultural shift I've witnessed. Its things like capeshit media, and general demeneur. It goes both ways as well - bodybuilding and far-right politics are seen as fringe autiste activities while normies queue to talk about Harry Potter trivia over the water coolant

8d1dc3 No.621470

File: 257ee55202eb804⋯.png (11.22 MB, 2047x3000, 2047:3000, 257ee55202eb80460f9d0dc372….png)

d48590 No.621471


Lad don't spam.

0f4023 No.621472


>bodybuilding and far-right politics are seen as fringe autiste activities

you dont actually think that, do you lad? gymming it is normie as fuck and far-right politics is currently experiencing a resurgence amongst under 16s

910e82 No.621473


maybe its just the circles ive come to find myself in idk it seems like a lot of the language originates on places like /fit/ and forums that are populated by the same people who use Hmong Basket-weaving forums

20fe33 No.621474

File: f82a17994907cb1⋯.webm (9.38 MB, 854x480, 427:240, ALEX KILL PEDOS.webm)


>far-right politics is currently experiencing a resurgence amongst under 16s

>tfw we are going to get an influx of nonces to groom them

3c4c2c No.621475


Science fiction used to show the near future as a totalitarian, strictly controlled, immaculate and emotionless, uniform place.

Funny how that sounds like an approximation to paradise now.

Compared to the emotion driven lunacy of a degenerate hodge podge nightmare of today.

bc29ef No.621476

File: 1bebc104fbb3b8a⋯.jpg (28.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, t (21).jpg)




>The Met confirmed they were alerted to a suspicious package delivered to the Palace of Westminster – a day after Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law was taken to hospital when she opened a letter containing an unknown substance.

>But despite armed police dealing with the incident in a basement under the ministerial corridor, the incident did not create a larger emergency on the Parliamentary estate.

>Other buildings were not on lockdown and visitor tours were allowed to continue while officers dealt with the situation.

>A statement from the Met police said: “At approximately 11.36am on Tuesday, 13 February, police were informed of a suspicious package that had been delivered to an office within the Palace of Westminster. Police are at the scene and dealing.”

c73da6 No.621477


/newbrit/ recoils, they've been found out

0f4023 No.621478

File: 81d69d3de16bfbd⋯.png (118.34 KB, 600x315, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)



>using imageboards

c82a93 No.621479


memmies filter from imageboards to places like reddit and from there they permeate the normiesphere tbh

154ab6 No.621480

File: 4a9735c5396cee1⋯.png (339.32 KB, 242x500, 121:250, gunpowder.png)

3c4c2c No.621481


It is.

Physical fitness represents overcoming of oneself and traditionalism, gain through effort. It is one thing that the "equality" retards can't just steal from your hands, a healthy and strong body.

That's why they are trying to reduce the fitness requirements of the army and even the SAS, because women, trannies and weaklings simply can't enter.

Perhaps it will be a filter in the next few years, spot the physically fit, and only employ them.

b18c21 No.621482


>normalfag relative asks me about a capeshit film

>she's apparently a big fan of some series of it

>seems surprised when I know absolutely nothing about it

It really threw me tbh, wasn't expecting a highly functioning member of society to have any investment in superhero movies.

3c4c2c No.621483


Guy Fawkes is back, and just in time.

b7ea0f No.621484

If the fringe becomes mainstream theory is true, will there ever be television channels or streams purely dedicated to Happenings?

bc29ef No.621485


Lad exercising is normie-tier still, if not then explain deanos.

d984fd No.621486

normies exercise for sex appeal

20fe33 No.621487

File: 4ba07e0373cd91e⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1542x1084, 771:542, Bowden1.png)


>tfw I constantly bully normalfag colleagues with how shit nu-star wars is and why they are terrible people for liking it

bc29ef No.621488

File: 083bdea26126b28⋯.jpg (84.39 KB, 970x1042, 485:521, 1930.jpg)


It's right odd tbh, I've had colleagues and clients go on about some random fantasy fiction like Game of Thrones or Dr Who and they're obsessed with it, meanwhile I who would've been interested in it in my teens now have no interest for it.

b18c21 No.621489


>Soros invests in advertising for /leftypol/

Please no

bc29ef No.621490


>he brings normies to us for us to bully

Yes fucking please.

20fe33 No.621491

File: c8e0d48e8b66739⋯.jpg (451.42 KB, 4040x626, 2020:313, degradation of a fanbase.jpg)


Well back then it was better, it was better because they were not pandering to der eternal normie lowest common denominator

3c4c2c No.621492


It is, but like the other chap said, a lot of traditionalist thinkers have moved towards it.

Gym used to be a place for women, homosexuals and bodybuilders. Now men are using exercising for strength as a way of reclaiming their masculinity by force of will.

I still think buying your own weight set is better though.

094e17 No.621493


Some of the biggest soy boys I've met have been gym fags tbh

Especially the ones that constantly go on about it, drinking protein shakes and talking about their dietary requirements.

4c126c No.621494


buying and eating any red meat… I've got 2 haggis in the fridge that I need to finish

3c4c2c No.621495


Don't you mean milk-boys.

3c4c2c No.621496


brown meat is the red pill.

4d0003 No.621497


whats wrong with red meat?

b18c21 No.621498

File: 47a48f4ebd1ca8e⋯.png (277.95 KB, 353x571, 353:571, heil holly.png)



When a hobby becomes commercialised the old fans just find new, less corrupted hobbies such as shitposting on Nicaraguan ziggurat construction forums

4c126c No.621499


fish and fowl for the foreseeable except for those two haggis

bc29ef No.621500


I agree lad, however I don't think it's changed to be a more fringe thing, just that fringers are now moving to it.

>I still think buying your own weight set is better though

If you've the room for it then definitely; no queuing for a rack, no searching across the building for weights, no unclean equipment, etc

3c4c2c No.621501


red meat as long as it is naturally farmed, is healthy. I feel better after eating it. Careful you aren't on the road to veganism, it's a cult that sucks people in without them realising.

d48590 No.621502


You should do one for /brit/ and you're /brit/cast thing

bc29ef No.621503

File: ecfb273cda3b26c⋯.gif (67.48 KB, 200x164, 50:41, scr.gif)



>Brit/pol/ will become normie in your lifetime

bc29ef No.621504


It's Shrove Tuesday, cook it today and have a feast.

3c4c2c No.621505


I'd agree with that.

If people start making deliberately traditionalist gyms and starting up political movements in them, it'll be a good thing.

bc29ef No.621506


Isn't that what Identity Europa are doing?

>tfw no /brit/gym

4c126c No.621507



give it up because you love it not for any particular benefit


Had a wisdom tooth out yesterday so sticking with soups for a few days

c82a93 No.621508


>If people start making deliberately traditionalist gyms and starting up political movements in them

They'll get quickly infiltrated and banned. Meanwhile unregulated mosques in Birmingham and Blackpool are left completely to their own devices.

5c5da0 No.621509


The government can't infiltrate shit the government are incompetent and retarded stop blackpilling faggot

c82a93 No.621510


t. spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

bc29ef No.621511


Fair enough lad, but will it keep 'til April?


>They'll get quickly infiltrated and banned

Not if you set it up properly, people can only find it via word of mouth, the gym is nothing but a gym and any social activities outside of it are done with the group at the pub, etc

5c5da0 No.621512

the government are a bunch of retarded boomers theresa may doesn't even know what a computer is there are 14 year old aspergers on minecraft that regularly hack the US government

bc29ef No.621513

File: b023746fbd65547⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 480x434, 240:217, IMG_20160726_062215.jpg)



>they wanted to "end encryption"

I love it when they open their gobs, it's always bollocks that spills out.

c82a93 No.621514


>people can only find it via word of mouth

/brit/ - fight club edition

bc29ef No.621515

b18c21 No.621516


To be fair an imageboard can handle only so much traffic before it becomes unusable. I'm sure you've experienced the futility of posting on a busy thread on 4chan or elsewhere. But the idea can be commercialised and normified.


Didn't channel 4 "bust" into a daftyist training club a few months back?

bc29ef No.621517



It'd be simple enough to do; find some lads who share similar opinions, set up the starting of the gym in a garage or whatnot, get basic equipment for the few of you, gradually increase the numbers and change the location as and when necessary.

094e17 No.621518

tbh I feel like 'nationalist' gyms would just get infiltrated by pikies/chavs.

All thought/nuance would get driven out in favour of an excuse to act like violent degenerate niggers.

Pretty much the story of every single nationalist movement.

20fe33 No.621519


Or you could just perma ban anyone who doesn't fit in. Just like our deportation policy for when we come to power.

d984fd No.621520

File: 4b11b3242c69c91⋯.jpg (30.49 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 4b11b3242c69c91991a574a12f….jpg)

they can't infiltrate your base if you don't have one

c82a93 No.621521


>Or you could just perma ban anyone who doesn't fit in.

I already do that

bc29ef No.621522

File: 07d058c31859142⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 07d.jpg)

>rent a storage locker and turn it into a gym

20fe33 No.621523

File: 5c29c9bfb338670⋯.jpg (31.97 KB, 564x428, 141:107, Dehumanise yourself.jpg)


You are too soft.

bc29ef No.621524

>Shurgard does 40sq.ft for £30pm

>buy about £200 worth of gym kit

>set it up inside

>have a personal gym that's cheaper monthly between the group and is also well maintained and looked after

b7ea0f No.621525

File: ca628dee3693037⋯.png (429.69 KB, 600x576, 25:24, ClipboardImage.png)

>Day Zero has been pushed back to June 4th due to rainfall

I'm in dire need of a fucking happening and then this happens.

bc29ef No.621526


It's such a fucking tease.

154ab6 No.621527

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

maybe some LOCAL dafties could "accidentally" cut off the water/power supply tbh

4b4691 No.621528


Who is she? More to the point, who were her parents?

bc29ef No.621529

File: 6e4c2e29cad6381⋯.jpg (65.2 KB, 683x591, 683:591, IMG_20180213_165125.jpg)

File: 930dde26333a5c5⋯.webm (2.15 MB, 854x480, 427:240, a_bit_perturbed.webm)

154ab6 No.621530

File: ee63f6a9db5e5d9⋯.png (853.69 KB, 746x590, 373:295, doggyhug.png)




>kills a dog

a6058a No.621531


was it gay?

20fe33 No.621532

File: aff570d366620e5⋯.png (102.61 KB, 1519x1293, 1519:1293, Bowden3.png)

b7ea0f No.621533


Dunno who she is. Don't think she's anybody in particular, just that she claims to have had aid workers as parents and is giving insight into what life is like as a child of aid workers again, if it's true

b7beef No.621534

File: c2745d187f07b90⋯.png (677.29 KB, 772x684, 193:171, gay kangz.PNG)

File: c2745d187f07b90⋯.png (677.29 KB, 772x684, 193:171, gay kangz.PNG)

154ab6 No.621535

File: 51b15b902d3415c⋯.png (11.1 KB, 477x463, 477:463, niggerpepe.png)


>niggresses are all bald because they hate their nappy shit hair but having da weave is like saying they want to be white

20fe33 No.621536

File: 17edb7c894eb376⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 640x564, 160:141, mfw watching Gran Torino.jpg)

c73da6 No.621537


Fuck off with that White fragility.

b7beef No.621538

File: d4cf3794737607b⋯.webm (2.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, aryan_robot.webm)

c73da6 No.621539

File: b2030edbcd93b38⋯.png (398.54 KB, 650x433, 650:433, Alek Wek.png)

2b5127 No.621540


Love that tune

d7795c No.621541


that weekend there is also the potential for a SIS op involving kosher dafties vs. mohammedan dafties

bc29ef No.621542


Their obsession with whites is hilarious tbh

b7beef No.621543

File: 17b3f9a57535fd4⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 370x493, 370:493, Styxnudenhammer666.jpg)

File: 3572432aef4ec28⋯.jpg (39.43 KB, 680x510, 4:3, styx 2.jpg)


>lol remember when he was a trannie

c73da6 No.621544

File: 55b19c34ebb891d⋯.png (37.01 KB, 761x371, 761:371, bpreview.PNG)

Another Hate Crime

b7beef No.621545


>I'm trying to figure out what the Jews get out of converting their allies into enemies.

The old divide and conquer…An excuse to get eternal gibs and behave like complete cunts and get away with it while playing both sides off against each other

bc29ef No.621547

5c5da0 No.621690

File: e522c8f7ab0de18⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


3c4c2c No.621693



Start one.

Rent a space and have people chip in subs to cover the rent. That way it isn't a business.

In related news, was in Aldi today and noticed that they have a selection of weights for decent prices.

£25 for a 24kg 3/4 length barbell set, £5 for a 10kg disc, 10kg dumbell set cheap. It's a good way to start, and the barbell doesn't take up as much space, comes in a sturdy plastic case with a handle.

I'd recommend dumbells for home use though, take up less space and you're more likely to pick them up if you can leave them out.

3c4c2c No.621706


Quite clearly stated.

She'll wind up assassinated, either physically, economically or by character.

3c4c2c No.621719


Do that ever winter in ghetto areas, you'll kill off a few thousand from flu etc.

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