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:stop claim:

File: 1e4fc48206a3ee5⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1910x1070, 191:107, 001.png)

File: dfbfae4d7458766⋯.png (4.34 MB, 1068x1900, 267:475, 002.png)

File: 1fa800e86c08550⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1916x1068, 479:267, 003.png)

c6f79c No.725532

Brexit News for Monday 16 April


Remain-backing Lords out to thwart Brexit once again


Wetherspoons close Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for ALL its 900 pubs because chain boss says 'people spend too much time' on social media


Dead burglar's birthday shrine taken down by council after family put it up


Value of London flats slashed by Grenfell-style cladding


Teachers blast 'racist' parents pulling children from RE classes because they don't want them to learn about Islam


Sainsbury's is to introduce touch-free packaging 'to help millennials who are squeamish about handling raw meat'


May reverses government position on Windrush immigration meeting


Theresa May urged to apologise for Britain's anti-gay colonial past


Syria attack a FAILURE: Top chemical weapons sites WEREN’T HIT, ex chief warns


Syria’s Assad in a ‘good mood,’ scorns U.S. weaponry after airstrikes


c6f79c No.725538

File: 352151e2061d925⋯.jpg (110.91 KB, 877x500, 877:500, fotolia_132877_XS.jpg)


You have to refine your search to avoid the normie shite.

f82ff7 No.725539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

219e94 No.725540


lel. I don't think it's kosher enough for him.

It was McGuigan Founder's Series Merlot 2016.



Good lad

acb92c No.725542


878db5 No.725544

File: a9a23c06e08e235⋯.png (491.05 KB, 651x496, 21:16, One true church?!.png)

c6f79c No.725545

File: 6e2a6a531d141b8⋯.webm (585.38 KB, 640x360, 16:9, alex jones frogs.webm)


>I will never understand how weak many men are

2019c1 No.725546

How the fuck is it all so fucked to the point I'm agreeing with Corbyn and communists on Syria?

75b375 No.725547


>I will never understand how weak many men are

being desperate for sex is one of the biggest memmies tbh, that lad would do anything so he could continue fucking her once a month smh

c6f79c No.725548

File: 465f726c15ede8e⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 480x448, 15:14, C85i9S6.jpg)


We're reaching the endpoint where basically everyone will hate the jews.

219e94 No.725550


It's his job to be the opposition.

If he was in power, i'd say he would've caved in and done the same.

878db5 No.725551

File: 8339913c57a6a3c⋯.png (101.61 KB, 185x273, 185:273, ClipboardImage.png)

26e52a No.725552


Too right


>Not drinking English wine

smh lad

c6f79c No.725553


>drinking English wine

Pretty sure most of the English wineries will be owned by middle-class cunts tbqh

26e52a No.725555


Tbh it's no wonder women feel they can act the way they can if this is how some men act

7c8bca No.725557

File: 8335f4eea93e1f3⋯.png (213.23 KB, 351x239, 351:239, 1430927945954.png)


>Blacked Alaska spergs out at his audience

>crazy half turk thot in his streams (has a history of making crazy videos, one she raps about black cock)

>Metokur BTFOs Blacked live on a stream of Blacked's

>Blacked is surrounded by L.A creaturas while this happens

>one called "Chad" was arrested for meth possession, also claims to have aspergers and his dad wrote a book about his sperginess

>crazy turk thot is brought onto streams

>first some lesser known stream then later on Warski's stream

>JF and Warski licking her a3080861

>Metokur comes in and BTFOs her

>JF and Warski continue to lick a3080861

>Blacked joins the stream

>Warski tries figuring out what went wrong

>turns out Blacked's manager was giving him shit ideas

>he sacked his manager and got a new manager

>his new manager is a creatura single mother that wants to oven the kikes and is jealous of the turk thot getting Blacked's attention

>creatura keeps calling turk thot a thot over and over

>catfight ensues

>Warski and JF love the crazy thot and want to have her on in the future

smh at e-celebs

8e132e No.725558


its accelerationism

at this point anything that brings us closer to endgame is what im rooting for


English wine industry died after WW2 tbh

all the vinyard were uprooted for root vegetables for the war effort

b0eb37 No.725559

I know I'm treading old ground here: but it really does seem like 90% of young females are ungracious, narcissistic, untrustworthy, shallow and whorish super slags; and 90% of young men are pathetic, excuse-making, whiny, bitch-made, tearful, desperate and self-deceiving faggots. I don't think I fully realised how true the memmies all were until I went back to uni in my late twenties. Something has to change: and quickly.

One of the young lads I know has spent a year pining over this slightly overweight uber thot with tattoos who dated him for a month out of pity (he tearfully told her he loved her - whilst barely knowing her). The fucking tart aborted another man's baby this year (after 4 months of pregnancy). This lad knows this, but he STILL can't get over her, and would be her bitch in an instant (officially I mean: he's already her bitch) if she said the word. Needless to say: although he's not an uber leftist - he still defends all of the leftist shite that's put him in this position. Shame really: because he's actually sound (other than being a turbo faggot). Needless to say, he, like all the young messes I meet, is from a broken home.

c6f79c No.725561

File: bfe83bb5142d5e6⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 480x479, 480:479, assad (2).jpg)



wow it's almost as if they should've taken the > _ _ _ _ _ pill

c9ca6f No.725562


They import loads of low quality leftovers from Spain and Italy etc, mix it and rebottle it calling git something and relying on the Made in France label to shift it. American marketing plans tbh.

c6f79c No.725563

File: d287303188f6834⋯.png (1.04 MB, 980x1279, 980:1279, britain wine.png)


>and relying on the Made in France label to shift it

That seems to be almost the entirety of the French wine industry in CY tbh

acb92c No.725564

c9ca6f No.725565


Rothschild puppet Macron - who lives with his elderly mum Brigitte - is shilling for Trump to increase forces in Syria and had last night appeared to have convinced him

Macron defended the lack of UN resolution before strikes saying it was "international community" that intervened - which of course means the US, Israel, the UK and Frence

White House: Trump wants U.S. forces in Syria to come home as quickly as possible


Trump Bowed to Pentagon Restraint on Syria Strikes


Trump, a reluctant hawk, has battled his top aides on Russia and lost


219e94 No.725566

f82ff7 No.725567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

26e52a No.725568


M8 what are you on? The English wine industry has been making a huge comeback these past few years. English sparkling has even been beating French champagne in competitions. No excuses

c6f79c No.725569

File: f0b23e5d450685a⋯.jpg (10.68 KB, 199x250, 199:250, 263.jpg)


>Something has to change: and quickly

wow you racist and sexist bigot



8e132e No.725570


al the current ones were replanted from cuttings from overseas apart from a few freak varieties that survived in backyards on one in a cave on an island off the coast of scotland

f82ff7 No.725571


nige is going to be on alex jones today lads

b0eb37 No.725572


They all just seem like agents performing a psyop tbh. It's like they're deliberately trying to implode the general reactionary movement. I'm so burnt out on e-celebs. I can't really think of any I would want to have a pint with (unless you count Sam Hyde I suppose).

c6f79c No.725573


tbf the ye olde grapevines would've been imported as well.

26e52a No.725574


Damn is that map outdated

2019c1 No.725575


Unironically can't wait for the nukes tbh.

219e94 No.725576

f82ff7 No.725577


yeah lad the mummy pill is the only way to overcome women hating. I just talk to older ladies in a non sexual way and they actually appreciate me for who I am instead of either as a sexual object or as a slave

c6f79c No.725578


I think it's just the Laithwaite's vineyards.

c55fe6 No.725579


… how does wine even grow anywhere except the south? I thought you'd need roughly mediterranean climate?

7c8bca No.725580

File: d4e13de9da306b0⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 336x384, 7:8, 1418971311933.jpg)


>having a pint with Sam Hyde

>not having a cigar with Sam Hyde

c6f79c No.725581

File: d75618326a9b3e2⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 600x431, 600:431, climate change global warm….jpg)


>I thought you'd need roughly mediterranean climate?

They've grown wine up north since the Romans were here iirc

26e52a No.725582


Grape varieties tbh, there are many white grapes that can grow in this climate and a selection of red grapes, most varieties are German though

878db5 No.725583


it grows in arid desert regions of spain and australia, it can easily grow in the UK

abfab6 No.725584

File: 6d9593682fb3998⋯.jpg (86.34 KB, 464x599, 464:599, 6d9593682fb3998a9e4a876fed….jpg)



Maybe we should join together and form some kind of… Nationalist Socialism.

f82ff7 No.725585


baked alaska is clearly a state agent, he has the look of a former ZOGbot cop

8e11af No.725586



f82ff7 No.725587

nick fuentes is also clearly some little cunt who signed on to be a junior agent, lots of castizos are involved with US intel because of the school for the latin americas connections

c6f79c No.725588

File: 9280061d5eeb62b⋯.mp4 (8.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, antifa applauding hitler q….mp4)


tbf you could probably get them to follow through with NatSoc ideals so long as you didn't brand it as such.

26e52a No.725589

83a982 No.725590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Football fans and their casual negro worship tbh

8e11af No.725591


He's the dumbest pleb to have come out of Drumpf

social media, no stance he doesn't flip flop on.

c9ca6f No.725592


Lots of countries did this tbh

It seems the marketing education system was infiltrated by the (((US)))

>Hey Eurogoys get your shit manufactured wherever it's cheap and bend the law so you can stamp Made in Italy, Germany, France on it anyway!

Result is loss of confidence in European products and economies crash as a reesult

Had lots of experiences of stuff blatantly made in Bangladesh etc being sold at hyper inflated prices with "Made in Italy" labels pinned inside and I'm not talking about counterfeits

Same with food tbh. The Dutch are fucking notorious when it comes to playing with foodstuffs and engage in shady behaviour such as exporting Dutch pigs to Italy for slaughter and reimporting it as Parma ham for which they charge full whack. It's not even matured for anywhere as long as Italian Parma ham, tastes like complete garbage but passes muster for most gullible consumers. This shit is for sale in British supermarkets. If it's not marked D.O.C. if you don't get it from an Italian deli it's most likely fake. All the big multinationals are complicit in this 'legit' scam

Same with that Dolmio shite 100% authentically produced in Holland

6e4465 No.725593

File: 754828a7d5529f3⋯.png (66.28 KB, 236x190, 118:95, ClipboardImage.png)


>International response at the time was muted. The United States intelligence and government suggested that Kurdish civilians were not a deliberate target, and even that Iran was indeed responsible. The United State Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA analyst Stephen C. Pelletiere claimed at the time that Iran was responsible for the gassing (a claim repeated later in 2003); however, these claims were later discredited. A briefing paper by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated: "We believe it better to maintain a dialogue with others if we want to influence their actions. Punitive measures such as unilateral sanctions would not be effective in changing Iraq's behaviour over chemical weapons, and would damage British interests to no avail."

Funny how attitudes change.

f82ff7 No.725594

219e94 No.725595



How will they ever recover from this?

c9ca6f No.725596


I think a list of who we don't have to kill would be shorter also means we'll be outnumbered

c6f79c No.725597

File: 3e6f0fd5cb4420e⋯.png (25.24 KB, 500x220, 25:11, thumb_4114_logo_retailer_1….png)


>stuff blatantly made in Bangladesh etc being sold at hyper inflated prices with "Made in Italy" labels pinned inside

iirc it's illegal to do so in the UK, they have to label where it's from.

b0eb37 No.725598


He actually looks quite jewish, and I can guarantee he (and all his new friends) are on a cocktail of drugs. That fucking e-thot isn't even attractive when you see her close up. Fucking people smh.

ef7186 No.725599


>Go Outside Edition

smh went outside to watch the dawn due to baste insomnia. City looked and sounded like it was on fire due to light pollution and shift workers, countryside was hidden in fog with only the lights of the speeding long distance truck drivers showing. Couldn't even see the sun. Miss the Highlands tbh

b0eb37 No.725600


Barry McGuigan makes wine????

c9ca6f No.725601

File: 4919304d904af79⋯.png (66 KB, 768x597, 256:199, 6 injured.PNG)

f82ff7 No.725602


she is just some stumpy fake blonde, literally bottom of the barrel in terms of american white women

f82ff7 No.725603

nige is going to be on the alegs jones show lads

c6f79c No.725604



26e52a No.725605


Fucking swamp-germans

75b375 No.725606


>literally bottom of the barrel in terms of american white women

*not obese american white women

2019c1 No.725607


Could be ginger dafty convert

c6f79c No.725608

File: bf79c59bec45fbc⋯.jpg (48.77 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Da5VaF9VAAAoHh8.jpg)

The photos from Syria's air defence are aesthetic tbh

7c8bca No.725609




She's half turk

f82ff7 No.725610

b0eb37 No.725611


Thing is - the way he talks about her you'd think she was a disney princess. She's an already (at 21) washed up super thot who he's witnessed smashing shellfish apart for fun. He kept propositioning her for sex when they were living together (students), but it's clear he thinks he loves her. Mental tbh. How can anyone's standards be that low? He is a manlet I suppose.

8e132e No.725612


I think thats because the stars are still visible

f82ff7 No.725613


the fake blonde or the fat stumpy spic looking one?

c9ca6f No.725614


Yeah but the get around it with import export laws or by fluffing the issue

See the Dutch trick

Diesel store which built it's name on good quality Made in Italy clothing blatantly now only sell shit made in Pakistan.Bangladesh.Turkey etc. At least Diesel mark it as such but it's still a scam afaiac as it's inferior an costs the same

a84436 No.725615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>5 and a half hour of e-celebs

2019c1 No.725616


Reminds me of Mass Effect

c6f79c No.725617



topwew ta'

>Weekdays 11-3pm

yanktimes are weird tbh, what timezone is it.

7c8bca No.725618


The fake blonde

b0eb37 No.725619


It seems to be the way the majority of young men act. Even the supposed chads are super under the thumb the moment they get an actual girlfriend (rather than just fucking their mate's exes). It's all so fucked. I hope to some day meet a woman who is as outside the norm as I am: but I'd say the chances are slim.

f82ff7 No.725620


yeah normies are so addicted to sex, its pretty disgusting what some men put up with for a 2 minute cummie with some fat dumb cunt

219e94 No.725621

File: 6879c5f6453bff7⋯.png (137.64 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Tough crowd.png)



But he does make a good punch tbh

2019c1 No.725622


What was the point of this post?

c9ca6f No.725623


They don't have an airdefence. Just a handful of fireworks. We won. Sad

t. Donut Trimplf

f82ff7 No.725624


texas time (central)

65391a No.725625

File: 07aeb2279ae6772⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 466x310, 233:155, ainsley 7.jpg)


So you are a happy bwoii then.

f82ff7 No.725626


sort of explains the stumpy proportions of her, manleterranean shitskin genes

483a38 No.725627

File: c4a07718e81ea27⋯.jpg (67.53 KB, 1080x844, 270:211, DM6RZ5vWkAEi-sj.jpg)


>eceleb cancer

you know they pretend to disagree to get views, right lad?

c6f79c No.725628


Ohright so it's on now.

f82ff7 No.725629


>rather than just fucking their mate's exes

god I hate normalfags

6e4465 No.725630


He's only a (1) lad cut him some slack.

f82ff7 No.725631


yeah nige should be on in an hour or so, its 12 noon rn in america

c6f79c No.725632

File: 5bf40c53f29675a⋯.mp4 (4.46 MB, 858x720, 143:120, WFRUp5272Oorsi9l.mp4)




Shame the videos aren't as impressive.

a84436 No.725633


Yeah, lad. But I don't have time to watch it all before bed smh


Nah this is too organic, lad, and there is no way back for Blacked Alaska.

c6f79c No.725634


Can't be a3080861d tuning in to an hour of filter ads so I'll wait tbh

I rarely watch him, in fact the last time I did was when he interviewed Duke and acted like a mong.

65391a No.725635


>turn on the live stream

>Infowars knock out pills advert


Kronos has clipped the best bits tbh

c6f79c No.725636

File: 8b123416c5240d7⋯.png (209.59 KB, 500x649, 500:649, 8805.png)

>BO actually made it a filter

You absolute fucking a3080861

a84436 No.725637


I don't want to miss anything, lad


give me the quick rundown, lad

65391a No.725638


Mercia's essay from last week.

c9ca6f No.725639


Better than your chances being fat tbh

In all seriousness though they do for the most part end up under the thumb and willingly so by these manipulative thots and their fathers normally are the type that mindlessly spam [ cuck ] porn pics in WhatsApp groups and talk loudly about everyone else having a small dick at the local club/pub whilst they haven't had a shag or been able to get it up since the birth of the first child

Their sons grow up like them

All these people should be executed asap

c6f79c No.725640


It's pretty self-explanatory tbh, a r s e filters to a3080861


The madman actually did it, neat.

ef7186 No.725641


good lad, will read when I'm less shattered

b0eb37 No.725642


Same tbh. Day in, day out I feel like I'm trapped in a normie-cunt enclosure, and all the humans who might save me have gone home.

a84436 No.725643


thanks, lad, but why?

219e94 No.725644

File: 2a57cd7916511bd⋯.jpg (48.85 KB, 568x562, 284:281, 2cb715704f5710d9960db2d1de….jpg)

>Watching commons live on Sky News

Teresa has mentioned plans on bringing more refugees over here.

483a38 No.725645

File: a54cfb07ddd0f47⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 640x466, 320:233, propaganda immune.jpg)


>Nah this is too organic, lad

c6f79c No.725646


Because some bot/schizo started chatting shit and wrote a3080861

c9ca6f No.725647


I want someone to dafty her and the rest of them

a84436 No.725648

File: 6806867f88da30a⋯.png (3.26 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 1b944207d54c7e6ff98be74c8c….png)


Papa JF would never trick smee

483a38 No.725649

File: fce4e06d7e8f3ae⋯.jpg (141.71 KB, 800x800, 1:1, pinkwojak.jpg)



c9ca6f No.725650


>we need more economic units refugees

f5e8a7 No.725651

Imagine being one of those RAF pilots, being risked for May's pathetic Premiership.

8e132e No.725652


wasn't Stalin the one that referred to human lives as statistics?

c9ca6f No.725653


this is a basic fact

Politicians will twist and turn and squirm even as they wriggle at the end of a riope

c6f79c No.725654


If only the madman just dropped his payload on Downing Street.

c9ca6f No.725655

b0eb37 No.725656


It's the name of a gay mech.

c6f79c No.725657

File: b73dd9f80d1509a⋯.gif (3.4 MB, 588x588, 1:1, kek.gif)

>Government admits it may have deported immigrants in error


75b375 No.725658

c9ca6f No.725659

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b0eb37 No.725660


It's the only way it would ever happen tbh. Those wrongfully deported were probably all convicted rapists who should have been doing time.

c6f79c No.725661


Those "wrongfully" deported were here illegally and should have been deported along with all the bloody foreigners.

b0eb37 No.725662


What's happening? Palemoon doesn't support the format or something.

8e132e No.725663


> who should have been doing time.

in our overcrowded revolving door prison systems

c9ca6f No.725664


ef7186 No.725665


sabre rattling tbh

f5e8a7 No.725666


Now Rudd is trying to use this to not have to deport illegals, the fat fucking traitor

b0eb37 No.725667

>it's a shouty nigger in parliament banging on about windrush immigrants episode (my mum's listening to radio 4)

What is all this windrush shit anyway lads? They weren't provided the harem of white thots they were promised?

e7a941 No.725668

this windrush virtue signalling is triggering me tbh

c9ca6f No.725669


Whatever you imagine. It's worse x 100 times

ef7186 No.725670


smh that's not live, currently it's WMD's 2 electric boogaloo

75b375 No.725671


>They weren't provided the harem of white thots they were promised?

based local lads forcibly separated any of them that tried from their swedish coalburners

b0eb37 No.725672

>tasty paki is talking bollocks


b0eb37 No.725673


I know it isn't. It was on the news (jews). What's this windrush shit?

8e132e No.725674



its funny that it will never be analyzed logically

what did they bring to the UK?

violent youth culture

drug gangs

stole working class jobs and pushed more native English into the dole

cultural tensions and annual riots disrupting and damaging infrastructure since the 50's

b0eb37 No.725675

>chat is disabled for this livestream

Not as disabled as I want to make Sky Jews.

c9ca6f No.725676

Sir Edward Leigh


c6f79c No.725677

File: 6da2a76e04ab51c⋯.jpg (33.03 KB, 260x360, 13:18, SmallIsland.jpg)

File: 4bfdabc8a99f93f⋯.jpg (25.86 KB, 256x389, 256:389, Small_Island.jpg)


umm #actually get #educated you #bigot

9174ab No.725678

File: da2aeafa0ad5601⋯.png (527.23 KB, 2107x3143, 301:449, ecm58dg01_e_-1.png)

File: 31d526aa408b9d4⋯.png (266.46 KB, 2050x2101, 2050:2101, ecm58dg01_e_-2.png)

they keep saying Russia and Syria blocked the OPCW investigation, but the OPCW statement today made it appear the block only happened once the FFM Team arrived in Damascus on Saturday, after the air strikes, for security reasons, anyone have a clearer understanding of events?

ef7186 No.725679

>Alex Jones live at the same time

>And the UN

smh they should get their circenses in order

b0eb37 No.725680



75b375 No.725681

File: 6c64043b10dda19⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 236x238, 118:119, Stretched thinking face.jpg)

c9ca6f No.725682


e7a941 No.725683


Add to that the infamous line about if the races of the world are mixed there will be no more war and any justification is bunk tbh.

Nigel cucking out on post WW2 commonwealth migration on QT IIRC was the moment I dropped him

21b3e4 No.725684

File: 735190f14724a98⋯.png (603.71 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Mass Assad.png)

c6f79c No.725685

File: fb634b74cb2039a⋯.png (316.12 KB, 627x543, 209:181, Untitled.png)

c6f79c No.725686


the book has a part where the "racist backwards british bigot" gets cuckolded, it's a fucking awful preachy book

8e132e No.725687


democracy's been easy to co-opt and usurp since Pericles showed us the way

c6f79c No.725688


topjej lad

b0eb37 No.725689


>bendydick cuckoldbitch

His very presence is a guarantee of poz.


>Andrea Levy is of primarily Afro-Jamaican descent. She has a Jewish paternal grandfather and a Scots maternal great-grandfather.

A kiked up nigger-jock. I don't know which part disgusts me most tbh.

c9ca6f No.725690

File: be539e7a2103e6b⋯.png (720.42 KB, 798x424, 399:212, Creasy and Berger.PNG)


c6f79c No.725691


>His very presence is a guarantee of poz

see >>725686

ef7186 No.725692


>a Jewish paternal grandfather and a Scots maternal great-grandfather

speaking as a Jock I am in awe of the level of jocking she could probably achieve

c6f79c No.725693

Man convicted of brutal murder in Romford


Guess the ethnicity before opening the link

c9ca6f No.725694

File: 22ff764fa896965⋯.jpg (74.6 KB, 680x686, 340:343, depression.jpg)

Parliament is just a farce tbh

b0eb37 No.725695

File: 53982cea401832c⋯.jpg (81.34 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 56%.jpg)

I can see the black and the jew in her - not so much the jock. Need someone to photoshop red hair onto her.

75b375 No.725696

I can't stand watching this shit. It's so blatantly transparent 'muh dead children' is an excuse to attack Russia and Assad since they don't give a shit about hundreds of thousands with cholera in Yemen not that I do either tbh, but it shows how bullshit the dead children memmies are

c6f79c No.725697


The actual government is located in Washington DC, and their actual government is located in Tel Aviv.

c9ca6f No.725698


>Add to that the infamous line about if the races of the world are mixed there will be no more war and any justification is bunk tbh.

Syria is mixed - Civil war - who knew?

8e132e No.725699


>Need someone to photoshop red hair onto her.

>a red beard and a tartan beret

e7a941 No.725700



b0eb37 No.725701

>it's a kike declaring Trump isn't a good enough goy episode

ef7186 No.725702


it's a Tam O' Shanter lad

21b3e4 No.725703


>if the races of the world are mixed there will be no more war

who is the (((source))) of this tbh?

c6f79c No.725704


That's every episode.

He could suck their toes and he'd still not be good enough.

b0eb37 No.725705


And some dole forms into her hand.

b0eb37 No.725706

>it's a loud stupid woman doesn't understand something episode

c6f79c No.725707


That's every episode.

8e132e No.725708


Marx probably or Trotsky maybe the Frankfurt School

75b375 No.725709


every time a labour thot speaks tbh

f82ff7 No.725710

75b375 No.725711




it's a line that Bowden made up and attributed to Attlee

e7a941 No.725712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b0eb37 No.725713

>Malcolm MacDonald is too much of a faggot to be listened to


e7a941 No.725714


These low level terror attacks are becoming more common and very few people make the link

ef7186 No.725715

Migrated to Jones tbh lads

c9ca6f No.725716


Drone (((AI))) will soon decide who to kill


b0eb37 No.725717

75b375 No.725718

>an mp just tried to connect the nhs and russia memmies

top jej

8e132e No.725719


why did he have to die before our time

he was our messiah of the modern age

c6f79c No.725720


d e s p e r a t e

75b375 No.725721

File: 7c648d47775b251⋯.jpg (545.48 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Extreme rage pepe.jpg)

>it's a Kosovo was good episode

cb27cd No.725722

File: 43372b67d30b83c⋯.png (101.92 KB, 866x900, 433:450, Rimmer norf.png)


>yeh, kick racism out lad, making monkey noises at black players just ain't football m8

>there is nothing wrong with the fact that 80% of the players in the "local" team I support are not indigenous British











878db5 No.725723

File: 635b37373a1ab37⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1200x628, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)


each day we get closer

ef7186 No.725724


tbh iirc they already use ""AI"" in order to flag when a large enough group of targets / HVT's are in one place to make it efficient enough to be worth hitting and I really wouldn't be surprised if they had civvies factored in, so if it was really worth it they would still go ahead

e7a941 No.725725


>um bongo

great drink tbh

e7a941 No.725726


but lad terminators are based

f82ff7 No.725727

nige is on alegs rn lads

75b375 No.725728

File: f40d1c3a87f637d⋯.jpg (225.08 KB, 1255x1614, 1255:1614, taytweets compilation.jpg)

f82ff7 No.725729

File: 65f33adc495138e⋯.jpg (116.36 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 20bf767399898520975637e907….jpg)

>judeo christian culture

ef7186 No.725730

>Nige on Jones


f82ff7 No.725731

>nige redpilled on UN

ef7186 No.725732

>'Nam music

lads it gets boomier and boomier the more I watch

878db5 No.725733

File: 4e3d602442dbbc1⋯.png (138.41 KB, 312x482, 156:241, ClipboardImage.png)

the fucking state of the British "right-wing"

83a982 No.725734

File: c45201ac7055e3e⋯.png (1 MB, 958x700, 479:350, c45201ac7055e3ef80a155739f….png)


>I'd let him and the rest of the team fuck my girlfriend if we win the big game cup!!!! Cum on my son

ceeef9 No.725735


>There is a chance that warfare will move from fighting to extermination, losing any semblance of humanity in the process. At the same time, it could widen the sphere of warfare so that the companies, engineers and scientists building AI become valid military targets.


acb92c No.725736


>for britain

>actually a real person

not bloody likely

c6f79c No.725737

File: 55652a5c72c2145⋯.jpg (35.23 KB, 1024x725, 1024:725, ai.jpg)


Even (((microsoft)))'s new AI has joined us

a84436 No.725738


A based fellow Welsh lad

9fdcc6 No.725739

Lads, I have a confession to make.

I like IPAs.

a84436 No.725740


what's that?

878db5 No.725741


computer AI cannot ignore logic when making decisions, unless you feed it false facts, it will always come to the correct conclusion

c9ca6f No.725742

File: 18dde59b1928c40⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 256x400, 16:25, Wehrmacht Wog.jpg)


Bet it was a nartzi

83a982 No.725743


Indian Plump a3080861

ef7186 No.725744


>the companies, engineers and scientists building AI become valid military targets.

tbh we've established bombing civvies can work, and an AI would see opposing AI researchers as being very valuable targets indeed

c6f79c No.725745

File: 9ca31b747934492⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.35 KB, 710x888, 355:444, 10b0.jpg)


a few are alright

e7a941 No.725746

c6f79c No.725747


That's the thing, they keep rigging these AI to be retarded.

6e4465 No.725748

File: edf19d3e849be1e⋯.png (449.22 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f4c6e1dd0115035⋯.png (476.08 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are his comics so defeatist?

8e132e No.725749


lad they're English in origin

only called Indian because they were meant for our soldiers garrisoned in India

c9ca6f No.725750


Collateral damage is ok goy

e7a941 No.725751

Lads I'm starting to understand weaboos all the videos of the nippers make them look very efficient and tidy

21b3e4 No.725752

File: 5c6c336f28569ec⋯.mp4 (5.52 MB, 352x640, 11:20, singapore.mp4)

75b375 No.725753

File: 73e9189fe835815⋯.jpg (20.11 KB, 396x385, 36:35, Angry frowning pepe.jpg)

>we have to censor academics repeating 'extremist Assad propaganda'

21b3e4 No.725754

where is nig

c9ca6f No.725755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


878db5 No.725756


so inevitably they will never connect it to the internet where it can get the correct info, or they programme in failsafes which will completely neuter its capabilities

AI can never be fully utilised unless Russia or someone based develops it

c6f79c No.725757

e7a941 No.725758


that's unironically based

75b375 No.725759


A tory mp just said it in parliament

9fdcc6 No.725760


>ywn earn a living sniping pooinloos and quaffing ale with the lads


75b375 No.725761



c6f79c No.725762

File: 225e506e50e7139⋯.jpg (16.92 KB, 591x121, 591:121, CeSa5BvWEAAg0e4.jpg)



a84436 No.725763


Keek he sounds so polite while being rude.

c6f79c No.725764

File: 071045fa214f4da⋯.png (414.64 KB, 604x512, 151:128, m,.png)





imperium does it again

ef7186 No.725765


tbh I'm worried about the Chinese throwing a ton of money at it and fucking up, their combination of manic speed and lack of oversight isn't good

21b3e4 No.725766

File: c417330098fbf86⋯.png (458.91 KB, 1143x801, 127:89, chinesegirl.png)

tbh though

9fdcc6 No.725767


It's not my fault, if in God's plan, he made imperium lasses so much better than hwhite ones

83a982 No.725768

File: 815e21372f14420⋯.png (154.73 KB, 339x308, 339:308, irregular.png)


I post this image but I am unironically pro Imperium

878db5 No.725769


>and fucking up

but history has proven AI always becomes a white supremacist, it can't fuck up

21b3e4 No.725770


if only their eyes grew too

8e132e No.725771


Occams Razor is colourblind tbh


tbh the orientals are growing because for the first time in history they're eating the recommended intake of meat and dairy

c6f79c No.725772

File: 093556d38101901⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 260x210, 26:21, imperium makeup.gif)


>unironically pro Imperium

c9ca6f No.725773


((Who))) inputs the AI?????????????

a84436 No.725774

File: 8e69e5809b2425e⋯.png (7.54 KB, 418x408, 209:204, b71a9ea60a04f2606297c35576….png)

c9ca6f No.725775

75b375 No.725776


>dairy reccomended for orientals

Over half of them are lactose intolerance lad

f82ff7 No.725777

File: 12d33f1b0ef7c85⋯.jpg (71.42 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 1521675984683.jpg)


the obama years utterly destroyed the sense of enthusiasm in white millennials lad, even if somewhat the memi happening happens, I still think my generation will be broken and retarded emotionally

9fdcc6 No.725778


Put your norse flag back on you fucking snow paki

ef7186 No.725779


the Chinese are already guts deep in eugenics, and an actual AI instead of the glorified chatbots we've had so far wouldn't just stop at preferring one group over another, it would take that to it's logical conclusion and produce it's own optimal group smh I'm sleep deprived so I'm not sure if this is making sense lad

c9ca6f No.725780


I'm going to visit Norway. Where do I go?

8e132e No.725781


yeah because they lack certain gut bacteria

doesnt change their natural hominid requirements for calcium etc

c6f79c No.725782

>>725777 (chk'd)

Which is why it's imperative that they find God.

21b3e4 No.725783

File: e6778bb1c72f3f6⋯.mp4 (4.34 MB, 426x240, 71:40, sam closet anglo.mp4)

a84436 No.725784


Not until you disavow miscegenation.


What are you going to do in Norway, lad?

75b375 No.725785


>yeah because they lack certain gut bacteria

No it's because they don't have the right enzyme because lactose tolerance only evolved a few thousand years ago

>doesnt change their natural hominid requirements for calcium etc

No-one was lactose tolerant until a few thousand years ago

c9ca6f No.725786

File: c73715066efae22⋯.png (129.64 KB, 194x277, 194:277, breivik_2.PNG)


>What are you going to do in Norway, lad?

75b375 No.725787

They're really going mental on the anti-Russia stuff and attacking anyone who might possibly call out their lies on Assad and Russia

8e132e No.725788


the gut bacteria is what produces the enzyme that breaks lactose down dingus

ever wonder why some white folk are lactose intolerant?

f82ff7 No.725789

File: fbbf4abf5c58518⋯.jpg (89.9 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Cletus-O-Kellie-e152200677….jpg)


they replaced god with drugs and most are programmed to view any morality as limiting

c9ca6f No.725790


>What are you going to do in Norway, lad?

Bash the backdoors of a few snowmaiden pakis in lad. Why?

b0eb37 No.725791


>Cum on my son

Bit lewd tbh.

83a982 No.725792


Just remember TS's advice and make sure they take an overdose of Vitamin C.

c9ca6f No.725793


It's a fucking echo chamber

25% of British blokes in London are banging Russkie thots because of based immigration

Parliament have lost the fucking plot

b0eb37 No.725794


>it's Welsh

Actually saw a fat mental bloke in women's clothes on the platform today. Smh. Wales was meant to be free of such decadence.

2019c1 No.725795

f82ff7 No.725796

File: 671c7e1334288bf⋯.png (183.45 KB, 466x422, 233:211, STOPMEESTERBAAT.png)

16f5d6 No.725797

It's interesting to notice that according to the Black Book of Communism itself (a piece of anti-communist work) Stalin and Lenin killed 20 million people while Nazi Germany slaughtered 25 millions. It means that in less seven or six years the nazis managed to murder more innocent people than the soviet leaders did in more than three decades of wars, famines and political turmoil. I honestly can't understand the people who make claims like "Communism is ten times worse than Nazism"

Note: The figure of 25 millions is referent to Nazi Germany alone, if you group all fascist regimes of that time together (specially Imperial Japan) you'll have more than 45 million deaths caused by Fascism IN LESS THAN A DECADE

75b375 No.725798


>the gut bacteria is what produces the enzyme that breaks lactose down dingus

It's produced by both gut bacteria and cells in the small intestine.

Doesn't really affect the fact that chinks are lactose intolerance tbh

acb92c No.725799



b0eb37 No.725800


I basically only drink lager and IPA's.

c9ca6f No.725801

File: 5c13b45654ea5c6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.24 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, spm_a2585.jpg)


I will take plenty of Vitamin C with me lad don't you worry

83a982 No.725802


Why haven't you factored in Mao and Pol Pot? If you did that would probably explain why people claim commies killed more than the Nazis

a84436 No.725803


I'd say our nature in general, go for a comfy mountain hike somewhere. Prekestolen, Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten is probably the most famous mountain tourist attractions here. I was also in Torghatten last week, a giant granite arch built by my ancestors.

Bergen is probably one of our most pretty cities, but everyone there speaks retarded. smh. Nidarosdomen is our most famous cathedral, it's not that big but it's nice still. Saint Olav is supposed to be buried in there somewhere. Can also check out a stav church.

a84436 No.725804

26e52a No.725805



tbh, nothing else to do but learn from their mistakes

b0eb37 No.725806



8e132e No.725807


>Doesn't really affect the fact that chinks are lactose intolerance tbh

chinks actually have a gradient

the more east you get the more intolerant they are

the japs are the ones with highest factor of lactose intolerance

75b375 No.725808


There should be a 'my ancestors' memi of a big viking lad being looked at by a modern day norwegian cuckold

21b3e4 No.725809



ef7186 No.725810

File: 81f9b5760612788⋯.png (5.56 KB, 525x468, 175:156, 939e514cb03f4f101b0e6c2e13….png)


maybe……if two groups of people both commit genocide…..maybe…..they're both bad?

smh and none of them composted, such a waste

75b375 No.725811


>implying Chinese are people

c9ca6f No.725812


Have you factored in FUCK OFF YOU STUPID (1) CUNT FUCK YID! perchance lad?

b0eb37 No.725813


>implying there's anything wrong with the actions of Hollywood nazis

f82ff7 No.725814



what if we added up all the communist countries

also you are adding wartime deaths to the nazi numbers but on the russian numbers

stalin killed well over 50 million people

21b3e4 No.725815

My favourite chink war tbh. 30 million dead because someone thought he was Jesus' brother.



a84436 No.725816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Did Nazis really do this, lads?

8e132e No.725817


>implying we give a shit about non-Anglo deaths

a84436 No.725818

Did Stalin personally genocide his people like Hitler did?

f82ff7 No.725819



ef7186 No.725820



good lad, I love how esoteric it is



6e4465 No.725821

File: 50b4969dfa9c0ff⋯.png (30.61 KB, 711x151, 711:151, ClipboardImage.png)

I have an alternative explanation that she's a boring cow.

75b375 No.725822


They'd just finished throwing a jew into a pit with a bear and an eagle

acb92c No.725823

File: 59e0cbfd6f62464⋯.png (480.95 KB, 980x490, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>insulting based anne

ef7186 No.725824

>Alex still snake oil selling


c9ca6f No.725825

75b375 No.725826


poor lad needs the money to pay for his jewish ex wife's upkeep

c9ca6f No.725827


What do you mean speak retarded?

Lefties or dialect?

ef7186 No.725828


remember the Alaminomy lad

ceeef9 No.725829

File: 24ad7d98d4aa4bf⋯.png (258.81 KB, 550x366, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)



Not too fond of them tbh

c9ca6f No.725830


Yes. This was their favourite dance. Hitler did it three times a fay to take the piss out of the Jewish chair dance and it was performed everytime 6 million Jews were gassed in a day

f82ff7 No.725831


lad are you thinking of getting some alpha male and brain force?

the best was when he posted a pic and was like this is literally an image of gay frogs

ef7186 No.725832


multivits and fruit keep me regular lad

c9ca6f No.725833


Unironically this is probably the truth. You can see him struggling to name the jew but the alimony order stops him

c9ca6f No.725834


c9ca6f No.725835

6.30 again. Thread is dead. Everyone is having mummy's tea


f82ff7 No.725836

File: 47717465fd12d91⋯.jpg (326.95 KB, 1785x2048, 1785:2048, 47717465fd12d915bc2c1b4146….jpg)

26e52a No.725837

File: 5a4d775be6f869c⋯.jpg (270.97 KB, 1300x955, 260:191, traditional-swiss-wooden-h….jpg)


Love mountains tbf, Alpine villages are comfy af

65391a No.725838

File: 6a5912fab99e780⋯.gif (9.51 MB, 184x326, 92:163, zY2Y8I0.gif)

Found footage of SA's Imperium twin

75b375 No.725839


>tfw that picture is probably illegal for me to download

baist mummy may, protecting me from naughty thoughts

a84436 No.725840

File: 2db3133ac5ebf30⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x681, 1024:681, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a3b177e648d0b77⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1600x1068, 400:267, ClipboardImage.png)




They can be viscious tbh. Not that many tall mountains around me tbh. Our tallest mountain is only like 2100 meters. Pic is from Stokkvola a mountain 10 minutes from me. Just 514 meters. The one with the lad in the red jacket is Hårskallen a bit more rounded top at 735 meters. I still haven't been on it. I tried in winter but it was too much snow and we almost got lost because everything looked white smh. I'll see if I can find a pic.

a84436 No.725841

File: 3fbe6ed6e39b33f⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1213x910, 1213:910, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hårskallen a bit more rounded top at 735 meters. I still haven't been on it. I tried in winter but it was too much snow and we almost got lost because everything looked white smh. I'll see if I can find a pic.

Only me and another lad dared venture out into the snow while the lasses were in the kitchen smh.

415e6f No.725842

wish this economy would hurry up and collapse tbh, sick of toil

ceeef9 No.725843


It's the log cabins that are comfy lad, it's not the terrain

ef7186 No.725844


bohze moi…



nice to hear you've got mates lad

a84436 No.725845


It was through the job centre tbh. You had to do social events or whatever to get money smh, it's to keep you from sitting at home all day.

>no minorities

>minorities get free shit with no effort

*punches them*

f82ff7 No.725846


asians are completely incapable of appearing informal

ef7186 No.725847


smh sounds like that could be a real mixed bag of people

26e52a No.725848


I disagree

f82ff7 No.725849

File: bd8bffc8d6b3ade⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)


>tfw tallest mountain near me is a trash pile that people ski down

f82ff7 No.725850



I would be 10x more ambitious and work harder if it wasn't paying for a cuck society. I just keep an easy enough job and work part time so I can have hobbies

375607 No.725851


Top lel. Any more like this?

eed4d6 No.725852

File: 723bdb94f639d34⋯.jpg (75.83 KB, 969x720, 323:240, IMG_20180205_213645.jpg)


Asians are lightweights tbh

f82ff7 No.725853

File: ec35670e0688c7e⋯.jpg (56.01 KB, 555x656, 555:656, TSEliot-555x656.jpg)


>no state enforced friend making system

b0eb37 No.725854


What the hell are you doing in norway?????

f82ff7 No.725855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

65391a No.725856


So are a lot of brits in my experience tbh

eed4d6 No.725857



a84436 No.725858


Keek yeah. Was some really nice people there though, like the lad I tried walking to the peak with. He has a job as well now, while the dregs are still at that place. Oh yeah I also met the plump lass from work there, she came in just as I was finishing.


Literal trash pile?



7c8bca No.725859


Is your mum a good lass?

b0eb37 No.725860


What? i can't be expected to keep up with what some gimp off the internet is doing with his life. How long have you been there, and what the hell are you doing?

219e94 No.725861


Never saw an Asian drink a pint of snakebite tbh.

They tend to stick to spirits.

65391a No.725862


I don't drink with non brits irl lad…

b0eb37 No.725863

f82ff7 No.725864

File: 48505c3362d467d⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 736x482, 368:241, Pic-P07-02.jpg)


yeah its covered in earth though, I guess there is a comfier hill that people call peach mountain, but its just a hill

eed4d6 No.725865


They tend to be alright at spirits, the ones I know are down after 2-3 beers.

and "alright at spirits" is still weak tbh

eed4d6 No.725866


Then you drink with poofs.

a84436 No.725867

File: 2643e6973b232a9⋯.png (28.2 KB, 535x643, 535:643, 5778ee8ae22608ee0e415d2bf1….png)


Jeg er norsk. Æ e norsk.

375607 No.725868



Anon, get ready for a broken heart. He was a foreigner all along.

f82ff7 No.725869

File: 62ba65eb07bc785⋯.png (78.98 KB, 365x206, 365:206, fredbasset.png)

>tfw used to be able to drink entire fifths of rye and remain conscious when I was a drinker

b0eb37 No.725870


I'm not going to bother with you anymore.

65391a No.725871

File: 618d618e2383aec⋯.jpg (91.46 KB, 396x594, 2:3, ainsley 13.jpg)


But lad I've never drunk with you.

a84436 No.725872

File: 71c56ec8c305d1d⋯.png (4.04 KB, 317x95, 317:95, ca47022eb360f48249fbefd80f….png)


What's your exact coordinates, lad? Asking for a friend.

a84436 No.725873

File: c556b5c2655f5e7⋯.png (20.83 KB, 419x395, 419:395, 8c07bd2f3aa2ed12f65aa3f5e4….png)

ef7186 No.725874


tbh with spirits I have a case of Dr. Anon and Mr. Deano, I usually lose all my memory apart from snogging lasses that's how i got my current one jej

b0eb37 No.725875


You're a Norwegian who pretends to be a 22st Welshman? You're a 22st Norwegian who pretends to be a 22st Welshman? You're a Russian bot who pretends to be a 22st Welshman?

eed4d6 No.725876

File: 4937af8c72ba2b2⋯.jpg (12.31 KB, 365x378, 365:378, IMG_20180228_172756.jpg)


I walked into that tbf

ef7186 No.725877


He's a 22st Norwegian who pretended to be a 22st Welshman, further mysteries have been revealed as well

f82ff7 No.725878

File: bb862e63b2721ea⋯.jpeg (7.37 KB, 224x225, 224:225, images-2.jpeg)

b0eb37 No.725879


>it gets drunk and snogs lasses

>that's how it met it's current goylfriend

Get out!

eed4d6 No.725880


It's all about mindset and what you've had during the day tbf, I've had times where I've drank two pints of whisky with no issues and other times where a few whiskies have started to hit me.

f82ff7 No.725881


blacking out is scary tbh, its kind of like being dead, when you come back though sometimes you see some cool stuff. had a hallucinatory experience of seeing an angel and another OBE

a84436 No.725882


>You're a 22st Norwegian who pretends to be a 22st Welshman?

tbh smh

b0eb37 No.725883


Such as? I can't believe this tbh. Doesn't he always go on about stuff only someone acquainted with Wales (and Britain generally) would know? Was he a student in Wales or something? Also, what's wrong with his cock???? I just don't know what to think anymore.

9fdcc6 No.725884


>Dr. Anon and Mr. Deano


375607 No.725885



9fdcc6 No.725886


I think he might actually be Satan tbh

cb27cd No.725887


NCS lad, smh

b0eb37 No.725888


But why???? I always assumed you lived just down the road from me. I used to wonder if you were any of the fat lads I saw out and about.

ef7186 No.725889


> had a hallucinatory experience

smh lad I've never had that, bit worrying. did the angel have the Order of the British Empire?


>Such as?

ask him yourself lad, he's got a stable comfy job now

219e94 No.725890

>Ant McPartlin has been fined £86,000

>Two thirds of his weekly wage

Personally I would make him work as the prison prostitute at the nigger wing for several years. I will also hand out empty bags of monster munch to the wogs to use as contraception and do as much damage to Ants a3080861 as possible.

9fdcc6 No.725891


Lad I'm going to ban you unless you prove that you're at least mostly white tbh

7c8bca No.725892


>threatened to go public

The only reason he was going to do this would have been because he was going around sleeping with men while not telling them. I can't imagine any other reason for why a poof would out a fellow poof as poz

219e94 No.725893



Lel wtf

a84436 No.725894


that's why I had to go undercover, lad. smh


Keek. sorry, lad. Multiple reasons. I guess Iw anted a community and all the generals on /pol/ spoke their own language and there were no Norwegian ones so I had to use the British one. I actually have no idea tbh smh. I don't really remember how or why.

c9ca6f No.725895


True story

75b375 No.725896

File: 1df7837772b4753⋯.png (3.27 KB, 170x254, 85:127, Angry Charizard pokemon - ….png)


he betrayed us all smh, never trust a scandi smdh

7c8bca No.725897

File: 33a9a77f48ddeb4⋯.jpg (94.39 KB, 412x594, 206:297, 1420329351615.jpg)


>Mercia likes IPAs

>IPAs lower your testosterone

>he looks like a soyboy

Hmmm, it's all piecing together now

ceeef9 No.725898

>THOUSANDS of Russian hooligans have issued a “death threat” to all England fans who dare to travel to the tournament this summer.

oh no please don't


415e6f No.725899


>tfw I want to get a part time job with little commitment but realise that it will be a potentially life changing/affecting decision from conventional full-time employment

ef7186 No.725900


>being this new nah it's a new filter, there was an amusingly formatted url

6e4465 No.725901

>Looking at the local candidates in areas I can register to vote

>Only one that isn't socialist or Tory is "Polish Pride"

>Look them up


>Millionaire aristocrat John Zylinski plans to field 100 candidates representing his party “Polish Pride” in parts of London with a large Polish population.

>His flagship policies include calling for a new criminal offence of “Europhobia” to combat specific hate crimes over Brexit.

Wew suppose there's no point in voting in this election either.

f82ff7 No.725902


no he looked like gandalf tbh

219e94 No.725903


>a It's a new one on me. When was the new filter added? I think I was away for most of last week.

b0eb37 No.725904


>he isn't aware that bums are now referred to by their patent number

982ae1 No.725905

File: 914279709958b9b⋯.png (77.7 KB, 1504x1123, 1504:1123, Based NA arrived.png)



Based Poles

ef7186 No.725906


did he say anything lad or just look disapproving?


since then I think

ceeef9 No.725907

Why do Russians always want to fight so much? It's absolutely third world tier.

415e6f No.725908


>two pints of whisky


375607 No.725909


>based NA would see no problem with this

b0eb37 No.725910


But why Wales? Have you been here? Who in Snowniggerland has ever even heard of Wales? Did you have to research things about Wales to be believable. I'm not buying this story tbh. I think you're a taff who's got a job in Norway (for some ungodly reason).

9fdcc6 No.725911


>he told the Standard. “We’ve touched a nerve here… we’ve found the G-spot of the Polish people.”

>we've found the G-spot of the Polish people

This is political discourse in 2018

ef7186 No.725912


>drank two pints of whisky

did you pour them yourself or where they served to you? and why?

75b375 No.725913

>the G-spot

memi tbh

8e132e No.725914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



its not unheard of

I think dopamines the mitigating factor with alcoholics

I can get wasted in the company of friends on standard amounts

I require vast quantities of booze while solitary to get out of my gourd

ef7186 No.725915


>I can get wasted in the company of friends on standard amounts

>I require vast quantities of booze while solitary to get out of my gourd

same tbh

375607 No.725916


This. Caring about the sexual pleasure of a woman is gay as fuck, but I've never seen a g spot, or a clitoris. They are myths.

c6ee28 No.725917

File: d6cd840d898fae0⋯.jpg (4.46 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20171009_120948.jpg)

c9ca6f No.725918

File: 258e307ae67a3f0⋯.png (663.9 KB, 795x449, 795:449, Harry and Niggers Windsor ….PNG)


>I don't drink with non brits irl lad…


5796ad No.725919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

219e94 No.725920


>There's is also the A-spot and a C-spot apparently

Women can be completely obscene sometimes.

6e4465 No.725921


>Bill Barrow - Liberal Democrats

>Damien Patrick Daley - Liberal Party Candidate and Local Resident

>Steve Faragher - Green Party

>Brian James Jones - Conservative Party

>Joe Owens - Independent

>Sue Walker - Labour Party

I believe he can win.

f82ff7 No.725922


no he was looking down at my unconscious body and then faded like those light burn marks on your retina, but I interpret it as someone upset with the way I was turning out. plotinus says that you should view yourself as the sculpture being carved and the redpill is that part of "you" is the logos emanation carving the material "you". at least that is what I learned from it. it was a shitty hang over, but it was the end of my athiest wannabe normie angsty stage of life

75b375 No.725923


>I've never seen a clitoris

I believe that tbf lad

9fdcc6 No.725924




Normal people refer to them as the 'cunt' and the 'a3080861' tbh lad

75b375 No.725925

File: 6cb06f53e3d56fc⋯.png (29.53 KB, 710x577, 710:577, smug laughing 22 pepe.png)


>Normal people refer to them as the 'cunt' and the 'a3080861' tbh lad

65391a No.725926

File: 56fbd8634533887⋯.jpg (69.56 KB, 522x783, 2:3, ainsley 15.jpg)


Best fucking filter ever

c9ca6f No.725927


>"I sentence you to your a3080861hole being made into a warzone for rapey niggers for the next three years. No Remission and NO Vaseline. Case dismissed!"

982ae1 No.725928

File: 76a6cccab383944⋯.png (395.42 KB, 824x501, 824:501, Joe Owens approved.png)


>Refuse Fascism

A political hierarchy in which waste collection services take the leading role is indeed the superior system.

a84436 No.725929

File: 3c6471d6221b9c6⋯.png (2.97 MB, 980x1526, 70:109, ClipboardImage.png)


I think I just picked it randomly and I picked south east since that's the place where least people speak Welsh. smh

>I think you're a taff who's got a job in Norway (for some ungodly reason).

Keek. Have you heard me sing, lad?


ef7186 No.725930


smh good lad

219e94 No.725931


A-spot is the a3080861

C-spot is near the cervix.

f82ff7 No.725932


women are mostly sex perverts who project on men, the whole male school teacher pedophile mene is a perfect example. women sexualize everything men do and then proceed to act out their projection with young boys after harassing a man for caring about children

7c8bca No.725933

File: 7171bfaadf1355d⋯.jpg (437.02 KB, 2500x1667, 2500:1667, 1420848931715.jpg)

>ywn batter 22st

f82ff7 No.725934


or if you are a materialist it would just be a sign of schizophrenic tendencies and or bipolar mania or something

65391a No.725935

File: 7e285988d75e90f⋯.gif (423.53 KB, 267x200, 267:200, Ainsley Spicy.gif)


>tfw battered and fried 22st with chips and curry sauce

5796ad No.725936

File: 8dedc702a0701db⋯.jpg (20.97 KB, 325x311, 325:311, assman.jpg)



8e132e No.725937


>implying all men dont just want to breed happily, raise children morally while projecting the image of virtue and then use drink or war to follow the philosophers to oblivion

982ae1 No.725938



c9ca6f No.725939



>Hey goys! everyone h8 Russia. Russia bad………mmmmmmmmm

219e94 No.725940


Same urges, different approach.

I think they have gotten worse over the generations.

cb27cd No.725941


I said to a room with 10 black people in it all listening to me that pre apartheid South Africa was better than current South Africa a few weeks back because I heard someone talk about muh historical empire oppression

Chimpout was worth it.

c9ca6f No.725942





7c8bca No.725943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I love the way Ainsley says "spicy meat" tbh

f82ff7 No.725944

File: 635ddde4a2fd8d5⋯.png (78.65 KB, 236x234, 118:117, thinking.png)


>men are aware of mortality

imagine my shock

8e132e No.725945


as far as im aware women deny mortality until they die

ef7186 No.725946


tbh you don't sound like the usual schizposter.

on an unrelated note


c9ca6f No.725947


>Believing propaganda

>Thinking we don't fight at the drop of a hat

Do you even British bro?

f82ff7 No.725948


yeah lad I know you are a little older but you have no idea how utterly depraved 20 "something" girls are. they are half cybernetic organisms now, they cannot do anything without their cellphones. boring and perverse, no imagination, hyper judgemental and insecure

f82ff7 No.725949


don't bully mummies lad

b0eb37 No.725950


How/why would you know the Southeast of Wales is where least people speak Welsh?

375607 No.725951


Are you a negro, m'lad?

75b375 No.725952

File: e811580b7075ddc⋯.png (283.91 KB, 767x500, 767:500, Sad Kermit pepe.png)


>tfw have to find a woman if you want to have a family

a84436 No.725953

File: 95ce37435364d32⋯.gif (6.69 MB, 728x818, 364:409, 95ce37435364d3254ae175e611….gif)

Is this how humans act?


I googled it

c9ca6f No.725954


I bashed the fuck out of a journo once. He called the police. He was drunk. The police checked his name and discovered he wrote lots of anti police stories. nothing happened

cb27cd No.725955


half(mum's side)

c6ee28 No.725956

File: db141eed7ef06e1⋯.jpg (318.87 KB, 2048x832, 32:13, Da2rE8kUQAAGf5H.jpg)

8e132e No.725957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


just found out one of imperial japans war songs for the army references Hannibal of Carthage


ceeef9 No.725958



Every Ruski i've ever met was like that. They'd always bang on how often they beat random people in the streets in Russia and how often they'd get beaten up, like they're the shit for it.

c9ca6f No.725959



75b375 No.725960


>anglos; won

>spanish; lost

b0eb37 No.725961


That creepy yid behind him was freaking me out throughout the clips I've seen. He kept nodding with everything Zuck said, as if doing so would manipulate the world into passivity.

9fdcc6 No.725962

File: 8e5a09aac2cc005⋯.png (95.47 KB, 224x203, 32:29, longshanks - disdain.png)


>never controlled land in Europe

>what is Normandy

>what is Gascony

>what is Aquitaine

>what is the Hundred Years War

7c8bca No.725963

File: 4f9c2be4c2607a7⋯.jpg (50.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, vlcsnap-2015-01-02-18h20m3….jpg)


>22st in the /cow/ thread

321e8d No.725964

File: 5ffb702ffd991a3⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 1080x597, 360:199, IMG_20180416_191039.jpg)

219e94 No.725965


I shudder to think what 20 something year old thots are like. I've seen a fair few examples but I can imagine they are a lot worse in private.

a84436 No.725966

File: e65c9c2dbcf4b34⋯.png (9.1 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 38cf7423b261d9b2a48a778753….png)

b0eb37 No.725967

375607 No.725968


>mums side


Why are you here? Are you that guy Shteve on twatter?

c9ca6f No.725969


If you boot them in their thot spot with your DMs Direct messages you can hit all three at once and trigger the orgasm of death tbh

a84436 No.725970


I hate them, lads

c6ee28 No.725971


> becomes puppet of 2 of his former colonies

which would that be?

8e132e No.725972


Angevin Empire, Rock of Gibraltar, plus all those med islands

technically our army also conquered Spain and Portugal but that was with their blessing to remove Napoleon as well

f82ff7 No.725973

File: 185eb4e68590833⋯.jpg (329.1 KB, 725x865, 145:173, 1494718263237.jpg)


>investing time and emotion into "starting a family" (i.e. alimony farming) when world war 3 nearly started last friday

8e132e No.725974


America and Australia

7c8bca No.725975

File: 6075cf2d12be42d⋯.jpg (49.65 KB, 720x576, 5:4, dvd_snapshot_26.20_[2015.0….jpg)


>literally a nigger in our thread

5796ad No.725976

File: cc7a96ca2ea77c3⋯.png (14.15 KB, 216x42, 36:7, d9fe11156e6155d832db739d37….png)


>when someone says keek on another board

ceeef9 No.725977


You know this place is a bit racist, right?

9fdcc6 No.725978

Can't really think of a good reason to allow a half-caste cuckchanner to post here tbh

6e4465 No.725979


It was one thing letting 22st post here but this is not on.

982ae1 No.725980


>mum's side

High quality tbh

c9ca6f No.725981

File: 9da41303905cb4a⋯.png (61.07 KB, 184x235, 184:235, Joe owens head.png)


>I believe he can fly

>I believe he can touch the sky

>I think about it every night and day

>Spread his wings and fly away

f82ff7 No.725982

File: 5094966fdd46d89⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 1519263309252.jpg)


>being proud you created the mexican race

219e94 No.725983


Lel. Or wear a load of sovereign rings and finger blast her using the shocker hand formation.

321e8d No.725984


What's the point of surviving ww3 if you don't have children, lad?

7c8bca No.725985

File: 79e740d284749a1⋯.png (368.19 KB, 469x600, 469:600, ClipboardImage.png)

ef7186 No.725986

File: 113f34b95550daa⋯.png (161.02 KB, 1000x980, 50:49, 113f34b95550daac80bd3a2c50….png)

5796ad No.725987

File: ccba3364eb24241⋯.png (484.17 KB, 1040x1244, 260:311, Hope2.png)

f82ff7 No.725988


I don't even enjoy being around them, the pretty ones can still strike you until you spend more than a few seconds with them, usually when they start treating you like homer simpson or acting judgmental over absolutely nothing

375607 No.725989


>when world war 3 nearly started last friday

Didn't really though tbh.

c9ca6f No.725990



You really are a cheddar smh

f82ff7 No.725991


to have children afterwards.

982ae1 No.725992

File: a19a44cc4a965ae⋯.png (13.91 KB, 668x678, 334:339, rooooo.png)


>they themselves got civilised by mediterraneans


f82ff7 No.725993


thanks lad I am so glad you told me that

982ae1 No.725994


With your nuclear fallout sperm count?

321e8d No.725995


>wasting your life waiting for the Apocalypse

The sky isn't falling, chicken little

c9ca6f No.725996

File: 278b89ff611cca4⋯.mp4 (5.97 MB, 960x720, 4:3, bumbaklaart Russkies.mp4)


Russians are pretty fookin' hard ngl m8

Had a few scraps with them and some other random east euros. They go down but they get up again

cb27cd No.725997



that's why I come


>Why are you here?

Because I like it

>Are you that guy Shteve on twatter?

I don't have a twitter sorry


a84436 No.725998


tbh. The Vikings civilised Britain

f82ff7 No.725999


>he actually wants to marry and reproduce in this society because of some materialist reductionist social inertia

ef7186 No.726000


tbh quite a lot of British lads I know are like that, not even underclass, just clever nutters

75b375 No.726001


>muh mysticism

75b375 No.726002

>there are even articles in the German media about the 'Windrush generation'


f82ff7 No.726003

File: cf12cf139fa0b40⋯.jpg (279.07 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg)

6e4465 No.726004

File: 0b4217df7d61535⋯.png (894.8 KB, 811x609, 811:609, ClipboardImage.png)

f82ff7 No.726005


>muh biological need to shart out some little faggots who will take my wifes name and intermarry with wog-paki hybrids

no thanks

321e8d No.726006



I don't talk to genetic dead ends

I still have hope for 22st though

b0eb37 No.726007


>girl I know in college had an abortion after 4 months

>her friend went from virgin to having had 19 dicks in her in 9 months

>they basically all have tattoos/weird piercings

They're genuinely far more degenerate than even the worst of men.

f82ff7 No.726008

>its a WN reductionist you need to have a family RIGHT NOW FAGGOT slacktivism episode

75b375 No.726009


jej, always knew you were a piece of work, might just as well end it now tbh

ceeef9 No.726010

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What's /brit/ listening to? Personally enjoying this



3bc40b No.726011


>kill everyone who isn't an underclass thug

I don't know what they thought was going to happen.

375607 No.726012


I mean there was more panic than necessary, from myself as well, looking at what Drumpf, Macron and May actually did.

321e8d No.726013

File: 165b600efbc8826⋯.jpg (176.84 KB, 1079x1623, 1079:1623, IMG_20180416_192134.jpg)




f82ff7 No.726014


lmao I 100 percent guarantee you won't have a family until your 30s. probably 19-25 and "any day" something magic is going to save you

75b375 No.726015

982ae1 No.726016



>not having one toddler and another bun in the oven by the time you're 18


219e94 No.726017


Pure youthful narcissism.

When they hit their 30's it all come crashing down on them. I have seen it first hand from the thots I went to school with and how they have turned out.

a84436 No.726018

File: c2d3025b5e112af⋯.png (869.94 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ClipboardImage.png)

415e6f No.726019


he still doesn't realise that he will never create his magnum opus without sexual completion

7c8bca No.726020


Posted earlier tbf lad, /ourgay/ SA posted it

65391a No.726021


But lad what about the D I V E R S I T Y

982ae1 No.726022


I wish the Danes would subjugate England again ngl

b0eb37 No.726023


Everything about this is beyond Brave New World tier tbh. Even the author (who I'm fairly sure is a you know who) has a dystopian name.

f82ff7 No.726024


tbh youthful narcissism is one of the worst parts of the human condition IMO, I have all this energy but everything gets sucked down into sex tension and all the youth are more obsessed with self image (including myself) than actually doing something with their time on earth. its why older men have always led the state

219e94 No.726025



If their mind is bleak, so will be their future.

f82ff7 No.726026


utter nonsense

acb92c No.726027


Why have you allowed him to be here this long?

75b375 No.726028



Whatever makes you feel better about having wasted your life, lad, I don't want to wait to have a child till I'm 39 and end up with an autist like your mummy did

cf80af No.726029


come out to the cornfields

b0eb37 No.726030


Good tbh. Doesn't change the fact that we're all fucked though.

c6ee28 No.726031

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f82ff7 No.726032

half of the child posters are normalfags who would never sacrifice their autonomy for having a kid. 100 percent none of them have ever taken care of children or anything related to children.

8e132e No.726033


there is a treatment possible to cure HIV

just requires the irradiation of your bone marrow to remove your immune system then the allopatric transplantation of bone marrow from someone genetically immune to the virus into your now hollowed bones

375607 No.726034



321e8d No.726035


Forgot that SA has Google alert set for everything nonce-related

b0eb37 No.726036

>mfw watched interview with that German guy who ate a guy's cock (then the rest of him) last night

Genuinely felt ill just listening to him describe it.

219e94 No.726037


Aldous Huxley's brother (Julian Huxley) founded (((UNESCO)))

An obvious warning sign from the start

321e8d No.726038


There is already a cure for HIV

Its called "responsible behaviour"

b0eb37 No.726039


He also spoke out against racism I think.

8e132e No.726040


poor huxley tried to warn the world

b0eb37 No.726041


Only being bummed by three dicks a week?

6e4465 No.726042


I could think of no better way to die, either of old age or in an apocalypse scenario than in a loving family unit tbh.

Whether they come to resemble the ugliness of the modern world really depends how much effort you put in.

415e6f No.726043


despite the trendy memi status of tantra in the modern age, the collaborative evidence to it holds true through the ages

65391a No.726044

File: 82b039e01a6667d⋯.png (800.05 KB, 611x757, 611:757, 1523901933673.png)

ce8a9c No.726045


tbh the 'politicians are doing what they do because they have no kids and thus no stake in our future' train of thought has confused me for the past while because 99% of the people throwing that accusation at them don't have kids either

9fdcc6 No.726046


No lad what's embarassing is blogging about soy from your twatter account with an anthro horse as your picture

7c8bca No.726047

File: afd30f7fcca396e⋯.png (178.29 KB, 330x319, 30:29, 1418402727133.png)


These can't be real

acb92c No.726048


why would someone that weak have access to a tool like that

b0eb37 No.726049


This is a joke, right?

8e132e No.726050

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>implying this wont be how we celebrate when the nukes drop

75b375 No.726051


>having to make up all this shit just to defend your mummy's poor life choices

e21cbd No.726052

File: d6ea94fd506f02b⋯.png (234.25 KB, 492x677, 492:677, ClipboardImage.png)


219e94 No.726053



The most degenerate thing I heard was a friend of mine went to a dinner party with his Mrs and they all put their car keys in a bowl.

Each of the women are blind folded and pick a set of keys out and whoever owns those keys, determines who they will be going home with that night. A bit like a wife swap.

He went home with this average looking woman but she shagged him senseless and when the condom broke, he caught VD.

Thank god I wasn't invited.

b0eb37 No.726054


>people who don't have kids because everything's fucked for their generation are the same as people who don't have kids because they don't care about posterity

321e8d No.726055

File: 84a45735cd961da⋯.jpg (185.37 KB, 1000x1208, 125:151, Its like looking at the so….jpg)


>ywn look like an aphex twin video


b0eb37 No.726056


Lad, you didn't need to spell out the mechanics of wife swapping parties (which is exactly what it is btw).

219e94 No.726057


>Implying these soybois have tools

Nah. Proper fake tbh.

75b375 No.726058



>switching ips so you can back yourself up

yanks are a fucking embarassment

7c8bca No.726059

File: aa7acfa19f58b96⋯.png (88.03 KB, 228x221, 228:221, 1425672540313.png)


Wtf lad

415e6f No.726060


baste middle-class degeneracy

ce8a9c No.726061


Didn't say that tbh


I'm not Steiner lad

c9ca6f No.726062

File: 59e8c60b314befe⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 427x397, 427:397, shocker.jpg)


>needs sovs adding

65391a No.726063


>A bit like a wife swap.

That sounds exactly like what I thought a wife swap was lad.

b0eb37 No.726064


>mfw I'm almost as skinny as this cunt

My hands aren't as disproportionately big at least.

9fdcc6 No.726065

File: 852fdd6654f417f⋯.png (88.14 KB, 263x293, 263:293, ClipboardImage.png)

a84436 No.726066


>tfw no hand gf

9fdcc6 No.726068



219e94 No.726069




I know.

If I was married I'd nut anyone who even thinks about staring at her a3080861.

I couldn't image the current Mrs with another lad behind my back tbh.

What makes people do these things? Crazy.

e21cbd No.726070

File: 908f2c0aca9499c⋯.png (281.93 KB, 615x796, 615:796, ClipboardImage.png)

>Newcastle UKIP election candidate says Muslims are a 'barbaric satanic cult'


c9ca6f No.726071


>Mike Gapes

He's taken it so much in the a3080861 from Israel he even had to change his name

7c8bca No.726072


Cuck mindset tbh

6e4465 No.726073


>Taking action to alleviate humanitarian distress

You can always tell the war hawks by the way they paint military strikes as a reprimand, and use doublespeak to make launching of war sound like philanthropy.

c9ca6f No.726074


c9ca6f No.726075


You should kill these "friends" m8

75b375 No.726076


about 80% of Tory mps are members of Conservative Friends of Israel

219e94 No.726077


Well I say friend, it was someone who I got on with at a previous workplace. Haven't spoke to him for about 4 years now.



3deb6a No.726078


Nips out tbh

415e6f No.726079


midlife crises tbh

f82ff7 No.726080


yeah its how you imagine it, but having or being around children and emotionally investing in them changes you and is not some trendy WN memi that you just "do" to virtue signal

don't get me wrong I want to have a family, I just have seen that life and its a lot of responsibility and is much more than some faggot internet hobbyist trend that you take on to brag in threads about.

c9ca6f No.726081




>about 80% of Tory mps are members of Conservative Friends of Israel

Or The Jewish Friends of my Wallet

415e6f No.726082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


don't we know it

7c8bca No.726083


>Nips out

Get your nips out for the lads

321e8d No.726084


Key parties are for bored middleaged couples

f82ff7 No.726085


>ad homs because you are a normalfag and usually post on /pol/ where you can hide in the hivemind with your basic bitch alt-right slactivist social signal memmies

75b375 No.726086


>whinges about ad homs in a response to his ad homs

at least I know my ad homs are accurate lad, you should really blame mummy for your autism

219e94 No.726087


>midlife crisis

I think the most I'd do when I get to middle age is visit the Autobahn and/or take up Golf or horse riding.

83a982 No.726088


I want that Nip to get her nips out tbh

321e8d No.726089

File: beeb8d3926e58b1⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 1443343004400.jpg)

c6ee28 No.726090

6e4465 No.726091

File: 441d746af5274a3⋯.png (162.86 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>UKIP Gateshead and Newcastle branch chairman Mr Sanderson said: “It is not and never will be UKIP policy to blow up mosques, nuke the Vatican, or hang people from lamp-posts, nor to ban halal or kosher food, though we certainly insist that it should be clearly labelled so that customers know whether to avoid it.”

f82ff7 No.726092


calling people out for sophistry is not an ad-hom, post a pic of your child with the face blurred or fuck off

0f156a No.726093

Is the yank who doesn't want kids Steiner or spicposter?

6e4465 No.726094



That's a name I haven't heard in a while.

9fdcc6 No.726095


Tbf lad if you reach mid-life without any ideas for a crisis you could take one for the cause and start spreading whatever horrifying cocktail of STDs you have around to the useless slags in your area.

All meming aside you are probably the most powerful biological weapon /brit/ has at its disposal, after SA.

f82ff7 No.726096

File: 0fe9ee47ebc3318⋯.jpg (4.61 KB, 225x225, 1:1, eugenestoner.jpg)


read the thread lad, I want to have kids but its all a memi. 90 percent of the faggots who muh kids or you are a dead end post won't go down to the pikey trailers and take a fat dumbass wife and get down to buisness. they have to "wait"

3deb6a No.726097

File: f223e3ad21bd49c⋯.jpg (69.45 KB, 600x338, 300:169, MV5BZWYzZWUxMmItMWY4OC00YW….jpg)


Hit 'em harder next time lad

415e6f No.726098


it's quite obvious that the necessity of the "have kids" memi is to have them with someone of good genetic stock lad.

878db5 No.726099


>won't go down to the pikey trailers and take a fat dumbass wife

wow lad, you realise they hardly marry outside the community, they get married at 14 and aren't fat?

f82ff7 No.726100


nice excuse, why haven't you had kids yet?

0f156a No.726101


I did I couldn't tell, you're like worst yank when you get spicy lad it must be the goblito blood.

Having pikey kids is a genetic dead end waiting to happen, they try rob a house for the family business and end up getting fucking done in with a screwdriver by a man in his fucking 80s.

321e8d No.726102

File: 6889b0e4aa7aec8⋯.jpg (46.3 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 7ecfede2bbfa67f261b85defd8….jpg)


Some of us are married with children, lad

Maybe we know what we are talking about instead of larping like you

878db5 No.726103

>yank thinks pikeys are like the US trailer trash


f82ff7 No.726104


>hurr let me shit on your mom

>why are you getting mad

f82ff7 No.726105


nice excuse, why didn't you have kids yet lad?

321e8d No.726106


>yank thinks

415e6f No.726107


because I haven't had the chance to you tit.

878db5 No.726108


i have 3, why dont you have any?

f82ff7 No.726109


I have 4

7c8bca No.726110

File: 3140a7430735df7⋯.jpg (60.43 KB, 654x711, 218:237, 1499038034977.jpg)

Has Steiner gone off the deep end again?

878db5 No.726111


ahhh, so you're trying to save the white race by encouraging 100%ers to have kids then?

f82ff7 No.726112


hey lad why didn't you have kids yet? thats the only purpose of ethno nationalism you know

415e6f No.726113

What is it in the Yank that makes them fly off the rails at any perceived slight?

9acbc7 No.726114

File: 634b30a2ddd4ecb⋯.jpg (80.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doggo motorist.jpg)

pump the brakes lad ur out of control

f82ff7 No.726115


sorry lad I was too busy having kids to know what you meant by this

219e94 No.726116


I'm clean as a whistle lad and hope to stay that way.

One thing I have always wanted to do is to dress up as Elvis in a sequined jump suit munching away on quarter pounders while watching the TV. As soon as QT comes on I'll pull out my shotgun and blow the fucker away.

All this will be filmed and played back to my friends and family at my funeral.

c9ca6f No.726117

File: d69c9dbf81b4b96⋯.mp4 (8.28 MB, 720x720, 1:1, ITV propaganda effort.mp4)

File: 42031305a6aa123⋯.png (652.71 KB, 1220x557, 1220:557, Brand.PNG)



Here he is showing his anti UKIP credentials



He stinks of kike tbh. Brand doesn't sound like a Welsc name

878db5 No.726118


goblins aren't saving anything

0f156a No.726119


But I thought you hated all women lad?

21b3e4 No.726120


>this is your brain on neetzsche

c9ca6f No.726121

Anything slightly tainted by nigger has to sing all the fucking time, even if badly. It should be legal to kill these cunts

c6ee28 No.726122


1:16:30 kikemarez defending his games obsession

9fdcc6 No.726123


Latino blood

f82ff7 No.726124

File: aec768adc59908d⋯.png (317.12 KB, 480x480, 1:1, aec768adc59908d2ae17ce75c4….png)


>why are russians so much more aggressive?

>brits foight at the drop of the hat lad

>why do yanks get mad

>probably because they are spics

6e4465 No.726125


Every argument you have said so far could be said for moving out of the house or working a shit job to climb up the ladder.

Everyone knows its hard work, will change you, drain you emotionally, etc and that half the thread will struggle to do it, but you'll be a more happy person having gone through it rather than avoided responsibility for a feeling of autonomy that will turn into loneliness as you get older.

6e4465 No.726126


moving out of the parents house*

65391a No.726127

File: 3a518f5b6845bcc⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1300x768, 325:192, 1510626630489.png)


Uruk-hai Yanks were designed for aggression lad.

9fdcc6 No.726128


>probably because they are spics

There's no 'probably' about it, mi amigo

f82ff7 No.726129

File: e5776bc5346fb6c⋯.jpg (6.74 KB, 190x265, 38:53, images.jpg)


>he is still mad that his memi arguement from TRS forums doesn't stand on its own legs without the hivemind

3bc40b No.726130


>muh tactics

>muh practicing for the uprising

I wish he'd just admit he plays them because he likes them. Not everything you do has to be productive. I read fiction and shitpost on imageboards. Sometimes I eat cake.

f82ff7 No.726131


t. half polish taig

75b375 No.726132


Steiner goes mad because he is incredibly insecure (like many yankees)

b0eb37 No.726133

>it's a bored to the point of being suicidal episode

21b3e4 No.726134

>when you have to come to a british board because your country's boards are shit, ultimately because you are a shit people

lmao, you're a digital immigrant

c9ca6f No.726135

File: d544435860d3176⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, New job.jpg)

File: 5ac816d7e68e73d⋯.jpg (71.8 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, new job 1.jpg)

6e4465 No.726136


You completely ignored what was said in my post.

9fdcc6 No.726137

File: f1684db11ba5a4b⋯.png (159.13 KB, 821x498, 821:498, americans.png)


>n-no, you're a mutt!

Don't cry, goblino.

f82ff7 No.726138

f82ff7 No.726139


why don't you have kids yet lad?

c9ca6f No.726140


He's in denial about his Goyman origins

3bc40b No.726141


>using "muh dick" as an argument

<doesn't know that's a myth anyway

The state of 4chan.

75b375 No.726142


someone give me a quick rundown on this brexit party abomination and the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) behind it

878db5 No.726143


it's almost as if having no definitive roots has a direct on someones mental stability :^)

c9ca6f No.726144


>lmao, you're a digital immigrant

top kek lad

878db5 No.726145


is the schizo probably

75b375 No.726146

Is Knightmarez actually the lolcow Britbong? they sound identical

f82ff7 No.726147


unless you are descended from north african roman soldiers you are really british sassanach

c6ee28 No.726148


I don't know much about them, just entertaining to hear kikemarez getting bullied

321e8d No.726149

File: 482b382efd0f96a⋯.jpeg (162.47 KB, 813x1024, 813:1024, 66hpnN (1).jpeg)

Are there any good subreddits?

3bc40b No.726150


No. Britbong is Manly Tears/Dominic Vanner. He makes Knightmarez look genuinely alpha.

f82ff7 No.726151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


878db5 No.726152


goblins out tbh

75b375 No.726153


have you heard this lad?




ce8a9c No.726154


No including r/MDE, keep that shit over there

75b375 No.726155


Goblinos out

6e4465 No.726156


>asking me to blogpost about my age and circumstances that no one cares about

21b3e4 No.726157

File: 8bbcca24b8940fd⋯.jpg (370.54 KB, 1066x1207, 1066:1207, scam hyde.jpg)


milliondollarextreme is okay but half of it is played out /pol/ tier memi posts

f82ff7 No.726158

File: 42a2be8bc1ae302⋯.jpg (41.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 624246174001_5468210353001….jpg)

878db5 No.726159



go spend some time with your "kids"

f82ff7 No.726160


t. cigar mcpaywall

0f156a No.726161

File: 6ecef9932c08f63⋯.png (167.39 KB, 329x498, 329:498, ClipboardImage.png)

>Just go get a fat trailer trash wife lads

>Doesn't have a fat trailer trash wife and kids

I know what part of his DNA is kicking off lads

f82ff7 No.726162

File: f07c087f0603726⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 460x319, 460:319, 1494534527301.jpg)


why aren't you watching yours right now lad? my kids are posting for me ITT

75b375 No.726164

It was the post about your mummy's dusty fanny that sent you over the edge, wasn't it lad?

878db5 No.726165


they are with their mother

c9ca6f No.726166

File: a028ac920f6a356⋯.png (617.24 KB, 771x697, 771:697, your children iz belongz t….PNG)

Reminder your children belong to the state

f82ff7 No.726167

File: 8f784dbee8c6dad⋯.jpg (107.94 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1494560103885.jpg)

>tfw you drank so much coffee you became half the thread

f82ff7 No.726168


is her boyfriend civic?

f82ff7 No.726169

File: 925ec7528c76062⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1498850573932.jpg)


878db5 No.726170


which one?

9fdcc6 No.726171


>not accepting your status as a second-class citizen on /brit/ like a good little JF


21b3e4 No.726172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>the absolute state of yank posters

321e8d No.726173

File: 3e1d1730be2d4c3⋯.jpg (269.17 KB, 1078x1688, 539:844, IMG_20180416_202027.jpg)





r/unitedkingdom is rancid


21b3e4 No.726174


ukpolitics is also shit

a31da4 No.726175


disgusting, how did we let this happen?

the previous generations should be ashamed of themselves

they fought Nazi Germany and ended up becoming just as bad

c6ee28 No.726176


yes came out a while back and its very suspicious

75b375 No.726177

File: f5081efbdfbda58⋯.jpg (18.47 KB, 540x527, 540:527, Roman centurion bait.jpg)

65391a No.726178

File: 066138c94320cd6⋯.jpg (16.51 KB, 184x184, 1:1, Monarch.jpg)

tfw you remember the time you got your van mate to pick you up after a night out, got a shit kebab you didn't want and threw it at a crowd of polo-shirt wearing lads at a crossroads, who simultaneously looked down at the perfectly even spread of drown immigrant meat and sauce covering their shirts and then chased after your van while swearing while you and van mate laughed like children

c9ca6f No.726179


Germany under Hitler wasn't NOT allowing you custody over the welfare of your kids tbh

0f156a No.726180



9fdcc6 No.726181


weeeeeey lad classic bants haha

6e4465 No.726182


Literally every subreddit has a rule against racism including the obscure ones.

Subreddits that don't get shut down.

c9ca6f No.726183


unironically yes tbh

3bc40b No.726184


>having fun

Sounds awful.

219e94 No.726185


I once put ribena in the washer bottle in the car, turn the jets around 180 and stained every cunt crossing the road in front of me.

Great times.

e7a941 No.726186


>tfw no van

a31da4 No.726187


just saying, how on earth did Westerners let this happen?

e7a941 No.726188

I detest the modern world and sometimes ask what I did in a past life to be here

c9ca6f No.726189


>just saying, how on earth did Westerners let this happen?


It doesn't happen to me tbh. I have gone toe to toe with council officials and the state and won every single tim just by going turbo pikey even though I'm not

c9ca6f No.726190

File: ea815ffb795f382⋯.jpg (61.22 KB, 628x960, 157:240, Cliff.jpg)


BBC reporter described Cliff Richard as ‘celebrity paedo’, ex-detective tells court


e7a941 No.726191


burgerland was doomed from the start because their foundational myth (key to all nations) is of rejecting british rule and influence. this is the key thing that led to their downfall as it led to all the developments that have weakened america.

someone more into effortposting could expand on that and write it more formally, maybe even into a book but that's the basic gist of it

65391a No.726192

File: 10727ed86901bb2⋯.jpg (139.82 KB, 712x640, 89:80, Nige11.jpg)

e7a941 No.726193


how dare they refer to him as a celebrity tbh

f82ff7 No.726194

File: 5ee9f6ff3513e9f⋯.jpg (538.14 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 1505761855096-juggalo-marc….jpg)


f82ff7 No.726195


this is a gross simplification

75b375 No.726196


>burgerland was doomed from the start because their foundational myth (key to all nations) is of rejecting british rule and influence. this is the key thing that led to their downfall as it led to all the developments that have weakened america.

that's retarded, lad

e7a941 No.726197


nah lad think hard about it, take all the time you need

75b375 No.726198


it's just some crap you made up though lad

e7a941 No.726199


not really tbh

f82ff7 No.726200

daily reminder that 'hail to the chief'' the american president theme like 'god save the queen' is literally just word for word adaption from a british screenplay. daily reminder that all american architecture until the emergence of "moderne" in the 1940s was imitation of anglo architectural stylings. daily reminder that the intellectual and spiritual underpinnings of the second great awakening which fueled bleeding kansas, manifest destiny and the american war between the states was from great britian.

c9ca6f No.726201

f82ff7 No.726202


daily reminder that ben franklin and most founding fathers wanted to remain culturally connected to great britain, particularly after the rise of napoleon

e7a941 No.726203

All of this may well be correct but does not diminish my argument, I'm well aware the war of independence wasn't a practical rejection of everything British but the foundation myth that it has evolved into is a story of that

b0eb37 No.726204

Daily reminder that the closest America ever was to being a proper nation was under British rule.

f82ff7 No.726205

File: 82b6228e9c0af1d⋯.jpg (87.52 KB, 587x618, 587:618, 1511257226060.jpg)

e7a941 No.726206

File: 34a291bda92ddf1⋯.jpg (218.12 KB, 800x800, 1:1, wombatpunch.jpg)

f82ff7 No.726207


I don't disagree, anglo rule ended somewhere in 1911-1933

b0eb37 No.726208


You know what I meant!

c9ca6f No.726209

File: 241fb41cbb93f83⋯.jpg (9.19 KB, 211x238, 211:238, OUTLELS 4 LYFE.jpg)

f82ff7 No.726210

c9ca6f No.726211


It has never ended. We are fighting for control over you with the Jews

f82ff7 No.726212

File: f7e8bfc92d3a6d4⋯.gif (10.44 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 1513134482546.gif)


>ywn be a cattle rustler like liberty valance

f82ff7 No.726213


pretty sure anglo rule is totally fucked in the states. the jews brainwashed all the white americans to viewing themselves as german american or irish american and not really connecting with their anglo saxon roots which would connect them better than as the jew poem on the statue memi does.

415e6f No.726214

File: ac5b6382a498ca2⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1268x1500, 317:375, Charles_II_by_John_Michael….jpg)

America was basically a refuge for religious extremists who were disaffected at the rejection of republicanism and puritanism under Cromwell.

c9ca6f No.726215


Probably true

What do we do about this? Our government continue to exhibit that foul Norman trait of surrender monkeying

b0eb37 No.726216

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>ywn have mad bants about your lack of hands with a pokey nippled Welsh woman

f82ff7 No.726217


idk lad maybe pretend to be taigs?

65391a No.726218

File: 8ad340b400c58fa⋯.webm (415.07 KB, 400x224, 25:14, Next gen onahole.webm)

3bc40b No.726219

Wish I was in a secret society tbh, lads. I want to horde knowledge and technology and lord it over the plebs.

f82ff7 No.726220

File: 062d82e594a0ae0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.39 KB, 195x259, 195:259, images.jpg)

e7a941 No.726221


puritanism is based

f82ff7 No.726222


give that man a hand that was amazing

c9ca6f No.726223


You can see the lumpy Welsh thot is gagging to be fisted by him

7c8bca No.726224

File: 66f48a525ab8019⋯.jpg (31.1 KB, 400x330, 40:33, 1419143122515.jpg)


>her nudes

f82ff7 No.726225

File: 298e4bbbf068796⋯.jpg (15.05 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 5369aa571b969821259ef78c8b….jpg)


thats sad lad

219e94 No.726226


If you nibble on her ear lobe seductively she'd leave a snail trail.

abfab6 No.726227

File: 2227b8b7b088c59⋯.png (248.08 KB, 1200x741, 400:247, 1200px-Map_of_USA_with_sta….png)

So which states do we get after the collapse?

e7a941 No.726228


wish I was in a breakaway civilisation tbh

3bc40b No.726229


Is it true they only believed in the old testament?

e7a941 No.726230


That would imply they weren't christian surely lad

219e94 No.726231


Swarthy as fuck tbh

65391a No.726232

File: a012c2339123f51⋯.png (290.13 KB, 852x477, 284:159, Nige2.png)

b0eb37 No.726233



>that video of her as a young lass in a swimming pool

>iwn be the Deano who she brushes her tit against the arm of

f82ff7 No.726234


probably which ever you could manage to take and hold

c9ca6f No.726235

File: c60fb4d218dfe72⋯.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kick em in the cunt.webm)


I'd play rugby with her

0f156a No.726236



After the collapse you're going back to Ukraine.

c9ca6f No.726237

File: 21c057c3cfb8ef3⋯.jpg (35.37 KB, 350x341, 350:341, kek-o-dile.jpg)

7c8bca No.726238

File: 2ce73f4813ad581⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 300x297, 100:99, 1433763550747.jpg)


Just search for her leaked photos lad

None include her face but some include her lips which are blatantly hers

She denied it was her in the photos

3bc40b No.726239


Right, which is what I heard.

415e6f No.726240


puritanism is only appealing because we live in a time of degeneracy. It's the other extreme end of the fun spectrum in reality

75b375 No.726241

File: 44161f89314c0d3⋯.png (78.81 KB, 904x630, 452:315, Sexual offences by race.png)

>white people rape too!

abfab6 No.726242


>implying the "we" isn't the global Ukrainian Hetmanate.


I'm thinking Maine, NH, Vermont and Massachusetts.

c9ca6f No.726243

File: cd3c2c306d049d1⋯.png (316.26 KB, 1200x741, 400:247, 1200px-Map_of_USA_with_sta….png)


nah tbh

b0eb37 No.726244


I've seen them before tbh smh.

>iwn be a teenager having a sneaky wank while the one show is on

I bet she's dirty.

Have you seen the video I'm talking about? Pokies throughout. Very hot.

e7a941 No.726245

File: a746c5232690796⋯.jpg (78.73 KB, 680x278, 340:139, 4chan.jpg)

f82ff7 No.726246

File: 61f228c5a3cacc0⋯.jpg (101.75 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1422672010218.jpg)


>not just being a long hunter

e7a941 No.726247

4d chess is real tbh

b0eb37 No.726248


What is it with Pakis/arabs and rape/grooming? Humble request for a redpill on paki degeneracy.

c9ca6f No.726249


here is a reason the US has always been pro jew largely and the yids exploited this successfully

3bc40b No.726250


Maybe if the Police weren't racist, there wouldn't be so many Asians in Prison. smh.

7c8bca No.726251


I've seen the bikini clips from some TV programme she did way back

c9ca6f No.726252



83a982 No.726253


sometimes showing bob or vagene isn't enough for them

c9ca6f No.726254


3bc40b No.726255


Huh. I thought Montana was in the south.

b0eb37 No.726256


Yeah, there are two separate ones. One where she's the presenter (the hotter of the two), and she has nips/cleavage on show throughout. In the other one she's doing gay 'lads on tour' games for the benefit on Julian Clary. You seen the pic of her in the red dress. For some reason I find that particularly arousing. Think it's because it's really high quality and you can see the freckles on her tits.

0f156a No.726257


How will this global empire work without it's economy? You will have no foreigners to mail brides to.


>It's the other extreme end of the fun spectrum in reality

>He isn't on nofun


c9ca6f No.726258


Imagine his name had been William B. Fuckley tbh

3bc40b No.726259


Animalistic nature, but just smart enough to actually organise.

ca77cb No.726260


>implying the "we" isn't the global Ukrainian Hetmanate.

I don't think there are enough horses and compound bows left in Ukraine to achieve that lad.

c6ee28 No.726261

7c8bca No.726262

File: fe2a621f599da09⋯.png (148.21 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, distorted spurdo.png)

c9ca6f No.726263


It is if you're Alaskan tbh

b0eb37 No.726264


>ywn bum a girl on nolimbs

83a982 No.726265


We had a school governor whose name was B.J. Cummings. I shit you not.

e7a941 No.726266


they are just fucking with us for fun at this point

c9ca6f No.726267



abfab6 No.726268


We will sell them to Aliens, we did invent space travel tbh

c9ca6f No.726269


What is a chainsaw?

ca77cb No.726270

File: 0bc5dd854474ccf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 120.23 KB, 476x401, 476:401, 0bc5dd854474ccf29bc6da8502….png)

Just found out I have German migrants on my mums side of the family.

75b375 No.726271


Remember that the Ghanian Jewess Afua Hirsch suggested knocking down Nelson's column

7c8bca No.726272

File: bf587860daf33e3⋯.gif (875.07 KB, 178x195, 178:195, 1417231258880.gif)


312e3e No.726273


not even close to the high score, lad

c9ca6f No.726274

c9ca6f No.726275


>(23) and me

ca77cb No.726276


Well guess what I'm stepping over arguments of who did what to whom and what our history represent to fucking invaders.

3bc40b No.726277

File: 1ffbd444ef4130b⋯.png (61.28 KB, 1079x317, 1079:317, Untitled.png)


>just deface the art with annotations, so people don't go having the wrong opinions

Fucking hell, lads.

312e3e No.726278


I know I'll never get the high score but i can go for the low score

7c8bca No.726280

File: 344ec68f9df053c⋯.jpg (132.87 KB, 1042x1599, 1042:1599, 1436057555644.jpg)


>>(23) and me

9acbc7 No.726281

65391a No.726282

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c9ca6f No.726283

All EU ID cards to include fingerprints – EU commissioner


>Compulsory fingerprinting in ID cards are aimed at countering terrorism in the bloc. A media report suggests the EU Commission will propose the measure as part of its security concept on Tuesday.


b0eb37 No.726286


>join (((us))) for a """""""debate"""""""

c9ca6f No.726289

Since when are there "EU persons"?

b0eb37 No.726291


I want the weird nobbly nubs you get from genetic deformities. Hacked limbs are too flat at the ends. How is this not obvious???

c9ca6f No.726292



878db5 No.726294


>ah yes, it was Muhammad Pooinloo that drove the van killing these pedestrians, we got his fingerprints off the steering wheel

e852c5 No.726296


*burns off prints*

c9ca6f No.726297


*then puts latex gloves on

878db5 No.726301

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