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/britpol/ Meta


1. No gayism

2. Global rules of course

3. No Spic

Posts relating to the running of the board go here.

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ira did nothing wrong

I hate Britain Ireland is good

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Webm Thread

We needed a webm thread

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/britpol/ #1: New Start Edition

/newbrit/ has been defiled and destroyed, a new board was needed it is this.


>Huddersfield in Yorkshire is the latest UK town exposed as having Asian sex gang which operated for years

>Gang of 20 men groomed, drugged and raped girls, some as young as 11. Their jailing can be reported today


>Theresa May was under fire from all sides today as a senior DUP politician branded Ireland’s premier “vile” and accused him of using terrorist victims to scaremonger over Brexit.

>Mrs May is facing the most perilous week of her premiership after infuriating all sections of her party by making further concessions to Brussels.


>Residents of an affluent area of north London have expressed their disgust at the fact that the radical hate preacher Anjem Choudary is being moved to the area after his release from prison.

>Choudary, 51, who was sentenced to five and a half years in jail in 2016 for “inviting support” for Islamic State, was seen arriving at a probation hostel next to a primary school at about 5am this morning. He will serve the remainder of his sentence under strict bail conditions.

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/britpol/ #2: The Tyranny of Spic Edition

The tyranny of Spic no longer can be endure, to /britpol/ went all the good posters never to have to deal with the mangy mutt ever again.