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File: 3e4bb785b40000c⋯.pdf (2.05 MB, A guide to the good life.pdf)

File: a73ef526efcbbba⋯.pdf (1.23 MB, The willpower instinct.pdf)


post useful/interesting/rare PDFs

Posting :

A guide to the good life: An interesting book about stoic philosophy, things you can actually use in your life to overcome anger/anxiety and how to be happier

The willpower instinct: Basically a 'How to stop being a lazy faggot and get shit done guide' this book actually shows you practical methods you can use, helped me a lot

That's it, I don't have access to my computer right now, may post moar later


File: ab4ba61479043a2⋯.pdf (3.91 MB, 1435667558573.pdf)

Thank you anon for these books, they will stay safe in here.

This is an old german combat manual.


File: 5d96ef06073e397⋯.pdf (2.52 MB, Architecture-and-Design-Me….pdf)

many of my pdfs are over 8mb


File: 59a83aaaac92702⋯.pdf (1.81 MB, [Allan__Barbara_Pease]_MEM….pdf)


File: 197ee619389b2b1⋯.pdf (676 KB, []_Primer_on_molecular_gen….pdf)


File: e5e3518c8b699f1⋯.pdf (3.96 MB, Put Em Down, Take Em Out -….pdf)


File: 314e44510231b69⋯.pdf (825.8 KB, Plant Physiol.-1980-Nicola….pdf)


File: f0f9a38281c4f99⋯.pdf (1.64 MB, humanmtdnaevolution.pdf)


File: 2a9b417c718160a⋯.pdf (2.3 MB, Markets-Not-Capitalism-201….pdf)



Maybe use mega ?

Also, a short description when posting would be great guys



i might consider that for referencing sake later in the thread but for now the .pdfs have filenames

>maybe MEGA

yeah I will look into that when I get some time larger blocks of time to spare


404 fix..


File: ffaaa9f99a8d76a⋯.pdf (9.18 MB, Fabia_The_Goddess_web-res.pdf)

You know my name.



I don't know. Wtf is the password here?



Go to /cozy and find out.

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